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Volume 1130 - Disrupting fascism

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 Thursday   Aug 7, 2003 


"Stepping up the Justice Department's battle with federal judges over sentencing guidelines, Ashcroft
  has directed government lawyers to report on judges who give out softer sentences and to start appealing
  those sentences in far higher numbers.The move, circulated in an internal memo last week, was anticipated
  under a measure known as the Feeney amendment, adopted by Congress in April to strengthen judges'
  adherence to new, stricter sentencing guidelines."
    --from today's Wall Street Journal,

 But when Ashcroft's nephew was caught with enough pot to go to prison, Mr Law & Order lobbied
 hard enough to get him a suspended sentence, if my memory serves me well.

 I think Ashcroft just wants to throw the book at the dark people.

 Arnold Announces Gubernatorial Bid 
 Cat-and-mouse, will I-won't I  horseshit speaks volumes

  Click  Here

 Davis could win this easily if he'd just challenge Arnold to a debate.
 Arnold should be governor like I should be doing surgery.

 What a joke...
 My good friend Arianna has a hundred IQ points on Muscleboy.


"To whom is America paying attention? Ann Coulter appeared on Fox's "Hannity & Sellout"
  Monday night, in direct competition with Howard Dean, who was on "Larry King." Coulter drew
  almost twice the audience that Mr. Dean did, according to Nielsen ratings — about 1.5 million
  viewers. Mr. Dean had 804,000 viewers."
    --Jennifer Harper, acting the whore   Attribution

 I don't know this Jennifer Harper, but I know doctored "facts" when I see them.
 If she wanted to inform with honesty, she'd give the regular numbers for King and Hannity, too.
 Besides, is there any way to know in advance who's on Hannity's show?

 Wesley Clark is Karl Rove's worst nightmare

  Click  Here

 Wesley Clark is a political moderate, a war hero, a smart-as-hell, telegenic, electable Southerner
 with "General" for a first name and a vision for America. Another way of looking at Clark is that
 he's potentially Bill Clinton in all the good ways (smart, centrist, and charismatic), but without
 Clinton's problems (wine, women, and bad sax playing). And the four stars on each of Clark's
 shoulders stand in stark contrast to George W. Bush, who went AWOL from his National Guard duty.
 Can we start the Presidential debates right now?


"The question of whether Robinson should be a bishop is an issue for the Episcopal Church.
  But the smear is an issue for the larger community as well, for it demonstrates just how low
  some people will stoop when honest, reasonable debate is going against them. In fact, it links
  to the same sort of behavior in the American body politic."

 Subject: Tiger the Great

 I find your continued commentary on Bush and Company incredibly helpful, yet you lose
 much of your credibility with me for one simple reason: why do you continue to trash Tiger the Great?
 Why do you find it necessary to attack one of the true symbols of integration and success in our society?

 The press puts the green jacket on Tiger every time he shows up.  If they'd stop all that "greatest of
 all time" crap, I could possibly be persuaded to have a better opinion of him..
 Or are you just always right about any position you take?
 ha ha
 I don't intentionally take any wrong positions, if that's what you mean.

  A Tiger Fan!
 ps: Your pick of Lance to win the Tour was hardly a tough choice.  Any cyclist and or fan could have
 easily made this call - a four time champ in field of competitors that have never yet beat this tough Texan.
 Your political commentary may be on track, but your sports analysis is a bit weak.

 Lance won a 26-day race by less than a minute.
 It wasn't a blow out, and unlike Tiger - he won.
 I think we can disagree on Tiger and still fight the B.F.E.E..

 I know you've probably answerd this before, but what is your deal with Tiger Woods?
 Do you have a problem with Tiger himself, or the way he is covered on television?
 Cause the impression I get from Tiger is that he is a nice clean living man,
 with an extrordinary talent for Golf, what did he ever do to you that you
 have to bash him on a weekly basis?

 I only "bash" him when he loses another tournament.
 He keeps losing and they keep calling him "the greatest ever."

 I don't like his "I got mine, you can get yours" attitude towards blacks and women.
 I don't like his excuses when he loses.
 I don't like him accusing others of using illegal drivers without proof.
 I also don't like the Dallas Cowboys.
 People get angry about that, too.

 I wonder where I'll be the night I turn 50?

 I can fly free to any city that Southwest Airlines goes...

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"I'm proud of our country's commitment to protecting the rights of its citizens to work and live free
  from bigotry and violence. That's why I was amazed to discover that many people die each year in
  anti-gay attacks and thousands more are left scarred, emotionally and physically. Bigotry has no
  place in this great nation, and violence has no place in this world, but it happens. Prejudice hurts, kills.
  Please don't be a part of it."
   --Bob Hope, the last good Republican, in a 1988 anti-gay-bashing ad,  Attribution

 Bush finally owns up
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Why aren’t his economic policies producing jobs? Try to believe your
 president said this: "Remember on our TV screens—I’m not suggesting
 which network did this—but it said, ‘ March to War,’ every day from
 last summer until the spring —‘ March to War, ’ ‘March to War.’
 That’s not a very conducive environment for people to take risk,
 when they hear, ‘March to War ’ all the time."

 And whose fault was that? Anybody but Junior’s.

 Subject: Stolen Shirley


 I had Shirley's first album, Garbage, in my office here, and SOME SON-OF-A-BITCH

 I had Bruce Springsteen albums, I had the Dixie Chicks, I had soundtracks from "Gladiator"
 and "Philadelphia", and several classical albums they could have taken, but noooooooooooooooo.
 (I love using that, hope you don't mind that I borrow it sometimes), they passed all that stuff by
 and took my Shirley.

 I am so pissed!
 Well, hell, at least the thief had good taste.



  Click  Here  

 At this point in the war sixty years ago,
 was Prescott Bush still helping Hitler?

 Larry Flynt's prayer to kill O'Reilly fails


 Here are some photos from Larry Flynt's Prayer for the Death of Bill O'Reilly, August 5 in LA.
 The priest held a short but meaningful prayer service calling quite graphically for Bill's death.
 Then there was a pause in the services as a confirmation call was put in to Fox Studios, where
 a helpful receptionist reported that O'Reilly appeared to still be alive.  Undaunted, the priest then
 led the crowd in another, louder plea for Bill O'Reilly's demise.  The service was then declared over,
 with the priest calling on everyone to continue praying throughout the day.

 California Gubernatorial candidate Larry Flynt did NOT show up, which I thought was pretty lame
 and he lost my vote right there (I'm leaning towards Homer Simpson now).  There was also some lame
 news photographer, probably from FOX, who kept grabbing people and posing them for the camera
 AS THE EVENT WAS HAPPENING, which was disruptive and annoying as hell.

 Reef the Dog

The name of this file is "Clive."
Can anybody tell me who this is?

Marty's E! page
Thursday & Friday TV highlights
Hall & Oates inducted into the Hollywood RockWalk
Dixie Chicks top country touring act of the year
Granada, Spain, to honor Joe Strummer of The Clash
Paris, 2 remaining Doors & Jim Morrison's grave
Sharon Stone pitching
Kevin Costner defends 'Waterworld'
Rob Reiner pitching
Jerry Springer isn't running
And Marie Trintignant's funeral



"Bush was right in taking it to Saddam Hussein and his sons. When 9-11 occurred,
  he didn't just sit back and twiddle his thumbs. We are all thankful for that."
    --Orrin Hatch, with Whistle Dick Cheney  Attribution

 Leatherboy, you just connected Saddam to 9-11.
 Why are you still telling that discredited lie?
 The FBI and CIA says there was no connection.

 Bush just made that up so he could steal Iraq's oil

 Subject: Iraqis get US payouts

 Here's the pricetag on collateral damage in Baghdad.
 Get your leg shot off in a raid on the wrong house, the military Compensation Officer
 "may" pay you $500; get killed and the payoff is $1500.  One time payment, of course.

 It's called capping damage awards, and the bushbaby is drooling at the thought of bringing it here.


 So that little kid with no arms gets $1000 and a swift kick in the ass?

"Thank you, Dubya!"

 Saudi Secrets Are Safe With Bush
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 On July 29, Prince Saud el-Faisal paid an extraordinary visit to the Bush White House.
 For an hour, he and George W. Bush discussed the 28-page section of the joint
 Congressional report on 9/11 that evidently implicates agents of his country’s
 government in the terrorist attack. The prince’s ostensible reason for coming to see
 the President—whose family has long maintained close connections with the Saudi
 royals—was to ask Mr. Bush to declassify those 28 pages because, as he declared
 at a press conference: "We have nothing to hide, and we do not seek, nor do we
 need, to be shielded."

 That glibly ridiculous assertion is contradicted by the repressive habits of his family’s
 autocratic regime, which has a lot to hide from its own people as well as ours.

Take me seriously and I'll give you a ride, too.

Does the BartCop Hex really work?
Or  is  it  a  lie,  like  supply-side  voodoo?
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"As VP, he either misrepresented or misconstrued the facts. In the immortal words of Bob Graham,
 'Osama Bin Forgotten.' We have found no weapons, no uranium purchased in Niger and no connection
  to al-Qaida. Our troops are still dying and the war is costing $4 billion a month with no end in sight.
  It's a tragedy that the American people don't demand more accountability."
    -- Utah Demo Chairwoman Meg Holbrook Attribution

 Subject: Web sites 4 Sale


  I have decided to close site, and offer the three domains for sale:

 (  I need more free time to work on graphics and have a life .... )

 There are many more links to, so it should be
 good for a few hundred thousand hits a month for a long time if
 used as a 'redirect' address to a similar website.

 Click  Here  for details

 It's always sad to see a quality web site go down.
 It's tough doing a page, day after day.

 Support your favorite websites so they stay up!

 Clooney losing his marbles?
   says Victoria Newton in

  Click  Here

 George Clooney may be one of the world’s best-looking men —but he has lost his marbles.
 He reckons the war in Iraq was all down to Monica's frolics with Clinton.

 Clooney reckons the famous stain-on-the-dress incident meant Gore had to distance himself
 from Clinton, so losing the US election to Bush.

 Loony Clooney said:
 “It’s ridiculous — Lewinsky performs a sex act on the president therefore we attack Iraq.”

 Hmmm, I’d stick to playing eye-candy George.

 Of course, Clooney has it exactly right.
 The press forgives Bush for his fake war and killing our soldiers,
 and they constantly refer to Clinton as the man who can't be trusted.


“Liberals keep saying there was no connection between Saddam and Al-Qaeda.
  Hussein and Al-Qaeda had every reason, in fact more than most, to work together
  in some fashion.  Their common enemy is the United States. Why would they
  exercise self-restraint and not have collaborated against us?”
     --Rush the serial liar

 But Pigboy - Al Gore and I have "every reason" to work together, but we haven't.
 Who in the world taught you logic?

 This president can get richer if he connects Osama to some oil he wants to steal,
 but that's not a good reason to go to war and get hundreds of men (and women) killed.

 Sshhhh, someone may hear you exercising free speech

  Click  Here

 Before our conversation ended, the man told me of other public officials who also are fearful of speaking out.
"You have to be careful what you say in public these days," he added.

 I instinctively looked around to see if anyone was hiding in the gathering twilight. For a moment, I felt like I
 was in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin. Never did I think I would live to see the day
 when an honest man was afraid to speak his mind on political issues in America.

 These days, it happens all the time.

 That's what happens when a crooked court says "Stop counting those ballots."

 Subject: Supporting the troops


 I'll pay for the first 10 .mils who sign up for their first three months, or $150.


 Dude, that's very generous of you.

 So if any of you military guys & gays want three months of members privileges,
 send me your .mil e-mail and Brew will pick up the tab.

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“Why in the name of Sam Hill do you turn to the government to get you a freaking job?
  Since when did this happen? So you're out of work. Join the club! We've all been there.”
      -- Rush

 But Pigboy, Bush COST these people their jobs. He killed the economy and
 slashed taxes for the super-rich so they could buy the broken conpamies.
 Why the hell shouldn't they ask him to knock it off so they can work?

 Democracy Is Under Attack - Let's Take it Back
   by Cynthia McKinney, targeted by Bush for asking too many questions

  Click  Here

 The powers that be...would like to see us divided.

 I'm not just saying that.  They wrote that in their COINTELPRO papers; about how they
 would keep blacks separated from each other, and separated from Africans, and separated
 from other people of color, and most importantly, separated from progressive activist whites.
 They wrote that they would discredit black activists so they would lose favor within their
 community and within our American community.  They also wrote that they would replace
 authentic black leaders with what they called "clean Negroes" whom they had groomed to be
 more loyal to them than to us.  Those aren't my words, they're their words.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 It now stands at  252 255

 Damn, we lost three yesterday.

   How many more are we willing to tolerate?

 Note: Believe this figure.
 It's from

 Call the

You have two minutes to rant away.

"I'll be back"

 Let's remember that when Arnold said his most famous catch phrase, he was walking to a cop.
 And when he came back, it was in a pickup thru the wall of the police station and he proceeded
 to kill a whole lot of cops with his shotgun.

 I know they were just actors, but is this bag of muscles going to run on the "Hollywood-is-violent"
 bandwagon that all Republicans love to bash?

 Have a good time today - that's an order.

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