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Volume 581 - New York Disaster

   I have dozens of hysterical mails about going after Bush.
  You people need to calm down.
  There will be time for everything later.
  Focus and give blood, that's what you need to do right now.

  Two Miles From the Pentagon

I live a mile from the Pentagon.  My office building is two miles from the
Pentagon on the other side of Arlington.  Everyone in my office has gone.

The roads are gridlocked.  I'm not sure I will try to get home or not.
I actually feel safer here (it's not a government facility).  Planes and
helicopters are flying around overhead.  People are walking up Wilson
Blvd. and the road is jammed with cars.

I pass the Pentagon every day on my way home, but not tonight - the
roads are closed.

Washingtonpost.com is jammed, NYTimes.com is jammed, CNN.com is jammed.
I can't call my mother to say I'm alright.

Thanks for providing updates

  BBC is reporting Ben Laden warned them in advance. 

  If you're reading this in another country, I'm told WEVD (search for it)
  is streaming live ABC News

  Giuliani: We will find those responsible
 and make an example out of them

  MAIL from Manhattan
 bart, readers:

It's noon on the island, with smoke visible to the south of me.  Near silence on the streets --
disconcerting in this great city -- dispelled only by the roar of low-flying military aircraft and the wail
of sirens so terribly familiar.

Cry if you must, and pray the faithful among you.  Thousands of lives ended here today, countless
thousands more will never recover from the losses they suffered this awful morning.
These are not bromides:
we grieve for them and with them and we pledge to bring them some measure of justice.

But neither is this a bromide: I voted early this morning among my neighbors at the local public school.
 Though I despise the squalid politics that are largely foisted upon us, I love elections.  I bought
coffee and a brownie at the bake sale, got in line with my fellow citizens, and -- pointless as some seem
to find the whole exercise -- cast a ballot for the candidates of my choice.  I'm counting my blessings,
large and small and recommend that others do the same. I don't yet know whether all of those
I joined this morning will ever get the opportunity to do so.

Along with the more tragic news just now comes a report that today's election has been suspended and
that my vote, and those of my neighbors, likely will not count.  As I said, I don't know if all of them
will be around to recast their votes when the election is rescheduled.  But in the names of all those gone
today, those of us remaining must vow to take back our government in spite of all those would conspire to
silence us.  Our city stands, our country stands.

Will write again.  The grief is on-going, our terrible justice awaits, and I end my crying with this note.
Off to give blood.

  CNN Update

  Click  Here

  MAIL Rich in NY
  No military

 I watched for a hour and I didn't see any air traffic besides the one
that slammed into the building. No military air traffic at all. I was
between NYC and Newark Airport. When I rode by the airport, the runways
were empty and only a few planes were at the ramps. The entire sky in
the area was empty. Usually there are planes coming and going all over
this area. Not a plane in the sky.
 When I was watching from the rest area, I was almost waiting to see a
big mushroom cloud. I thought maybe I should put some miles between myself
and the city but I figured if the big one is going to go off, I can't get far enough
away so I may as well watch for the .10 of a second I have to live.

 FOX News in NY has lost their feed and is now carrying CNN's feed.
 I'm shaking even more after seeing the video. Oh My God.

 They haven't even mentioned Wall St yet...It's right next door. I'm sure
it is out of business for the next few weeks and posiibly forever. I
would think it would be wiser to start spreading Wall St. out around the
country. No longer can we keep the financial center of the country
bunched up in one area. The death toll and loss to business and the
financial world are going to be devastating.

 When I was in the rest area, I bought a small diposable camera. I got
some good shots but the camera sucked. I also blew off most of the pics
before the collapse. After the collapse, the cloud of smoke just covered
the entire are. A few minutes before the collapse, one driver told me
the building was sinking. I laughed it off. A few minutes later it came down.
I can still count.  As I said, I don't know if all of them will be around to recast
their votes when the election is rescheduled.  But in the names of all those gone
today, those of us remaining must vow to take back our government in spite of
all those would conspire to silence us.  Our city stands, our country stands.

Will write again.  The grief is on-going, our terrible justice awaits,
and I end my crying with this note.  Off to give blood.

  Afghanistan's Taliban ambassador to Pakistan has condemned
  the string of astonishing terrorist attacks on the United States.

  Fox says oil is up $6 a barrel to $32

 I'm getting reports that Gingrich has blamed Clinton for this.
 Let's hope he's smarter than that.

 Subject: Act of War
Dear BC,

America will never be the same after today.
I have never dreamed of something happening like this.
I pray for all the thousands of people who are injured or dead.

I hope our President can muster the intelligence and courage to bring
this country together to fight these terrorists and eliminate them once and for all.
This attack is greater than anything we have ever experienced.

I am an ex serviceman. I am also unemployed. I will sign up in a heartbeat to
either fight for my country, help the rescue efforts in NYC, or give blood right
here in town. I will do what I can. My American flag is waving outside my door right now.

We must rally together now and work together. Our country will never be the same again.
May God give Bush the strength to do what is right and just. We must find and kill
the terrorists wherever they are, because now we have free license to go and hunt them down.

Devoted Reader,

George A.

  ABC says so many injured and burned, Canada is receiving patients

  They say up to 50,000 were in the WTC.
  Probably 1000 dead on airplines alone.

  I didn't think I'd need to say this, but now is NOT the time to to after Bush.
  Mail still flooding with consopiracy theories how Bush "set this up."
  Stop being f-ing ignorant and be an American first

  They're saying even the names of the planes hijacked,
 "United" and American" are significant.
  Lots of panic everywhere.
  The worst seems to be over, we just don't know how bad it is yet.

  Fox showing F-16s flying over NY

  Thanks for the great job
  This is a day that will live in infamy.  I agree, I hope Bush can  pull it together
  and make a credible showing for the sake of the country and the world.
  If you're ANYWHERE, donate blood.

  Fox says Camp David was the target of an unsuccessful attack
  adding to the anniversary theory

  Bush tape playing now
"Freedom was attacked by faceless cowards
  Freedom will be defended.
  I want to reassure you the full resources are being used with locals.
  Make no mistake, the US will HUNT DOWN and PUNISH those responsible.

  He's not saying a lot.
  I don't know that there's a lot he can say.

  "We are being tested. We will show the world we can pass this test."

  Brit Hume says Pres statement will be on tape.
  Statement has been made and delivered.

  Thank goodness you are recommending calm at the moment,
  and not screaming for blood like so many half-cocked bozos out there.

 Can I make a further suggestion?  People should go to their local Red Cross
 office and donate blood, and then they should go to their favored place of worship,
 light a candle or do whatever, and pray for peace on this little, frail earth of ours.
 I think we're going to need all the prayers we can get in the days to come.

  Bush expected to talk any minute
  Odd reports say "He will not return to Washington"

   This morning I had to pick up a load in Secaucus NJ. About 8:45 I got
my load and headed for the NJ Turnpike. As I neared the highway I heard
the first reports of a plane hitting the Trade Center. I pulled into a
rest area with a perfect view of the building from about 5 miles away.
The north tower was covered in smoke and on fire. I stood about 10
minutes watching when I saw a plane approach from the south. It was huge
and flying very low. From my angle I thought it was headed for a landing
at La Guardia which would have been behind the building from where I
My legs are still shaking. I was wondering where it was going. It was totally
out of place and flying way too low.

 I stayed in the rest area for about half an hour and then people
started saying the road was being shut down. I started leaving. I got
about a mile when the radio started screaming that the north tower had
collapsed. I pulled over on the shoulder and watched what looked like
volcano erupting in Manhattan. The whole of lower Manhattan was covered in smoke.

 A little while later I started moving again to get rid of the load and
head for my basement to hide. For the next 50 miles I saw nothing but
state police cars screaming northbound. Smoke was spread for at least 50
miles. I dumped my load and headed back to my shop. All the phones were
out. All the roads in and out of NYC are closed. I took local streets
because I could see the Turnpike was stopped dead.

 Pray for my friend Connie with that beautiful white Vette I sent you
the picture of. She works in the building. I hope she was late for work
today. I'll check the train station later to see if her car is parked there.
 We're at war, my friend.

  Rep Jim Moran (W VA) guessing 10,000 dead

 Diane Sawyer reports 200 firemen missing

  Earlier today



 If you're in the NY area right now, donate some blood.
 NY has never had anything this bad before.

 11: 43
 FAA confirms the last 50 aircraft air in the air;
 none has a problem and all are within 50 miles of their destination.

 Aviation expert says cross-country jets (full of fuel) were chosen for maximum explosive power

 Where is the President?
 ABC News says he's going to talk from Barksdale AFB in Louisiana soon.

 ABC reports F-16s will shoot down any planes flying right now


I heard on the radio that today was the anniversary date of a treaty signed by Arafat, Begin, and Carter
back in 1978 which ended a 31-year war.  And now I read on bartcop.com that it's the one-year anniversary
of a similar treaty signed at Camp David.  This is no accident; you know how terrorists choose significant dates.

As I sit in the Union Pacific headquarters building in St. Louis, I am very afraid.  LA was the third most
likely target, and they're evacuating LAX.  Federal buildings downtown here are evacuating - and the HQ of
the biggest ground transportation company thinks it's sufficient to require ID to let people in or out of
the building.  We're probably fourth or fifth on the list of significant strategic targets.


     Back in May...

 Subject: Re:  Hit 'em fast & hit 'em hard!

> If we do not take an immediate and decisive action today then Bush should be kicked out
> on his butt.

I think some judgment is called for here.  Bush could make a bad situation a LOT worse
by taking the *wrong* 'immediate and decisive action'.
Just my $0.02 worth.

 Steffie on ABC says at least a dozen people jumped from the top floors of the WTC
 He's more shaken than I've ever seen him, I guess everybody is.

 A reminder for people to remain calm.
 I'm getting lots of angry mail screaming for retaliation, but we don't even have a target.
 Stay calm, hug your kids, don't do anything stupid

 11: 28
 I live across the river from Manhattan, I could - until today - see the WTC  from my window.

I put on the news when I woke up today, approx 9AM, and saw that one of the
towers had been hit. At first this was reported as perhaps an accident
(remember, in 1943 or so the Empire State Building was hit by a B-52). I
looked out the window and I could see the long plumes of smoke. I saw, live
on TV, when the 2nd tower was hit, and I was watching TV when each collapsed.

Right now, at approx noon EST, the sky here in Brooklyn is filled with
smoke, ash, small bits of insulation. News reports say that perhaps
hundreds jumped from the towers to their deaths.

When the first tower collapsed, my cats jumped to alert - clearly they could hear/feel it.

I am at home, as Manhattan is shut down - no way in or out. I know people
who work in the WTC; I will try calling them later in the day. I hope for
good news. 50,000 people work in the WTC every day. I'm guessing the loss
of life will be in the tens of thousands.

You've right, this is much worse than Pearl Harbor. But who should pay for
this? I'm sure we will eventually find the SOBs who put this plan into
action, they should of course be punished. I really, really hope the US
doesn't kill more innocent civilians by indiscriminate retaliatory bombing
in the Middle East.

This should be the end of SDI. The money Smirk wants to waste on ballistic
missle defense should instead be spent building a much better airport
security system and developing better intelligence. This is exactly what
people like you and me have been saying could/would eventually happen. A
space based laser defense wouldn't have been able to have stopped any of
this from happening.

I believe the WTC should, in a few years, be rebuilt. Show the bastards
they can't keep us down.

This is a terrible day, maybe the worst.
Sean O'Gara

 Note: Today's date is 911

 New York


 Pentagon in flames

 I'm really a liberal guy, hell I read your site every day, but I have to
say that I'm no longer really interested in peace in the Middle East. I
no longer have any sympathy for the Palestinians. I no longer want to see
restraint by Israel or the US Government. Bush can really choose what tone
to set when he finally speaks. If he calls for blood then he'll get
support for anything. Do you see the danger here? Quite frankly, I don't
have the stomach to oppose *any* response against bin Laden or the Taliban.
As for Israel, they can do what they like and I won't complain. I wonder if
this is how people felt about the Japanese after Pearl Harbor.

First thing we need to do is remain calm.
There'll be plenty of time for payback, let's keep our heads

 NBC reports tremendous damage at the Pentagon.

 Pentagon says two carriers out of Norfolk will guard NY

 If you think you've seen these pictures before,
 it reminds me of the movie Independence Day.
 Seeing the towers fall looked like special effects



Who attacked the World Trade Centre?
Special report: terrorism in the US

Staff and agencies

Tuesday September 11, 2001

The Saudi dissident, Osama bin Laden, warned three weeks ago that his group would carry out
an unprecedented attack on US interests for its support of Israel, an Arab journalist said today.
Abdel-Bari Atwan, editor of the London-based al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper, said Islamic
fundamentalists led by bin Laden were "almost certainly" behind the attack of the World Trade Centre.

"It is most likely the work of Islamic fundamentalists. Osama bin Laden warned three weeks ago
that he would attack American interests in an unprecedented attack, a very big one," Mr Atwan said.
"Personally we received information that he planned very, very big attacks against American interests.
We received several warnings like this. We did not take it so seriously, preferring to see what would
happen before reporting it."

But Professor Paul Rogers, of Bradford University's peace department, warned against assuming
Middle East extremists were behind the tragedy.

"We've been here before. With Oklahoma, everybody assumed it was Middle East [terrorists],
then it turned out to be home-grown Timothy McVeigh," he said. "Again with the pipe bomb
in Atlanta, it turned out to be domestic."

The World Trade Centre has been targeted before, and was the scene of a massive van bomb
that killed several people in February 1993. Prof Rogers said: "Since it is such a prestige building
and has been attacked before, the symbolism is very strong. It suggests a well-organised paramilitary
group is involved seeking to inflict great financial and psychological harm on the US. The World Trade
Centre is hugely symbolic. It is a giant financial complex with great psychological and political prestige."

The attacks bore all the marks of a well-organised group. As President George Bush announced
the FBI, CIA and national security experts were throwing all their resources into hunting down
those responsible, experts pointed to a number of suspects, including Bin Laden.

Another group suspected is the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, but the group has
denied an early report it was behind the attacks. The group blames Americans for "siding" with Israel
in the escalating Middle East conflict but has never committed an atrocity on this scale.

US air chiefs will now have to completely rethink their security systems in the light of the World Trade
Centre tragedy, said Phil Butterworth-Hayes, the civil aviation editor for Janes information group.

"When you get people determined to commit acts of terrorism, it is almost impossible to stop them,"
he said. "The whole civil aviation system works on trust.

"In America, security systems are the responsibility of the Federal Aviation Administration. The first thing
the FAA are going to have to do is completely rethink some of the security systems they have in place at the moment.

"Aviation thought that it had sorted out the bombs-in-holds problem after Lockerbie but now there is a
fresh problem to resolve. But it could be some time before new measures take effect."

He continued: "Terrorists are always one step ahead of the institutions that really need protection.
Once you defeat one aspect of terrorism, you have to battle against something else." --Guardian, 9/11/01

 abc news just reported UA 175 to LAX
 Due LAX at 11:16am is 'unaccounted for'.

 Giuliani says there is a "horrendous" number of dead

  New York has a mushroom-shaped cloud over it

  NBC is stupidly showing video of Palestinians dancing in the streets.
  I don;t think America needs passions more inflamed right now

 Andrea Mitchell at the State Dept says America looking squarely at Afghanistan

 Probably the biggest newsday in history,
 the worst day in aviation history,
 the biggest day in internet history,

 NBC reports Palestinians are dancing in the streets with joy.
 It may be the most expensive celebration they've ever thrown.

 Thanks for the updates.  I'm at work and we are trying to get a TV here,
 but access to news websites is very spotty.

I agree that we shouldn't blame Bush or the Republicans for these attacks.
The terrorists who are doing this are doing it to Americans, not Democrats,
Republicans or anyone else.  This is war.  My opinion of Bush will rise or
fall (and it couldn't get much lower) depending on how he handles this
crisis.  If bin Laden claims responsibility for this (as it now seems he will)
then he should be dead before I get home from work.  If we do not take an
immediate and decisive action today then Bush should be kicked out on his butt.

 Report: Today is the one year anniversary of the Camp David Accords (Barak, Arafat, Clinton).
               And they just hit Camp David, (United, Flight 93).

 CNN reports 8 planes were hijacked

  Cardinal Egan of NY is giving Last Rites to dozens of dying people.

 United says it was their plane that crashed in PA

 NY is reporting additional explosions still going off
 Car bombs seem to be spread out in NYCity

 Communications out of New York are chaotic because the antennae
 were on top of the towers

 Russert is reporting that this attack is so sophisticated,
 the suspects are narrowed to just a very few

 NBC reporting "missing or hijacked planes over a wide, scattered area"

Report from Zepp News
If there's anybody who is depending on me for information, here's where we stand at this time:

Two passenger jets were hijacked, and struck the towers of the World Trade Center some 18 minutes apart.
The first plane is believed to have been an American Airlines 767, and the second looked like an Airbus 300.

Both World Trade Center towers have subsequently collapsed.  The death toll could be in the hundreds
of thousands, including those in adjoining buildings in NYC.
A 747 has flown into the Pentagon, causing substantial damage and casualties.

Another plane is believed hijacked, and there are early reports of a plane crash in Pennsylvania.
All federal buildings nationwide have been evacuated.  All civilian domestic air carriers are grounded.

A car bomb reportedly has gone off in front of the State Department.
It's the worst attack the US has ever suffered, with damage far beyond Pearl Harbor.

If you can get to a radio or TV, do so, or start checking the news websites.

   Reports say a 747 hit the Pentagon earlier this morning

  Fighter scrambled amid reports of second plane headed for Pentagon.

  I think it's safe to say religion is the problem here.
  Religion is always the problem.

  They haven't reported this, but you figure our finest fighter pilots are up
  and ready to shoot down any plane that's in the air. That won't help a lot
  in a place like New York, because where ever the plane crashes will have
  a tremendous loss of life, but what options to they have?

  You gotta figure the planes that hit the towers were flown by the terrorists.
  If you put a gun to the head of the pilot and say "Fly into the towers"
  the smart move is to say,"No, shoot me,"and fly the plane into the ground,
  which may be what happened in Pittsburgh

   FAA says "several" planes are unaccounted for, and presumed stolen/hijacked

  I realize the news people are under incredible pressure, but they're saying
  extremely stupid things such as "the towers SEEM to have collapsed."
  Well, if they're not there anymore, you don't need "seem" in that sentence.

  My mailbox is flooding with readers blaming Bush.
  There's no time for that now.
  In our lifetime, we've never been under this kind of attack.
  Let's hope Bush looks confident when he talks to the nation.

  There will be thousands and thousands of dead.
  Let's hope when today is over, this won't be the biggest news story in history.

  Washington DC has shut down, all museums, all monuments are closed.

  Pentagon monitoring second suspected hijacked plane.

  If we can make it thru the next 30 minutes, the plane attacks should be over.
  Every important building is still in danger.
  The Capitol, the White House, the Sears Tower.
  I doubt any more attacks on New York, so other cities must be on alert.

  Fire reported at the National Mall
  Fox is reporting some Palestinian group is taking responsibility.

  Pittsburgh reporting a major airline crash

  The second WT tower has collapsed.

  The Pentagon is expecting another plane to hit,
  warning everyone NOT to evacuate but instead to take immediate cover.

  NBC reports another plane has been hijacked, and is heading to DC
  One of the WT towers has collapsed.

 This is worse than JFK and Pearl Harbor combined.
 We're at war, and we don't know with whom.

 Chaos is everywhere, besides the World Trade centers, the Pentagon has been hit
 and there are reports of explosions on Capitol Hill.

 They did the right thing cancelling every flight in America
 because what we need right now is defense.

 I've never seen anything this bad, I guess you haven't either.

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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