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Volume 585 - Home to Roost

     NY Disaster Pt 4      NY Disaster Pt 3      NY Disaster Pt 2     NY Disaster
 September 12, 2001                                        
I guess we won't get our West Wing tonight.

From: prazeghi@earthlink.net

Subject: A thought

I'd  like to think that today, on some astral plane, Barbara Olson is apologizing
to Virginia Kelly for the pain and hurt she caused so many with her venom.


Pat, I doubt they're in the same place.

From: boxwood@texas.net

Subject: Peter Jennings

Yesterday I heard him say,
"This is the biggest attack on the U.S. mainland since Pearl Harbor".

I'd like to comment on this, but I have to finish packing the car
for my long drive to Hawaii for my vacation.


ha ha

I needed a good laugh, thanks.

An Act of War!
  by James Higdon

 Click  Here

From: KLavery922@aol.com

Subject: Religion is the problem

You said:
> Religion killed all those people yesterday.
> Religion is the problem

When one thinks of the religious works and teachings of Gandhi, Mother Teresa, the Dali Lama,
Simon Wiesenthal, and the many nameless people of faith who have been and will be working to
aid and comfort the victims of yesterday's carnage, we could also see religion as the solution.

When you take away religion, there's no motive.

I'm not attacking you, or your religion.
Just pointing out the illogic of dying for a God that doesn't exist.
Even if you think there's a God, you can't believe their God wanted them
to stab innocent people for the fun of it, then murder tens of thousands.

I think all religions are frauds, but I'd never fight your right to believe in it,
as long as you don't murder yourself and others to please Him.



"They started killing stewardesses in the back of the plane as a diversion.
  The pilot came back to help and that is how they got into the cockpit."
   -- anonymous source

From: tdouglas@watersorb.com

Subject: Editor of Jane's

Peter Jennings was interviewing the editor of Jane’s yesterday afternoon.
Here is what he said:  Jane’s reported last Friday that an unprecedented terrorist attack
against the US was imminent.  The attack had been in the planning stages for months,
but was fueled by the August 24 statement by Bush, which was interpreted as a change
in Middle East policy and infuriated radial Arabs.

Peter Jennings cut the interview short, and no further reference has been made to the report.

Ted Douglas

From: jack@democratic-alliance.com

Subject: My Resolve

As a True Patriot, I support my Country and our Constitution.

As a Human Being, I have the deepest sympathy for the victims and their families.
I grieve for each and every one of them as if they were my own child.

As a Retired Firefighter injured in the line-of-duty, I have the deepest sympathy for all the rescuers
who were killed or injured and their families. The bravery they demonstrated to place their safety
on hold in order to help those truly in need in such a situation qualifies them for the highest respect
from all people. No words can ever approach the praise these courageous people deserve.
They are truly Heroes.

They are the embodiment of the best humanity has to offer this world. I grieve for
each and every one of them as if they were my brother or my sister, because they were.

As a U.S. Navy Veteran during the Viet Nam war, I support all troops who will surely be placed
in harm's way to ensure our security and bring justice to the cowardly criminals who slithered from
Hell's Sewer to commit these cowardly acts.

But as an American citizen, I place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the Bush Crime Family for
having disengaged from the peace process in order to rattle their petty sabers for no other reason than
enriching themselves personally. They have given the world the finger, and that action is now bearing
its poisonous fruit.

May their miserable souls burn in Hell for a thousand eternities.


Robin Williams

Bin Laden comes home to roost
 His CIA ties are only the beginning of a woeful story
     By Michael Moran   MSNBC

 Click  Here

 The CIA, ever mindful of the need to justify its "mission,"  had conclusive evidence by the mid-1980s
of the deepening crisis of infrastructure within the Soviet Union. The CIA, as its deputy director William
Gates acknowledged under congressional questioning in 1992, had decided to keep that evidence from
President Reagan and his top advisors and instead continued to grossly exaggerate Soviet military and
technological capabilities in its annual "Soviet Military Power" report right up to 1990.

     Given that context, a decision was made to provide America's potential enemies
with the arms, money - and most importantly - the knowledge of how to run a war
of attrition violent and well-organized enough to humble a superpower.

That decision is coming home to roost.


 "Not since the War of 1812 and certainly the damage that
   we did to ourselves during the Civil War has this country
   suffered this kind of damage within its borders."
   --Tom Brokaw

From: willitss@pacbell.net

Subject: Objections from an Environmental Engineer

" After 24 hours, send our F-16s to take out every bridge, every water purification plant,
  every electrical plant, every port and dock, every airport and runway, and every goddamn
  building taller than one story, and on and on until they do the right thing. "

BC, that is NOT the kind of thing you want to be saying right now.

That is EXACTLY the kind of thinking, the kind of action, that got us in a position as the most hated nation
on the planet. Now, before you, like most others, misinterpret what I am saying (as you yourself are so often
misinterpreted), let me make it perfectly clear that I do not support terrorism, that I condemn what  happened
yesterday, and that I think those who did it should be found and made accountable.

But taking out the infrastructure of nations that may be complicit in this
affair is not just stupid, it is inhumanly unconscionable.

Yeah, we hate Saddam, he's a very very bad man.  A bad man who probably wouldn't be in power
had we not put him there, but that's beside the point. The point is that we have DELIBERATELY
killed over a million innocent Iraqis, most of them children, in our misguided attempts to get back at
Saddam, by taking out their infrastructure.  When we bombed their water treatment facilities,
we doomed millions of children to a slow agonizing death by disease, painful diarrhea, dehydration,
vomiting to death, the whole thing.  And has it affected the prick one iota?  Hell no!
To the contrary, it has galvanized his support among the people who've been harmed by our actions.

The only thing that will be accomplished by you imbecilic plan will be the dispensation of the last decade's
worth of stockpiled ordinance, resulting in yet another decade of unbelievable wealth accumulation by the
builders of the bombs that must be replaced every time we go off on yet another bombing spree.

You said it yourself yesterday.  Revenge is best served cold.
Get a grip.


Scott, you might make a good peacetime consigliere.
You said, "I think those who did it should be found and made accountable."

What if the Taliban says,"We refuse to hand him over."
Then what?
You'd condemn them and move on?

I didn't say, "Let's bomb them."
I said let's give them 24 hours to do the right thing, then bomb them.

If they love bin Laden's money more than they want to avoid
"disease, painful diarrhea, dehydration, vomiting to death,"
then that would be an unwise decision on their part, don't you think?

I'm all for giving peace a chance, but not this time.

 Breaking News

 FBI arrests suspect at the Ambassador Hotel in Boston
 He's called a "pilot instructor."

 Bin Laden extradition raised

  Click  Here

 The Taleban ambassador to neighbouring Pakistan, Abdul Salam Zaeef, said, when asked
 about Mr Bin Laden's possible extradition, that the first step would be to discuss any US evidence.

 It would be "premature" to talk about extraditing the Saudi dissident.
"If any evidence is presented to us, we will study it," he told reporters.

"About his handover, we can talk about that in the second phase," Mr Zaeef said.

 There's something about F-16s that make "phases" go faster.


 "Barbara Olson, whatever you thought about her politics,
   you could not love her,   ...I mean, ...you could not not love her."
     -- Larry King, getting it right the first time

 Bushwatch is asking why Bush gave Afghanistan's Taliban $132 MILLION
 after Secretary of State Colin Powell said,"they support terrorism."


 By the way, Mr President, whose money was that?
 You gave MY tax money to the Taliban?

Do you remember the second-greatest West Wing episode?
 It was the second season opener, when the president had been shot.

 By this time in the show, the president was out of danger, but Josh was not.
 Donna, his assistant, just arrived at the hospital and asked about Bartlet.
 Toby assured her the President was OK, but Donna hadn't heard about Josh.
 This isn't a transcript, it's how I remember it.

 Donna:  (prattling on, thinking everything was fine)

 Toby: Donna, Josh was hit.

 Donna: Hit?  ...hit by what?

 Toby: He was hit by bullets.

 Donna: ...hit? ...by bullets?
             (She looked around the room, trying to figure out what those words meant)

 Toby: Yes, he was hit by bullets.

 Donna: Is he OK?

 Toby: No, ...he's critical

 Donna: ...critical?
 (Again, looking around the room, trying to figure out what that word meant,
  her brain failing to proces the information as it normally would.)

 I felt like that all day yesterday, still do, I think most of America still does.
 I know what happened, but it hasn't sunk in yet.
 I produced four issues yesterday, but that was mostly busy work.
 Someday, I'll go back and read them, to see what they said.

 I remember thinking clearly, tho, when I called for ground troops.
 (This is based on Andrea Mitchell's guarantee that "top State Dept officials"
  told her they had proof this was bin Laden)

 IF it can be proven bin Laden did this, and he's hiding in Afghanistan,
 I say we give the Taliban 24 hours, not days, not weeks, not months, to turn him over to us.
 After 24 hours, send our F-16s to take out every bridge, every water purification plant,
 every electrical plant, every port and dock, every airport and runway, and every goddamn
 building taller than one story, and on and on until they do the right thing.

 If that doesn't produce results, we go in with ground troops.
 If we lose 1,000 men capturing bin Laden, then we lose 1,000 men.
 If we don't use our military now, why bother to fund it anymore?

 And screw any Arab government that doesn't like it.
 If they want to prevent that carnage, they convince the Taliban to hand him over.
 If the world community doesn't like it - fuck 'em.
 This is war, and it's a war we can't afford to lose.

 It's possible this happened because of the way Weak & Stupid mishandled that spy plane.
 The whole world saw Bush grovel and beg and apologize, like a whipped puppy.
 Maybe bin Laden is waiting for his apology.

 Bush claims, "We will pass this test."
 Of course, he said that while in hiding and on the run.

 I have a feeling Bush is going to "promise to get them," and go back to playing video games.

 ...and the son of a bitch might send them more money!

Terrorism happened in faraway places. Until yesterday
 The Guardian

 Full Story

 A spokesman travelling with the president may have given
 the game away when he listed the two priorities of the day:
 1 The president's safety;
 2 Getting him back to Washington to reassure the American people.

 This information was vouchsafed via CNN from an undisclosed military base,
 seemingly a long way from Washington. There were also reports that congressional
 leaders had been taken away to a secret location. As displays of courageous leadership go,
 none of this ranks with standing on a tank in the streets of Moscow or even remaining
 in Buckingham Palace throughout the blitz.

 Don't you think it would be a good idea for the President to make an announcement
 asking Wall Street not to go ape-shit-crazy selling, selling, selling when the market opens?

 You know they will.
 Nobody is as cowardly and gutless as a Wall Street investor.
 If Greenspan sneezes, they panic worse than a Democrat at a confirmation hearing.

 Bush probably won't do it, and even if he did, he's such an unconvincing salesman,
 they probably would ignore him and sell, sell, sell anyway.

 I wish Clinton was in charge.
 He could sell the idea that America was worth investing in.

From: russian33@hotmail.com

Subject: Wow!


The phrase "The Day the Earth Stood Still" has a new meaning to me now.
I know you are getting a lot of emails, so just a bit from me.  They let us out at about 11am,
and even though we are in Long Island, I rushed home to Queens, and made it in time before
they shut down all major highways and parkways.  The view from my house was unbelievable.
I have a perfect view of Manhattan, and what I saw yesterday I'll never forget.  Smoke, hundreds
of feet in the air, stretching for miles and miles, and no more twin towers that stood there oncee.

You know, when I saw Palestinians laughing and cheering in the streets, it reminded me of when
Armenian had the earthquake in 1988, and people in Azerbaijan (also Muslims) had fireworks
and celebration and thanking Allah.   Those shots from Palestine really hit close to home.  It also
brought back memories of 2 apartment building being blown up in Moscow at 4am and killing over
300 people in their sleep.  Also Muslim terrorists, these from Chechnya. (maybe now US will
understand Russia's feelings towards Chechnya, and why they still fight them).

Last night as I was trying to sleep, fighter jets started circling the city.  Let me tell you, that's a weird sight.
And this morning, dead silence in my backyard, that's across the water from JFK Aiport.  Usually, mornings
are busy with flights, but dead silence, and that was creepy.  Yesterday, I couldn't call out to my family
to assure them I was OK, phone lines were jammed, cell phones were out of service.

This is possibly the worst birthday I've had so far, and you know I've been through hell and highwater.
(today is my birthday).

I took some photos of the city yesterday, and I'll send them to you when they are developed.
Never in my worst nightmares, when we ran from Russia, fearing for our lives, I would've thought
that I would fear for my life again, but at one point yesterday, I did.


 Yesterday, while driving to work, I thought there was a hundred, maybe two hundred dead.
 I can't explain what I'm about to tell you, but this happened.
 The local Pigboy station was going with the live ABC radio feed from New York.
 Peter Jennings, ABC's highly paid moron, was doing the talking.

 Jennings: ...as the towers continue to burn, ...we have someone on the phone

 Reporter: Peter, the south power has just fallen.

 Jennings: The what?

 Reporter: the south tower has collapsed.

 Jennings: ...you mean a wall has collapsed?

 Reporter: No, Peter - the entire south tower is gone

 Jennings: Are you sure? The entire tower is gone?

 Reporter: yes, the entire tower has collapsed. It's gone.

 ...at that point, I said, "Screw work" and turned around and headed home,
 wondering why Peter Jennings didn't have a monitor to look at inside ABC TV News.
 I mean, if I can see the towers burning in Oklahoma, why can't Peter Jennings look
 at his monitors in New York and figure out that only one tower was still standing?

 It's a good thing Cokie Roberts is around, or Peter Jennings
 would be the biggest moron in the history of television news.

From: Tamara baker

Subject: The speech last night

Some friends of mine who saw it had this to say:

"We watched the speech on WB and either Bush didn't know the cameras were on
or he forgot his speech.  Anyway---we heard the first couple of lines FED to him verbatim.

Two times WB had the wrong mics on and we could hear comments that were not
suppposed to go over the air.

Once, a female broadcaster said she had to take a break or she would
faint---and the other time we heard Bush's lines fed to him by someone else.

They switched mics and then you couldn't hear Bush's lines being fed to
him---but once you knew they were you could see the pauses and the pace and
the delivery and so you could tell all of his lines were being fed to him."

 Click  Here


 "When you wake up tomorrow, New York is still going to be here,
    we're going to rebuild, and we'll be stronger than we were before."
      -- Rudy, saying the right things last night

From: pndcarr@swbell.net

Subject: your coverage---and the UN

I think your coverage and your position are right-on.
There is time for continued disdain of the selected One later.

Second, we should TODAY go before the UN and demand a unanimous
resolution from the General Assembly condemning these cowardly acts.
It there is any hesitation, or any debate about "American evil in the world,"
we should walk from the Assembly and tell the SOBs they have 24 hours to
get the hell out of New York--as our police are too busy to guarantee their safety.

The was not an attack on America, it was an attack on civilization, and any country
that wants to vote against condemnation instantly becomes the enemy of civilization.

You bet.


American first, though.


The truce was broken when I read on Bushwatch.com
that President Weak & Stupid gave $132 million to The Taliban.

 Yesterday, trying to cover the unfolding events,
 I got several requests to take down the "ugly pictures" of the crumbling towers.

 Jackie Kennedy popped into my head,
 with her pink suit and Jack's blood all over her.

 When her aides suggested she change clothes, she said,
 "No, I want everyone to see what they've done."

 From Larry King last night

 Barbara Olson told her husband on her cell phone the hijackers took the pilot
 and co-pilot and forced them into the back of the plane, near where she was seated.

 That indicates that each hijacked plane had a Jihad pilot, which makes sense
 because how you gonna convince an American pilot to fly into a building?

 There are also reports of the hijackers stabbing people for the fun of it.
 You see what happens when you have religion to explain away your actions?

 Religion killed all those people yesterday.
 Religion is the problem.

From: mcqu0043@umn.edu

Subject: Sickened by Fox news

Are you as sickened by Fox news as I am?  I don't know how many times they showed the video
of about 10 schoolchildren and one older lady seemingly celebrating yesterday morning after the first attack.

Fox news has managed to stretch it from the small group of people (mostly under 10 years of age)
to "thousands of Palestinians."  Furthermore, they bring on hawkish advisor after advisor who claims that
we need to be strong against all countries in the Middle East except Israel, because "their people don't like us".
This is a serious breach of journalistic integrity.  Fox News should be ashamed of what they are doing.

Thanks for all your hard work,

Duncan McQueen

Duncan, yes.

 Mark Perkel, publisher of  bartcop.com  has had dozens if not hundreds of
 Letters to the Editor published since I've known him. His style is a measured
 approach that considers both sides, but always coming to a left-of-center conclusion.
 Today is different:

 Although we in America need to come together and deal with this crisis,
 I don't see where it helps to rally around a weak and stupid president who stole the election.
 We criticized Clinton for faking emotion in times of crisis. Now we have an illegitimate president
 who has no emotions and isn't even capable of faking it, or even reading his pre-written script.
 What a horrible day it is today in America.
 We are under attack and our leader is a fucking moron!

 Marc Perkel

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