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Volume 1090 - Addicted to killing

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 Weekend   June 14-15, 2003 


"Maybe someone knew down in the bowels of the agency but no one in our
  circles knew that there were doubts and suspicions that this might be a forgery."
        --Condi Rice, lying her black ass off, on "Meet the Whore" last week, defending Dubya's
           decision to claim that Iraq was attempting to buy uranium in Africa  CIA Says It Cabled Key Data to White House

 Secret US army unit scoured Iraq for WMD's, but found nil

  Click  Here

 A covert, specialized army unit scoured Iraq (news - web sites) for weapons of mass destruction,
 even before the US-led war, but has come up empty handed, according to a media report.

 Drawn from the US Army's special mission units known as Delta Force, Task Force 20 "found no working
 nonconventional munitions, long-range missiles or missile parts, bulk stores of chemical or biological warfare
 agents or enrichment technology for the core of a nuclear weapon," said the Washington Whore Post.

 So Bush knew there were no WMD before he got 170 brave Americans killed?
 If the Democrats had anything remotely resembling the will to fight for justice,
 they'd impeach that murderous bastard starting today - but they just want to worhip him.

"Either way, I still needed that oil...
 ...and 170 dead Americans isn't too high a price - is it?"

We can't let Lieberman be the nominee.

 Gingrich on Jon Stewart
  Transcript by LLyons


 “You know, it was such a difficult time. Do you ever look back on that and feel like personal enmity got too far? Do you
   feel like there were things you guys should have done differently? What’s your opinion of that period of time?


 I think there were a lot of things that we could have done differently. And I look back on becoming speaker
 and there were things I would have done differently.

 Like not impoeaching a guy for cheating on his wife while you were cheating on yours?

 But, I also think that it was a period where we reformed welfare, and balanced the budget,

 Here, Newt runs away from the question because he knows he's guilty.


 President Clinton also speaks in the same manner about yourself. He talks about how even though at the darkest times,
 when the impeachment process was at it’s highest, he was always still able to go into the room and do some work with you.
 And I found that very odd – that there could be such public bickering. Because I know here, honestly, if somebody takes
 my Yoplait…oh…well - that day’s joke writing session - that’s cancelled.”

 “But…how is that, that you are able to put that aside. Or is it that both recognize this is the game.


 Well, it’s not so it’s a game. But, if you take your oath of office seriously, and you are at the level of Speaker or President,
 and it’s about foreign policy – about life and death – it’s about really serious, historic things – then you’ve got to somehow,
 you know, reach beyond your own emotions or your own feelings, because it’s your duty.

 What a lying sack of shit Gingrich is. While Clinton was running the world, tweaking the perfect economy and kicking
 Milosombitch's ass in Slovia, Newt was being a little boy, peeing in the pool, forcing a fake impeachment for laughs.

 I mean, it sounds old fashioned, but I think President Clinton and I would both have said that when it was about America
 – we had an absolute obligation to reach beyond ourselves and to try to grow into the moment and do what was right.”

 Lying liar who's telling lies!  Newt didn't grow into anything but his secretary's womb.
 Clinton had soundly kicked the asses of two WWII heroes and the GOP was powerless
 to do anything except impeach him for fabricated crimes that everyone knew didn't exist.


"Bush's recent claim that weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq highlights two
  disturbing trends in rhetoric from the White House. The first "is Bush's record of factual
  misstatements and distortions. The second is Bush's history of strategically ambiguous
  statements that, while technically or arguably true, imply connections between two things
  which he cannot directly demonstrate...Bush has become a master of making statements
  that are factually true but misleading, while escaping criticism for doing so from the press corps."
          --Bryan Keefer

"Have this punk whacked - nobody talks about me that way..."

 Subject: Mac OS 9.2 and bc radio

 Bart, the RealMedia player for Macintosh will open your audio stream on Mermaid's Mac under OS 9
 (and she should upgrade to 9.2, it's a free download from Apple); RealMedia's just slow to open.
 Real hasn't put *any* effort into their Mac development in a long time, even though we tend to be really loyal customers.


 Still out of work in Long Beach


"Making his case for war with Iraq, Bush accused Saddam of trying to buy uranium from Africa
  even though the CIA had warned White House and other officials that the story didn't check out.
  A senior CIA official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the intelligence agency
  informed the White House on March 9, 2002 that an agency source who had traveled to Niger
  couldn't confirm European intelligence reports that Iraq was attempting to buy uranium there.
  The claim later turned out to be based on crude forgeries that an African diplomat had sold to
  Italian intelligence officials. The revelation of the CIA warning is the strongest evidence to date
  that pro-war administration officials manipulated, exaggerated or ignored intelligence information
  in their eagerness to make the case for invading Iraq."
      --Jonathan S. Landay

"Daddy taught me that it's OK to lie for oil - even if brave men have to die."

 Bush is a stinking liar

  Click  Here

7) Bush lied about hearing the needs of Firemen and the Police after 9-11 in New York.
    Bush never delivered on his promise of equiptment and money for the Police and Firemen.

 ...and the Democrats can't figure out how to use that against the liar?
 They should put me in charge. I could hardly screw up worse than they have.
 At least you'd see a battle instead of a splayed, beaten rape victim.


“Tiger Woods was the worst tipping celebrity I encountered when I was  waitressing in Las Vegas.
  He wasn't very friendly. Very snobby. I think he ordered just a cocktail and he gave me a dollar.
  For Vegas, 20 percent is good, but if you're getting a single drink, at least three dollars. You know
  how sometimes people act like you're way beneath them? That's how je acted. The best tipper
  was Drew carey. He gave me $450 on a $130 tab."
    -- Lisa Hammond, who looks a lot like Mr Perfect's girlfriend

 It's Still the Economy, Stupid!
     by Paul Begala, Simon and Schuster   172 pages
     Reviewed by Donna Di Giacomo

  Click to Order

  Click  Here

 Then along came the trust funded rich kid who squandered away 8 years of peace and prosperity, economic stability, and the
 largest federal surplus in history, $281 billion, in record time.  Begala summed up the sick joke that was known as the 2000
 presidential election in two short sentences, "Rather than do the math themselves, the media behaved like high-school kids
 who'd rather join the rich and popular kid in mocking the brainiac.  Few held Bush's feet to the fiscal fire."

 The Iraqi Body Count

  Click  Here

 Subject: Media's knobjob on Bush

 Hey Bart,

 I don't think the bulk of the mainstream media will ever give an inch when it comes to "President" Bush.
 They have spent years now portraying the Unelected Fraud as brave, intelligent, decisive, and honest.
 They have invested too much time and money in this false image to ever admit they were wrong.
 They will never tell us the truth; they will never state that Bush is a war criminal, draft-dodger,
 murderer, cokehead, and slave to the corporate fatcats.

 If the media were to tell us the truth, ditto-heads and other morons would start screaming about the "liberal media."
 The talking heads would lose face, people would doubt their integrity and turn them off, and a great deal of avenue would be lost.

 The mainstream media would rather get rich catering to wingnut idiots than save the Constitution and civil liberties
 from vicious reamings. They'd rather egg on the murder of soldiers and civilians in Iraq and appear patriotic than
 lose one single penny. They are complicit in Bush's crimes, and they cannot admit that without losing everything.


Mr. Perfect is tied for 24th at the US Open
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 Your Vegan Holistic President
 Sure an odd, spiritual guy like Dennis Kucinich doesn't
 have a chance in hell. But it sure is nice to dream


  Click  Here

 Kucinich isn't particularly vehemently religious, not in the normal sense anyway, not Christian or strictly
 Catholic or Baptist or whatever Bush claims to be, Born-Again Failed-CEO Warmonger, I believe.

 And in fact he's actually a rather unique amalgam, ...And that damn hippie liberal, he actually wants to
 legalize medical marijuana, and he supports the rights of the poor and the working class, and more protections
 for the oceans, and universal health care and a reduction in military spending, and actually wants to change the
 world's opinion of the U.S. as this despised unipolar rogue into a more cooperative powerhouse role-model
 peacemaker. Oh dear. That does it. We're gonna be invaded by China any day now, for certain.

 Hey - Kucinich isn't wearing a pink tutu - I like this guy.

 I need e-mail addresses for the following people...

 Jude in Appleton

 Ann G in Beverly Hills

 John S in Arlington, VA

 Christine Z from somewhere

 I need your e-mail address to sign you up to the 'Members" section.


 "Living History is a big book because Clinton is, like it or not, a big historical figure.
 Her detractors see in the book complete calculation, a money grab, a compendium of
 self-serving pabulum and outright lies - though how they know they're lies, when none had
 accesss to the Clintons' boudoir, let alone the interior monolog in her head - is unknown."
    -- Marie Cocco of Newsday

 Good point, and not only that, FOX and MSGOP had talking heads on their shows guaranteeing
 that the book was full of lies and distortions before it had been released.  Journalism has become
 such shit in this country, they probably tell their friends and families their day jobs are bus station
 blow job specialists to gain a modicum of respect.

The Karl Rove Diaries
  by Arianna Huffington

  Click  Here

 How much better it would be if we had an obsessively detailed running log of the daily
 activities of Karl Rove -- the man his biographer dubbed "the most powerful unelected
 person in America." Now that would be a diary worth poring over. The devil, after all,
 is in the details and Rove's details would surely reveal his true nature.

Marty's Saturday E! page
Warren Zevon became a grandfather
Christopher Reeve gave the commencement speech at Ohio State
Mary Bono wants to replace Hilary Rosen at RIAA
Madame Tussauds in London will have a Britney Spears with inflatable breasts
Dick 'never-served-a-day' Cheney got to cut the Army's birthday cake with a sword
Lars Ulrich is annoyed with the US military's choice of music
Mel Gibson, the Catholic church & a 'Deep Throat'
Not ruby slippers - ruby sandals
Rembrandt had a botched ear piercing
And, the SEC is poking at Penthouse


 A special "Go to hell" for the whores at USA Today

 In their June 10 editorial ripping Hillary's book, these sons of bitches said,

"What Living History doesn't provide are the illuminating insights about
 painful episodes  that distinguish the best autobiographies."

 Then they go on to say Hillary's book isn't as good as Katherine Graham's poignant
 memoir where she discusses her feelings about her husband's "suicide," and it's nowhere
 nearly as fun a read as Robert Macnamara's belated mea culpa for getting tens of
 thousands of men killed in Vietnam for no goddam reason.

 Hey, USA Today - after you go to hell, please take the time to fuck yourself.
 You're dumping on her because her husband was too strong to commit suicide?
 You're dumping on her for not getting 57,000 men killed for no reason?
 There is no depths to which the American whore will not stoop to trash a Clinton.

 The Clintons gave us this...


 ...and in return we crucified them.

Counseling and Psychotherapy for
Individuals, Couples and Groups

 Senator Clinton and the impotent freep. Hillary wins!
     by Patty R

  Click  Here

 Unfortunately for the Freeps, Hillary was at the rear of a long narrow room and completely oblivious to their presence.
 Person after person congratulated her for her strength, dedication and compassion.  Senator Clinton was surrounded
 by hundreds of people who expressed their gratitude for writing the truth about the Scaife-funded witchhunt.

 Got Radio?

 Click  Here  to see if you can hear 13 seconds of this Shirley song.

 If you can't hear Shirley vow to tear some guy's soul apart (don't piss her off)
 then Click  Here  to see the new and improved troubleshooting tech page.
 E-mail someone on that list and tell them what kind of system you have.

 Beginning June 20/21, we will be posting radio shows in the "members" section.

 I hope those of you having trouble hearing audio are taking advantage of the opportunity
 to get with the volunteer techies. Soon, we'll be doing much more frequent radio shows,
 so getting the audio bugs worked out now would be a good thing, as Martha might say.

 Best advice I've heard so far is to upgrade your media player.
 If you have a media player from 2000, that's very old - a Model T player.

 The US Open in Chicago

Hex on thee, hex on thee, hex on thee!!

 I predict another long weekend for Mr. Perfect.

 Six months before war, White House silenced experts
   saw it on smirkingchimp.com

  Click  Here

 Six months before the United States was dead-set on invading Iraq to rid the country of its alleged WMD,
 experts in the field of nuclear science warned officials in the Bush administration that intelligence reports
 showing Iraq was stockpiling chemical and biological weapons was unreliable and that the country did
 not pose an imminent threat to its neighbors in the Middle East or the U.S.

 But the dissenters were told to keep quiet by high-level administration officials in the White House
 because Bush had already decided that military force would be used to overthrow Saddam,
 interviews and documents have revealed.

 Remember how the liar kept repeating that he hadn't made up hid mind in invading?
 Another bald-faced lie that cost many people their lives, but the press lets Bush off again.

New in the BartCop Store

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 Foot-in-Mouth Frank Keating Strikes Again
 Head of Priest Abuse Panel Draws Ire With Comments

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 A remark comparing some Catholic church officials to the Mafia by former Gov. Frank Keating of Oklahoma,
 who is leading a national review board looking into the priest sexual abuse scandal, has infuriated members of
 his panel and prompted some to consider asking him to resign.

 The published comments led to a sharp response from Cardinal Roger M. Mahony of Los Angeles, who was
 also the object of criticism by Mr. Keating. Board members say the public acrimony between the two is
 threatening to become a debilitating distraction from the board's work.

"The language on the part of Governor Keating is extremely unhelpful," said Jane Chiles, a board member and
 former director of the Kentucky State Catholic Conference and member of the Catholic Hospital Association.
 "I would wish that the two of them could somehow have a civil conversation, but we may be past that point."

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"It bothers me terribly that we're paying a price every day, every week, and we still don't know
  why we fought the war. Was it the intelligence community that screwed up? Was it the White House
  that politicized the intelligence information? We need a full accounting to the American people.
  I'm on the 9/11 commission. We still haven't gotten a full accounting to the American people on what
  happened on 9/11 and the failures of our intelligence agencies and the misjudgments of our governmental
  team. Now we have another failure. What was it? Who knows? Now the American people, especially those
  families who lost loved ones . . . need to have a full accounting.  Why did we go to war?"
     -- Max Cleland, who isn't a fake war hero like the Never-elected Fraud

 Have a good time today - that's an order.

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