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Volume 1078  ...as the rolling horses lose their reins

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 Thursday,   May 29, 2003


"When a president lies or exaggerates in making an argument for war, when he spins the facts
  to sell his case, he betrays his public trust, and he diminishes the credibility of his office and
  our country. We are at war. What we lost in this may yet end up being far more important
  than what we gained."
      --Mark Bowden, U.S. has gained little if Bush lied about reason for war

"I didn't know I was lying..."

 Bush Hiding Report of 44-trillion-dollar deficit
 To protect Bush, they say "Washington" hid the report. I thought he was dead.

  Click  Here

 Bush  chose to keep the findings out of the 2004 annual budget report, published in February.
 The Financial Times hinted that the decision not to publish the report may have been because
 Bush was campaigning for a massive tax-cut package that critics claim will expand future deficits.

 And the Democrats sleep as Bush borrows billions to give to the super-rich.

Hope's 100th Birthday Brings Veterans' Thanks

  Click  Here

 From World War II to Desert Storm, Hope swaggered fearlessly through battle zones as if strolling
 the back nine of a golf course. As he turns 100 today, Hope remains the only civilian named an
 honorary veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces.

"Just knowing he was coming was a release to everybody because when he's there, you're safe and
 you're back home, even if you're not," said Michael Teilmann, who was an Army major in Vietnam
 in 1968 when he saw his first Hope military show.

 "Like we still talk about 'Remember the Alamo?'" said Trochan, who was a radio repair worker with
 the 101st Airborne Division. "I think we should say, 'Remember the Bob Hope show,' because it
 was important. It brought us together."

 Democrat search probe spreads to Perry, aide
  Tex Gov caught using terror tools to chase Democrats. Will he get a pass, too?

  Click  Here

 Kevin Bailey, (D-Houston) said Capitol security tapes show Governor Perry entering and leaving the office
 of House Speaker Tom Craddick.   Bailey said sources told him that Perry went from that office to the
 command post established in a reception area of the speaker's office.

 Bailey also said Perry's homeland defense coordinator -- Jay Kimbrough -- gave the Texas DPS a
 California telephone number for the federal air interdiction service that was used to track former
 Speaker Pete Laney's plane during the walkout.

 Laney and 50 other legislators were found later that day in Ardmore, Okla., just across the state line.

"Obviously, it raises some serious concerns about the use of Homeland Security in domestic political matters,"
 Bailey said

 The Republicans and their obsession with stealing power isn't good. Especially when the Democrats refuse
 to slow them down. Republicans keep saying, "We need more of your money and we need secrecy
 and you should trust us - we won't abuse all this power," and then they get caught and the Dems say,
"That's OK, if you promise not to do it again," and then they do it again!

 It has been said that Bob Hope traveled millions of miles while entertaining millions of troops.  I'm very proud
 to have been just one of the millions to see him perform.  In this day and age where so many are considered heroes,
 it seems that there needs to be a more powerful word to describe Bob Hope.  After all, look at all the war-torn
 nations he visited.  Take into account the hours of dedicated service to his country that he invested in freedom,
 liberty and the American way.  In my way of recollection, I cannot think of a single person who consistently
 performed their duties for so long a time.

 With that said, the only words that come to mind are...To Mr. Bob Hope, thanks for the memories!
 You are a true American Legend.

 W.R. (Bill) Barbour, Jr.


"Republicans dominate Texas politics, but the national Democrats could learn a simple lesson
  from the state: Before you can become the party in power, you have to be a real opposition party.
 When 51 Democratic members of the Texas House of Representatives left for Oklahoma to derail
  a Republican redistricting plan, they did something that - for Democrats these days - seems radical:
  They stood up for themselves and for the democratic process "
     --Robert Jensen,  Texas Democrats Set a Mark for Whole Party

"You Democrats stop that!
 Why can't you just lie back and
 praise W like the rest of us?

 US accused of deserting diplomatic path in Iraq

  Click  Here

"A tinpot dictator was mocking the president. It provoked a sense of anger inside the White House.
 After that point, there was no prospect of a diplomatic solution," said one person who worked
 closely with the NSC during the days after the declaration was delivered on December 8.

 But 90 days after that, the Bush boy was still insisting the decision to go to war had not yet been made.
 That means the Unelected Fraud was lying to the whole world about his reasons for going to war.
 Don't we impeach presidents who are caught lying?

 Oh, that's right.

 Bush is a Republican.
 The Democrats wouldn't impeach him if he murdered Pickles and the twins on live TV.

 I was in country 66-67, and I don't remember if it was at Danang or Chu Lai that Isaw him.
 I wrote a letter home telling my Mom about seeing him, because we had watched his TV shows together.

 When I got home in the summer of 1967, I swear all my mom wanted to hear about was Bob's show.
 I think he represented all the best of her youth and WWII.

 She could hardly watch him without crying. She'd always talk about her brother who saw him in Europe
 during WWII. It almost brought her life full circle that he had entertained her brother in combat and then
 her son twenty-something years later.

 Ken G. Whitaker

 In-a-Gadda Da-Vida We Trust
   by Her Dragoness, Ms. Dowd

  Click  Here

 By rolling over Iraq, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld hoped to deep-six the sixties.
 The president was down with that.   He never grooved on the vibe of the Age of Aquarius anyway.

 Mr. Bush runs a "trust us, we're 100 percent right" regime. So we've got a young generation that
 wants to take it on faith. And an administration that wants to be taken on faith.

 Karl Rove's re-election strategy is designed to tug 9/11 heartstrings,
 and his ads will be heroic images of Top Gun chasing down the bad guys.
 The president and his posse diverted anger over 9/11 to Iraq,
 and now they are diverting it to Iran.

 ...and they're doing it with the help of the TV networks, talk radio and the NY Whore Times.

 I say we fight back.

 I think building  into a powerhouse is a worthwhile goal.
 Click  Here  to subscribe.

 Help build the anti-Bush network into something the media can't ignore and can't dismiss.

 Subject: Daschle


 At one point in time, I almost got the notion that Senator Daschle was growing some huevos.
 I'll never make that mistake again.  Every time he opens his mouth to kiss Bush's ass, he makes me sick.

 I'm surprised he can talk at all, he seems to have his head so far in there.  I've sent him an email suggesting
 he resign and why, and I know others who have to, and of course he never responds.  He has his head
 stuck so far up Bush's ass he can't see or hear.  I read that his constituents are extremely pro-Bush.

 He might risk not getting re-elected, but telling the truth at this point is far more important than his "career".
 It seems like one dirty look from the Texas Bugman and he runs off like a fucking cockroach.  I agree
 completely with you; he would be doing the Democratic party, the American people, and perhaps the
 world if he would just resign.  He's the minority leader?  We need someone with balls in that position,
 and he's missing 'em.  Daschle is worse than a joke, in the position he's in, he's so pathetic it's dangerous.

 I want to see someone turn the table on the Bugman.  What so intimidating about Delay?
 Is he a hit man or something?  I thought he was a hit man for bugs.


"I'm nuts about intimidation."

 When I was a young brat, my Grandad would tell me stories of his adventures in far off lands during World War II.
 He was a Bomber Pilot flying B-17's over Germany.  His eyes would light up though when he told me of the times
 the USO shows came around and a funny man named Bob holding a golf club would come with these "Gorgeous Dames."
 Being an eight-year-old, I didn't know what a dame was.

 When I got a little older I would ask my dad how was it for him over there in that place everyone was calling 'Nam?
 He wouldn't tell me much, I know he lost alot of his childhood friends over there. What he did tell me, however, was
 of the same funny man Grandad told me so much about, Bob and those georgeous dames.

 When I got sent to the Gulf to assist Kuwait, a strange thing happened to me. I saw my first USO show and I met
 the man I have heard so much about from both my Grandfather and Father. I saw and met Mr. Bob Hope.
 It was great and yes he really was funny, and the Dames, wow.

 Thank you Mr. Hope. For three generations you have braved hostile environments to entertain your boys, the troops.
 In doing so, you did more than just entertain, you gave us your name, you gave us Hope.

 We salute you.

 SSG Ortiz


"Ari Fleischer announced last week he was resigning as the Bush administration press secretary in July.
  Fleischer has earned a reputation as an evasive mouthpiece for the president who stays on message
  using ambiguous half truths, or as they are known at the Bush White House, freedom lies."
     --Jon Stewart

 Subject: More about Gulf War One

 On July 31,1990 with Iraq's troops massed on Kuwait's border, Assistant Secretary of State John Kelly
 lobbied Congress for increased trade with Iraq. The Bush administration KNEW those troops were there
 and their response was to ask for more trade with Iraq. And, the morning after the invasion, Bush said
"We're not discussing intervention. I'm not contemplating such action".

 It was Margaret Thatcher who forced him to decide to intervene or otherwise he would be considered "wobbly".

 ha ha
 Bush senior should be known as "Wobbly."

 If hadn't been more Mrs. Ironpants, he probably would not have done much about the invasion. He would have maybe
 yipped a little but not much else. And then he would have made a deal with Saddam for all that lovely oil.  And the press
 would have given him a pass and the invasion would be off the front pages in a few weeks and down the memory hole.

 Elline K

 One thing about Bob Hope: He was always gracious and always said his favorite audiences were GI's.
 He said they even laughed at the jokes that weren't so funny, and to a comedian, that meant a lot.
 If you took a poll of veterans, I believe almost everyone who ever saw a Bob Hope show would remember
 a signature line from every show he did. Bob would introduce a beautiful actress or singer and would preface
 the intro with, "....now I'ld like to show you guys in the audience what you're fighting for!"

 Barry R. Cantor

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"I think you've got an obligation to a certain extent, but, you know, kids are looking
  up to you.  Don't go out there rambling if you don't know what you're talking about.
  There's just a lot of dumb stars -- big stars -- out there."
      --Actor Mark Wahlberg, sharing his political opinions after being asked by The Boston Globe
         whether celebrities should share their political opinions,

 No Bunker where U.S. Bombs Targeted Saddam
  CBS says they just made that up

  Click  Here

The Baghdad bunker which the United States said it bombed on the opening night of the Iraq war
 in a bid to kill Saddam never existed, CBS Evening News reported Wednesday

 Shortly after the attack, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told reporters:
"There's no question but that the strike on that leadership headquarters was successful.
  We have photographs of what took place. The question is, what was in there?"

 Why is there never a penalty when this administration gets caught lying about important stuff?
 We impeached Clinton for jay walking, but Bush is seriously into mass murder and gets a pass?.

 Mr. Hope's Show came to Cu Chi, Vietnam, where I was asked to guard the ladies' dressing room.  During the
 performance, Joey Heatherton stopped on the steps and asked if she could lean on me as she adjusted her stockings.
 I replied, "certainly." We spoke briefly, and I told her I had met her brother, who lived near me back in the states.
 That news shocked her, because she didn't expect to meet a soldier who knew her brother. After a moment,
 she kissed me and said to take care of myself. I was the envy of ever guy in the area.

 As the show ended, Mr. Hope and his entourage passed my post. Someone told him of the kiss. He extended his hand
 and said, "You're doing better with Joey than I am." He laughed and moved on. To this day, I hold these moments special.
 Bob Hope is a true American treasure.

 J. Woodward


"Bush likes to say he didn't cause the recession, or the stock market collapse or Sept. 11, or the
  corporate crime wave. And to a large extent, that is right. But the question isn't how we got into
  this hole, the question is how we get out. And increasingly it seems like Bush's policies are
  digging us in deeper rather than lifting us out...This is a bold administration with bold plans.
  It has the power. But to date, its policies seem to be part of the problem, not part of the solution."
     --Jesse Jackson, Bush goes boldy in wrong direction

 Is that a WMD in your pocket?

  Click  Here

 The prevalent theory is socks (not the former White House cat). Other objects and materials have
 been suggested, with Las Vegas odds-makers taking bets on the offending bulge being anything from
 a bag of Jell-O or similar (5:3) or a custom codpiece (even money) to a large piece of meringue pie (90:1).
 The odds that it's "all natural" are 4000:1, even assuming a 20-30% post-war swelling.

 Bob Hope entertained my grandfather in WWII, my father in Korea,
 my uncles in Vietnam, and me in Desert Storm. God Bless you.

 GySgt Burks, USMC


"We celebrate this Memorial Day with our currency tumbling. The dollar's fall has been expected
  for so long we can't really be surprised, but the sharpness is surprising, and we'd better gird
  ourselves for more. Treasury Secretary John Snow says the dollar's fall is just fine. He would be
  better off saying nothing, for currency movements have a way of snowballing – or is that Snowballing?
  The Bush administration is desperate to pull the U.S. economy out of its funk, and thinks a falling
  dollar and huge tax cuts will help. . The markets already know Bush's growing budget deficits plus
  the approaching crises in health care and Social Security are huge weights on the economy.
  Add to that a loss of foreign confidence in the dollar and U.S. markets, and you have a recipe
  not for a controlled shakeout, but for a crash "
          --James O. Goldsborough   The almighty dollar isn't anymore

 It goes without saying that I know nothing about economics - well, I know more than the Illegal Moron,
 but that's not saying anything.   But that $360 billion giveaway to the super rich won't help anything.
 (What we need is the BartCop Tax Plan, but that's another story)

 Why wouldn't it have been a better idea to tell American businesses:
"The government will pay half the salary for three years of anyone you hire for under $40,000."
 That way, if we spent the $360 billion the Moron threw away, it would create 6 million new jobs.

 The plan is so simple, it's flawless.

 Remember my airlines bailout idea?

 Instead of handing the airlines $25 billion, give every taxpayer a handful of round trip tickets.
 That way, hotels make money, cabs and car rental firms, restaurants and concerts and BartFests
 and fabulous Las Vegas would make some, too.

 All these great ideas, and I'm not in the top 25,000 web sites for traffic.

 Wednesday, 4: 30 CST on MSGOP, they had a graphic up that read

  Spelling Bee uder way

 I was an 18-year-old Army private (E-2), and had been in country for less than a month when Bob Hope
 and friends put on a show at Camp Holloway, home of the 52ed Combat Avaition Battalion.

 The stage was a 40-foot flat bed trailer, but to all us GI's it was like seeing him on the stage of the grandest
 playhouse in the world ... and now that I think back on it, it was the grandest playhouse in the world.

 I believe it was actress Jill St. John who brought Sgt Atkinson up onto the stage, and oh, how every one of us
 wished it was us. At that time, Pleiku was home of Camp Holloway, and HQ for MACV II.

 Former S/Sgt Michael T. Pierson


"Who would have thought it? Some two years after he left office hounded by right-wing detractors and
  stained by his affair with Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton now ranks as this nation's third best chief executive,
  according to a recent Gallup Poll.  Only Lincoln (chosen by 15%) and JFK (13%) finished ahead of Clinton (11%)
  in the April poll, which asked Americans who was "the greatest" president.  Chimpy managed to tie Clinton
  for third place.  The passage of time, however, puts some things into proper perspective. Lewinsky now hosts
  a reality television show. And remember Kenneth Starr? The special prosecutor who turned a lame investigation
  of charges that Clinton and his wife illegally profited from an Arkansas land deal into a $50 million taxpayer
  -financed peep show has faded from public view."
       DeWayne Wickham,    Respect for Clinton rebounds among Americans

 Who would have thought it?
 Who thought any other outcome was possible?
 Clinton's eight years of peace and prosperity may turn out to be our last.

 It was the Christmas season, and my first time away from home and family at Christmas. But he sure did brighten my day.
 It was so exciting to think I was really going to see Bob Hope in person. I did everything I could to get close to the stage.
 I ended up in the sixth row back.

 I got a good close up of Bob Hope and Lana Turner. I really loved his show. He is the best. He kept everyone laughing
 and cheering with all his jokes, and above all his political jokes, and those pretty young ladies he always brought with him on tour.
 That's one night I will never forget. To me that was once in a lifetime experience. It was such a great feeling to be a part of
 all those millions of military personel to get to see Bob Hope's Christmas show.What a beautiful memory.

 I just want to say Thank You, Mr. Hope, for being the great person and performer you are.
 You gave so much to so many. I salute you, Sir, for all the service you gave your country and our military.

 Wishing You a Very Happy 100th Birthday, from a past Paratrooper

 Taylor Clarence E

if you're interested

 Position One:
 We could really use a PC guru and a Mac guru.

if you're interested

 Position Two:

 We have gotten many, many, many volunteers for this position.
 Could we see some of your work?

 If you've read any of these books, send us your report,

 Any by James Carville or Paul Begala
 Mark Crispin Miller's "The Bush Dyslexicon"
 Arianna Huffington's "Pigs At The Trough"
 Susan McDougal's book.
 William Rivers Pitt's books;
 Jim Hightower's books
 Molly Ivins' books
 "The Coming Democratic Majority"
 Hell, I'd like to read reviews of Conason & Lyons Hunting of the President

 Be sure to include the Top Ten Quotes and things we should take away after reading the book

 Still working on the Mac and PC guru thing...

 I was on temporary duty on the USS Ticonderoga, CVA-14, from December 1965 through February 1966.
 Just before Christmas 1965, we received word that the Bob Hope Christmas Special was coming out to the "Tico."
 We arrived off Cam Ranh Bay on or about the 20th of December. Mr. Hope, his entourage and all those beautiful women
 arrived on board. A large stage was erected on the flight deck.   I can remember Joey Heatherton, Anita Bryant, and
 Miss America among the ladies. [Les] Brown, as always, was there along with the band.

 Some entrepreneurial aspirant auctioned off the sheets that the women slept on.
 To this day I do not know what happened to the money.

 The show was great, and though it was the only one I ever saw, I have the greatest admiration and respect for Mr. Hope
 for all that he has done for the millions of American service people serving throughout the world in his time.  We will never forget him.

 Ronald Kloess

 Bush’s Brain
  Book Review by Tamara K

  Click  Here

 In the presidential primary, Rove used targeted phone “push-polls” and an email from a BobJones University professor to
 start rumors in South Carolina that John McCain had fathered an illegitimate black child and that his wife was a drug abuser.
 Such obvious race-baiting was only enhanced by Bush adopting a stronger southern accent.  As McCain bristled and steamed,
 questions arose about his ‘competency,’ and his Vietnam POW experience was used to imply mental instability. The enmity
 between McCain and Bush runs strong still, so personal were the attacks.

Marty's E! page
Disinfotainment Today by Michael Dare
Pavarotti & Friends
Merle Haggard & the Smithsonian
CNN's revamping Paula Zahn (she delivers 32% less than Connie Chung & Crossfire)
AFI's Lifetime Achievement Award to Robert De Niro
Bill Murray is 'Garfield'
McCartney & Mills expecting
Michael McDonald & Motown
Antonio Meucci invented the telephone
A 2-headed tortoise
Orson Welles' Oscar to be auctioned
Max Collins, Eve 6 & shaving cream
Dutch 'coffee shops' wll no longer allow smoking
And a polar bear inspects a submarine (which brings up the question,
what was the Connecticut doing there - another 'USS Lincoln Bedroom'?)


     A Democrat fights back
     Fiction,    by Mike Palecek

  Joe Coffee tells his wife that he’s thinking about running for Congress.
"Coffee Joe" speaks out against prisons and the military.  At first, they laughed.
 Soon, terrified establishment politicians try to stop him.

 Joe Coffee’s Revolution provides a refreshing alternative perspective.

  Click  Here  to order your copy today.

 [Palecek is a former reporter, federal prisoner, and seminarian.]

 Also by Mike Palecek:   Click  Here


“The Democrats have refused to modernize.
  They're stuck in the quicksand they slipped into beginning in 1980, '84.”
     -- the vulgar Pigboy

 But Rush, if that's true, how'd we win the last three popular votes?

"I don't get it..."

 Call  918-493-1500- you have two minutes to rant away.

 Did anything make you mad today?

Tell us about it!


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 Mr. Hope and his show, including Ann-Margret, came aboard USS New Jersey (BB-62) on Christmas Day, 1968.
 We pulled off the gunline and they flew aboard and put on their show and served us Christmas dinner.

 Being away from home for the first time is very heartbreaking, but for a few hours they took our minds back home.
 A day I will never forget, and will never be able to express how good it made 1600 souls feel that day.

 With deep gratitude,

 Bob Keller

 They Died for a Lie
 161 (and counting) died to make Bush richer

  Click  Here

 Since I was 16, I've lived by the motto:
"Have a good time today, because tomorrow might be your 9-11."

 Have a good time today - that's an order.

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