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Volume 1076 - Bush's Death Camps

Click to order from Amazon.com
David Dvorkin, author of Budspy and three Star Trek novels,
has just released a new science fiction novel - Pit Planet
Click  Here  for more details and to read the first two chapters of this book.

 Tuesday,   May 27, 2003 


 Did Ari slip up and accidentally tell the truth?

''The president has a very busy schedule of official events. He has a limited
  window in which he can participate in his own direct political affairs as he
  prepares for an election -- a reelection.''
  -- Ari Fleischer with reporters on Friday at the Bush "ranch" Bush cites war on terrorism

 Group Says Iran Has 2 Undisclosed Nuclear Labs

  Click  Here

 An Iranian opposition group said today that it had evidence of two previously undisclosed
 uranium enrichment facilities west of Tehran — information that, if proven, might add to the
 Bush administration's argument that Iran is violating its commitment not to produce nuclear weapons.

 Bush has proven he doesn't need a reason to invade other countries.
 Why bother to fabricate an excuse this time, since last no-excuse worked so well?
 The press will back him up, whoever he decides to invade, ands anyone who isn't
 with the invader president must be a friend to terror, so expect a visit from Ashcroft.

 Of course, the hatred of the rest of the world will increase, but Iran has OIL.


''The war on terror continues. Our work is not done.
  The enemies of freedom are not idle, and neither are we."
   -- the lying Bush boy, in over his head as always

 Hey Mr Monkey President -  if our work is not done explain this!

 According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, 'accomplish' means to bring to completion : FULFILL

 So, were you lying THEN or are you lying NOW?

 Subject: Bush gave Saddam permission?

 Hey Bart

 I've often read on your site that you say Bush gave Saddam written
 permission to invade Kuwait.   Do you have any proof that I could see ?

 Eric in Toronto

 Eric, great question, and I need more space  so  Click  Here


"Whenever I get into these arguments with people or watch them on television, one of the things they can't do
  is argue about the results.  Every good thing that happened when I was president was caused by something
  Ronald Reagan did in February of 1981 and everything that's happened since he left office that's bad, he caused."
      -- Bill Clinton, Lecture at University of Arkansas,    Click  Here  to see the video

 Subject: MSGOP puts on Moore bashing film


 Last night MSGOP putting the director of this documentary
 on television to talk about his movie and show clips of it

 Michael Moore told the truth about the Never-Elected Fraud
 so Rove wants him taken out and the corporate media works for Rove.

 I can't wait until they try to screw with  bartcop.com  or  BartCop Radio
 They don't scare me and they can't buy me.

 The B.F.E.E. Flow Chart
 and their exhaustively extensive connections to everything

  Click  Here


"Of course they're running on the war on terrorism. What else would they run on? The economy?"
     --Jennifer Palmieri, press secretary to Senator John Edwards, running for president

 Subscription Update


 Hey can you help, I'm not seeing any of the images when I log in with my new member account,
 just those little red X's where the images are supposed to be. Could this be a permissions problem
 with the images folder or something?

 I'm getting lots of these, so let me address it on the page.

 Right now, that's a practice page only - nothing more.
 The only way I knew to be sure everyone gets in is to meticulously transfer each PayPal subscriber
 as each subscription comes in. We started May 20, so by June 20 we figure to saddle up & ride.

 So there's nothing in the members section right now.
 Everything is free to everyone until at least June 20.


''There's no question they are going to use the war and patriotism as their message in lieu of
  being able to talk about anything they have done positively for the country on the domestic front.
  George W. Bush has the worst economic record of any president since Herbert Hoover. He has
  presided over the greatest loss of wealth in the history of humanity. Bush is not going to be able
  to land on an aircraft carrier every day in the fall of 2004.''
         --Chris Lehane, a senior adviser to John Kerry

 Why do I get the feeling the Democrats are going to lay down - again?

 Memorial Day quips from Barry Crimmins

  Click  Here

 Subject: The military


 I don't dislike the military, unless you include Donald Rumsfeld. I can admire the courage of the people
 who serve as soldiers, sailors, etc. I appreciate their dedication and I'm grateful for the sacrifices they
 are willing to make. But I'll be damned if I'm going to put them up on a pedestal or fawn all over them.

 About a week ago, you ran a link to a site that listed 14 or so traits of fascist countries. I went back to find it,
 but the page had changed. Anyway, one of the traits was something like elevating the military to an exalted
 position and heaping praise on it. Bart, I know you're no fascist and if you want to applaud the troops,
 you go right ahead. But try to understand why it makes some of us uncomfortable.

 We hear enough of that shit from the Bushist administration.
 Dan Leahy

 Dan, two thoughts popped into my head: (That's unusual)

 1) There's a difference between being pro-military and being military crazy,
      just like there's a difference between owning guns and being Chuck Heston.

 2) When you say Rumsfeld's the problem, that indicates you had no problem with the military
      when it was run by a legally-elected man who wasn't waging war for personal riches.
      If that's the case, good on you.


"It's a two-way street, you know. He helped me through a lot more than I helped him through, I'll say that."
    ----Don Evans, who was with Dubya the weekend in 1986 at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs
          where the president decided after one last hangover to give up alcohol, "

 Boy I suuuuuuuuuuuuure would like to know what made Bush stop drinking that day.
 Did the hooker die?
 Do you think the son of the CIA Director would have any trouble getting rid of a body?

 Bush unchallenged by America media
        by Linda McQuaig, Toronto Star

  Click  Here

"When Stockwell Day arrived by skidoo in a wetsuit (for a waterside "press conference" in 2000), Canadians laughed.
 When Bush arrived by fighter jet in a combat suit, Americans called him a hero.  That says a lot about the difference
  between Canadians and Americans these days. Canadians aren't so easily conned."

 But Bush's fighter-plane landing on the deck of a U.S. battleship earlier this month, and his emergence from the
 cockpit in combat gear and mussed-up hair, was even more stage-managed (right down to the soft-tone sunset
 lighting and the "Mission Accomplished" backdrop sign perfectly angled for TV viewers). As for laughable, it's hard
 to outdo Bush — who went AWOL from the National Guard during the Vietnam War — strutting around the ship
 in full battle regalia, carrying his own helmet (I guess there wasn't anybody available to carry it for him.)

 The whole world is laughing at America's supreme stupidity - well, at least those that Bush hasn't killed yet.

 Possible bad news

 I tried to access  consortiumnews.com  and it wsn't there.

 I hope it's just an internet snafu like South's Finest Chocolate had,
 because the Perry's do great investigative work.

if you know anything about what's going on.

 I watched Willie Nelson's Birthday Bash
 ...while taping the Jon Stewart special

 Now don't write in, because I like Willie in a don't-like-his-music-much kind of way,
 but isn't that the most depressing bunch of songs you've ever heard in your life?

 Plus, there was a lot of country to sit thru...

 But who came along and stole the show?
 Who hit the ball out of the park and into the ocean?

 Ray Charles, doing Leon Russell's A Song for You.
 Damn, he put more into that song that most performers put into a night.

 Steven Tyler was good, and you had to like that Toby Keith song,
  I ain't smoking no more dope on Willie's bus.

 Documents from the Phoenix Program

  Click  Here

 Created by the CIA in Saigon in 1967, Phoenix was a program aimed at "neutralizing"—through
 assassination, kidnapping, and systematic torture—the civilian infrastructure that supported the
 Viet Cong insurgency in South Vietnam. It was a terrifying "final solution" that violated the Geneva
 Conventions and traditional American ideas of human morality.


"I like George Bush's stance on social spending and funding of some of the Democratic strongholds.
  Because of the budget deficit, I feel that the Republicans are the best party to be able to bring a
  balanced budget back  to the United States."
     --Tim Chrysler, Computer consultant and severe ditto-monkey, Woodbury, MN

 Hey Monkey - look who causes deficits!!
 Look at the facts, you idiot.  Then vote your wallet.

 You're a computer consultant in Minnesota, you make less than $100K per year.
 Bush is borrowing money to give to the billionaires, and you like that approach?

 Bush plans Death Camps

  Click  Here

 The US has floated plans to turn Guantanamo Bay into a death camp,
 with its own death row and execution chamber.

 Prisoners would be tried, convicted and executed without leaving its boundaries,
 without a jury and without right of appeal,  The Mail on Sunday newspaper reported yesterday.

 The Re-election Conundrum

  Click  Here

 Never in the history of U.S. presidential elections have the “American People” been handed
 a better litmus test to decide if an incumbent is fit to continue holding the highest office in the land.

 Yes, but the American whore press is going to give Bush millions of dollars of good publicity.
 Again and again, they';ll tell us how smart and honest and brave this "warrior" is.

 ...and the American voter is so ignorant and disconnected, they think Saddam caused 9-11.

 I screwed up and left  Tally's Weather Vixen  (a.k.a. the Viggo naked girl) rant out of Show #2.

 Click  Here

Click Here  to vote on which
 navel piercing she should get


"The President's prescription for everything is take two tax cuts and call me in the morning."
       --Howard Dean, with a very, very, very soft attack on the Never-Elected Fraud

 "I love a soft democrat."

if you're interested

 Position One:
 We could really use a PC guru and a Mac guru.

if you're interested

 Position Two:
  This is the fun position, but it has to be just the right person. We need a reader.
  I'll send you the book, you'd read it in a few days, then write a book report for us to read.

  Then you'd send us the Top Ten quotes, and maybe interview the author.

if you're interested


"Democrats these days lack the killer instinct that it takes to sell blunt, demagogic messages. As Bob Shrum,
 a prominent consultant for 30 years, said: "It's probably a weakness that we're not real haters. We don't have
 a sense that it's a holy crusade. We don't have a sense that it's Armageddon." Or, as Mr. Gore's former
 campaign manger, Ms. Brazile put it: "They play hardball. We play softball."
     --Adam Clymer, Bush's "major league asshole"

 Using fewer words - we don't want to win.
 We're so afraid some dove might say, "We don't want to be like them."

 Hey gang, they have the White House, the military, the House and the Senate and the courts.
 As long as we don't want to "be like them," they'll continue to own everything.

 Subject: Buzzflash


 Buzzflash has a staff of 80 and a hueueueueueuge budget,
 so don't feel so totally inferior to them by comparison.


 Bones, thanks for that.
 You were the only one who wrote...

Marty's E! page
Pavarotti & Bono
'Reading Rainbow' (PBS) is having funding problems
Led Zeppelin CD & DVD available today
The diversity of viewpoint between Fox & MSGOP & the FCC
Whitney Houston visits a polygamous sect in Israel seeking  inspiration for her Christmas album.
(ha ha - Nothing says 'Christmas' like two wives)
Clay lost 'American Idol' because his fans can't dial?
And, some stuff on polygamy in the U.S. from Kingman, AZ. t


  The Buck Stop Here
     by William Thomas  as seen on Lifeboatnews.com
   Click  Here

 Is Bush trying to crash America? The Boy Wonder's latest tax dodge, gifting a further $470 billion to the richest 1%
 of America's ruling elite, recently prompted publication of a full-page ad in the New York Times signed by 40 Nobel
 Laureates and 400 leading U.S. economists warning of disaster. Explaining their concerns to a Canadian radio audience,
 one of the ad's sponsors termed Bush's economic policies, "Fiscal madness." [CBC Feb. 11, 2003]

 Unless you're one of the 1%.

     A Democrat fights back
     Fiction,    by Mike Palecek

  Joe Coffee tells his wife that he’s thinking about running for Congress.
"Coffee Joe" speaks out against prisons and the military.  At first, they laughed.
 Soon, terrified establishment politicians try to stop him.

 Joe Coffee’s Revolution provides a refreshing alternative perspective.

  Click  Here  to order your copy today.

 [Palecek is a former reporter, federal prisoner, and seminarian.]

 Also by Mike Palecek:   Click  Here


"I am the federal government."
    --Tom DeLay upon being told by a restaurant manager that it was against
       federal law for him to smoke a cigar in a restaurant on federal property.

"I'm nuts about cigars."

 Call  918-493-1500- you have two minutes to rant away.

 Did anything make you mad today?

Tell us about it!     918-493-1500

  is here

 Radio Show #2
 I know you were at Grandma's for Memorial Day and didn't have a chance to catch it.

As always, it's in our patented "No wait," format, which costs you nothing extra.
 It's in two parts, and they would be Parts one (1) and Part two (2).

  Click  Here  for Part One Now with working Part One

  Click  Here  for Part Two

 (Not sure it deserves a"hot" button, but I didn't want you to glide past it.)

 In Part Two, I mention this handmade silver belt buckle.

 It was custom made (obviously) by Mick Rasley

 My tech guy is back next weekend, the pace should pick up then.

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 Johnny Wendell to interview Sid Blumenthal

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 My good friend Johnny Wendell  will interview Sid Blumenthal on The Johnny Wendell Show Sunday

 That's Sunday, June 1st, 5PM West Coast time, 8PM East Coast at www.kfi640.com, or KFI640 in
 LA, San Diego, Palm Springs, San Jose, Las Vegas, Tucson, El Paso and Alberquerque.

 Sid was probably Clinton's closest ally during impeachment.

 If you didn't get a chance to check in over the long weekend,

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