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Vol 572   Gas Prices Up, Stock Market Down

Tired of the city?  Tired of horns honking?
Turn off your cell phone  ...get away ...go back in time
...breathe some fresh air  ...shake hands with a moose

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 August 30, 2001 
 Economic Alert - Dow drops below 10,000 - Smirk's responsible, and Senate Democrats just love him 

From: blulight2@lycos.com

Subject: 50% increase in gasoline price


Read you comments about the 6 cent increase in gasoline.
Uh, excuse me, but it's a bit more than that here in Dayton.

Two weeks ago I filled up with $1.17/gallon fuel -- the next morning it was $1.47.
OK, I felt like I made out like a bandit since I filled up the previous evening.
Then the price went up to $1.55 and I thought I'd wait and see how low it would go before filling up.
Then this week, the price jumped to $1.76 -- that's sixty cents in a little over two weeks.
Sixty cents of $1.17 is a 50% increase.
And the AAA here in town is saying it's because of that same refinery fire in Illinois.

So I think these SOBs have a thing going here and they're going to keep the price up
over the holiday and then it'll come down.  I think they've learned that they can keep it up
until a Democrat in the Senate says we ought to have an investigation.


Yeah, we're getting hosed on this gas scam.
The lying bastards probably set that fire themselves so they could get
an extra 50 cents for every gallon of gas bought in the f-ing midwest.

A pretty good rule to remember is this:
If I screw up, and that screw up puts extra millions in my pocket,
you can expect me to keep screwing up and keep screwing up.

When the summer started, those lying bastards said prices were so high,
swear to Koresh, "because we underestimated demand."


They make extra millions when they forget to refine enough gas?


Christ, last time I filled up, I asked the 7-11 dude if Jeffords defected back.
We're getting screwed and the Senate democrats are too afraid to do anything.

You wanted change, Amerika??
   by Jack

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 By request...

 I found that sex-torture page from Smirk's Yale days,
 where they branded pledges on the ass to permanantly scar them.

From: michele@pdxnet.net

Subject: Bartcop Fried Chicken Recipe

WOW!! I made (my memory of) the Bartcop Fried Chicken recipe last night for dinner
and it was GREAT! I couldn't seem to find the recipe in my search of your archive, so I had
to do it from memory, but I think I got it right. Boneless chicken breasts, buttermilk bath,
flour-salt-pepper dredge, let dry, then repeat; deep fat fry, when it floats it's done.

This recipe is INCREDIBLE. This is the first time in my life that I have been able to make
fried chicken and have ALL the batter stay on. I removed them from the pan and they were
perfectly encased, golden brown, perfect fried chicken. I'm from the south, and it's always
been my family's shame that I couldn't make good fried chicken. I'll show them!!!

Thank You, Bartcop; a double shot of Knob Creek Whiskey for you!

Speaking of whiskey, I'm inspired to try this recipe with some whiskey added to the buttermilk for flavor.

But I really want to see your original diatribe on making the chicken; I'd like to volunteer to maintain
a recipe archive for you; I know you have more good recipes; let me have 'em and I'll make a section!
Let me know if this is something you'd like to do, and keep swinging the hammer!

Michele K

Bush's integrity deficit rivals Condit's
The shocking sellout of national energy policy to the oil-and-gas industry harms the country
more than Condit's stonewalling about Chandra Levy.
 - - - - - - - - - - - -
by Arianna Huffington

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You may think that picking the winner of last week's political hubris trophy
 was a no-brainer: Rep. Gary Condit in a landslide, right?


The prize actually goes to the Bush White House for its high-handed -- and ham-fisted -- actions
on behalf of its paymasters in the Big Energy lobby. It would be fun to say that Condit came in
second by a hair, but, in fact, it wasn't even close.

He steals his way into power, then uses his monopoly on energy to raise prices, while grabbing gold
and water rights in addition to stacking the courts with religio-crazies and fascist bullies,
and the pink tutu Democrats are content to sit back and watch this rape take place.

You can bet Pat Leahy (D-Rubberstamp) has no problem with this.

From: efestag@mail.alac.org

Subject: Strange double standard

Rush has been insisting that the book be thrown at Andrea Yates, the mother who drowned
her five children. It doesn't faze him that she was suffering from postpartum depression.
Well, where was Rush when Pat Buchanan's brother went to shoot that man that
Drudge misidentified as Kathleen Willey's harasser?

The brother is crazy, so he should not be punished, right, Rush?
Maybe Andrea Yates should make a large donation to the GOP and subscribe to the Limbaugh Letter.

 Stroke Me, Stroke Me

 "Ex-president have a sacred trust not to criticize the new president."
     -- the vulgar Pigboy, second hour

 A sacred trust?

 ha ha

 Goddamn, Pigboy, that's extra-stupid, even coming from you.

 A sacred trust?

 ha ha

 It's a tradition, Dumbass, not a sacred trust.
 Don't you have any control over the words coming out of your mouth?
 Are you more stroked out than I think?

 Maybe you need to unhitch that half of your brain you claim you don't use.

 'Jay' in trouble with the law

 Jason Mewes may smoke a foot-long blunt as Jay, the stoner star of Kevin Smith's
 new movie, but it's smack that has the 27-year-old actor in trouble these days.

 Mewes faces a court hearing Dec. 14 for violating terms of his probation on a heroin charge.
 If found guilty of violating his probation, Mewes could face jail time.

 "There's a number of options the judgecould impose, including sentencing him to jail, adding
 additional conditions of probation and extending the probation for a longer period of time," said
 N.J. prosecutor Bob Honecker, who would not say how Mewes might have violated his probation.

 The star of "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" was busted two years ago after trying to stash
 a hypodermic needle in his girlfriend's purse, cops said.  A judge sentenced Mewes to two years
 probation, substance abuse counseling and random urine testing.

 The allegations against Mewes were first reported by the Internet site  www.thesmokinggun.com.
 The actor has appeared in six pictures, mostly as Jay, a foul-mouthed horndog.

The REAL Ronald Reagan Memorial
  A proposal to honor "The Great Trickler" in a manner truly befitting him
      by Linda Starr

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 ...sentence I pulled from an e-mail

 "my brother in fort worth says they have rolling brownouts almost daily.
   not  in the news, though..."

 I wonder why this isn't making the news?
 Are Texans happy do do without air conditioning in August?

 ...just to prop up the illegitimate Boy King?

With the ice caps melting, we'd better look for food closer to town.

ACLU Action Update:
Oppose the Expansion of Government Secrecy!

Last year, with little debate and no public hearings, Congress adopted an intelligence authorization bill that
contained a provision to criminalize all leaks of classified information. Although President Clinton vetoed the bill,
this year's intelligence authorization bill may include the identical provision. If this provision is allowed to
become law, it would essentially eliminate the check on government power that public scrutiny provides!

To accomplish the crucial role of exposing government misdeeds, most major news outlets often base stories
on classified information. A recent example of such a story is the government bungling of the Wen Ho Lee case.
If this provision becomes law however, reporters that rely on leaks of classified information to expose government
misconduct could be compelled by subpoena to reveal the source of the leak, or go to prison if they refuse.

Current law already protects national security by prohibiting the disclosure of certain classified information
that could cause serious harm, such as the disclosure of the names of covert agents. This was deemed enough
to protect the national security even during the heyday of the Cold War.

Take Action! The government should not be allowed to hide its mistakes, incompetence,
political embarrassments, and even in some cases, criminal behavior behind a classified stamp.
You can read more and send a FREE FAX from our action alert at:



 "New York City is deserted. It's nice. Everyday on my way to work there is a man
   who stands outside here and gives me the finger. Well today he wasn't here,
   I found out he's on a month long working vacation."

From: zjz368@worldnet.att.net


Did you hear Pigboy this morning saying that Reagan's '81 tax cut created an unprecedented
18 years of prosperity and growth before the liberals were finally able to destroy the economy!!??

This f***in' idiot has conveniently forgotten the stock market crash of '87 thanks to Red Ink Reagan
and the recession of  '91 and '92!  It's amazing how many ways this asshole can rewrite history everyday.

Dave from Sacramento

 Jason Alexander is a multi-millionare.
 The last year on Seinfeld, I believe he made a million dollars a week.

 Now, he's attempting a comeback that I predict will be a bigger failure
 than the Michael Richards comeback that crashed and burned.

 But just to make things worse, he's currently whoring for Kentucky Fried Chicken.
 This multi-millionaire, who wants us to watch his new show Bob Patterson,
 is whoring for fried chicken.   And this is whoring of the second-worst kind.

 He can't possibly be into KFC the way that I am with Chinaco or South's Finest Chocolate.
 I would love to do commercials for either of those products, because they f-ing rule.
 I'm sure my passion would convince people that, while my tastes might differ from theirs,
 at least I'm not taking a hueueueuge check to orgasm over mass-produced fried chicken.
 It'd take a real whore to do that.

 Is there anyone in America who says, "KFC  f-ing rules?"
 I don't think so, especially not people who once made a million dollars a week.

 I think there might be some George Costanza in Jason Alexander.
 What an incredibly bad career move for George, ...I mean Jason, to make

 "Your burger is gray, my chicken is golden.
   Gray or golden? Gray or golden?
   Gray or golden? Gray or golden?
   Which is better?
   Gray or golden? Gray or golden?"

 Poor George...

From: ajsny@earthlink.net

Subject: Huh?

You wrote:
"The long-standing tradition has always been a former president doesn't criticize a sitting president,
 and Clinton has done exactly that when he installed his hand-picked people to run the DNC."
 -- Captain Grunt, just after his last slur, still in the first hour

"Long-standing tradition?" Then what the hell was Gerry Ford doing at the '96 GOFP
 convention by nattily slapping Clinton with that tired "draft-dodger" slur?

 Pigboy keeps living up to his name day after day.

 Aaron Snyder

 Hey, more recent than that, at Nazi Con 2000, Poppy Bush threw a fit and said
 "If Clinton doesn't stop criticizing my boy, I'm going to say what I really think about Clinton."

  Ooohhhhhh, stop scaring us, you pinheaded Moonie.

 We know you don't like the guy America chose instead of you and Bob Dole,
 but until last year, what the voter wanted was paramount in this country,
 until you constitution-rapers took the vote away from us

From: (has big time gubment job)

Subject: Am I alone here?

Am I the only one who heard on NPR yesterday that the price of gas jumped
6 cents a gallon in the past few weeks, due to the shutdown in refining plants?
Where's the outrage at this gross manipulation of pricing?

please don't publish my email address (this is work)

David K

I'm glad you asked that...

Regular unleaded in K-Drag is up to $1.69, you know why?

...because a mother-effing refinery
in mother-effing Illinois shut down!

K-Drag is not much more than a giant refinery.
Downtown K-Drag is on one side of the Arkansas River,
and refinery after refinery sets on the other side of the river.
It's nothing but oil tanks, as far as the eye can see.

Wild guess...
Tulsa has more refineries than any city in America!

...and we get our gas from two states away?

Wait, we pipeline the cheap Oklahoma oil to the non-fighting Illini utility companies,
so they can gouge the last breath out of working families in Chicago, just so they can pipeline
their cheap Illinois oil back to K-Drag so they can gouge the Bush-voting Okie farmers?

Another way for BIG OIL to rape family budgets
out of another hundred dollars a month.

...hey, as long as pResident Weak & Stupid gets another term, that's all that matters.

Maybe God told 'em the ends justify the means...


 Lanny is the nicest stalker I have.
 (I got a new one this week, for a total of six.)

 He asked me to publish this MP3.
 It's kinda cute, in a Bush-raped-America kind of way.

 It's real short, too - only 60K.
 Those cro-mags may have spoiled hamburger for brains,
 but they sure know how to knock down an MP3 file.

 Click  Here

From: louh@mid.org

Subject: SF

A badass room with a Bay view will damage you, way more
than that Black Label.  (Where is Tommys, anyway?)

Tommysjoynt.com  is (I found out) worldwide.

The Fairmont has some views.  I was at a party there once
on the floor where some famous family once resided.
There was a terrace where you could see from Alcatraz to Alameda.
It was clear, cool, beautiful.
Your best bet is Nob Hill, away from the Fisherman's Wharf turmoil.

Nob Hill?

ha ha

Sounds like a Jay & Silent Bob joke...

The cable cars are running - there's a stop right outside the Fairmont that will
take you into town or the Wharf.  Check out PacBell Park if the Giants are in town.

Be careful if you go out on the Bay - the currents there are brutal.
You may not need an escort, but, unless Ark or OK
has body of water with that kind of current, be wary.
I don't recall your mentioning any Naval experience...

ha ha

Alcatraz is very cool.  The Navy is gone from Alameda.
The Hashbury isn't a pleasant sight any more.  I remember walking through
the panhandle of Golden Gate Park, through the Haight, to 49er games in the 60's.
Now that was pretty amazing for a Modesto boy of 12.
It's not the same now, and part of that is good.

Lou, sounds like you might have some stories we'd like to hear...
Why don't you recall something and e-mail 700 words to be published?
[Don't count the words, but don't go sixty pages)
Tell us what it was like in the old days.
Say anything you want, but be brutally honest - be Richard Pryor honest.
Remember the women are reading, but tell us everything.

If you ride BART, you may see a BART Cop.
That's how I found your sight...

Have a good time.


Lou, hope to hear some stories from you.
You could be the 1967 California correspondent for  bartcop.com

Of course, ...if you have no stories to tell...:)

From: Rude Rich

Subject: Kudo's

Congrats to whatever press agent spoiled Hannity's big day by releasing the story about
Clinton's radio show the same day Hannity's contract was annouced. Every time Hannity
was mentioned in the papers or on the radio, Clinton's name was right there.
It must be driving the poor lad crazy. A hardy har har har is called for.

Now he will have the added embarrassment of having Opie and Anthony beat him in the
ratings not only in New York, but every other city they will be against each other in.

Hannity's wife had a baby today.
...besides Bill raining on his parade, ...he had a good week.

...WABC surprised me with a Sinatra show, ... today in his stead.

He took the day off ...to make sure his wife ....got right back to the yardwork..



...Dude, ...did you just fall asleep?

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