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Volume 1070 - Cake or Death?

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 Monday,   May 19, 2003 


"The price of gas has fallen about twenty cents lately in my area. About 200 American
  armed service members died for this, along with a still-to-be determined number of Iraqis.
  At this rate, if we could kill another fourteen hundred native sons, you could drive for free.
    -- Mike Duncan, weeklylowdown.com

"What can I say? Oil makes the world go 'round."

 Forked Tongued Fleischer Sacked by Team Bush 

  Click  Here

"I've decided my time has come to leave the White House," Fleischer lied in a telephone interview.
 Fleischer said he would continue to lie for the illegal, unelected administration until July.

Bartcop Radio is here, kinda...

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"You don't have a television?
  What do you point your furniture at?"
    -- Joey Tribiani, on Friends

 Bart, for what it's worth...

 Tried the radio downloads with aol version 6.0 browser & got the message -
"The current playlist file has no valid files in it.  Please check to make sure that it is not corrupt" - except for Tally's.

 Then, I got 'An error has occurred attempting to open the URL. The stream could no be played.'

 At this point, I opened the Bill Gates m.s.i.e. browser, and everything opened & played just fine.

 Yeah, I hate aol.


 The first practice radio show generated three e-mails.
 Three, out of dozens of readers.

 One you just read,
 one said, "RM files don't work on a Mac," (they're MP3s)
 and one that said, "Lay off New Jersey."
 Maybe I should've made a larger 'Click  Here,' sign with flashing  and ,
 ...or maybe it just wasn't good enough to merit a "Ho hum."

 I remember three years ago, when 8000 hits was a lot in one day, only 280 people clicked on
 the historical perspective I put together for the 20th Anniversary of John Lennon's murder.

 That told me one of two things must be true:
97 percent of Democrats have no interest in John Lennon, or
Democrats are still trying to figure out how to click on a link

 Graduates walk out on bigot Santorum

  Click  Here

 About 100 graduates walked out of Sunday's commencement at Saint Joseph's University before
 the keynote address by Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Hates Gays), who recently infuriated gay groups
 and others with derogatory remarks about homosexual behavior.

"Senator Santorum and I are at completely opposite ends of the spectrum," said graduate Sara
 Foglesong, among those who walked out. "I am not incestuous. I am not a bigamist. I just happen
 to be bisexual. It offended me."


"Mr. Bush strikes heroic poses on TV, but his administration neglects anything that isn't photogenic."
     --Paul Krugman,  Paths of Glory

 CrimQuips by Barry Crimmins

  Click  Here

 The Bush rallies where he appears flanked by military hardware are meant to remind us that he
 is a strong president who would happily attack St. Louis if anyone in that city questioned his tax cut.

 It was nice to see Payton Manning out supporting the court-appointed president's tax cut the other day.
 His presence proves that not just CEO's will benefit from the plan, it would also help an NFL' quarterback
 scraping by on a 2002 salary of $10.3 million.(figure does not include endorsements and other revenues)

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"Democracy, the modern world's holy cow, is in crisis ... every kind of outrage is being committed in the
  name of democracy. It has become little more than a hollow word, a pretty shell, emptied of all content
  or meaning. Democracy is the Free World's whore, willing to dress up, dress down,  willing to satisfy a
  whole range of tastes, available to be used and abused at will. Free elections, a free press and an
  independent judiciary mean little when the free market means they are on sale to the highest bidder."
      -- Author Arundhati Roy,   Democracy is the Free World's Whore

 If you Click  Here  Bart will write anything on the blackboard

"I will not call Bush a moron."

 Subject: "nigger"

 Hey Bart,

 Why do you use this word?
 Is it really necessary to make your point?

 Seriously, I'm open minded.
 Let me know your thoughts.


 Matt, mostly, I use it to remind people of the blatant disgust the GOP has for blacks.
 Secondly, as John Lennon once said, "It's a word, ...like 'shoe.' "
 It has a meaning, it has a purpose. For my purposes, it's more accurate.

No Bush in 2004
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"We are all called to love one another, even people we disagree with,
   even people who hate us for what we believe."
      --Sen. Rick Santorum, (R-Gay-hating bastard) Saint Joseph's University

 If you believe in God, why would you hate the children He chose to make gay?

is coming soon

 Yukon Bill is putting together the financial page.  If you want to help,
 (He needs bureau chief types ) contact him at  willstein@inamongus.com

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 Susan McDougal
  Big-time LA talk radio lib interviews The Woman Who Wouldn't Talk

  Click  Here

 And our last segment was begun the way it always does, with the Sid Vicious version of "My Way"
 (from The Great Rock and Roll Swindle) and me screaming over it, begging Sid to shut up.
 Susan looked at me and said, in semi-horror, asking  "Where am I?"

 I told her we were all on acid, but because it was California, citric acid, and not to worry.
 That got a nervous chuckle out of her and Mr. Harris. But, the show is very rock and roll and so
 is Ms. MacD--for one segment,  I use theDictators "Who Will Save Rock and Roll?"
 and she was bopping to it.    She has good taste.

 From:  Dave Border    dborder76@rcn.com

 fuck you,
 fuck your mother the whore,
 your father the basterd, and
 your xxxxxxxx wife

 Dave Border
 New Jersey

 If Bush is not a fascist, why does he fit the profile?

  Click  Here

Al Qaeda in Morocco,
Al Qaeda in Israel,
Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia,
Al Qaeda in Israel, again,

..and where is the leader of the free world?

Preening like a seven year old on f-ing Halloween,
telling us how he and Rummy won the war on terror.

I'm so old, I remember when America had dignity,
and was respected by nations around the world.


 No longer is it enough, in these United States, to simply cast your vote
 and assume a fair and honest election result.

 With the election "debacle" of the year 2000, and disturbing evidence of computer voting problems in
 the 2002' mid-term elections, we cannot be caught sitting idle and leaving our Democracy to chance.

 In 2002 the Voter News Service suddenly halted exit polling. Consequently, we do not have a reliable
 or effective way to monitor the trends and results of the most basic components of our Democracy.

 Or, we can trust the Bush Family Evil Empire, because it's cartain that evil men
 would never commit crimes or kill the innocent just take over the world's oil.

 Radio complaint

 One fella posted on the BartCop Forum:

 The only issue I have so far is that he gave over 1/2 hour total to Sports
 Note: The Sports and Travel section was 22 minutes long.

 Sure, I like the horses, they race all of three days a year.
 But the bigger point is the politics of sports.

 What was talked about in that section?

Tiger Woods, "I got mine, screw the minorities,"
The whore media trying to fabricate a scandal with Funny Cide,
     to distract people from the Bush problems you mentioned,
The fact that the NFL won't hire black coaches,
The GOP greed that runs college football,
The rich, white male won't play golf with a woman,
How football players get elected to congress
Jefferson's wall between church & state,
The narcs who work for Amtrack

 The other point is that the rants were separated by topic.
 You can skip over the parts you have no interest in.

 But if you say there's too much sports, you're the customer and you're right.

 Best error message ever

 Click  Here

 Subscriber Buys FTW Full Page Ad in Wash Post
  Leaked Copy May Have Forced Resignation of Army Secretary White

  Click  Here

 From The Wilderness today ran a full-page ad in the front section of The Washington Whore Post
 intended to educate the American people, support heroic leaders and promote a number of independent
 media outlets which have made important contributions since 9/11. The ad was the direct result of a
 donation from a subscriber who had saw FTW Publisher Mike Ruppert's video "The Truth and Lies of 9-11".

 Damn, I wish  bartcop.com  had wealthy readers.
 That full page ad was $22,000.

Just released!

Click on banner for more

"America's Nightmare is an important book and needs to be widely read.”
-- Peter Phillips, Associate Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University and Director of Project Censored


"I supported the president when he asked for authority to stand up against WMD in Iraq,
  but we can't be forever strong abroad if we don't keep getting better at home."
    -- Big Dog, Tougaloo College

 The Darkening of The American Dream
  Here we go again, an overextended military overseas, a depressed
  economy at home, and the darkening of the American Dream.
      by Stewart Nusbaumer

  Click  Here

 There was a time when the American Dream told a religious story, the Puritans sought not material independence
 but spiritual freedom.  Later the American Dream spoke of one nation, a national freedom imbued with the romantic
 notion of country first and self second. World Wars I and II come to mind. Always there has been an emphasis in
 the Dream on individualism, even when the reality was clearly the opposite. The American Dream today is little more
 than the material possessions one can gather, little more than the United States of wealth. Still, it helps us to identify
 with each other and not go after each other's throats, most of the time.

  From:  John Pastorok

  Subject: bush never awol!!

  Click  Here

Marty's E! page
Baron Dave Romm on 'How To Write A Letter To The Editor'
Bill Clinton at Tougaloo College
Condi Rice is passionate about tennis
Lisa Marie Presley at Wango Tango
100 left Rick Santorum's speech, 'a handful' left Phil Donahue's
Adam Rich copped a plea
And, 'Les Miz' closes after 16 years


 Subject: Confused about Bartcop Radio

 We have been subscribing to Bartcop at the five dollar rate for some time now.
 Does that qualify us to listen to your radio show or is the radio subscription separate?
 You are not being exactly clear about what the rules are.


 Bill, everything depends.  If you were a $5 PayPal subscriber before the rate hike, you're IN.
 But, some people have been mailing $5 in each (?) month, and I can't sign them up to the new system
 without an e-mail address.  And there are many other factors, for instance,  I don't know who you are.
 I have "Bill," and your e-mail address, but I'll need to match that with each day's incoming subscriptions.

 I could list all the problems I'm having with
  keeping up the page and
  learning to engineer a mixing board and
  the giant buzz in my AM radio receiver
  the new multi-track software that's more complicated than Chinese arithmatic and
  re-locating and editing the BartPhone calls and
  trying to transcribe dozens of names without e-mails and dozens of e-mails without names,
 but you've all heard me complain too much lately..

What works easiest for me is if PayPal subscribers would transfer their subscription to 2Checkout.
    If you have a $10 with PayPal, everything works out ducky.
    If you have a $5 with PayPal, please continue, and send me an e-mail to bartcop@bartcop.com
    with CHANGE MY SUBSCRIPTION in the subject header.
    If you have a higher-than-$10 subscription with PayPal, (not many of those) you could, for example,
    sign up with 2Checkout and change your $17 PayPal to a $5 or $10.

 Odds are it will take a rotation of 30 days to complete this.
 Each time I get a subscription, I'll enroll that person in the 2Checkout system and by June 18 we'll be OK.

 It's important that you know:
 The goal here is not to squeeze every possible nickel out of every Democrat, but if my stalkers convince me that
 they've been sending $5 a month thru the mail, they can post their new login name and password on Freepweenie.com
 and repeatedly download the biggest files and put us out of business. . We need to avoid that.

 In closing (crowd does the wave) if you, the reader can handle the change yourself, we could have more radio faster
 than if I play secretary when I'm trying to catch up. But if you've been paying, or if you sent a lump sum for the year,
 which some people have, send me that e-mail with  CHANGE MY SUBSCRIPTION  in the subject header and
 some clues about what you sent and when because I want you to get what you paid for.

 I'm dancing as fast as I can.

     A Democrat fights back
     Fiction,    by Mike Palecek

  Joe Coffee tells his wife that he’s thinking about running for Congress.
"Coffee Joe" speaks out against prisons and the military and no one takes him seriously  - at first.
 Soon, terrified establishment politicians try to stop him.

 Joe Coffee’s Revolution provides a refreshing alternative perspective.

  Click  Here  to order your copy today.

 [Palecek is a former reporter, federal prisoner, and seminarian.]

 Also by Mike Palecek:   Click  Here

 Subject: Your problem with Bill Bennett

 As a regular reader of your column I must say I thoroughly enjoy your insight,
 your sense of humor and absolutely delight with your sarcasm.

 Thank you.

 However, I do not understand your problem with Bill Bennett.
 So the man plays slots.  So he plays at a level we cannot comprehend.
 But there is nothing about this that is evenly remotely illegal or immoral.

 I never said there was.
 Nobody  Few people enjoy going to Vegas as much as Mrs Bart and me.

 It is HIS choice to spend HIS money as he wishes.
 This is not money stolen from the government or from the public.
 Why is he not allowed the freedom to 'gamble' his own money?

 I didn't say he wasn't allowed to gamble.
 Are you sure you're asking the questions you intended to ask?

 This should be an issue between him and his family only.
 Do we have the right to interfere or judge him?

 You hit the nail right on the head!
 Bill Bennett appointed himself America's Moral Crusader.
 The ONLY reason he could afford to lose $8,000,000 gambling is because he made
 $50,000 a speech by giving holier-than-thou speeches on self control and the reasons why
 instant gratification is what was sending everyone to hell and electing evil Democrats..

 When Pamela Anderson gets naked for Playboy, that's different than when Laura Schlessinger,  moral crusader
 who screams "Whore!" at every woman having sex out of marriage, dropped her panties and spread her knees
 this.......................................................................................wide for some shack-up honey's camera.

 If he only gambled a few hundred dollars would that still make him unethical?

 I'm just saying yes because I don't like the son of a bitch.

 Help me understand why this man's personal life is such an issue.
 If this is a witch hunt, is this the best you can do?

 Tulsa Tyme

 His personal life is an issue because he made everyone else's personal life his business.
 How many millions did this whore make using Clinton's zipper as monkey bait?

 There's nothing wrong with gambling.  I lost $40,000 in the Hard Rock Island club I owned.
 I've never come close to losing even $500 in a casino. Years ago, when I had money, I bought
 AOL when it was at $100 - you think that wasn't a gamble?

 As far as payback and gets-what's-coming-to-him, this ranks up there with Bob Barr getting caught paying
 for an abortion and Gingrich and Livingston resigning in disgrace for sex shenanigans WHILE they were
 impeaching the best president we ever had over some nothing, semi-sorta sex.

 The Doctor Laura Grand Canyon pics and Smirk's impeachment are the only things better.

 Call  918-493-1500- you have two minutes to rant away.

 Did anything make you mad today?

Tell us about it!     918-493-1500

  Click  Here   to donate large.

 Subject: Led Zeppelin

 On C-span this afternoon........
 Gov. Dean opened his Town Hall meeting with ..... When The Levee Breaks

 The man is it.
 Mo Bud

 I saw that speech late last night, he was great!

 Has anybody seen the bridge?

 Send your batches of snappy liners to 

 Subject: Some comments about anti-military Marc

 Dear Bart,
 I understand your point.
 It was quite clear that you were just happy that the Letterman POWs were alive and home.

 Maybe Marc was upset that applause was given for these soldiers by you, the same as it is elsewhere.
 I think his view is that we shouldn't have been at war and that we don't need applause over the war
 coming from someone we trust. I don't think Marc was making that distinction.

 This example may be too intense for some, but think of a soldier as an FBI marksman. Let's say an unstable man
 with a gun grabs a classroom full of kids, and the experts say the best way to save them is to take the guy out.
 Assuming that decision is made with good intentions, if the order is given to take him out, I think the marksman
 needs to do his job. He doesn't need the reasons explained to him. He doesn't have a vote in the decision to fire.
 He's here because he's the best and I stand behind him if he has to pull that trigger.

 But if the people giving the orders are corrupt oilmen who stole their way into power, and their decisions are not
 made with good intentions, you still can't blame the soldier for showing up and doing his duty.

 I think Marc feels like you let him down.  If Marc were to go back and re-read the column, I hope he
 would understand what you were saying as opposed to what I believe Mark read into what you were saying.

 It's just not rational to hate the people who protect us.  If not for our military, "Ich bin Ein Baghdadder."
 The military is not a threat when run by a rational, intelligent person who has some experience with responsibility.
 I wish I could get someone to argue the point with me. (I'd be nice.)    If you don't like Bush's disasterous policies,
 but you still gotta stand behind the guys who are offering up their lives for this job.   More in a second...

 About Private Lynch, though, I hope you're catching the stories in The Guardian and on the BBC about the "rescue."

 ...but that's my point!

 She laid in a nasty-ass Iraqi hospital with broken bones for 10-11 days while we bombed the area.
 I promise - you can't hardly get more scared than that.
 And if Team Bush tooted the showboat too loud during her rescue, we can't hold that against her.
 Christ, if that's my broken ass laying in Iraqi hospital, come get me and I don't care if Jennifer Liberto helps.
 (Aren't you glad I'm sparing you her picture this time?)

 Anyway, by dropping down to rice as a daily staple, I'm able to afford to send something to Kerry's campaign
 (I'm for Kerry right now but for anyone who can defeat Bush in Nov. 2004) so hopefully I'll be able to send
 a few bucks to you as well.

 Jake, please don''t do that.

 I don't want anybody sacrificing to send money as long as I can afford my Chinaco Anejo.
 If there comes a time when I cannot afford my Chinaco, I will ask others to sacrifice.

 )...just trying to put a light end to a very heavy subject.)

 I've always said,
"Send me your hooker money, your cocaine money, your Bill Bennett gambling dollars."

 Keep up the great work and thank you,

 Jake, I enjoy the exchange of ideas...

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