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Volume 587 -

 September 13, 2001               NFL cancels games this weekend, some college conferences will play   

 Breaking News
 12:33 CST

 THREE MORE  firefighters pulled alive from the wreckage

 Plus - more tapping in patterns is heard on the east side of the pile

Commission warned Bush
But White House passed on recommendations by a bipartisan,
Defense department-ordered commission on domestic terrorism.
 - - - - - - - - - - -
By Jake Tapper at Salon.com

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They went to great pains not to sound as though
they were telling the president "We told you so."

But on Wednesday, two former senators, the bipartisan co-chairs of a Defense
Department-chartered commission on national security, spoke with something
between frustration and regret about how White House officials failed to embrace
any of the recommendations to prevent acts of domestic terrorism delivered earlier this year.

Enough is enough...
  by Jim Higdon

Bush has failed every possible test.

Prior to Day One:  While the State Department website was posting strong warnings that there
could be an immanent attack by terrorists tied to bin Laden, Bush issued no warnings to increase
airport security systems, but left standard security in place.  I know this because I flew on Friday
and Sunday, and security seemed more lax than usual.  One must also question whether the fence
constructed around the area surrounding the White House was in anticipation of a terrorist attack.

Day one:  He takes off across the country, eventually winding up at the headquarters of the
Strategic Air Command, never giving a live press conference, and leaving America to rely on
an incompetent broadcast press to let us know what's going on.  He provided no assurances,
and left America in panic.  By going to SAC he left us to speculate that we may even be under
attack by some government and that nuclear response was being considered.  When he finally
spoke, he found no words on his own, and prepared nothing.  Words were being fed to him.
He was acting like puppet, not a president.  He made absolutely no effort to quell racism that
is erupting against Muslim Americans nationwide.

Day two:  He issues another speech that is merely a rewrite of the first.  Keeps talking about
going to war, although he will not specify against whom.  Then his handlers try to explain that
he was AWOL because the White House and Air Force One were targets.
Highly unlikely.

If Air Force One was a target, why did he take off to fly around the country?
Why didn't he just stay in Louisiana?

It was clear that all four of the planes had crashed, and that there was no commercial air traffic,
and he was still on the run.  As the leader of the free world, when America has been attacked,
I'm sorry, but that's the time to suck it up a little, and be visible.

Day three:  He finally gives a press conference, provides a minimum of information, other than
to tell us that it's his job now to be a war time president, and that he's a lovable guy.
Meanwhile his cohorts in congress (Trent Lott) in particular, start telling us that it's time to
curtail individual liberties in America.  As far as I'm concerned, Lott just joined the other side.
For a US Senator to attack the Constitution is treason!

Jim H.

From:  Robin Welch

Subject: The National Anthem

 Just heard on the radio a British military band playing the Star Spangled Banner outside Buckingham Palace
in lieu of the usual "God Save The Queen" during the changing of the Guard.  I freely admit, it made me weep.

May God also bless the Queen and her subjects!

From: fnx@earthlink.net

Thoughtful, responsible people cannot sufficiently applaud ABC News and
Jim Wooten for telling THE TRUTH about the president's speech after the terrorism.

"America was attacked because she is the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity."
Self-serving, inflammatory lies which only exacerbate the problem.

Wooten: "That is NOT why America was attacked!"
Jim Wooten emerges, then, as a truly-human hero, a rarely responsible American journalist
who has contributed immeasurably to world affairs with his simple, objective three-minute report.


We must enthusiastically support this kind of journalism.
PLEASE ask your readers to help.
Go to abcnews.com - click on "contact us" at the bottom of the page.

 From MediaWhoresOnline

He was speaking, again, without notes or teleprompter, at this, his fourth or fifth
press conference of the day. It was hard to know how to count his appearances
-- he was everywhere, all day long, answering every question -- but that seemed right:

In a crisis like this, a leader has to be visible, accessible, sharing our grief but reassuring us
we'll come through the tragedy, together. He was back at it early Wednesday morning,
reporting the latest rescue news and urging his fellow citizens to pick up their lives,
recover their sense of normalcy.

But it wasn't President Bush calming Americans all day Tuesday.
It was New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani who emerged as the leader the nation yearned for,
while Bush spent the day in the blue skies over the U.S., being shuttled from Florida to Louisiana
to Omaha before finally returning to Washington, almost 12 hours after the terrifying attack.

From: joe1991@worldnet.att.net

Subject: 1996 - Clinton pushed for hard terrorism laws, Repugs watered it down



"We need to keep this country together right now. We need to focus on this terrorism issue,"
Clinton said during a White House news conference.

But while the president pushed for quick legislation, Republican lawmakers
hardened their stance against some of the proposed anti-terrorism measures.

Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, emerged
from the meeting and said, "These are very controversial provisions that the
White House wants. Some they're not going to get."

and this:   http://www.cnn.com/US/9604/15/anti.terrorism/index.html

The bill, which would cost $1 billion over four years, also calls for "tagging" plastic explosives
to better trace them. The bill calls for a study on tagging methods for other explosives such as
fertilizer and black powder. Critics say the study provision is a concession to groups opposed
to restrictions on explosive materials.

The Republicans also dropped the additional wire-tap authority the Clinton
administration wanted. U.S. Attorney general Janet Reno had asked for
"multi-point" tapping of suspected terrorists, who may be using advanced
technology to outpace authorities.

and this:   http://www.cnn.com/US/9604/18/anti.terror.bill/index.html

The House voted, 293-133, to send the anti-terrorism bill to President Clinton,
who has indicated that he will sign it after he returns from his overseas trip next week.

The measure, which the Senate passed overwhelmingly Wednesday evening, is a
watered-down version of the White House's proposal. The Clinton administration
has been critical of the bill, calling it too weak.

The original House bill, passed last month, had deleted many of the Senate's anti-terrorism
provisions because of lawmakers' concerns about increasing federal law enforcement powers.
Some of those provisions were restored in the compromise bill.

But since they're having trouble selling the appointed Commander in Thief,
they're having to trash the last elected president - America knows better.


 "Our very first priority has to be incoming missles."
      -- Oklahoma Senator Pissquik, trying to sell Star Wars

 Excellent article
The Selling of George W Bush-2004
    by sunburst@san.rr.com

  Click  Here

The dust has barely settled in New York, and the aides of George Bush are busy putting things right.
Unfortunately they're not busy finding out what happened or sending the president before the cameras
to answer questions from the press. Nope, they're using the terrorist attacks on the United States to
re-sell George Bush to us in the face of declining polls.

Let's call it "Operation Manhood". Yesterday morning while the country looked to Washington for hope
and information, instead we got the spectacle of George Bush being ferried all over the country like a
high end version of Road Rules. For twelve hours he bounced from Florida to Lousiana to Nebraska
to DC like he was on a scavenger hunt for courage. Finally he showed up in Washington to deliver a
typical deer-in-the-headlights string of platitudes, apparently picked up at a Nebraska Rotary prayer
luncheon. Meanwhile, New York and the Pentagon burned.

From: bob@clickandlearn.com

Subject: "Smartest Boy In The Class"

My first reaction to the news in NYC was
"I wish we had the smartest boy in the class to guide us." 

Unfortunately, the press ridiculed the idea of electing the smartest one
-- so look what they (we) got instead

True, they said there was no need for the president to have a brain as long as he was
surrounded by smart people. We saw that refuted Tuesday, with his two "deer" speeches.

I think the whole world, not just America, misses Clinton right now.
Clinton wouldn't be wetting his pants, asking Karen Hughes to play president for him.

Bush's leadership consists of suggesting we pray.

Frightened Afghans Await Expected US Revenge Raids
Frightened Afghans braced for U.S. retaliation for devastating terror attacks
as Arab residents fled the capital or began digging trenches on the outskirts of the city.

With U.S. investigators increasingly convinced bin Laden was behind the attacks, many Afghans
fear it is just a matter of time before they are made to pay for the Taliban giving him sanctuary.

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From: (withheld)

Subject: Unsolited Polemics...


If the name of the nation of  Sudan drops out of this grim imbroglio, will voices
spanning the gamut from Hitchens to Horowitz shut up about Clinton's "aspirin factory?"


Bill, never.
We saw yesterday how Ann Coulter used the obituary of her friend Barbara Olson
to call Hillary "the molecular opposite of a James Bond girl," whatever the hell that means.

Clinton's penis is the holy altar they will worship until the end of time.

From: Harlanquin@aol.com

Subject: Feedback

Unless he can furnish proof, Ari is the first obvious coward.  I can 'almost' believe that the plane
that hit the Pentagon might have been targeted for the White House originally.  Almost.

But with no evidence, no proof, and no real questions from the media, his claim that Bush
was a target while on Air Force One disgusted me more than  any other statement I'd heard.
What threat?

Was the 4th plane supposed to do a mid-air on Air Force One?

It's not possible, and anyone smart enough to turn off a airline transponder knows that.
Were there people on the ground with Stingers, waiting around?
Then where are they???

If there was a credible threat, and it wasn't arrested or eliminated,
then all he did was warn them their cover was blown! 

That bastard lied straight to our faces, trying to gain sympathy for Shrub.
Trying to cover the fact that, when given the chance to at least appear Presidential, Smirk was flying around.
Worse yet, that's probably the best place he could have been.
Out of the way, out of the media's attention.
But to tell us that was to safeguard the president is bullshit.
It was to safeguard us.


   by The Daily Brew

  Click  Here

 On the one hand, Rove could be lying, trying to protect his boss from the perception
 that at the moment of the crisis, Smirk turned his tail and ran.  That, of course, would
 be entirely consistant with his history of first avoiding the Vietnam War by using his
 political connections to join the Texas Air National Guard, and then deserting his unit
 while his Nation was at war.  So it makes sense for Rove to lie about it.

 The second possibility is that Rove is telling the truth, in which case Bush "argued strenuously"
 that he should return to Washington, but was apparently overruled.
 I can only wonder, overruled by whom?

 If Bush really wanted to return to Washington, all he needed to do was give the order.
 He didn't need to "argue strenuously" with anyone.
 He is the Commander in Chief, isn't he?

 "I know we're all going to die -- there's three of us who are going to do something about  it.''
     -- passenger Thomas Burnett, on his cell phone, to his wife Deena just before the crash,

Has the Taliban arrested bin Laden?


Terror suspect Osama bin Laden has been placed under house arrest by
Afghanistan's Taliban regime, it was claimed today.

A spokesman for the Taliban embassy in Pakistan confirmed earlier reports today
in Pakistani newspapers that Bin Laden is under house arrest, according to UPI.

However, previous reports quoted "Taliban sources" saying bin Laden was not under arrest.

From: tonicall@worldnet.att.net

Subject: Guilliani

I lived in NYC for 17 years, and am NO FAN of Rudy (Benito) Guilliani.
His public comments and handling of the situation have been far and away
better than the incredible shrinking shrub.

I can ditto that from Oklahoma.
I've seen Rudy all over the TV, doing what leaders do.

He's talking to people, answering questions, calming fears etc.

Meanwhile, Weak & Stupid is hiding under his bed while his handlers feed
Fox News piles of horseshit, trumped-up stories about how brave and engaged he is.


 "George W. Bush is ignorant, dumb, stupid and bumbling."
   -- from bubba_kickuss@hotmail.com

 Not every sports event has been cancelled this weekend.
 If you want to see some patriotism, check the singing of the National Anthem at the games.


"We've got the finest surgeons and medical personnel in the world
  assembled here,  waiting to help the victims, ...but they're just not coming in."
      -- a frustrated doctor to Larry King last night

Too Soon

I think it's too soon to resume air traffic.
Sure, business needs to get going again, but if they grab another plane,
how long will it take to restore confidence then?

Some easy steps the airlines could take:

1. Get the pilot & co-pilot in the cockpit and seal the door on the ground.
    The door doesn't open for any reason while the flight is in the air.
    I heard somebody say that in a "normal" hijacking, the pilot leaves his seat to negotiate
    with the guys - screw that. That pilot stays locked in the cockpit until the plane lands.

2. Reinforce the doors, making them impenetrable.
    I've heard the term "cardboard doors," several times since Tuesday morning.
    I don't want to hear that term again.

3. If they don't already, have a fuel dump switch on every plane.
    I'd rather have 30,000 gallons of fuel on the streets than inside a skyscraper.
4. Why do commercial airliners have a switch to turn off the transponder?

5. The next time a religiously-insane hijacker shows a knife or a gun - you rush the mother-effer.
    Until Tuesday, the smart move was to ride it out.
    With these religio-crazies, you figure it's over anyway, so you might as well take the chance.
    Of all the people on a plane, I'm the last guy to play hero, but if the hijackers are religious,
    you wink to the guy next to you, grab the SOB as he walks by and advance on the others.

6. Put armed undercovers on every flight.
    Some guy makes a noise with a knife, you drop him without asking questions.
    What would the cost be, 3 dollars per ticket?  That's money well spent.

7. Find out how the knives and boxcutters got onboard before we send more flights up.

    Don't you think these steps should be taken before the next plane takes off?

 Aides Say Bush Was One Target of Hijacked Jet
  Trying to explain his perceived cowardice

  Click  Here

 Stung by suggestions that President Bush had hurt himself politically by delaying his return
 to Washington on Tuesday, the White House asserted today that Mr. Bush had done so
 because of hard evidence that he was a target of the terrorists who hijacked airliners and
 slammed them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

"We are talking about specific and credible intelligence," Mr. Rove said, "not vague suspicions."
 But neither Mr. Rove nor other officials explained why this information was not made public.

 So - it appeared Bush spent the day running and hiding.
 The only "hard evidence" I've heard of was aide's belief that, from the angle of the turns
 the DC plane took, the pilot may have had the White House in mind as a target..

 Bush didn't show this country much courage or leadership Tuesday.


One of two Saudi pilot brothers believed connected with hijackings
is cooperating with FBI, CNN has learned. Details to come.

From: imk-01@home.com

Subject: Ann Coulter calls for a crusade

Hello BartCop,

If one ever needed a better example about religious insanity,
consider this demand from Ann Coulter's "This is War":

"We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity."

(Even funnier is that I read it in Jewish World Review.)



 "The president's conduct on Tuesday did not inspire confidence."
   --  an article this morning in the staunchly conservative Boston Herald

From: Toejumper@aol.com

Subject: Down the Rabbit Hole

Hi BC,

Am I the only one who thought Dubya ran like a spooked rabbit Tuesday?
I watched his first response to the attacks, videotaped from whatever rabbit hole
he was hiding in, and I thought he was about one step away from blubbering like a baby.
I got the impression he had to wash out his pants more than once that day.

And I *really* have a hard time swallowing this line of crap coming from Rove, Hughes, Inc.
about Dubya "insisting on returning to DC" only to be dissuaded by his staff and the Secret Service.
I'd like to see this "real, credible evidence" that the White House was targeted for an attack -- funny
how this story of sinister, anonymous phone calls, complete with "code words...showing a knowledge
of procedures that made the threat credible" only comes out after people start asking,
"Where the hell was Dubya?"

Were there other phone calls made warning about the WTC and Pentagon being targeted?
Not that I've heard about.  And I find this quote, told to William Safire by Rove, that Dubya was storming
around yelling "I don't want some tinhorn terrorists keeping me out of Washington," totally unbelievable.
The Bush I saw on videotape was scared stiff, barely able to choke out a prepared speech and totally unable
to muster up any coherent thoughts when asked to reply off-the-cuff.  I guaran-damn-tee you that line about
"tinhorn terrorists" was cooked up in an office somewhere.

I can't blame him for being frightened, but by all that's holy,
we need something more than a scared little boy pretending to be a man during this crisis.

Black Max

From: JHartke@cvm.uiuc.edu

Subject: The gloves are coming off fast

Ann "That Stupid Broad" Coulter spewed:

"Barbara wrote the New York Times  bestseller, "Hell to Pay," about Hillary Clinton,
the molecular opposite of a James Bond girl.  She smiled and laughed at her debate
opponents while sweetly shredding them to bits.  And she never compromised,
not her integrity, not the facts, not the law. "

I really cant believe it.  We have done everything we can to keep partisanship out of this.
I have tried my best to support Bush at this time, even though he can barely read a scripted speech,
and his lack of emotions (or at least the lack of the ability to express emotion) are sometimes disturbing.
But apparently, as per usual, the platinum pundits cannot help themselves.   Everything, even this, our greatest
national tragedy, has to be blamed on the Clintons, or at least, some some type of attack must be made.
I don't even really consider her a whore.  Whores have reasons:  money, personal aggrandizement.
She is an addict.


From: jdoane@worldnet.att.net

Subject:  AWOL Again

At the time America most needs a leader nobody shows!
"Cut and Run" Georgie's motto seems to be:
'When the going gets tough a Wus keeps going and going and going........'
Any viable 2004 presidential candidate could have clinched the election by noon of Sept 11th
if they would have grabbed the first tv camera, stood in front of the Pentagon, raised their fist
and shouted "Were going to get those Bastards."
...but nobody showed.
The first peep from the White House that I heard was from the only one
of the crew that has a set of big and fuzzies: "Diesel" Hughes.
Her message seemed to be "Lil Georgie is still running the country we just can't find the little shit."

My God, is she running the place while "Cut and Run" attends Adult Ed in Sarasota?
(Speaking of that, ever wonder why we only see our "Fearless Leader" reading childrens books?)
To the SCOTUS: This is what a real crisis looks like.
This is the second time his country has called your appointee to duty
and this is the second time he was a 'No Show'.
God, if you're listening, we could use a little help here.
J. D.

A disapppointing performance by Bush

Click  Here

Franklin Roosevelt's eloquent call for a declaration of war against the Japanese for
"a date that will live in infamy" carried with it the controlled, but unmistakable fury
of a president and a nation wronged by an unspeakable evil. The attack on Pearl Harbor,
it may turn out, killed fewer Americans than this tragedy.

An impassioned, visibly agitated Bush might have gone a long way toward solving
some of his future political problems with Congress and toward hushing his critics

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