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Volume 1089 - Sick of Cowards

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 Friday   June 13, 2003 


"I have my detractors in Washington. There are bastards
  who spread things around, who plant nasty things in the media."
   -- Hans Blix, a hero who tried to stop Bush's slaughter of Baghdad

"Who could he be talking about?"

 It's not the WMD; it's the betrayal of the American people
   by Carla Binion   as seen on

  Click  Here

 1. The fact that the Bush administration claimed it had absolute proof Saddam possessed WMD;
 that he was likely an imminent threat to the U.S.; and that this justified our preemptive (or preventive) attack on Iraq.

 2. The fact that this preemptive war was carried out based on intelligence information represented to Congress,
 the American public and the world as "incontrovertible proof" when, in fact, our leaders likely knew the information
 was false. (Today the administration has lowered the standard to "a preponderance of the evidence.")

 Even if they eventually find something, they can hardly expect us to believe Saddam was "45 minutes away"
 from attacking us if the WMD are buried 400 feet under the sand in some remote location.

 The whole world knows Bush is a lying, warmongering oil theif, but the American press
 continues to lie to us to protect this fraudulent king who murders for a hobby.


"You went to law school. You're a lawyer. You now have your own show on a national
  cable network, and  you're doing wall to wall coverage of the Laci Peterson case.
  Dan, is this really how you want to make a living? "
    --Bob Garfield, to Dan Abrams, the host of The Abrams Report on MSGOP

 David Brinkley Dies at 82

  Click  Here

 David Brinkley, who first gained fame as one-half of NBC's Huntley-Brinkley anchor team
 and for more than a half-century loomed large in the newscasting world he helped chart, died at the age of 82.

 After a long and dignified career, Brinkley left ABC News after making a monstrous schoolboy gaffe.
 Brinkley thought it would be cute to call the best politician he'd ever seen, "a bore."
 As he got older, Brinkley had more and more trouble disguising his right-wing leanings.

 Joe Conason's Journal
 Another hawk turns: Kristol suddenly "very skeptical" we'll ever find those WMD.

  Bill Kristol's preemptive spin
 After tirelessly promoting the imminent threat posed by Iraq's WMD in his magazine, on television,
 on various Web sites and even in a quickie book, William Kristol now confesses doubt. On Fox News
 Sunday -- while host Brit Hume indulged in his characteristic imbecile bluster -- Kristol blurted out
 several near-truths. (I found his startling admissions in an article on, which I checked
 for accuracy with the Nexis transcript.)


“Hillary Rodham Clinton needs to be kept very far away from the White House
  for the rest of her life.  Heading up health-care reform was the only major
  administrative job she has ever tried to do. And she was a complete flop at it.
    --J. Bradford DeLong , a professor of economics who worked with Hillary on the health-care taskforce

 Besides the exploding national debt, health care reform was the biggest problem we had in 1993.
 The Clinton's tried to fix that, but the Democrats refused to stand with their president. Even when we
 had the White House, the Senate and the House, the gelding Democrats were "too timid" to stand up
 to the minority Republicans and we lost the House the next year due to that cowardice.

"Health care is for the wealthy."

 More from that "Kill the Arabs" guy


 Subject: BartCop & readers side w/our ENEMY

 I see at least ONE or your loser-type readers registered and complained to Hasbro.
 I guess he's too chicken to let you put up HIS address for retributional purposes though.

 Dude, I got a lightning bolt for you.
 At least a dozen people sent me CCs of what Hasbro got.
 Hasbro got so many messages, they put up a sign that said,
"That handjob is a major slut and doesn't speak for us.
  If that's what you're writing about, we hear you.
  If you have some other topic to talk about, please click here to continue.

 Why doesn't he acknowledge that he has selectively edited my letter
 and mischaracterized my message, as have you, Mr. BartCop ?

 You, Sir, are a liar.
 I edited nothing from your e-mail.

 You don't have the brains to compose an e-mail that I have to dodge.
 Sure, if it's all "niggers and faggots" and body function descriptions, I'll edit it.
 But there's nobody in the entire conservative movement who can put me in a box.
 But I can put any conservative in a box in under 60 seconds.

 Plus he doesn't give the issue number so my actual mail can be read w/o a lotta searching.
 Isn't that so just like you liars in the leftist/liberal confab ?

 You mean leaving out the issue number? Sadly, yes.

 I still say - ask the average American, he'll tell you he cares more about
 the safety of his own kids than he does about our enemy's.

 Well sure - nobody said otherwise.    You're the ignorant slut who said,
 "rather slaughter a buncha stinkin' Arabs  (women & children first)"

 Tell me, which church do you belong to?

 See, if the killer Arab-Muslims target our women & kids first, it's O-K for us to do it too, then.
 You approve of their tactics, don't you ? You are siding with them so you must.

 Yeah, right.
 I approve of killer Muslims murdering innocent children in New York.
 No Cubby, only one of us has said, "Slaughter the children first."
 That was you.
 Jesus, you apologize almost as well as Vijay Singh

 Do you know how many kids were in the Twin-Towers that day ?
 How many women jumped to their death ? Do you ?
 And yet you still side with their killers. Such a pathetic shame.

 ha ha
 You could tutor young kids in stupidity.

 Look, I want Al Qaeda dead as much as you.
 I took a lot of shit from these liberal doves when I said I'd do Osama my own damn self.
 The difference between me and you (at least one of them) is I want to make dead
 those responsible for 9-11.  You want to kill Arab women and children helter skelter.

 Odds are you're not as crazy as you'd like us to believe, but why did you drag
 Hasbro and playskool into your murderous Arab obsession?

 I even bet most of your own readers agree with me.
 We're kinda like the Israelis now - we'll stop if they will first.
 Otherwise.....line 'em up and hose 'em.

 Dude, much to the dove's chagrin, I'm with you, but only on the guilty.
 You want to murder a race of people - I want to punish the guilty.

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“People will often say, especially abroad, Well, maybe we would want to stop it if the United States
  weren't led by this bellicose moron. So it is very important for the people of the United States and
  the world to know that he is not a bellicose moron. He is a man of powerful intellect and a man of
  great restraint. Knowing that is an important contribution to huge decisions that the world has to make."
     --David Frum, lying his ass off in an interview with Elizabeth WassermanThe Real George Bush

 Of course Bush is a bellicose moron, no other explanation is possible.
 He can only memorize two sentences. Saddam is evil and tax cuts are good
 That's all the moron can hold in his pea-sized brain.
 If Bush had a brain, he could answer questions at a press conference - but he can't so he doesn't.
 Ans as far as Bush being a man of restraint?  What a sick joke that statement is. He had a major hardon
 to murder Baghdad and steal their oil and nothing could stop him. His father couldn't stop him, the generals
 at the Pentagon couldn't stop him, Russia and China couldn't stop him, our closest allies couldn't stop him
 and world opinion couldn't stop him. He threw away America's reputation to murder Baghdad.
 He's an out-of-control child, easily manipulated by the B.F.E.E.

 If only we had a free press or a Democratic party...

 I got a sweet card from "Kimberly."
 She works for the Bank of America, and she wrote me a nice,
 personal note thanking me for coming by the bank last Friday.

 I know it's just some customer relations crap the suits dreamed up, but I have
 a better idea how you guys could tell me my business means something to you.

 How 'bout you stop stealing my fucking money from my account?

 Swear to Koresh,
 they willingly and intentionally stole money from my account.
 I caught them, they said, "Did that happen? We're sorry," - then did nothing.

 I called back the second time, "Did we not take care of that? We're sorry"
 Then they didn't do a damn thing the second time.

 Third time I called and said, "You bastards want to explain it to a judge?"

 Then they refunded my money.
 It was April 15, 2003, they reimbursed me for their CRIMES of Dec 31, 2002.

 They willingly and intentionally stole money from me, and got caught.


 I would switch banks, but Bank Two would just try to screw me, too.

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 Subject: 24? How about 'Lone Gunman' plot line?

 Dear Bart:

 In 2001, a new show on Fox, highly promoted, by Chris Carter, writer and creator of the X-Files, premiered.
 It was called 'The Lone Gunman,' a sly reference to how all our political assinations are said to be done.
 No conspiracies, thank you very much.

 Anyway, the plot line, if you haven't heard of it, was astounding.
 See, our hero finds out that the CIA is planning to crash airliners into the WTC by remote control,
 to create an apparent terrorist incident to launch the country into war. When he gets on one of the
 planes to disarm the remote control, he's taken to be a terrorist himself, and many plot complications
 ensue, but he finally prevents the planned crash.

 Oddly, this incredible foreshadowing of the actual events of September that year has gone almost
 entirely unremarked upon, for obvious  reasons.


 As an X-Files fanatic, Mrs Bart was all over The Long Gunmen.
 It was standard viewing of Friday nights at BCM.

 Funny about that plot line, too...

NETS WIN!  Hide the children
Lots of soccer, and that means 0-0 ties
College World Series... Geaux Tigers
Six guys no-hit the Yankees!  Six!

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 BuzzFlash Interviews Al Franken

  Click  Here

 If you watched Hannity and Colmes during the war, it was hilarious. Hannity would, every day,
 be saying that Democrats were undermining the President by criticizing the Commander in Chief
 with criticisms that were so either nonexistent or mild. Whereas, Hannity, if you went back and
 looked at what he was saying during Kosovo, was attacking Clinton in the harshest terms every day.
 Hannity deliberately meant to undermine Clinton by saying he's not following his advisors, we're
 running out of ammunition, he doesn't know what he's doing. He was allowing guests to come on
 and say this is the worst planned military operation in history, and he'd nod, and say, "Um-hmm." ?


 Now I've gotten the Monkey Pox or the SARS, the doctors can't decide.
 It started Sunday and I'm trying to go a whole week without visiting the doctor.

 In the last six weeks, I've dealt with bees, a ruptured water heater, 36-hour headaches,
 the constant cough that faded is now back, the fire in my right arm continues to burn
 and now the f-ing SARS is sapping most of my strength.

 ...but I don't let that stuff bother me - I just like to complain.

Shepherd Smith
ha ha
This mug shot just kills me.
That look on his face - "I'm fucked!
They're gonna pass me around like a six pack of Marlboros."
ha ha

 I need e-mail addresses for the following people...

 Edith in Allentown

 John Cross in CA

 Tim in Bakersfield

 Susan H in New York

 Pauline in Hayward

 I need your e-mail address to sign you up to the 'Members" section.

 Fox disses David Brinkley


 The hateful whores at FOX played Brinkley's schoolboy gaffe Thursday.
 It was the most embarrassing moment in Brinkley's 50+ years of broadcasting,
 but FOX hates the Big Dog so much, they played that clip even though it made
 Brinkley look like one of them.

 Brinkley said, "Clinton is a bore, he'll always be a bore and he's never had
 an original thought in his life."  What an idiotic thing to say.  Fifty years of distinction
 and FOX chose that clip which made Brinkley look like a total idiot for all 50 years.

 Poor Brinkley said that election night 2000.  He was 80 at the time and had been up
 all day and possibly had no clue what he was doing, but in FOX's "tribute" to the late
 broadcaster, they just couldn't resist shining a spotlight on his unprofessional conduct.

Dad called - he doesn't want another tie.
 Dad wants a subscriptiton to 
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 Violence in the Middle East
  Thirty seven dead Israelis in the last couple of days

 Remember the screaming eagles story?

 And then one day a low-IQ internet comedian named Bart came along and offered a suggestion:
"Why not move everyone to one of the other 9,999 states that don't have this problem?
   If you love your children, why raise them here?   Why volunteer them to the [enemy]?"

 All at once, the people of Jooland pointed at Bart and laughed.
"Bart, the Invisible Ghost in the Clouds wants us to live here.

 I wished I had dated that story. My best guess would be that it's about 18 months old.
 Think how many people on both sides have died since I made that suggestion.

 Some people do not want to watch their kids grow up.
 Instead, they'd rather stay with the sacred sand and watch their children be killed.

 Religion is the problem.

Marty's E! page
Tim warns about drinking & driving
George Washington distilled his own whiskey
(And Lincoln smoked pot and played his harmonica)
Peter Fonda in New Hampshire for Bike Week
James Gandolfini shares the wealth
Over 100 artists at the 2nd annual Austin City Limits Music Festival
Jane Pauley has a new talk show
Spike Lee, Johnny Cochran, & Viacom/CBS
Soledad O'Brien is CNN's newest Paula Zahn
Joan Lunden (Joan Blunden to Sacramento readers)'s surrogate gave birth to twins
Dennis Miller is now a whore at FOX
P. Diddy's limited edition 'Sean John Navigator' from Lincoln
And, Nick Nolte was ratted out


 What the left can learn from Bush
   by Jesse Jackson

  Click  Here

 When an outside threat is great, the family comes together. The members discard their bitter
 disputes and remember the bond that unites them. Old rivalries and lingering resentments are
 put aside to meet the common threat.  And that is now what progressives must do in the face
 of the threat posed by the Bush administration.

 A crucial first step is for Ralph Nader and the Green Party to unite with Democrats in the
 coming election year. Democrats must put aside their anger; Greens must put aside their pain.
 Nader is a historical citizen leader. The Greens have passion and purpose, and a reach into
 the idealism and hopes of the young.

 I don't have high hopes for this reconciliation.
 Just as the military families would rather their kids die under Bush than come home under Clinton,
 I think the Greens would rather give Bush another term than admit Gore and Bush weren't twins.

 It seems the Greens have formed a religion, not a political party. They are willing to die for their religion.
 Saint Ralph has shown them some "higher plane" that Greens want to believe in so badly, they'd gladly
 give the Bush criminal another four years to rape America rather than join the sinful Democrats.


 I'd like to subscribe to BartCop Radio, but I have a Mac OS.9.



 Got Radio?

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 If you can't hear Shirley vow to tear some guy's soul apart (don't piss her off)
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 Beginning June 20/21, we will be posting radio shows in the "members" section.

 I hope those of you having trouble hearing audio are taking advantage of the opportunity
 to get with the volunteer techies. Soon, we'll be doing much more frequent radio shows,
 so getting the audio bugs worked out now would be a good thing, as Martha might say.

 Best advice I've heard so far is to upgrade your media player.
 If you have a media player from 2000, that's very old - a Model T player.

 My good friend Wolf Grukley has a site for his poli-cartoons.

 According to website Thursday:

"Former comedian Dennis Miller is expected to join the Fox News Channel
 as a commentator for "Hannity and Colmes,"  according to Richard Huff in today's NY Daily News.
 He's expected to start sometime in July."

 It makes such a perfect match.  The little Bush appoligist is getting paid back.
 Since the last year of is now defunct HBO program, I believe most viewers saw this transition coming.
 Too bad I have so much "Dennis Miller Live" early years show wasting valuable VHS space.


 You're right - it figures.
 Miller and his Bush worship belong only on FOX.

 A thought about the former comedian popped into my head recently:
 Maybe somebody told him he lost his MNF gig because he was too smart and it was
 difficult for the regular Joe to get his jokes, so he did the 180 and now appeals to the
 lowest form of slug on the Republican right - the ditto-monkey, Rush worshippers.

 The poor bastard sold his soul for a few extra dollars that he didn't need.

 I watched Hannity and Tokyo Colmes Wednesday night, I think.
 Colmes wasn't there, but it was 30 minutes before I realized he was missing.

 Does anyone know why Alam Colmes shouldn't be ashamed of himself?
 Alan, if you're reading this, write to me with an explanation.
 What do they pay you to lose to Hannity every night?
 Once your children's education is paid for, you'll quit, right?

 Do you know who Steppenfetchit was, Alan?

 The US Open in Chicago

Hex on thee, hex on thee, hex on thee!!

 I predict another long weekend for Mr. Perfect

 Mobius Shtick
   by Lo Phat Ham

  Click  Here

 I actually saw several commentators nodding their heads when Donald Rumsfeld
 came up with THIS gem - "People are saying there are no WMD destruction just
 because we can't find them. Well, we can't find Saddam Hussein either but I don't
 see anyone saying he never existed."

 Then he produced one of those death's head grins he's so famous for and the
 assembled media actually laughed along with him.

 I forget her name, maybe Jenna Marcuso?, but that good looking swimsuit
 model who landslided the last Survivor contest is going to get naked in Playboy.

 It's about time.
 Who was the last good looking "celebrity" to bare it for Playboy?

 For years, we've been getting "Girls on Enron" and crap like that, plus those same
 air-brushed, cookie-cutter, implant-clone-honeys that even I can't tell apart.

 At least Jenna's doing it right.
 About 800 issues back, I opined that it's better to take the pictures when you're in your prime.
 Keep them on Funk & Wagnal's porch for 20 years if you must, but don't do like Farrah Faucet
 and wait until you're 50 to grant the wishes of men all over the world.

 C'mon, ...under Bush, we don't get many highlights.

 Go Jenna!

 Subject: Remove Michael Savage


 Mr. Sorenson:

 Your talk show host Michael Savage is a disgrace to your network, as well as to himself and this fine country.
  I cannot believe you allow someone of this ilk to putrefy the airwaves with his vacuous, droolingly vicious commentary.

 Here's a sampling of what you're hosting on your network:

 Third world countries are "turd world countries."

 How wonderfully mature and rational.
 I am ashamed that ANY American network would allow such
 childishly jingoistic drivel to be broadcast over the international airwaves.


 Mal, I'd like to skirt Weiner and his lawyer live, right in the courtroom.
 I could wear a camera/mic bow tie and webcast the slaughter on
 This Weiner fella makes Rush Limbaugh look legitimate.

 Perky Pat has opinions...

 The First Moron falls off a Segway

 Click  Here

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 He wants another tie.

 Subject: Saddam and WMD

 If people are going to claim that Bush lied about the fact that Iraq had WMD's, then to be
 intellectually honest, they must also criticize all those Democrats who are NOW out there
 sqwaking about how Bush lied about his intentions. Have the honesty to criticize them for lying as well.

 Without a doubt, Bush had bad intentions.
 They decided on 9-11 that the terrorist attacks gave them a perfect excuse to kill Saddam and steal his oil.

 After all, they are the ones who wrote letters to then President Clinton in 1998 endorsing military action
 to take out all of Saddam's WMD arsenal.

 Clinton didn't get 170 brave servicemen killed, and he didn't murder 8,000 Iraqi innocents.

 Senator Byrd is on the record saying Iraq had WMD's that posed a major threat to the region and this nation.

 I doubt that's true. Show me where Byrd says Saddam was a threat to US

 Every major nation in this world knows Iraq had WMD's because every intelligence service saw the same information.

 Every nation got their "intelligence" from us.
 These clowns think Camaroon and Argentina have intelligence reports on Iraq's WMD?

 We all know for a fact that he had them in 1998 because he admitted it.

 If I "admit" I have WMD and a big army, that means I have them?

 Resolution 1441 was passed unanimously because everyone knew he had the weapons.

 Resolution 1441 was passed in a hysterical/emotional context

 It also put the burden on Iraq to produce evidence of what happened to the weapons that Iraq admitted to having.

 Why would any nation, expecially one in the Middle East, admit they don't have a lot of dangerous weapons.

 If they truly destroyed them, they should have disclosed evidence of it.
 Short of that, in was in our interest to assume he still had them.

 Yeah, Bush did a LOT of assuming, and then swore his assumptions were all backed up by solid evidence.
 Bush lied about war and many, many good people died.  Clinton lied about sex and they called it a "Constitutional crisis."
 Bush is the biggest failure is presidential history. He's made us the most hated nation on the planet.

 The voters were right to chose Gore over this idiot, but the crooked Supreme Court thought otherwise.

Fight back with BartCop Radio
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 If you can only make one call...

 Call the 
 918-493-1500- you have two minutes to rant away.


"We haven't read the book and probably won't...From the news accounts we've seen,
  we gather that the most important part of the book is Mrs. Clinton's account of her
  husband's affair with Monica Lewinsky.  Here's the weird part: Somehow the fact
  that Bill cheated on Hillary is supposed to qualify Hillary to run for president...-
   --James Taranto,   Vote for Me, My Hubby's a Louse

 No, asshole, she never said that. You made that shit up because you hate the Clintons.
 If you hate the Clinton's, it's probably because you probably hate their politics.
 You live in a world where "niggers and faggots" control everything,
 and the poor are poor because they're too lazy to inherit wealth like Dim Son.

 Boy, I'd pay real money to have a slut like you in a live chat room.

 Have a good time today - that's an order.

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