Friday October 17, 2003

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  In today's Treehouse...
Morale is low - No, it's not 
Anybody but the Illegal Moron
124 reasons to dump the Pinhead 
VCR Alert - Joan of Arcadia 
Russian Anniversary
Isn't it funny? 
Noonan gives up masturbation
Are you better off now than 4 years ago? 
Four more lost in Iraq - damn that Bush


Quote of the Day

"I knew my god was bigger than his. I knew that
  my god was a real god and his god was an idol." 
  --Lt Gen William Boykin (R-Insane)   Attribution

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Volume 1179 - Nine Star Key


 "I think Bush will win France before he wins California." 
    -- David Brooks (R-political analyst) on CBS

 Troops: morale is low - Leaders: No, it's not
  Saw it in Stars & Stripes Magazine - would they lie?

  Click  Here

"Morale begins with caring leaders looking their soldiers in the eye," said a Pentagon spokesman. 
"When senior leaders visit the troops in Iraq, they relate that the troops tell them that morale is good, 
a fact that's backed up by re-enlistment and retention rates."...

 Cassella said that leaders visiting Iraq seek out the opinions of troops. Some say the views expressed
 may be distorted as a result of the nature of the get-togethers, "dog and pony shows," in the words 
 of combat engineer Pfc. Roger Hunsaker.

"When congressional delegations came through," said one unidentified sergeant commanders
 'hand-picked the soldiers who would go. They stacked the deck.'"

 I guess someone should tell the soldiers committing suicide to "knock it off."

 Democrats' Rallying Cry: Anybody but Bush

   Click  Here

  Democrats want a winner, above all else. Policies, endorsements, leadership posts, Washington experience
 - even a candidate's history with the party itself - mean less than usual in this year's primary fight. Democratic 
  voters say a single quality outranks them all: the ability to beat President Bush. 

"If he can't take out Bush, I don't care if he's the Lord himself, I'm looking for another candidate,'' 
 said Matt McGrail, 35, of Laconia, N.H. 

 124 reasons to bump Bush and his Conquestadors
    sent in by Clarence Swinney - he saw it on truthout.org

  Click  Here

 7. Opposed affirmative action at Michigan State in the Supreme Court case.
 8. Charles Pickering, Pricilla Owens, Miguel Estrada. Packing the courts with extremists.
35. Proposed to curtail the ability of groups to sue in order to get an animal placed on the Endangered Species List.
36. Rescinded the rule that mandated increased energy-saving efficiency regulations for a/c and heat pumps.
71. Nominated Terrence Boyle - ardent opponent of civil rights - to a federal judgeship.
72. Canceled 2004 deadline for automakers to develop prototype high mileage cars.

 VCR alert

 Joan of Arcadia is on tonight.
 It really is the best of the new shows.
 Somebody, maybe Entertainment Weekly said if you watch this show
 and don't fall in love, there's something wrong with you.

 Amber Tamblyn might be the best actress on TV, and she's just a kid.

 Seriously, for me to recommend a show about a high school girl who talks to God,
 wouldn't that have to be one damn impressive show?  Remember how snappy the
 writing was when M*A*S*H was at its prime?  That's how good this show is.

 Everybody thought Miss Match would own that hour, but "Joan" kicked their ass so bad,
 they'd moved Miss Match to an hour later hoping somebody would watch it.
 Wanda Sykes goes against her, too. FOX should move Wanda.

 Tonight, God tells Joan to build a boat, like Noah. 
 I'm laughing already.

 Tell you what I'll do - watch the show, and if you write to me in the hour afterwards and say,
"I really didn't think it was that good," I'll give you 60 days free in the members section.
 That works for you left coaster's, too.


 Also, The Chief Moose Story is on USA Network tonight.
 If only the story and movie were as good as Charles Dutton, who plays Moose.

 If you're really old, catch the Young Rascals on Ed Sullivan on PBS Saturday.
 There was a time when the Rascals were the best band in America.

 And don't miss Halle Berry and Britney kissing on Saturday Night Live.
 Then Joe Conason on the C-Span program Book T.V. at 9:00 a.m. Eastern. 


 "Why is this man in the White House? The majority of Americans did not vote for him. 
   He's in the White House because God put him there for a time such as this." 
     --Lt Gen William "Jerry" Boykin, who works in intelligence,   Attribution

  At least his second sentence was correct - we didn't vote for the son of a bitch.
 And God didn't put him there, Scalia and four other thugs appointed his unqualified ass.

 Subject: Religious Insanity

 Some idiot gen'rul sez Gawd put Bush here at this special time ...

 Yeah, like He loaned Rush that talent ....

 Which is apparently more than he did for the gen'rul with schmuck-for-brains, 
 because Schmuck can seem to find Assama or Saddam or WMD.

  Click  Here

 October 16, 1943 

 Vatutin's forces launch attacks out of the Bukrin bridgehead south of Kiev. 
 The attacks are met by several German panzer divisions. Fighting is severe. 

 German forces begin an organized withdrawal from Volturno River as the US 5th Army offensive grinds forward.

 10 year anniversary of '93 Russian October Revolt 
   by Mike Hammerschlag

  Click  Here

 The Communist Revolt against Yeltsin got very little publicity after those terrible pictures of the 
 dead Ranger in Mogadishu (BlackHawk Down happened the same day), not even making the 
 cover of the newsweeklies, but it was a violent paroxysm and a near repeat of 1917. The most 
 amazing thing, also not  reported in the West, was that 25 Yeltsin troops drove in a convoy 
 around the ring road, waving to Communists behind them, and only reached the Ostankino 
 TV center seconds ahead of them; then fought a pitched battle for the next 11 hours against 
 a crowd of about 3000 with hundreds of Kalashnikovs. 


"After speaking with the president this morning at great length about the problems of Cali-fornia 
  I can tell you one thing: That there is no greater ally that this golden state has in Washington 
  than our president, my dear friend." 
      --Arnold, who only met his "dear friend" once before, 
        and is too stupid to realize Bush caused Caifornia's problems with the Enron rape.

 "That was my dear frie... I mean Kennyboy - I don't know him..."

 From: Cassie M

                         Popcorn the politically active hen...


"After a week of speculation in the press, Rush Limbaugh admitted that he is 
  addicted to hillbilly heroin and I'm sorry to say, hoagies. Limbaugh blames his 
  addiction on a botched back operation and lesbians." 
       --Tina Fey,  Weekend Update

Isn't it funny?

 Many years ago, Laura the Unloved sold her radio show to a corporation that gave her $72M and 
 a salary of, I think, $12M a year.  Two years ago, Doctor Laura was hot and getting hotter by the minute.

 Then she turned into a vehement, violent homophobe and lost her TV show, her radio show fell,
 and the Queen of Harpy Nags has fallen to has-been status since. Ain't that something?

 About a year ago, Mickey the Weiner got hot - he was Limbaugh without the class.
 He got so hot, MSGOP hired him to scream, "F-you faggot" at anyone who called in.

 Then he told a gay caller on the air to, "choke on a sausage and die from AIDS, you pervert."
 MSGOP fired him. Mikey fell so far, he started suing web sites like my good friends at takebackthemedia.com

 ha ha

 I take it as a personal insult that he didn't sue  bartcop.com
 Seriously, have you ever heard of somebody who wanted some court time?
  ha ha
 Swear to Koresh, whatever it takes, if I ever get sued, 
 we will NOT settle, we will buy my lil' ne'er do well buddy who taught me html... 

  ...some Spy Shop equipment and we'll pirate this trial on the www for everyone to watch!
 ha ha
 Damn, there's another secret I can't mention, but watch E! this weekend - on Sunday.

 About a month ago, the vulgar Pigboy (as he was known before he became the vulgar junkie)
 was FIRED from his job-of-a-lifetime gig on ESPN's NFL show because the Nazi, racist bastard
 could keep race off his mind for the four days that he was on television.

 Ask yourself this question:

 What if...   Rush had pushed more chips into the "football pot," instead of the "race pot?"
 What if...   Rush had looked at the game like a football fan instead of a racist pig?
 What if...   Rush had been an honorable man, willing to judge a man on his talent, not his color?

 ...we might have seen the nation gradually warm to Rush.

 If that lying Nazi whore had kept his racism in check a few more weeks and months,
 America might've fallen into the pit of a mindset where you find ditto-monkeys.

 But we don't have to worry about that because the Mouthpiece of the Republican Party
 was newbie fired for being a racist, Nazi slut on national TV where everybody could see it.

 No, for the vulgar junkie and most Republicans, racism always takes center stage.
 Rush went for the racial divisiveness that "brung him to this dance," to use a football term.

 Isn't it funny?

 Laura the Unloved, Mikey the corpse-sexing weiner and Rush the vulgar junkie all lost the 
 biggest opportunities in their "storied" careers that would've made them legends, but 
 they couldn't hide their hatred of blacks and gays long enough to rake in that extra money.

Marty's Entertainment Page
'West Wing' & NBC's ever-changing schedule
Jimi Hendrix' military service
Dave, Craigger, Jay & Conan - all reruns next week 
Simon & Garfunkel kick off their tour in Wilkes-Barre, PA
U2 bailed an Irish child-abuse group
Madeleine Albright comments
Pearl Jam 'mostly acoustic' in Santa Barbara
Richard Branson & the Grinder Girl
James Garner joins '8 Simple Rules'
Iggy Popp & the Stooges to play in New Orleans. 
Bart's good friend Ben Affleck wins the 'Spirit of Libery' award
John Ritters doodle
Jack Bruce's liver transplant
Bruce Kulick shot on Sunset Boulevard
Oscar screeners still banned
Another Britcom for NBC
And, Lillian Disney's favorite music was by Lawrence Welk

 BartCop Radio Producer makes cover of LA's City Beat 

  Click  Here  for this exciting story about ...soccer!

 Of all the Galaxy's supporter groups, the Riot Squad is the most passionate: a motley and racially diverse crew
 of club aficionados who are more than equal to the emotional and spiritual requirements Sir Alex Ferguson had 
 invoked at the Coliseum. As the most visible and vocal nucleus of support at Galaxy, the Riot Squad throws some 
 light on the present, and the future, of the game in the Southland - and, consequently, the New Soccer Nation.
 In Lalas's opinion, the Riot Squad is "fans like no other - not better or  worse, just different. And I love 'em." 

 Riot Squad lynchpin Tommy Mack moved to Los Angeles in October 2001 wearing the colors of his club: 
 Dallas Burn. After one afternoon at the Galaxy, he defected. Anywhere else in the football-loving world, 
 defection is treason, but there's no doubt that the Galaxy will benefit from Mack's arrival. "I met a gentleman 
 named Jeff Skinner," says Mack, whose constantly bobbing Billy-Idol-blond hair is a useful point of reference 
 at Galaxy games. Find the Idol-head, and you've found the Riot Squad.



 None today - maybe they learned their lesson?



 Have you heard any of the Democrats running for president ask,

 Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

 I'm not sure they have the brains to ask that question.
 Nobody but FOX News or the talk radio Nazis could answer, "Yes," so why don't they ask that?

 Don't they want to win?
 If they don't want to win, why are they bothering to run?
 Is it so they can have "former presidential candidate" on their resume to get 
 better-paying speaking engagements by putting us through this charade?

 Honorable mention goes to Howard Dean for today's headline:
 Dean: Big deficit suits GOP's plans
 Note: By just saying these few sentences, Dean is on Yahoo's news summary AND
 he snared the front page of the country's biggest newspaper - USA Today. 
 You see?  Like I've been saying for years - all it takes is an IDEA and the will to make it happen.

  Click  Here

 Howard Dean accused Republicans on Thursday of running up the federal budget deficit 
 so they can undermine the fiscal underpinnings of Medicare and Social Security.

"I think their principal motivation is to undo the pillars of the New Deal, particularly Medicare 
 and Social Security, by making the budget deficit so big that those programs can't be sustained."

 Republican spokeswoman Christine Iverson (Who?) said fighting terrorism has fueled the deficit 
 and called Dean's remark "disturbing." 

 No, "disturbing" is when the Democrats roll over and let Bush destroy America's future.
 This was a good (and bold) move by Dean. Like a good punch in a heavyweight fight,
 he needs to follow up and hit them with five BIG accusations in the next five days.

 Will he do that?
 Or will he go silent and let them get their momentum back?

 Yankees (yawn) win again

 Are you going to waste next week watching them win another World Series?
 Where's the drama - seeing if they win it in five games or six?

 I'll save you the time - Yankees win - again.
 There, I just saved you twenty-plus hours.


"Rush's behavior was not all that dissolute. There is a fundamental difference between 
  taking any drug - legal, illegal, prescription, protected by the 21st Amendment or 
  banned by Michael Bloomberg - for kicks and taking a painkiller for pain." 
     -- Ann Coulter, on her knees for the Hillbilly heroin addict   Attribution

 Hey Slanders, tell it to John Ashcroft!
 Instead of tracking Al Qaeda, he's running to Oregon and Cali-fornia to stop DYING PEOPLE
 from smoking a harmless joint to calm their stomachs long enough to keep food down, slut.

 There are times when I question my policy not to use the "c" word. 

 This space left blank

A double dipper from RF - one in her hand - one on her bike

 Arnold Asked To Explain Ken Lay Meeting
  Since Lay bankrupted Cali-fornia, why didn't they ask him before the election?

  Click  Here

 Arnold must explain the substance of his private May 2001 meeting with Enron chief Ken Lay, 
 the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights wrote in a letter to Schwarzenegger Tuesday.

 FTCR, which was the state's most vocal critic of Davis' handling of the energy crisis, said that if the 
 governor-elect did not recount the meeting by the time of his inauguration, the group would ask state 
 lawmakers to open an investigation to uncover the substance of the meeting, including any information 
 that might further the state's efforts to return billions of dollars that taxpayers and consumers overpaid 
 for electricity during the energy crisis.

 "A meeting with the biggest corporate crook in recent memory, while he and his firm were in the midst 
 of ripping off the state, should not be taken lightly," FTCR wrote. "As Governor, you must explain to 
 Californians what you were doing at that meeting, what information Ken Lay shared with you and 
 how the meeting has influenced your thinking on energy issues."

 The DNC is running a new ad against the Commander in Thief.

           Click to see the new ad.


"These guys make Nixon's crowd look like a bunch of kids shoplifting candy 
  at the local grocery store. They have taken the art of character assassination 
  to the point where it is their number-one tool." 
    --  Bob Beckel in the    Buzzflash Interview

Sent in by Zvo


"The White House has a PR campaign to convince us that Iraq is on the right track. 
  I don't know if they have the best slogan: 'This is not your father's Vietnam.'" 
       --Jay Leno

 Subject: FYI, About Jimi Hendrix and the Army 

 Hi Bart,

 Don't know where KRL gets his military info on Jimi- the real story puts Hendrix 
 nowhere near the Shrubs sorry  performance. 

 As local lore here in Seattle goes Jimi was a member of the Army's 101st Airborne and was 
 injured on a jump and subsequently left the service.  At a Hendrix tribute a few years back 
 during Bumbershoot, Seattle's  huge 4 day music festival over Labor Day,  the grand finale 
 was the 101st's version of the Blue Angels jumping into the stadium with cannisters of purple 
 smoke strapped on their  legs while Jerry Cantrell, Vernon Reid, Buddy Miles, Noel Redding, 
 and Billy Cox cranked out "Purple Haze" from the stage.   Will never forget it :-) 

 The guys of the 101st seemed very proud to have Jimi associated with them, however briefly and honorably. 
 Just so you know the rest of the story.
 Like the new look,

  Saw it on Marty's E! Page

 The Sacrifices We Make for War

Peggy Noonan - Author, Head Case: 
"I plan to curtail my Valium intake, which I've already had to do because I'm dieting. 
  I want to be awake, truly alive, so I can feel the bombing. So I can feel the security.
  ...and I plan to spend significantly less time masturbating to internet pornography."

  Saw it on   http://genslab.com/

 I probably never mentioned it in print, 
 but I've always thought of Peggy Noonan a major league wanker.
 I mean Koresh - "The dolphins delivered Elian to us on orders from God?"

 Subject: Laura Ingraham 

 All about Laura, the racist idiot

 For those of you who may not know her, Laura Ingraham is a shrill, adenoidal second-tier, 
 right-wing nutcase talk radio airhead motor mouth , trying to spout whatever outrageous BS 
 she can in her desperate bid to become on a par with Al Franken, whom she despises. 

 Yesterday morning she was whining about How Al Sharpton says axe for ask and birfday for birthday. 
 She can't stand the "ghettoazation" of American language, which she encounters everywhere, and 
 bemoans it as a horrible thing because we're all soon going to be talking "dumbed down" like 
 Brother Al and his ilk. I know lots of people who say axe for ask and it not only doesen't bother me, 
 it doesen't scare me either. 

 What does bother and scare me is when we have a fraudualently elected president, none too bright 
 and being chaotically advised by a bunch of religious fundamentalists, controll freaks and thieves, 
 who is sitting on more nuclear weapons than the rest of the world combined, and who refers to 
 them as nukeyarler.

 Tony McGrath

 Tony, I always like to remind them that Reagan's campaign theme in 1984 was,
 "You ain't seen nothin' yet."

 Reagan was stupid, but nowhere near as stupid as the unelected moron we didn't elect.

 Just curious - is Laura the Unloved, the God-denying, screeching harpy still on radio in your town?

"Worship my secular hooters"

 In Tulsa, they stuck her on at night - when nobody's listening but lonely truckers.

 Write to me  bartcop@bartcop.com  if you live in a semi-big city and Laura is NOT screeching there.


 Joe Conason will be appearing this coming Sunday, October 19, 
 on the C-Span program Book T.V. at 9:00 a.m. Eastern. 


 Ken, thanks for that.  Plus, I have a good friend who's going to be 
 interviewed on his Colorado ranch Sunday on the E! channel.

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 How to win:

 To get your stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to:
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 The stickers are free, but donations are accepted.

 Get yours, then send in a digital photo of where you put it.
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 Hey Bart,

 I hope my fellow Bartcop junkies enjoy this as much as I enjoy watching pinheads beat on 
 their steering wheel in my rear view mirror.I fly my Bartcop sticker on my hardhat with pride. 
 It helps me to convert hard working men who suport his asshollyness into freedom loving Americans.
 Keep up the fight. 


  Joe Conason's Journal 
  If Rush can play golf day after day, readers suggest, perhaps he was 
 more of a "recreational" drug user than he's acknowledged 

  Click  Here

 Out in the heartland, people are still talking about Rush Limbaugh. I know because Pugs and Kelly,
 my hosts this afternoon on KLLI-FM in Dallas, were eager to chat about his "hillbilly heroin" habit. 
 Both were agog at the usually moralistic conservatives who are suddenly concocting every 
 conceivable excuse for their fallen idol. The most perfect example of right-wing sophistry may be 
 yesterday's Coulter defense brief, in which Ann attempts to explain away her pal's felonious conduct 
 and then clumsily changes the subject to -- what else? -- Monica. (Obviously, lying about private 
 sexual conduct is a lot worse than inducing the housekeeper to buy illegal narcotics.) 

 Ann Coulter (R-crazybitch) earning 
 her free fries the old fashioned way.

(Not part of Joe's column :)

 Musings from the Heartland
    by  Richard L. Fricker

  Click  Here

 Has it occurred to Rush's followers that they have been listening to the drug induced ranting of a shoe salesman?
 Would any of these people sit in a bar with a drunk for three or four hours and then go out and run their 
 political and social lives based on the drunk?  Well that's what they've been doing, now they either step back 
 and take a look at things or, put back $39.95 for the book Rush will write on how he cured himself in just
 thirty days, just ahead of the sheriff.

 If prosecutors have tapes of drug sales, as claimed, then there should be an arrest, trial and justice will take 
 its course. If the tapes exist and there's no charges then every drug charge in America should be dropped
 and anyone in jail should be released.


"Tommy Chong should not be behind bars. Think how much money we would 
  save if we released all nonviolent marijuana offenders. These people are only 
  a threat to the gallon of ice cream in the freezer." 
     --N. Ralston of Riverside, California, Crossfire e-mail

Another wise guy.
Let's see how funny he in is Gitmo with
my electric cattle prod stuck up his ass.

 Subject: Do Jews rule the world?

 It an interesting question raised recently by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia. 
 Do Jews rule the world? 
 Or - more specifically - does the right wing Israeli government rule the world?

 Israel has been a militant obstacle to peace and is trying to use economic genocide to drive 
 the Palestinians out of the area and steal their land. And - they are getting away with it. 
 When I look at Israel's new "Berlin Wall" - it sends chills down my spine. 
 Did the Jews learn nothing from the Holocaust?

 Just as Tony Blair is Bush's poodle - it seems that Bush is the poodle of Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. 
 When Ariel Sharon says frog - Bush says how high. So - I think the President of Malaysia was on target 
 with his remark and it's time the world woke up to the fact that the right wing governments of Israel, 
 the United States, and England are in fact a threat to the peace and prosperity of the planet.

 Marc Perkel

 Subject: They knew all along 

  I just spoke with a friend of mine in Washintgon. Sy Hersh has a piece coming out in the 
 New Yorker Monday which says the Nuclear reg people in Switzerrland told him they gave 
 the Bush administration all the info on their Iraqi findings long before the the blow up started....
 those findings were that there was not an Iraqi nuclear program, i.e. the administration knew 
 all along Iraq didn't have WMD's......when is enough too much???



 "Our deficit is soaring and Iraq's chances are dropping, but we can all feel good because 
  Bush has raised a record $49.5 million in just the third quarter of this year. Of that $49 million, 
  $38 million was raised by just 285 people who Bush calls his Rangers and Pioneers. These are
  the people who have been the ones that benefit most from Bush's policy.  I've got a story for 
  the press. Find out how many of the Rangers and Pioneers have kids serving in Iraq. You'll 
  probably find out that the only service these people care about is how well Bush can serve them."
        --James Carville,  Crossfire

 From: TV Brain

 I taped the sticker so I could remove it without being accused of vandalism.

 Subject: Rush buys American

 I guess when Rush talks about a drug free America, he means "Free Drugs in America." 
 Excepting of course, the elderly, infirm and poor. 

 I could tell when the story broke that Rush was a true patroit, he brought his stuff on 
 the black market like a good American, no sir, he didn't run to some Canadian pharmacy, not Rush

If going 3-3 ATS two weeks ago was like kissing Ann Coulter, 
last week's 3-3 was like kissing Laura Ingraham
a little uglier, more shocking, and more embarassing. 
We need to snap out of this funk of mediocrity, or
Who's next?  Shannon Doherty?  BLECH!

Click to Enter

 Four more U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq 
  Anybody else as angry as I am about this?

  Click  Here

 A joint U.S.-Iraqi patrol enforcing a curfew clashed with gunmen at the HQ of a Shiite cleric, 
 setting off a firefight that killed three Americans, Central Command said. Another American
 soldier was killed in baghdad.

 The Americans involved in the firefight were members of the 101st Airborne Division.
 Central Command said seven Americans were wounded in the clash. 

 God, I hate to see that. The bad news just keeps coming, day after day.
 We might have four wives who just got a visit from their government - their lives are shattered.
 We probably have a handful of kids who will never get to know their daddy.

 Those men are dead forever. Their lives were snuffed out - and for what reason?
 So the Iraqi's that want Saddam back can be "free?
 No, they died because the greedy bastard wanted to steal Iraq's oil and Karl Rove
 thought the Pinhead's best chance at re=election would be as some bullshit "war hero.".
 It makes me so fucking sick...

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was  times 332  ....this issue it's  times 336
                                                                                                          They got four kills since last issue.

    I want that oil - no matter how many lives it costs!

 Soon, we'll be at 400.
 How long before we hit 600?  ...and then 1000?

 Total deaths since President Giggles said, "Bring 'em On":  127  131

 From:  http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, at least  1831  1838  wounded. 
 and many of them are missing arms, legs and eyes.

 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?

Something on your mind?
 Call the

You have two minutes to speak your piece.

 Bush - Nazi Link Confirmed
  from The New Hampshire Gazette 

  Click  Here

 After 60 years of inattention and even denial by the U.S. media, newly-uncovered government 
 documents in The National Archives and Library of Congress reveal that Prescott Bush, the 
 grandfather of President George W. Bush, served as a business partner of and U.S. banking 
 operative for the financial architect of the Nazi war machine from 1926 until 1942, when 
 Congress took aggressive action against Bush and his "enemy national" partners.

 The documents also show that Bush and his colleagues, according to reports from the U.S. 
 Department of the Treasury and FBI, tried to conceal their financial alliance with German 
 industrialist Fritz Thyssen, a steel and coal baron who, beginning in the mid-1920s, personally 
 funded Adolf Hitler's rise to power by the subversion of democratic principle and German law. 

 This is older than Ann Coulter's panties.
 We had this before the Pinhead stole Florida.
 More people need to read  bartcop.com


"For the safety of the foul ball fan in Chicago, 
  I hope senior baseball officials don't leak his name to Bob Novak."
   --Darrell Glaros, in an e-mail to Crossfire

 So if you have something important, something that can't wait, send it to Sam at  sam@bartcop.com
 She has my phone numbers and can reach me right away.

 Can't get in the members section?

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 Have a good time today - that's not just a suggestion, it's damn good advice... 

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