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Volume 610 - Clownblower Fired

 October 2, 2001

 VCR Alert - Buffy premier, Frasier, Boat Load o' Whores and a John Lennon WTC Tribute on WB.
  Plus, the premier of Bob Patterson, which might be so bad it'll be funny.

 Strom Thurmond collapses in Senate
  Senator recovers in minutes, but is taken to hospital

    cartoon by allhatnocattle.com

From: marcbohne@yahoo.com

Subject: new site design

dear bart
i am a relative newcomer to your site, but i must admit it is one of the easiest to navigate i've been to.
you might not want to change a good thing too much.

i have 2 sites (bushbacklash.com is one) and struggle all the time with keeping them simple and without
all the flash and fireworks, as i have learned that MOST people (bless their hearts) are confused by the
slightest diversion from the very very simple on the computer and on the web.

i think yours is as simple and easy to use as they get, and that is a compliment! the most valuable thing your
site provides is information and the links to the source. if your content is superb, the wrapper is not real important.

if i had any suggestion (other than keep it up) it would be to have your hyperlinks open up a separate browser
window to view the source info.  that way the person never leaves your site.

your writing is good, clean and honest. the links and posts are great, and it is a pleasant scroll from top to bottom
every day. having past issues is good too, i steal from them all the time. (i credit and link to you) so the resource
is terrific. as a webmaster myself, it is probably a breeze to do it the way you are doing it, as these things can
chew thru time like smirk thru stupid.

thanks for providing my morning coffee stop!

marc bohne

ha ha
You sure you're talking about this site?

All I want to do is get slimmer, more uniform link banners.

 You want to see something that's just too cool?

 Click  Here

 Trust me - it's too cool.

 Thanks to Cynthia Boaz

 For the Bush Family Evil Empire,
   it's about oil - it's always about oil.

 Click  Here

 When I go to the record conventions, I go right to the video booth
 and ask if they have any new concerts by Zeppelin, U2 or Garbage.

 Oh, sure, now & then I'll grab a Pink Floyd concert or some other good band,
 but when I obsess on a group I go all the way. I think Garbage is the best group
 of the last ten years - and they have a new CD out today.

 Shirley works a stage better than Madonna, and almost as good as Bono.
 Speaking of which, Garbage is backing up U2 this month in the East.

 Funny, two of the best bands are both from tiny Ireland. (sorta)
 If anyone reading this goes to the latest leg of U2's tour, could you write a report?

 I'm off to the record store...

Apparently, this person wrote Andrew Sullivan (R-HIV-SOB) and asked him to
respond to something written about him on Mediawhoresonline.com

From: Andrewmsullivan@aol.com

To: helmboy@alaska.net

Sent: Monday, October 01, 2001 7:38 AM

Subject: Re: Hey

my response is on my site.
i tend not to read sites with the word whore in the subject line.

ha ha
But Andrew, the site is about people like you.

Sharon Stone Suffers Apparent Aneurysm

I found out by reading 

They also have a great article on Dave and his new leadership role
and Geneva Clark has a new horoscope reading on the Birth of Aviation.

From: (withheld)

Subject: Chat with Julie and a Farewell


I'm glad you all had such a nice chat with Julie last night.
I'll have to take your word for it that it was fun, since I AM STILL NOT ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE.

Jack, because of the Freepers, the chat room is by invitation only.
To my knowledge, you've never asked to get in.
All you had to do was ask.

I hope she enjoys the pic I chased down for her.
I can only assume she is grateful.

Julie got her computer working three days ago.
Last night, I sent her the cartoon you located.
She has had no chance to respond.

I think it is time I stopped sending you stories, updates and links, since I only receive any
acknowledgement or thanks for doing so about 0.00001% of the time.

Jack, remember sending me some hot mail accusing me of being Smirk's boy?
The one with all the "F" words in it?
That did nothing to increase communication between us.

Now that you're a "Big Star", you have all your neo-phyte flunkies to feed you anyway.
I'm sure you think your web page was the birth of the true Bartcop.
I see at as the end of him, and the birth of just another whore as you
become what you had spent years deriding.

You see?
And you wonder why we're not close?

I can even remember all the way back to when your word meant something.

You're certainly not alone.
I have a habit of pissing off my allies.
Just don't turn stalker on me, OK?

Best of Luck, Bart.
I gotta feeling you're gonna need it.


Look, you didn't get weird until 9-11, so maybe you've got PTSD or something,
so I'll leave the door open if you care to come back someday.

Brooks Brothers Fall 2008 Fashions

Honey...... I'm home!

Wuz for dinner?

from rds1

From: blulight2@lycos.com

Subject: Chris Shayes Slaps Down Wolf

Watched a little bit of Wolf Blitzer interviewing Christopher Shays this evening -- main topic of conversation
was the bio-chemical threat to the United States.  Shays is going over the studies they've come up with over
the years detailing our weaknesses in these areas -- whole litany of issues.  Wolf was getting a bit excited when
he found out that these threats are real and people have known about them for quite a while.
I'm paraphrasing here, but not by much:

WOLF:  So these reports have been out for years.

CHRIS:  Yes, we've had these reports for a number of years now.

WOLF:  Well, how come we haven't heard about these before now?
               Why haven't they been publicized?

CHRIS:  Well, what have you in the media been doing?
                Going after one scandal after another I think.

Shays may be a Republican, but he got my salute tonight.

If CNN wants to improve their ratings they should dump Wolf the whore.
He's more stupid than Peter Jennings (but not as stupid as Cokie Roberts)

 There is a new installment of Project 60

 Click  Here  or on the Project 60 banner, upper right

 Excellent work, Dave.


"The truth is useless. You can't eat it. You can't deposit it in the bank.
  You can't pay your bills with the truth. It is only the lie which pays cash money."
   -- Ollie North, a very wealthy man...

 Bush's 'Crusade'
  by Robert Parry

  Click  Here

 Two weeks after the terrorist attacks, it appears that Bush still has
 little grasp of the long history of frustration that has met previous
 anti-terrorism campaigns. It's also unclear whether he recognizes the
 risks in the geopolitical tradeoffs involved in building an international
 coalition and the potential costs of an open-ended war.

Yes, when we had an elected president.

 Happy Birthday to...  Sting, Tiffany, Dr Melfi, Groucho Marx,
 Mahatma Gandhi, Rex Reed, Don McLean, Kelly Ripa and Spanky

From: nova@purdue.edu

Subject: Fox News Runs Scientology Phone Number

Just got this in a forward..

"Doh! | It looks like Homer may have been running the news desk over at Fox News Channel yesterday.
In continuation of the network's "Fair and Balanced" style of inflammatory "journalism," the network ran
an 800 number for "National Mental Health Assistance" throughout the day on Friday. The network blindly
added the number to their newscast, which they received from an e-mail sent to them, and never picked up
the phone to check it out first.  After hours of airtime, someone finally alerted the network that the 800 number
belonged to The Church of Scientology, who had volunteers ready and waiting to disperse the gospel of Dianetics.

The network stripped the number from their broadcast, stated that they received the number by email,
and apologized for the "mistake."

It's funny as hell, especially considering the network's transparentely conservative agenda, but the mistake
only verifies the network's obsession with beating everyone else (*cough*CNN*cough*) to the punch.
They'd rather get it first, than get it right.

And while I'm talking about Fox, let me also point this out. Anyone remember Chandra Levy? Condit?
Fox News Channel wasted thousands of hours chasing this non-story, when they could have devoted more
effort to things like the federal budget, and education. Granted, everyone else (with the exception of Dan Rather)
ran the story quite often, but nobody chased it as obsessively as Fox News. Condit and Levy has since vanished,
and rightly so, from their airwaves."

Sean Soper

Clownblower fired for being a crazy c-word

Click  Here

Jonah Goldberg (R-SonofaBat) says she's too right-wing...


 "Religion is all bunk."
   -Thomas Edison

From: Kev95682@aol.com

Subject: What say to Doves

    On Saturday the 29th, C-SPAN broadcast a massive peace rally in D.C.
attended by nearly one thousand college students from all over the nation.
They made their predictable calls for a "peaceful" solution to the terrorist problem.

That was supposed to be an anti-Smirk rally, and they expected 100,000 people,
but the WTC attack changed the plans.

One speaker thought we should apprehend Osama "Yomama" Bin Laden and prosecute him
before an international court.  Off to the Hague he goes!  I'm sure Bin Laden is just quaking in his
sandals at that prospect.

I, for one, have no interest in seeing bin Laden put on trial.

In a recent issue of Bartcop, the latest Ted Rall cartoon depicted a mother saying she didn't like
President Bush until he got her son killed, and President Bush nuking everyone for the sake of
raising his popularity numbers.  Well gee Ted, I guess that means if you were alive in the forties,
you would not have supported Franklin Roosevelts reelection campaign for 1944, as the number
of Americans killed at that point numbered well over the 100,000 mark.  Would Mr. Rall have
supported the 1948 presidential campaign of Democratic incumbent Harry Truman who really
did nuke a country?  I'm sure Mr. Rall and those like him would have castigated the Roosevelt
administration for not working harder to establish peachy diplomatic relationships with the Japanese.
We did cut off our oil exports to them so of course they had every reason to sneak attack us, right?

You could be right, but I think you mis-read that cartoon.  I thought he was making the point that
the more a Bush screws up, the higher his approval ratings go.  Smirk Daddy got a 90 percent
approval rating for CAUSING Desert Storm. And the Boy King has a 90 percent approval rating
because while he was talking to the goddamn cows in Texas, bin Laden was busy worming his way
into our society so he could murder 7000 Americans. Weak & Stupid has been on vacation
since he stopped campaigning on Nov 4, 2000.

Another dominant theme I notice amongst the doves is the destructiveness of U.S. sanctions against Iraq.
A September 20th Rall cartoon entitled "Inside Jihad H.Q." depicts Islamic clerics saying (I'm paraphrasing)
"American sanctions have killed millions of Iraqi's and Afghans, so the September 11th attacks were just
a drop in the bucket."  Never mind the fact that Saddam continues to spend billions on palaces for himself
and weapons of  mass destruction while his people starve.  Hell, it's our fault that's happening, not his!

I think you meant, "It's his fault that's happening, not ours."
If so, I agree 100 percent.

Now normally I don't get upset about partisan name-calling, but since September 11th, some of the left's
attacks on Bush have been really over the top (i.e. Ted Rall).  I'm capable of offering Clinton praise where
it's due (NAFTA comes to mind) but in the minds of some liberals, no matter what he does, Bush will be
a worse person than Osama, Saddam, and the Dark Lord Sauron combined.

Kev, how big of you to find one issue in Clinton's two terms to agree with.
You think NAFTA is the only thing Clinton got right?
What about the eight years of peace and incredible prosperity?
Was that not worthy of the time it would take to recognize it?

It remains to be seen how Bush will stack up next to history's worst.
In less than a year, he's stolen our right to vote, he's got us into a decades-long war,
he's given away the Clinton surplus and destroyed the economy for years to come.
He's setting fire to the Constitution and plundered the Social Security lockbox.

Sure, the mad terrorist is worse, but what kind of praise is that for an American president?

Why George Ran
  by Jeff Crook

 Click  Here

Grace Slick's Controversial Reunion with Starship

GRACE SLICK made sure her reunion with JEFFERSON STARSHIP
was a controversial affair - by taking to the stage in full Islamic attire.

The silver-haired singer, who last performed with the group in 1987, took to the
stage covered from head to toe in traditional Islamic garb - covering her face with a
yashmak - for the group's last three numbers at the ARROWFEST festival.

The puzzled crowd cheered when Slick revealed herself, turning her Islamic outfit
inside out to reveal the stars and stripes and the message 'FUCK FEAR'
- her own statement about the terrorist attacks on America on 11 September.

She explained to fans,
"The outfit is not about Islam, it's about repression;
   this flag is not about politics, it's about liberty."

The group ended their set with a rousing version of VOLUNTEERS,
bringing four Los Angeles fire fighters on stage to perform with them.

From: email@politicalstrikes.com

Subject: Unelected president polls at 90% !

Pretty funny since prior to September 11th, he had the worst polls ever at below 50%.

So when Bush Jr.'s polls were so low, America was looking at:
A Bush Jr. Recession
Medicare being raided
Social Security being raided (as he lied saying that he wouldn't)
A tumbling stock market
Highest unemployment in years
A raping of the surplus, down to zero
A tax cut for the rich so not we can't pay down the debt.

And today, Bush Jr. has a 90% rating. WOW!!!
What did he do to erase all the negativity that gave him the lowest rating ever?

Did he:
Fix the Bush Jr. Recession?
Not raid Medicare afterall?
Not raid Social Security afterall?
Did the stock market go back up to Clintonian levels?
Did unemployment back to being as low as when Clinton was president?
Did he decide NOT to destroy Alaska?
Do we have a surplus again?
Get the money back from the tax cut?


So then, what is SOOOooo different that his ratings uncharacteristically went up?
What happened that drove up his deservedly low ratings to be so high in such a short time?
What did he DO?

What did he do?
What happened was that America was attacked.
And now all of a sudden, Bush Jr.'s ratings are high.
Those inflated ratings have zero to do with anything Bush Jr. did.
Those ratings are for whoever happens to be president when America is attacked.
The high ratings are for the office of the president and most certainly NOT the man.
And obviously, it doesn't even matter that president wasn't really elected.

Bush Jr. is enjoying high ratings through no actions of his own.
He is just lucky that he was able to steal the election and be the president when America was attacked.
And anyone that would credit Bush Jr. for his highs ratings is really crediting the terrorists.
Because by attacking America, the terrorists, and NOT Bush, are responsible for Bush Jr.'s high ratings.

Kevin Cunningham

 If You Want the Truth,
 You Must Be Prepared to Pay for It
     by Al Martin

  Click  Here

 This is very scary stuff.
 I hope Al Martin doesn't end up in Springdale, Arkansas...

From: repaddock@nc.rr.com

Subject: RB Ham's website

I am sure it is the result of your posting: RB Ham's website has been
accessed beyond its quota and unavailable for an hour.

Dick Paddock

Yes, I talked to Mrs. Ham yesterday, (she's the html brains over there)
and she's looking for a host that can handle the traffic.

...and let me take this opportunity to thank Marc Perkel for keeping bartcop.com  running
for the last few years. As the BartCop quota gets bigger, he continues to pay the freight.

BTW, did you know Perkel is the Pope of the Church of Reality?
(It's the only church of which I am a member)

I should buy him a hooker when I get to San Fran this weekend.

U.S. Was Ready to Say It Backed Palestinian State

Before the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, the Bush administration was on the verge of announcing
a Middle East diplomatic initiative that would include United States support for the creation of a
Palestinian state, administration officials said, and it is now weighing how to revive the plan.

The initiative was to have been detailed in a speech by Colin Powell at the UN General Assembly
and represented the first time a Republican administration has backed a Palestinian state.

Full Story

I remember Hillary being called a "traitor" for suggesting that.
Funny how it's a great idea now.

From: yoob@yourass.com

Subject: Babs Olson


I don't wish ANYONE dead. Not Reagan, not Rush or Dr. Laura, not even Smirk.
I never wished Babs Olson dead. And I sympathize with Ted.

But that having been said, I think it also needs to be said that Babs Olson lived her life as
a snobby, hateful whore. She lied repeatedly and whenever she felt it would help her career.
She hung out with Ann Coulter, another snobby slut whore. And her husband Ted is lower
than snake shit. Did she ever do anything useful in her life? Perhaps she did, but I sure
wouldn't know about it. Because all I know about her is that she was a media whore.

That will be her legacy...how sad.
I truly feel sorry for her.

Sad that she's dead.
Even sadder that her memory will be that of a slut.


Kris, not only that, but she has a posthumous book coming out,
"The Top Ten Thousand Reasons Why I Hate Hillary."

Her whole life was being a Clinton whore.
You're right - that's sad.

 Tally Briggs / Actress at Large

 Click  Here

 Watch for Tally on Providence, on Oct 19th...

Our last elected President went after bin Laden

Click  Here

 John McCain expressed strong support for Clinton's efforts.
"The president deserves our support for acting swiftly and decisively.
  The military strikes he ordered against targets in Afghanistan and Sudan were appropriate.
  America's armed forces carried out their mission with skill and professionalism."

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

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