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Vegas Report

Volume 1074 - Weiner Nation

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 Friday,   May 23, 2003 


"They're all so smart, but I was sitting right under their noses fooling them.
  If they're all so brilliant, and I'm such an affirmative action hire,
  how come they didn't catch me?"
    -- Jayson Blair, formerly one of the dozens of liars at the New York Whore Times

 Don't you just love this vaneer of integrity the Whore Times is faking?  They're acting like some beacon
 of truth and professionalism when Matt Drudge and the vulgar Pigboy have been running their news
 division and editorial page for years.   The supermarket tabloids have more integrity than these frauds.
 The Old Gray Lady is nothing more than an aging whore that cam't be trusted anymore.

 DeLay Admits Tracking Missing Texas Lawmakers
  Misuse of Homeland Security seen as 'no big deal' by Bush's press

  Click  Here

 Tom DeLay acknowledged yesterday that his office called both the FAA and the Justice Department
 to help track down 51 Texas House members who fled the state o derail a GOP congressional redistricting plan.

"I'm nuts about misusing Homeland Security."


"The only question that matters is, 'How much good are we doing to help people that are poor?'"
    --Dubya, the clumsy liar who helps nobody but the super-rich, at the Coast Guard Academy

 Texas OKs Radical Abortion Legislation

  Click  Here

 Texas has approved one of the nation's most sweeping abortion counseling laws,
 requiring doctors, among other things, to warn women that abortion might lead to breast cancer.

 That link, however, does not exist, according to the American Cancer Society.
 Critics say the law is a thinly veiled attempt to intimidate, frighten and shame women who
 are seeking an abortion. Proponents say they are merely trying to give women as much
 information as possible, (That's a lie) and argue that research into the alleged link
 between abortion and breast cancer remains inconclusive.......

 Bill Clinton caught lying

 Clinton didn't hesitate when he was asked the overriding question:
 Can Bush be beaten in 2004?

 "You can always be beaten," Clinton said with a smile.
 "I could have been beaten in 1996."

 VCR Alert

 Sell your TV.
 Buy a new one in September.


"What they really meant when they said they'd change the tone was something like this:
  If you elect Al Gore, we're going to keep up the assault, maybe even intensify it, because
  as you see from the campaign, we're branding him a liar over the most inconsequential
  little things (which -- oh, by the way -- don't even happen to be lies). But if you elect us,
  then all this stuff will stop. So presto! The tone will change!"
      --Al Franken, from his book due in October

 The White House Reloaded
   by Arianna Huffington

  Click  Here

 The defining trait of the fanatic -- be it a Marxist, a fascist, or, gulp, a Wolfowitz -- is the utter refusal to allow
 anything as piddling as evidence to get in the way of an unshakable belief. Bush and his fellow fanatics are the
 political equivalent of those yogis who can hold their breath and go without air for hours. Such is their mental
 control, they can go without truth for, well, years. Because, in their minds, they're always right. Oopso facto.

 That pretty much sums up the White House m.o. on everything, from the status of al-Qaeda to the condition
 of post-war Iraq to the magical job-producing virtues of the latest round of tax cuts.

 Who else but a fanatic would have made the outrageous claim, as the president did last Friday, just four days
 after the deadly reemergence of al-Qaeda in Riyadh, that "the United States people are more secure, the world
 is going to be more peaceful"? More peaceful than what? The West Bank?

 In the weeks before the attacks in Riyadh, the president had repeatedly maintained that "we are winning the war on
 terror," and that al-Qaeda was "on the run…slowly, but surely, being decimated." So he clearly wasn't going to let a
 little fact like 34 dead bodies -- the result of three closely coordinated suicide bomb attacks -- change his mind.


 "...there wasn't a single top official of the Clinton administration convicted of any crime involving public conduct in office.
 And, you know, the only official ever convicted of anything was the chief of staff to the Sec of Agriculture, who was
 convicted of lying under oath in a failed prosecution that cost $21 million by an independent counsel. By contrast,
 27 officials of the Nixon administration were convicted in Watergate, and 32 members of the Reagan administration
 convicted of crimes committed in Iran Contra and other scandals. So that's quite a contrast. And everything that
 Clinton was accused of in terms of crimes turned out to be bogus."
      --Sidney Blumenthal,  Buzzflash Interview

 Two points:
  Bush's whore press would rather die than let facts like those get out.
     They are so obsessed with blaming "criminal" Clinton for every Bush failure.
     Other countires laugh at what whores our once-free American press has become.

Buzzflash is such a great and important website.  I'm as jealous as I can be.
     Could somebody send me an e-mail and lie to me that they have a staff of 80 and
     a hueueueueueuge budget so I don't feel so totally inferior to them by comparison?
     It's like they're in a f-ing starship and I'm still in my 1973 Volkswagon.

 Shot of Chinaco Anejo to Buzz and his staff of 80

 Bush and the Tornado

  Click  Here

 In the midst of our devastation and sorrow, President Bush flew into town. He graced us with a speech at
 St. Mary’s church where we go to stand in the soup line.  The president was preceded by a vanguard of flunkies.
 They told us we could chant. I suggested that we should chant,  "Write a check, George," but my group was unenthusiastic.

 How did George Bush help Pierce City? He made a speech. Had he reached into his pocket and wrote a personal
 check to help rebuild the grocery store, I would have been impressed. Speeches don’t mean much to me.

 If he had taken the price of just one of those cruise missiles dropped on Iraq, extorted from the people of Pierce City,
 and all across America, we could rebuild Friendly Supply (the hardware store) and Freda Mae’s Tea Room.
 We could reopen Casey’s General Store, and Thompson Drug.

 Barbara Bush Announces National Clitoridectomy Day
  Part of her "Moving women forward" campaign
  Click  Here

 I know that I, like all of you, look forward to the wonderful day when the sirenic images of comely girlie-girls
 will be obliterated from the view of men who can otherwise be distracted by double-cheeseburgers and rider
 lawnmowers. The more we can stamp out the sight of women with health club memberships, the more likely it is
 that our spouses will be more satisfied with our more porcine configurations. But not satisfied enough, of course,
 to actually pester us for that nasty sex they're always thinking about.


 It's like I always used to tell Poppy: the Lord didn't give you a right hand just to sign executive orders, dear.


 Mac tips for listening to BartCop Radio



"Governor George W. Bush did two huge tax cuts when he was Governor, and then he walked off
  to Washington and left the state broke with no money in the rainy day fund. Now if we had six or
  seven billion in the rainy day fund, which is what states set aside for exactly this kind of downturn,
  we'd be a lot better off; we wouldn't be in such real pain. But getting ten billion dollars out of the
  state budget is real pain...I think the whole country's been turned into Texas."
     -- Molly Ivins


 If Weinerboy Savage (Nazi coward and fraud) can sue American Stranger for
 killing his career, and win, why don't the Dixie Chicks own Clear Channel right now?

 Click  Here

 Be sure and tune in this weekend:

 May 24, 1943
 The Battle for the Atlantic ends


"Blumenthal was absolutely right, of course, back in 1995 to keep insisting — almost alone, and in
  the face of the frenzy of the press pack and my own anxiety about missing the bus — that the allegations
  of Clinton corruption in the Whitewater affair were a big load of nothing. On the other hand, he was absolutely
  wrong to maintain that “it’s not a story”. Not a scandal, perhaps, but not a story? A cabal of right-wing
  fanatics manipulates the press, the judiciary and the FBI to the point of nearly destroying a President
  and it’s not a story? It was a helluva story
     --Tina Brown,   The problem with being nice  

 It's a story that remains untold.

 Did you see what they did to Michael Jackson
  on the 300th episode of Law & Order?

 It was a very, very thinly veiled story about a famous "baby dangler," who was also
 molesting kids that were delivered to his ranch by their parents. Luckily, McCoy and
 the girl who's not Angie Harmon found the secret documents on upyourbutt.net  ha ha
 (Not to be confused with upyourbutt.com, which apparently was already taken :)

 McCoy said, "Upyourbutt.net?  What's that?"  and not-Angie said,
"It's kinda like thesmokinggun.com, but it's for sexual predators."

 ha ha

 I thought I was gonna die.
 I'll bet my good friends at  smokinggun.com  got a kick out of it, too.

 Also, they ran shows #299 and #300 back-to-back, and (especially the first one) it was
 the funniest damn L&O I've ever seen, and I've seen them all. Usually, they concentrate
 on one case, but Wednesday night they had four separate murders and a kidnapping.

 Lenny was just one great line after another. I laughed out loud 6-8 times and L&O's
 not really supposed to be that funny, once Lenny makes his opening cracks.

 VP Bush was drunk with his girlfriend in the car?
  According to Reagan biographer Kitty Kelly...

  Click  Here

 "To certain friends, Nancy Reagan had peddled the story of 'George and his girlfriend' that had been told to her
  about the evening of March 18, 1981, when some of 'the group' were having dinner at Lion d'Or in D.C.
 'Suddenly there was a great commotion,' recalled one of the five dinner guests, 'as the security men accompanying
 the Secretary of State [Alexander Haig] and the Attorney General [Willian French Smith] converged on our table.
 They started jabbering into their walkie-talkies, and then whispered to Haig and Smith, who both jumped up and
 left the restaurant.  The two men returned about forty-five minutes later, laughing their heads off. They said they
 had had to bail out then-VP George Bush, who'd been in a traffic accident with his girlfriend. Bush had not wanted
 the incident to appear on the police blotter, so he had his security men contact Haig and Smith. They took care of
 things for him, and then came back to dinner."

 As always, the press covered up for Bush, because they always cover up for the Republicans.

Click to order from Amazon.com
David Dvorkin, author of Budspy and three Star Trek novels,
has just released a new science fiction novel - Pit Planet
Click  Here  for more details and to read the first two chapters of this book.


"It's always nice to have a nice quiet dinner with a few friends."
    -- Dim Son, at a 5/20 fundraiser attended by 7,500 lobbyists and tobacco bagmen
        which raised $22 million for congressional candidates to pay Diebold in 2004

"Why leave anything to chance?"

 Everything update

is coming soon. It's debut may be as soon as early next week.

 Yukon Bill is putting together the financial page.  If you want to help,  willstein@inamongus.com

 Also, we have two more positons opening up.

if you're interested

 Position One:
 We could really use a PC guru and a Mac guru.
 When someone writes with a tech question, (Can't get radio show!) it would be nice if
 I could forward their mail to a person who's hopelessly geeky and informed on tech stuff.
 You might get 5-10 e-mails a day, so maybe you could have some stock answers ready
 for the FAQ that keep popping up and save a bunch of time.

if you're interested

 Position Two:
  This is the fun position, but it has to be just the right person. We need a reader.
  I'll send you the book, you'd read it in a few days, then write a book report for us to read.

  Then you'd send us the Top Ten quotes, and maybe interview the author.

  I've had to pass up interviews with some big-time Democrats because I didn't read the book.

  For this position, we really need someone with time on their hands.

if you're interested

 USA Today seems to be getting more Nazi all the time.

 They've been promoting FOX's American Idol  like they were partners in the damn show.
 I'm sure their excuse would be they were just covering that "culteral phenomena," but there
 were other shows on television this year, too. They went ga-ga over The Bachelor and
 that horrid show Monica was on, Masked Gang Bang.

 If they want to give FOX tens of millions in free publicity, I guess there's nothing wrong with that.
 But why do they continue to scream about the last, final gasps coming from The West Wing?

 Last week, according to their own whore paper, The West Wing was 16th overall in the ratings,
 but if you take away American Idol, CSI and Law & Order, they were NINTH overall.

 Of course, it's just one man's opinion, but I think describing a great show that's almost in the Top Ten
 as "seeing sharp ratings slides," just proves the whores who wrote that have an agenda.
 One "Gary Levin" is the guilty one, in this case.

 Damn, we can't even get straight facts from the Entertainment Section of the USWhore Today?

 By the way, I need Michael Weiner (Savage) phototoons and graphics.

 We might do a Weiner Roast.

 Random Thought

 Ten years later, all the Republicans and the media (same thing) want to talk about is "Clinton's Somalia,"
 and the tragedy of losing 18 young men in the sands of some foreign country.
 Yet in the last 60 days, Bush has thrown away 160 lives for no goddamn reason at all.

 Why are the 18 lost lives so hard to accept,
 but the 160 Bush threw away are accepted and dismissed as "the cost of doing (oil) business?"

 When a president loses a serviceman, it's always a tragedy, but let's look at the numbers:

 Lives lost on Reagan's watch:  450   (Reagan caused the Lebanon massacre)

 Lives lost on Bush's watch: 250  (Bush gave Saddam written permission to invade Kuwait)

 Lives lost on Clinton's watch: 18  (Clinton didn't send those men to Somalia, unprotected)

 Lives lost on Bush's watch: 160  (Bush started a war for no reason, and the press forgave him)

 Granted, these number are wild guesses, but I don't have the time or a staff.
 But no matter how you slice it, our men were safer under Clinton than any other president,
 and Clinton didn't screw up Somalia, that was Mr CIA Bush who sent them there with no armor,
 and the idiot is part owner of the company that makes Bradley Fighting vehicles..

 But the last three Republicans lost about 800 brave men under their command,
 but Clinton lost about three percent of that -

 ...yet all the media can talk about is Somalia, again and again.

Marty's E! page
Chris Matthew boycotted by bishops
The FCC is a lap dog, not a guard dog
Dixie Chicks boycott politically engineered?
Steffi Graf has a bun in the oven
The Peabody Awards are finally on TV
Michael Jackson had a case of 'the vapors'
Rod Stewart (finally) filed for divorce
And, Albert Einstein's archives are now online


     A Democrat fights back
     Fiction,    by Mike Palecek

  Joe Coffee tells his wife that he’s thinking about running for Congress.
"Coffee Joe" speaks out against prisons and the military.  At first, they laughed.
 Soon, terrified establishment politicians try to stop him.

 Joe Coffee’s Revolution provides a refreshing alternative perspective.

  Click  Here  to order your copy today.

 [Palecek is a former reporter, federal prisoner, and seminarian.]

 Also by Mike Palecek:   Click  Here

 I wonder if Vice President Dick Cheney is upset with Rick Santorum for saying that
 people like Cheney's daughter are the type who get into bestiality and incest?

 Blind man climbs Mount Everest


  Click  Here

 Despite losing his vision at the age of 13, Erik Weihenmayer has become one of the celebrated
 and accomplished athletes in the world.    Re-defining what it means to be blind, Erik has
 transformed the image of blindness and opened up the minds of people around the world.
 He has never let his blindness interfere with his passion for an exhilarating and fulfilling life.

 Call  918-493-1500- you have two minutes to rant away.

 Did anything make you mad today?

Tell us about it!     918-493-1500

 Bartcop Radio is here, kinda...

 Should have another show up this weekend.
 My tech guy is back next weekend, the pace should pick up then.

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 Christians: Knowledge Causes Pregnancy and Most Diseases
 "If you have Jesus, you don't need so-called facts!  So, we teach abstinence only!"

  Click  Here

 With their very successful Talk About It And You Drown campaign, the Puritans lay the groundwork
 for the current Abstinence Only craze in our nation's schools by pioneering the Christian concept of
 education based purely on aphorisms in lieu of so-called "facts."

 "I am not having so-called health teachers use classrooms to talk about what it is we
  are asking our children not to do!" declared Mrs. Bowers.

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