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Volume 606 - How Stupid is Bush?

 September 28, 2001

 Did anybody catch Senators Dominici (R-Ickeskickedmyass) and Conrad (D- Budget comm) on CNBC?
 They agree that the economy needs a stimulus that will put money in the hands of people quickly.
 Looks like something similar to the Bartcop Plan will soon be proposed.

 But instead of proposing "something similar" to the BartCop Tax Plan,
 why don't they just use the original and get this country back on her feet?

 The BartCop Tax Plan is so simple - even I can explain it.
 Problem is, it includes nothing for Bush's super-rich friends, so the Republicans hate it
 and the Democrats are too weak to speak up for the poor and middle class who need it.

 Check it out   http://www.bartcop.com/taxplan.htm

 Soon, if they're smart (big IF) they'll propose something similar to the BartCop Tax Plan,
 and they'll pretend they invented it themselves, but we all know better.

 As the weeks roll by, and they finally come around to helping the people,
 remember you can always find the original at bartcop.com/taxplan.htm

 Smirk wants to give his super-rich oil buddies an extra trillion dollars.
 That's crazy.

 But, I hear you asking - "Can we afford the BartCop Tax Plan?"
 Do the math:

 Cost:  If 200 million taxpayers get $1500  =  0.3 trillion dollars
 Compare to Smirk's windfall to the rich      =   1.6 trillion dollars

 We save over a trillion dollars with The BartCop Tax Plan,
 and we put the money into the people's hands, not rich Wall Street  brokers and not big oil.

 Hey, Smirk - whose money is that billion dollars I can save America?

 The Democrats need to stop kissing Bush's ass and get behind The BartCop Tax Plan
 and make it their plan so they can put their time and energy into protecting the non-rich from Bush's
 risky reverse-Robin Hood scheme. My plan puts more money in the hands of more people faster
 than the Bush plan for the rich and, as an extra bonus, we save over a trillion dollars

 This was a good idea before the Taliban came to America,
 and it's a better idea now that the Bush economy is crashing.

 Stop the massive tax cuts for the super-rich.
 Tell your senators and representatives we need the BartCop Tax Plan.
 Tell them we need it right now, while we still remember what the Clinton economy was like.

  Smirk's oil company used bin Laden money

  Full Story

 According to The Daily Mail newspaper, Salem, the eldest of Bin Laden’s 55 brothers and sisters,
 invested heavily in Bush's first business venture, Arbusto Energy.

 The paper said that Salem, who died in a plane crash in 1983, became Bush's business partner
 through James Bath, a close friend of the future American president.

 Salem, says the paper, appointed Bath as his representative in Houston, Texas.
 It was Bath who invested 50,000 dollars in Bush’s company and also bought
 Houston Gulf Airport on behalf of Osama's elder brother.


"I'm so scared..."

 Peggy Noonan - Half-Crazy or Full-Blown?

  Click  Here

 Mr. Bush had a new weight, a new gravity, a new physical and moral comfort. You could see it.
 A man who had never been able to read from a TelePrompTer before used the TelePrompTer
 like a seasoned pro, which is to say like a man who didn't need one.

 Peggy, Smirk was working on that speech for 9 days. Since he wasn't busy,
 Condi went over all the big words with him, hour after hour, day after day.
 And he deserves a lollipop for getting it right?
 Because he's never gotten anything right before?

 ...and you say he doesn't need a teleprompter?

 Then why can't he speak without one?
 Why can't he speak using his words, instead of words written by smart people?


"Just because you've got fighters escorting you doesn't mean
  they're getting ready to blow you out of the sky.
  There's nothing to be afraid of. They're your friends.
  In this case, they were there as a precaution."
    -- John Haire, media chief at Edwards Air Force Base.

 Full Fun Story

They have their Taliban,
We have ours.
Both counrties wish
we could elect our leaders.

From: afinefriend@hotmail.com

Subject: Muslims are Rightly Skeptical


While Reagan was president, the Russians shot down a Korean Airplane full of civilian tourists (KAL007).
Reagan said "We have proof that the Russians knew they were shooting at a plane full of tourists."
This proved to be a LIE uttered by OUR President.

Years later, when Reagan wanted to explain why we were supporting Israel with weapons, he said
"We have proof that the Russians are supplying Palestine with weapons."
This ALSO was a lie (were the Russians shipping boatloads of rocks?).

THEN, Dubya said that "We have proof that one of the planes on 9/11 were targeting Air Force One."

Now Dubya says "We have Proof that bin Laden was responsible for this,"
does ANYONE wonder why the rest of the world is skeptical?

Bob in Oklahoma

 More on the lawn chair pilot


 Did you know the guy killed himself?
 With a gun?

 Wouldn't it have been more fun to ride that balloon to Heaven
 than land your lawn chair safely then shoot yourself in the chest in the woods?

 Thanks to Pete McCann for the extra link

From: jimgloy@adelphia.net

Subject: vatican assassins


Just read the Vatican assassins site you linked to.  I guess even schizophrenics with extreme paranoia
and obsessive-compulsive overlay can build a web site.  It reminds me of the mindless rattling on on the
label of Dr. Bronner's Soap, something many of us hippies from the 60s still remember fondly.

You are doing good work.

I do differ with you some on the "glass 'em" theme.  I guess I have a semantic difference between vengeance
and justice or maybe not.  In this issue, you also link to a great article in the Democratic Underground by
William Rivers Pitt.  In that article, he calls vengeance "a river of blood that has no end."  I go to Martin Luther
King, Jr. for a definition of justice.  He calls justice "Love correcting that which revolts against Love."
Interesting how effective he was in his quest for justice.  We have lost ground since he has been gone,
but you cannot deny what he gained for many by his adherence to such a principle.  I would never say do nothing.

All I say is seek justice, not vengeance.  We've been in this spot before.
The attacks on the WTC have left me with a sense that I have not done enough to hold on to the vision that
a man like King gave us.  As we seek those who did this, I feel the perfect justice would be for the perpetrators
to come before us and admit that they were wrong in doing what they did and then willingly submitting themselves
to whatever mercy we can afford them in our anger and betrayal.  Anything else would fall short and be incomplete.

I believe you will tell me it is unrealistic to expect this and I respect your opinion.
I just wrestle with the vision that the Kennedy's and Dr King gave us and I hear John Lennon's voice
telling me to imagine.  I cannot help but feel we must head in a more peaceful direction.
I do not relish having my son's body sent home to me when I have tried to install hope in him
based on this vision that I see now as all that may save us.

And I still struggle with my anger over this outrage as I struggle
over the outrage of the Bush takeover.

You keep up the fight, BC.



 "Don't ya just wanna suck on his face?"
     -- Laura the Unloved, yesterday, speaking to a caller about the caller's young son.
         I heard it myself.

 How stupid is Bush?

 Hard to say - it's like "How high is up?"
 But while Bush was in Chicago telling people it's safe to fly again,
 Runsfeld was saying our armed forces will shoot hijacked planes out of the sky.

 Good coordination, boys!

From: Laura81766@aol.com


I think that quote from smirk about a $2million bomb at a $10 tent and a camel's butt
was a swipe at Clinton.  This punk is trying to act so tough yet he deserted the national guard
and fled to Nebraska at a time of grave national crises.

That's the Truth

Ari Fliescher appeared stunned yesterday when Helen Thomas
asked him whether he would ever lie to reporters.

"Ari, this is an offbeat question, but I think it's relevant, and just to get you on the record,"
Thomas asked Ari Fleischer at a morning press conference. "Would you ever lie to us?
And do you think you have the right to lie in a wartime situation?"

"Well, let me say, Helen, I'm disturbed you'd even ask the question," Fleischer said.
"You and I have had this conversation privately, and my answer publicly is exactly
 as it is privately. Of course I will not."

The tense exchange culminated in Thomas' asking,
"Do you  think that the government has the right to lie?"

Said Fleischer: "I do not."

I wish Helen would've followed up with,
"So why did you lie about the Clintons trashing the White House?
 Why did you lie about the Clintons stripping Air Force One?
 Why did you like about the hijackers targeting the White House?"

...and another dozen or so blatant lies Ari has told lately?

From: farnejb@yahoo.com

Subject: Gore's Speech

I heard some time ago that Gore was going to be giving a speech in Iowa later this week.
I am hoping it will be carried on CSPAN or something.

Do you know anything about it?


John, don't know much, other than a rumor that Gore was going to come out swinging,
but now that America is so united behind Weak & Stupid he can't do it.

If anyone remembers March of 1981, that was when Reagan got shot.
It was the best thing that ever happened to him.
It set up "Ronnie the Martyr" and the Democrats began caving to his every whim.

Twenty years later, the WTC disaster was the best thing that could happen to
a young, inexperienced child of a man who didn't have the brains to butter bread.

But, eight years ago, when a child-raping fanatic with delusions of godhood decided to
torch his entire congregation in waco, the GOP seized the event to portray Bill Clinton
and Janet Reno as "cold-blooded murderers," and that  horseshit  begat Oklahoma City.

It makes me sick that the Democrats play by the rules ("because it would be wrong not to")
while the Republicans take advantage of any catastrophe to push their agenda forward.

The GOP knows the Democrats will lay down, so they just bulldoze right over them.

Smirk and Ashcroft want to gut the Constitution and they'll need $100 billion, thank you,
and they can't tell us what the money is for "because that might help bin Laden."

...and the Democrats all get in line to say, 'Thank you Smirk, may I have another?"


From: randy@onlineracing.cc

Subject:  Lawn Chair Balloon Links

Here are some links to the story about the guy in the lawnchair with the balloons.


(scroll down to bottom)


And here is a link that claims that this is partially an urban legend,
but only in that some of the facts were skewed:



If you don't know this story, it's worth a read.
He may be related to Bob Dornan.


 Yesterday, I went to the optometrist to get new glasses.
 He said he needed to put some drops in my eye.

 I told him in 48 years I've never had anything in my eyes but eyes,
 but he promised he'd be gentle and put three drops in each eye,
 then he followed that with some yellow dye that I wasn't expecting.

 My eyes felt like they were in chocolate fudge, and I got an eye-ache.
 When I got home, the eye-ache continued, so I applied a "home remedy"
 and went to sleep, missing most of  The Agency and all of Hillary on Dave.

 I doubt Hillary on Dave was a laughfest, but the real reason I write this is not
 to solicit pity for my sore eyes, even tho I'm doing it all for you.   (cough)

 No, I just wanted you to know why yesterday's issue was so short
 and why today's treehouse is slow getting off the ground.

 Remember Florida? News Organizations Delay Reporting
 on Meticulous Presidential 'Recount' in Light of Attacks

 Several people involved said the attacks raised two significant problems:
 a sudden lack of resources to analyze the painstakingly collected data about the
 ballots and, just as centrally, a queasy sense that now is not the right time to publish
 information that could well question the legitimacy of the nation's commander in chief.

 Click  Here

 You know what this means?
 I think it means they have proof that Weak & Stupid either stole or lost the election
 and now's not the right time for America to learn that a moronic fraud illegally
 pushed himself into the White House with the help of a crooked, partisan court.

 My proof?

 If this "meticulous recount" showed Bush was the legitimate President,
 they'd just say so and be done with it - and some people would feel better.

 But nooooooooooooooooooooo.
 Looks like they have PROOF that Smirk the Skirt is still Governor of Texas

CLINTON: Rallies High School Students
Struggles To Maintain Low Profile, while Bush hides in fear

Former President Bill Clinton rallied New York City high school students devastated by
the World Trade Center disaster yesterday and asked them not to give in to terrorists.

"They can only win if they get inside our head and heart. They cannot win unless you give them permission,"
Clinton told them, as reported by Rupert Murdoch's (New York Post, 9/25).

Clinton was received by 600 students with squeals, shouts and spirited standing ovations,
more like a pop star than a politician. After his speech, Clinton strolled through the
auditorium Oprah-style, handing the microphone to students who asked him questions.
The closer Clinton got to them, the more the students screamed. (Newsday, 9/25).

Clinton seems to be everywhere these days: at a memorial service with Tony Blair;
at a news conference with Rudy Giuliani; hugging rescue workers at the disaster site;
comforting family members of victims; praying with 25,000 others at Yankee Stadium.
But some confidants say Clinton has been struggling to decide how visible he should be.

Clinton spokesperson Julia Payne said the former president has tried to stay out of the spotlight.
Payne: "He has spent a lot of time, every single day, as quietly as he can -- sometimes
hours each day with these families in New York. We don't call the press. He really is
just there for his family and for the people of New York" (Los Angeles Times, 9/25).

Clinton the Leader:  a person with commanding authority or influence
 Smirk the Coward:  one who shows disgraceful fear or timidity

Y'know, this whole Smirk wasn't elected story (above) reminds me of how
 Smirk the Skirt avoided seeing combat when his nation was at war.

His Daddy called the Texas National Guard and asked if there was room
for little Junior to get into one of the safe "for rich white boys" units.
When he was told all those units were full, Daddy called some friends and said,
 "I'm a hot-shit U. S. representative from Texas. I'm white and I'm rich.
   Can't you find some room for my rich, white boy?"

So, the guard looked around and found a gold-plated cot for Junior
and installed him in the guard when there was no room for him and sent
a poor black kid to Vietnam to die in The Skirt's place.
It's nice to be royalty.

Fast forward to November of 2000

His Daddy called the White House and asked if there was room for little Junior
to get a job as America's leader and was told we already have a leader - President Gore.

When he was told that position was already filled, Daddy called some friends on the whore court and said,
 "I'm a hot-shit former president and CIA chief. I'm white and I'm rich.
   Can't you find some room for my rich, white boy?"

 ...and the whore court decided to screw-over the wishes of the America voters
 and installed The Skirt when there was no room for him.
 It's nice to be royalty.

His whole life - Smirk has had things provided for him.
His whole life - his Daddy has provided what Smirk couldn't get fairly.

He's a fraud and an idiot - and we're stuck with him in this crisis
That pisses me off.

From: lat164@psu.edu

Subject: The Angie Harmon Show sans Angie Harmon!!!

I really don't think that show will ever be the same to me without her.
I really just want to weigh in on the new girl. She's okay, decent actress, but she's no Angie.
Ever since the show started having women A.D.As they have been gravelly voiced and hard core
(did we ever see them smile?) This one has Dumbya like demeanor in that I feel she is always smirking.

Did you see the scene in the Judge's chamber when he says, "Watch your step Ms. Southerlyn?"
She looked down!
She submitted!

Abby would never have done that, she would have stared him down!!
Oh well, I hope (heh, I know) she has a good time being Mrs. Sehorn.

Oh and are you or anyone else as sure as I am that that story about the dog
was taken from the Penn State student who was mauled to death by one out in Cali?


Ali, I think you're right on both counts.
Angie would've said, "I say we hang them all, and you can go hang yourself, too, Judge!"

Watch Out for Jackboots and Swagger Sticks
      by Al Martin

 Click  Here

Before his speech, on September 20, 2001, George Bush Jr. kissed Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day
O'Connor. Everyone knows he should have kissed her because she was the deciding vote in the Florida
ballot issue, which formally brought Bush Jr. into the White House. Later during the speech, Bush announced
the creation of a Cabinet level position called "Office of Homeland Security."

The Office of Homeland Security will initially be run by former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge. It
should be noted that Ridge himself got in trouble a few years ago for praising the efficiency of the Third
Reich's civilian administration. Ridge also spoke highly of Mussolini's ability to keep the Italian
trains running on time. Now Ridge will be the guy running the Office of Homeland Security...

   Paddy Brown, hero and legend

 Click  Here

 We need more Paddy Brown links.

 Anybody know some?


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