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Volume 594 - FBI Profilers

 September 17, 2001                                                                    I can't wait to get back to the funny issues...

  Friendly Stranger - Thanks for the disk - please contact me


"We can support the troops without supporting the President."

   -- Trent Lott, failing to support our elected president, during the Kosovo crisis

 Bombing the World Trade Center is a big story.
 You know what's not a big story?
 Clinton's sex life.

 The GOP and the whore media spent nine years rooting around in Clinton's zipper for the big story.
 The GOP constantly called it "a constitutional crisis."
 The GOP made that non-story the focus of everything for nine years.
 The GOP told us it was "crucial" that Paula Jones got her day in court.
 Henry Hyde said "the flag was falling" over Monica's lips.

 The GOP had their hero, Louis Freeh, chasing Clinton's sex life with more agents
  than investigated TWA Flight 800 and the OK City massacre COMBINED.

 Think about that sentence for a minute.

 The GOP swarmed the state of Arkansas trying to find some woman who would give them some juicy
 details about what was behind Clinton's zipper.  Christ, they chased Liz Gracen to Japan, using your tax
 dollars and several trained agents who could've been looking into bin Laden's activities, instead.

 Meanwhile, terrorists were burrowing into our society, trying to fit in.
 Maybe if Louis Freeh had spent more time doing his goddamn job persuing terrorists instead
 of concentrating so much on Clinton's zipper, they might have found something.

 How many tens of millions did the FBI spend investigating Clinton?
 And what if all that time and all that money had been spent searching for terrorists, instead?

 How much time did Intelligence Commitee Chairman Shelby spend attacking Clinton instead of terrorists?
 Shelby was looking into Clinton's zipper instead of doing his damn job.

 And what if the Media had spent the last 2 years reporting on terrorism instead of sex?

 When Clinton attacked Bin Laden, he got nothing but vicious criticizm from the GOP.
 (And, of course, the weenie Democrats stood silent while they did it)
 They called it Wagging the Dog.

 They could have said "Hit him again, harder," but that would have taken attention away from their
 investigation of the size and shape of the Presidential member.  Remember how many years Rush and
 Liddy and Hannity and O'Reilly spent wondering which way the Presidential member tilted?
 That was very, very, very important to the Republican Party.

While bin Laden was recruiting and training his army of pilots,
the GOP and the FBI was busy profiling Clinton's cock.

 The GOP has been screaming "The idiot bombed an aspirin factory" when he went after bin Laden.
 While being hunted by the press and the hateful GOP, Bill Clinton was doing his job.
 Clinton was the only one doing his job the last few years.

 Any time Clinton took action in America's interests, the GOP and the whore press screamed that
 "Clinton was trying to distract us" from their nine-year zipper hunt, when he was just doing his job.

 So I want you to remember...

 While Orrin Hatch, Dan Burton, Henry Hyde, John Ashcroft, Newt Gingrich and the crooked Supreme Court
 were telling us it was very, very, very, very important to get every tiny detail about Monica and Bill,
 and it was so important they spent perhaps a hundred million dollars investigating that matter,
 ...all the while, bin Laden was busy renting flight simulators and making plane reservations.

 Look at the price we've paid for the GOP's fascination with the Clinton's Cock Hunt.

 I talked to Christian over the weekend

 She said New York is so quiet.
 People are walking on the street, and saying nothing.
 Even large groups of people are remaining silent.
 The cabbies aren't even honing their horns.

 She went to Union Square Park and said she saw over a thousand people,
 and they were quiet.

From: welch440@iag.net

Subject: Kill 'em all

I'm ready bart buddy.  Let's you and I go to war.
We should enlist immediately and upon being trained,
issued weapons and getting tattoos, be dropped right square in the center of Kabul.
F'in right.

I also invite Rush and others to quit talking and act now.
No more bullshit.
No more facade.
No more political correctness.

Bombing just isn't going to get it this time.
Time to get our hands dirty.

...but Reid, ...don't tattoos hurt?

From:  nadine102@hotmail.com

Subject: Just curious . . .

I really enjoyed Tally's "American Spirit" that you featured today.
But I'm curious. Did you read it?
Has Tally read YOU lately?

I don't see where Tally and I disagree, but even if we did,
you're saying I shouldn't allow her views on this website?
I don't have toadies writing here.
I only ask that people be honest and say what they really mean.

If you did read it, did you recognize yourself as one of Tally's "Grinches?"

Hell, no. Tally wrote:
Even those who are screaming “war” and “revenge” and would, if they had
sole control of The Button, push it now, without any specific target...

That's not me.
I only want the guilty glassed.

I did. As for your analogy of if your kid got stolen, would you fight?
You're damn straight I would!
I'm gonna make damn sure the Bush Taliban doesn't take my sons and send them
to the Afghanistan desert to be cannon fodder for those Muslim extremists.

That's cheating.
I asked if you'd revenge your son's killer (which is the situation we're in)
and you changed that to "Bush ought not to kill my boy."

I'll bet they can't wait to kill MORE Americans. Over my dead body!
It never changes: old men creaming to send young men to war.

You put me in a position where I have to defend Smirk?
He's capable of many things, but you suggest he "can't wait to kill MORE Americans?"
You're crazy.

Our Finest Hour
 by Gene Gaudette
 Publisher, American Politics Journal

 Click Here

From: (withheld)

Subject: WTC Bombing

Bartcop - I want you to know that I support your stand against the terrorists 100%:  glass them.
As usual, you are a voice of common sense.
Those doves who attack you are not living in the real world - unless they
are masochists who would like to achieve fulfillment by becoming martyrs.

Keep up the good work.  You are my favorite website.

Marjorie Greif

Marjorie, thanks.
It's a strange feeling, reading e-mail after e-mail about "how BartCop wants those kids cooked."

From: xabu_jr@ameritech.net

Subject: Dove with an answer

Hey BC,

I can generally be classified as a dove - I have never understood what sending the youth
of one nation against the youth of another nation in a battle to the death has ever proven,
since the same SOB's in charge that started the whole thing are the SOB's in charge when it's all over.

This may be because I am 32 years old, and the US hasn't been able to claim total victory
in a war in my lifetime (I'm looking at you, Poppy B!  Ten years later, Mr. Hussein is still
the fennel seed in your Poli-Grip, isn't he?), and all I see from war is the apparently
senseless loss of young men and women's lives.

So, I'm a dove.  Have you ever seen a dove when anything attacks its' nest?
I'm looking to go all Patton on these bastards - which means that they are destroyed completely.

The enemy in this case hides in the shadows, never calls attention to itself,
and commits unspeakable acts of inhumanity. This enemy also has tiny pockets
of support scattered all about the face of the earth.  In order to attain total victory,
we must eradicate the entire organization.  You can mow off the top of a skankweed
as often as you want - if you don't get to the roots, it'll grow back stronger.

In order to fight this enemy, we need to sign up troops that can find
this enemy.  Heavily armed, 19-year-old dunderheaed jarheads who move
only on the orders of a 27-year-old heavily armed dunderheaded jarhead
are not the answer, nor is bombing anything that looks like a secured
cave in Afghanistan.  That is the response al Qaeda wants - we are the
Great Satan, midlesslessly and soullessly seeking revenge on the
innocents of Islam, blah, blah, blah.

A line from 1987's Raising Arizona holds the simple truth to the answer:
If you want to find a donut shop, get a cop - if you want to find a criminal, get a criminal.
The squeaky-clean, flag-waving, bible-reading, milk-drinking recruits that the CIA has historically
recruited cannot begin to get into the minds of these terrorists.  What we need are the heinous derelicts,
rapscallions, and out-and-out rat-bastards of our society rotting in prisons who have a streak of patriotism
running through them a mile wide.  Sign up the stalkers, kidnappers, hitmen-for-hire, give them a cool suit,
a pair of shades, a working salary, and the most thorough briefing you can on the suspects.

These are the kinds of people that work within the mindset of the enemy.  These people also lived
in the shadows, never called attention to themselves, and committed unspeakable acts of inhumanity.
These are the people that know what it takes to get otherwise unattainable information,
how to find the weakest link in a conspiratorial chain and shake it until it loosens.

Let's also test the strength of our new-found alliances - let's dig into the prisons of Israel, the PLO,
China, Pakistan, etc., and liberate those governments of their most shifty yet shitfless shitheels.
The more rotten mole sons-of-bitches the better - we've got an entire globe to scour.

Of course, Our Leaders need to run believable interference while the Real Rat Patrol is doing our dirty work.
We need Monkey Boy and the Chimpanzateers to flap their jaws on all the news channels saying that we are
weighing decisions, contemplating strategies, blah, blah, blah - all the while getting military strike forces ready
to attack when the hired scumbags say they found a terrorist stronghold.  We also need to avoid leaking this
attack information to ANYBODY until we are sure that all the al Qaeda and al Qaeda sympathizers are
obliterated at the molecular level.

That last step requires someone who can stand in front of a camera with a prepared speech
and out-and-out lie to the American people is a choppy, unconvincing, smirking manner.
For once, I feel we have the right man for the job.

Glass the bastards (but only the bastards)!


Carl, I admit I got lost in the middle,
but your ending sentence is what I've been meaning to say all along.
After 593 issues, people keep asking, "Why you wanna murder the children?"

But you have framed my intended point exactly.
Glass the bastards (but only the bastards)!

When the Democrats nominate me on a write-in, ...I'll need speechwriters.

From: marion_delgado@yahoo.com

Subject: You're denigrating people for nothing

I'm not happy telling you this, but somebody has to.

You've been putting straw man words in people's mouth, and no doubt they're offended.
Not by your toughness, but by you being so proud of your ignorance.

Hold on, those straw men serve a purpose.
I'm trying to force the doves to take a stand somewhere.
When I ask, "Would you avenge a murdered child?" that forces the listener to make a decision.
Hopefully, the decision is "yes."

My next question is, "Would you fight to save New York?" and maybe the answer is "no."
We have established perimeters. This narrows the argument.
"My child is worth saving - we'll give the terrorists New York."

But when a guy says, "I refuse to fight for anything," I dismiss him and move on.
I've learned something with my straw men.

There isn't a "let's surrender lobby." You're encountering a variety of people, many of whom
know much more about history than you do. Instead of listening and learning, you're acting
as if you had no more education than a third-world terrorist.

ha ha
You got me there!
You get all twisted because I called you a dove,
then you compare me to a third-word terrorist?
Good thing I have experience dealing with irrationals.

This is not a fight between "people who want to fight back" and "wimps."
The people you are calling wimps are describing it as a fight between "people who want
to do something effective" and "moronic fascists."

No. The people I'm calling wimps are the ones saying,
"But if we strike back, they might get mad. If we kill bin Laden, ten will take his place."

So, we surrender because the problem is too big for us?
Is that how we became a super-power? By surrendering up-front?

I would say you deserve the moronic fascist label right now as much as the people
you disagree with deserve the wimp label.

There you go with the ugly personal attacks again.
If self-defense is "moronic and fascist," sign me up, because we can't surrender.

You should treat others as you wish to be treated.

Oh, you mean I should do like you, and call them "moronic fascists?"

Instead of twisting what you read to make it say what it doesn't, try looking at what other people are looking at.

I'm not twisting shit.
I'm asking the mealy-mouths to clarify their damn position.
Whining "We can't be like them," doesn't prevent any mass murders.

We either execute the bully or we follow his orders.
Those are the only two options available.

Frankly, the Bush admin is handling this better than you would, from what you're saying.

Thanks for not taking the low road...

You're taking this out on liberals, and there's no point to it.
Especially as none of us are Washington policy makers.

Marion Delgado

Did Jack Kennedy surrender?
Did George McGovern surrender?
Did Bob Kerry surrender?
Did Max Cleland surrender?
Did Tomy Frasier surrender?

If we're not willing to fight now, when will we be?

John Edward

You know this guy - the fella who talks to the dead?

Why isn't he helping with the WTC situation?
I mean, if his powers are real, why isn't he donating his services?
This guy talks to the dead like I play guitar.

Religious terrorists, ...religious frauds,  ...religion is always the problem.

From: tim_dorothy@msn.com

Subject: also surprised at % of "dove" comments

I'm also surprised by the % of "dove" comments compared to "hawk" ones.
I think the good news in that is your readers are not just liberal versions of
"ditto-heads" blindly agreeing with any and all of your views.

Although I usually am a "dove", this is different. I believe there is no other course
of action other than use of military force. Where I differ with you is I think there
is a more effective plan of action to take before (not instead of) military action.

This attack on us could not have been carried out without a great deal of money.
I would like to see all locatable financial assets of Bin Laden and any groups or
states found to have supported this attack frozen.(This is where the Swiss and
Cayman Island Banks  etc. need to step up) Put these assets into a trust, from
which a class action suit by the victims against the above groups can recover damages.
This would help the families and at the same time limit the financing of terrorist groups.

Bin Laden and others would now get on their cell-phones and computers trying to
protect their assets thereby making them easier to locate. Once they are found,
then your policy of "glassing them" could be done more effectively.

Still basically a Bartcop"ditto-head",

Local pastor blames terrorism on faithlessness

 Click  Here

 ...do you think, ...they invented religion so the science and logic people
 would have something to laugh about during tough times?

From: (withheld)

Subject: Among The Missing

Among the missing in New York this week are Al Shapton and Jesse Jackson.
I haven't read a word uttered by either one of them and I haven't seen any
busloads of freedom fighters volunteering their time in the big dig.
I've lost all respect for both of them.

Geez, you're right.

Are they alive?
Last I heard, Rev Al was serving time helping the Puerto Ricans.

Either way, they can't win...
If they showed up, they'd be "camera-whores" and "spotlight opportunists," on Fox News.

From: lisieux@worldnet.att.net

Subject: A Reply


You're absolutely right to demand an alternative between doing nothing
and raining destruction on innocent people.

Some op-ed writer had a good idea: How about dropping all the "war" talk
and branding bin Laden and anyone associated with him as war-criminals?
Then let's send in special teams of rangers with the cooperation of the
governments who host these vermin, snatch 'em up and put them on trial.

This way we come closer to kicking the asses of the people who are
really guilty and doing our best to avoid becoming like them---the
cowardly murderers of innocent men, women, and children.

We're looking to this site for real news about Bush and company that
won't surface in the Whore Press or on the news networks.

We need your voice back Bart. There are alternatives to destroying innocent lives and
letting murderers go free. Leave the bull-shit sports bar bravado to Bush--he knows how
to mouth the words and then leave others to do the fighting. He did it in Vietnam.

A Catholic Friend.

Another week, another stalker

From: Neil Murray

Subject: DOVE:  a solution

Cc: bartcop@bartcop.com


BC wrote me to tell me to stop writing to him, that I was becoming Lanny. (ha ha)
So, like Lanny, I will not stop.     He (BC) NEEDS HELP (Lanny also)!

It is obvious that he though many of his readers were Cro-Mag like himself, and I think he is a little surprised.
Maybe he will go over to the dark side (completely)--he might feel better there.
After all, more "Dems" have joined the Rethugs than the other way around lately.

I have my doubts about him now, and I wrote that I expect him to be there with Ann Coulter
to sign up for the Army on Monday morning, so that he can be part of  The Great Patriotic War
to protect the Failed Foreign Policies of the Bush Family.

People like him, beating the drums of war and patriotism, are always the last to volunteer (hell, it
even crossed my 50 year old out of shape body/mind. After all I signed up for the Air Force,
but didn't go when they decided to satart giving 20 years hard labor to pot smokers) for action,
but are all too willing to volunteer others.  I have a 22 year old son, and although it would be his decision,
I am strongly urging him NOT to get involved in Part 2 of the Oil Wars.  Fortunaley, he is like his old man.
He will resist the insanity.

By the way, BC edits allot out, or does not post anything that takes REAL aim at his crazier rants.
Not a whole lot different than Rush sometimes.  I told him that he is rapidly losing any support that would
be needed to get onto other media, like radio.  But he has shown his true self, and I am like many others,
sad about it, but more wise.  Sometimes he has a very sophisticated view and sees the truth, but now he is
joining the Cro-Mags.

He asked for a solutiuon, I sent him a clear one, and the one he is least likely to consider bona fide.

Yes, we are in for a long dark night here in AmeriKa. I predicted to BC that his site will be shut down in
the name of unity, or patriotism within 6 months.  And if that happens, it will be sort of like Al Gore
voting for Clarence Thomas. Earned through gross stupidity.

Take care, it must be lonely being a Green in OK,
here in Vermont most of us are Socialists, and it is a paradise.


Neil Murray

...y'all say goodbye to Neil...

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