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Volume 1155 - Where is bin Laden, George?

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 Thursday   Sept 11, 2003 


"Except for a weak, halting essay suggesting the NFL's minority hiring policy
  on coaches might backfire, Rush Limbaugh's conservative viewpoints were
  largely absent in his debut on ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown show.
    -- Rudy Martzke, USA Today Attribution

 So, the first thing out of the vulgar Pigboy's mouth was that the NFL has
 too many blacks trying to do a white man's job?  That's disgusting.
 Disney knew exactly what they were getting when they hired the racist bastard.

 WTC Fires Spewed Toxic Gases for Weeks
  Bush knew, but he decided not to share that with New York
  Will he ever be held responsible for anything?

  Click  Here

 The burning ruins of the World Trade Center spewed toxic gases "like a chemical factory" for
 at least six weeks after the 9-11 attack despite government assurances the air was safe.

 The gases of toxic metals, acids and organics could penetrate deeply into the lungs of workers
 at Ground Zero, said the study.

 Last month, an internal report by EPA Inspector General Nikki Tinsley said the White House
 pressured the agency to make premature statements that the air was safe to breathe.
 The White House "convinced the EPA to add reassuring statements and delete cautionary ones,"
 Tinsley said. Among the information withheld was the potential health hazards of breathing
 asbestos, lead, concrete and pulverized glass, the report said. .

"They were mostly liberals, so fuck 'em."


"I do think that this administration did a miserable
  job of planning in a post-Saddam Iraq."
     --   Senator Chuck Hagel (R-Diebold) [Seattle Times, 9/6/03]

 Skewed Priorities Make Us Less Safe 
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Yet because the President hesitated to commit American troops in sufficient numbers to extirpate
 both Al Qaeda and the Taliban, they are reportedly regrouping in Afghanistan, a country that we
 bombed and abandoned. It is difficult to understand why we have sent 130,000 troops to occupy Iraq,
 rather than to destroy the marauders who committed a bloody act of war against our civilians. It is also
 hard to understand why that mission remains unfinished, considering the extreme peril of renewed
 Islamist power on the border of unstable, nuclearized Pakistan.

 Instead of completing the pacification of Afghanistan—a project that enjoyed the full support of our allies
 and most of the world—Mr. Bush embarked on the lonely American adventure in Iraq. Every day the
 recklessness of that endeavor is confirmed, while the promised benefits continue to recede. Our troops
 have found none of the terrifying weapons that they invaded Iraq to capture. Our diplomatic initiative in
 the Middle East has reached an abrupt dead end. Our capacity to use Iraqi oil revenues to rebuild that
 country has proved to be imaginary

  "Kill him... Off with his head."


"...a good part of the media are essentially part of the machine. If you work for any Murdoch
  publication or network, or if you work for the Rev. Moon's empire, you're really not a journalist
  in the way that we used to think. You're basically just part of a propaganda machine. And that's a
  pretty large segment of the media."
    -- Paul Krugman in  the Buzzflash Interview

 Wesley Clark

 I like the idea of a Wesley Clark candidacy.
 Clinton likes him a lot, and his opinion holds a ton of weight with me.

 Clinton's the smartest politician of our lifetime, and he if says Clark
 has what it takes to win, I'll trust him on that.

  Click  Here  to see Blaze's "Draft Clark" page.

 Two more entries in the sticker contest

  Click  Here

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 "Send lawyers, guns and money
   Dad, get me out of this!"
   -- from Warren Zevon's "Lawyers, Guns and Money", mocking Dubya, released 25 years ago

 Bush Resignation Hailed by World Leaders

  Click  Here

 The surprise resignation of the forty-third President of the United States, George W. Bush, on the second
 anniversary of the terrorist attack on America, was hailed by chiefs of state throughout the world.  Mr. Bush
 announced that after, "two years of bloodshed, economic devastation, and spreading fear in America and abroad,"
 he saw no choice but to accept that, "I have held a title which I did not win, and for which I have proven unqualified."

A memorial for those lost during the events of September 11th tragedy.
Retail selling at $19.99 per piece. Great gift ideas for mom, dad, family members,
friends and co-workers. Every American should have one. poop on!
If I lost someone at the WTC and some slug gave me a Bush-hero bill
I believe physical violence would rain down on his ass.

 Democrats lost opportunity, money by squashing technology
    by Houston Wade

  Click  Here

 The funny thing is… If the Democrats were truly smart they would try to appeal to the hi-tech sector on this front.
 It is by far, more wealthy and has the opportunity to revolutionize the way we do business. What the hell does Hollywood
 have to offer? Another two-star film and yet another crappy, holier-than-thou album from Creed? Give me a break.

 One would think that Hollywood would have learned not to fight for the status quo when it comes to the introduction
 of revolutionary technology in its medium. Hollywood fought against the proliferation of VCRs and lost in the Supreme
 Court’s legendary 1984 Betamax decision.  Hollywood was afraid that people were going to steal and distribute their
 product and that it would hurt their business. It turns out that this was the greatest thing to happen to Hollywood since
 the golden age of the studios. Hollywood was able to revive a faltering movie market that was steadily losing its audience
 to television since the 1950s by signing deals with video rental companies like Blockbuster. The gross earnings from video
 sales now account for more than $16 billion annually—almost double box office receipts (the porn industry got an even
 bigger boost out of this decision).

as seen on

 Subject: Got an email from your "friend"


 I got a letter from some Minnesota guy named Peterson who says he is your friend,
 but stabs you in the back.  Warn your readers to watch out for this guy and his emails.

 He said Bart thinks he is his friend, but has emailed me to expose him saying:

"Bartcop is running a web site on the cheap and begging for money, which he receives by the thousands of dollars each month.
 Instead of delivering a quality web site, and a Bart radio show as promised, his sub-standard system crashes regularly
 and most of the money he receives goes into his stock portfolio and to buy an expensive car, clothes, jewelry,
 Vegas gambling trips, liquor, etc.
 If you can get the IRS and the FTC to investigate his scam, Bart will spend most of the rest of his life behind bars."

 This guy sounds like he could cause you a lot of trouble.
 Or, it could be his idea of a joke.
 Good luck with this Peterson guy.

 Ken Wright

 Ken, I think you're the victim of a hoax.
 Isacc Peterson is indeed a very good friend.
 But I love the challenge, so let's get into this:

running a web site on the cheap  - I plead guilty.
begging for money - I'm supported by my supporters - I have no other job or income.
Instead of delivering a quality web site - What???  This is the finest tequila treehouse on the entire internet.
and a Bart radio show as promised - True, building the radio show has been downright Herculean, but we have
     managed 13 sub-par shows, and the Tommy Mack-produced, professional-sounding shows are just days away.
his sub-standard system crashes regularly - True, I use Microsoft products.
most of the money he receives goes into his stock portfolio - ha ha  What stock portfolio?
buy an expensive car - I paid $3K for my car - It's a nine year old GM sled
clothes - ha ha - Yes, I only wear Gucci and Vera Wang,, as the Pokerfesters will attest. I'm one slick Dude.
jewelry - Does my gold tooth count?  ha ha
Vegas gambling trips, liquor - guilty on the gambling. Christ, how can I host a Pokerfest and plead any other way?
     Luckily, thru my skills at manipulation money and FF points, we get free air fare, (SW has a deal right now, sign up
     for a SW Visa card - you get 4 points. Use the card, you get 4 points. If you sign up with Earthlink, you get 8 points.
     Boom! - Welcome to Vegas. Ain't nothing to it.) and yes, I often have a cocktail after dinner.
     Also, I open each radio show that he says doesn't exist with a shot of Chinaco.
As far as the IRS, I went to see an accountant about Bart money. He asked how much I'd made so far.
     When I told him, he laughed, stood up, shook my hand and said to come back when things got rolling

  ...and trust me, Isaac is a good friend,  and he's a much better writer than this guy.

 And to the stalker who's sending those e-mails, thanks.
 You make me feel like a success when you try this silly crap.
 Too bad you don't have the courage to meet me head on.

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 The World Poker Tour on The Travel Channel last night.

 I'm not sure what happened last night, but they were on a cruise, which was cool, but they played
 some women's game of poker with all kinds of rules about how much you can bet. That's not the
 kind of poker we're playing in the big Pokerfest tournaments this weekend at Binions.

 We're playing the official rules of the World Series of Poker,
 where you can declare "I'm all in" any time it's your damn turn.

 Breakfast with Tally the Weather Vixen and Tommy Mack at 11 AM.

 Poker starts at noon, second tourney at 4 PM or whenever everyone's ready.
 We have two trophies - the winner of the $500 tourney gets the Chinaco Extra-Aged trophy
 and the $1000 winner gets the very prestigious Chinaco Wildflowers trophy.
 After the second trophy is awarded, it's tequila time.

 Subject: gotta love ya...


 Despite our sometimes frustrating differences (Independent vs Democrap), I have to hand it to you
 for the Happy anniversary, Dick" picture opener of todays rant.

 Love it--bold.

 Your crazy friend Neil in Vermont

 PS:  I'm for Wesley Clark if he declares.

Marty's E! page
Special Bonus 'Disinfotainment Today' by Paul Krassner
The Hollywood Hustle
'Steve Harvey's Big Time' debuts on the WB tonight
'A Concert for George' (Harrison)
'Whoopi' had 'great numbers'
'Sex & the City' syndicated
Sharon Osbourne's marital woes
This week's new video releases
Ted Nugent's family values
Dan Quayle's bust unveiled
And, Black Holes operate in B-flat



 "I want to kill him. I want his intestines on a stick. ... I want to kill his dog."
  --extra-Catholic Mel Gibson, about his not-good friend Frank Rich of the NYWTimes  Attribution

 I think somebody needs to go to confession.

 Bush open for suggestions

 Bush claims he is "open for suggestions" as to what to do about Iraq. Ok - I have a suggestion.
 Why don't we get out of Iraq and go after Bin Laden in Pakastan and go after the Saudi's who are backing him?

 But Bush isn't going to do that because he made a deal not to go after Bin Laden.
 Seems to me that if you are going to fight terror you should go after the real enemy
 rather than trying to pass laws taking away rights from Americans.
 That's my suggestion.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.

 The Genetically Modified Bomb

  Click  Here

 Imagine a bomb that only kills Caucasians with red hair. Or short people. Or Arabs. Or Chinese.

 Now imagine that this new bomb could be set off anywhere in the world, and that within a matter of days,
 weeks, or months it would kill every person on the planet who fits the bomb's profile, although the rest of us
 would be left standing. And the bomb could go off silently, without anybody realizing it had been released
 - or even where it was released - until its victims started dying in mass numbers.

 Who would imagine such a thing?

 Paul Wolfowitz, for one. William Kristol for another.

 And, history shows, when the men who define U.S. military policy from the shadows
 set their sights on something, it's worthy of our attention.

 Subject: lying about everything

 Cheney, who obviously is not wanted at the September memorial services in New York, claims that he
 will not attend due to "security issues", mainly that his security contingent will affect the ceremony.
 This is the same exact thing his office said when Wellstone's family told him he was not welcome.

 Watch, I bet you Bill and Hillary will be there, with their security contingents, affecting nothing.

 These guys spin everything.
 How are they going to spin the tens of thousands of people rioting in the streets of New York in 2004?
 Mr. Rove is not as smart as everyone thinks he is.
 New York is the last place Republicans want to be for their National Convention.

 Ricky Z

 Y'know, I'm considering going to NY for the Nazi-Con 2004
 Maybe American Stranger has room for me on his couch?

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"I vow to bring bin Laden to justice,
  or to bring justice to bin Laden."
   --the spoiled little boy who never tells the truth or keeps his promises

 Sticker placement contest 

 Get yours, then send in a digital photo of where you put it.
 (Please don't vandalize anything with these stickers)

 To get your stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to:
 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK 74155

 OR, you could PayPal a small donation and get your stickers within 48 hours.

 The stickers are free, but donations are accepted.

 We'll give away a prize each month for Best Sticker Placement.
 Maybe a Brooke Burke calendar or Joe Conason's new book.

......   #4 at

 Send in your sticker pics - win valuable prizes.

 Update:  We still just have one entrant, but somebody wants the Conason book
                         or the BB calendar - I just know they do..

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 Subject: Letter to the Pigboy

  Click  Here

 You are the biggest hypocrite I have ever heard or seen.  I just love "open lines" Friday, when you really don't take any calls.
 You've been on the air an hour and a half today and you have taken three calls.  Shameful.  You don't put those who disagree
 with you to the front of the line as you always claim, you simply don't take their calls.  And if one manages to sneak by your
 army of screeners and voices an opinion not concurrent with you, either that one and a half minute tape delay dumps them,
 or you quietly and conveniently hang upon the caller and then you and your dittoheads shreik about the caller for the rest of the day.

Alyssa Milano gives a little extra to our fighting men while signing autographs.
That Alyssa - she's a trooper.

 Click  Here

 September 11, 1943

 Allied forces fail to expand the very shallow beachhead at Salerno after a day of heavy fighting
 which saw no appreciable gains against ever stiffening German resistance. German aircraft attack
 the Allied positions despite friendly air cover, damaging the US cruiser Savanah. Meanwhile,
 Montgomery’s 8th Army continues to creep forward capturing Catanzaro and Brindisi.

 The Italian’s on Rhodes surrender to the Germans.

 As heavy fighting on the island continues, the US 27th Infantry Regiment reinforces Arundel.

 Australian forces in New Guinea capture Salamaua.

 A German U-boat succeeded in laying mines off the coast of Charleston, SC.

 Ex-supervisor blows the whistle on Big Thunder
  Did Disney kill that kid by saving a buck or two on maintenance?

  Click  Here

 Five years ago, Klostriech and at least two other coaster mechanics specifically pointed to
 Big Thunder as an area of primary concern.  Said one mechanic: “On Big Thunder, over the years,
 we developed time schedules for the replacement of axles, etc., so you replace it before it breaks down.
 They're now (in spring of 1998) one year behind on preventive maintenance. You run it 'til it falls apart.”

 CDRs for sale?
 (More of that shameless begging the stalker talked about)

 For those of you who have slow connections or difficulty with audio,
 would you like to get on a CD? presents this amazing, astounding, lackluster offer!!
 The first 13 shows for only $12.
 My good Catholic math says that's less than a dollar per show!

Listen to them again and again, for no extra charge!
Get one for that Bush Monkey you work with, or that snotty ditto-monkey brother-in-law!
Play it at parties, weddings, Bar Mitzvah's and extra-loud on your train to work!

 That's right - for a limited time, you can get the first 13 shows for just $12.
 Watch as Bart grows from totally incompetent moron to mostly competent moron.

 This shows are in MP3 format, which most new CD players support.

 You can PayPal to  or snail mail a check to    PO Box 54466    Tulsa, OK  74155

 Get your sure-not-to-be-a-collector's-item BartCop Radio CDs today!

GW Lied
Men Died
Economy Fried
Press Buyed
Bush's Hide
Constitution Denied
Nader Pied
Take Ride
GI Suicide
Justice Tied
Arrogance Wide

 Barry Crimmins

  Click  Here

 By one count, Bush used the word "terror" 26 times in his 15-minute speech.
 The only thing he does more often than that is lie.

 Bush says he needs $87 billion to continue the quagmire in Iraq. To give you an idea of how much
 money $87 billion is: that's nearly 1/4 the amount in Dick Cheney's Secret Energy Buddies Slush Fund.

 $87 billion is almost half of what Karl Rove plans to spend on attack ads next year.

 $87 billion may seem like a lot of dough but in "quagmire dollars," it will evaporate more quickly
 than Bush's rationales for attacking Iraq.

 The entire Vietnam War cost about $57 billion but that was back when a quagmire dollar was really worth something.

 Two years after Bush was caught napping on the job
 Why don't we have answers to all these questions?
  Bush can't afford to let the truth come out

  Click  Here

 2. Why did Ashcroft and some Pentagon officials cancel commercial-airline trips before Sept. 11?

 6. Why did the NORAD air defense network fail to intercept the four hijacked jets?

 7. Why did Bush read a story to grade-schoolers for a half-hour during the attack?

13. Why did the Bush administration lie about dangerously high levels of toxins after the WTC collapse?

17. Who killed five Americans with anthrax?

19. What is in the 28 blacked-out pages of the congressional Sept. 11 report?

" ...and the Democrats are too damn afraid to ask!"

 Friends, Americans, Countrymen...

 Click  Here

 I heard/read Bush's speech yesterday. I can't watch him for more than a minute at a time- I hate him that much.
 He makes me sick. He stands there, squinting his eyes and pursing his lips, going on and on with such blatant lies.
 And he looks just plain stupid.

 His whole speech was just an idiotic repetition of what he’s been saying ever since Afghanistan,
 “Give me more money, give me more power- I’m doing this for you. Bechtel and Halliburton have nothing to do with it.”
 Doesn’t he ever get tired of saying the same words? Don’t people ever get tired of hearing them?

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 Half off for students, teachers, military

 Is membership  worth $5 a month when you're on a tight budget?

Put in code x041971 for extra savings

 Subject: Middle East madness

 Hey Bart

 Its hard to believe that you actually think there is a difference between Rush Limbaugh and the Zionist
 that run Israel, You actually think that they hold any Palestinian child in any higher regard than Rush does
 any non white in this country and you don't think that the kkk isn't what Rush is about.

 Please you need to re-think your position, I know your smarter than that.
 They could care less, if they could kill all those sand niggers, regardless of age,
 it would be sweet music to their ears.


 Yodel, I know what Rush is like, I can't say the same for "the Zionist."

 Recall God And Fake Orgasms
 Screw the whiny CA politicos and their PR machines
 Let's recall things that really matter

  Click  Here

 This is your chance. Here is the insane inane circus of the California recall, and here is this huge gaping maw
 of political idiocy and infighting, and apparently they just really, really want you to know that all you really need
 is a million bucks and a million signatures and you too can change history to suit your whiny conservative whims.
 Ah, democracy.

 Ha. You will show them. Because this is your chance. To harness the bitter energy of the bitchy little pundits and
 the hysterical media stories and the desperately weird Schwarzenegger campaign ads featuring all those "normal"
 citizens sitting around a classroom shooting the Mumbly Meat Man broad-stroke questions about CA's never-ending
 fiscal crisis as if they weren't talking to the Terminator, the big dumb action hero, Conan Kindergarten Cop himself.
 God but the world is strange.

FM's Pigskin Picks
Thursday Nite
Cal 33 Utah 24

Arkansas 27 Texas 24
 New Mexico 41 BYU 35
Oregon 55 Arizona 16

Jets 16 Dolphins 10
Niners 29 Rams 24
Saints 40 Texans 10

Monday Nite
Giants 44 Cowboys 10
Fr. Mushroom
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"The Treasury is going to change the $20 bill to a peach color. Have you seen
  the new $20 bill? It looks like Andrew Jackson had a queer makeover."
    -- Dave

 Santa Cruz urges probe into Bush impeachment

  Click  Here

 The Santa Cruz City Council on Tuesday became the nation's first local government to ask Congress
 to look into impeaching President Bush on charges he deceived the American public about Iraq's WMDs
 and has used the Sept. 11 attacks as an excuse to crush civil rights.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 It now stands at  291, 309 counting the injured who have since died.

 Soon, we'll be at 400.
 How long before we hit 600?  Or 1000?

 Total deaths since President Frog-blaster said, "Bring 'em On":  87+

  Perhaps 1,200 wounded - missing arms, legs and eyes.
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?


In trouble?
 Call the

You have two minutes to speak your peace.

 Subject: And when did you turn Zionist wacko you rationalizing fraud?
 This subject always makes people's brains come off the track

 Click  Here

 The problem is that some of us know the difference between the actual truth and the technical truth and you
 usually do to -- in fact you've got a nose for it. That's what makes this case so strange. You don't have visions
 in your mind of one of those stereotypical "rich Jews" coming along and funding your radio dreams do you?

 Have a good time today - that's an order.

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