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 Monday   June 16, 2003                                       VCR Alert - Hillary on Dave tonight


"With a few honorable exceptions, such as Sen. Robert Byrd, outrage is not coming from
  Congressional Democrats. Contrast this with the Clinton impeachment, where years of
  fanatical attempts by Congressional Republicans and right-wing talk radio hosts to impale
  Clinton over Whitewater had resulted in a special prosecutor, Kenneth Starr, whose obsessive
  efforts finally provided the legal pretext for the Monica Lewinsky charges. By contrast, this time,
  given the relative Democratic spinelessness, no attack on the fitness of George W. Bush and his
  band of neocon zealots can have any traction without widespread public outrage, including support
  from independents and at least some Republicans."
       --Geov Parrish, The impeachable offense

 France Chides Washington Over 'My Way' World View

  Click  Here

 France's defense minister took a double swipe at the United States on Saturday, accusing
 Donald Rumsfeld of American supremacism and U.S. industry of waging "economic war" on Europe.

"The American Defense Secretary believes the United States is the only military, economic and
 financial power in the world. We do not share this vision," Alliot-Marie told Le Monde newspaper."

"Kill that bitch and bring her head to me at the Oval Office"


"To put it plainly, Rumsfeld treats people like crap. Working for him is like working for Leona Helmsley,
  except that Leona is less self-centered. Unless you are one of his sycophants, equipped with a good set
  of knee-pads and plenty of lip balm, you can expect to be booted down the stairs on a regular basis."
       --William S. Lind,    The Men Who Would Not Be King

"What does that mean?"

 Demo ninnies split on challenging Iraq arms hunt
  God help the idiot Democrats - they couldn't sell sex on a troop train

  Click  Here

 But other prominent Democrats, including such presidential contenders as John Kerry, John Edwards
 and Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, have struck a far more cautious tone, with their aides warning that
 such attacks could end up hurting the Democratic Party, depending on how events play out.

 Things couldn't be worse for the pink tutu Democrats.
 How is doing the right thing going to hurt the party?

 Several polls have indicated that the public remains largely supportive of the war, and that people are
 not particularly concerned that the weapons that Mr. Bush said would be found have not yet been located.

 Gee, I have an idea - qhy don't we educate the people who aren't concerned?
 The whole world sees us as the worst kind of imperialistic bullies, and America
 has no problem with losing her reputation and all her allies?

 Some Democrats who supported the war, notably Gephardt said they still thought it was likely
 that weapons would be found.

 It doesn't matter if some weapons are eventually found.
 We went to war because Saddam was 15 minutes away from launching, remember?
 We couldn't give weapon inspectors any more time because Saddam was arming his missles.

 How can the Democrats be this stupid on every issue?


"For the rest of the planet, the problem isn't Clinton's guys, it's Bush. In nation after nation, people affirm
  democratic ideals that they still generally associate with the United States -- but not with its president.
  In the 21 nations polled last month, respondents in 17 said that the problem with the United States was
  "mostly Bush" rather than "Americans in general."...In disdaining the United Nations and NATO,
  in proclaiming for his nation the right to preemptive war and immunity from international standards,
  and in waging a war based on trumped-up allegations, Bush has clearly decided that it is better for the
  United States to be feared than admired. Our greatest presidents haven't viewed foreign relations as
  requiring this kind of trade-off. Under Franklin Roosevelt, the United States had the world's mightiest
  arsenal and was its beacon of hope. But that's the kind of synthesis that Bush seems incapable even of
  imagining.  Bush is the guy who almost never traveled abroad until he became governor of Texas. On the
  contrary, he revels in the role of the belligerent provincial. And after 2 1/2 years as president, damned if
  he hasn't remade the world in his own xenophobic image of it."
     --Harold Meyerson,   Reaping the World's Disfavor

 They impeach murderers, don't they?
  Bush Must Step Down         by my good friend Ted Rall

  Click  Here

 Bush told us that Iraq and Al Qaeda were working together. They weren't. He repeatedly implied that Iraq had
 had something to do with 9/11. It hadn't. He claimed to have proof that Saddam possessed banned WMD. He didn't.

 As our allies watched in horror and disgust, Bush conned us into a one-sided war of aggression that killed and
 maimed thousands of innocent people, destroyed billions of dollars in Iraqi infrastructure, cost tens of billions of dollars,
 cost the lives of American soldiers, and transformed our international image as the world's shining beacon of freedom
 into that of a marauding police state. Presidents Nixon and Clinton rightly (?) faced impeachment for comparatively trivial
 offenses; if we hope to restore our nation's honor, George W. Bush too must face a president's gravest political sanction.

 As the Bush Administration sold Congress and the public on the "threat" posed by Saddam last winter, Ari Fleischer
 assured the American people: "The President and the Secretary of Defense would not assert as plainly and vocally as
 they have that Iraq has WMD if it was not true and if they did not have a solid basis for saying it."

 That's unambiguous rhetoric. But since allied occupation forces have failed to find WMDs, Bush is backtracking:
 "I am absolutely convinced with time we'll find out that they did have a weapons program," the C-in-C now says.

 What's next?
 Claiming that Saddam had WMDs because, you know, you could just feel it?

 Surely the Founding Fathers would want a rogue president, who lied to drag America into a war
 so he could avenge his Daddy and steal some oil, to be impeached for truly high crimes."

 Apparently my good friend Ted thought impeachment was "rightly"  applied to Clinton for oral sex,
 but he's fighting America's biggest monster, so we'll just agree that he's wrong about this one.


"For us, it is a time to be more cautious, not necessarily patient.
  We have to remember that terrorism's aim is not to kill1

  It is to intimidate so that men and nations bow to the terrorists' political objectives.
  We are vulnerable, and any new attacks will be designed to do two things.
  First, they will be planned to interfere with Mr. Bush's reelection. 2

  That means the terrorists will attempt to cause very large numbers of casualties again,
  or a land a huge blow on our economy, or both... 3

  If such an attack succeeds, the Democrats have been positioning themselves to benefit from it. 4

  All the talk of inadequate funding for homeland security — as if pouring money on Rainbow
  Tom Ridge will solve anything — is a predicate to their strategy. 5

  Bush will be blamed for protecting us inadequately.  6

  If the damage is sufficiently severe, and the economy tanks, they may even try to impeach him. 7
  If you think they can't do that, think again."  8
     --Jed Babbin, who is one hell of a liar   The American Mood

 1. Too stupid to attempt a rebuttal.
 2. Notice how he puts anyone against Bush's first election on the terrorist's side?
 3. The terrorists live to die for the 72 virgins their stupid religion promises them - religion is the problem.
 4. Democrats are too stupid and timid to position themselves for anything but a hard-ass screwing.
 5. True, the only time more money helps is when you're giving it to a billionaire.
 6. Gee, you mean like last time? Bush went on another month-long vacation after being warned Osama
     was about to strike and his "punishment" was a 90 percent approval rating and a license to kill all suspects.
 7. The Democrats wouldn't impeach Bush if he dismembered the twins on live TV.
 8. Of course they CAN do it, it's in the Constitution, stupid.  But they won't - not ever - for any reason.

"Get this Babbin guy on the payroll - Oh, he's already on it?"

 Why Bush fell off the Segway

  Click  Here

 The "I series" Segway that the president was using was a gift from the Bush daughters to their father,
 Ferguson said. Earlier yesterday morning, Segway inventor Dean Kamen had delivered two Segways
 to Bush Senior and Barbara Bush at the compound. Luckily Kamen left before having to witness
 the most powerful man in the world fall off an idiot-proof invention.

 In any event, it's now clear that Middle Eastern policy isn't the only area in which Bush can be unbalanced from time to time.

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"I think about what his parents were thinking. They were the ones who were there when
  their son came home with two-thirds of his body blown away. And then to see the ugly
  political animals come out. And to beat this man who I know worked 10 to 14 hours a day.
  He wasn't a member of that Tuesday-to-Thursday club, OK?"
    --Elaine Iler, Max Cleland's executive secretary

"Cleland was a poser compared to my war heroism - just ask FOX News"

 The murderer takes ANOTHER vacation
    by  Donnad

 Too bad middle class working folks can't do that.
 They're too busy working two or three jobs in order to barely make ends meet.

 Meanwhile, more US soldiers are being ambushed and killed (along with countless
 more Iraqis dying) everyday to make the lowlife Bush clan even wealthier via oil.

 When will the Bush family disappear, already? They're scum!

 That 9-11 report Bush is blocking will say Bush was warned that Al Qaeda was
 preparing to attack us, and the sick bastard took a month off instead of doing his job.


 "Look. It ain't rocket science. Lack of sex, repression of libido, ignorance of sexuality or sex education,
  lack of sexual celebration or outlet -- these things, on a national level, on an energetic universal level,
  can only result in conflict, bitterness, angst and war, and the need to flaunt bogus machismo, invent new
  enemies and strut around the planet thinking you're literally God's gift to empire when you're really just a
  draconian impotent bully. Look at the world's most rigid and violent and oppressive nations for proof,
  at Syria, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, China et al.   Notice their attitudes toward sex and women and
  sexual expression. Draw easy parallel with Ashcroft and Dick Cheney and Rove and BushCo's
  anti-gay anti-women anti-choice propaganda. Voilà."
     --Mark Morford,   http://sfgate.com

Subject: WMD Analogy


Let's say that I'm in a local grocery store. I have a concealed carry permit, and there's no security guard on duty.
I see a guy who I think looks suspicious, and I shout, "THAT GUY'S GOT A GUN!"

Everyone turns and looks at him, and as they are doing so, I pull out my piece and shoot him dead.
When they run up to check him, no gun is found. Not even a lead pipe is there, not even a pair of brass knuckles.

Imagine then, if I start claiming, as my defense, that the guy was cheating on his wife, he was a tax-cheat,
and that he always had bad breath. You think that would get me off?
It seems to be working for aWol.

War is the diplomatic equivalent of killing someone. It's a nation killing another nation's people, on the
assumption that it is either (a) right to do so or (b) powerful enough to get away with it even when wrong.

We are clearly being led by people who believe (b) but tried to convince the world of (a).
Anyone who can't see that needs to understand the gunshot analogy.


 Howdy Bart,

 When I clicked the link to Eric Alterman's blog on your website a few moments ago,
 I found these hateful banners at the top of the screen.  Is MSN being sponsored by
 troglodytes who advocate banning books?  Maybe some jackass hacked MSN's
 site and planted these vile things, but somehow I doubt it.


 Yours truly,


 Red, not sure what's up with Eric.

Click to Enter

 No Investigation Necessary
   The Daily Brew     as seen on thedailybrew.com

  Click  Here

 There is no longer any real question about whether Bush lied to Congress and the
 American people about Iraq.  He did.  The aluminum tubes, the uranium from Niger,
 the unmanned drones rigged to spew clouds of bio-toxins over New York City at any
 second?    All lies.  The Bush administration's public statements themselves demonstrate
 these were lies, and no further Congressional inquiry is necessary to prove it.

 But if the lies were bad, the innuendos were worse.  Brazenly exploiting the tragedy,
 the administration intentionally (and successfully) created a connection between Iraq
 and September 11th in the mind of the public that simply did not exist.  Bush sold the
 attack using the same smoke and mirrors Enron used to earn "profits."    Again,
 Congress need not hold hearings to establish this fact.  The Bush administration's
 public statements already on record are all that is needed.

 I need e-mail addresses for the following people...

 Mike Bra----ll in Springfield, MO (where the cops are crooked and judges don't sign their orders)

 Katherine R   in Orange, CA

 Mark C    and    Susan H    in NY

 Jeff W   in San Antonio

 Paul in MN  who sent tapes

 I need your e-mail address to sign you up to the 'Members" section.


"This week Bush insisted he is absolutely convinced that Saddam had a weapons program.
  Of course he was absolutely convinced that he won the 2000 election, so I don't know."
     --Jay Leno

 Subject: line 'em up and hose 'em

 Bart, You printed the following:

> Otherwise.....line 'em up and hose 'em.

> Dude, much to the dove's chagrin, I'm with you, but only on the guilty.
> You want to murder a race of people - I want to punish the guilty.

 I read your site daily until this. I probably won't be visiting it anymore.

 Just as the downturn in our economy has forced those in the lower income levels to resort to
 criminal behavior just to live, many in the Arab world, due to complete frustration, have resulted
 in sending their sons and daughters on futile suicide operations. Crime in this country was on the
 wane before Bush showed showed up, just as Arabs weren't blowing themselves (and others) up
 on a daily basis before Sharon showed back up. When you get an asshole in power, these things happen.

 For you to want to line 'em up and hose 'em down puts you at the same level.
 But bottom line, people don't always know how to react when put in bad situations.
 Mowing them down is not an answer.

 Mick Travis

 Mick, you have lost your grip on reality.
 Your answer to 9-11 is to kiss and make up?

 If you think bin Laden shouldn't be punished for 9-11, you have no soul.
 Jesus Christ, tell me you don't have children, for you're in no position to make any decisions
 for another person.  If someone was to murder one of your kids, you'd sit him down and
 politely ask what you could do to prevent him from killing your other kids?

 You've done the impossible - you've made Bush look sane by comparison.
 People like you prove Rush is right when he says "Democrats can't be trusted to defend America."

 You don't think mass murderers should be punished - that's amazing.

Marty's E! page
Hillary on Dave tonight
Baron Dave Romm on 'How To Write A Letter To The Editor - part 3'
Some links from Avedon's Sideshow
Muhammad Ali at the National Constitution Center
Hefner at the Playboy Jazz Festival
Iggy Pop in Hamburg
New dress code for women in Iraq
The name 'David Nelson' raises red flags
Top 10 movies in North America
And, a baby with 4 eyes & 2 mouths is not named 'Ari'



 "J. Lo fired both her manager and agent today. The manager and agent said
  that they didn’t know it was coming because she didn’t marry them first."
     --Craig Kilborn

  ...just kidding, Ben.

 The Oklahoma City Council  Invites You to A Discussion of the PATRIOT ACTS I & II

 Tuesday, June 17, 2003 at the City Council Chambers in beautiful downtown OKC.

 Everyone is welcome.
 Discussion will be followed by a vote to OPPOSE the so-called PATRIOT ACTS.

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 Subject: Restraining impluses to get hyper in the subject line....

 Whew! I held out until the body of the note.
 Regroup, Boy.  Settle.... breathe... breathe... in... out...  OK - I'm Ready.

 Sir Cop of Bart -

 Keep your ever-cynical trained and tequila stained eye on Iran.
 Through reports I've pieced together from a variety of sources (BBC, NPR, Canadian newspapers), Iran is next.

 There have been reports of small popular uprisings against the government of Iran for the last few days running
 - a couple hundred dissidents or so all in the same area taking to the streets in protest on consecutive evenings.
 (I haven't heard of government retributions yet - that would be the fuse, and Iran has done this dance before,
 so they're keeping the matches tucked away.)

 A couple hundred people repeatedly taking to a disrepectful display of displeasure in a regimented Islamic society?
 Either these guys read the Cliff's Notes of the Qu'ran or something else is wrong - respect of the proper authority,
 be it in church or government, is quite highly regarded in Islam.  Should a follower have a legitimate complaint
 regarding the leanings of his leader, avenues are clearly provided in no uncertain terms within the Qu'ran to have
 said issues addressed in a respectful manner.  To take to the streets in a popular revolt against an established
 Islamic authority is in the very least unsightly in the eyes of Allah - more likely frowned upon greatly.

 The same couple hundred guys, over and over, all tightly concentrated in one geographical area....
 (ahh.. ahhh... SADDAMSTATUE!)  Sorry, I had to sneeze.

 Yes, I'm suggesting the CIA is trying to bait the Iranian government into stern retribution of a "popular" rebellion
 planted by the CIA as justification to invade, overthrow, and reinstall the Iranian government.

 Look at the map, man!  What country lies between the pipelines of Afghanistan and the recently "liberated"
 pipelines of Iraq?  Wouldn't it just be easier to run a pipeline through Iran?  And wouldn't running a pipleline
 through Iran be easier if we got to pick their government officials (after say an "operation to liberate those
 brave freedom fighters who fought  against the oppression of a strict religious government")?

 Just keep an eye peeled.  I'm really hoping Teheran doesn't take the bait.

 Hammer on!

 Carl Knorr
 Self-Appointed Bartcop Akron Bureau Chief

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 The US Open in Chicago

"Until further notice, we'll call "Tiger" Woods 'Eldrick' Woods.
  No man who sits five strokes behind the curiously named Dicky Pride,
  11 shots out of the lead, is allowed to have a nickname."
   --Jay Mariotti,  Chicago Sun Times

Former champ Eldrick Woods has lost his talent.

 This is the first time in four years that he is without a major title to defend.

 ha ha

 Hex on thee, Eldrick

 Dennis Miller of 1988 confronts Dennis Miller 2003 

  Click  Here

DM (2003): It's all under control, younger me. I've reinvented myself.
                   Fifteen years from now, you'll be very proud of yourself.

DM (1988): I have to tell you, and I say this with the greatest warmth and affection: fuck you.
                   (Flips through pages in folder). The Factor with Bill O'Reilly. Hardball with Chris Matthews.
                   Scarborough Country … I'm not even sure what the fuck that is,

DM (2003): Let me explain …

DM (1988): Firing Line … you're on cable more than hotel porn. And it says here that you've been
                   spewing conservative rhetoric at a rate that would make Joe McCarthy choke on his noon hoagie.
                   It says here that, on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, you said: "George Bush has allowed us
                   to respect the presidency again." Is this my future? Is this the promise of all those hard years at a
                   low-level state university? (Looks under bed) And am I still wearing white socks with loafers?!

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"Congratulations to Michael Jackson. He was back in his hometown of Gary, Indiana where
  he was given the key to the city. Thank God they didn’t give him the keys to the junior high.
  Michael said it was great to be back in Gary, which is not the first time Michael has said that."
      --Jay Leno

 Have a good time today - that's an order.

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