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Volume 1071 - Goodbye Buffy

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 Tuesday,   May 20, 2003 


"If Bush comes up with WMD or tons of nerve gas, he has my vote,
  but it looks like I'll be voting for a Democrat next year.
    --- E-mailer on Crossfire, which used to be on when people could see it,
          so CNN switched it to the middle of the day, when people work.

"I could've sworn Saddam had some weapons.
 Oh well, no harm - no foul, right?"

   "I agree, Mr President."

 Bush Pentagon missing a trillion dollars 
  That's "trillion" with a "T," I'll bet the BFEE got half of that

  Click  Here

 A Defense Department study says the Pentagon couldn't account for more than a trillion dollars
 in monies spent. A GAO report found Defense inventory systems so lax that the U.S.
 Army lost track of 56 airplanes, 32 tanks, and 36 Javelin missile command launch-units.

Oh, they did not!

 Rummy had those planes and equipment shipped overseas to Adnon Khashoggi who sold them to various
 up & coming "Hitlers" who each will have to be stopped in the Middle East wars of 2005 and 2008.
 The B.F.E.E. will split that money with Khashoggi who will kick some back up to the Carlyle Group
 which is also owned by Poppy Bush. The Bush bastards are stealing money from 20 different directions.

 Hell, for all we know, this was the real reason for the war-for-no-reason.  The B.F.E.E. wanted to steal a
 trillion, so Junior fakes a war and who but the government can track those hundreds of ships and planes?

 This is a continuation of the biggest money grab in history and the press says Funny Cide's jockey
 is the real scandal that we need to watch - that and Clinton's zipper..


"Watching "The Matrix Reloaded" can only refresh your appreciation of Karl Rove, who understands
  the power of archetypal myths...His TV wizards lined up the Bush profile perfectly with the presidents
  on Mount Rushmore to make him the fifth head; they trained giant sports stadium lights on the Statue
  of Liberty when Mr. Bush spoke on Ellis Island; and they make sure the message of the day —
  "Helping Small Business" or "Mission Accomplished" — blares behind his head. (Imagine Abe Lincoln
  with a backdrop endlessly repeating: "End Slavery Now.")
      --Maureen Dowd - she hates everybody


 Don't you find it a bit queer that NASA is ready to issue it's report on
 the shuttle accident that claimed the lives of seven individuals, but the
 US Corporment has yet to issue a report on the twin towers?


 Bradley, that's because Bush has nothing to hide concerning the shuttle

 Whoops, I spoke too soon.  Remember, you can't put anything past crooks
 with unlimited money and power who are backed by the CIA.

 NASA board paid to ensure secrecy

  Click  Here

 Civilian members of the board investigating the Columbia disaster -- outsiders who
 were added to reassure Congress and the public that the board would be fully independent
 of the space agency -- are actually being paid executive-level salaries by NASA.

 The agency quietly put the five civilians on the NASA payroll, at pay rates of $134,000 a year,
 in order to take advantage of provisions that allow boards composed exclusively of "federal
 employees" to conduct their business in secret.

 The press treats the B.F.E.E.'s obsession with secrecy as some "cute quirk."
 Meanwhile, $11 trillion is missing from the Treasury and nobody cares?

 Saddam Plotting Return to Power, Ex-Generals Say
  Monkey 'President' hasn't had one success since he stole his way into office

  Click  Here

"Saddam is hiding with a small group that probably includes his two sons," said Yassiri, who helped lead
 a rebellion against Saddam in 1991. Saddam was trying to spread chaos in Iraq, which is now under the
 control of the U.S. forces that ousted him last month after three weeks of war.

"Saddam Hussein prepared for every eventuality, including the total collapse of his regime. He does not
 leave anything to chance and has ample means of communication," Yassiri said.

 Once Bush bombed Baghdad, the people had no choice but to trust him to get rid of Saddam, but this
 monkey can't do anything right. All he wanted was that oil, and he's got it, so he doesn't care what
 Saddam does to those people.   Screwed by Bush II is the worst nightmare of the Iraqi people..

 Subject: Nancy Reagan & 9/11??

 Re the following news item:

"Acting Navy Secretary Hansford T. Johnson presented Mrs. Reagan with the Distinguished Public Service Award.
 A citation recognized her "poise and bearing" in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. "

 Did I miss something that Nancy Reagan did in the aftermath of 9/11?
 If this isn't a slap in the face to all those who suffered and lost loved ones during 9/11, I don't know what is.


 Carol, I'm not sure, but I think I remember someone telling me that they give that award
 to the wives of traitors who sold weapons to terrorists, then lied about it under oath.

 VCR Alert

 JAG ends the season with Catherine Bell blown up an an SUV,
 Frasier should've ended two seasons ago, when it was still funny.
 NYPD Blue ends with a wedding cliffhanger - Oh, how exciting.
 America's Top Model premiers - hey, could be worse. It could be another
 Fear Factor where people eat pig anus to get a chance at ten minutes of fame.

 Buffy says goodbye forever and 24 is promising their best show of the year
 The worst part about the season finale of 24 is that Jack is trying desparately to stop
 something that's much tamer than what the B.F.E.E. has already done to us in real life.

 If you haven't been watching, they removed the legal president because he didn't want
 America dragged into a fake war so the TV B.F.E.E. can steal the oil in the Middle East.

 ...just like what the Supreme Court and the BFEE have done post-Clinton.

 Retired General Dissents, Big Media AWOL
   as seen on  www.vaiw.org

  Click  Here

 Retired Marine Corps General Anthony Zinni favors peace over war in the Middle East,
 but the large media outlets ignore his message. Even the Internet is barely reporting this important story.

 Stewart Nusbaumer
 Veterans Against The Iraq War

Reports of suicide bombers are coming in faster
than most news sources can document them all.

...and where is the unelected monkey?

He's on the USS Lincoln, dressing up like a man,
insisting that the war on terror had been won,
and the good puppy press just can get enough.

"He looks so great in a flight suit."
-- Chris the Screamer


"President Bush is not a junior reporter for the New York Times. So maybe it
  doesn't matter if he makes up stories and puts them in the newspaper.
  After Ronald Reagan, it's almost a presidential tradition."
           --Michael Kinsley, sometimes a Democrat, The Fabulist,

 Subject: Okay, I listened to Money section sample

 First, your voice is not your weakest asset, Bart.

 Next, before you turn on the mike, take a few minutes to go over the paper.
 This will save you from mentioning articles that you don't care about, and give you more time.

 Finally, pacing and e-nun-ci-a-tion.  You're diving into an aural medium.
 Runningalotofwordstogether loses your point, and mispronouncing words or names is distracting.
 Open your mouth while speaking. Practice names or words before turning on the mike.

 Overall, it doesn't suck as bad as you were fretting, but there's room for improvement.
 Like a good basketball player, let the game, let the commentary come to you.
 Pause for a moment between items.  You sound relaxed and confident in your words.
 A little more prep and a little more depth.  You're really on to something here.


 Patrick, thanks for the encouragement. The "cold reading," was an experiment.
 I won't do that every time.   I can't wait to try it really hungover :)
 Opening my mouth to speak is good advice, so is practicing the names.
 Prep and depth, coming soon.

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  Looooongtime  bartcop.com supporter has produced a CD of
highly electronic and danceable music, but with a great deal of
intelligence and social consciousness.  Angry, powerful stuff.


“Now the latest on those Texas Democratic legislators who left the state rather than let a congressional
  redistricting plan they thought was unfair pass the state legislature. It turns out, the Texas Department
  of Public Safety tried to use the federal office of Homeland Security to find the Democrats. Texas officials
  placed an urgent call for assistance to Homeland Security officials saying a plane, being used by the
  Democrats, was lost or had crashed. Homeland official made phone calls searching for the plane, then
  referred the matter to the FAA. Homeland Security officials in Washington said the Inspector General
  will now investigate all of this.”
      --Tom Brokaw,NBC Nightly News

 Terry Moran: Is the President troubled at all that members of his own political party, at a time of war, days after
                         Americans were killed in a terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia, would have the gall to use federal resources
                         designed to protect the country against terrorists in order to pursue partisan political objectives?

 Ari Fleischer: I think that the facts and the circumstances involving any contacts that took place will be explored by
                         the appropriate agency, in which this case is the Department of Homeland Security. They are doing that.


 That "investigation" will determine there was no misuse of Homeland Security for partisan political purposes.
 You don't appoint a convicted felon to the top job unless you intend on abusing the system, and you don't
 steal the White House if your intentions are to play by the rules.

 If you Click  Here  Bart will write anything on the blackboard

"I will not call Bush a moron."

 Woman killer Scarborough gets Danny Glover fired
  Says "people need to be held accountable"     Scarborough's History

"I kill women - got any?"

  Click  Here

 The Scarborough Country-led campaign against Glover has nothing to do with race
 or censorship. It has everything to do with an American citizen being held responsible
 for his words and actions.

 So, this is how things work in Bush's Amerikkka:
 You can murder a girl in your office, and have the crooked governor import a crooked
 coroner to "quick call" the cause of death, then land a cushy job on the FOX Whore network.


 You can be an actor with ideas not approved by Mr Rove and lose a job.

 ...and if any of this was false, wouldn't they sue me?.

No Bush in 2004
from the BartCop stores


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Store maintained by


"The burden of the presidency seemed etched in the lines of his face. George W. Bush
   looks like he has aged 10 years in the last 27 months … and matured 20 years."

 He's such a child mentally, he couldn't help buy mature twenty years.

"Elected president, he has become a leader."

 He was not, and he is not.
 The best he can do is stumble thru a speech containing words he doesn't understand.
 When was the last time he said beside, "Saddam bad, tax cut good?"

"After Sept. 11, he responded to events. Now he transcends them."

 No, he ran like a scared rabbit, from hidey-hole to hidey-hole.
 Thanks Koresh Rudy acted like a man that day.

"It’s time for us all to thank the Lord that we have this decisive man in office at this crucial time...

  No,  it's time you cashed your FOX NEWS paycheck for telling those lies.

 "We are watching a Roosevelt, a Lincoln, or a Churchill in the making."
    --Dick Morris, disgraced, toe-sucking whore

  ha ha

is coming soon

 Yukon Bill is putting together the financial page.  If you want to help,
 (He needs bureau chief types ) contact him at  willstein@inamongus.com

 Any idea what I can tell people when they say the radio files don't play?

 I've heard from 4 people having trouble, they say it freezes.

ol' Bart if you have a clue...


 Jim McDougal lost $30M and they spent years trying to link that to Clinton.

 Neil Bush was on the board at Silverado Savings and Loan and he loaned his friends $1 billion,
 (they didn't pay it back) and Bush's Justice Department said, "We see no reason to pursue this."

 You know why?
 Because the Bush family doesn't have to obey the law.

 Click  Here  for more

 Subject: RE: Account Activation


 I logged in and I can see the page but not any of the graphics.


 Jim, it's not up yet.
 That's where things will go once we're finished uploading everone's subscription.
 That should be June 19-20.

Just a reminder - Hastert is not Speaker of the House.
Tom Delay is Speaker and he put his Hastert puppet in there
the way Tony Soprano lets Uncle Junior be "the boss."

I'm nuts about misdirection

 Subject: Why I'm hesitant to subscribe


 A few days ago you mentioned that the cancellations to your show had you concerned.
 When "Mark G" explained his reasons for cancellation you posted his email and publicly humiliated him.

 Who is Mark G?  Do you know what state he lives in?
 Do you know how many Mark G's there are?
 How do you know Mark G is even his real name?
 If I printed his real name and e-mail address, like I do with monkeys, you might have half a point.

 Second, why do people think they can come after me and I'll lay down like some pink tutu Democrat?
 He and I have talked privately since then, (and we're past the problem) but he attacked me, personally.
 You don't think, "A lot of liberals hate when you turn into a Frank Burns," are fighting words?

 If this is the treatment you offer your subscribers you may very well see many more cancellations in the near future.

I don't care if you're Bill Clinton or James Carville. If you come at me with a personal attack I will not lay down.
I assume one reason people read/sign up is because there's some entertainment value in seeing/hearing a liberal
     fight back because it's something you hardly ever see. You want me to be a fierce warrior and a limp dishrag?
How very lucky for you that you hesitated to subscribe. After 1070 issues, you now know my true colors, right?

 We already have a multitude of entertainers that criticize nutty democrats.
 Why don't you stick to venting your rage on the BFEE?  I know I won't be sending money
 to anyone who will try to publicly embarrass me if I should disagree with them.

 Best of luck with your show.
 [His name begins with a "D"]

 Mark's "crime" wasn't disagreeing with me.
 No two people agree on everything.

 And for the record, I thought I showed restraint.

 More military talk

  Click  Here

Just released!

Click on banner for more

"America's Nightmare is an important book and needs to be widely read.”
-- Peter Phillips, Associate Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University and Director of Project Censored

 The day the world learned about Monica
   Sid Blumenthal's book excerpted in The Guardian

  Click  Here

 Later that day, I related to Hillary Clinton my conversation with Brock. I had been telling her about him all along.
 His extraordinary and precise revelations about how a small group of conservatives, who controlled the Jones case,
 had conspired with Starr's office to set in motion the Lewinsky scandal. Thanks to Brock we could see the lines of
 influence underlying the scandal, the cause and effect, intent and action - and they were political and familiar.

 More military talk

  Click  Here

 Subject: "nigger"

 I read your site daily and agree with most of what you post.
 On this point I have to strongly disagree.

 As a Black Man, this particular word is NOT just a word "like shoe." It's Much, Much more.
 It's an offensive word regardless of who is using it and what ever the reason may be.
 Until you have been called it in anger and hate, you will never understand that.

 I cringe every time I hear, read or see the word because I understand the history behind it.
 You are correct in saying that most of the GOP looks at Black men and women in that way
 but you are NOT correct in using it.

 I've read your site enough to know that you won't stop using it but I thought you needed to hear this opinion.
 I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.


 JK, I believe that's why it needs to be said.
 The GOP sees America as the good, white, straight, wealthy Christians,
 and they also see the fags, the niggers, the slants and the spics and the kikes.

 If America was a place where everybody had a shot at getting a piece of the pie,
 it would be wrong of me to drag into the light that which had been settled long ago.

 Part of the logic behind using it is to outrage the GOP, to get them to complain and say I'm wrong..
 Then I'd ask them to name a black, elected Republican.  That stops them dead in their tracks.

 You want them stopped, don't you?
 You think playing nice will advance human rights with these thieving, uncaring warmongers?
 I appreciate hearing your opinion .

Marty's E! page
Disinfotainment Today & Michael Dare
The last night of 'sweeps', 'rerun season' starts
Opinions from Cannes
Hugh Jackman will host the 2003 Tony Awards.
Anthony Zuiker (creator of 'CSI') awarded a PhD from UNLV, his alma mater
Paul McCartney is helping Toto the Chimp retire
Scott Weiland of STP busted again
Dr. Phil & Robin McGraw
David Carradine gets the 'Tarantino touch'
And, the winners of the daytime Emmys


 Subject: Tiger Woods tries to Redeem Himself

 Hello Bart,

 I know you're not a big fan of Tiger Woods, and I tend to disagree with your
 opinion about him.  I also don't know how close you have been following the
 situation recently involving Annika Sorenstam in the men's PGA Tour event.

 Most of the male PGA golfers have been whining but Tiger has been steadfast
 in his support for Ms. Sorenstam .I think you should maybe think about dialing
 down the Hex on Tiger, since he appears to be coming around a little.

 Derrick in KC

 Since you attended BartFest, I'll make you a special deal:
 Next time I'll only say, "Hex on thee," twice.
 That should let Tiger into the top 5 or 6.

     A Democrat fights back
     Fiction,    by Mike Palecek

  Joe Coffee tells his wife that he’s thinking about running for Congress.
"Coffee Joe" speaks out against prisons and the military and no one takes him seriously  - at first.
 Soon, terrified establishment politicians try to stop him.

 Joe Coffee’s Revolution provides a refreshing alternative perspective.

  Click  Here  to order your copy today.

 [Palecek is a former reporter, federal prisoner, and seminarian.]

 Also by Mike Palecek:   Click  Here

 'Clinton Wars' Seems to Be Proving an Apt Title
    More from Blumenthal's book

  Full Story

 In his book, Mr. Blumenthal writes that Mr. Matthews wanted a job in the administration and "lobbied the White House"
 to succeed Dee Dee Myers as press secretary, "but the job had gone to Michael McCurry."

 Mr. Blumenthal goes on to say that Mr. Matthews then "turned into a detractor of Clinton," though he draws
 no direct connection to the supposed failed job hunt. He also writes that Mr. Matthews told friends that
 his tough position on Mr. Clinton had bolstered his Nielsen ratings.

 Clinton didn't want me as much as I
 wanted him, and as a woman scorned,
 I tore into Clinton for bigger ratings.

 Call  918-493-1500- you have two minutes to rant away.

 Did anything make you mad today?

Tell us about it!     918-493-1500

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