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Volume 611 - Gore Won

 October 3, 2001

 VCR Alert - The West Wing that the whole country will watch. Plus Enterprise and The Angie Harmon-less Show
 "The West Wing that the whole country will watch."  Except in New York City,
  where we don't get NBC anymore because it used to be broadcast from the twin towers.
  -- Judson_Kilpatrick@chcmail.com

 Ouch - sorry about that.
 Maybe people could get together in the Chat & Post forum and swap tapes?

Bush Spiritual Adviser:  Blame the Church, Not Bin Laden
Houston Pastor points fingers at those who didn't pray for bin Laden

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 The Windsor Village United Methodist Church preacher and frequent spiritual adviser for W.
 promised the crowd of 4,000 last week that he would "rock your boat." He proceeded to do it
 with a sermon partly built around his wife Suzette's observation that angry Americans should
 blame not Osama bin Laden but rather the church.

 "Now whyyyyy is that?" Caldwell shouted. "Because the church has failed to walk
 and operate in the power and authority that has been given only to the body of Christ."

 Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Bugsmasher) smiled and applauded behind him onstage.

From: jmorris@irlabs.com

Subject: Chinaco Anejo


Saw it at an upscale liquor/wine shop for $49.99.  I'm in Tucson, if that matters.
Also, my local Costco (Price Club) has a few luxury tequilas like Cabo Wabo,
probably for the Xmas season (no Chinaco).  Thought you'd like to know.

It's a steal because shots sell for between $6 and $13.
Even at $50 a bottle, that's only $2.50 a shot.

Besides, it's God's sunshine.
It's Jesus's first miracle.
Who can put a price on that?

 by Robin L. Payton

Willie advanced on them with a pool stick,
So much a veteran that they could see the American flag waving between his shoulder blades,
So filled with protective wrath that they could hear "God Bless America" piping from the set of his broken nose,
And they shot him anyway.
His two legs crumpled;

It wasn't even dark outside.

And the last mugger that stepped over his body whispered,
"Win one for the old Gipper, dude."

From: Paulwetor@aol.com

Subject: Clinton Administration Too Ethical?

Now the Clinton administration is being blamed for the WTC bombing
because it was too ethical, by not allowing the CIA to hire the right bad guys?

Good thing the GOP is now in charge.
Nobody has more experience dealing with scumbags and lowlife than they do

Paul, good point.
Remember, every time they did a "most admired" list,
Clinton came in first and the Pope came in second.

Ethics is Bill's middle name.

 Dove Talk

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From: realrocksfan@yahoo.com

Subject: Signals from Dubya

When you were refuting the NY Post editorial blaming the terrorist attack on Clinton, you said:

>"...and what signal did Reagan send by secretly arming a terrorist nation,  after swearing on live TV that he wouldn't?

>...and what signal did Bush send by pardoning the law-breakers so the real truth would forever remain hidden
>  and not tarnish St. Reagan's legacy of lies? "

You left out (although I think you've mentioned it once or twice in the past):

"... and what signal did Dubya send by apologizing to the Chinese and paying them for imprisoning
members of our military after their fighter plane recklessly caused a crash in international waters?"


Dave, exactemundo!

Thanks for recovering my fumble.

 Pork can win the war against terrorism


From: www.gregPalast.com

Subject:  Gore Won.  The Current Government is Illegal.

On 15 February, for BBC TV, I reported that inside information from the news Consortium
(National Opinion Research Center) showed Gore picking up about 20,000 votes.

I'm sure the final was not far off - but understand that NORC did not designate any ballot as either a Bush or Gore vote.
Each ballot is physically 'described' - and each newspaper member chooses a method of analysis.
The 20,000 margin is my reading of a fair view of 'voter intent' - even if there was some technical error on the ballot.

This is in accord with the Florida court's rulings, not the US Supreme Court.
With all those waivers in place -  yes, Gore nailed it - by a mile.

Gregory Palast
Observer (Guardian Newspapers)

From: (withheld)

Subject: Sullivan (HIV-SOB)

Yo BC:

I'm a male. I'm a male with HIV. Not only did I agree with the HIV-SOB tit about Sullivan,
I would hope you had gone a little further.  Maybe Andrew Sullivan (HIV-SOB-Pious Hypocritical
Jerk-Frequenter of BareBackCity.com-Defender of Tier One Bigots-Media Whore).

Basically, Andrew Sullivan is Ann Coulter without the short skirts.
Thankfully, though, we don't have a picture of him blowing a ceramic clown.

Thanks for keeping it real, BC.

 an editorial by Rupert Murdoch's NY Post
 a better name would be Total Horseshit

Yesterday, Bill Clinton became the first ex-president to be barred from arguing cases before the Supreme Court.
This was consistent with the five-year suspension of his Arkansas law license that was part of his
January plea bargain with Robert Ray. And Clinton was never expected to practice law anyway.
But one more stain on a sad legacy. Never mind Monica. Never mind the impeachment.

America is living - day to day, and for many years to come - with the former president's fecklessness
regarding international terrorism, too. Clinton promised to track down the architects of bombings at the
World Trade Center (1993), Khobar Towers (1996), American embassies in Africa (1998) and
USS Cole (2000) - and he didn't.

We need to stop this horseshit right in it's tracks.
EVERY President says that when we're attacked.
What else is he going to say?
"Gee, I hope we get lucky and catch those guys?"

This is Rupert Murdoch's whore paper - the NY Post.
Funny the NY Post doesn't remember Reagan saying, "They can run, but they can't hide,"
and then selling missles to Islamic Jihad after promising America he didn't.
Funny, Murdoch's paper forgot about that little bit of treason.

This sent a signal that U.S. interests at home and abroad were open to attack.

...and what signal did Reagan send by secretly arming a terrorist nation,
after swearing on live TV that he wouldn't?

...and what signal did Bush send by pardoning the law-breakers so the real truth
would forever remain hidden and not tarnish St. Reagan's legacy of lies?

The Clinton administration also determined that the CIA should not use sources that had "dirty hands"
- i.e., individuals with possible criminal or human-rights violations in their past. Soon it had no significant sources at all.

Quoting a former Clinton staffer, Joe Klein wrote in last week's New Yorker: "Clinton spent less
concentrated attention on national defense than any other president in recent memory."

Yeah, all we got from Clinton was eight years of peace and incredible prosperity.
And Joe Klien?   The guy who swore he didn't write Primary Colors?   You believe him now?

In other words, the man's lack of self-control caused him to ignore his primary responsibility - keeping
America and its citizens safe. And the price for that irresponsibility is being paid now.  That's some dismal legacy.

You have that wrong, too.
Clinton wanted to concentrate on his job, but people like Rupert Murdoch and Larry Klayman
and Henry Hyde and Dan Burton and Newt Gingrich wanted to make a play for his zipper.

You can pretend all you want, but the FACT is the FBI spend more time and manpower combing
Arkansas looking for women who might've slept with Clinton than looking into organized terrorism.
Reagan and Bush gave birth to bin Laden and Saddam the death squads that are coming back to haunt us.

While Clinton tried to do his job, you guys orchestrated the Great Cock Hunt.
And let's not forget - Bob Barr looked into impeachment BEFORE anybody heard the name "Monica."
They were always going to impeach him, they just had to fabricate a crime to get the ball rolling.

If there had been no Monica - they would've invented something else, just like they invented Whitewater,
Filegate, Travelgate, Lawngate, Arlington Cemetary-gate and every horseshit press fantasy in the world.

...and while the FBI and congress were so desperately and relentlessly digging into Clinton's zipper,
and going through Hillary's underwear drawer, andf threatening Monica's parents with death in prison,
Mohamed Atta and his religio-wackers were busy on flight simulators because nobody was looking for them.


 "This Thursday, ticket counters and airplanes will fly out of Ronald Reagan Airport."
    -- President Weak & Stupid

 Smirk, if you can make a ticket counter fly, I'll vote for you.

Mail Bag

From: GeneLyons@compuserve.com


The Dem-Gaz is going to start charging readers to their website, which kills my out of state readership.

They've given me permission to work around it.
A reader in Albuquerque has agreed to e-mail it around.

Anybody who wants to get my column by e-mail should send me a message at this address,
and I'll forward it to Albuquerque.

I'd very much appreciate you letting your readers know next time you find my column quotable.


Gene, can do.

So, anyone who wants Gene's column sent to them by e-mail,
or if you just want to write to Gene and compliment him on his
fine columns or his great book The Hunting of the President
I'll bet he'd answer you if you're polite :)

click to order

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Fools for Scandal - How the Media Invented Whitewater

Found on a message board:

What to do if you happen upon a peace rally by naive college idiots,
 to teach them why force is sometimes needed:

1) Approach a student who talks about "peace" and says "There should be no retaliation."

2) Engage in brief conversation, ask if military force is appropriate.

3) When he says "No," ask, "Why not?"

4) Wait until he says something to the effect of, "Because that would just cause more innocent deaths,
    which would be awful and we should not cause more violence."

5) When he's in mid sentence, punch him in the face as hard as you can.

6) When he gets back up to up to punch you, point out that it would be a mistake and contrary to
     his values to strike you, because that would, "be awful and he should not cause more violence."

7) Wait until he agrees that he has pledged not to commit additional violence.

8) Punch him in the face again, harder this time.

Repeat steps 5 through 8 until they understand that sometimes it is necessary to punch back.

I know you doves will have a cow at the thought of that bit of ironic humor,
but you know I keep asking the question, "If New York's not worth fighting for, what is?"

If your safety isn't worth fighting for, what is?

The Media Cover-Up of the Gore Victory
       by David Podvin

  Click  Here

Gore's victory was large enough that it became apparent he would win prior to the Consortium recount
being fully completed. And contrary to a recent claim by the New York Times, the terrorism of September 11
was not the crucial factor that determined whether to release the results to the American people.
Prior to that time, the de facto majority shareholders in the publicly traded New York Times Company
reportedly intervened on the side of quashing the recount results and convinced the other participants to
shelve the story. The executive claims that the most important decisions at the Times are made by the
influential money center banks that exercise actual voting control of a majority of stock. These banks are
extremely pro-Bush. In addition to their control of the Times, they have substantial financial clout with
the Washington Post Company, Dow Jones and Company, and the Tribune Company.
As a result, the banks exert tremendous influence on a majority of the Consortium.

 Thanks to Carol at makethemaccountable.com

 For Clinton's Zipper - we bend the law.
 To locate terrorism - we adhere to the law

  From The Washington Monthly

 Federal Judge Royce Lamberth is best known for the ease with which he approved
 dozens of discovery motions that allowed fellow conservative Larry Klayman of
 Judicial Watch to dig into the public and private life of President Bill Clinton. But
 Lamberth was considerably more strict last March, when he raised procedural concerns
 about a requested FBI wiretap involving a member of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

 Lamberth's doubts sparked an internal investigation at the Bush Justice Department into the
 FBI's monitoring of several terrorist organizations, including bin Laden's Al Qaeda network.
 That inquiry, officials told The New York Times, "might have hampered electronic surveillance of terror groups."

 So, when the GOP wants to embarrass the elected president, the right-wing judge will sign any order
 that Larry Klayman asks for, but when it comes to stopping terrorists, it's time to stay legal?

CHAT with Clown-blower ANN COULTER

Join Ann Coulter in the TownHall.com chat room this Thursday, October 4th at 8:00pm ET
for a lively discussion of recent events. You may login to the chat room at http://www.townhall.com/chat.

Also, be sure to check out her latest column at http://www.townhall.com/columnists/anncoulter.

 Last night's John Lennon WTC concert was an unexpected gem.
 The first song I caught was STP doing a great Revolution.
 STP is one of the last real bands left.

 Craig David (never heard of him) did a stirring Come Together.
 Cyndi Lauper did a nice Strawberry Fields from Central park.
 Marc Anthony did a decent Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
 Shelby Lynne wore an incredibly short skirt.

 Alanis Morrisette did a Dear Prudence that I'd like to put on a loop
 and just let it play over and over and over - it was that good.
 Sean Lennon, Moby and Rufus Wainwright did Across the Universe that was
 worth a million dollars. Their harmony was perfect and I don't even like harmony

 You're going to hear a lot of hoo hah about how Kevin Spacey stole the show
 with his rendition of Mind Games. Sure, for a guy who doesn't sing he was fine.
 But the show-stealer was Sean Lennon.

 Here's a sound file.
 This is a must.

 If you were ever a Beatles fan, especially an early Beatles fan,
 you won't believe your lying ears when you hear this.

 It's Sean Lennon singing his dad's This Boy

 This is so spooky.
 Sean has his father's vocal cords.
 His vocal cords came from John Lennon, and this is waaay too spooky.

 Nobody on the planet can sound exactly like John Lennon.
 No, you'd need his vocal cords to do that, right?
 Check this out - maybe not the first line, but the rest of it is John Lennon's voice in 2001.

 Click  Here  and save this forever on your hard drive.
 (very short clip, EZ download - only 40 seconds with a 56K modem)

 He was all humility, too, like it was no big thing.

 Jesus, even if you don't DO sound clips, you need to ask that nerdy guy
 in your office to hook this up for you - or go to your friend's house,
 because this isn't a clip you can't miss hearing if you were ever a Beatles fan.
 If it takes you a week to find a computer with speakers, just remember it's at

 It was a fantastic performance.
 You never get to hear passion like this anymore.

 Find someone with speakers or break thru your firewall.
 You gotta hear this.

From: davidmc@starpower.net

Subject: Offended

I read your site each day and I am offended by this excerpt from October 2, 2001:

>Apparently, this person wrote Andrew Sullivan (R-HIV-SOB)

I am extremely disgusted with making light of someone’s HIV status because you disagree with them politically.

I dealt with your ignorant hawkish dribble that appeared to be written by Karl Rove in the days following
the apparent terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

However, I am very put off by your appellation for Mr. Sullivan.
Bartcop, you are a WHORE.

David, you're wrong, but I'm not going to call you names.
That would be senseless and childish, don't you think?

1. A whore (in this context) is someone who gets paid, usually a lot, to say things that aren't true.
    My current financial status is negative, but thanks for asking.
    And when I said Andrew Sullivan (R-HIV-SOB) where is the lie?
    I am not a whore, but you're free to join Jack's club (It's getting bigger) and call me one.

2. Andrew Sullivan is a son of a bitch who is HIV positive and he promotes the agenda
    of people who would cut off all funding for AIDS research if they could get away with it.
    Andrew Sullivan promotes the agenda of people who think gays caused the WTC tragedy.
    I don't know a better example of a whore than Andrew Sullivan.
    Even Ward Connerly and Clarence Thomas aren't as bad as Andrew Sullivan.

3. If I was going to "make light" of his HIV status, I would've done a much better job.
    I know how deadly AIDS is, that's why I don't like the son of a bitch.
    The son of a bitch is pulling on the wrong end of the rope.
    Why do you think I brought it up?

4. The "apparent" terrorist attack? What are you ...nuts?
    You think those planes hit the towers randomly?

5. You say you dealt with my "dribble?"
    Did you mean to say "drivel?"

6. You don't like my ignorant hawkishness, but, like all the rest of the doves
    you failed to state YOUR plans to stop terrorism.
    If New York isn't worth fighting for, what is?

7. I have no "appellations" for Andrew Sullivan because I don't know what that word means.
    I'm ignorant, remember?

8. Funny how I'm the whore who disgusts you,
    but you have nothing bad to say about Andrew Sullivan.
    You felt it was necessary to defend him?   ...defend him from me?

9. Thanks for reading each day.

  I saw this story weeks ago and assured whoever sent it that it was false.
  However, Snopes says it's true, and they usually get it right.

 Claim:   A United Airlines pilot delivered a pre-flight speech in which he instructed
                passengers how to overpower any hijackers that might be aboard.

 Status:   True.

 Click  Here

 Sen. Clinton Tested by Attack

  Click  Here

 Perhaps the most intriguing development has been the seeming thaw between her and Rudy.
 Giuliani belittled Clinton as a carpetbagger last year when they were running against each other
 for the Senate, a race Giuliani dropped out of while he underwent treatment for prostate cancer.

 The day after the Trade Center attack, Giuliani and Clinton toured the rubble together along
 with other politicians. The once-bitter rivals appeared downright friendly - whispering together,
 occasionally clasping arms or sharing a laugh.


"Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have
  good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things.
  But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion."
    --  Dr. Steven Weinberg, Nobel Prize winning physicist

 I got a snail mail contribution with a note that said,

 "No more death, please. No more death."

 Perhaps the writer was commenting on my hawk status concerning the WTC,
 so I think we need to get into the chat room one night and hash this out.

 Maybe you doves could get together and elect a spokesperson to argue the
 dove point of view so we can get past this and put people's minds to rest.

 There are wars that need to be fought , such as WWII
 and there are wars that don't need to be fought, like Vietnam
 You and I can disagree on that without you calling me Karl Rove's puppet.

 This chat room thing won't be a cage match or a survival test.
 I'll be on my good behavior, but whoever you elect to debate the point
 needs to have something to say besides, "I don't have all the answers."

 So let's do a chat - maybe Thursday night?

 Dove vs Hawk and we'll keep things friendly because,
 just like Nader,
 it's not going to go away until we talk about it.

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 It had everything.

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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