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Volume 1018 - Fascism never sleeps

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 Wednesday    March 12, 2003 


"War with Iraq, $59 billion so far.
  We're rebuilding Iraq, $900 million at least.
  Privatizing Social Security - one trillion.
  Tax cuts that have been passed - 1.3 trillion.
  Tax cuts bush wants to pass - $700 billion.
  Turning record surpluses into deficits and leaving
  our children to clean up the mess - priceless."
     --James Carville, Crossfire, (3/10/03)

 Halliburton -- To the Victors Go the Markets 
  How much is Halliburton making from this war?    It's a secret, traitor!

  Click  Here

 Halliburton's publicity material boasts of its ability to establish temporary military bases under often hostile conditions -- an
 invaluable preparation for the second phase of its project: laying the groundwork for oil exploration under often hostile conditions.
 Cheney has been famously quoted in reference to the country of Iraq: "The good Lord didn't see fit to put oil and gas
 only where there are democratic regimes friendly to the United States."

 Cleaning the Pool
 White House Press Corps grabs its ankles - great article!!!

  Click  Here

"The Bush press conference to me was like a mini-Alamo for American journalism, a final announcement that the press no longer
 performs anything akin to a real function. Particularly revolting was the spectacle of the cream of the national press corps submitting
 politely to the indignity of obviously pre-approved questions, with Bush not even bothering to conceal that the affair was scripted.
 Abandoning the time-honored pretense of spontaneity, Bush chose the order of questioners not by scanning the room and picking
 out raised hands, but by looking down and reading from a predetermined list. Reporters, nonetheless, raised their hands in between
 questions–as though hoping to suddenly catch the president’s attention. In other words, not only were reporters going out of their way
 to make sure their softballs were pre-approved, but they even went so far as to act on Bush’s behalf, raising their hands and jockeying
 in their seats in order to better give the appearance of a spontaneous news conference."

 You mean the press are nothing more than whores for this illegal administration?
 I'm surprised nobody has mentioned that before.


"I'm not a United Nations senator, I'm a United States senator. I wonder what happened to sovereignty in this country.
  I think of our forefathers rolling over in their graves thinking before a president can defend America, he has to get
  permission from some multinational organization. So I think the president will do what his constitutional oath tells
  him to do, defend America with or without the United Nations or any other group."
     -- Jim Inhofe (R-Pissquik) lying again

 Hey Pissquik, so you're saying if Pakistan feels threatened by India, but can't show any proof why,
 it's OK with you if they attack India even if the United Narions says they have no reason to?

 If that's true, why did Bush 41 bother with a multi-national coalition in 1990?

 Iraq’s Nuke Threat Little More Than Myth
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Asked about the fake papers by Tim Russert on NBC's Meet the Press,
 Colin Powell replied blandly: "If that information is inaccurate, fine."

 With all due respect to the Secretary, the appropriate word isn’t "inaccurate"
 —and it isn’t "fine," either. It is horrific to contemplate that someone would
 fabricate a document to foment a war likely to kill thousands. It is humiliating
 to think that American intelligence services cannot distinguish a fake of that
 kind—or, worse still, would consciously pass along such a fake to an international
 authority. It is troubling to realize that the quality of information used by the
 President as he prepares for war may be no better than that.



“Right here, Mr. President, is where your tax cut is stuck.
 The Republicans can’t quite swallow it, and the Democrats can’t cough it up.”
    -- Bill Frist at the Gridiron dinner, pointing to the esophagus on a medical chart

 How you can identify UFO hoaxes - from real alien spacecraft  interviews Der Voron

  Click  Here

 When analyzing UFO photos, Voron seeks "movement of air masses around the UFO" -- a telltale sign that the photo is no hoax!
 When real true-life starships descend, says Voron, "ionic-microwave streams interact with the environment.  Here we can see
 plants to stoop because of such interaction."  Thus, a real starcraft!

 Letter to the DNC

 The DNC wrote to Kip:

 Subject:  Second Request: Membership Renewal

 P.S. Remember that 93% of your contribution goes to directly to winning elections for Democrats.

 Kip wrote back:

 Ha!  You guys have forgotten how to fight.
 If you run Leiberman, Gephardt or any other Republican with a (D) after his name,
 I'm just gonna go ahead and give my money to the republicans.

 Stop being pushovers!  Get some backbone!
 Stand up to Bush & Rove and tell them to get back in line.
 He would not be able to go so far to the right if you wimps weren't covering the middle ground for him!


 Kip, good damn letter.
 If they got a few thousand of those, maybe the Democrats would change.

 But Bart!  Fighting is always wrong!
 We have to stand by Dubya!
 He's our President!


"I love this country, I love the debate. Every time I see it, I think it's what this country's about.
  But whatever side of the issue you're on, when it gets to be 'go time,' and it's obviously pretty close
  to 'go time,' I think you gotta support those amazing men and women who are over there about to
  execute whatever we do, and I think the best way you can do that is to get behind the most visible
  embodiment of them, and that's the Commander-in-Chief."
    -- Bradley Whitford, “Josh Lyman” on The West Wing

 Brad, isn't that what the Germans said in WWII?
 One can't be more behind the boys than I, but I can't support a genocidal maniac
 just because he stole the title and wants to impress his Daddy with a big body count..

 Note: Bradley Whitford wrote to say he did not say that, and that he was "horrified"
            to have that quote attributed to him because he does not support Bush's "disasterous"
            policy towards Iraq.  Click  Here  for the retraction.  regrets the error.

 No Guts, No Glory
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 If Bush were a real leader, he could acknowledge that absent Iraqi nukes, there's no
 need for haste. He could yield to world opinion and give the French, Russians,
 Chinese and Germans what they say they want: time for U.N. inspectors to finish
 disarming Saddam. The world would praise his statesmanship. Pressure would shift
 to the Security Council to prove itself.

 Gas watch

 Lou Dobbs says "power premium" gasoline in San Diego hit $4.29 at one station

 You sure are, but the oil companies love you!

 Remembering the First Fight Against Fascism

  Click  Here


 March 12, 1943
 Heavy fighting is still reported in Kharkov as the Germans clear the Russians from the city.
 The Germans break mobile forces from the city fight and drive south in an attempt to cut off
 Soviet forces southwest of the city. Further to the north, the Germans abandon and the Red Army
 occupies Vyazma as Army Group Center continues its limited withdrawals to shorten their front.

 In an attempt to outflank the Marenth Line, Montgomery moves the 2nd New Zealand Division
 and the 8th Armored Brigade south from Medenine opposite Wilder’s gap.

 We beat fascism once - we can do it again.


 There WAS a full page yesterday.
 After Ashcroft's warning, you were supposed to scroll down.

 If you missed it, Click  Here

 Sorry to those who were startled.


"It's worth remembering, that after September 11th, the first world leader to come to
  New York and visit Ground Zero was Jacques Chirac - that's worth remembering."
  Plus, the sober people in Washington are a lot more worried about North Korea than Iraq."
    -- David Gergen, on Tuesday's Tweety

 You know, for a Republican,
 David Gergen is less Nazi than most.

 Protest banners

 Monday's USA Today said New York, Washington, San Francisco etc were expecting peace marches
 again this Saturday - with crowd that might equal the millions we saw the weekend of  Feb 15-16.

 If you go, consider adding  to your banner and take a picture that we can publish.

 Subject: Neil Young

 Bart, you wrote:

> "But Neil, you said Bush was your man!
>  You've been a big Bush supporter for years.
>  What the hell made you come to your senses?"

 Bart, I've heard people CLAIM that Neil Young was some sort of a hawk, but I've never seen a single quote.
 ("Rockin in the Free World" rips Bush Sr another asshole, in my opinion.)  Now, maybe there is one, and I just missed it,
 but do you actually have one?  I thought it was more likely that right-wing assholes couldn't IMAGINE someone praising T
 odd Beamer UNLESS he was a right-wing asshole.  So they ASSUMED Neil must be one of them.

 Is there any actual quote from Neil showing support for the Bush Baby?  Or is that a rumor?

 Carl F

 Carl, I saw it myself.
 I don't remember exactly what he said, but I remember being really pissed off about it.
 There are some people we just can't imagine turning Bush blower, so when Neil did I got steamed.

 I imagine the quote is in a back issue, but my search engine broke months ago, dammit.

 Anybody have a Neil Young quote praising America's worst serial killer?


  Bart, check this out:

 Libraries post Patriot Act warnings
  Guess who's watching every move you make?

 Click  Here

"The Justice Department says libraries have become a logical target of surveillance in light
 of evidence that some Sept. 11 hijackers used library computers to communicate with each other. "

"In a letter to an inquiring senator, Assistant Attorney General Daniel Bryant said Americans
 who borrow or buy books surrender their right of privacy. "

 One either reads from paper or the internet.  Carnivore already lets them see every page we download
 including those from the public library computers.  But we  might read something on paper, and targeting
 bookstores and libraries lets them have total access to the flow of information and knowledge.

 Regulation/restriction is just one step away from access.....

 The Farmer

"Vice" boy caught with $8B in "documents"
   Gee, could you muddy up the story for us?

  Click  Here   Dateline Berlin

 German investigators are examining documents found in the car of Don Johnson
 that list transactions totaling US$8 billion, a customs official said Wednesday.

"Documents totalling $8B"
 What does that mean?

 Johnson's car was stopped for a routine check as he entered Germany from Switzerland
 in November with two other men, said Wolfgang Schmitz, a spokesman for German customs.

 This happened in November?  Why wait 4 months to reveal it?  And he was leaving Switzerland,
 a country that probably allows you to possess as much "documents" as you want.

 Officials photocopied the documents, but they did not seize them and allowed the actor
 to continue his journey without formally questioning him, Schmitz said.

 Well then, if nothing was seized, and nobody was arrested, there's really no need for this story
 to even be a news item except for the amount, 8 billion in "documents."
 Do you think this story was written by a moron or a German - or both?
 What the hell does "documents" mean?  He has a receipt from an ATM for an $8B withdrawal?
 And besides the B.F.E.E., who carries $8B with them, anyway?

 It's too bad news organizations can't write a news story that makes f-ing sense.

Marty's E! page
Harper's Weekly Review
Rock & Roll Hall O'Fame inductions
The Doors have a new drummer
Madonna is quite flexible
Phil Spector & 'accidental' suicide
'March Madness' will be cables if war starts
The surviving Beatles jammed in 1994, with picture
Howard Stern's cartoon series on TNN
Yankee Dave Wells recants & is still fined
And, Liza Minelli's lawyers have resigned


 Something's wrong with this issue.
 It needs something, can't put my finger on it, tho..

 What the hell, let's give it a and see if that helps.

 Click  Here  for today's 


"We would rather do business with 100 Al Queda terrorists than with a single American."
     -- A Philly funeral home

 Latest poll brings good news and bad

  Click  Here

"...many Americans remain perplexed about what Mr. Bush is doing and why he is doing it. While Bush says his
 main goal is disarming Iraq, Americans are more likely to say he is motivated by a desire to oust Saddam from power.
 A majority says Bush has failed to tell them what they need to know about the justification for a pre-emptive attack.

Respondents were nearly evenly divided when asked if Mr. Bush was being guided by the memory of his father's
dealings with Mr. Hussein in prosecuting what would be the nation's second war against Iraq in 12 years. Nearly
half said Mr. Bush was driven by the personal desire to accomplish what his father did not when he cut off his
invasion of Iraq in 1991 without ousting Mr. Hussein. Younger men in the poll were more apt to see a familial
motivation for the president.

There is clear concern among Americans that the United States is paying a price internationally for Mr. Bush's
aggressive posture. The number of Americans who believe that their president enjoys the respect of world
leaders has dropped to 45 percent from 67 percent in the space of a year.


 An Open Letter to a Certain Ex-President

  Click  Here

  Trust me.

 Dueling Quotes

"We're losing a battle, as to who the good guy against Saddam Hussein.  In Canada, 51 percent say
  Americans are behaving like bastards. In Ireland, 60 percent say they fear Bush over Saddam.
  In Britain, Bush and Saddam are equal threats to world peace.  If our diplomacy has been so inept
  and our ability to move world opinion has been so inept and you say we didn't need this U.N. in first place,
  why in the hell are we doing that and getting the living crap kicked out of us?"
        --James Carville to Jimmy Pissquik Inhofe

"I thank the Lord every day that we have a president who is not driven by polls,
  but is driven by defending America."
       -- Pissquik's reply

 BartCop Radio

 We're buying broadcasting equipment.

 I have a microphone.
 I got headphones and an FX box.

 We're almost there!

 In a few days we'll get more parts to build  BartCop Radio  a piece at a time.

 We're working on it right this second.
 Wish us luck, and consider joining the team!
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 Can you afford that?

 They own the TV networks.
 They own the major newspapers.
 They own the weekly news magazines.
 They own talk radio.

 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

 Click  Here   to support BartCop Radio big-time

 If we don't fact, we're just soldiers in Happy Crack's Insanity Brigade.

 Word's out: Protest at Hillary's tonight

  Click  Here

 Freepers will heckle Hillary Clinton and her Senator guests at a fundraiser in her Washington home Tuesday night.

 "It ought to be fun," says protest organizer Kathy Wood, who'll be holding a sign, "Corrupt Democrats Turn Here!"

 Wood, of the Washington chapter of Freeperville, says the focus of the protest is to encourage Senate Democrats
 attending the fundraiser to approve the judicial nomination of Hispanic Republican Miguel Estrada.

 This seems like a non-story, doesn't it?  I mean, Hillary has Secret Service protection, and you can't get a permit
 to screw up somebody's neighborhood, so the cops will arrest anybody blocking traffic, harassing motorists etc.

 And while we're on the subject of Miguel Estrada, I have a weird story to tell you about him.
 As you know, we don'yt do these kinds of stories on  but this story came from someone
 I know is well-connected, and she says it's the top subject in DC after Smirky's illegal oil war.

 She says the rumor going around DC is that Estrada is gay, but that's not the weird part.
 The weird part is he's gay and extremely psychotic about his feelings about being gay.

 The way I heard the rumor, Estrada picked up a man in Dupont Circle, got a hotel and did the deed.
 Seconds after doing whatever they did, Estrada jumped out of bed, pointed to the guy and screamed, "You're gay!"

 So the pros (that's what they call them on NYPD Blue) looks at Estrada and said, "Duh! You are, too!"
 To which Estrada replied, "No, I'm not - I'm married."

 ...and that's what makes him too weird to be an appeals court judge.

 Not that he's gay, but that he's so unable to grip that reality (if the story's true) that he would be
 way, way, way blackmail-friendly if somebody threatened to expose his late-night hobbies.

 In closing, you know I don't do these kinds of stories.
 My mailbox gets 20 weird sex stories every day, some of them involving politics :)
 But they say this rumor is allllll over Washington DC, but nobody will put it in print.

 I guess it's because Mr Rove wants Estrada confirmed and the newspapers are too afraid to cross him.

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 Regarding your piece yesterday about the Khashoggi/Reagan connection- were you
 aware that Adnan Khashoggi once had an employee by the name of Theresa Lepore?

 Does the name Theresa Lepore ring a bell?

 She was the designer of the now infamous palm beach county 'butterfly ballot' that had
 lots of elderly jews voting for pat buchannon.
 It's a small world.


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