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Volume 1073 - Weinerboy's lawsuits

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 Thursday,   May 22, 2003 


"This is the kind of job when you come home at the end of the day, you really like
   to have someone to sound off to, and the plants just weren't doing it for me."
     -  Christie Whitman, on quitting as head of the EPA

  Hey Christie, what about that black guy you played with for a thrill as governor?
  Maybe he's out now, and would like to hear your endless whining?

"I love the feel of a black man."

 If you haven't seen this picture before, when she was governor of Jersey, she was bored one night
 so she drove around with some state troopers and the first chance they had, they threw this guy up
 against the wall, and while the troopers held guns on this poor bastard off-camera, Christie had the
 pleasure of "frisking him."     Me?  I'd rather be shot by the cops than have this political whore rub her
 nasty-ass hands all over my body so she could use this photo in her "tough on crime" re-election ads.

 Byrd: 'False Premises' Prompted Iraq War' 

  Click  Here

 Sen. Robert Byrd accused the Bush administration of using ``false premises'' to get Americans
 to accept what he said was an illegal and unprovoked attack on Saddam government.

 His remarks on the Senate floor Wednesday made for some of the toughest criticism of the Iraq war from Congress.

 Referring to turmoil in postwar Iraq, Byrd, D-W.Va., said: ``If the situation in Iraq is the result of liberation,
 we may have set the cause of freedom back 200 years.''

 The White House dismissed his comments.

``It was widely known before the conflict began that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction,
  as was determined by the United Nations,'' White House spokeswoman Claire Buchan said.

 All the UN knew is what Powell lied about (and got caught) that's why the UN refused to sanction the hit.

"In fact, we have already found at least two mobile labs'' suspected of being capable of
  producing biological weapons, she said.

 Horseshit II!

 "Suspected" of  "being capable of?"
 That's why thousands of innocent Iraqi people died?

 I suspect this illegal adminiostration is capable of doing any goddamn thing to steal some oil.

 You said the threat was so imminent, that we couldn't wait for the inspections to work, that Saddam was days
 or maybe just hours away from unleasing his terrble, swift sword on the mighty United States, so we had to act!!

 America - when will you wake up?


"Christine Whitman resigned yesterday as the head of the EPA.
   Bush was shocked – he didn’t know there was an EPA."

 Texas Police Destroy Search Records on Democrats 
   GOP caught using Homeland Security to get advantage on Democrats
   Breaks Bush promise not to use Anti-terror system against innocent Americans

  Click  Here

 Democratics invoked memories of Watergate on Wednesday as they denounced the destruction of documents by
 Texas police in a search last week for runaway Texas state legislators. "Not since Richard Nixon have we seen such
 a dangerous abuse of federal resources for political purposes or such a dangerous cover-up," said Rep. Martin Frost,
 dean of the Texas Democratic congressional delegation.

 A U.S. Department of Homeland Security agency said last week that Texas police had misled it in seeking help
 to find a plane carrying some of the missing politicians. Democrats in the U.S. Congress demanded an investigation.

 But don't worry, Tom Ridge has promised a "qucik and fair" investigation that, ...what?
 The investigation is over? ...and all Republicans were cleared of all charges of wrongdoing?

 I feel so much better.

  This could be a gag, but maybe it's not

 I was sent a GOP fundraising letter concerning how to answer liberal charges that Smirk n Dick
 knew about 9-11 and allowed it to happen to get Smirk's approval to 90 percent. The letter read:

"Even if Cheney allowed the 9-11 attacks, he did so for the good of the nation.
  FDR allowed Pearl Harbor so the United States could join the war in 1941."

 Because liberals love Franklin Roosevelt so much, this answer shuts them up quickly.

 ha ha
 Yeah, confess that on live TV and see if our reaction is to shut up.
 I'll change  bartcop.com  to  themotherlessbastardsknew.com.

 Only a true leader can make the toughest decisions in order to lead his nation to its destined greatness.
 Even if our President allowed the attacks of 9/11, this proves Bush is an even bigger hero for
 allowing Cheney to make such a tough, necessary decision.  We elect our leaders to lead, not flirt and
 carry on with interns.  It was Bush's amazing post-9/11 leadership that unleashed the American people
 to free others around the world, including Afghanistan and Iraq.

 I know that reads like a parody, but everything since impeachment has been upside down.
 The last few years, every newspaper reads like The Onion, talking about Bush's "fearless leadership,"
 and why terror, war and recession are better than those phoney Clinton days.

 Anyone else seen this fund raising letter?


 I cannot disagree with you and your other readers more than when you speak about how it is a
 good thing that Annika is playing in the tournament.  I would have no problem if their was no LPGA,
 or men could play in the LPGA.  But, women have their own tour.  She should be playing there. Period.

 People complain about how "if she can compete with the men, it's only fair".
 Well, let's reverse that.
 If Michael Jordan or Shaq went to the WNBA, would THAT be fair?
 No you say? Why not?


 M, it's very simple.
 The person with the disadvantage is a winner for stepping up.
 (Think of a blind man climbing Mt Everest.)

 But a sighted mountain climber trying to bully his way into the Easter Egg Hunt
 at the Immaculate Conception Home for the Blind would be a cheating loser.

 Trust me - the only reason the men don't want her there is because those
 who lose to Anna will be taunted by the men who managed to beat her.

 Boy, wouldn't it be something if Mr Perfect lost to a girl?

   "That hex made me lose to a girl!"

 Reverse Hex on Annika Sorenstam

 We've never tried a reverse hex, I wonder if reverse hex science is different?

 I'm not saying she'd going to win,  I just want her to place somewhere in the middle.
 These male golfers need some humility, and they need to be taught a lesson.
 Lessons learned on live TV are usually fun to watch.

 U.S. Wins Support to End Sanctions on Iraq

  Click  Here

 The final American concessions on the resolution won the support of France,
 Russia and Germany, ensuring the overwhelming approval of the measure.

 Why did we bother getting "permission" from the UN?
 We did get permission to murder Baghdad, so do we need permission to open their ports?
 Who's going to stop Bush and his pirates from stealing that oil?
 Why go thru the charade of this senseless vote?

 VCR Alert

 Tonight, live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas
 BartCop, come to Vegas...BartCop, you have free air and free hotel
 Lisa Marie Presley, (Will she do "Viva?") Shania Twain, Pat Benatar, Beyonce, The Isley Brothers,
 who are so old, Zeppelin did their covers on ther 1969 tour, Celine the Chest Beater and Jewel

 Party favors by Whitney and Bobby


"About one out of every eight graduates of St. Joseph's University walked out on Rick Santorum,
 who ignited a storm of controversy when he compared people in committed, loving, adult, gay
 relationships to those who practiced incest, polygamy...unlike Trent Lott, whose racist comments
 caused him to be removed from leadership, Santorum's homophobic hatemongering has only caused
 President Bush to embrace him in a manly, macho, not at all gay way."
     --Paul Begala, Crossfire

Hey, where'd you get that puppet?

Mr. Rove:   Austin, Texas!

 Subject: question


 i am 26. i grew up during the prosperous clinton years, and have only the vaguest recollections of
 the last republican empire. i've tried to ask my working class parents if this is what the 80's were like,
 with the liberty raping and blatant abuses of power and the "f-you, environment!" and whatnot.

 i also asked them if the public, as a whole, was this stupid (i.e--'i'm voting for the one that looks good
 in a flight suit!' ) back then.  they claim they don't remember.    i think they don't want to.  can you help me?
 i'll have some hope for the future of this country if i can believe that it's been this bad before,
 and we managed to get out of it.

 loyally yours,

 JJ, it would take a smarter person than me to give you a good answer, but I remember the 80's.
 In the 70's we had runaway inflation, (they blame Carter, but it was a Nixon/Ford problem) but things
 weren't that bad.  Old people got plenty of money from their savings interest, and if you owned a home,
 every time you made a $700 mortgage payment the value of your home increased $1200.
 (I pity the fool who wants to argue with me on that since I was doing real estate loans at the time.)

 When Reagan got in, he slayed the inflation beast with the biggest recession since the 1930s.
 Tens of millions pf people couldn't find jobs, but the people loved Reagan because he promised he'd
 nuke Iran if they pulled any hostage crap on his watch. Nobody knew he'd made a secret, illegal deal
 with the terrorists to hold those Americans an extra few months to make Carter look weak..

 Just like today's market, once-profitable company's were gobbled up for pennies on the dollar and
 Reagan's rich friends made hundreds of millions by doing nothing - absolutely nothing. On top of that,
 Reagan went on this wild spendind spree that put us trillions in debt.   Bush wasn't much better.

 The vulgar Pigboy likes to say "Reagan had the longest growth period ever," which might be true
 because he crashed the economy from 100 to 20, then for the next twelve years it clawed it's way back
 That 20 to 100 stretch is what the GOP is so proud of. When Clinton got in, he took that 100 and
 ran it to three hundred, and Bush has crashed it back to 100 again, so look for another looooong
 period of growth, as American families try to get back to Clintonian levels.

 That's the best I can do off the top of my head.

 Subject: Re: Nigger, Faggot, etc..

 Hey Bart, personally I LOVE it when you use derogatory racial and anti-gay slurs to make a point.

 What you are doing is cutting through the bullshit codes the RNC has been getting away with for too long.
 I am gay and have no confusion in understanding that when the Repigs use phrases like 'family values'
 they are  actually saying "fuck those perverted faggots". There are tons of euphamisms they love to
 use in public. Rush is a master at using these codes.

 Keep it real, you are the BEST,


 Subject:The "N-Word" Debate

 A reader named "Pidru" wrote and said he used to feel the same way you did about the "n" word
 until he saw an episode of "Boston Public," which illustrated to him that all uses of the word are bad.

 What made it acceptable for "Boston Public" to use to word to illustrate it's point?

 It's probably time to let this one rest.

Newest chart from Scott Davis
The BFEE makes money when the economy crashes.

This is intentional.
They knew for a fact the market would dive and the deficits
would skyrocket with Bush's goofy billionaire tax giveaway.

 Whoops, sorry! Again!

  Click  Here

 The Central Intelligence Agency has begun a review to determine why the
 American intelligence community erred in its pre-war assessments of Saddam
 Hussein's government and Iraq's weapons programs.

 Mac tips for listening to BartCop Radio


 Hey Bart.

 You had a .gif on your page a long time back called Monkey Spank, do you still have it?
 I'm trying to completely annoy a Geek that is destroying Battlestar Galactica, and that gif
 is PERFECT (You should see this little Gerbil Garage...)

 Lord Starfyre

 Lord Starfyre, (Bart bows) you mean this one?

If not moving, hit refresh


"Let me defend Ari Fleischer.  Critics are going through the many factual misstatements that Ari made.
  But we need to change not the monkey, but the organ grinder.
  Somebody sent him out there to say these things that were false. For example, it was Bush and Cheney
  who said Iraq has a nuclear weapons program. We now know that they do not. Why blaming Fleischer,
  when it's the president and the vice president who misled us about a war?"
      --Paul Begala, who has never admitted reading   bartcop.com

 Joe Conason's Journal
 Why has the Bush administration done so little to secure
 Iraq's nuclear sites since the coalition's victory?

 Today's warning of excited "chatter" among the cadres of al-Qaida -- and the prospect of
 renewed attacks in Saudi Arabia or the United States -- again highlight the Bush
 administration's appalling failure to secure nuclear materials in Iraq.

 For several weeks, Mohammed ElBaradei has pleaded with U.S. officials to permit his experienced
 IAEA inspection and security personnel to assist in that urgent task -- but his worries about missing
 nuclear materials again raise the specter of a "dirty bomb" attack by terrorists.

 Karl Rove knows if there's anothger massive attack, America will rally around this incompetent
 moron and raise his approval ratings another 30 points. We reward failures with extra praise.

If it doesn't move - hit refresh.


"Pot laws are based on religious insanity, not medical science."
    -- Tequila Treehouse boy, K-Drag Oklahoma

  Click  Here  to read about "Dr Phil."

 Questions and Answers about Foreign Policy

  Click  Here

Q: Why did Iraq want all those weapons of mass destruction?

A: To use them in a war, silly.

Q: I'm confused.  If they had all those weapons that they planned to use in a war,
     then why didn't they use any of those weapons when we went to war with them?

A: Well, obviously they didn't want anyone to know they had those weapons,
     so they chose to die by the thousands rather than defend themselves.

 Subject: does Howard Dean know about Diebold...?

 I saw part of a Howard Dean Q&A on CSPAN a couple nights ago;  one audience member raised the
 'crooked elections'/no-paper-trail issue, and Dean said that he'd recently become aware of it as an issue
 and he was looking into it pretty seriously. He sounded like he wasn't just blowing it off, either.
 He sounded, in fact, like a guy who'd raise holy heck about it.

 Question: is there a BartCop reader who knows how we could approach Dean with what we've gathered on the subject?


 Most political campaigns are notoroiusly impossible to reach, which is funny because they're trying so hard
 to reach out to other people. If we can get to Dean, I suggest we have Faun Otter do the talking.
 As far as I know, he broke the story that was published here, and then the Observer in the UK mentioned
 that we were one of the only places talking about it. Maybe Dean doesn't wear pink tutus?


"It was an easy choice for me to stand up and fight for [Clinton's] presidency
   and this man against the virulent, unconstitutional attack on it.
    -- David Talbot of Salon.com, the man who hired Jennifer Liberto and David Horowitz

"I hear Liberto and Horowitz do good work..."

 Everything update

is coming soon. It's debut may be as soon as early next week.

 Yukon Bill is putting together the financial page.  If you want to help,
 (He needs bureau chief types ) contact him at  willstein@inamongus.com

 Also, we have two more positons opening up.

if you're interested

 Position One:
 We could really use a PC guru and a Mac guru.
 When someone writes with a tech question, (Can't get radio show!) it would be nice if
 I could forward their mail to a person who's hopelessly geeky and informed on tech stuff.
 You might get 5-10 e-mails a day, so maybe you could have some stock answers ready
 for the FAQ that keep popping up and save a bunch of time.

if you're interested

 Position Two:
  This is the fun position, but it has to be just the right person. We need a reader.
  We need a person who loves to read new, hardback books, but it's more than that.
  Here's how that might work:  Right now, Sid Blumenthal has a new book out.
  I'd send you the book, you'd read it in a few days, then write a book report for us to read.

  Then you'd send us the Top Ten quotes, or most important facts we must know from the book.
  Then, in many cases, you'd interview the author.  For this, you'd probably need a tape recorder,
  but they're cheap and you'd need that for accuracy when filing your interview with bartcop.com
  I haven't talked to Sid's people, but I'll bet they'd make him available.  My good friend Joe Conason
  also has a new book coming out, and I'll bet he'd talk to us to plug his book, "BIG LIES!"

  I've had to pass up interviews with some big-time Democrats because I have no time to read the book
 (except for Susan McDougal and much of Conason/Lyons "Hunting") and I'm not going to insult the author
  by asking dumb questions like most reporters. In most cases, I imagine you could say,  "Tell me about
  your new book," and it'd be tough to shut them up :)

  For this position, we really need someone with time on their hands.   No sense setting this up if you have
  a houseful of needy kids, ongoing medical problems, a crazy, ax-weilding wife etc.  We need the brainy type,
  older, balding and with thick glasses (just kidding) but it could be a fun gig.  Had we set this up a year ago,
  you possibly could've interviewed Susan McDougal, Arianna Huffington, Greg Palast etc.

if you're interested

 Too clever by half
  David Gergen gives Bush the red ass

  Click  Here

 Caught in their worst budget crisis since the Depression, state governments across the land are
 taking desperate measures. Against this backdrop, how can politicians in Washington possibly
 be enacting more tax cuts? Especially cuts tilted yet again toward the wealthy?

 Subject: Radio


 I have a DSL connection using a PC and am unable to connect to your radio bits with AOL Media Player.
 Says I have nothing in my playlist or maybe I have a corrupt file, I take that to mean that it's not just a Mac problem.

 Best of luck in your radion venture.

 The shortcut may be causing the problem for AOLers.
 Since you have DSL, you don't need the shortcut.
 Try changing the extension to mp3.

 So if the link says 051503radio.m3u, copy that and put it in your browser as 051503radio.MP3

 Michael Weiner (Savage) sues my good friends  takebackthemedia.com

  Click  Here

 Watch your ass, Weiner.
 You try that shit with me and I'll de-skirt your lawyer in court.

Marty's E! page
Tim's 'toon nails Ari's successor
Readers comment on James Brown's pardon
J.Lo is now a candle - er - wax figure at Madame Tussaud's
Conan O'Brien in Kuwait
The Song Writers Hall Of Fame
'Roseanne' is 'Roseanne Barr' again
LA 'duopoly'
'The Matrix', a divorce & accusations of cross-dressing
Wynonna Judd is getting married - again
Eminem's high school bully sues
And, 6 French journalists not only have tales of LAX, but a warning for all of us.


     A Democrat fights back
     Fiction,    by Mike Palecek

  Joe Coffee tells his wife that he’s thinking about running for Congress.
"Coffee Joe" speaks out against prisons and the military and no one takes him seriously  - at first.
 Soon, terrified establishment politicians try to stop him.

 Joe Coffee’s Revolution provides a refreshing alternative perspective.

  Click  Here  to order your copy today.

 [Palecek is a former reporter, federal prisoner, and seminarian.]

 Also by Mike Palecek:   Click  Here

 Threat Assessment
     The Daily Brew

  Click  Here

 Fighting terrorism doesn't require that we go billions of dollars in debt. Mostly it requires a concentrated
 intelligence effort and good relations with other democratic governments. At the same time, however
 horrific terrorist attacks are, no one should be so foolish to believe that eliminating them would be the end
 all of our problems. Sooner or later new problems will emerge. If the Bush administration is allowed to
 bankrupt the country in the interim, we will be very vulnerable to those threats when they arise.

 Call  918-493-1500- you have two minutes to rant away.

 Did anything make you mad today?

Tell us about it!     918-493-1500

 I gotta tell you, I have so screwed up the BartPhone calls.

 I can't tell which is which, I don't know what's been played and what hasn't.
 I have pieces from here and there, and sections that have been answered but
 now the answers are no longer there - so, in an attempt to get back on track,
 I'm going to play a batch just as I found them and hope for the best.

 Once again, it contains the "Insta-load," no waiting technology.

 Click  Here  to hear pieces of the lost phone calls

 Bartcop Radio is here, kinda...

 Should have another show up this weekend.
 My tech guy is back next weekend, the pace should pick up then.

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 I would freak if your website were to get pushed to the side for the radio show.

 As much as I would love to flip on my AM radio and listen between the nazi rush hour
 programming to hammer time, it was really the website that got me hooked.


 Steve, not to worry.
 The page is the foundation.
 It's not going anywhere.

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