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Rumsfeld Says No Link Between Iraq, 9/11 
Excerpt: Rummy said Tuesday he had "no reason to believe Saddam had a hand in 9-11."
Condi Rice says, "We never claimed Saddam had direction or control of 9-11." 
Cheney said he recalled saying he knew of "no evidence" (of Saddam and 9-11).

Can you believe this?

Now they say they never said it?

Expect Bush's whore press to play along and say, 
"Yep, that's what this administration has always said,
that straight-talking, honest Dubya has told us the truth again,"
but can you believe they have the f-ing gall to pull this?

Will the Democrats lay down on this one, too?
Will a candidate call them on it and earn my vote today?



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Volume 1157 - Monkey's butt

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 Tues-Wed  Sept 16-17, 2003 


"I think the press was muzzled, and I think the press self-muzzled. Certainly television and perhaps
  my station was intimidated by the administration and its foot soldiers at Fox News. And it did, in fact,
  put a climate of fear and self-censorship, in my view, in terms of the kind of broadcast work we did."
    -- Christiane Amanpour, saying CNN dropped the ball, (and thousands died)

 "Given the choice, it's better to be viewed as a foot soldier for Bush than a spokeswoman for al-Qaeda."
    -- Fox News spokeswoman Irena Briganti  Attribution

 Typical FOX News - anyone who's not on Bush's payroll works for al Qaeda.

 And, Ms Briganti, those are NOT the choices. You could report just the facts and stop
 cheering so loudly for the Illegal Fraud, but then you'd certainly be fired for insubordination.

 Ninth Circuit Court Postpones California Handjob

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 A federal appeals court postponed the Oct. 7 recall election Monday in
 a decision that threw an already chaotic campaign into utter turmoil.

 Musclehead called on the secretary of state to appeal on behalf of Cali--fornians.
 Both he and Davis said they would continue their campaigns in the meantime.

"Historically, the courts have upheld the rights of voters, (Forgive him, he's new to politics)
 and I expect that the court will do so again in this case," Mr. Shriver said in a statement.
 "The people have spoken, and their word should, and will, prevail."

 This is really good news for California, and really bad news for Governor Gang Bang.
 His strategery was to say, "Hasta la vista" until election day, but now that's off.
 If the election is held in March, that gives him plenty of time to "bone up" on the issues,
 but that means he's got time to tell the voters what important services he plans to cut.

 The "quick and easy" steal is endangered.

The Boondocks toon that many papers refused to run on Sunday

Because it's true!    The press wants to
protect the never-elected wartime deserter


"I will never, as a Commander in Chief, send our sons and daughters
  and brothers and sisters to war without telling you the truth."
   --  Howard Dean,  8/25/2002

 Gee, that's quite a change from the lying bastard we have now...

 "That's not fair - I need Saddam's oil to make Poppy proud.
   You see, he always liked Jeb best, and with just a few hundred lives
   and a few hundred billion dollars, I might make Daddy proud of me..."

 Iraqi Police Chief Killed in Attack 
  Will the press call this another 'victory' for Bush?

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 Three assailants gunned down the police chief of a city west of Baghdad Monday
 in an ambush that underscored the perils for Iraqis who join U.S.-backed security forces.

"The three attackers opened fire with machine guns, shot one of the tires of the chief's car
 and then approached the vehicle and shot him at least 25 times," said his driver.

 Why would any Iraqi join the "coalition" if we can't protect them?
 Do you know what France did to citizens who helped the Nazi's take over in 1939?


"I don't want to speculate... Sept. 11 is over with now, it's done, it's history and we can put it behind us."
    - Whistle Dick Cheney, when asked about Saudi Arabia's ties to al Qaeda

 I'll get over Chimpy stealing the election and shut up about having an AWOL Idiot-In-Chief squatting
 in Al Gore's house when the GOP gets over Clinton's blowjob and shuts up about Monica.
     -- Astro

 Joe Conason's Journal

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 Former Whitewater crank L. Jean Lewis will soon be in charge of
 preventing Pentagon corruption, and Democrats should be raising hell.

 ha ha
 Joe's a kidder - the Democrats? some outrage?

 Whenever the comeback kid shows up, his enraged pursuers are always close behind.
 The latest to resurface is L. Jean Lewis -- the Whitewater crank who made big national
 headlines once upon a time. Amazingly, she has been appointed to an important executive
 position in the Defense Department.

 The Bush administration has rewarded various Clinton pursuers from Kenneth Starr’s staff
 with federal patronage, of course. (Brett Kavanaugh and John Bates, two principal authors
 of the appalling Starr Report, were among the most fortunate veterans of the Clinton jihad,
 although they were scarcely alone in winning plum jobs in the Justice Department and the
 White House. It was all part of what Bush spinners used to call "changing the tone.")

 But Lewis is very special.

 Gen. Wesley Clark makes it official 
  Compared to President AWOL, he looks very good

  Click  Here

 Clinton had urged Clark to enter the race, but he is
 not expected to take sides in the primary fight.

 Wes, I have a suggestion:
 Study the Gore campaign, then do the opposite.

 I'm so old, I just got a refund from State Farm Insurance because
 I'm less likely (?) to have a wreck at this advanced age.

 Subject: American wounded


 You say in your daily casualty tab that there's maybe 1,200 wounded
 but have reported on your site that over 6,000 have been taken off the
 battlefield for medical attention.  Discrepency?

 J. Conkin

 J, this is the last place to look for accurate numbers, but "wounded" means hurt by
 bullets or a car wreck, whatever, but not downed via pneumonia or heat exhaustion.


"Last night's Democratic debate was on the Fox News Channel. It was on Fox and it was sponsored
  by the Black Congressional Caucus. And it was on Fox. So, I guess my point is that's like the plantation
  sponsoring some kind of planting festival. I'm not sure what Fox's angle is, but I'm pretty sure it's evil."
    -- Jon Stewart

 Ye Shall Know Them By Their Gripes

  Click  Here

 As soon as I heard the decision of the 9th Circuit appeals court in California I immediately planned my day to surf
 and listen to right wing fanatics respond. They did not disappoint. Rush, Sean, Rusty, Mike Savage, and today Laura
 Ingram all went racial, homophopic, anti-semitic, and per usual anal retentive in their misinformation mode. I've heard
 it all - the racist attacks on the intelligence of black and Latino voters; the kind of Jew bashing that make the Palestinians
 look like homicide bombers in drag; the kind of rhetoric that keeps conservative talk show hosts in the AAAA league
 of the genre'; abrasive, abusive, accusatory, and anal retentive.

 According to John Zogby (R-For Sale)

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 Bush Job Performance          Positive %      Negative %
 September 2003                      45                     54

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 Triumph of the Wimp

 A flood of new entries in the sticker contest

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Marty's E! page
Tuesday highlights include:
'Disinfotainment Today' by Michael Dare
'Hurricane Isabel' Blog
The Wall Street Poet
Big Dog at William Jefferson Clinton Elementary School in Compton
Regime change at CNN
John Lithgow loves manatees
Crotchless diapers
Playboy to feature Wal-Mart women
And, a big week for the FCC & the music business



"He's a big, big, big, strong, strong, strong, man, man, man."
   -- John Madden, talking about Dallas Cowboy Larry Allen

 Subject: Howard Dean

 Hey Bart,

 On yesterday's page, you wrote (re: the job losses),

> Maybe Wesley Clark is man enough to call them on their lies.

 DUDE!  Have you been listening to one single thing Howard Dean is saying?
 That's his absolute favorite subject on which to hammer Chimpy - it's in every one
 of his stump speeches, to the point where I'm a little bored with it now - and Dean
 is no less truthful on every other subject where the Bushies are screwing this country blind.

 Bart, I'm a huge fan of Dean's because he has balls, and he's hammering away on the B.F.E.E.
 every damn day that really reminds me of your treehouse.  Unlike you, he doesn't drink  ha ha
 - but, well, look where we've gotten to with a dry drunk as President.

 Thanks for listening.
 Willy of

 Dude, thanks for that, and cool page you have.

 Must read short anti-Bush story
  I know clicking is tough, but you must!

  Click  Here

 Thanks to Diane


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"New York City now has an official beverage.
  The city made a multi-million dollar deal with Snapple.
  Snapple is now the official drink of New York City.
  What happened to plain old gin in a brown paper bag?"
    -- Dave

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 Send in your sticker pics - win valuable prizes.

 Non-sequitor: I sent some stickers to a guy who lives on East Three Notch Street.
                         Isn't that a cool name for a street?

 Insulting your female readers

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 Springsteen calls for Bush's impeachment

 I lost the link, but concert goers said Bruce said, "We need to impeach
 this guy and get somebody in there to clean up this mess he created."

 That Bruce, he's no Neil Young...

 Subject: Support


 You website is great, and is very important in these times.  You're truly doing G-d's work.
 Though I know you believe yourself to be an athiest, I am a believer, and an orthodox Jew
 who is very involved with interfaith dialogue with Christians and Muslims, but I agree with
 your take on many forms of organized religion, and the corruption that ruins them.

 But most importantly, you realize what B.F.E.E. is really about evil, and I support you all the way.

 Have a great day, Bart
 and G-d Bless you


 Tuesday, I got to see Dr. Henry Lee testify in a trial on Court TV.

 He's damn good on the witness stand.
 He didn't take any crap from this DA, and several times stopped him
 in mid-word to say, "That's not right, back up!"

 The DA tried to get him so say stuff he didn't want to say.
 The DA tried to get him flustered and tried to trip him up,
 but finally, Lee got fed up with this bully and said, "Brow me."

 The DA in the Scott Peterson trial better do his homework.


"The stability of Iraq, the stability of a different kind of Middle East, will serve well
 the interests of the entire international community. Therefore it is important that the
  entire international community be involved in this heroic effort."
   -- Condi Rice, the San Fransisco treat, on CBS' "Early Show"  Attribution

 Hey Condi, your arrogant asshole of a boss told the entire world to fuck off.
 He said he was going to murder Baghdad no matter what every other country said,
 because he knew he had Clinton's military to back up his reckless, greedy ass.

 Now that your chin-deep in blood, you're calling for help?

 Judy O Christian, your mailbox is not receiving.

 Subject: snail mail


 I'd like a sticker.
 I'm going to wear it on my back for my next marathon.
 Then, the (two) people behind me can look at it for the whole race.

 Robert in Bettendorf


 Does Michael Moore read Bartcop?
 He wrote an open letter to Gen. Wesley Clark.
 Part of it says,

"Now is the time for all good people from the far left to the middle
  of the road to bury the damn hatchet and get together behind someone
  who is not only good on the issues but can beat George W. Bush."

 Jeff      Attribution

 ABC to continue sitcom without Ritter

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 ABC's "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter" will continue despite John Ritter's death
 and will show the TV family coping with his character's loss, the network said Tuesday.

"Everybody recognizes that John loved that show. ... He'd have wanted the show to continue,"
 Lloyd Braun, chairman of ABC Entertainment Television Group, told a telephone news conference.

 Braun and ABC Entertainment President Susan Lyne said the sitcom will debut next Tuesday as planned
 and that the network will air the three episodes Ritter filmed before his death last week.

 After that, the series co-starring Katey Sagal (news) will go into repeats while writers retool it
 and production starts. No date was given for when the show will return to the air.

 I don't mind that the show is going on - I even think it's kinda cool,
 but don't lie to us and say you're doing it to honor Ritter's memory.

 "Eight Rules" is the closest thing ABC has to a hit - they're doing it for the money.

 Subject: Governator Hard-On

 In response to the Ca. Appeals Court's decision to delay the recall election, Knot-head said:

"Historically, the courts have upheld the rights of voters, and I expect that the court will do so again in this case,"
 Schwarzenegger said. "The people have spoken, and their word should, and will, prevail."

 What about the people who voted Davis into office in the general election?
 Will their voters rights be upheld?
 Their votes obviously don't matter because they were cast for a Democrat.
 The would-be Governator is learning the Republican ways pretty fast.
 Either that or he's wired directly to Karl Rove. I tell you what.

 Lexington, KY

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 Subject: Subscribe


 I've been telling myself to subscribe to your site for months.
 And, like a lot of readers, I always found time to put it off.

 Well, there's no excuse for not supporting one of the sanest voices on the web.
 I mean NO excuse.

 Not quibbles about "women's poker" or "who's a terrorist and who ain't."

 Let's get our country back and we can work out these problems.
 Focus, people.
 And support the people who support your liberties.

 Thanks, Bart


 Subject: Oklahoma football

 Congrats on the Oklahoma-Alabama game.
 I went and Oklahoma looked incredibly fast and strong.
 They should win it all.

 (That is so hard for me to say, I was born in Nebraska)
 Also, the Oklahoma fans were outstandingly nice and pleasant to be with.
 (A couple were sitting behind us.)

 AG Wood

 AG, thanks.
 I haven't seen this year's team yet.
 They sell games for $30, it's not worth it.
 For $30, one should get a Shirley concert, an OU game and some Chinaco.

Football, Baseball, NASCAR, Boxing, Golf
At least three of these are sports

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"Never explain, never complain," Henry Ford II said after wrecking a car that was not a Ford,
  accompanied by a lovely woman who was not his wife. This mantra, not original with Ford and
  always handy, could be the motto of the Bush administration. It has veered from one policy to
  another, changed direction on a dime, said one thing and done another -- all without complaining
  or explaining. Particularly on foreign policy, George Bush has been all over the place. During the
  presidential campaign, he denigrated nation-building -- he would do no such thing. Now we are up
  to our eyeballs in building a nation in Iraq, where, it could be argued, there never was one to begin with.

 The gun, not the ballot box, is what held that nation together...
 In diplomacy, in foreign affairs, in the waging of war and maybe in protecting America, he has made
 mistake after mistake. Like Henry Ford II, he may never complain and he may never explain.
 But when you look back, there's still a wreck in the road."
    --Richard Cohen,   Attribution

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 It now stands at  295, 314 counting the injured who have since died.

 Soon, we'll be at 400.
 How long before we hit 600?  Or 1000?

 Total deaths since President Frog-blaster said, "Bring 'em On":  91+

  Perhaps 1,200 wounded - missing arms, legs and eyes.
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?


Something on your mind?
 Call the

You have two minutes to speak your peace.  reader Kirt Markle has his art exhibited starting Wednesday - today, in Manhattan.

 CB's 313 Gallery
 313 Bowery
 New York, NY

 Directions to CBGB: We are located at 315 Bowery between 1st and 2nd Street (Bleeker street ends at our door!) in the
 Lower East Side of  Manhattan. CB's 313 Gallery is right next door. The Gallery is open for free display to the public noon till 7pm.

 Subway Directions: The nearest trains to CBGB are the at the 2nd Ave stop and the 6 at the Bleeker Street stop.
 Both are about a block away from the club.

 CBGB tel.(212) 982-4052
 313 Gallery tel. (212) 677-0455

 Wednesday Sept 17th @ 6pm
 Opening Reception Featured Artists:
 Robert Anthony
 Matthew Fogarty
 Sandy Lee
 Melinda Maclean
 Kirt Markle
 Erin Merriman
 Steve Myers
 Shawn Pham Warrick

 Have a good time today - that's just a suggestion...

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