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Volume 582 - New York Disaster II  Click  Here for Part I 
  Reminder:  They need blood.  Consider this one of those karma things.
  If you give blood today, or this week,  maybe you won't ever need to recieve blood.


 Andrea Mitchell (State Dept) says WE aren't attacking Kabul.
 Somebody else is - perhaps anti-Taliban resistance fighters.


 I'm a hawk on the military.
 Words mean things, but IF we have the proof they say we have,
 I want ground troops in Afghanistan to grab that mother.
 I say we occupy Afghanistan until they hand him over to us.
 If we lose troops - we lose troops.
 But we don't take this attack lying down.

 Katie Couric reports 150 jumped to their deaths from the WTC

 5 PM
The whole world is watching

At times like this, we forget the differences between Europe and the US and
stand beside you. The disaster is on all the TV networks over here, replacing all
regular programming on the BBC and other channels. All the European leaders
have said that we'll give whatever help we can to find the people who carried out
these attacks as well as giving the US whatever assistance it needs to get through this crisis.

Our thoughts are with all of you,
Nick in UK

 NY Needs Type O Blood
Call the Red Cross to see about donating: 1-800-448-3543
They'll set you up and tell you where to go and what to do.

Type Os are especially needed, but all are welcome!
Tamara Baker

 Big Dog is Safe

"We should send a clear and unambiguous message that Americans
  are 100% united and will support the President no matter what action he takes".
    --  President Bill Clinton, apparently in Australia

 Andrea Mitchelll said "top US State Dept officials" have told her
 they have hard evidence ben Laden's organization is responsible.

 This is not a rumor.
 Mitchell says Afghanistan is going to be hit.

NYC Blood Donor Info (Call first)
American Red Cross - Family Respite Center
4 East 28th Street, New York, NY 10016
(212) 213-0755

American Red Cross
150 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10023
(212) 580-2821

International Committee of the Red Cross
801 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10017
(212) 599-6021

International Federation of Red Cross
800 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10017
(212) 338-0161

 The president's place is in the seat of government - DC, not where he is now.
 To stay away from there means the bad guys win.  That's not the message we
 need to send now, that's why he got selected president to suck it up during the bad times...

 It's my guess they needed a few hours to secure the WH.
 I assume F-16s will be patrolling the DC skies now.

I'm sitting in midtown Manhattan.
The streets have very little vehicle traffic, but many people walking.
Nobody is panicking.

You can't get in here.
But who would want to?

I went to give blood but they told me there would be a 5 hour wait and to come back tomorrow.
This is what Israel has been going through - every day, every hour, every place.
Driving in your car, going to the store, sending your kids to school, getting pizza...


 Public transportation in all five of New York City's boroughs has been restored,
 Mayor Rudy Giuliani announced.

 4 PM
 Site R very active today

 Hey Bart-
 Cheney and the boys went over in a load of copters this morning about 11 AM.
 I live about a mile from Raven Rock (Site R) which is a city under 400' of Granite.

 The mountains were humming with choppers and Military traffic.
 Things have quieted down a bit now.... but it was pretty scary.
 The defense bunkers are all manned and I have never seen anything like that.
 Thanks for the updates.
 I'll post you if things change up here

 The devastation, the carnage, the religious fanaticism, the refugees
 streaming from the wreckage...it looks like Kosovo, not Manhattan.

 I've seen a stream of bloody ghosts, running out of the fog...

 I'm out here on a Navy ship, with limited communications...and your coverage has been superb.
 Also appreciate your support of our leader through this.

 Keep it up please

 CBS reports Barbara Olson was on the plane that crashed into the Pentagon.
 Dan Rather says she called her husband to tell him the plane was being hijacked.

 Politics is for Cowards Now!

 Anyone who chooses to play politics at this most dire of hours is almost as much of a coward
 as those who perpetuated this heinous crime.

 This is a time for support and for solidarity.  Any Republican or any Democrat who feels this is a time
 for politics is a coward.  Anyone who sees this as an opportunity to point fingers or lay blame at someone
 who is not directly responsible for the actions is a coward.  What kind of sick mind watches tens of
 thousands of innocent people die and thinks to themselves, "now how can I pin THIS on Bill Clinton"
 or "this is a chance to show how weak George Bush really is."

 Cowards did this and only cowards will seek to benefit from this.

 I agree.
 I wish certain people would think before they speak.

 Babs Olson among dead today....

 It was just reported on CBS, by Laura Ingraham, that Barbara Olson was among those
 killed at the WTC today.  Just one of thousands, and even though I didn't like her politically
 (or really personally, from what I've seen of her) she deserves to be mourned as much as
 any other American.  Perhaps in the wake of this tragedy, her fellow blond attack hounds
 will realize that the hatred and vitriol from their mouths should be reserved for those who
 really deserve it, the bastards who committed this act, not the Clintons (or even the Bushes).

 I've seen reports she was on one of the hijacked planes.


 WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Navy is sending ships to sea to protect the U.S. East Coast
 from further attack and to reduce the number of ships in port.

 Two aircraft carriers -- the USS George Washington and the USS John F. Kennedy
 -- are headed for the coast off New York.

 Five other ships -- guided missile destroyers and frigates -- are also headed to sea.

 Report from Rich in NY

 Who's doing what:

WMCA: A discussion of hate radio (nothing to do with WTC)
WFAN: Simulcasting NBC TV Coverage
WOR: Local News and updates anchored by Joe Bartlett
WABC: Sliwa, Kuby, Hannity giving updates with George Weber and ABC Network News
WNYC: NPR Local News and discussion.
WCBS-AM: Local news, local reporters, some CBS News dropins.
WINS: Local news, local reporters.
WEVD: Simulcasting WABC
WBBR: Bloomberg reports
WLIB: Simulcasting ABC TV News (Peter Jennings)

WXRK: Playing music and incredibly assinie promos under the circumstances.
              The biggest disgrace on New York radio right now.
WFME: Religious programming...
WPLJ: Taking phone calls from distraught listeners with Scott and Todd still on the air
WQXR: Playing classical music.
WQHT: Talking about the tragedy and ABC Network TV audio.
WSKQ: Talking about the tragedy in Spanish
WRKS: Carrying ABC TV Network audio.
WBAI: Talking about the tragedy.
WHTZ: Carrying ABC TV Network audio.
WCBS-FM: Simulcasting WCBS-AM.
WQCD: Carrying ABC TV Network audio.
WNEW: Don and Mike doing a decent job anchoring coverage. Kudos.
WKTU: Simulcasting WLW in Cincinatti and local reports. Bill Lee and Goumba Johnny talking locally.
WAXQ: Carrying audio from WNBC Channel 4 News in New York (which does not
              have its primary transmitter since it was on the WTC).
WTJM: Also carrying audio from WNBC-TV.
WCAA: Local discussion in spanish
WLTW: Talking about the tragedy
WBLS: Carrying ABC Network TV audio

 Barbara Olson Killed in NY Blast
 Not a joke, swear to Koresh

   Pentagon:  Senior defense officials "OK"


  "It is another Pearl Harbor for this country,"
     --Sen. John Warner (R-Va.)

  "We're going after the bastards, it's that simple,"
   -- Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah)

 "Hundreds of people are burned from head to toe,"
  -- Dr. Steven Stern at St. Vincent's Hospital, Greenwich Village

  3 PM
  They got Cockpit Voice Recorders, right?....
  Sit tight, America. As there were at least four commercial airliners involved in the attack,
  their "Black Boxes" will give up a couple of hours of audio tape of conversation in the cockpits,
  which should help identify who these folks were and where they were from, at which time
  we can extract our honorable revenge on those we know to be responsible for this cowardly act.

 I doubt they will recover those boxes.
 If the fire could melt the towers, those boxes are gone.
 Still, it's possible.

  Thank you for your minute-by-minute commentary on this horrible tragedy.
  It helps me feel less afraid.  I applaud your scolding the Bush blamers.
  Get it straight, folks!
  Thousands of innocent Americans were murdered in a blatant act of war.
  Real Americans should stand together.  I also fervently hope that Bush
  has the brains and guts to get through this.
  They'll be plenty of time for hashing over the "conspiracy" theories later.
  Thanks again.

  This is one hell of a test for the new president.

  Karen Hughes giving a live briefing, not saying much.
 "Bush is huddling with advisors" type of stuff.

 I have followed your site for ages now.
 This is the time to trust your President for better or for worse.
 He is now forced to grow up fast.  I wish you and all of your people
 (who are all of us in or out of the U.S) all the goodwill I can
 (which seems so pathetic in the face of what is happening)
 but ... I'm listening to a live feed of Powell as I write and he has lt down.
 All I can say right now is Stuff politics, fight back

 Paul B '

  More and more, as details crawl in, it appears the pilot of the PA jet
  may've been a hero, choosing to crash his plane instead of taking it to Camp David.
  If this is true, I hope his story gets told.

  K-Drag TV is reporting a run on gasoline.
  Some stations are charging up to $2.80 a gallon, but as you might figure,
  they are refusing to name the stations that are doing the gouging.

  Trying to maintain my non-partisan status as Republican Senator Jim Inhofe is
  on local K-Drag TV  screaming, "This is why we need National Missle Defense."
  He shouldn't be on the air when sanity is called for.

 This is Bush's highest test.
 He must be visible, he must act rationally, and he is going to have to
 stop hiding and talk to the people and answer questions from the press.
 And he must assure us that America we will remain a free society.

 Personally, I'm hoping Bush is up to this test.
 I wish him well, and my prayers are with him.

 We cannot assume that anyone was responsible for this attack.
 We don't know who did it until we find proof, or someone claims "credit."
 Then we must act according to our laws, and according to our position in the world.
 Any deviation from this, and we fail this test.

 Care for your loved ones, America.
 Give blood, and if you can, help in the rescue and cleanup.

 One New Yorker's account

  Click  here

  Peter Jennings to Ann Compton:  "What in the world are you doing in Nebraska?"
  Ann Compton: "I'm with the President of the United States, Peter."

  They need to get Jennings off the air.

  James Baker is on ABC blaming Democrats for killing intelligence gathering

 Please hold firm about not criticizing President Bush.
 This is the first time I have called him that.
 This is bigger than any of the petty political stuff.
 Let us all hope he is up to the task, because we need him to be.
 I am not giving him a blank check, but he does have my support.
 This is not Republican or Democrat, this is America.


  NEW YORK (CNN) -- In what appeared to be coordinated acts of
terrorism, two jets crashed into the twin towers of the World
Trade Center, collapsing them Tuesday while another aircraft
crashed into the Pentagon. Hundreds were injured or killed, if not more.

A fourth aircraft crashed in Pennsylvania with 45 people on board.

President Bush said the United States would "hunt down and punish"
the terrorists responsible. U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell cut
short a trip to Peru to return to the United States. He also vowed,
"The U.S. government will find out who is responsible."

The U.S. military went on full alert. Two aircraft carriers
left the Naval base in Norfolk, Va., in response to the
attacks.  At the Pentagon, witnesses said a plane crashed into
what is known as the "Army Corridor," the building collapsed
and there wase an undetermined number of casualties.

Bush, who wound up an tour in Florida that was to focus on
education, did not return to Washington out of concerns for his
safety but flew to an Air Force base in Louisiana. Later, Air Force One
took from Barksdale Air Force Base, its destination unknown.

Officials in Washington said a "Continuation of Government"
plan had been activated. The activation involves a fortified
facility at Mount Weather, Va. There was no word whether any of
the U.S. leadership or ranking military officers had been taken
to the facility, but Congressional leaders were said to be
assembling outside Washington.

The city of Washington declared a state of emergency.

  John McCwethy of ABC News says our troops are on Threat Con-Delta,
  the highest possible state of alert

  I don't know about you, but I still have no sense of proportion here.
  It will be days, maybe weeks before we know the death toll.
  It took 7-8 days to dig out Oklahoma City, and that was only a dozen floors.

  I talked to Christian in Brooklyn - she's fine.
  She said how eerie it was to look out and not see the Twin Towers

  The press mostly has been calm, even Fox news has been telling the truth,
  but Peter Jennings started getting goofy hours sooner than usual.

  2 PM
  Pentagon fire closer to being under control.

  Giuliani held a press conference, said there was an enormous amount
  of fire and police personnel under the towers when they collapsed.

  Bush lands in Nebraska.
  His political advisors want him in DC to show calm,
  SS says they can't protect him there.
  Screw Rove and Hughes, do what the SS says
  The last thing we need is an assassination.

  CBS: "New York hospitals in desperate need of blood"

  Tony Snow: Right now, any plane that approaches the United States
  will be blown out of the air

  From Rueters in London
 Abdel-Bari Atwan, editor of the London-based al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper said
 Islamic fundamentalists led by bin Laden was ``almost certainly'' behind the attack
 of the World Trade Center in New York.

 "It is most likely the work of Islamic fundamentalists. Osama bin Laden warned
 three weeks ago that he would attack American interests in an unprecedented attack,
 a very big one,'' Atwan told Reuters.

 "Personally we received information that he planned very, very big attacks against
  American interests. We received several warnings like this. We did not take it so seriously,
  preferring to see what would happen before reporting it.''

 Pentagon blaze still out of control

 Giving blood
hey Bartcop... you may want tell people to check with the blood centers first...
there is currently no way to ship the blood by air.

The blood centers here in Kansas City told us to wait a day so they can look at the situation,
and prepare to send blood... plus the lines are sooooo long that they can't do anything but extract
blood... if they can't prepare it to ship, it doesn't do any good to give blood...

lastly, anyone who gives blood today will be ineligible to give blood again until November 6th
(according to Community blood center of Kansas City)

 CNN reports no commercial planes in American skies
 for the first time in aviation history
 CNN has radar of the first plane hitting tower one

 Fewer than 600 dead on the planes

 I assume the military and president know this would be a great time
 for some nut nation to try to pull something else.
 The towers were hit to cause pain.
 We should assume the Pentagon was hit to confuse our military.

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

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