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Volume 595 - Bloodlust

 September 17, 2001    Pt 2                                                                I can't wait to get back to the funny issues...

  Friendly Stranger - Thanks for the disk - please contact me 

 Does Tuesday's timeline add up?

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 One of the things we asked is: how could the so-called third plane stay in the air, hijacked,
 for almost an hour after two other hijacked planes had struck the WTC Towers,
 and not be seen and intercepted by U.S. air defense forces?
 How could it fly to the Midwest, turn around and fly back to Washington, to the Pentagon, undisturbed?

From: jcolwel2@ford.com
Subject: Hello, Old Buddy

I'm in complete agreement with your call for military force.
I know there was a lot of disagreement over Vietnam; Panama and Desert Storm
also had people who questioned the wisdom of military force.

When people objected to those conflicts, one of the things they used to say was,
"It's not as if we're being attacked."    Well now we are.

I know that your use of the expression "glass them" is meant to indicate your level of anger and resolve.
I'm sure you don't mean it.

I have a lot of opinions about this attack vis-à-vis partisan politics, and after
we kill the enemy I'm gonna express those opinions.  But unity is paramount now.
There is one opinion I have, however, that I think  should be stated now because I think it can help now.

We need to channel the resources we've been dedicating to the war on drugs into the war against
America's enemies.  We shouldn't be scrambling to develop intelligence resources when we have
all those DEA agents who would love to investigate real criminals, and we shouldn't be using our
local cops to bust the kids in the park while essential facilities are underguarded.

Joe, I really did mean "glass them" when we're talking about the guilty.
I think I was misunderstood when I said "I liked the kind of talk"
I was hearing about making governments and countries disappear.

I'm not eager to blow Afghanistan off the map, but if they refuse to hand over bin Laden,
the Taliban should be forced out of power by our jets, if necessary.

...and that talk about using resources from the war on drugs won't fly.
It makes too much sense.

BartCop's Bloodlust

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From: rb.ham@home.com

Subject:  I'm sane again


Okay, here's the deal. I don't actually believe 100 percent in the New World Order Conspiracy theory.
It just seems so impossibly large. Too many things could go wrong, etc. All conspiracies are easy to prove
when you don't have the evidence to say you're wrong. I should maybe take a Prozac? Sick joke.

I'm just advocating a measured, rational response. Don't fly off the handle. Keep your head on straight.
What if this heinous act was committed with the active help of the Chinese? Eh?
Remember, we 'accidentally' "glassed" their embassy in Belgrade. Who knows?

Whoever did this wants the reaction now being touted by "hawks".
They want a long, drawn out war. For their own interests.
Or, they may also be actively attempting to set off a nuclear exchange with whomever - (Pakistan, China?).

I don't know how it works with Islamic Fundamentalists but with Christian Fundamentalists it's the idea of
a "rapture" where the physical world ends with "Armageddon" and a new "spiritual" world begins.
Kingdom Come. Where only those who are "pure" will walk on the right hand side of the Lord himself.
Here's the thing. President Bush has said that Jesus Christ was his favourite political philosopher.

Dear President Bush, what would Jesus do?

Praying I Worry Too Much
RB Ham

Masters of War

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From: doug_black@myrealbox.com

Subject: Bomb Afghanistan Back to the Stone Age??

I don't recall whether I've seen reference to this commentary on your site.
It terrifies me to think that our attempts to retaliate against last Tuesday's
terrorist attacks might play right into bin Laden's hands.
I want vengeance,  but there must be a way to get it without sparking WWIII.


I don't mean to attack you, Doug, but I hate it when people say, "attacking bin Laden plays into his hands."
If he can get people to follow that advice, he'll never have to worry about anything again.

I keep saying it, but nobody's hearing it:
The war has already started.

How big will it get?
Don't know, but we can't be afraid to get in a fight because it might get big.

In a way, this whole country is on Flight 93.
We can either fight or we can let them fly us into a tall building.

I say we fight.

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 Toward the Brink
     By Robert Parry, for my money, the best writer on the Internet
    September 17, 2001

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 One of the chief reasons that this history has been “lost” is the powerful influence that
 conservatives exercise over today's U.S. news media, both directly through conservative outlets,
 such as Fox News and the Washington Times, and indirectly by going after mainstream journalists
 who report facts that put Ronald Reagan in a bad light. Many working journalists remain frightened
 of being labeled a "liberal" or a "blame-America-firster," in Jeane Kirkpatrick's famous formulation.

 The danger this represents to an informed U.S. policy has been compounded by the laziness of other
 journalists who have found it easier and safer to obsess about people’s sex lives and other trivial issues.
 Over the past eight years or more, the U.S. news media has trumpeted relatively minor  “Clinton scandals,”
 such as the Whitewater real estate deal, the Travel Office firings, the Paula Jones sexual harassment claims,
 and the Monica Lewinsky case.

 An attack on freedom, democracy, responsibility, and reason
    by James Higdon

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From: monceaux@mail.ev1.net

Subject: Liberal America Needs To Sack Up

I'm a dyed-in-the-wool liberal, and I'm pissed off and embarrassed.

I'm pissed off at these a-holes who think we're an easy target and who think they can ruin my America.
I think its imperative to take action and for it to be swift and effective.

But I'm embarrassed to be a liberal right now. What happened to liberalism? When did we all become pussies?
If this isn't the time for war, if this isn't the time to defend ourselves and our beliefs, then there will never be
a time to do it. We might as  well pack it up and move to Switzerland.

I understand the belief in not over-using the military, and I  understand not wanting to get into conflicts that
seem petty. But  dammit, this is "big time" and if we don't respond, we're no worse than 1940's France.
Here in Houston, we've got trees on the sidewalks, and I hope we didn't plant them so that terrorists can
march in the shade.

As a proud liberal and someone who considers himself very patriotic, my fellow progressives embarrass me.
THIS is the reason why the right can get away with calling us commies and not wanting to protect freedom.
THIS is why they are so effective at calling out our patriotism. If we can't stand up and fight now, I have no hope
for the liberal cause in the future. If we pack up now, we're a defeated, dehumanized group, and I don't want
any part of that America. If liberals don't fight back now, there's no hope for a progressive future.

Ryan Monceaux

Ryan, I wish a few more Democrats were willing to fight.

Democrats were afraid to fight during the election, afraid to fight in Florida,
afraid to fight the illegal idiot who stole his way into power after the election
and afraid to defend their country when attacked.

"If we fight back, a war might break out..."

...as though we don't have a war on our hands right now.

Want to Win - Think Before You Lash Out
  by David Friedrichs

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 When will President Bush denounce the hate-filled rhetoric from Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson?

 Or does Bush agree that "we probably deserved this?"

 Or maybe Bush disagrees with Falwell and Robertson, but he needs their money,
 so maybe he won't condemn them for saying "we probably deserved this."

From a Website

As Fox New Channel beats the drums of war in this nation's hour of crisis, I thought it would be
a fitting tribute to honor all of the Fox All-Stars who sacrificed for us in our Armed Forces.
So I visited the foxnews.com to ensure that I didn't overlook a single one of these martial heroes.
Imagine my surprise at what I found.

Bill O'Reilly?   No military service.   But he was a po' blue collar,
working class boy during the Vietnam war. How could that be?

Brit Hume?  Missing in action.

Tony Snow?   Call him Yellow Snow.

Sean Hannity?  Wore a dress during Lebanon and Desert Storm.

Fred Barnes?  Left the foxholes to the atheists.

David Asman?  Call him Candy-ass man.

Shepard Smith?  Couldn't find an enemy comprised of unarmed pedestrians.

Newt Gingrich?  His period kept him from enlisting.

Jim Pinkerton?   Don't ask.

John Gibson,
Brian Kilmeade,
Mort Kondracke,
John Fund and
William Kristol?
A veritable platoon-load of pussies.

Not a single one lists military service on his bio.
These are the men who want to send your sons and brothers off to war.
FOX should change its name to CNN - The Chickenhawk News Network

 And don't forget about 

 They have lots of tasty recipes over there, such as Peach Cobbler To Die For!
 We're also going to ask Julie Hiatt Steele to contribute some recipes.

 It'll be like going to Julie's for supper!


 Since noon, when I published today's Part 1, a fellow here at work died at his desk.
 I called 911 and gave him mouth-to-mouth and CPR until the ambulance arrived.

 Odds are he won't make it, but the EMT's got him a slight pulse by the time they left with him.
 If he lives 48 hours, they'll try to get over the brain damage hurdle next.

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