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Vegas Report

Volume 1075 - America's Making War on Itself

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 Memorial Day Weekend,   May 24-26, 2003 


"To my way of thinking, Coulter is the perfect candidate to speak for the right. She's viperous, unprincipled,
  holier-than-thou, paranoid, whiny and blessed with a perpetual smirk. She believes rich people who rip off
  the system are just good businesspeople, that poor people forced to accept public assistance are parasites
  better off eliminated. Barring the reincarnation of McCarthy or Cohn, she's the perfect candidate for Moral
  Conscience of the Right. She gets my vote "
         --Harley Sorensen,  Ann Coulter Does Joe McCarthy Proud

 Pentagon Rejects Media Claim Lynch Rescue Was Hyped

  Click  Here

 Defense officials said on Friday the Pentagon was insulted by media claims the rescue of Jessica Lynch
 in Iraq was hyped to boost support for the war as questions swirled over the private's rescue.

 The U.S. Army has launched an investigation into the capture of Lynch and others on March 23 in Iraq
 and an Army spokesman said the military's Criminal Investigation Unit was also looking at the treatment
 of Lynch and other U.S. prisoners of war in Iraq to establish if any war crimes were committed.

 Lynch's rescue on April 1 from...


 The investigation has concluded and the Pentagon was completely cleared of all charges?
 Who was in charge of the investigation? ....Katherine who?    Oh, ...Katherine Harris (R-FL)?

 Well, ...see?
 We need to stop being overly suspicious and support our president-on-loan from God.


"Wasn't this the country that Tony Blair and George Bush pledged, in the same breath that announced war,
  that the people of Afghanistan would not be forgotten? Well, I can say after two visits to Afghanistan that
  they are not only forgotten but well and truly betrayed. The country is on its knees: roads, bridges, tunnels,
  schools, homes, hospitals, and farmlands are reduced to rubble and dust. It is one of the most heavily
  land-mined countries in the world. Only 5% of the rural population have access to clean water, 17% have
  access to medical services, 13% have access to education, 25% of all children are dead by the age of five.
  The people are dying! And we are turning a blind eye."
      --David Hayman   Afghanistan has been well and truly betrayed

  ...if only they had some oil Bush could steal, he'd be all over Afghanistan

 VCR Alert -  Willie Nelson Memorial Day concert/70th Birthday Party

  With Ray Charles, Eric Clapner, Steven Tyler, Shania Twain, ZZ Top and more.

  Starts the middle hour of prime time tonight

 Iraq War Helped Boost Al Qaeda
  Allowed Network to Recruit: Experts

  Click  Here

 The U.S.-led war on Iraq gave Al Qaeda the opportunity to reinvigorate its weakened terrorist network with
 new recruits and more funding, say experts on terrorism. The Iraq war 'clearly increased the terrorist impulse,'
 said Jonathan Stevenson, senior fellow for counter-terrorism at London's International Institute for Strategic Studies...
'The political masters in the U.S. and Europe underestimated the extent to which bin Laden would use the war
 in Iraq as a propaganda weapon to rejuvenate the movement and attract more funds,' said Paul Wilkinson,
 head of the Center for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence... in Scotland. 'As far as the war against
 Al Qaeda goes, it possibly has been counterproductive. We face turbulent times ahead'... 'So while the Al Qaeda
 leadership has been weakened, the network as a whole has become more elusive than before,' [Stevenson] said,
 adding that responsibility for planning and carrying out attacks rests more than ever with local groups.

 If you look at this witrh a small IQ, it's clearer than that.
 By staging a fake war against a country who wasn't planning to attack us, it stands to reason that those
 who ARE planning to attack had extra time while we were distracted to become better prepared.

 Did you know Poppy Bush currently works for Saudi Arabia?   He's on retainer with them to lobby for
 stuff they want/need, and what they don't want/need is our military coming in a routing out Al Qaeda.

 So killing two birds with one stone, the Corrupt Commander stages a fake war so FOX and CNN
 will say how great he is, while Poppy collects a fat check for shielding the Saudis from attack.

 You should be hearing this on NBC, CBS and ABC, but they want their tax cut more
 than they want to see America punish the bastards who took down the WTC towers..

 Hey, you know what?
   written on Black Russians

 Watching Dave Friday night, he said it was "Fleet Week" in New York City.
 Being an Oklahoma rube, I can only guess what "Fleet Week," might mean.

 A third of the way into the show, Dave asked Paul if he knew Anchors Away.
 Paul said, "Yeah, I know that song..."

 ha ha

 Paul knows all the songs.
 I'll bet if I snuck up on Paul and said, "Do Garbage - Version 2.0," he'd
 start counting, "1, ...2, ...3, ...4...," and his band would burst into "Temptation Waits!"

  So Paul and the gang burst into Anchors Away, and the doors of the Ed Sullivan Theater blew open
 and I'll be damned if about 100 current, on-duty US Navy personnel didn't come streaming thru the doors.

 You know what else?
 I liked it, and if you didn't like that, I suggest you have the problem.

 What is it with liberals?
 It hurts me to hear Rush sayin, "those nutty liberals don't want our country defended,"
 and then I turn around and see e-mails from "screw-the-military" liberals.

 Back to Dave!

 Kareem Abdul Jabber on cape!!
 Wasn't he the pilot in Airplane who dragged Walton and Lanier up and down the court for 60 minutes?

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 'Will I be deported?' 
  Neil Young decides Bush's Nazism isn't the best way, afterall

       Welcome back, Neil

  Click  Here

"The reaction to France that the administration allowed to happen is so immature.  These people
  have their own opinion - they're French! They're not fuckin' Americans, they're French!
 Vive la difference, hello? And this big deal about Bush landing on an aircraft carrier?
 Talk about a six-year-old kid with a Tonka toy - we got it here. Bush has polarised the country
 and is creating this breeding ground for an opposition. In the next couple of months, they'll probably
 make it unpatriotic to be Democrat. It's pretty crazy.   If I keep speaking my mind, will I be deported?"

 Hey Neil, we're glad to have you back, but we were damn disappointed you left in the first place.
 If you're sincere about dropping your hero worship of the Unelected Idiot, I can be a fan again.

 Hummers Here, Hummers There

  Click  Here

 In private, Bush aides have been fuming: The U.S. gave the Saudis intelligence warnings before the
 recent attacks, but they took no steps to deter them. Publicly, though, the Bush team bites its tongue.
 We never talk straight to Saudi Arabia, because we are addicted to its oil. Addicts never tell the truth to their pushers.

 The 'President's' father is on the Saudi payroll as an advisor and a lobbyist.
 All American decisions concerning Saudi Arabia will be made with the interests of the B.F.E.E. first.

 ...but don't think about that - let's talk about American Idol and Monica Lewinsky - again.


"10 lengths.. it's not a horse, it's an antelope."
    --Nuveeeeena, in the BC Chat room, giving Vegaas oddsmakers advice on the Belmont

 1995 Memo Warned of Terror Vulnerability 
  But Sen Hatch decided attacking Clinton was more important

  Click  Here

 In 1995, Hatch was told by his senior staff that the FBI and other government agencies
 had missed warning signs about the 1993 WTC bombing and were ill-prepared to prevent
 future domestic terrorist attacks. Hatch, whose committee oversees federal law enforcement,
 approved holding investigative hearings about the information, but they never took place

"We have information that some instances, like the WTC, could have been prevented if the
 relevant agencies had worked in concert with each other," the investigators wrote.
"Simply stated, several different agencies had a small piece of the puzzle.

"If they had shared with each other, there is at least a strong possibility that they would
 have identified the World Trade Center as a target before the bombing."

 But nooooooooooooooooooooo.  Hatch, like every Republican in congress, had his head
 inside Clinton zipper, looking for "something very, very important," like potential obstruction
 of justice charges for Travelgate, Filegate and every other crime" that never occured.
 Instead of doing their jobs, all the Republican party did once they seized control was to
 attack our last elected president while Al Qaeda was busy working with flight simulator.
 They wanted Clinton stopped more than they wanted America to be safe.

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 "bartcop is in the vanguard of a movement to take back the media
   from the whores, and to return it to the authentic democratic civil society."
    -- attached to a subscription to bartcopradio


  Click  Here

 I don't have any anti-Spam software. I know it's a big business. I know I should get some Spam filters,
 but I guess I'd rather get tons of Spam than no email at all. (Sad, but true.)

 So tons of it I get. And let me tell you, a trained sociologist would have a field day deconstructing the
 American Psyche with what gets Spammed by the millions to every nook and cranny email address
 in this country. But I don't know a trained sociologist so here goes....

 From: Jason W

 Subject: blind

 your very "blind" indeed

 My what?

 Yo, Ayatollahs! Hawks Preparing for the Next Regime Change
   by Maureen Dowd, one of the reporters at the paper that hires liars and fruads

  Click  Here

 The C.I.A. is snooping around itself and other spy agencies to see if prewar reports of
 Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al Qaeda were exaggerated.
 The suspense is killing me.

 The delicious part is that the review was suggested by Donald Rumsfeld, a main culprit in
 twisting the intelligence to justify a strike on Baghdad. It's like O. J. vowing to find the real killer.

 As Rep Jane Harman, the ranking Democrat on the House intelligence committee, put it:
 "This could conceivably be the greatest intelligence hoax of all time."
 Her innocence is touching.

 I sure hate to agree with hates-everyone Mo Do, but isn't that just like a Democrat?
"It's starting to seem like maybe the president might have been lying?"

 What's f-ing wrong with our side?

 The Democrats buy every lie the Unelected Fraud and his Gang of Thugs put out there.
 They've even forgotten that he stole the election and was appointed by a crooked court.

 The GOP never accepted Clinton - not for a second, yet the Dems have been bending over backwards
 to give this little shit everything he wants, while Karl Rove is beating their brains in with big hammers.


"Every Memorial Day I think about what these men did and what we owe them. They didn't go through hell
  so Kenny Boy Lay could betray his investors and workers at Enron, or for a political system built on legal
  bribery. It wasn't for corporate tax havens in Bermuda, or an economic system driven by the law of the jungle,
  or so a handful of media buccaneers could turn the public airwaves into private sewers. Sure, to paraphase
  Donald Rumsfeld, freedom makes it possible for people to be crooks, but so does communism, and fascism,
  and monarchy. Democracy is about doing better. It's about fairness, justice, human rights, and yes, it's about
  equality, too; look it up. I was never called on to do what soldiers do; I'll never know if I might have had their
  courage. But a journalist can help keep the record straight, on their behalf. They thought democracy was worth
  fighting for, even dying for. The least we can do is to help make democracy worthy of them "
     --Bill Moyers,  Bill Moyers on being a journalist

 Jokes about Ann Coulter

 What do you call a smart blonde?

  A golden retriever.

 Click  Here

 May 24, 1943
 The Battle for the Atlantic ends

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"Jan O. Karlsson, the Swedish Minister for Migration, has got himself into trouble after
  calling the American President 'that fucking Texas geezer'. The rather impolite description
  of George W. Bush was presented by the Swedish minister during a meeting with the press
  this week.  Karlsson said he used the coarse description of the President in connection with
  criticising US politics on AIDS and abortions and criticising the fact that that the US has
  withheld financial means from the UN."
       --Hanne Dankertsen,   That fucking Texas geezer

 Santorum: big donor to gay rights group?

  Click  Here

 Senator Rick Santorum, (R-Bigot), has become a "major donor" to New York's
 biggest gay rights organization, thanks to a gay comedian's off-Broadway show.

 Seth Rudetsky, who stars in the one-man show, "Rhapsody in Seth," started the
 Sen. Rick Santorum Education Fund earlier this month by donating 5 percent of
 all ticket sales to the Empire State Pride Agenda (ESPA) in the senator's name.

 Red Cross denied access to PoWs
  The actions of a petty tyrant - not an American president

  Click  Here

 The United States is illegally holding thousands of Iraqi prisoners of war and other captives without
 access to human rights officials at compounds close to Baghdad airport, The Observer has learned.

 There have also been reports of a mutiny last week by prisoners at an airport compound, in protest
 against conditions. The uprising was 'dealt with' by the Americans, according to a US military source.

 The Red Cross so far has been denied access to what the organisation believes could be as many
 as 3,000 prisoners held in searing heat. All other requests to inspect conditions under which
 prisoners are being held have been met with silence or been turned down.

 Once again, the American media will cover for Bush to protect him from world opinion. If Clinton had
 1/3 of the bling hero worship The Fraud gets, we'd all have 601Ks and the Dow would be chasing 18,000

Click to order from Amazon.com
David Dvorkin, author of Budspy and three Star Trek novels,
has just released a new science fiction novel - Pit Planet
Click  Here  for more details and to read the first two chapters of this book.

 Dueling Quotes

"I don't believe anyone that I know in the administration ever said that Iraq had nuclear weapons."
      -- Rumsfeld, with a straight face, to the Senate's appropriations subcommittee on defense, May 14,

"We believe he has, in fact, reconstituted nuclear weapons."
      -- Cheney on Meet the Press, March 16, but Tim has agreed not to bring it up

 "Stop asking questions - I am your King!"

 Everything update

is coming soon. It's debut may be as soon as early next week.

 Yukon Bill is putting together the financial page.  If you want to help,  willstein@inamongus.com

 Also, we have two more positons opening up.

if you're interested

 Position One:
 We could really use a PC guru and a Mac guru.
 When someone writes with a tech question, (Can't get radio show!) it would be nice if
 I could forward their mail to a person who's hopelessly geeky and informed on tech stuff.
 You might get 5-10 e-mails a day, so maybe you could have some stock answers ready
 for the FAQ that keep popping up and save a bunch of time.

if you're interested

 Position Two:
  This is the fun position, but it has to be just the right person. We need a reader.
  I'll send you the book, you'd read it in a few days, then write a book report for us to read.

  Then you'd send us the Top Ten quotes, and maybe interview the author.

  I've had to pass up interviews with some big-time Democrats because I didn't read the book.

  For this position, we really need someone with time on their hands.

if you're interested

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 I need Michael Weiner (Savage) phototoons and graphics.

 We might do a Weiner Roast.

 Victims: Americans are worse than Saddam

  Click  Here

 Before the end of the war Mrs Sabrir lived with her husband on a farm in the town of Khanaqin,
 close to the Iranian border. They had survived unscathed through the Iran-Iraq war, the Gulf War
 in 1991 and the invasion of Iraq. As opponents of Saddam they even welcomed the American invasion.

 But it is the peace, and the disintegration of Saddam’s grip, that has destroyed their lives. On April 11,
 two days after the fall of Saddam, Kurdish fighters entered Khanaqin, ordering all 15,000 Arabs to leave.

“There were so many Kurdish fighters we couldn’t count them. They came into our house, and fired into
 the air, and grabbed me by the shoulder and said we had to leave in 48 hours or they would kill us.”

 After seven days of travelling by foot and by donkey from Khanaqin, 1,500 of the tribe ended up
 in the abandoned prison, 30 miles north of Baghdad. They had nowhere else to go.

Marty's E! page
VCR alert - Jon Stewart primetime special - 'Iraq:  A Look Baq'
(Comedy Central  (10pm est/9pm central)
Baron Dave Romm's Memorial Day Impeachment Watch
The Worried Shrimp has been busy
Matt Groening - Outstanding Cartoonist of the year
Formerly blacklisted Betty Garrett (finally) got a star on the Hollywood Walk O'Fame
Elton John in Vienna
Poppy at Indy
A serial philanderer marries, again
And the first Saudi Woman pilot


 The Truth About the Saudi Royals, By George
   by Doug McGill  of  The McGill Report

  Click  Here

 If George W. Bush truly leveled with Americans about his feelings
 about the war in Iraq -- in the same way that he levels with Dick Cheney,
 Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Condoleeza Rice, and others in his
 inner circle -- he would surely say something like this:

     A Democrat fights back
     Fiction,    by Mike Palecek

  Joe Coffee tells his wife that he’s thinking about running for Congress.
"Coffee Joe" speaks out against prisons and the military.  At first, they laughed.
 Soon, terrified establishment politicians try to stop him.

 Joe Coffee’s Revolution provides a refreshing alternative perspective.

  Click  Here  to order your copy today.

 [Palecek is a former reporter, federal prisoner, and seminarian.]

 Also by Mike Palecek:   Click  Here

 Bush answers on 9/11 overdue

  Click  Here

 President Bush is not going to assume responsibility for the World Trade Center catastrophe.
 His political allies blame Clinton (as they are blaming him three years later for the current recession).
 Moreover, Bush continues to stonewall attempts to set up an independent investigation of what went
 wrong, and continues to sit on the 900-page report prepared by a bipartisan congressional committee.

 The people Bush proposed to smoke out and ''get'' are still free. Moreover, some of the CIA officials
 who ''dropped the ball'' in the summer of 2001 have been promoted. Yet the media who were so eager to pry
 into the private life of President Clinton seem disinclined to uncover the real story of what happened
 during that summer and whether the same people who dropped the ball then are still dropping it..

 Bush can't let that report come out because it might prove what he knew.  If they told him something big
 was coming, and in typical Dim Son fashion he went on another 30 day vacation, the voters might not
 want to be reminded that their 'president' never worked a day in his life and didn't want to start then.

From: Jimmy

Subject: very very stupid


You have just crossed the line.
No atty in the county can help you now
The Monitor

If this has something to do with my new prison bitch,
Mikey the Weiner Savage, I don't need an attorney.

All I need is another shot of Chinaco, which I'm working on as we speak.

 Call  918-493-1500- you have two minutes to rant away.

 Did anything make you mad today?

Tell us about it!     918-493-1500

 Bartcop Radio is here

 So, people come up to me on the street and say,"But Bart, why are your radio shows so lame?"

 And I explain to them that I have no idea what I'm doing, that I have no business being behind a microphone,
 that I have about one hour's worth of training as an audio engineer and I'm not that bright to start with.
 Remember, these will get better.

 So with that in mind, here's Show #2
 As always, it's in our patented "No wait," format, which costs you nothing extra.
 It's in two parts, and they would be Parts one (1) and Part two (2).

 Click  Here  for Part One

 Click  Here  for Part Two

 (Not sure it deserves a"hot" button, but I didn't want you to glide past it.)

 In Part Two, I mention this handmade silver belt buckle.

 It was custom made (obviously) by Mick Rasley
 and sent to me with a bottle of Chinaco Anejo.

 A shot of Chinaco back to Mick and Lynn

 My tech guy is back next weekend, the pace should pick up then.

 Click  to  Subscribe

Subject: The end of democracy in the U.S.

Dear Bart,
I recently sent this letter to the editor of my local paper.
I thought you might like to use some of the facts included in it.

Dear Editor,

Every American, both Republican and Democrat, should be very concerned with our current Administration.
As a democracy our government should exhibit principles of equality and respect for the individual within a community.
Under George W. Bush we no longer have that kind of government.

For example, there is a proposal being considered by the FCC that will relax the rules of media ownership.
The FCC has done little to open this debate to the public but, for the 10,000 people that have contacted this
federal government agency to voice their opinion only 11 were in favor of deregulation.(1)  Several U.S. Senators
requested that the FCC hold off the vote to allow time for more public input.  Michael Powell, head of the FCC refused.
The vote on deregulation will take place on June 2cd as scheduled.

Consider the debate over allowing snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park; 360,000 people wrote to the Interior
Department, with 80% of responding citizens advocating that the noisy machines be banned.  Not only did the Bush
administration okay their continued use, they increased the number of snowmobiles allowed. (2)

And of course on February 15th of this year over 30 million people worldwide marched against war with Iraq. (3)
But President Bush went ahead with the invasion because of the dangerous weapons of mass destruction that Iraq possessed.
Of course the U.S. military has been unable to find these so-called weapons but that’s a whole different letter.

(1)    Karr, Rick.  NPR: Morning Edition.  “FCC Plan to Ease Media Ownership Rules Criticized”.  May 21, 2003
(2)    Ruber, Paul  Sierra.  “Hear No Evil Department.”  May/June 2003. pg. 14.
(3)    Chrisafis, Angelique.  The Guardian.  “Millions world wide rally for peace”.  February 17, 2003.

Becky Ann

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