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Volume 1021 - This blood's for you 

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 Weekend  March 15-16, 2003    


"Our efforts are guided by clear principles:
  We believe that all people in the Middle East
   -- Arab and Israeli alike -- deserve to live in
  dignity, under free and honest governments."

 Hey, what about North America?
 Why can't we have a free and honest government, too?
 We have a monarchy, led by a crazy man who takes orders from God.
 How claims this God told him to invade Iraq and steal their oil.

 Why does God never speak to the sane?

 What could go wrong with the Iraq war? 
      by Tom Squitieri, USA TODAY

  Click  Here

There is too much micromanaging by Rumsfeld, according to military personnel
U.S. planners' new tactic of having troops and armor advance as fast as possible
    with little regard to supply and reinforcement lines.
Iraq could blow up dams to flood Baghdad. This would slow [our tanks] for a direct, quick punch
Iraq would turn burning wells into chemical or biological weapons. (more Gulf War syndrome)
Military experts say Iraq has the technical capability to jam our communications
Saudi and Kuwaiti officials have hinted they would refuse to let contaminated personnel
    and vehicles back into their countries.
Scud missiles falling in Israel, probably loaded with chems and bios
A street-by-street battle could become a "Mesopotamian Stalingrad" - referring to the World War II
    battle in which Soviet defenders fought heavily armed German invaders to a stalemate

   ...and don't forget children as young as 10 fighting for Iraq. Will they be psychologically easy to shoot?

 One thing the Republicans keep saying is "You didn't object when Clinton hit Saddam in 1998!"
 But, Clinton never sent a man into battle that didn't come home. Look at that list and guarantee us
 that Bush will be as good as Bill Clinton and you'll get more converts to your side of the issue.

 Remember this, from last week's Volume 1014 - The obedient press?

> QUESTION: ...the Security Council faces a vote next week on a resolution authorizing an attack on Iraq.
> Will you call for a vote on that resolution, even if you aren't sure you have the votes?

> BUSH: Yes, we'll call for a vote.

> Idiot!
> This was the one question he should've slipped. Now his hands are tied, or, tied as much as Powell's were
> when he promised to release the Al Qaeda evidence the Sunday after 9-11-01, then broke his promise.

> There are two possibilities:

> 1. The fix is in and he knows the other big nations will vote with him.
> 2. The idiot just showed his cards and we're still raising each other at the poker table.

 Possibility 2 was true.
 The idiot answered only one question and it was the question he should've dodged.
 Now they don't have the votes and they'll look double-stupid if they lose,
 so they've decided to take the one solid thing Governor Moron said and run away from it.

 Can you imagine how nervous the smart people are when Bush is at a microphone?
 They know if he strays away from "Saddam is evil and must be disarmed," that he'll
 screw up like Reagan always did and they'll have to correct him when he's done speaking.

 But the American press is still selling Bush as a smart, brave and wise leader of men,
 who says what he means and means what he says, even though the whole world knows
 he's nothing but an ignorant chimp, trying his best to make it in the adult's confusing world.


"I want my country back! I don't want to
  listen to fundamentalist preachers anymore!"
   -- Howard Dean, 03/14/03, saying things I like to hear

 What does he mean?

 Fred Barnes vs BartCop
  Why war with Iraq is a good idea

  Click  Here

 I'll admit it, I think I'm pretty good in a debate, in my own monkey way.
 But you give me an argument with numbers in it and I'll smoke you.

 No excerpt - it's all good.


"There is a much cheaper way, less complicated way to bring Saddam to its knees:
   - send the Bush economic team over there and let them run the country."
      -- John Kerry, running for president, 03/13/03

 John, I like hearing that - but where you been?
 What caused you to wake up?
 Can we trust you to stay awake?

 San Francisco Protest


 This is my pictures link. Of course you won't see it in the news but there were
 about 75,000 people there. (my estimate - they said 100,000 but I think that's high)

 If only Martian Shean would run for president for real. Here's an MPEG of most of his speach.
 If only there were ANYBODY talking like this!


 If anyone has any idea about how to stop this war the time to do it is now!

 Marc Perkel

 Tired of the Dittoheads

  Click  Here

 Bill Clinton dug us out of the horrendous Reagan-Bush dictatorship of bad government,
 continually giving to the hypperrich at the expense of the working class, sky high unemployment,
 starting wars in every corner of the planet (their specialty being defenseless Third World
 countries), giving Middle Eastern dictators their pick of US military arsenal and THEN
 turn around and say we have to wipe them out because they're "evil," ad nauseaum.


"The marriage between the media and the military is looking as rocky as
  Rick and Darva on 'Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?' - at least on the
  USS Abraham Lincoln. The “embedded” journalists on the Lincoln are
  monitored, minded and accompanied by escorts everywhere they go."
   --Christopher Allbritton, "No Love Boat", back-to-iraq.com

 Gee, just like in Iraq, Cuba, and Libya, the press is told what they can print.
 Tell me - who is more secretive - The B.F.E.E. or the North Koreans?

 The Moron administration has such pitifully-poor debaters.

 I'm going to throw them a bone and see how long it takes
 for the idea to make the talk shows - you ready?

"If Al Qaeda had brought down the Eiffle Tower on 9-11,
  France would see the need to stop these terrorists
  the same way we do in the United States."

 But no, they don't have the brains to frame an argument.
 They have a monkey beating his shoe on the podium screaming, "Saddam must disarm!"

 OK, so today is Sunday the 16th.
 How long before they repeat the Eiffle Tower line on FOX News?

 God reveals himself... as a fish

  Click  Here

 An obscure Jewish sect in New York has been gripped in awe by what it believes
 to be a mystical visitation by a 20lb carp that was heard shouting in Hebrew,
 in what many Jews worldwide are hailing as a modern miracle.

 Look at what religious insanity has done to these poor people.
 A talking carp?
 A carp that speaks Hebrew?

 Trust Ol' Bart - that carp is not speaking anything to anybody.

 This is how organized religion works.
 They sell a miracle to you and, wanting desperately to believe that the soul will live
 after the body dies, weak-minded people believe in that which is impossible.

 Religion is a very, very, very dangerous thing.

CNN's Christiane Amanpour says Chirac is in trouble "they"
are circulating a picture of him with Saddam, Hussein.


If Rummy can do it for Cheney and Bush,
why can't Chirac meet the guy?

 The Devil's Disciple?
  A spotlight on the billions Cheney/Halliburton is stealing

  Click  Here

 So who are these Chairmen of the Board of Boots & Coots IWC,
 past and present, who watched as their board of directors signed off
 on a short-term, million-dollar loan from a "shadowy group of Texas oilmen"?

 (Isn't that the way it works? Doesn't the board of directors have to take
 responsibility for a bold move like this to protect investors?)

 Their struggling little company now potentially faces the gangplank of  Texas
 bankruptcy court -- at the very moment that it stands to reap an incredible bonanza.

 The Summit of Isolation in the Azores

  Click  Here

 Three men meeting on an Atlantic island seems an apt symbol for the failure of the Bush administration to
 draw the world around its Iraq policy. That's not the intended message of President Bush's meeting today
 in the Azores with Prime Ministers Tony Blair of Britain and José María Aznar of Spain, but it's hard to
 avoid that impression. In what appears to be the final days before an American invasion of Iraq,  Mr. Bush
 is taking time to consult with two loyal allies and, ostensibly, to decide if any realistic chance remains for a
 new United Nations Security Council resolution on Iraq. But the underlying diplomatic reality is bleak.
 Only a little more than four months since a unanimous Security Council backed American demands for
 disarming Saddam Hussein, Washington's only sure council supporters are Britain, Spain and Bulgaria.


“This is just to send a message to the troops to say that here in the Capitol, we are not happy.” 
    -- Ohio Rep. Bob Ney, ordering the replacement of the word “French” with “freedom” on
        all House menu items, hence “freedom fries” and “freedom toast”, etc

  I'm so old, I thought I'd seen every retarded idea the Republicans could think up.
The anti-flag burning amendment
The English is our only language amendment
The Clinton impeachment
Drilling in Alaska and cutting redwoods in California
Relaxing clean water and air standards so industry would make an extra million
Forcing superstition on children trying to learn science and logic
Praying to a non-existent cloud being when there's important work to be done.

 ...and then they come up with "Freedom fries?" 

 Wait a minute...
 They spent time re-naming potatoes when we're about to go to Double-Red alert?

 How about "fucking idiot fries?"
 I'll bet this crowd could eat a lot of those.

 I don't know if this is true, because I heard it from a ditto-monkey, but he'she said
 that Bush & Co. have actually added a "hard orange alert" to that goofy color chart
 Smirk uses to determine how much panic they're going to spread on a given day.
 Do you know how funny this would be if Bush weren't about to order a lot of men to their deaths
 for reasons we can't understand?  I get the feeling Dad told Dim Son, "Men die under all
 administrations," so Dubya figures, "Why not smoke some oil out of its hole in the process?".

 I'm gonna get me some oil
 and be rich like my Daddy!

 Girl Emerges from Coma During Bryan Adams Concert
  But six others at concert lost to coma

  Click  Here

 MUNICH - Christiane Kittel, now 24, fell into a coma for six years after she collapsed at school
 has started to respond to the world around her after her mother took her to see her Bryan Adams live.

"Bryan Adams was always her biggest hero and she loved his music before she fell into a coma," said her mom.
"When we heard about the concert in Regensburg we knew straight away that we had to take her there."
 During the concert, Christiane started to move in the wheelchair.

"I will never forget it, I could have hugged the whole world. When we got back to the clinic
 she was still animated, and three times she called my name, she said Mama."

 Caught on Film

  Click  Here

 Someone did a great job of contrasting what the governor promised with what he actually delievered.

Marty's E! page
More good stuff!!


 Short Dennis Miller Comment

 There is one thing worse then a right winger... a phoney right winger...
 Dennis Miller is a phoney. Miller wants people to say
" Did you hear what Dennis Miller said about Jimmy Carter?"

 ...yea yea Dennis, shut the fuck up, nobody but Fox News
 or MSNBC gives a shit what you have to say anymore.

 NOW I remember why I stopped watching "Meet the Whore" with Tim Russert.
 This morning he had Unka Dick on, anf Russert fed him one softball after another,
 and no matter what Unka Dick answered, that answer satisfied Tim.

 You see, since Clinton's zipper isn't involved, Tim sees no reason for a follow up
 and no reason to challenge Unka Dick to answer the goddamn question.
 After all - it's only a world war, so why would a follow up be necessary?

 During Monica, Russert was America's pit bull, demanding that White House
 staffers tell him if Bill licked her left breast first or her right breast first.
"We have a right to know," Russert brayed week after week after week.

 But when the B.F.E.E. tries to take over the world on the lives of American soldiers,
 Timmy does what he's told and reads from Karl Rove's script and it makes me f-ing sick.

 Maybe NBC will provide a transcript tomorrow, but Holy Koresh, once we have BartCop
 Radio online, we'll hear the softball questions, the lies that followed and Timmy's meek
 "That's a great answer, Mr Vice President," and demonstrate what liars and thugs they are..

click for fresh, Northern Air

 The Boy King and His War
  Click  Here

"This is not how democracy is supposed to work. Congress itself committed a
 horrendous blunder when, last October, it abdicated its responsibility under the
 Constitution. By handing Bush a bill that essentially said he could go to war
 against Iraq any damn time he pleased, Congress ceded its power to declare war
 and thus did away with a fundamental check and balance...So enthralled is Bush
 with the might of the Pentagon, so enraptured is he with his self-assigned role of
 liberator, so sure is he of doing God's will that he has become an enormously
 frightening figure. He seems to believe he can rule the world alone--or at most
 as part of a triumvirate with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld."

 But we love Dubya - we trust him!
 You sound just like Bad Bart.
 Trust Dubya, he's our president!

  AFB authorizes 'deadly force' on trespassers
  I'm so old, I remember when the GOP embraced posse comatitus
  Click  Here

"Security forces at Vandenberg Air Force Base are allowed to use "deadly force" in some cases
 if any anti-war demonstrators infiltrate the military complex, officials said. Some anti-war activists
 have announced plans to trespass in hopes of disturbing Vandenberg's mission and to vandalize
 sensitive equipment they believe helps the war effort. Vandenberg officials revealed Friday that
 military security police have always been allowed to shoot to kill, if necessary, to protect base
 residents and equipment."

 Hmmmm, unarmed war protestors?
 They can't use rubber bullets against unarmed people?
 Is this America's Tiananmen Square?
 Whoever the person is in front of the tank, it'll probably be a woman.
 I guess Bush wants to send a message of who's in charge.

 Maybe Neil will write another song - "This Blood's for You."

 Bart, I fired off a letter to my local station that carries Michael Savage.

 Listening to Michael Savage salaciously speculate about Elizabeth Smart's
 relationship with her family sickened me the other night.   Hearing him mockingly
 refer to her as "Precious Elizabeth", or something to that effect, because she
 didn't make a public appearance at Liberty Park the other night, stunned me.

 Why would he expect an underage child to make a public appearance after nine months
 of captivity?  We all questioned why she didn't even cry out or fight to be free the night
 Mitchel broke into her home, but until we have more evidence most of us are careful
 not to speculate ignorantly.
 Douglas R.

 VCR Alert - Rock n Roll Hall of Fame - Sunday night on VH-1

 The Clash, AC/DC, and lessors.

 Will Neil Young worship Dubya, or denounce him?
 Will he pull a Dennis Miller, or just be Neil Young?

 Iraq Links Germs for Weapons to U.S. and France

  Click  Here

"A.T.C.C. could never have shipped these samples to Iraq without the Department
 of Commerce's approval for all requests," said Nancy J. Wysocki, of the American
 Type Culture Collection, a nonprofit organization that is one of the world's leading
 biological supply houses. "They were sent for legitimate research purposes."

 We know this is true for two reasons:
 1. America needed help with that 1980's epidemic of anthrax that all but destroyed us,
 2. Iraq's long-held, worldwide reputation as the premier, magic-bullet vaccine breakthru artists

 Unka Dick - is that true?
 Why did you and Daddy
 give Saddam some anthrax?

 Hey Bart!

 So shortly after my ads ran on Bartcop (got a nice bump in hits, thanks!) my web host (Tripod)
 had a technical meltdown and I was shut out of my files for five days. So I MOVED to a new
 web host and have a new URL for The Mahablog: http://www.mahablog.com

 If you would be so kind as to mention the move and the new URL on Bartcop,
 I would be ever so grateful, for what that's worth.



"I don't want to predict what my boss will do."
   -- Unka Dick, pretending the Bush boy gives him orders

 Is there anyone who thinks Bush gives the orders in this White House?
 can you see Bush poking Cheney and Powell in the chest saying,
"Dammit, don't give me that crap! I want answers and I want them now!"

 ha ha

 Powell would bite Bush's finger off if he waved it in his face.

 Why Liberals Never Win

 Bart, you wrote:

 > You know, for a Republican,
 > David Gergen is less Nazi than most.

 You assume all conservatives to be Nazi's or bigots or fascists or racists or all of the above.

 See what happens when I try to be nice?
 I pay Gergen a compliment and you take it the wrong way.

 Sure, there are non-Nazi's in the current GOP, I'll list them:

 For instance Bob Dole - he's no Nazi.
 Oh, that's right, he's no longer in the party since Clinton kicked his ass.

 Dammit, there must be some non-Nazis in the current GOP,
 but I can't think of one right off the top of my head.

 You have no platform other than to disagree for the sake of disagreement.

 That's goofy talk.
 I speak the truth, and if that's different from the view of the illegal thugs
 who stole the last election, that's their loss. Plus, I notice when you have
 a chance to point out an example of that, you chose not to mention it - why?

 Let's toast to a 16+ year Republican dynasty and your tactics brought it upon yourselves.
 Great job.

 Greg Stinson

 Greg, with the GOP controlling the Diebold touch-screen voting machines,
 and since it's illegal to verify their accuracy, you might just get your dynasty.

 ...but that's not necessarily what the voters want, which is another reason why
 I call the bastards who stole American Democracy, "Nazis."

 As as for your assertion that I, BartCop, have the influence to turn elections,
 I can only say to you, my friend, that I don't ...not yet.

 Check back on July 4th, after BartCop Radio has been webcasting
 for 80 days and we'll see how much closer you are to being right about that.

 Also, I'd like to have you on the show - would you do that?
 I'll be nice...


 Starting Monday, BartCop Manor is under construction.
 We're having to build this alleged broadcasting studio from the ground up.
 This means we have to dismantle the current cockpit and rebuild it.
 Meanwhile, I am in possession of a slow and clumsy laptop.  If we don't have extra-long
 issues each day this week, it's because is busy being born.
 It's getting closer and closer...
 The more I think about it, the more I know this is going to rock.
 It's going to be much different from any other "radio" show you've ever heard.
 Wish us luck, and consider joining the team!
 Reminder: Our silent benefactor is still matching all new subscriptions.
 Help make BartCop Radio an April thing, rather than a May-June thing.

 Is  bartcop.com  worth $5 a month?

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $10 a month?

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $25 a month?


 You say you can't afford to subscribe?
 What happens if Bush wins  steals another four years?
 Can you afford that?

 They own the TV networks.
 They own the major newspapers.
 They own the weekly news magazines.
 They own talk radio.

 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

 Click  Here   to support BartCop Radio big-time

 If we don't fight back, we're just soldiers in Smirky McWarhardon's Insanity Brigade.

 Mashing Our Monster
   by Maureen "Bridal Registry" Dowd, the Dragoness of New York

  Click  Here

 Everyone thinks the Bush diplomacy on Iraq is a wreck.
 It isn't. It's a success because it was never meant to succeed.

 For the hawks, it's a succès d'estime. (If I may be so gauche as to use a French phrase in a city where
 federal employees are slapping stickers over the word "French" on packets of French dressing and on
 machines dispensing French vanilla yogurt at the Capitol. Seeing this made me long for the cold war,
 when you could eat your Russian dressing in peace and when Jackie Kennedy brought France to heel
 with élan, brains and charm, rather than scattershot embargos and inane suggestions in the capital
 L' Enfant planned that we disinter our war dead in France.)

"Prophets Without Honor"

"Toe To Toe With The Empire"
 American Priests Spend Years in Prison

"Prophets Without Honor", non-fiction, by William Strabala, former reporter
 for The Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News; co-author, Mike Palecek.

"A book to inspire us all, because it looks beyond the false gods of  our time,
 the ruthless political leaders, the timid intellectuals, the stars of People magazine
- and tells the story of the bravest people in America."
                                 - Howard Zinn

  Click  Here  for more information

 A couple of years ago, some organization suggested Americans eat less salty popcorn
 fried in peanut oil and Rush and the paid-to-be-outraged radio whores started screaming.

"How dare those food nazis tell us what to eat?  Why don't they mind their own business?"
 but now the same handjobs want us to stop eating frech fries to punish the French.

 I need a drink...

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