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Volume 1069 - Belmont, NV

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 Weekend,   May 17-18, 2003 


"Rove directs his man Bush like no other president in American history has been ordered about
  by an ostensible subordinate. Rove thinks. Bush acts. Rove is politically astute and clever.
  The president is intellectually lazy, and would just as soon pump iron and play video games
  and let others write the script."
      --Bill Gallagher  Bush Plays While Rove Manipulates Fear 

"I'm pretty good at Lady Pac Man."

 Funny Side gives field the red-ass 
  Sports' most exciting two minutes kicks it up a notch
  Will we see a Triple Crown winner on June 7?

"Nothing up my sleeve, American whore press..."

  Click  Here

 Funny Cide barreled down the stretch for a runaway victory and sweet redemption for his jockey
 in the Preakness Stakes on Saturday, setting the stage for a Triple Crown try at Belmont Park in three weeks.

 His powerful finish was something to behold: He won by 9 3/4 lengths — 1/4 length shy of Survivor's 10-length
 victory in the first Preakness, in 1873.   The win moved Funny Cide to the brink of racing immortality
 on June 7 he will attempt to become the 12th Triple Crown champion and first since Affirmed in 1978.

 Funny Cide had pulled even with Peace Rules and then — whoa! — the gelding found another gear and
 left the others reeling in his wake. "This is a wonderful horse. New York, here we come!" Santos said.

 In winning his first Preakness, Santos took a jab at the post-Derby controversy.
"The only machine I had today was the red horse I was riding," Santos said.
 Added Tagg: "Jose is a world-class rider and a world-class human being.
 Those photographers and people in Miami are nuts."

 If you read  bartcop.com  you knew that last week.

 Bartcop Radio is Here!

 Our new membership system is set up and working.
 The move to the new system will take several weeks.
 I became an audio engineer last Thursday, but I only have
 about a few hours of experience, but I'm getting better.

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 Check below for the semi-premier of 


"I have found President Roh of South Korea to be an easy man to talk to.
  He expresses opinions very clearly and it's easy to understand."
     --Dubya, expressing relief about his ability to have a conversation with an adult

 They told Roh to speak slowly and use small words and short sentences.

 Why The Bushes Will Never Hire Linda Tripp 

  Click  Here

 Back in the first Bush presidency Linda Tripp was stationed down the hall from the Oval Office.
 She somehow caught wind on a long known but well-kept Washington secret:
 George Bush Sr. had a "special" relationship with a staffer named Jennifer Fitzgerald.

 In fact, Bush had been "very close" to this Jennifer beginning in Peking back in the days when
 Bush was our delegate to Red China. So close, in fact, that Barbara Bush had come home
 to D.C. in a state of "depression."

 ...and since Bush is a Republican, the press covered up his tawdry affair for all these years.
 The "liberal" press has covered up for Republicans for over a decade, while fabricating crap
 about Bill Clinton and the New York Whore Times is at the top of the list.

 They covered up for Poppy Bush.
 They covered up for Newt Gingrich.
 They covered up for Bob Livingston.
 They covered up for Bob Barr.
 They covered up for Dan Burton.
 They covered up for Henry Hyde.
 They covered up for the Unelected Pinhead and continue to this day.

 The Whore Times rats out Clinton,
 but they protect and defend the GOP?

 It is such bullshit that the NYWT fired that reporter for lying when they are a coven of liars.
 The Old Gray Whore exists to make money - period - and in the Drudge-Limbaugh world
 we're stuck in, the whores are making lots of money.      They disgust me.


"That domestic intelligence capabilities would be used for partisan political purposes should be deeply
 disturbing to this committee and to all Americans. We created the Department of Homeland Security
 to track down terrorists, not law abiding citizens." 
   -- Texas Rep. Jim Turner  Trooper told DPS Laney's plane might have crashed

 John Fund defended by Eric Alterman
  A report from MWO

  Click  Here  for the superior, original MWO version

  Click  Here  for the inferior, forever version

 John Fund admits he was part of the effort to smear Sidney Blumenthal by peddling the lie
 that Mr. Blumenthal had abused his wife.  As far as we're concerned, Fund finding himself
 subject of the same allegations is not only fair and just, but beautifully and practically divinely so,
 regardless of the accuracy of the charges he faced.

 We contend that there are few if any tactics remaining the left is not justified in employing these days.
 We're at war.

"Hi, I'm John Fund.
 I beat women - got any?"

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"The United States will find the killers, and they will learn the meaning of American justice,"
  said George. Will they learn this meaning the way Osama bin Laden, still alive and free
  after almost two years, has learned it? Will they learn it the way Saddam Hussein, still
  alive and free as well, has learned it? Thousands and thousands of Iraqi and Afghan civilians
  have learned what justice means to George W. Bush. It means a terrible grinding death
  in the dirt while the real killers get away."
     --William Rivers Pitt,   Blowback in Riyadh 

 Ad depicts Rumsfeld, Saddam
  Berkeley group uses real photo to show U.S. once backed Iraqi leader

  Click  Here

 A Berkeley-based peace group intends to place advertisements depicting Rumsfeld
 shaking hands with Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein in mass transit systems from coast to coast.

 The photo is real -- it was taken Dec. 20, 1983, when Rumsfeld, then a special envoy for Reagan,
 visited Saddam to discuss U.S. support for Iraq in its war with Iran. California Peace Action and i
 ts sister Peace Education Fund incorporated the photo into an ad emblazoned with the words,
"Who are we arming now?

"U.S. troops die for the failures of policy makers," the ad says.

 Thanks to Isaac

 Subject: I think we are in for a long ride!

 This might be the scariest election ever.
 Think about it, with the back drop of that Fighter Jet and the wearing of the costume.
 Every ignorant flag waving baboon in the country will herd like sheep to the polls.

 And if by some strange twist an actual opposition runner appears to have a chance.
 The election will surly be canceled do to National Security concerns.


 BD, good point.

 Over half of America thinks Saddam destroyed the World Trade Centers.
 Bush is intentionally lying to the idiots and to the people who don't have time
 to check websites that tell the truth like  bartcop.com.

 And since the networks and newspapers and talk radio are all in on the lie,
 and the Democrats are too damn scared to raise their voices, even when it counts,
 America could vote for this treasury-raping liar due to "safety" concerns.


"Five times a day, bin Laden thanks Allah
  for giving him George W. as an adversary."
      --  Zepp

 From: mark g

 Subject: the reason WHY you are getting paypal cancellations
 Since you sound curious as to why it may be happening, here's the deal.

 You made a big thing out of the two soldiers on Dave.
 That's why.

 You made a big deal over Jessica Lynch.
 That's why.

 Mark, I hate to hear you talk that way, because it plays into the Rush/FOX stereotype of the
 military hating, Kumbaya, turn-the-other cheek flowerchild crap that makes us lose elections.
 When swing voters say "Liberals can't be trusted to defend America, and Republicans
 must be in charge for our safety," they're thinking about liberals like you.

 A lot of liberals out here hate when you turn into a "Frank Burns".

 A lot of liberals need to have their minds changed, but do they have the courage to stand up
 for their beliefs and defend them in a friendly debate?  Do you have that kind of courage?

 How about this Bart...write about something else...if good ol' boy (and girl) soldiers make you
 so happy, at least spare the rest of us.

 Mark, you're not making any sense.  "Good ol' soldiers" don't make me happy. Being free from
 foreign invaders makes me happy.  Let me ask you - before you go to sleep at night, do you check
 to see that the front door is locked?  If you're smart you do, because defense will save your life.
 You think defense around the house is good, but national defense isn't necessary?
 You seem to be blaming the men following orders instead of the Chimp who gave them.
 You're not about to tell friend (the military) from foe (Bush), and that makes you dangerous.

 We could care less about one "good" story that will never erase all the continuing bad.
 Leave the military glorying and praising for Frank and Margaret.  They were better at it anyway.

 Would you feel that way if you grew up with one of the POWs who were on Letterman?
 If you were his next door neighbor, you wouldn't be happy that he made it out alive?
 If your dad or uncle was military, you'd hate them, too?

 Many of us who loathe the military (no BC waffling for me on that one) pack heat.
 So don't think this is sent from some Nor'east turtleneck librul...
 I love my guns and hate the goddamned military.
 For good reasons on both issues.


 ha ha

 You can't be serious!
 You own guns so you can defend yourself - that makes sense.
 But hating the military means you think our borders should not be defended.
 Do you have any way to explain yourself?

 It sounds like you'd rather shoot the invaders yourself, rather than hiring trained men to
 stop the threat as they try to cross our borders. That means YOU want to BE the military.
 All I want to do is support them, so you're to my right on this issue.

 I hope you're young, and this is merely a phase out of which you can mature.

 And if you still think you have a legit point and want to make it, let's go a few minutes
 in a debate room so you can more fully explain that which I've certainly misunderstood.

Please visit our sponsors.

 Subject: Has O'REILLY Apologized Yet?

 Somebody posted on an internet discussion board that Bill O'REILLY said he would
 apologize to the nation and not trust the BUSH administration again if no WMD were found.

 If he had kept his word it would have made news.  S
 o, the question is, "O'REILLY.....?"  We're waiting.


 Lexis-Nexis verified his quote from Good Morning America, (March 18, 2003):
”And I said on my program, if, if the Americans go in and overthrow Saddam Hussein and it's clean,
 he has nothing, I will apologize to the nation, and I will not trust the Bush Administration again…"

 John Garza

 Bill O'Reilly is a bought-and-paid-for FOX whore.  His word cannot be trusted.
 Ditto-monkeys pay his multi-million dollar salary, and he's not going to give that up for "integrity."
 That's not what whores do.

 Subject: W files for 2004 election

  Click  Here

 If I were a betting man, I would love to take side bets on who will be the first candidate,
 Democratic or otherwise, to call Georgie to task about his failure as a pResident, his failure
 as a world leader, his failure as an economic leader, his absence from duty as an alleged
 TANG fighter pilot, his dirty dealings with Enron et al., and his insistence that we murder
 Iraq and steal their oil while forgoing due process with the UN.

 To name but a few.

 Who'll be the first one to hold Gee Duh's feet to the fire on his Reign of Error?
 Who will make Jenius accountable for his actions for the first time in his life?

 On the other hand, I have to say that if the Governor could somehow put the economy back
 the way he found it and basically do in the next year and a half what the Big Dog did for eight years
 - focus on the economy and the American people, duh - I might consider voting for him.

 First, though, I would have to wait until the last purple monkey has finished flying out of my ass.

 Jeff W

 The West Wing finale (w/spoilers)

  Click  Here

 Aaron Sorkin went out with a bang, didn't he?

 Washington Whispers 
     by Paul Bedard

 Attacks on Heinz Kerry may unlock ketchup cash

 Uh-oh, now they've done it. Critics of Teresa Heinz Kerry's unorthodox and outspoken views
 have the fabulously rich wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry reaching for her
 $550 million can of whup-ass.  Originally reserved to counter GOP sniping at her hubby,
 Heinz Kerry is now open to spending some of her ketchup fortune on a counterattack.
"The assumption," says a friend, "was always that the attacks would be on him, not her."

 But now: "The attacks on her have exponentially increased the likelihood of her tapping the fortune."
 Heinz Kerry, previously married to ketchup heir Sen. John Heinz, who died in a plane crash, has
 been ridiculed by Republicans for recent statements promoting Botox treatments, prenuptial
 agreements, and feeding rabbits to kids. One critic compared her to egomaniac Donald Trump,
 calling Mrs. H.K. "the Teresa." If Republicans don't shut up, warns one of her friends, she'll give
 Kerry a war chest that would dwarf anything President Bush could collect. "It would be George
 Bush's worst nightmare," says the friend.

 Thanks to Pete Fascistan

Just released!

Click on banner for more

"America's Nightmare is an important book and needs to be widely read.”
-- Peter Phillips, Associate Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University and Director of Project Censored


"The American people getting tax cuts does not cause deficits.
  The American people receiving tax cuts does not cause the national
  debt to double, triple or even increase. That’s economics 101.”
      --Rush, the lying vulgar Pigboy, who doesn't want you to see this graph


 Subject: media


 Thank you for getting the truth out about Bush's power grab.
 I no longer watch the corporate propaganda machines that are also called Network News.
 If I want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, I ask Bart.

 Keep up the good work!


Marty's E! page
Geraldo's 5th wedding will be a religious one
Ted Nugent lost a gig
No 'Miss Venezuela' in Miss Universe - and it's political
Arcata, CA, has condemned the 'Patriot Act'
Comcast aired porn instead of QVC
Charo is suing


New Zeppelin Package Brings Piece of 'Heaven'
  by cliche master Jim Farber, The New York Daily News, May 15, 2003

  Click  Here

Welcome to the blood sport that was live Led Zeppelin in its prime. On May 27, the world will get
a lengthy reminder of the band's power when its surviving members release the mother of all concert packages.

By refusing to follow set paths, Zep wound up blazing a host of new ones. Communication Breakdown begat speed metal.
Stairway to Heaven created the power ballad. The Crunge blueprinted the kind of funk-rock played by everyone from the
Red Hot Chili Peppers to Rage Against the Machine. Led Zeppelin also started experimenting with what became known as
"world beat" music as far back as 1969's Black Mountain Side.

 The group has no regrets, however, about its legendary sexual exploits of the time.
"I was carrying the flag of hedonism," Page declares. "And I marched forth."

     A Democrat fights back
     Fiction,    by Mike Palecek

  Joe Coffee tells his wife that he’s thinking about running for Congress.
"Coffee Joe" speaks out against prisons and the military and no one takes him seriously  - at first.
 Soon, terrified establishment politicians try to stop him.

 Joe Coffee’s Revolution provides a refreshing alternative perspective.

  Click  Here  to order your copy today.

 [Palecek is a former reporter, federal prisoner, and seminarian.]

 Also by Mike Palecek:   Click  Here

 Subject: Question about BC Radio

 Hey BC,

 Disregard my last email about subscriptions. I do have a question about what format
 BC Radio will be in (.mp3, Real Audio, etc). I hacked my Xbox so that it can play
 streaming audio from the Internet, that way I can listen to stuff on my home stereo
 instead of my shitty $10 PC speakers.

 However, the Xbox can only handle certain audio formats, so hopefully BC Radio will be in one of those.

 BTW, when you say it's "hours away," are we talking live-on-the-air callers, etc,
 or the streaming prerecorded mp3s?


 Dude, great question!

 The answer is ...I'm a blind man stumbling thru a room full of thick, black, choking smoke.
 My desire to transmit tequila treehouse-ism to the masses is greater than my techinical ability
 with internet audio streaming, file management, bit rates and complicated manual instructions.
 I'm the guy who writes the lame-ass jokes, the techie part mostly eludes me.

 The production end of BartCop Radio is what has taken so long.
 If I had someone to twist the knobs and help with the grunt work, someone who knew what they were doing,
 BCR would've been up long before now, but we have what we have so let me explain this first show.

 Friday morning I grabbed the USA Today and did an hour on its contents.  I tried to do some post-production work,
 and if I stayed with it until it was finished it would've been ready June 1, so most of this is just raw talk without much else.
 Tommy Mack says he'd be my producer, and that means things would run smooth as Chinaco Anejo Extra-Aged,
 but that can only happen after we move from K-Drag, Oklahoma to Los Angeles.
 But, ..because I am certain that dozens of people are tired of my endless, "It won't be long now,"
 I offer this experiment:

 Friday morning, without a pre-glance, I picked up the USA Today and did a live, 65-minute rant  on it.
 The result could be mildly entertaining, but it might also take some forgiveness.

 I took my first audio engineer lesson f-ing Thursday.
 I'm a 2, ...my teacher was a 10, ...and I'm climbing my first cliff.

 This whole   thing had to arrive sooner or later (It's been later).

 Is this an example of a typical BCR show?
 No.  We don't even know what a typical show will be yet.
 All this is, is something besides "BCR is Coming Soon."

 We're all very tired of hearing how BCR is "just around the corner,"
 so while this isn't what you'd call great work, maybe you'll see some potential.
 Also, these contain the new "Instant listen" technology, so the clips start right away.
 You pay nothing extra for that.
 Click  Here  to listen to Part One, 23 minutes, which is mostly the "Hello" and the front page.

 Click  Here  to listen to Part Two, Six Minutes, the Money Section.

 Click  Here  to listen to Part Three, 22 Minutes, on Sports,

 Click  Here  to listen to Tally Briggs, 2 minutes, the Weather Vixen's report.

  Visit her page at  geocities.com/bcrweathervixen

 I thought her piece was embedded in one of the sections, but there have been so many remixes
 and format conversions that my head is spinning, so I'm just making sure it gets in the first show.

 Click  Here  to listen to Part Four, 13 Minutes, Travel and Entertainment

 Click  Here  to listen to Part Five, 13 Minutes, the News

 Call  918-493-1500- you have two minutes to rant away.

 Did anything make you mad today?

Tell us about it!     918-493-1500

  Click  Here   to donate large.


 From: carson koch

 Deep down the bart knows that they are in serious trouble. I used to argue with an
 ultra-left friend and now all I have to do is say--what are the three issues that define the dems?
 ...that will shut up any demo-crat including the bart.

1. Fighting for the civil rights of the little guys
2. Fighting for the economy, not trying to kill it so the super rich can buy cheap,
3. Fighting for smaller government.

 The dems became quite complacent during those two score years when all media was lib.
 Now that the national media is approaching parity they are on the run. I dont remember
 exactly how Ann Coulter put it, but it was something to the effect that the liberals used to
 control the media and were accustomed to attacking without any possible defense.

 First, Ann Coulter is the most rabid bitch on either team.  Quoting her just makes you look stupid-er.
 Second, why do you pretend the right has never had a voice?  Was Novak born yesterday?
 Was McLaughlin?  Was the vulgar Pigboy? Was William F Buckley? Pat Buchanan was on
 Crossfire a decade ago. Why do you insist on repeating the lie that the right has never been
 able to tell their side until now? For whom is that lie intended?

 Even when the Repubs tried to defend themselves the lib media would simply not provide
 them any reasonable forum. She then said something like--the liberals are just beginning to
 find out what its like when people understand the issues...just aint no fun when the rabbits got the gun!

 You're saying that the reason the Democrats won the last three populat votes for president
 is because people today understand more about the issues?  Is that why Bush had to srteal power?
 Because the voters knew better than to trust two greasy oil slicks with delusions of godhood?
 Why can't you tell the truth?

 Has anybody seen the bridge?

 We have received a lot of great mortar, but I can't tell from whom.
 The files that started with "sw" are extra good, as are the B.F.E.E. promo songs
 At this point, I guess all I can do is play some and say,
"Whoever sent this needs to send more because that's killer work."

 Some were obviously done by professionals, and we need tons more like those.

 Send your batches of snappy liners to 

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