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Volume 1127 - America the Toxic

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 Weekend   Aug 2-3, 2003 

 Dueling Quotes

"...just close your eyes and try to imagine Ted Kennedy landing that Navy jet on the deck of that aircraft carrier.
  I don't know about you, I certainly don't want to see Teddy Kennedy in a Navy flight suit anytime soon."
  -- Tom Delay (R-Squirrely bastard) who seems to think President Pinhead landed that plane.

"I'm just nuts about personal slurs."

"This country deserves more patriots like Senator Kennedy,
  not more chicken hawks like you who never served."
   -- Max Cleland,

 Dean Will Run TV Ad in Texas

  Click  Here

 Howard Dean has chosen Bush country as the site for a second television
 advertisement that will begin broadcasting before any other candidate has gone on the air.

 The ad will begin airing Monday in Austin, Texas.
 The goal is to show that Dean won't back down from President Bush.

"The people of Texas know George W. Bush better than anyone,'' said the announcement.
"Throughout this campaign, Howard Dean has been standing up to George W. Bush, and
  what better place to stand up against what George W. Bush has done to the economy
 and our nation than in Bush's home state of Texas.''

 Dean's Campaign Web site:

 Dean is showing more balls than any other Democrat.

 He's showing brains, too:
He's smart enough to embrace the internet and it's not an accident
    that he's raised more money than the others.
This Texas buy is a great poker move.
    He's walking right up the the bully's strength and raising the stakes.

 It's still waaay to early to be endorsing a candidate in the primaries, but so far, Dean is
 showing us he's got brains, balls and guts - and the Democrats needs a lot more of all three.


"On BBC TV last month, I reported this: following the bombing of our embassies, the Clinton Administration sent
 two delegations to Saudi Arabia to tell their royal highnesses to stop giving money to the guys who are killing us.
 But Mr. Bush, once in office, put the kibosh on unfriendly words to the Saudis. Furthermore, in the summer of 2001,
 Mr. Bush disbanded the US intelligence unit tracking funding of Al Qaeda. What is it our G-men were uncovering?

 According to two separate sources speaking to BBC, the funders of Al Qaeda fronts include those who have
 previously funded Bush family business and political ventures. Now that's a wee bit embarrassing. Something you
 wouldn't want in a congressional report. Something you may not want the FBI to dwell on. (And you can unlock
 the womens and children: the BBC reports will NOT be broadcast on US television.)"
       --Greg Palast,

 Sen Boxer stabs Gray Davis
 Democrats always stab their own in the back

  Click  Here

 As state and national Democratic leaders were insisting the party was united in Davis' fight
 against the recall,. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Dagger), one of California's two senators,
 questioned the wisdom of that strategy.

"We have to see where we are when the filing deadline approaches," Boxer told the AP.
"I'm against the recall, but I think we have to look at who's on the ballot, we have to keep
 our options open as to who's on the ballot," she said

 Subject: I love ur site!

 Hey Bart,

 I've been reading your site for a few months now, and I must say how nice it is to see someone speaking up
 unabashedly about the important issues.  I'm a Canadian, and I've been watching American politics closely
 because whatever you guys do affects us a lot.  It is so amazing to hear someone rip apart the lies and
 falsehoods that some of the right-wing Republicans have been spreading around!  Your site not only makes me
 aware of what is going on, it gives me great fodder for debates and even makes me laugh and cheers me up,
 as it is nice to see that not everybody is a ditto-monkey!

 I'd love to say that all Canadians support what you say, but that wouldn't be all true.
 What I will say is that almost everyone I know loves to call your President an evil monkey!

 ha ha

 Here's to good luck in the 2004 election, yay Tequila
 (what was with that guy who called it unsophisicated?)
 and thanks for a great site!!

 Joy J

A horse-drawn caisson carries the casket of Army Ranger Russell Rippetoe
to his final resting place in Arlington National Cemetery. Capt. Rippetoe died in Iraq
when a civilian vehicle exploded at a coalition checkpoint. Rippetoe was the
first soldier from the Iraqi conflict to be buried on the historic grounds.

How many more, America?
...and why?


"Body bags will not be an issue as long as we are aggressively pursuing the enemy."
   --Texas RNC member Tim Lambert , telling the families of the dead to "knock it off."  Attribution

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Since June of 2001,
it sucks to be Eldrick Woods.


"The administration sold the connection between Iraq and al-Qaeda to scare
  the pants off the American people and justify the war. There's no connection,
  and that's been confirmed by some of bin Laden's terrorist followers."
   --former Senator screwed by the GOP Max Cleland  Attribution

 The sheep turn on Wolfie
   by the She-Thing of the Whore Times

  Click  Here

 Even now that it's clear the Bushies played up the terror angle because they thought it was
 the best way to whip up support for getting rid of Saddam, the administration refuses to level
 with the public. It dishes out the same old sauerkraut - conjuring up images of al-Qaida by calling
 Iraqi guerrillas and foreign fighters "terrorists". Meanwhile, the real al-Qaida may be planning more
 suicide hijackings of passenger planes on the east coast this summer, homeland security says.

 Noting that the administration is tamping down Iraq while al-Qaida is bubbling up elsewhere, Senator
 Rush Feingold  pressed: "I would ask you, Secretary Wolfowitz, are you sure we have our eye on the ball?"


 My mom attends a lot of family support group meetings and here is what she says
 about soldiers being depressed.

 Remember, for a lot of reservists, they left real jobs to complete this Guard duty.  They are making
 house payments (or, more accurately not making house payments) because the difference in salary
 between their job and their Gaurd salary is often significant and makes it difficult for them to keep up their payments.

 My mom described one young mother raising three kids by herself and going to the Army for food and clothes
 --and she had to sell her husband's truck--all because they had lost his salary as a computer programmer while
 he was on guard duty.  This young woman is seriously worried about losing their house!  Every time Rummy says:
 "Psych, your tour is extended three more months"  it  makes it more likely that they will lose their house, car and family.

 But Bush wants to cut hazardous duty pay and family separation pay for the Guard while they are in Iraq.
 Evidently that extra $120 a month is preventing some millionaire from getting a bigger tax cuts.

 Baghdad may be a tough place, but it isn't easy on the home front either.
 There is a lot for the military to be depressed about.

 Too bad those Conservatives don't support our troops by suspending car and house payments during their tour, eh Bart?

 Tim H

 Tim, I'm fairly certain the law prevents any action being taken against a soldier at war.
 I certainly wouldn't want to explain to a local TV crew why my loan company repo'd
 a soldier's car when he was fighting for and very possibly dying for his country.


 Jeez man, what is this idolotry you have for Bill Clinton the biggest fake since Warren G. Harding!
 He faked his whole presidency.

 Wait, you're saying peace and prosperity are fake, but war and recession are real?
 Let's go with the fake, then. Nobody died under Clinton.

 He just wanted to bang babes,

 I admit he has an eye for the ladies.  If Sharon Stone was on you like Rush
 on a black welfare mother with two kids, how long could you hold out?

 ...stuff his pockets with cash and help all his commie buddies
 he met in Little Rock (Chinese restaurant owner moved back to China at the end of Clinton's
 presidency after 30+ years in Little Rock cultivating Clinton for his bosses in Beijing).

 Hold on...
 He didn't make any money until after he left the White House, having done a great job..
 Your boy Bush is stealing trillions and he's not even showing up for work.

 That Chinese guy ran a restaurant accross the street from the Arkansas Capitol.
 Clinton's not supposed to know the guy who owns the restaurant by the Capitol?

 Clinton made a ton of commie friends when he met with the KGB in Moscow
 and hung out with them in England as a Rhodes Scholar

 Dude, if Clinton was a KGB agent, I kinda think Bush would've mentioned that in 1992.

 ...(who did not complete his education there because his financiers wanted him to go to work
 and get that governorship of Arkansas as fast as he could).

 Take a breath...
 Being governor of Arkansas used to pay $10,000 a year.
 They eventually raised that to a whopping $35,000.
 Who are Clinton's "financeers?"
 Clinton was broke his entire life.
 Are you saying he sold out for peanuts?
 Got any facts to back up the wild charges?

 Jeez man, you are supportive of a guy cultivated and financed by the Chinese commies who plan
 to be at war with us by 2015.
 Dude, how did you get wind of the ChiCom's plans for 2015?
 Have you contacted the White House to warn them?

 Have you read "The War Against the USA in 2015" written by the Chinese military chairman of their joint chiefs?

 Sorry, I don't read Chinese...

 Meanwhile Hillary is cavorting with Maoists in San Francisco and elsewhere in the 1960s,

 You've been listening to talk radio again, haven't you?
 That Moaist/60's stuff is pure Rush.

 ...getting a lot of funding from the same Chinese guys who tell her to hook Bill and make him governor of Arkansas,

 ha ha

 Hillary is a Chinese agent, too?  I wonder why Ken Starr didn't focus on this stuff. He was only after the sex,
 and now Ken the Repub comes forward with proof that Bill & Hillary are actually secret agents or dupes for
 the ChiComs and poor Hardon Kenny was barking up the wrong tree.
 That's so sad for your side.

 ...then President of the USA.  They promise her they will fund her, too, if she does a good job with Bill.
 Note the timing of the war is 2015, the year before Hillary's second term ends as President if she runs in 2008.
 Now, the Chinese are patient folks, but when they see an opportunity they move quickly.

 Dude, can I buy an ounce of what you're smoking?
 I haven't had pot that good since college.
 Bill and Hillary have made about $20 million in the last three years.
 What could China be paying them to sell out?

 BTW, did you know Bush's uncle runs China?  That's why Bush got on his knees and begged China
 to forgive America for flying out spyplane in international waters. Bush said he was very sorry, then
 he said he was very, very sorry that our plane was flying in international waters when China shot it down.

 The reason he bent over for China is because thr BFEE id making mega-billions there.
 Remember - Poppy was ambassadot - they've been sucking China for three decades.

 Now they are moving her election up to 2004 because Bush looks beatable.
 She can always back out if Bush zooms ahead before the nominating conventions begin.

 Dude, can I have a ride in your time machine?
 Can you tell me which three horses will win the next triple crown races?
 I could use a rich six weeks in Vegas.

 Got it Bart, this is the real world and your buddies Clinton are working very, very hard
 to be a major part of your future and maybe the end, the absorption, of the USA.
 Happy trails, buddy.


 Ken, seriously, how much for an ounce of that?
 Can you take a post-dated check?

 And really, you have to remember that handjobs like Rush are being paid $28M a year
 to fabricate these wild stories for which you've fallen.  Be honest, if I gave you $28M,
 wouldn't you say Hillary is the greatest woman in American history?

 Of course you would - you're a Republican...

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Daniel Barenboim
Lucy the Elephant
The Stanley Cup missed a flight
Gypsies & Birkenau
Charles Lindbergh's double life?
Barbie by Armani
The Sauna World Championship
Hippie capitalism
And a bunch of links



"Pat Robertson is insane. Just because he smiles and wears a nice suit doesn't mean he's
 any less of a whack job than all those wild-eyed urine-stained nut bags who babble on
 street corners about Jesus through a bullhorn. And he's getting desperate because after
 you've agreed that the purple Teletubby is gay, where do you go?
   -- Bill Maher, HBO

 Bush Spends More than Clinton, Carter

  Click  Here

 The new estimates show that, under Bush, total outlays will have risen $408 billion in just three years
 to $2.272 trillion: an enormous increase in federal spending of 22 percent. Administration officials privately
 admit that spending is too high. Yet they argue that deficits are appropriate in times of war and recession.
 So, is it true that the war on terrorism has resulted in an increase in defense spending? Yes. And, is it also
 true that a slow economy has meant a decreased stream of tax revenues to pay for government? Yes again.

 But the real truth is that national defense is far from being responsible for all of the spending increases.
 According to the new numbers, defense spending will have risen by about 34 percent since Bush came into office.
 But, at the same time, non-defense discretionary spending will have skyrocketed by almost 28 percent. Government
 agencies that Republicans were calling to be abolished less than 10 years ago, such as education and labor, have
 enjoyed jaw-dropping spending increases under Bush of 70 percent and 65 percent respectively.

 America has never had more government than we have now.
 The talk radio Nazi blowhards have been screaming "smaller government" for a decade,
 but since their boy wants to make the federal government into everybody's nanny, they've
 changed their tune and now bigger government is better government.

 Reagan the Puppet played the same game.  He ran on the "government is the problem" plank,
 then proceeded to spend more money than every president from Washington thru Carter COMBINED

 This "smaller government" plays to the extra stupid, the largest voting block in this country.
 They promise more money in your pocket in the campaign, then they go on the mother of
 all spending sprees. Meanwhile their base, who backed his 'smaller government' rhetoric
 in the campaign, cherrs him on as he explodes the national debt for his pet programs.

 Petaluma, I miss you

Read about it in BartCopSports!

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"The president is more concerned about the safety of our troops than his re-election." 
     --Alabama RNC member Bettye Fine Collins,   Attribution

 What a load of crap!

 He sent 250 men to their deaths - why?
 For what did those 250 and counting men give their lives?
 To free Iraq from water, electricity and moving traffic?

 Blair hit hard by suicide scandal
 PM and ministers under pressure to resign over death

  Click  Here

 Finally, one British reporter shouted out: "Have you got blood on your hands, Prime Minister?
 Are you going to resign over this?"

 Blair froze. He stood uncomfortable and silent at the lectern for what must have seemed like
 the longest 30 seconds of his political career, until Koizumi called a merciful end to the press conference.

 If America had a free press, Bush would be asked tough questions, too.
 Bush's good puppy press exists only to praise him, and to cover for his lies.

 Leave no millionaire behind
    by: donnad

 I have two ways to jumpstart the economy:

 1. Stop taxbreaking multi-billionaires with the b.s. that giving them more money will create jobs
 (when we know damn right well it doesn't. Didn't work in the 80's and it sure as hell isn't working now).

 2. Impeach Bush and his pack of murderering misfits.
 Let him get another four years, and this country is through for sure.

 Another friend attacks


 The Vegas Hard Rock serves $75 tequila shots because there are enough people in this world
 stupid enought to spend that much on something they will either puke or piss away in a matter of hours.
 First, I paid $17.50 for a fourth of a shot of that because I had to try it.
 Second, I've never gotten sick from tequila - I don't know anyone who has.
 I know plenty of people who've gotten sick on Cuervo, but that's not tequila.

 The one part you got right was yes, since I'm a human being, liquids tend to
 leave the body, but that's kind of a crazy thing to accuse me of, isn't it?

 Much like the Bush administration gets away with charging a billion a week
 so that human lives can get pissed away for lies and bullshit.

 Yes, that's right - I'm Bush's twin because he pisses away lives.
 Dude, what 'sane and normal' alcohol were you drinking when you wrote that?
 If you think about it really hard, I've never attacked you.
 Why did you think it would be cool to attack me?

 Notice, I didn't cut you up like I was Zorro...

Click to Enter


 Larry King: Do you think Bush can be beaten?

 Bill Maher: Not by this crowd. Probably not at all. Because they don't hold him accountable.

 Review - HBO Comedy Special: Bill Maher, Victory Begins at Home
  by Midnight Warner

 HBO is airing Bill Maher's one-man Broadway show. Well, yes, it was a one-man Broadway show
 but we all really know it's just a long set of old-fashioned stand up. But, as anyone running for office
 will tell you, labels aren't important.

 Hey, Bill Maher is funny and his special is definitely worth watching. Does he say things just to be
 contrary sometimes? Yeah, sure he does. But even through he might offends some liberal pieties
 and say some outrageous things he at least tries to be an equal opportunity offender.

 All of that said, Maher is brilliant with Bush.
 W., you'd think, would be heaven's gift to comics and Maher treats him with the respect he is due.

 But I think where Maher really shines in this special is not with his political humor but with his wry
 observations about men and women.  Politically incorrect?  Yes, but too true.

 It's hard to review jokes without giving away the punch line, so catch the show for yourself when HBO airs it.
 For my money, his stand-up is far more original then the prattle from the usual suspects on his HBO Real Time show.

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 George W. Bush Means Nothing
   by Mark Morford

  Click  Here

 Go ahead, ya smirkin' Texas lug, stumble around all scrunched and blank eyed and pseudo-manly,
 shove this country into a bloody unwinnable war and lie about all the reasons why, gouge the economy
 and ruin the schools and embarrass the nation every single day as you mangle grammar and meaning
 and truth. It doesn't really matter.

 Go ahead, toss those useless $400 rebate checks to the depressed and jobless populace as some sort of
 bogus humanitarian gesture as you quietly force an increase in their property taxes to pay for your
 record-breaking deficit brought on by the tax cut no one wants. Ha. You are so cute. .

 I'm putting the BartCop Hex on everyone in Cali playing the lottery except Sm2star,
 who has promised big bucks will be sent my way upon winning.

 Hex on Thee! Hex on Thee! Hex on Thee!

 You've heard about Israel's "security fence?"
 The American media keeps running pictures of the "fence" that look like this.

 For some reason, our lying media wants you to think Israel is erecting a cheap-ass chicken-wire fence.

 But in truth, (if that matters to our whore media anymore,)
 this "fence" is actually a steel and concrete wall that's 25 feet high!

 I don't have an opinion about the fence, but why are they lying about it?
 Why don't they show the 25-foot high cement wall instead of the chicken-wire crap?

 Letter to the Editor

 We want Full Disclosure

 It now appears the government of Saudi Arabia, not Iraq, was behind the 9-11 attack. According to an article
 in the LA Times, people who have read the 28 pages that were blacked out are saying that "the Saudi government
 that not only provided significant money and aid to the suicide hijackers but also allowed potentially hundreds of
 millions of dollars to flow to al-Qaida and other terrorist groups through suspect charities and other fronts."

 The sources quoted say there was "direct involvement of senior (Saudi) government officials in a coordinated
 and methodical way directly to the hijackers, as well as very direct, very specific links that cannot be passed off
 as rogue, isolated or coincidental."

 If Saudi Arabia was behind this then the people of America have a right to know. We can not allow the Bush
 administration to conceal the identities of the people what are truly behind the worst terrorist act in the history
 of America.If we don't find out what happened - then how can we prevent a 9-11 from happening again?

 I call on everyone to demand full disclosure. We have a right to know.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.

"I remember this Perkel fella.  He ran against me
 as a Republican for the Missouri senate seat that
 I lost to a dead man. I can tell - this one's trouble.
 Send a secret torture chopper to Faggot City right away.
 We need to wire up this Perkel fella ASAP and see
 what he knows about the faggot Al Qaeda sleeper cells."

 Subject: my comments on the radio show

 hey bart,

 Love the radio show and it sounds great to me.
 Can you give us a little more Frank Zappa?

 Ham  Ton

 Dude, can do.
 Zappa has so much great music and so many great political songs.
 "Dumb all Over" and "Meek Shall Inherit" could've been written by me,
 ...if I was a musical genius, that is.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 It now stands at  248 250


 That's a lot of flag-draped coffins.
 That's a lot of broken families.


 Note: Believe this figure.
 It's from

Total since Bush's "Bring Them On" swaggering stupidity (7/2): 46
Total since the murders of Ootie & Cootie (7/22): 18

 When it turned out that Iraq had no WMD as Bush guaranteed, they quickly changed
 the reason they invaded to "we did it to save the poor Iraqi people from an evil tyrant."

 Well you know what, America is the only western country that executes people.
 In that regard, we're just like Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the other 'savage states."

 As Texas governor, Bush enjoyed killing people.

 When asked why he killed a man every two weeks, Bush would smirk and giggle and say,
 "It's the law of the land," which is another way of saying, "That's how we do stuff here."

 What of some foreign superpower was run by a man of color.  What if this foreign superpower
 didn't like the way Bush giggled when he executed people?  What if this foreign superpower decided
 it would invade the United States to save the poor American blacks from Bush's giggling murder spree?

 You can bet Bush would hire James Baker to say, "They have no right to invade us this way!
 We are a sovereign nation.  They have no right to imposing their way of life on us,"
 but that plea didn't work for Saddam, did it?

 Besides Tony Blair, the entire globe begged Bush not to fuck this up, but he did it, anyway.

 The point I'm trying to get to is this:
 In the Middle East - murderous tyrants have ruled by force for centuries. When the civilized Europeans
 look at America, especially Texas, they wonder how such an advanced  society can be such barbarians
 that we still execute people convicted of serious crimes.  But since Europe doesn't have the guns to stop us,
 all they can do is sigh and look away.

 ...which is possibly what we should have done with Saddam.

 What we've done is executed the father of a family with 20 million children.  All of Iraq is now the
 responsibility of the American military. They said Clinton stretched the military too thin, and now the
 Unelected Idiot is spreading the military thinner than gold leaf on a birthday cake.

 Oh God, what did we do to offend you so much,
 that you would send the plague of this murdering monster?

 Call the

You have two minutes to rant away.

 I have been thinking about this for the last few weeks Bart, and... (drum roll)...

 I believe that Texas is winnable for the Democratic presidential candidate in 2004.
 No, hear me out.

 Yes, I had a few shots of Chinaco, but hear me out.  The people of Texas are utterly fed up
 with Republican Governor Perry and the strongarm tactics of Tom Delay's redistricting shenanigans.
 The Killer D's, both House and Senate (currently holed up in a hotel in Albuquerque), have become
 authentic folk heroes in Texas.  The majority of Texas' representatives in DC are Democrats.

 I'm not saying Dean is gonna do it, I'm just saying it's do-able.  I am from Austin and many broke
 and pissed Texans are paying for the failed policies of Bush and Perry, and there's something about
 the crookedness of this whole redistricting fandango that DOES NOT SIT WELL with the Texas mindset.
 An organized, concerted effort could take Bush in his own home state.

 You heard it here first, people - Texas is winnable for the Democrats.

 Reef the Dog

 Have a good time today - that's an order.

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