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Volume 1054 - Suspicion

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 Monday April 28, 2003


"The White House Correspondents’ Dinne sounds like it was very somber this year.
  No one, it seems, was in much of a clowning mood. Take the exchange we heard about
  between Al Franken and Paul Wolfowitz:;

  Franken: “Clinton’s military did pretty well in Iraq, huh?”
  Wolfowitz: 'Fuck you.'"
     --Karen Croft,"The Fix" onSalon.com,

"I'm cutting veteran's benefits to help my rich friends"

 Voinovich Stands Firm Vs. Bush Tax Cuts 
  Like I said, we'll have to depend on the moderate GOPs to save us.
  The Democrats are too cowardly to act..

  Click  Here

 One of the Senate's moderate Republicans who is blocking Bush's tax cut plan said Sunday he
 will stand his ground and resist White House pressure to vote more than a $350 billion reduction.

 Asked if he would not go even a penny higher, Voinovich of Ohio replied:  "You got it.
 And anybody that knows George Voinovich knows that when I say something I mean it."

 I am sooooooo jealous.
 I wish we had real men in the Senate, but all we have are rabbits.
 Our party is so screwed, we have to depend on the enemy to save us.
 I'm fucking sick.

"We just want to get along, Bart!
  Stop calling us rabbits or I'm going to cry!


"If you talk about a democracy, which means that people vote and select the political leadership that
  they desire, then you can't say, `But there are certain segments of the population that are off-limits.
  One of the concerns that many of the Middle Eastern leaders have said is that if you have a pure
  Jeffersonian democracy, you're going to have some of the most extreme elements within the country
  elected to the positions of responsibility."
    --  Bob Graham, on The Judas Maximus Show

 U.S. media losing global respect

  Click  Here

"American news reporters and major media outlets used to command great respect around the globe.
 However, in the age of "embedded" reporters, how much longer will that be the case?
 Unfortunately, the U.S. journalistic profession as a whole today seems to have a somewhat exaggerated
 sense of its own importance. Too many journalists - particularly those in Washington - are too docile in
 not wanting to challenge the powers-that-be. They much prefer to stay within the general consensus."

 The US whore press is for sale, and Bush passes out the money.


"I pulled the wings off the fly so that it couldn't get away. I was dreadfully lonely.
  My only companion was a fly. I spent hours each day watching it.  I loved it so much
  that I didn't want it to escape. That is why I pulled it's wings off."
     --Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church, owner of the Washington Times
       and spiritual advisor to Bush 41

 Why is he so afraid?

 There is a web site called  revoketheoscar.com


 I wrote and asked him if he had the balls to debate - big surprise - he said no.

"I don't do chat, I'm not 14.
 You want to debate?  Use an adult medium.
 Feel free to email me or to use the forums at Moorewatch.com"

 So, having a man-to-man debate is childish?
 Is that what a tough guy says when he's afraid?

 Why is this right-winger so afraid to stand up for his beliefs?
 Why are they ALL too scared to debate?

 Maybe he just needs some encouragement.  webmaster@revoketheoscar.com

 Baghdad 'Mayor' Won't Be Released, General Says

  Click  Here

 BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A senior U.S. military commander said on Monday there was no question
 of releasing Mohammed Mohsen Zubaidi, the self-proclaimed Baghdad mayor arrested on Sunday
 for exercising authority he did not have.

 The unelected Monkey invades a country and arrests the mayor for pretending he's in charge?
 Bush never earned the title of "President," he's just pretending he's in charge, so why single out this mayor guy?

 Subject: revoketheoscar.com


 Y'know how political bloggers will sometimes refer to someone on the other side sarcastically
 as "my close personal friend"?  Well, in this case it's true for me.

 There are three people behind this site: Jim, Lee, and David.  Jim is a very good friend of mine,
 Lee I've met but don't know so well, and David I don't  know at all.

 Jim is a great guy, but ... he's a gun nut.  As such, he has a bug up his ass about "Bowling for Columbine".
 Since he does web-design for a living, he did the nuts-and-bolts stuff for both of the anti-Moore sites.
 I would have assumed he's the one who gets the "webmaster" email, but that reply doesn't sound like him, as:

 a) in all the years I've known him I've *never* seen him back away from an argument
 b) I don't know why he'd say "I don't do chat", I've chatted with him lots of times.

 OK, judging from <a  href="http://www.right-thinking.com/comments.php?id=P1265_0_1_0">this</a>,
 it was Lee who wrote to you.  Seems like he thinks YOU'RE afraid of HIM.


 I clicked on that link and yes, they're calling *me* a coward. I was very polite in my offer, as I would be
 throughout our debate, but how can they continue to insist they're right if they can't defend themselves?

 I blame Rush, the biggest coward of them all. Rush sits there, everday, hiding from the majority who elected
 Gore, claiming he's always right but he never lets the other side speak and the ditto-monkeys claim victory
 on the basis that Rush's opinion is the only side the media will broadcast.

 I'm not going to beat this revoketheoscar thing to death, but I will hammer him a few more days to prove
 my claim that I can't find anybody who will speak up for the Rush/Bush crowd because they are lying.
 If he's not willing to back up his wild claims it proves my point.. We are right and they are cowards.

Great stuff from the Bart Store

"WDBK - What did Bush Know"

 Subject: Comments to revoketheoscar.com

 Dear Webmaster,

 I saw your refusal to debate Bart Cop. Why are you so afraid to stand-up for your beliefs?
 Are you like the majority of conservatives who are nothing but hot air?

 The same kind of conservatives who always try to hide behind excuses or bombastic rhetoric
 to cover their biases and bigotry as well as to cover they don't understand what it is they think
 they believe enough to be able to competently defend it?

 You obviously consider the web forums at your page an 'adult medium' yet you claim there is
 some massive difference between the forums and a live, real time chat where you can't hide
 as you do behind your asinine website.

 Thanks for proving to the rest of us here liberals that conservatives are nothing but big talk and no action.


 Will Tarkin

 Those poor cowards - I wonder how many letters they got like this?

 "Always with the bad attitude, Bart!
  Just smile stupidly like us Senate Democrats."

 Global Eye -- Open Book
     by Chris Floyd

  Click  Here

 As we all know, the rape of Iraq (or as future historians will doubtless call it, "The Dawn of the Shiite Empire")
 was planned openly several years ago by a hard-right agitprop cell led by Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld.
 Now it turns out that the recent big-monkey chest-beating aimed at Syria -- threats of sanctions, "surgical" strikes,
 and "regime change" -- was also carefully planned, by many of the same people, long before the Bush Regime seized power.

"Are you prone to remain uninformed? Why bother changing things?
If real news coverage makes you fret, then come chew the fat with FAUX's Juvenile Friends!"


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"It hurts me to say this, Mr President, but your spokesman's statement today on your behalf has
  just made matters far worse. Senator Santorum believes that gay people should be subject to criminal
  prosecution for their private, adult consensual relationships. He has equated homosexuality with the
  abuse of minors. He has associated homosexual relationships with bestiality. If that is an example of
 "inclusiveness," then what would exclusiveness be? For the president to call the criminalization of an
  entire group of people the position of an "inclusive man" leaves me simply speechless."
     --Andrew Sullivan, a gay man in love with a gay-hating party of Nazis

 Del Castillo Performance Schedule:

 Tuesday, April 29th - KLBJ Local Licks Live Taping - 10:00 to 11:00pm live on-air

 I clicked on that KLBJ link to be sure my setting were ready for tomorrow night, and they were
 playing a live Heartbreaker by Zeppelin from the coming DVD - Whoa!  That rocks!

 Americans have good reason to be afraid of their leaders
    by Barbara Sumner Burstyn

  Click  Here

"Freed from the oppression of their dictator, Iraqis are now free to complain. From tens of thousands of marchers
 chanting "down, down USA - don't stay, go away" to individuals spitting at soldiers, Iraqis are flexing a muscle that,
 paradoxically, had atrophied under Saddam Hussein. But now here's an irony that no one expected. Back in America,
 complaining about America is the one thing that's pretty much disappeared, lost under the weight of a collective patriotism
 and increasing constitutional limitations. Voicing any sort of anti-war opinion is just not done any more and a number of
 organisations have sprung up with the express purpose of blacklisting celebrities who speak out. Susan Sarandon is
 obviously on the list. She's quoted as saying she doesn't remember ever being in a climate where people were too afraid
 to even have a conversation about an issue, let alone a debate.

"Debates are bad because the lefties always win."

 Subject: yo bart-

 Just wondering- are you gonna use a loop of the "Guns of Brixton" bass intro as bumper music?


 Dude, Guns of Brixton is The Clash at their best.
 Paul Simonon is a fighter!
 He's BartCop with a socialistic dental plan. (It's just a joke!}

"When they kick at your front door, how you gonna come?
  With your hands on your head, or on the trigger of your gun?


 When the B.F.E.E. comes for you, are you going to go easy or are you going to go hard?

 This is a war we can't afford to lose.

 Pretty soon, saying "I don't like Smirk," will be a crime.

 Pretty soon, not genuflecting to The Emporer will be a crime.

 One day, if we worship the BFEE, we'll be eligible to buy fresh water from them.

 We up for that?

Where are the Democrats?

"Bart! Stop rocking Dubya's boat!"

 Subject: bartcop radio

 I have been reading your page for some time now and am excited about the launch of bartcop radio.
 Do you have any idea how one might be able to pick up the broadcasts once they begin?

 I am a seasonal worker (golf caddie) and will forward you some "dead presidents" when they begin to roll in.
 Keep hammerin'

 Randall, one day soon, we'll post a URL that all subscribers can click on.
 We'll make the listening easy.


 We need your 30-second MP3s for "bumper music," and vocals are now allowed.
 Remember, we only need 30 seconds.
 (If you send a 35-second clip, that's OK.  Just don't send Ina-Godda-Da-Vida.

 E-mail them to bartcop@bartcop.com   so we can hear them on 
 Now with working link!

 I watched the repeat of The Simpson's 300th episode last night.

 Lisa found a tape of a TV commercial Bart did when he was an infant, and didn't remember doing.
 He asked for his share of the money and Homer said he lost it on bad investments, so Bart sued to
 have himself proclaimed a person who has reached majority status. There's gotta be a better way
 of saying that, but it means he's no longer a minor.

 That's kinda absurd for a nine year old, but Ol' Bart did that when I was 19 years old.

 I didn't agree with any of the decisions that were being made for me at the time, so I hired famed
 Arkansas attorney Bobby Odom, of Niblock, Hipp and Odom, and the way I remember it, I didn't
 even have to go to court. He told the judge I was cool and filed some papers and suddenly I was an adult.

Marty's E! page
 Baron Dave Romm on General George C. Marshall
Jeopardy starts 'Celebrity Week' - Chris 'Tweety' Matthews is on
The 'Bull Durham' party has moved to Brooklyn
The Webby Awards will be held online this year
Paul McCartney considers Michael Jackson 'unusual'
The James Taylor Bridge
GLAAD Media Awards
Saudi Arabia is hosting a telethon for Iraq
And, Antarctica needs plumbers


 Car rental firms pass on misery to customers

  Click  Here

 Chelsea Grogan's car rental paperwork had a surprise $350 surcharge on her bill.
"The customer service department wouldn't return my calls to straighten things out," she said.

 Of all the complaints I hear as National Geographic Traveler's ombudsman, the ones from car rental customers
 are the most disheartening: Tales of agents pushing unnecessary collision-damage-waiver options, trying to
 strong-arm customers into buying upgrades and arbitrarily billing motorists for services they never requested.

 The reason? Rental firms are suffering along with the rest of the travel business. Industry revenues slid from
 $19.4 billion in 2000 to $17.9 billion last year, reports Auto Rental News. In response, car rental companies
 cut fleet sizes by up to 20% during the past year, according to Abrams Consulting Group.

 Meanwhile, franchisees have ratcheted up the pressure on employees to push profitable extras — such as
 fuel-purchase options, insurance and upgrades.

 This is the same problem I had with The Rio in Las Vegas and Best Western Ruby's Inn

 Bush has screwed up Clinton's economic miracle so badly, and Bush had wiped out the savings of so many
 millions of families, that people are forced to prostitute themselves so low that they're willing to join their
 Republican overlords in gouging the innocent in an effort to get back to their Clintontonian level of luxury

 Bush is causing regular Americans to go to war with each other in order to survive the Bush era.
 We're all dogs in a cage, sniping at each other for what little meat is tossed to us.


"I don't consider myself a Republican. Never have. Given what some of the party base represent,
  I'm relieved not to carry that burden. It may be necessary to support Republicans at times - in the
  war on terror, for example, we have precious little choice right now. But no-one should ignore the dark
  thread of big-government intolerance that exists in the G.O.P. It's still there; and it threatens you and me."
   -- Andrew Sullivan, who's been on his knees before Republicans since the first time I heard his name.
      What do you mean you're not a Republican?

 From: marc@perkel.com

 Subject: 7 years

 wow - I just figured out I've been hosting bartcop for about 7 years.

 Time flies

 BartCop does "I'm not worthy" towards Perkel.

 Thanks for all you've done.

 Yesterday, you might've read...

> Lack of time has been my biggest enemy for a while, and with the mail/bookkeeping getting heavier,
> the page upkeep and radio prep are banging heads more than ever. They said Dave probably got shingles
> from too much stress and "shingles" sounds like something the Glock can't kill so I'm afraid of it.


 For the record, ...just so you know, ...I don't do stress.
 I never have, that might have been the Goose talking again.

 I tell stress to eat me.
 Stress is my cellmate bitch, and I'm not even in jail.

 Stress does my laundry on Tuesdays and Fridays.
 Stress will rub my feet if I order it to.
 Stress don't want no part of Ol' BartCop.
 I don't have the patience to deal with shit like stress.

 Time manipulation is what I need to master.
 I will delegate authority to create more hours in the day.
 I have verbal agreements with JulieRB and SamDent to become capos in the BartCop Regime

 What I'm gonna do is compartmentalize stuff, shelve stuff, just like Clinton, but without the oral sex.

 Subject: Re: Letter from Hall of Fame president

 Dear Mr. Petroskey
 By telling me and everyone else this letter has been sent to that “politics has no place in the Hall of Fame”
 when you invited Ari Fleischer to speak Feb 2, 2002 “on life in the White House and the current political scene ”;
 you expose yourself as a shameless hypocrite.


“In his first year Ari Fleischer has had a more demanding job than any White House Press Secretary in history”
 said Hall of Fame President Dale Petroskey. “He has managed to be a candid spokesman for the President
 while clearly and simply articulating the Bush Administration’s goals, both foreign and domestic. We are thrilled
 to welcome him to Cooperstown and hear his perspective on life in the White House and the current political scene
 which of course includes the war on terrorism.”

 Do the right thing.
 Resign from your position immediately, Mr. Petroskey.
 The Hall deserves nothing less.


 Nick Collecchi

 Baseball and Nazis is always a mad mix.

Hits are way up
Prices are way down

argue with me

$80 for two ads, $300 for ten.

 Pause the postwar glee to ask: Were supporters misled?

  Click  Here

 ... the premise on which the White House sold this war to Americans -- Iraq had WMD that were
 a direct threat to us -- has yet to be validated. Some who accepted that are beginning to feel a little bit had.
 If you're going to invade a country without direct provocation, the justification should be ironclad both
 before and after the fact. That point seems to have gotten lost in the general euphoria, which is not to say
 that nothing good came from selectively bombing Iraq to smithereens.

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $10 a month?

 You bet it is.
 I'm going to tear Porky a new one every chance I get - which will be constantly.

 The right has a monopoly on everything but the Internet.

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