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  New York Disaster Pt II       New York Disaster Part I 
  Reminder:  They need blood.  Consider this one of those karma things.

  If you give blood today, or this week,  maybe you won't ever need to receive blood. 
 I'm having a lot of mechanical problems - bear with me 

 Tommy Thompson
 "It's a sad day in America."

 MAIL from Rich in NY
 This is horrific. The local TV station have much more graphic video than CNN.
 People are jumping out of the building. CNN had the same video of the second plane that I witnessed.
 The plane just plowed into the building.

 The magnitude of this won't be known for weeks.
 That pile of steel and concrete will be smoking for weeks. The job of cleaning the area will
 take years. If you saw the building collapsing, you can imagine how far chunks of concrete
 and steel were flying. Reports are that the city has called to evacuate every building south
 of Canal St. The effect on business is devastating. Not to mention that the stock exchange is
 closed indefinitely but all the small businesses that ran off the financial business are no more.
 The entire area south of Canal is closed.

 The cleanup is going to take years. You have megatons of steel and concrete laying where the
 WTC used to be. 10 blocks around are covered in rubble. They are going to have to cut the
 giant steel beams into little pieces and put it on one of a hundred trucks and get it out of there.
 They'll have bring barges in to take the scrap. The roadways can't take all that added truck traffic.

 Somewhere on the internet I'm sure you can find out how much steel and concrete went into those buildings.
 It's all scrap metal now and it has to be taken away. How do you rip down the remaining floors?
 Grapple hooks don't reach that high.

 The smoke hasn't even cleared enough to see how high high is. The buildings for blocks and blocks
 around may have to come down.  The bar was packed at 2 in the afternoon on a Tuesday. Every two
 seconds a cell phone was going off. Everyone was glued to the TV's. The plume of smoke is directly overhead.
 The bar is right next to the NY train station. We were wondering how many cars are going to be in that lot
 all night tonight, never to see their owners turn the key again. I didn't see a southbound train come into the
 station all afternoon.

 The amount of information stored on hard drive servers in the WTC is huge.
 Many telecommumications firms are (were)in that building. We have no idea the damage done yet.
 The markets are closed.
 If the market collapsed today, investors don't even know and can't sell even if they did know.
 This is trouble.

 I'm reminded of Walter Matthau's chilling speech in the original Fail-Safe.
 "There are important documents in NY that must be saved."
 You're right. It'll be weeks before we know what we've lost.

 World Leaders Respond with Horror

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 Sports on Hold

 NEW YORK (AP) -- Major League Baseball postponed its entire schedule of 15 games
 Tuesday night following the terrorist attacks and other sports also called off their events.

 Aside from work stoppages, it was the first time since D-Day in 1944
 that baseball wiped out a whole day of regular-season play.

 Bush statement:
"We will find these people and they will suffer the consequences"

 6 PM
 Gonzo Dave is in New York
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 Bush back at the White House

 CNN reports FIVE aircraft carriers and frigates headed to sea

 Black Box might be recoverable in crash near Pittsburgh

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 thanks for the updates.
 We are in shock in Croatia.
 The prime minister was tearing up while offering condolences on the evening news.

 "In no way is the United States responsible for the attacks on Kabul"

 The first-ever grounding of all flights in the United States will remain in effect
 until at least noon EDT Wednesday due to security concerns following Tuesday's attacks.

 The Stock market will be closed until at least Thursday

 "Make no mistake - the United States military is ready"

 Wolf Blitzer reports Bush just landed at Andrews AFB,
 escorted by two F-15s and one F-16

 The President's Bunker

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Measured Response?

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 THE SCALE of the attacks and the loss of life —  mostly in New York City’s World Trade Center,
 but also in Pittsburgh and Washington — ensured that “no option has been taken off the table,”
senior U.S. officials said. Asked if that included nuclear weapons, one senior official said:
“I said no option is out of the question. That’s precisely what I mean.”

Cockpit Voice Recorders

The specs:

Flight Data Recorder
Time recorded - 25 hour continuous
Number of parameters - 5 - 300+
Impact tolerance - 3400Gs /6.5ms
Fire resistance - 1100 degC/30 min
Water pressure resistance - submerged 20,000 ft
Underwater locator beacon - 37.5 KHz
Battery: 6yr shelf life
30 day operation

Cockpit Voice Recorder
Time recorded - 30 min continuous, 2 hours for solid
state digital units
Number of channels - 4
Impact tolerance - 3400 Gs /6.5ms
Fire resistance - 1100 deg C /30 min
Water pressure resistance - submerged 20,000 ft
Underwater locator beacon - 37.5 KHz
Battery: 6yr shelf life
30 day operation

It appears that they might have been able to survive, and 1100 degrees
CENTIGRADE for 30 minutes was far less than they were exposed to
for about that period of time, before the buildings collapsed.

Now, finding them.

About taking the buildings down - they survived the
original impact, but with 255,000 lbs (max gross
takeoff weight for 757) to 395,000 lbs (MGTOW for 767)
additional, plus ten or so floors of water sprinklers
flooding, plus interior structural damage - down they go.

Give blood, and wave the flag.
America will never be the same.


 MAIL from Jon Bastian
 Some of the corporate tenants of the World Trade Center Complex,
 such as I could find online. This list will grow longer in days to come.

Allstate Insurance Companies
Ambassador Construction CO Inc
American Oriental Foundation of NY Inc
AT&T Local Service
Atlantic Bank
Atlantic Telecommunications Services Inc
Avalon Holding
Boomer Esiason Foundation
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank, Ltd.
China Mechanical Electronic Industry & Trading
Chugoku Bank, Ltd.
CNA Insurance
Computer Troubleshooters
Cypress Trading Corporation
Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank Limited
Danske Bank
Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc.
E-Style Software Corporation
Fuji Bank, Ltd.
Giordano & Strauss
Goldstar Mortgage, Inc.
IBES IncGiordano & Strauss
Goldstar Mortgage, Inc.
Insurance Overload Systems
International Office Centers Corporation
Istria Capital Management
JUN He Law Office
Keefe Bruyette & Woods
Keenan Powers & Andrews
Kemper Insurance Companies
L G Securities America Inc
Leader Group International
Lower Manhattan Cultural
Mancini Duffy
Maxcon General Contracting
Morphia Inc
Netlogix Inc
New Millenium Import & Export Inc
Nishi-Nippon Bank, Ltd.
Northeastern Capital Funding LLC
Nutech Integrated Sys
Ohrenstein & Brown LLP
Online Investment Service
Outback Steakhouse Empire Challenge
Pace University World Trade Institute
Salmon Brothers Fund
San-In Godo Bank, Ltd.
SEC (New York) Regional Offices (in 7 WTC)
Serko & Simon LLP
Shipping Services Italia
Sidley Austin Brown & Wood
Standard Chartered Bank
T CA Group
Tai Pei Bank
Tamb International
Technophil Inc.
Televend Inc
The Asahi Bank, Ltd.
TripleHop Technologies
US Customs
Wall Street Planning Associates
Welton Shipping CO Inc
Wild Blue
Windows On the World

 Barbara Olson was on the aircraft that ultimately crashed into the Pentagon.
 She managed to get two calls out to her husband on her cell phone.
 She said the hijackers were armed with knives and box cutters, weapons that
 probably came in just under the scope of what is checked for in airports.
 Perhaps these items were even commonly available in the restaurants and
 such that are located in the secure area, and were stolen, hidden in
 flower pots and similar such locations and retrieved this morning.

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