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Volume 1163 - The Evil Idiot

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 Weekend  Sept 27-28, 2003


"My attitude is that when we put a youngster in harm's way, somebody who wears
  our nation's uniform in harm's way, he or she deserves the absolute best."
    --Dubya,  in the FOX interview with Softball Hume

 This, from the man who sent them into battle with so few weapons our military had to use AK-47s
 that they took off dead enemy soldiers. They are restricted to two liters of water a day and they
 wonder each time the sun sets if they'll ever see their families again.

 ...and then Bush tried to cut their paychecks - while they were under fire.

 Reminder: Why we have 310 dead in Iraq 

  Click  Here

 CBS News has learned that barely five hours after American Airlines Flight 77 plowed
 into the Pentagon, Rumsfeld was telling his aides to come up with plans for striking Iraq
 — even though there was no evidence linking Saddam Hussein to the attacks.

 That's according to notes taken by aides who were with Rumsfeld in the National Military Command
 Center on Sept. 11, 2001 – notes that show exactly where the road toward war with Iraq began,

 But last week, September 17th, 2003 he said there was  no connection.

 Rumsfeld Says No Link Between Iraq, 9/11

 WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Tuesday he had no reason to believe
 that Saddam had a hand in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States.   Attribution

 So why do we have 300 dead and a thousand with missing arms and legs?

 Will the press EVER ask them to explain?

 Will they continue to cover for Bush?

 Will the Democrats hammer the BFEE for their murderous lies?


"I am for Prop. 53. I think it's a good beginning. But we need a lot of infrastructures in Cali-fornia.
  Infrastructure with highways and with the transportation, railroads. Infrastructure with our water supply,
  infrastructure with our ports. We need that. We should model ourselves after Texas."
     --Arnold Schwarzenegger, (R-Coward)  in the only debate he came to

"Soon, the whole country will be like Texas, then the world."

 U.S. Compound at Baghdad Hotel Attacked 

  Click  Here

 Guerrillas struck a glancing but bold blow at the heart of the U.S. occupation on Saturday,
 firing three rockets or grenades at a Baghdad hotel filled with American soldiers and civilians.
 To the west, in the flashpoint city of Fallujah, U.S. troops killed at least two Iraqi civilians.

 As long as the Unelected One holds power, these headlines will be with us - every day.
 Every time a soldier dies, Bush will say, "Our resolve is stronger," and congress will give him
 more money that Bush will pass on to Halliburton and the BFEE and the Carlyle Group.

 They're making their billions off of our dead soldiers.
 Doesn't that make anybody angry?

Saw it at  ClipArt Comics

 Schwarzenegger afraid to debate Davis

  Click  Here

"Gray Davis is taking a page from the desperate candidates' handbook. He knows he's behind,"
 said Todd Harris, a spokesman for the Schwarzenegger campaign. "He knows he needs to
 do something to shake up the dynamics of this campaign."

 This is so easy - and cheap - to counter, but Democrats just can't think.

 Find a decent Arnold impersonator and buy some LA talk radio ads that have "Arnold" saying,
"I'm afraid to debate Gray Davis, because he's smart and I'm just a muscle-headed girly-man."

 How would he-man Arnold take that?
 I'll bet he wouldn't take it very well.
 If he refuses to bite, you up the ante.

 The next ad has Davis asking, "Arnold, how does a bill become law?"
 and "Arnold" replies, "I don't know - I'm a stupid girly-man."

 The next ad has Davis asking, "Arnold, what programs will you be cutting?"
 and "Arnold" replies, "I don't know - I'm a stupid girly-man.  Hasta la vista."
 Arnold's Nazi dad used to make fun of him and abuse him, which is why Arnold pumped iron.
 He because a big bad-ass to avoid being picked on - and he'll fold if somebody barks at him.

 Of course, the obligatory man in the chicken suit would follow Arnie everywhere.
 I think Arnie would lose his cool and agree to a debate - then this race is over.

 Arnold can win if he uses Rove's Smirk strategy.
 Lots of empty, soulless cliches and idiotic (and patriotic) slices of horseshit  with no substance.

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"And finally, Mayor Al is with us, the Mayor of Monroe.
  Al Cappuccilli is here. Thank you, Mayor, for being with us.
  You must be filling the potholes. Picking up the garbage. That's the way to go."
      -- God, why did you do this to us? Pinhead in Michigan, Sep. 15, 2003,

It's why they call him "The Wolf."


"I do think it would be helpful get the United Nations in
  to help write a constitution.  I mean, ...they're good at that."
     --Dubya on Fox  9/21/03

 I think he's saying the people at the UN are smart enough to string consecutive, coherent words
 together which, taken as a whole, have meaning - a brilliance level this president hasn't reached.

 The Mysterious Case of the Negative Votes
    saw it on

  Click  Here

 As I mentioned in an earlier post, during the 2000 general election, funny business was going on at Precinct 216,
 in Volusia County, Florida. For some reason the system had logged Al Gore in with -16,022 votes, something
 which is supposed to be impossible.

 This problem did not go unreported, as it was reported by Philip Myer in the Nov 29, 2000 USA Today.

 Deanie Lowe, Volusia County elections supervisor, spotted the problem. In her county, an Accu-Vote system
 uses a scanner to read a voter's mark - made with a pen, not a punch - and advances a counter in an electronic
 storage device. Results are sent to county headquarters by modem.

 Precinct 216 had modem trouble, so workers fed its memory card into the headquarters' central computer.
 "Gore just went backward," an election watcher said.

"You're tired," Lowe replied. "You must be seeing things."
 Then another observer chimed in: Gore's count had gone backward.

Click to Order  Michael Moore's new book

 Joe Conason's Journal

 Anticipating the debate debut of Gen. Wesley Clark, Rush Limbaugh tested a few of the Republican spin points
 against him in the Wall Street Journal today. The eminent historian and military buff strained to dress up his screed
 with a far-fetched historical analogy to the Civil War era -- while airily dismissing Clark's achievements in the Army
 and glossing over his battlefield bravery. Limbaugh never hesitates to denigrate Democrats like Clark who served in uniform,
 although his own chief martial qualification is the 1-Y Vietnam deferment he got due to a persistent boil on his backside.

 Without reviewing the catalog of exaggerated complaints against Clark, here's the short answer to his analogy:
 If you want to compare Clark with Gen. George McClellan, then you have to think of George W. Bush as Abraham Lincoln.

  Click  Here

 TBTM is pleased and proud to announce that starting Monday, September 29,
 we will be the official news service of IEAmerica Radio. TBTM will assume the
 network news desk and will provide IEAmerica Network News at the top of the
 hour effective 12 noon, and the newscasts will run daily from noon to midnight.

 Be sure to tune in and catch the news on Monday!

 American Stranger

 This has to rock.
 I'm not sure if this is real news, or Jon Stewart-type news, but Don and Mike at TBTM
 do fantastic quality work, so let's listen in and make their Monday debut a big one.

 More Bartcop Radio coming, too.

      Please visit our sponsors

 Dennis Miller gets a history lesson from Bart


 TAE: Do you dislike Senator Clinton’s political ideology, too?

 MILLER: I have an across-the-board disapproval of her. In 1998, when Bill was first accused
 of having an affair with Monica, Hillary went on NBC’s “Today” show and attributed the allegations
 to a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” That seemed extremely stupid to me. Name the people.

 Dennis, how incredibly ignorant can you be?
 Like a lot of loud-mouthed whores, you have no clue about the facts of which you're so certain.

 You want to know a little about the vast, right-wing conspiracy?
 You want names, Dennis?
 I got names, and a few pictures, too.

 Christ, there are so many - where to start?

 Gennifer Flowers was paid $30-50K to call a press conference and claim she had an affair with Clinton.
 Last I heard, Flowers said under oath that overall, she had made $2-3 million claiming to be Clinton's girlfriend.

 In the old days, when you paid someone for a story it was considered tainted, but when the Clinton are involved,
 there are no rules, you just go for blood and make as much money as the scandal-hungry press is willing to pay.

 They used to have rules, like "Get two sources or we don't print it," but for the Clinton's, the rule was changed to
"Fuck it - if someone makes a claim, it's the top story on the evening news."

 Robert Fisk was hired to check into the phoney Whitewater allegations, which had already been investigated
 by the Bush administration which found nothing.   But the "Clinton loving" New York Whore Times kept banging
 the Whitewater drum and the Republicans piled on to create a scandal when they knew nothing was there.

 Years went by and Fisk found nothing. He declared Vince Foster's death a suicide, but this was after Rush gave a
 Nancy Grace guarantee that Hillary murdered Foster, so three crooked GOP senators, Lauch FairclothDavid
 Sentelle and Jesse Helms had lunch one day. As the senoir senators in the Fourth Judicial District, they decided
 they needed a meaner dog chasing the Clintons, someone who would dig all the way to China if he smelled even the
 slightest whiff of perceived impropriety, so they hired sex-fiend Ken Starr.

 If Starr's not a pervert, why was semen found on his copy of the impeachment referral?

 Starr started allllllllllllllllll over, retracing Fisk's every step but he, too, came up 100 percent empty.
 Meanwhile, Bob Barr (R-African American) drew up impeachment papers, and he'd never heard the name "Monica."

 On another front...

 Richard Mellon Scaife paid David Brock $80,000 to go to Little Rock and interview the
 Arkansas state troopers who were also paid $80,000 by Scaife.  Scaife didn't pay the troopers
 to tell the truth - he was purchasing a scandal that he hoped would harm the very popular president.

 When Brock's article came out in the American Spectator (financed by Scaife) Paula Jones got word
 there was "a Paula" in the book, so she immediately ran into the national media spotlight screaming,
 "Me, me, I'm the Paula in the book! Me, me, I'm 'blow job Paula.' Everybody look at me!"

 ...and then, blamed Clinton for exposing her.

 Vultures like Susan Carpenter McMillan descended and convinced Paula to file a lawsuit,
 and the last last thing she could ever do was to settle this abortion of justice out of court..


 Did Paula sue David Brock who wrote the story she was suing about?
No, this wasn't about Paula getting justice - it was about getting the Clintons.

 Did Paula sue the state troopers who told the lies she was suing about?
No, this wasn't about Paula getting justice - it was about getting the Clintons.

 Did Paula sue the magazine who printed the lies she was suing about?
No, this wasn't about Paula getting justice - it was about getting the Clintons..

 She sued Clinton, who had never said a word about her.  None of these people were there to
 help Paula Jones.  They were there to screw the president, and poor Paula got passed around
 like a pack of no-filter Camel's in Cell Block D.  Few people know or remember, but Ken Starr
 helped Paula file her early papers, but they said he was "impartial" in this matter.

 Meanwhile a crooked judge named David Hale was arrested in Little Rock, and Ken Starr
 told this crooked judge that he'd go free if he could give them some usefull dirt on Clinton.
 Hale had a mountain of claims, but nothing he could prove, so Ken Starr had Ted Olson
 fly to Arkansas to represent Hale in an effort to make Hale more credible and once again
 try to overrule the wishes of the majority of voters who elected Clinton twise.

 That's a Republican sacrament: The majority does NOT win.

 On another front...

 Clinton was stupidly messing around with (but no intercourse) Monica.
 Monica stupidly told her friend, who unfortunately for her was a Clinton-hater named Linda Tripp,

 "I'm a good friend to have."

 Linda Tripp betrayed her friend in an effort to bring down the Clintons.
 Tripp had a friend who was a literary agent named Lucianne Goldberg  AKA Lucy the Bat.

      "Got a light, soldier?"

 Lucy the Bat kept gossipping with Matt Drudge, (who owes his entire career to The Bat) and in
 a third example of the anything-goes new rules to smear the Clintons, major papers and TV networks
 began using rumors Drudge printed to lead off their nightly newscasts.

 On another front...
 Newt Gingrich was directing multi-layered investigation teams led by Henry Hyde, Bob Barr and Dan Burton.

 On another front...
 Pious bastards like Orrin Hatch were running multi-layered investigations in the Senate.

 On another front...
 Larry Klayman (R-Penisless) was filing one idiotic lawsuit after another, and still is to this day..

 On another front...
 The Arkansas Project, which is just a gaggle of black-hating klansmen, was feeding gossip and rumors
 directly to Henry Hyde and Bob Barr, but it was all horseshit - none of it was true, but that didn't prevent
 the major media outlets for running every "Clinton fathered baby with crack whore" story Drudge fed them.

 On another front...
 The print press. The NYWTimes created/fabricated this whole Whitewater mess to start with.  Then you have the
 Wall Street Journal printing the most vicious lies every day.  Then you have the Moonie Times trying to outlie the
 WSJournal, then under these new rules, most papers in America went with money-over-dignity.

 On another front...
 Tim the Whore was relentless at demanding answers on the Constitutionally important matter of Clinton's sex life.

 Tim had no problem calling Florida for Bush in 2000.
 His boss/owner, Jack Welch, wanted something from this tight election night.

 Would evil men call an election early for $5,000,000,000?

 On another front...
 The vulgar Pigboy lead the 24/7 talk radio assault, which made hundreds of hack writers into stars
 if they were willing to get behind a microphone and SCREAM lies to people who were listening for updates.


 On another front...
 George Stephanopolous also known as Judas Maximux, was the very first person in DC
 to mention impeachment on the air. Hey, that's what friend are for, right George?

 In a fourth example of this "Get the Clintons" feeding frenzy, entire networks appeared like mushrooms
 so more babbling, racist, tobacco whores could prattle on and on about how evil the Clintons were.
 FOX News, CNBC and MSNBC couldn't get enough.  They poured on all the gas they could afford.

 It was all-Clintons-all-the-time, and the fire just kept getting hotter and hotter.
 When the babbling racists weren't distorting the truth, they flat-out made shit up.
 Looking back, wasn't Herendo Revolver the ONLY person in the entire electronic media
 who tried to balance out the other 99 percent that was screaming for Clinton's head?

 If you say Alan Colmes, I'll be at your house in 15 minutes.
 Don't we need to do something about Alan Colmes?

 Alan Colmes is the enemy.

 Alan Colmes is not an affable doofus for Hannity to kick around.

 He knows he's selling out and lying through his lying teeth.
 How dare he look the camera in the eye and say, "FOX is fair and balanced."
 Only a whore on the payroll could say FOX is fair & balanced.

 On another front...
 The we-didn't-know-then partisan and crooked Supreme Court was green-lighting one no-foundation lawsuit
 after another.  Paula Jones was never more than one woman making a no-proof claim, but the Whore Court
 decided it was OK for individuals to file no-proof lawsuits as a way to attack a president politically.
 Those bastards.

 It's in the back issues, but do you remember when the Supreme Court ruled that Clinton had no attorney-client privileges?
 Can you believe they took that power away from Bill Clinton?

 All you need for a "conspiracy" is two people.
"Vast" is imprecise, but how many dozens/hundreds of people do we need for "vast?"
 And "right-wing" pretty much speaks for itself.

 We should include the B.F.E.E. collective in this, too.
 They didn't hire Ted Olson just because he's a powerful lawyer.
 They paid him back for his efforts to overturn Clinton's election wins.

 They went after Clinton for three reasons:
He was a Democrat
He was very, very, very successful at whipping GOP war heroes in presidential elections.
He's a friend to African Americans, and that they cannot stand.

 ...and Dennis Miller (R-Punk) wants some names?

 That was probably the worse recap of the VRWC you'll ever see.  Anyone could've done better.
"The Hunting of ther President" by Joe Conason and Gene Lyons is The Bible of the giant
 spider web of the right-wing, vast conspiracy to takedown a beloved, legally-elected president.

 Click to Order The Bible

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 GOP eyeing Dennis Miller for state politics

  Click  Here

 Democrats and other political experts say celebrities are attractive candidates because of the weakness
 of California Republicans. Not a single Republican holds statewide office, and the party lacks obvious
 candidates when high-profile seats come open. Republican consultants also want for well-funded clients,
 adding to the attractiveness of celebrity candidates.

 It is that vacuum, political experts say, that made Republicans rally so quickly behind Schwarzenegger.

"We don't have much of a bench in the Republican Party," said Assemblyman Tony Strickland (R-Moorpark),
 who is himself running for Boxer's seat. Strickland said a Miller candidacy wouldn't be a surprise; he has
 noticed the comedian raising his political profile.

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 I hate watching a game on TV when the announcers are rooting for the other team.

 Arkansas was playing Alabama, and the announcers wanted Alabama so badly.
 When Alabama scored, they'd scream "Touchdown Crimson Tide!"
 But when the Razorbacks got a touchdown, they'd dryly groan, "Arkansas gets in for a score."

 In the third quarter, ninth-ranked Arkansas was down 31-10.
 Mrs. Bart was throwing things at the TV.
 But Arkansas came back with 24 unanswered points to remain undefeated.

 Sticker placement contest

 Get yours, then send in a digital photo of where you put it.
 (Please don't vandalize anything with these stickers)

 To get your stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to:
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 OR, you could PayPal a small donation and get your stickers within 48 hours.

 The stickers are free, but donations are accepted.

 Next week, we'll send either a Brooke Burke calendar or Joe Conason's new book
 to the person who sent in the picture with the best real sticker placement.


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 Somebody is going to win.

 Subject: Bush and Blair in a gay bar?

Marty's Entertainment Page
New season of 'Alias' starts tonight
'Garbage' news
Simon & Garfunkel's tour to open in Wilkes-Barre
Hurricane Marty has halted filming of 'Troy'
Best year yet for Oktoberfest
A double proxy wedding in Montana
And a smiling crab

 VERBATIM with Lloyd Grove

  Click  Here

 WL: You've written quite a bit about the Bush girls. What makes them fair game?

 LG: These are the daughters of the President. They're out there doing illegal things in public. I wrote they were
 spotted by numerous people having a great time at a local Washington bar sucking down Budweisers, smoking
 cigarettes, and getting down on the floor to help some guy who was doing party tricks, or whatever. In D.C.,
 unlike Texas, they would [normally] be hauled off to jail. They would put the cuffs on them and drag them out.
 Then they'd have to send Karl Rove to bail them out. I got a lot of reaction from it, and then I was invited on
 Crossfire where both Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson whaled the tar out of me. I was unprepared.
 These are the daughters of the President. I'm all for 19- and 20- year-olds drinking as much as they want,
 if they want to, but don't do it in public if you're the President's daughters.

 Often, Paul Begala will join with Carlson or Novak and beat up a liberal guest.
 Wouldn't it be better if Begala always fought for the side he's being paid to fight for?


"I just came back from Iraq, it's a disaster, people don't have electricity, water, garbage collection,
  sewage collection, jobs. They're angry, they're bitter. They say the United States money is not getting
  down to the people, it's going to Halliburton, it's going to Bechtel.  Halliburton is making $2 billion,
  Bechtel is making $1 billion. And they haven't been able to turn on the electricity or turn back the
  water supply. They can't do the job, plus they're wasting massive amounts of money. Even the governing
  council that was hand-appointed by the U.S. is saying that the money being spent is being wasted because
  it's U.S. companies in charge instead of Iraqis."
    --Medea Benjamin, of Global Exchange,  Attribution

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 Dixie Chicks still fighting
  Natalie writes a letter

  Click  Here

 G. Gordon Liddy, Rush Limbaugh, and Don Imus all called again to ask about the plane crash.
 Listen guys this is really getting old. I'm sorry, but no we did not die in a plane crash.
 But look on the bright side…we fly all the time.

 Dear Bart:

 Hello! I am very happy to announce that the Harvest of Hope Foundation has received its largest
 donation to-date: $30,000.  The donation was part of a settlement made with several wire transfer
 companies accused of overcharging Mexican immigrants sending money home to Mexico from the U.S.

 This donation comes on top of a recent $10,000 anonymous gift.  These donations will be equitably
 distributed among the Foundation's emergency fund, scholarship fund, and issuance of grants to migrant-related
 programs.  Since 1997, the Harvest of Hope Foundation has distributed more than $174,000 for these activities
 to assist migrant farmworkers and families around the country.


 Phil Kellerman, President
 Harvest of Hope Foundation

 Does anyone know the song and artist that does the theme song for Tru Calling,
 a new show starring Eliza Dushku on the dreaded FOX Network?

 E-mail me  if you know, would you?

 Subject: You are a fucking idiot!

 My name is Grant Mullin I am 27 years of age and as I live life going to work
 making shitty pay to come home and watch and listen to the news and or
 fucking faggy sitcoms I can't help but notice liberal bias.

 With such a positive attitude, I can't imagine why you get "shitty pay."

 If dateline aired a show dogging  President George W. Bush I would either watch so I
 could write down who's next not to watch again or just change the fucking channel,
 I don't give a fuck who thinks the President is a liar or bad man, you liberals were
 always saying that Clinton was just another human being,

 Clinton gave us peace, prosperity and hope.
 The Unelected moron gave us war, death and recession.

 GREAT!, would you leave him alone in a room with your wife?

 Sure, but I'd never let him near my wallet or bank account.
 That son of a bitch would rob me blind, just like he's done with our Social Security money.

 If you don't like so many pundits taking one side then watch the ones that take your side,

 Gee, can you recommend one?
 The media these days is wall-to-wall Michael Savage, FOX News, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity,
 Paul Harvey, Rush the vulgar Pigboy, Bill O'Reilly, Chris the Screamer and Laura the Unloved.
 Where on the TV or radio dial would I find a liberal (majority) point of view?

 and on the subject of your side, why is it you try to make America look like a bunch of pussies?

 You mean instead of murdering bullies, attacking countries that have nothing to do with 9-11?

 The only reson you liberals are doing this is because pure and simple you hate President George W. Bush

 That could be a true statement. If so, it would be your first.

  -- who would Bin Laden rather have as president a republican
 who is going to hunt the hunter and then prison rape them
 or a democrat who will give them a strict talking to.

 I think you have that backwards.

         Two old buddies, doing a little drillin'

 We republicans have a rule if you hit me I'm gonna fuck you
 and your hole family out of whats considered a happy life.

 ha ha
 I have a few rules of my own, Dude.
 I think it'd be more fun to show you than to tell you.
 You've come to the wrong place, saying the wrong things, to the wrong guy.
 By the way, does your boss allow you to get personal calls at work?

 Thank You, impatient pussies!

 grant mullin

 Call Grant for all your   xxxxxxxxx  needs.
 Phone: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

 Grant, I'll call your boss Monday and ask him to give you a raise.
 After all, you've spread goodwill to dozens of people.


  A couple of days later...

  The General Manager of Grant's company sent me an e-mail and called the Bart Phone.
  He was very nice and polite,  and he said the following:

 The company email and other email sites have received numerous responses to an unauthorized message
 that was attributed to one of our employees.   We have begun an investigation to determine the source of
 this message and wish to apologize to all that have received this offensive and disturbing message.

 [Our company] does not support, condone or otherwise approve of the content of this email.
 It is with my sincerest regret that this message was sent to the Bartcop website.  Through this event,
 we have discovered a need for stricter control and access to use of company computers.
 We are making the necessary changes to our computer system to ensure the integrity of our network.

 We apologize for the offensive nature of the message and would ask that anyone reading it
 disassociate [our company] with the views of the individual or individuals responsible.

 I thought they handled this situation well.


"I thought they were going to give Arnold the questions in advance.
  What happened?"
     --  Stephen M. Hogg

 Barry Crimmins

  Click  Here

 Wesley Clark looked like a general at yesterday's debate.
 He clung dearly to the back-lines while the others slugged it out at the front.

 I actually heard Limbaugh imply that Clark's candidacy was that of a nut general
 intent on overthrowing our democratic government. Uh, Rush, General Clark is
 entering the race to democratically unseat the Nam-era deserter that currently
 occupies the White House despite the fact he lost the election.


"Here's a scandal for you: Millionaire, Harvard-educated titan
  of Manhattan media elite bilks ordinary folks out of $24.95."
   -- People magazine reviewing the latest book from Bill O'reilly (R-Spinner)

 Subscriber help

 Can't get in?

 Click  Here  to reach Sam

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"The most alarming feature of Fox News's special hour-long interview with the president was not
  the Great Man’s typically lackluster handling of big questions...No, what  proved most disconcerting
  was the tension that continuously mounted as Fox News anchor Brit Hume threatened to disclose the
  true magnitude of his schoolboy crush on Boy George...we were certain that the dough-faced Mr. Hume’s
  trademark sneer would part into a sunny, star-struck grin, and he would ask the president outright,
 "What's is like to be so . . .so great all the time?"
     --holly martins,  The Greatest Love of All

 Subject: Goldberg on Jon Stewart

 Hey Bart,

 Did you happen to watch Jonah Goldberg on the Daily show the other evening. I wish I had a transcript.
 He practically accused General Clark of being a military fraud not worthy to wear the uniform....sure and
 the chimp deserves to wear a flight suit. He then implied that General Clark was not the brightest star in the universe....

 I guess graduating first in your class at West Point is like getting your college degree from the back of a pack of matches.
 He continue to praise Bush for the "war" on terrorism and his ability to lead this country in the "right" direction,
 doing all this with honesty and integrity unlike previous presidents!!!!
 I wanted to blow up my TV.

 Keep up the GREAT work......


 Maria, yes, they are very, very, very, very scared of Wesley Clark
 A Clark/Pinhead debate would be pay-per-view fun to watch,
 unless Clark loses it when they set up the debate rules.

 This kind of talk always brings out the loons, but men being men, all Clark has to do is say,
 "We're two military men, George - let's debate like men," and he's got it won.

 But all this hooey about "You have sixty seconds, then I have thirty" is horseshit.
 Plus, Clark should insist on NO MODERATOR, because the moderator will jump in
 every time Bush goes blank to save his still-not-presidential ass.

 Democrats will ALWAYS win every debate, unless they lose it up-front.

La Cucaracha by Lalo Alcaraz

Baseball playoffs
college football
pro football
...and more

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 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 It now stands at  308  310


 Soon, we'll be at 400.
 How long before we hit 600?
 How long before we hit 1000?

 Total deaths since President Frog-blaster said, "Bring 'em On":  106

  Perhaps 1,200 wounded - missing arms, legs and eyes.
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?


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You have two minutes to speak your peace.

 The vulgar Pigboy

 Friday, Rush said the reason the other Democrats didn't attack Wesley Clark
 in the debate is because Clark is Clinton's boy, and they realize that if they attack Clark,
"Bill and Hillary Clinton might have them murdered, and they know that."

 Swear to Koresh, I heard it myself.

          "Stop talking about me!"

 No Homecoming Trumpets for the Fallen?
   Saw it on

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"Where is all the media attention for the more than 300 fallen military servicemen who have been killed
  in Iraq and shipped back home? I ask again -- has anyone heard the trumpets blaring or seen cameras
  clicking in patriotic fever as the body bags arrive and unload from military cargo planes?

 While I'm on the subject -- has anyone seen any televised funerals or heard any interviews with relatives
 of the deceased who are not happy campers? Hardly anything? Hmmmm, go figure.

 I apologize for asking such disturbing questions, but duty calls in the wake of duplicity, and simply waving the
 flag is not enough, in fact it's not even close. If we want to call ourselves true American patriots, it's our duty
 to "ask questions," and lots of them. When considering all the brave souls who have given their lives for country
 and cartel, perhaps asking questions and demanding honest answers will be the true battle cry of our times.

 Our soldiers are our nation's bravest treasure -- unlike the cheap flyboy who stole his way to power .

 As previously mentioned on, the planes landing at Andrews Air Force base carrying
 our dead soldiers are only allowed to land after midnight where the remains are secretly unloaded.

 I guess it's smart politics, but these 310 brave men and women gave their lives for their country.
 They should not be treated like the Crazy Aunt we keep in the basement.

 Have a good time today - that's just a suggestion...

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