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Volume 586 - Under a Blood Red Sky

             NY Pt 5              NY Pt 4            NY Pt 3            NY Pt 2        NY Disaster 
 September 12, 2001    Pt 2                                   


 "I'm a firm believer that...
   [a full eight seconds go by]
  ...if you cock it - you throw it."
   -- Our Sec of Defense

Barbara Olson, American Patriot
    by Ann Coulter

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 Barbara wrote the New York Times  bestseller, “Hell to Pay,”
 about Hillary Clinton, the molecular opposite of a James Bond girl.

 What kind of nasty-ass whore would use the obituary of her friend
 to attack the wife of America's last legally elected president?

    This kind, I guess.

From: koppliger@hotmail.com

Subject: John King Report

Just finished watching John King report with great scepticism that W&S is now claiming
that Air Force One was a target in order to justify his absense from Washington during the crisis.
King said that yesterday the secret service  stated that Air Force One was not a target.

When our lives are at stake the truth is critical.  Now is not the time to white wash.
I think Colin Powell and Guiliani are doing a great job reassuring people that there are leaders in our midst.

KO, of course those reports are true.
Runsfeld and Ashcroft said so...

 From CNN

 Losses from Tuesday's terrorist attacks against the United States are expected
 to run into the tens of billions of dollars. Insurance companies tell CNN that the
 industry considers what happened an act of terrorism -- not an act of war
 -- so they do plan to honor their customers policies.

From:  khass@comports.com

Subject:  Fred Thompson got it right...

When, in 1990 (playing the role of Admiral Painter in "The Hunt For Red October"
-- not in his real-life role as a SINator) he said-- "This business will get out of control.
It will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it."

Though I fear otherwise (Rumsfeld, Cheney, Shrub), I hope cooler heads prevail (Powell, ??).
I was in DFW during the Murrah Federal Building attack and felt a real sense of how close
we really were to the tragedy.  I now live in Boston and feel it doubly so.  I heard back then
the wellspring of "get them damn Arabs" (heavy emphasis of a long "A," loaded with Texas drawl)
and I fear it again now.  Remember, our enemy is our enemy... it's NOT every person whose
name the culturally insensitive can't or don't try to pronounce properly.

Please, let's not teach another generation to hate.

I don't hate Arabs, if that's where you're going.
I think religious insanity is just that, and IF the proof is there,
I want bin Laden dead, not on trial, dead.  Elvis dead.

Other than that, I'm cool with my Arab brothers.

No Vast Missile Shield Could Have Prevented This
   by Joe Conason

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From: bassm@ecn.purdue.edu

Subject: Re:Objections from an Environmental Engineer

Scott didn't say, "Let's put on pink tutus."
Scott said don't bomb the Afghan infrastructure (which would kill the
innocent -- like the terrorists did) to get bin Laden.

Scott wants to limit bombing to legitimate military targets.

Scott is all for getting whoever is responsible
but doesn't want to act like a Cromag in the process.


Another personal attack.
Funny, I provoke that reaction in so many allies...

Do you know the story of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
We disappeared Hiroshima, say, on a Tuesday.
When we asked Japan is they'd had enough, they said, "No."
So Friday, we disappeared Nagasaki.    THEN they made the decision to surrender.

I always wondered what made them wait three days.
For all they knew, we had a thousand of these new bombs.

Same deal with the Taliban.

IF (there's that word again) disappearing a water plant would be
so incredibly bad, then why not surrender bin Laden right away?

Like my good friend Scott (last issue) you might make a great peacetime consigliere,
but this is war and it's not a war I want to fight twice.

They give up the son of a bitch or they lose their right to whine
about how terribly they were blown back into the stone age.

Last thing, it we handle this the right way, the NEXT country considering
giving safe harbour to a bin Laden type will remember Afghanistan.

Guidelines for Beating and Killing Hostages

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From: SPolansk@admin.usf.edu

Subject: The truth in 30 years...

I just hope that we don't find out in 30 years that this was allowed
to happen like Pearl Harbor is rumored to have been allowed to happen.

This could be the door that let's the government remove all our rights just like in "The Siege."

I've never believed the Pearl Harbor rumors.
If there was proof, I'd have to believe, but there's not.

People can say, "Telegrams were sent to the White House," and stuff like that,
but even those telegraphs probably said what this "bin Laden alert" said,
generic warnings about "imminent attacks" and the like.

Before the Murrah building, reports circulated in right-wing cabals about
"an attack this spring in Texas or OK concerning a federal building,"
but that's not like "allowing" something to happen.

A fortress breached
  by Paul Begala

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From: jeffcrook@jeffcrook.20m.com

Subject: you lost me


You lost me, pal. How do you justify the bombing of innocent people in Afganistan, for any reason?

When did I say we should bomb innocent people?

Did they fly the planes? Could they have stopped them? No more than we can stop our own
government from doing the stupid, criminal things that it does. We can complain.
They can't even do that. If they do, they are taken outside and shot.

Sounds like you're saying they're not willing to die for freedom.
That would be their problem, not mine.
America didn't get to be free by standing around and whining.
We fought for freedom and we got it.

You say give them 24 hours. Well, we've had eight years to try to find this SOB using the best
satellite technology money can buy, and we couldn't do it. He's got a 24 hour head start already.
What makes you think they can find him, and if they can find him, that they can take him?
This guy is well-armed and organized and protected.
It's like telling the Columbian government they have 24 hours to hand over some drug lord.
It took us longer than that, with our full military might, to take Noriega.
It ain't going to happen.

I think your facts are uncoordinated.
bin Laden is a friend of the Taliban.
He's not kidnapping and murdering Taliban judges, as the coke crazies are in Columbia.
bin Laden loans the Taliban money.
They know where he's at - and it's time to give him up.

In the last 24 hours, you've gone from a reasonable debater to a raging lunatic, bartcop.

You have yet to offer a clear example of that.
I've always been a military hawk - maybe you're new here?

Put your effing emotions under your hat for a little while and think of the RIGHT thing, not the easy thing.
A strike against Kabul or wherever may make you feel really good, but everybody, and I mean everybody,
is expecting just this move. The only people who will die in such an attack are the innocents, just like all
those people in the WTC and the Pentagon. Explain to me, reasonably, like you are so good at doing,
how this accomplishes anything except to prove we are terrorists with more expensive weapons.

I wish you had published my piece about vengeance and justice. I sent it yesterday.
Jeff Crook

Jeff, I intentionally didn't publish your vengence and justice essay because it was
full of too many good points and I was afraid they might make me look bad.

Did you consider, even for a second, I might've been a little busy yesterday?

Last thing, you dove-types keep saying "fighting back is wrong."
What's the right move?

...begging them to not do it again?

Bush tried that with China and look what that got us...

The Mourning After
   by Ray Berry in Manhattan

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From: mkregel@apple.com

Subject:  RE:Objections from an Environmental Engineer


I have a much better idea than that.  Send in a well planned, recon mission of 100-or so
SAS and Navy Seals.  Through sattelite photos we CAN spot Bin Laden.
Track him down, take him into custody, and don't even call the Taliban to let them
know we took him.  Leave them guessing until they find out on CNN.

That way the innocent do not suffer.  That way the Afganis know we mean business.
That way the world will not use this as a reason to vilify us.


Mark, I doubt we can do that.
I mean if we could, why haven't we?

Screw Afghanistan's "sovereignty."

 Stroke Me, Stroke me

 "Clinton cut back our military so severely,
   we couldn't handle another Desert Storm."
    --the vulgar Pigboy

  There's non-partisan, which was how I was yesterday,
  there's partisan, which is how I am today,
  then there's being a lying, Nazi whore, which is Rush every day.

From: beck@mpi.com

Subject: Big Dog


I'd feel a little better if Clinton were still around right now.

I haven't heard any reports of Gingrich saying it was Clinton's fault, but I have heard others  lay
blame on the policies of the Clinton administration.  No real difference in my eyes, but a difference.

Bush does not inspire any confidence.  He was MIA all day yesterday.  I can understand
that we wouldn't know WHERE he was, but doesn't AF 1 have the most sophisticated
electronic available in the world?  He could easily have contacted the American people.
His message last night was disappointing.  I felt more worried rather than relieved.

His message today was the same message as last night.  The worst part about today's
message is that even after 24 hours to think about the crashes he was still not able to
react and speak in a forthright, personal and extemporaneous way.
Your coverage has been concise, varied, unbiased and broad.

Eric Beck

Yes, we'd all be better off with a leader right now.
When Bush spoke last night, you could tell the number one goal
was to get him off the screen before he had a chance to screw up.

 From CNN

 The United States intercepted two phone calls made after the attacks.
 The conversations were between members of al Qaeda, an organization
 sponsored by suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden.

From Tamara Baker

So we had our privacy irreparably breached
for "security" reasons -- and the security FAILED:

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From: dragonrider226@hotmail.com

Subject: Amazing Coverage

Thanks, Bartcop, for the up-to-the-minute coverage yesterday.
I was sitting in my living room for 14 hours yesterday, with CNN on and my laptop connected
to the internet so I could check Bartcop.com. This tragedy has sent me into News Sponge Mode again,
so Bartcop.com has been a huge help, especially today, covering the news that otherwise was not reported
(as usual, Bartcop reports what the Big Guys don't....oh well).
This amazing coverage of yours leads me to a question, however:
What vidcap software and hardware do you use?

I swear, I was watching something on CNN one minute, then I would turn around and check
Bartcop.com the next and there would  be a screenshot.  How /do/ you do it?

Errol, thanks.
I have a Voodoo 3500 video card and fast hands.

 Heroes in Action

  Click  Here

 Minutes before the giant airliner smashed into a field southeast of Pittsburgh,
 passenger Jeremy Glick used a cell phone to call his wife at home in New Jersey
 and told her that he and several other people on board had come up with a plan
 to resist the terrorists who had hijacked the plane.

 "They were going to stop whoever it was from doing whatever it was they'd planned,"
 Hurwitt said. "He knew that stopping them was going to end all of their lives.
 But that was my brother-in-law. He was a take-charge guy."

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