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Volume 1043 - One good whacking...

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 Monday, April 14, 2003


"Bush is not stupid, but he's smart on a very narrow bandwidth.  The time to climb
 under the table is when Dubya starts talking about his gut instinct.  When he says
 that he hasn't any evidence but he feels in his gut that he's right, that's when he
 tries to do something crazy, like invade Iraq.
   -- Molly Ivins

 Americans defend two untouchable ministries
   by Robert Fisk in Baghdad

  Click  Here

 [Though most of Baghdad has been looted,] the Americans have put hundreds of troops inside
 two Iraqi ministries that remain untouched – and untouchable – because tanks and armoured
 personnel carriers and Humvees have been placed inside and outside both institutions. And which
 ministries proved to be so important for the Americans?

 Why, the Ministry of Interior, of course – with its vast wealth of intelligence information on Iraq
 – and the Ministry of Oil. The archives and files of Iraq's most valuable asset – its oilfields and,
 even more important, its massive reserves – are safe and sound, sealed off from the mobs and looters,
 and safe to be shared, as Washington almost certainly intends, with American oil companies.

"It's about the oil..."


"The TV companies are quite prepared to go along with Army claims of Iraqi atrocities. When old bones
 were found in plastic bags with hundreds of old coffins, the TV cameras were quickly invited in although,
 significantly, journalists were kept away. What great PR this was for the British and Americans. The TV
 and papers had their big 'atrocity' story, and the fact that it later turned out that the bodies were probably
 dead Iraqis from the conflict over a decade ago didn't matter to them...This desperate attempt to prove
 what an evil regime Saddam runs...comes about because so far there is absolutely no evidence of WMD
 - the whole reason why we went to war in the first place. If, as seems likely, these weapons will never
 be found, the Americans and British will do everything they can to find other reasons for the war,
 so expect plenty more 'war graves' and big cans of white powder they can claim are chemical weapons."
             --Charlie Whelan, prweek.com

 Have you noticed how the Bush frauds framed the war?

 Before the war, they said "This will be a cakewalk."

 When they got bogged down and took some casualties,
 they said, "We never said it would be a cakewalk."

 And now that cities are falling like Chris Hitchens after thirty drinks,
 they're back to saying, "We told you it would be a cakewalk."

 ...and anyone who says otherwise is helping The Terra.

 Bush Needs Another War

 In order to continue to distract America from it's failing economy and the looting
 of America by Bush's rich friends, the Bush administration needs to fabricate another war.
 Apparently Syria is his next target. The only question is - what will his excuse be?

 Marc Perkel

 Oh, I know the answer to that one.
"We know Saddam had WMD, I feel it in my gut, but since we can't find him or them,
 they must be hiding in Syria, and we can't do this job half-ass and leave like Daddy did."

 Then after Syria, Bush and his Good Puppy media will say, "Since we didn't find Saddam
 or his WMD in Syria, they must both be hiding in Iran," then Yemen, then Eqypt etc

 How will the Democrats react?

                    "We love our Dubya..."

 ...and the Democrats will stand behind him, no matter what.



 "The Bush people have no right to speak for my father.  Yes, some of the current policies are
  an extension of the '80s. But the overall thrust of this administration is not my father's -- these
  people are overly reaching, overly aggressive, overly secretive, and just plain corrupt.
  I don't trust these people."
    -- Ron Reagan Jr, interview with Salon.com, ...but it still could be true

 Subject: Bush

 It must be driving you nuts that Bush is doing so well and you
 can't seem to convince anyone, except the choir, to your point of view.


 Hawaii Rog

 Besides killing thousands of Iraqis, what has he accomplished?

 On the worst day in American history, he ran like a scared rabbit which
 made Guiliani look positively presidential when America needed a leader.

 He hasn't found Osama, the Anthrax killer or Saddam.
 He blocked the 9-11 investigation to cover his involvement.
 He cut taxes for the super rich, making the Bush Recession even worse.
 He lost every ally America has besides the Brits.
 He squandered the goodwill and sympathy we had after 9-11.
 He almost died trying to walk and chew a pretzel at the same time.
 He holds the record for "stupidest president ever."
 He destroyed the life savings of tens of millions of families.
 He's dropped Clinton's nearly-12,000 Dow all the way down to 8305.

 ...but you say you like the guy?

1st Amendment Shoppe

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"Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform."
    --Mark Twain

April 24 is National Pretzel Day.
Spread the word!


"There is evidence that this war was planned well in advance. Sometimes this raises doubts about
 their attitude to the (weapons) inspections. I now believe that finding WMD has been relegated,
 I would say, to fourth place, which is why the US and Britain are now waging war on Iraq.  Today
 the main aim is to change the dictatorial regime of Saddam Hussein...you ask yourself a lot of
 questions when you see the things they did to try and demonstrate that the Iraqis had nuclear
 weapons, like the fake contract with Niger.(a reference to US allegations - later denied - that
 Iraq had sought to purchase uranium from the west African state of Niger.), I'm very curious
 to see if they do find any WMD."
   --  Hans Blix

 VCR Alert

 John Stossel will be lying his ass off on ABC tomight.
 He's going to tell us whatever Rush wants him to tell us.
 That's his job.

 Then, Ms. Presley on Howard Stern's E! show.
 I know you hate Stern, but this has potentia to be explodia.

 He's going to ask her questions about sex with Jacko,
 and he'll probably get back some short, two-word answers.

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 Subject: Wrong, wrong wrong!!!!!!!


 I am a committed supporter of your site, and your objectives. I click on all your sponsors,
 I've gone to all the sites you sent me to, I've signed all the support  documents against the war
 and Bush I could find.  I've written to the White House, I've sent  Hillary and Bill letters of
 thanks and support and God (no  definition) help me I've even  been to the Anti Idiotarian
 Rottweiler and tried to talk some sense into Misha, and dealt in a civil and  responsible manner
 with all the mail from enraged right-wingers that came to me because of my mail there.
 I've sent countless emails of support to you and your affiliated sites, sent SACK RUSH!
 to everybody, recorded and sent a CD, and sent you what little money I had, and offered
 to help any way I can , and now you tell me the" UN is a "useless organization".

 Jusus H Christ!!    Are you mad ????
 Get your face out of the Chinaco and think for a minute.

 ...if America would co-operate with the other 190 odd nations in the UN,
 we could solve the problems that are currently tearing the world apart.
 It's called Democracy.

 Wal down Under

 Dude - deep breaths...

 We're talking about two different things.
 You're talking about what should be, I'm talking about what is.

 First, if I used the word, "useless," (I don't remember that, but let's say I did) that is an imprecise term.
 "Powerless," is much more accurate.  The US military has been the backbone of the UN for 40 years,
 but once the Soviet Union fell, there is nobody who can stand up to us, so American arrogance has
 decided that "we don't need no stinking UN."

 The only power the UN ever had was with our planes and tanks behind it, but Bush is on a personal
 mission from Holy God to steal the world's oil and wealth, so he says "Screw the UN."

 If the UN had any power, they would've stood between our military and Iraq and said, "No!"
 But since they are powerless, all they could do was watch as the bombs fell.

 Remember the governor's quote, "Things would be a lot easier if I was a dictator."
 Florida 2000 and Diebold voting machines have granted his wish.


 "And the weapons of mass destruction? Whatever happened to them?
   I'm  sure we'll find some. They're being flown in right now in a C-130."
     -- Ron Reagan Jr, who seems to be a one-man quote machine.


 Subject: More media manipulation


 In addition to the staged statue coming down in Baghdad, here's something else that I noticed.
 I turned on the TV that afternoon and caught the tail end of Lou Dobbs on CNN, which included
 a montage of celebrating Iraqis, the Saddam statue coming down, etc. and it finished up with an
 Iraqi man saying "Thank you, Mister Bush."

 Later that same evening, I turned on Peter Jennings and he was doing a report about looting in Baghdad,
 and guess what clip came up? Yep, that same Iraqi man thanking Mr. Bush. In the full clip shown within
 its context it's obvious that he wasn't praising bush for being liberated at all, but thanking him for allowing
 him to loot the city! This blatant example of media manipulation should not go unnoticed, but of course, it does.

 Best Regards,

 A civilisation torn to pieces
  by Robert Fisk

  Click Here

 Baghdad is a city at war with itself, at the mercy of thieves and gunmen.
 And, in the city's most important museum, something truly terrible has taken place

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"I was not quite half right, and that's not good enough."
   -- George Will on yesterday's This Whore with Judas Maximus,

 George is correct, he's almost getting near half-right, even though
 Chippy the non-thinking chimp is 107 points ahead of him.

 What's the difference?

 Chippy isn't paid to tell stupid and clumsy Bush lies.

 Double Standards
 I got this uncredited e-mail and "worked" with it a little.
 I'll be happy to give the original author credit.

  What do you call someone who steals from the rich and gives to the poor?

  Robin Hood.

 What do you call someone who steals from the poor and gives to the rich?

  The Bush administration

 The uses of Osama, dead or alive
      by Margie Burns

  Click  Here

 There is, basically, no administration story on bin Laden. There has been no consistent official line on his position for
 a year and a half. The White House's lack of concern over bin Laden's whereabouts was preceded first by promises
 to get him, and then by indifferent "dead or alive" slogans, hinting that he needn't be captured for interrogation.

 From the point of view of intelligence, it is heartbreaking that the White House apparently did not simply pressure the
 Taliban into giving up bin Laden. With U.S. power and global sympathy on their side, they readily could have done so,
 probably within a month of 9/11, and could have learned a lot.

 But dead men tell no tales

Meet the new boss...

  by Barry Crimmins

  Click  Here

 Let's begin with a few riffs on Pentagoon Rumsfeld's recent outburst about vases and freedom...
 For starters, vases looted from museums on the banks of the Tigris River are antiquities. Of course
 the only antiquity Rumsfeld respects is Ghengis Kahn's foreign policy. On his summer vacations,
 Rumsfeld enjoys meeting with other hobbyists with whom he helps re-enact teeming hordes.

 Rumsfeld is certifiably insane. Not even the embedded media can cover up the bad kind of anarchy
 that is afoot in Iraq. Doomsday tries to dismiss it by asking "how many vases can there be in Iraq?"
 Of course the answer is impossible to determine, now that most of the vases in Iraq have been
 pressed into emergency service as urns.


"My father knew where he was coming from, he had spent years thinking and
  speaking about his views. He didn't have to ask Dick Cheney what he thought.
  My father was a man - that's the difference between him and George W. Bush."
    -- Ron Reagan Jr. talking to the man who fired Jennifer Liberto for her lack of ethics

 "Hi, I'm Jennifer Liberto.
   I'll do anything for a story."

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“Bush and his cronies stole the election, and everything since has gone to hell.
 Yeah, I’m still angry about those [Enron] crooks.  Good people worked
 themselves to death to save for their retirement and then they had their money stolen.
 That simple.  And nobody’s gone to jail — not one of these bastards. And now
 the same people are going to get rich off war.”
   -- Spike Lee, who sounds like he's been reading bartcop.com

Subject: Went to Susan's book signing in Houston last weekend

 ...and I have to tell you that it was truly inspiring to hear this woman tell her tale.

 There we sat, at an upscale bookstore in River Oaks, five minutes from Bush the Elder's house,
 and Susan McDougal spoke for an hour and a half, misting over at times; not about her own
 psychological torture at the hands of Kenneth Starr, but about the wretched lives of the women
 in the prisons she was in. I was stunned to learn that instead of entertaining scriptwriters desiring
 to do her life as a movie, she spends many days visiting the jails in the cities she speaks in, meeting
 with city officials, D.A.'s, and others, working to affect change for those who have slipped through
 the cracks of society.

 I left with a renewed faith in truth and justice ('the mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind
 exceedingly fine') as well as a greater determination that we MUST FLUSH these righteous
 right-wing wads out of power while there is still a democracy left to save.

 Keep dropping that fat hammer hard on their heads, brotha Bart.
 Perry and Sue

 Things to do in Dallas this Wednesday:

 Watch her interview on Good Day Dallas on WFAA  TV   9:00 and 10:00AM

 Listen to her noon interview with Glenn Mitchell on KERA FM, then the big one:
 7:00 PM  BORDERS Book Store - signing and talk
 10720 Preston Road  Dallas, TX

                        Integrity is Not for Sale

 Go meet Susan, buy her *great book,* she will sign it.

  Not in Dallas?
  Click to order.

Thank her for doing hard time to stop Starr's nasty fascist goons

 ...and tell her 'Bart says Hey!'

Marty's E! page
Baron Dave Romm
Jim Carrey, slimed
Florida's Cypress Gardens have closed
Mr. Rove is calling for 'Radio Free Europe' in Arabic
John Carradine inducted into the Cowboy Hall O'Fame
CNN setting dangerous precedents
Sean Penn's car was found, but not his guns
Baseball infiltrated by Nazis
'Big Lurch' & Suge Knight
And, the Top 10 movies in North America



"You can't be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline.
  It helps if you have some kind of football team, or some nuclear weapons,
  but at the very least you need a beer."
      -- Frank Zappa

 I miss Frank.
 Can you imagine what he'd be writing about Bush's Amerikkka?


 On election night 2000, the networks had called the race for the man with the most votes - Gore.
 But the stupidest politician in history called reporters to his luxury suite and guaranteed them he was
 still going to win Florida and the national the election - even after the networks called it for Gore.

 He knew the fix was in.

 Between the CIA, Diebold, the illegal purge of black voters, brother Jeb and Katherine Harris, he knew
 the fix was in so he made that ridiculous prediction that turned out to be, sadly for democracy, correct.

 The fix was always in - like with everything this clown has "accomplished."
 He's extra-stupid, he's never worked a day in his life and now he's looting planet Earth.

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 Get in for the half-funny rate of only $5 a month.

 Still no computer.
 Nobody is more frustrated than me, maybe it'll happen today.

 Anytime you have to depend on others you are vulnerable, but once we get going
 nothing can stop us because we'll have no bosses, no "man" to answer to.

 I've been doing this 7+ years, I'll be doing this for dozens more years,
 so don't let some two-week delay cause you to lose faith - hang in there.

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 The right has a monopoly on everything but the Internet.

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"I think that we believe there are chemical weapons in Syria."
   -- the stupidest liar in political history

 That means Syria is next, then Iran.

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