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 Tues-Wed   June 3-4, 2003


"Those of us who've spent some time in the agricultural sector . . . understand how unfair
   the death penalty is -- death tax is -- and we need to get rid of it. I don't want to get rid
  of the death penalty. Just the death tax."
     -- too stupid, even for a monkey, in Omaha yesterday,

 Bush trying to hide 9/11 information, Graham says 

  Click  Here

 Sen. Bob Graham accused the Bush administration Sunday of overzealous editing
 of the public version of a report on the causes of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

 Citing proposed changes in several sections of the report the Florida senator said on
 CNN's Late Edition that the administration was trying to hide information submitted
 in open session and, in some cases, reported in the media.

"That's not being done for any legitimate national security reasons,'' Graham told CNN.
"It's being done because they don't  want the American people to see a coherent
 narrative of what happened.''

"I'm a war hero - I land jets on carriers with my big package."

"His big package looked wonderful, didn't it?"


"I and can't believe what I'm seeing happening to my country.  Everything seems now
  aligned (in the most unbelievable manner) to prevent pragmatic expression of the goodness
  and fairness that I always thought was inate to Americans as a people.  So here's a donation
  to help upgrade that 16 oz. peen hammer to an 8 lb. sledge!
     --  John Ruf,  subscriber

 Bush shines in the time of the lie

  Click  Here

 Listen to President Bush in December 2001 explaining publicly how he learned about the terrorist attacks
 three months before: 'I was in Florida. And ... I was sitting outside [an elementary school] classroom waiting
 to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower - the TV was obviously on, and I used to fly myself, and I said,
"There's one terrible pilot.'

 This account is obviously false since network cameras were not trained on the towers at the time the first
 airliner hit; it was only later that amateur video of this event was broadcast.

 It's too facile to say that all politicians lie and that leaders commonly deceive in pursuit of their goals.
 We are entitled to expect more from someone who campaigned on a pledge to "restore integrity to the White House.""


 I have been diagnosed with "Tennis elbow."
 Doc Shariff says it's a tearing of the tendons, or at least it can be.
 We haven't done an MRI or anything, so we're not sure damage has been done, if any.

 I've been hurting for a couple of weeks, but I figured it was just a sore muscle.
 I've been typing/clicking 6-9 hours a day since I left the car lot.
 Lately, when I get done with an issue, I have a line of fire that goes from the end of my
 pointing finger to that outer bone of the elbow.   Saturday I couldn't use my right arm.

 Doc gave me some pills and I'm being fitted for some kind of a brace tomorrow.
 He says the pills and not typing would make it go away the fastest.
 If that doesn't work, he says we go to cortizone shots, and surgery is the last option.

 Doc says, just like with my headaches that are all but gone, that this may be ergonomic.
 My chair might be too low or too high, that kind of thing. The trouble started when we
 set up the studio, but I'm in the same chair, so who knows?

 Sam Dent of The Forum is organizing a pool of typists.
 If all goes as planned (how often does that happen?) I can speak some rants into the mic,
 upload those to a special, private location where the pool will convert that to type and we
 can build a page that way if we're lucky.

 We won't really know what's up for 2-4 weeks.
 I might shorten the page a little or maybe publish every other day - not sure.
 I just know something has to change since I'm losing the use of my right arm.

 Let's be positive and assume the brace will help.


"In accepting a federal tax cut much smaller than what he'd asked for, Bush told lawmakers,
"Sometimes I get everything I want, sometimes I don't." Millions of poor American families
  can sympathize with the president, because they come up short in the tax cut, too. It's hard
  to imagine who could use an extra $400 per child more than families in that income bracket.
  It would have cost $3.5 billion -- 1 percent of the total package -- to include these families.
  But key senators insisted that the cost of the tax bill -- including financial aid for ailing states
  -- be capped at $350 billion. So something had to go. And it could hardly be the cuts in taxes
  on stock dividends and capital gains, which benefit primarily wealthy taxpayers, now could it?"
      --Seattle PI Editorial Board,

"Screw the poor - did they vote for me?"

 Truth and consequences
  New questions about Iraq's weapons of mass terror

  Click  Here

 The question remains: What did the Bush administration know-- or think it knew--on the eve of war?

 Still, they give those lying bastards the benefit of the doubt.
 The American press refuses to entertain the possibility that they just flat-out lied.

 Everyone is saying, "Oh, Bush must've been tripped up by faulty intelligence."

 Yeah, that's right.
 Bush was "tricked" into acquiring Saddam's oil.

 Doesn't anybody remmeber the lesson of Watergate - "Follow the money?"
 It all goes into the pockets of the people who stole the 2000 election.

 Damn powerful stuff

 Big Dog praised at Westchester gig
  Bill Clinton gives his two cents on the economy

  Click  Here

 Clinton said he ran for president in 1992 with “a very detailed plan.”
 One of his goals was to slash the federal budget deficit, which was larger than he expected, in half by the end
 of his first term, he said. Congressional Democrats, with no help from the GOP, passed a deficit reduction
 program which included spending reductions, a higher gasoline tax and income hikes for the wealthy, by only
 one vote in each chamber in 1993, he recalled.  A year later, the Republicans took control of Congress in the
 mid-term elections.  However, the economy grew and the record budget deficits turned into surpluses.



 Subject: Dead

 Mr Scarborough

 Did you really kill a woman in your office?
 Or is it just another liberal slander??

 Sarah A

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 From: Mike Tremblay

 Subject: The Myth of the "liberal" media

 You're kinda, sorta, somewhat of a complete idiot aren't you?


 So, instead of showing me where I'm wrong (I"m not) you chose to stoop to name-calling.

 If you had written something I disagreed with, I would've straightened you out.

 Franken Chews Up O'Reilly - Spits Out Nails
   saw it on

  Click  Here

 The segment will be re-aired Sunday, June 8, at 5:30 ET on C-SPAN2


"The fat cats will get their tax cuts. But in the new American plutocracy, there won't even
  be crumbs left over for the working folks at the bottom of the pyramid to scramble after.
  When House and Senate negotiators met to put the finishing touches to Bush's tax bill,
  they coldly deleted a provision that would have allowed millions of low-income working
  families to benefit from the bill's increased child tax credit. It was a mean-spirited and
  wholly unnecessary act, a clear display of the current regime's outright hostility toward
  America's poor and working classes...While the tax bill will lavish hundreds of billions
  of dollars in benefits on people higher up the income scale, it leaves this group of
  working families very ignominiously behind."
     --Bob Herbert, a non-whore at the NYWTimes

 Subject: Add this up...


 In response to your June 2 rant about Eric Rudolph being GOP (i.e "Add this up")

 ~ Believe in whatever ya wish, just don't make me do the same...

 ~ Never killed an innocent person, never wanted to...

 ~  Don't play with bombs, nor guns, nor anthrax...

 ~  My best friend is gay... It pisses me off to have to listen to you carp on this...

 ~ Women's choices are none of my business...

 ~ I camp quite a bit. That doesn't make me a "survivor".  It does make me an Environmentalist

 And, Yes, I'm a conservative... So what? Post my rant and perhaps we can engage in useful
 dialogue that, perhaps, can bring us together...

 Or, would you just like to call me a name like "Nazi" and run away...


 Bttb Bob,

 I'm guessing you're not going to like my answer.
 In the old days, we talked a lot about The BartCop Quiz.

 One of the things I used to say about a person taking the quiz is:
 You're either going to refuse to answer the questions


 You're going to end up agreeing with Ol' Bart

 Look at you:

You're NOT wanting to force your religious beliefs on others.
You've never killed anybody (abortion doctors, gays etc)
You're not a gun nut or a bomb nut.
You're apparently tolerant of gay folk
You'd let a woman decide her reproductive choices herself.
You're an environmentalist

 I would never call you a Nazi.
 You're one of us.

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Don't you love him?


"In his mind, Eric believes that what he’s doing is right, just like bin Laden thinks what he’s doing is right.
  Eric’s striking out on his own, thinking that he can draw attention to certain situations in this country.
  Like the gay thing. When he found out his brother was gay, I think that had a whole lot to do with why
  he focused on a gay nightclub [Eric is charged with bombing a lesbian club in Atlanta]. And you know
  why he bombed the abortion clinic? He believes that the white people are eventually going to be a
  minority instead of a majority. He believes that you should reproduce and be true to your race.
  He thought white women should marry white men and black people should marry black people.
  He would say we are all going to be one color—and God doesn’t want us all one color."
      -Deborah Rudolph, Eric's sister-in-law

 Eric is the poster boy for everything GOP.

 What this about Bush, Blair and a gay bar?

  Click  Here

 One thing?

 Working towards the radio thing...

 Click  Here  to see if you can hear 13 seconds of a Shirley song.

 It's 100K, smaller than a Tom Tomorrow toon or a Ted Rall toon.
 You should be able to download this with no problem.

 This is an MP3.
 You can't hear it with Real Player or Windows Media (probably.)

 You can  GO HERE  and download Winamp for free.
 All the kids have them - it's what they put sound and music on these days.

 If you can't hear Shirley vow to tear some guy's soul apart (don't piss her off)
 then Click  Here  to see the new and improved troubleshooting tech page.

 E-mail someone on that list and tell them what kind of system you have.

 Our first goal is to assist people who can't get BartCop radio satisfactorily.
 If YOU are having trouble, contact a tech and if the two of you work it out,
 have the tech contact us with the answer so we can post it.

Beginning June 20/21, we will be posting radio shows in the "members" section.

 Subject:  Hex on Tiger Woods


 I don't believe in things like hexes, but I have to admit it worked on Tiger.
 Maybe you're onto something here.  The B.F.E.E. is next, just to see if something happens.


 Migs, I put The Hex on Dim-Son waaay back in his pretzel-wrestling days.

 Bush is more stupid than me.  There should be a law.
 If your IQ is less than 64, you can't run for office.

 Can you imagine a Smirk-Bart debate?
 I'd have the ignorant little shit sobbing before they finished the introductions
 He never wanted to be president - they made him president
 Bush just wanted to drink Jim Beam, screw hookers and do coke.

  Click  Here

 June 3, 1943

 French resistance fighters supported by British SOC agents sabotage the
 the Michelin tire works at Clermont-Ferrand, badly damaging the facility.

 German submarines lay a minefield off Halifax, Nova Scotia, which was
 discovered only after the 2000-ton merchant Halma was sunk.

  Dueling Quotes

"I anchored a program called 'Inside Edition,' which won a Peabody Award for investigative reporting"
       --Bill O'Reilly, lying his ass off - again

"I figured maybe 'Inside Edition' won a Peabody for its story 'Swimsuits: How Bare Is Too Bare?'
  or maybe for its three-part series on the father of Madonna's first baby. I called Bill and he was
  nice enough to get back to me.  Turns out he's been confused: In 1996, 'Inside Edition' won a Polk,
  which does start with a 'P.' You know, it's one thing to get your facts wrong on Fox. That's expected.
  But lying on C-SPAN? I don't think you should do that."
    --Al Franken, and remember, C-Span is replaying this at 5:30 AM EST Sunday, when we're all up

 Greek lawyers to sue Blair for war crimes

  Click  Here

 The Athens Bar Association has announced it will file a suit against Tony Blair for “crimes against humanity
 and war crimes” for his role in the Iraq war. Association President Dimitris Paxinos told the press the
 organisation was also considering launching an action against Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar,
 who also backed the invasion of Iraq.

 This is pointless.
 Blair and Aznar were only puppets for the B.F.E.E., and they are untouchable.

 Subject: Biden on Face the Nation

 I watched Joe Biden on Face the Nation Sunday, which was a mistake
 since I was having a Bush-induced psychotic episode.  Anyway, he said
 he was considering running for President.I e-mailed his office at the Senate
 and told him not to bother, that we already had enough Bush apologists
 running for office (including Lieberman)and that we didn't need another.
 I also said that I hoped his pink tutu was back from the cleaners.

 Toni C.

“I don’t know enough to comment on that.
  I just don’t know what happened there.
  I’m just not qualified to comment.”
  --  Joe the Squealer, when Russert
      offered him a free shot at Dubya.

 Senator, you're not qualified to be a man.

Marty's E! page
A non-review of 'Finding Nemo'
Willie Nelson made cable tv history
Al Franken vs. Bill O'Really - with audio link
The Winters brothers vs. Jonah Hex
Dixie Chicks still pissing off program directors
Ingmar Bergman honored in Stockholm
And, Scott Weiland (Guns & Roses) pleads innocent, enters rehab


 Bush's Trailers of Mass Destruction

  Click  Here

 Enough already. Where are the weapons of mass destruction?

 Rumsfeld appeared at the Council on Foreign Relations last Tuesday and, during the question-answer period,
 made the usual excuses for why his team of biochem-weapon hunters hasn't yet found any. "We've only been
 there seven weeks," he exclaimed. "It's a country the size of California -”it's not as though we've managed to
 look everywhere," he added.


 When Rummy had his murder hardon raging, he said they knew exactly where they were.
 He said they were in Tikrit and Baghdad, and that he had pictures, remember?

 And the whole reason we couldn't wait another 30 days is because Saddam was poised to strike!
 He was going to hit the US within days, and there was no time to wait!

 But of course, the good puppy press will do as they're told and report that the certain-to-be-found
 weapons are "just around the next corner," and the Demos are, of course, too lazy, too stupid and
 too clueless to make any political hay off the greatest murder-swindle in political history.

"We only kill people who are in our way!"

Karl Rove?
 or Karl Himmler?


"The Iraq situation was difficult, but it is time to move on.  I can murder Baghdad
  but that doesn't mean we have to be disagreeable to each other. As long as I
  can have that oil and the French know their fucking place - we'll be allright."
       --Dubya, who said something like that

 Subject: Lesbian Club Bombing


 I find it interesting that most of the reports I've seen on Eric Rudolph only mention the Otherside Lounge as a "gay" club.
 It is, or was...not sure if it's still in operation, but it's more specifically a lesbian club. Sure, there were usually a few men there,
 but it was more well known as a dyke bar. Why is that distinction important? Out of all the (mostly male) Queer-oriented
 clubs in Atlanta (and there were quite a few at the time), Rudolph picks a popular lesbian spot. Independent women,
 flagrantly disregarding God's Holy Order to be graciously submissive wives and mothers.

 IF Eric Rudolph is responsible for all the bombings he's accused of (presumption of innocence and all that),
 then the level of misogyny we're dealing with here is frightening. I do think religiously driven homophobia
 played it's part, but the choice of gay club is an interesting one.

 Your Friendly Neighborhood Dyke

 Murdering for Jesus is always a win-win for the religiously insane.

 Call  918-493-1500- you have two minutes to rant away.

 Did anything make you mad today?

Tell us about it!


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"Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order;
  tomorrow they will be grateful.  This is especially true if they were told there was an outside
  threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then
  that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one
  thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be
  willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government."
   -- Henry Kissinger speaking at Evian, France, May 21, 1992 Bilderburgers meeting.
       Unbeknownst to Kissinger, his speech was taped by a Swiss delegate to the meeting.

 This was supposed to go up last weekend, but then I found myself unarmed.

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