Thursday October 16, 2003

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Volume 1178 -  Kobe, Rush and Ozzy


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  In today's Treehouse...
BFEE caught stealing billions 
Big bombshells in Kobe case
Ferry pilot tries suicide - fails 
Iraqi arms sellers arrested, 
Unka Dick not on list 
Yankees reruns killing baseball
Bill Bennett's sacrifice
Ashcroft to investigate self
700 Club a terrorist org?
A surprise from the past 


Quote of the Day

"Rush kept this secret while lecturing others
  on morality. But a certain gleefulness in 
  kicking a man when he's down is not an
  attractive quality.                      Attribution
   --  Howard Kurtz (R-Biased Clinton kicker) 

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"Join us for A Flyboy's Tale. CNN brings you 
  back to where George Bush's life changed forever."

 I thought - why are they doing a story about the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs? 

   ha ha  the joke's on me! 

 It wasn't a visit to the Broadmoor, where the Unelected Punk allegedly killed a hooker and stopped drinking. 
 It was another CNN praisefest for his sainted Daddy, the Moonie leader of the B.F.E.E.

 CNN is always doing some praisefest for Bush or Reagan - ever see them do one for a living Democrat? 

 Halliburton accused of Iraq overbilling 
  Waxman says the B.F.E.E. overcharged U.S. for exporting oil

  Click  Here

 Waxman said army documents showed that as of Sept. 18, the United States had paid Halliburton 
 $300 million to import about 190 million gallons (719 million liters) of gasoline into Iraq. 

 Halliburton billed the government an average price of $1.59 per gallon (3.7 liters), excluding the 
 company's fee of 2 percent to 7 percent, said Waxman. 

 He said the average wholesale cost of gasoline during that period in the Middle East was about 
 71 cents a gallon, a figure an oil industry source told Reuters was accurate. That meant Halliburton 
 was charging more than 90 cents a gallon to transport fuel into Iraq from Kuwait 

 The B.F.E.E. is price gouging the taxpayers by overcharging in their phoney war??
 Gee, that's so hard to believe.  Who ever heard of a crooked oil company?
 You'd think somebody would've seen this coming.

 Geragos: I'm still on Scott Peterson case

   Click  Here

 Mark Geragos's attorney denied recent reports that there is dissent in the defense camp, saying that he 
 "absolutely" still represents America's most famous murder defendant and is burning the midnight oil to 
 prepare for next month's important preliminary hearing.

 I don't know where people are getting this stuff," Geragos said of news accounts that Peterson's
 relatives are disappointed with his representation and considering firing him.

 Before Peterson met Geragos, he was a certain dead man.
 After meeting Geragos, he's got a decent chance of being found "not guilty."

 He should shine Mark's shoes every time he comes to visit. 

 Kobe's Lawyers Say Evidence Proves Innocence 

  Click  Here

 Kobe Bryant's accuser showed up for her rape exam wearing panties containing another man's sperm, 
 a startling discovery that defense lawyers called "compelling evidence" the NBA star is innocent.

 "The accuser arrived at the hospital wearing panties with someone else's semen and 
   sperm in them, not that of Mr. Bryant, correct?" defense attorney Pamela Mackey asked. 

"That's correct," Winters responded. 

 Eagle attorney Jim Fahrenholtz called the hearing "a disaster for the prosecution."

 Most, though, said they expected the judge to order a trial for Bryant, which would 
 probably not take place until next summer, at the earliest.

"It will be pretty hard for this judge to say you don't have enough non-hearsay evidence," 
 former Denver prosecutor Craig Silverman said.

 Does anyone have a clue what might've happened here? 
 I'd guess most women change their underwear every few days, right? 
 How could she wear soiled (by another man) underwear to give evidence for a rape kit? 

 Plus, there are a several little things that you have to listen very hard to hear. 
The accuser assigned Kobe his room. She put him alone, in his own corner of the hotel, 
     and his bodyguards were placed not nearby. That seems to have been intentional. 
     If you're Kobe, why do you not want your bodyguards nearby? 
The room she gave Kobe had a back door, where she entered without being seen. 
After the alledged attack, she went back and finished her shift's paperwork. 
They (especially Nancy Grace) keeps talking about "the injuries this girl suffered." 
    Yesterday, the detective said you can't see the injuries with the naked eye, 
     but you can see them in photographs if they are blown up in size. 
After that "horrible, unfounded slur" about the three men that Mackey mentioned last week, 
    she proved it yesterday in court. There was Kobe, there was the mystery (to us) sperm 
    depositor and an unknown third man who used a comdom when he was with her. 

 Cops Investigate Pilot in NYC Ferry Crash 

   Click  Here

 Authorities were investigating whether a Staten Island ferry pilot lost consciousness during a routine trip 
 across a windy New York Harbor before the mighty vessel slammed into a pier, killing 10 people.

 The pilot bolted the scene so quickly that he left behind his gear and his keys, then broke into his house 
 where he slit his wrists and shot himself with a pellet gun, a source told The AP. 
 The pilot, Richard Smith, was in critical condition after surgery.

 Yesterday afternoon they said this "pilot" committed suicide.
 I guess his condition improved overnight.

 At Least 30 arrested for Selling Iraq Arms 
  So far Halliburton's name not showing up on any government lists

  Click  Here

 A father-and-son team from San Diego were charged Wednesday with selling gunboats to Saddam. 
 Officials said they believed that the two delivered and helped to assemble three 85-foot-long patrol boats, 
 armed with machine guns, as part of an $11 million contract with Saddam's military. 

"Our information is that a number of these boats were actually deployed in combat operations around Basra" 
 against American troops during fighting in Iraq, Michael T. Dougherty, director of operations for the Bureau 
 of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, 

 Boats used against our boys around Basra?
 What good is a boat in Iraq?
 Has anybody heard of any troops dying from a boat attack?

 Of course, they won't mention Cheney's multi-million dollar oil field contracts with Saddam because
 Saddam beefing up his oil revenue made him richer, more powerful and more dangerous.
 So they go after some father and son boat building team so talk radio and FOX News can say 
 Bush is a strong president who's "taking all necessary steps" to make America safe from Iraqi gun boats.

 Subject: haunting songs

 If Bart likes Michelle Branch, he should try Evanessence's "Bring Me to Life." 
 After the Cub loss last night, I just may need to play it endlessly myself.

 A fan.

 It's too bad about the Cubs. 

 They were talking about that fan who tried to grab the foul ball yesterday on CNN. 
 They said if that guy ran against Mrs. O'Leary's cow for Chicago mayor, the cow would win in a landslide. 

 "I am so truly sorry from the bottom of this Cubs fan's broken heart." 

 This poor bastard has gone into hiding - a cop is guarding his family's house. 

  Click  Here

 Subject: The Pledge

 Bart, you wrote:

> The fact is, "under God" isn't necessary for the pledge - it's not needed - it doesn't belong there. 
> You might as well ask people to pledge their allegiance to mustard over ketchup on hot dogs. 
> Why not ask them to pledge to FOX News while they're at it? 

> Such extreme stupidity, and all for a non-existent invisible cloud being.

 Yes, but I'll bet you a shot of nature's finest that the SCOTUS finds a way to leave it in! 
 If they can vote to protect the interests of the boy king, they will fall all over themselves 
 to protect the interests of the cloud being. 

   Larry the Poker King 

 By the way, someone asked about the poker trophies that went to Pokerfest-Vegas winners Deb and
 Larry-by-the-Sea. I thought about you Bart-is-sexist readers when a GIRL won the first tournament! 

             Poker sign by Zendaba                                    Tournament winners got an empty bottle of Chinaco Anejo!

 Also, we haven't firmed up anything on Pokerfest 2004 yet, but many are lobbying for January in New Orleans. 
 For the inaugural Las Vegas Pokerfest, we had to tell people, "Sorry, all seats at both tables are full."
 But if you get in early, you'll get a seat for sure. If we get lots of players, we'll play 3-4 tournaments. 
 Details will be announced on the members page. 


"I hope you'll never lie to me."
  --Dubya, to Tom Daschle after Dashcle expressed hope that they could work together Attribution

 "Honesty is next to cleanliness."

 Subject: Davis and Devolites 

 If that's true about Davis and Devolites, that's just exactly par for the course for Republican hypocrits. 

 You can read right here how Ms. Devolite, Republican guardian of all that is good and decent,  instilled 
 traditional family values in her daughter, who was convicted and sentenced to nine years for armed robbery.

  Click  Here

 Anybody know what Chelsea is up to these days?  Bet she ain't in prison.

 My favorite quote from the story is:  Jeannemarie Devolites said: 
 "I think it's a shame that all the members of the press that are here today do not 
   have the common decency to show a family some privacy during a difficult time."

 Isn't that what Jeb said about his daughter?  Strange how Republicans are always asking people to respect 
 the privacy of families except when it comes to the Clintons.  When it comes to the Clinton family, nothing 
 but public Congressional Hearings and Independent Prosecutors will do.

 It's also strange how Bill Clinton's lack of character has only seemed to corrupt Republicans.  Christ, two terms 
 of Clinton and it seems like every prominent Republican in the country has been reduced to drug gobbling, 
 women groping, compulsive gambling, insider trading, bribe taking, pathological liars with broken families 
 and criminal children.

 No wonder they hate the guy!  He nearly destroyed the Republican party! 

 Ricky Z 


"Slander, criticizes Democrats for "calling names.  Yet Coulter is the queen 
 of name-calling, such as her assertion that liberals are "savagely cruel bigots." 
   --Michael Abernethy,   Attribution

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 Tech troubles - fixed

 EVERY picture that I grab off the web or from my mailbox is now coming in as a BMP. 

  Any ideas or suggestions? 

 What you describe is a known flaw in Windows.
 Usually, just emptying your Explorer temp files/cache will solve it.
 If not, further steps verified from Microsoft are here:



 P, thanks, that worked! 

 From: Mike Lackey

 Subject: Sick Fuck

 You are a sick fuck!
 Your attempt at humor is worse than the non comic, Al Franken. 
 If everyone else is a whore, bitch, or lying sack, just what the hell are you? 

 Please keep it up, as your driveling shit shows the true mentality of the left. 

 Mike Lackey 

 Who am I? 
 I'm the guy who would kick your ass in a live debate, ...that is, 
 if you had the courage to show up. 

 How long has it been since you had a size 11 boot up your ass? 
 You feeling lucky, punk? 
 You want to be my bitch for a half hour? 

 I could make you cry in a live chat room, want to see that happen? 
 Bring lots of friends, you're going to need help. 
 You feeling lucky, punk? 


 Yankees are bad for baseball

 FOX Sports has been reporting record viewership (up 37 percent!)  for the playoffs, and that has 
 to be because it seemed, for a while, like it might be something besides another Yankees series. 

 Nobody wants to watch the same old, tired rerun, year after year. 
 If this turns out to be a Yankee-Marlins game, New York and Florida will watch, 
 but those record ratings could become record non-ratings with this same old, same old. 

 E-mail that I saw on Marty's jammed-packed, fun-filled Entertainment page:

 What happened to West Wing? 

 Have any idea why NBC didn't show a new episode of either West Wing or Law & Order tonight? 
 They showed a rerun Law & Order Special Victims at 9 and then a rerun Law & Order at 10. 


 I'll bet it was because the whole country wanted to see a new team in the World Series, but nooooooooo.
 NBC didn't want to air a great episode that nobody would see. 

 Last night, during the game, FOX aired a really unnecessary ad produced by Budweiser.
 We missed most of it, they might've played it only once, but it was about "weiners."

 They said something like, "If she liked your ten-inch weiner, we've got a 12-incher for you,"
 ...and they showed someone holding a bun-wrapped, footlong "weiner" in his or her hand. 

 Mrs. Bart said, "Oh, my God," twice. 
 It was very unnecessary. 
 It was like Howard Stern, without the class. 

 Bewitched, Bothered, Billy-Goat 
    Dragon Lady Dowd hates everybody

  Click  Here

 Superstitions about a black cat, a billy goat, a bambino and now, a Cub fan's mano morto. It is also the season 
 of the witch in politics. America's First Baseball Fans, the former and current Presidents Bush, have their own 
 historical jinx with the land of Nebuchadnezzar: you might call it the curse of Nebuchabunkport. 

 As soon as the Bushes think they've got Iraq subdued, it flares up and foils them - turning victory sour and 
 sending saintly poll numbers wobbly. Every time the Bushes think they've licked Saddam - who modeled 
 himself on Nebuchadnezzar, the dictator who built palaces and stored arms in the Iraqi desert 2,600 years 
 ago - he comes back to haunt them.


"I wanted to go over the heads of the filter and speak directly with the people,
  because there's a sense that people in America aren't getting the truth about Iraq."
   -- too stupid to make change for a dollar

 They always want it both ways.  FOX Whore News always brags that they're the biggest, 
 yet the Never-elected Illegal Pinhead can't reach the people with his lies about Iraq?


 The Sacrifices We Make

William Bennett - Diseased Manatee: 
"I plan to spend significantly less time masturbating to internet pornography."

  Saw it on   http://genslab.com/

 Subject: re: Nine Candidates in Search of an Audience 

 Hi, Bart

 I strongly disagree with Gene Lyons!  The more candidates we have speaking out and making news, 
 the more the message gets out that Bush has to go.  In a few months, we will be very close to having 
 just one nominee.  At that point, the republican machine will start beating the candidate up.  Right now, 
 they can't beat up all nine, so Bush has harsh criticism coming at him from all over which is good for us. 
 The other thing is that having candidates from the left like Kucinich allows the left to have a voice and 
 allows for more diversity in discussion of the issues. 

 I agree with Gene, but we might both agree with you if the Democrats would stop beating up each other.
 They should be saying, "My plan is better than his plan," but noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
 They're saying "His plan will ruin America and cause cancer in small children."
 That's a quote Bush will use against us a year from now.
 If they can't campaign without attacking each other personally, they should get out.

 Frankly, I wish Carol Mosely-Braun was a viable candidate at least for VP.  She's very bright and has great ideas. 
 I also like listening to Al Sharpton who is also very bright.  These people ADD to the discourse; they don't detract 
 from it nor do they detract from the other "viable" candidates like Gene's favorite, Wesley Clark. 

 Speaking of Clark, I don't find him the least bit exciting and I feel that he was pushed to run by the DLC
 because they've been pushing for a republican-lite all along.  When Lieberman didn't take off, they got 
 Clark to run and gave him the Clinton-Gore machine.  I will, of course, vote for whichever Democrat is 
 nominated, but I resent people like Gene urging people to drop out of the race so that his little star, Clark, 
 could start shining more.  That's ridiculous.  It reminds me of when all the democrats were telling Gore 
 to give up the fight in 2000 "for the sake of the country." 

 San Rafael, CA

 P.S.  I like your new page.  For a minute I thought I was on the wrong site!

 Maria, all I want in a candidate is someone who can beat Bush. The GOP has made "Bush the war hero"
 their theme and now they can't change it, so Clark takes away their main asset. The bastards even pciked 
 New York City for their convention to say to voters, "We need a military president." 

 Under Bush, terror will strike between now and the election, and much as I might like them, 
 when it's time to go to war America won't rally behind CM Braun or Kucinich. They may be fine 
 candidates, but not in 2003 and 2004 when our cities have giant balls of flame shooting into the sky. 

 When that happens, America will elect the candidate with the most military gravitas.



 Joe Conason will be appearing this coming Sunday, October 19, 
 on the C-Span program Book T.V. at 9:00 a.m. Eastern. 


 Ken, thanks for that.  Plus, I have a good friend who's going to be 
 interviewed on his Colorado ranch Sunday on the E! channel.

  October sticker placement contest!

 How to win:

 To get your stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to: 
 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK 74155
 OR, you could PayPal a small donation and get your stickers within 48 hours. 

 The stickers are free, but donations are accepted. 

 Get yours, then send in a digital photo of where you put it. 
 (Please don't vandalize anything with these stickers)
 Click  Here   for the best October stickers

  Joe Conason's Journal 
  Polls show that Bush is still in trouble, but you'd 
  never know that by reading today's Washington Post 

  Click  Here

 The Bush White House never pays any attention whatsoever to polls, of course, except to spin them madly 
 from time to time. This week's official message is that the president's numbers have suddenly "bounced back" 
 from the steep, sickening dive he experienced during the past few months. 

 The truth is that some numbers are slightly better in some polls -- including his personal approval rating
 -- while other numbers remain unimproved or are worse. He's still in trouble. 

 But today the presidential flacks are getting some assistance from the Washington Post, which headlines its 
 coverage of the (poll): "President Rallying Support in Polls." The story leads with the elated response from 
 the poll-free White House at news that the boss' "six-month slide may have ended." 

 Not everyone shared that optimistic outlook, however. Skeptics include the Post's polling partners
 over at ABC News, where the headline is "Poll: Bush Slipping."

 The Washington Whore Post contuinues to cover for the Illegal Fraud. 
 I'm so old, I remember when DC has TWO papers, one semi-left and one right-wing fringe. 
 But the WWP saw there was extra money at turning journalistic "tricks" so they sold out. 

 Ashcroft Won't Recuse Over Leak Inquiry

   Click  Here

 Several senior criminal prosecutors at the Justice Department and top F.B.I. officials have privately 
 criticized John Ashcroft for failing to recuse himself or appoint a special prosecutor to investigate 
 the leak of a C.I.A. operative's identity

 This stinks. 
 Ashcroft has been involved with Enron, the B.F.E.E. and Karl Rove for over a decade. 
 What a total sham this is for him to lead this phoney investigation. 

 Of course, there's no outcry from the Democrats and the press because Bush can do no wrong. 
 We should compile a long list of "didn't do their jobs" like this and the next time we get a letter from the 
 Democrats begging for money, answer them with "Where were you on THIS one, and THAT one?" 
 Oh, and fuck the press.

 Subject: from a fan 


 First of all, who gives a fat babies ass about Siegfried and Roy.

 Secondly, why are you watching Leno, who's become nothing but a Republican shill 
 who bent over backwards (and maybe forward) to get Arnold into office.


 I admit some obsession with Roy's brush with death and I'm not sure why. 
 One thing, I was struck by Siegfried's optimism at the very beginning when he said, 
 "Our life has been a dream, and I'm certain the dream does not end this way."

 That's a damn good attitude to have when disaster strikes. 

 Also, it's been said that with Sinatra gone, Siegfried and Roy are the heart of Las Vegas. 
 Forgive me if I want Las Vegas to survive. 
 Plus, you have to understand that dozens of people read this page and each page has maybe 20 topics. 
 It would be quite a feat if I could please dozens with each issue. Hopefully the good outweighs the bad. 

 As far as Leno, I watch Dave and tape Leno. 
 Monday, he had the funniest woman in America and Tuesday he had Heidi Klum in her undies. 
 Hell, I'd watch Drew Carey if he had Heidi in her undies. 

 Subject: 700 Club a terrorist group under Patriot Act

 Dear Bartcop,

 Recently Pat Robertson, head of the Virginia based Christian Broadcasting Network, made a remark calling 
 for the State Department to be blown up with nuclear weapons.  His full statement, commenting on Joel 
 Mowbray's book, Dangerous Diplomacy: How the State Department Endangers America's Security, was,

 "I read your book. When you get through, you say, 'If I could just get a nuclear device inside Foggy Bottom 
 [State Department headquarters], I think that's the answer.' I mean, you get through this, and you say, 
 'We've got to blow that thing up.'"

 While not backing down, he later amended his statement. 

 "I mentioned the question of nuking the State Department.  Mr. Mowbray did not use the term 'nuke', 
 he said it should be gutted and I think we ought to make that clear ... Joel did not say 'Nuke the State 
 Department,' so we've changed: We're not going to nuke it, we're going to gut it," [Christian Broadcasting 
 Network website (www.cbn.com)]

 Now let's look at Mr. Robertson's statements in light of John Ashcroft's Patriot Act.  Section 802 of 
 the Patriot Act states that a group is deemed to be engaged in "domestic terrorism" if it,

 "appears to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; to influence the policy of a government
 by intimidation or coercion; or to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, 
 or kidnapping; and occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States."

 I would say Mr. Robertson's call to nuclear bomb the State Department is a textbook example of what 
 section 802 of the Patriot Act is referring to.

 Attorney General Ashcroft, when will you launch the investigation of the domestic terrorist group, the "700 Club?"

 Glenn Anderson

 Glenn, don't hold your breath.
 Our religiously-insane Attorney General makes arrests on the basis of race.

 If an Arab guy looks "funny," he's tortured in Gitmo
 If a white guy says "Let's nuke the State Department," he gets a pass - he's not even looked at.

 If a black guy gets caught with drugs, Ashcroft demands the harshest penalty possible.
 If a white, vulgar pigboy is caught with drugs, he's gets rehab and Ashcroft's compassion.

 Race is everything to these guys.
 It's the single biggest reason Clinton was impeached.

 Top terrorist hunter's divisive views

  Click  Here

 A highly decorated general who is one of the leaders of a secretive new Pentagon unit formed to 
 coordinate intelligence on terrorists and help hunt down bin Laden, Saddam and other high-profile 
 targets has a history of outspoken and divisive views on religion - Islam in particular, 

"Well, is bin Laden the enemy? Next slide. Or is this Saddam the enemy? 
 The enemy is none of these people I have showed you here. The enemy is a guy called Satan." 

 What's scarier than a religiously-insane military with 10,000 nukes? 

Click to Enter

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was  times 332  ....this issue it's  times 332
                                                                                                          They got zero kills since last issue.

 Soon, we'll be at 400.
 How long before we hit 600?
 How long before we hit 1000?

 Total deaths since President Giggles said, "Bring 'em On":  127  127

 From:  http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, 1815  1831  wounded -   WOW! 16 more wounded?
 and many of them are missing arms, legs and eyes.

 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html
 How much more are we willing to tolerate? 

Something on your mind?
 Call the

You have two minutes to speak your piece.

 Cheney - trust no one 

  Click  Here

 There was a headline that grabbed me in The Times on Saturday. 
 It said, "Cheney Lashes Out at Critics of Policy on Iraq."

 I thought, "that must have been an interesting encounter." Then I read the fine print. Mr. Cheney
 was speaking to 200 invited guests at the conservative Heritage Foundation - and even they 
 were not allowed to ask any questions. 

 (They weren't aloowed to ask questions because even Cheney can answer the simple ones.)

 Great. bin Laden and Saddam issue messages from their caves through Al Jazeera, and Mr. Cheney issues 
 messages from his bunker through Fox. America is pushing democracy in Iraq, but our own leaders won't 
 hold a real town hall meeting or a regular press conference.

 Out of fairness, my newspaper feels obligated to run such stories. But I wish we had said to the V.P.: 
 If you're going to give a major speech on Iraq to an audience limited to your own supporters and not allow 
 any questions, that's not news - that's an advertisement, and you should buy an ad on the Op-Ed page.

 During the Monica mess, the press constantly hammered Clinton for not holding press conferences so
 the jackals could pepper him with stupid-ass questions about where his cock had been.

 But today, we have hundreds of men dying in Bush's Quagmire, and the press is silent.
 There was money to be made screaming lies and truths about Monica,
 but there's no money to be made stopping a war that's killing our men and draining our wallets.
 My motto? - Fuck the press.  They gives whores a bad name.

ha ha

 Here's a nice surprise from Kelly the Pillar

 hey, bart!

 listening to the most recent BartCop Radio and heard you wondering aloud 
 about when you'd said something about rush musta been poppin pills.

 so I did a search - found it in  Vol 148 - We'll ALWAYS Have Waco

 (Word for word from 1999 - except I added ther word "interrupted" for clarity)


 Pigboy on Drugs

We're here live in Pigboy's third hour Thursday, Sept 2. (1999)

He's acting drunker than Cooter Brown.
He's acting drunker than Bob Dornan on election night.
He's acting drunker than Bob Packwood at a John Tower memorial.

Actually, my experience behind a bar tells me it's not alcohol.
He's not getting more drunk or less drunk as the hours go by.
That means he's eating time-release pain killers or muscle relaxers.

It's funny, he's slurring his words and speaking slowly and deliberately.
Then, he goes to a commercial and the old, fast-talking Rush sounds so different.

"Have we taken any calls this hour?  Huh?  We haven't?  Thought we did.
 I owe you peebel a quick get-to."

His ditto-logic isn't up to snuff, either,
Like a drunk, he's staying on his point loooooooong after we get the drift.
If he was pulled over by a cop, he wouldn't be allowed to proceed.

"Ladeees and ...gennelmin, Monica's ...mother, Bernar Lewinsky got a...
 what did she get, ...oh, a ledder  fom the democratic comm,  ...commitee
asking for... for munney, huh?

What?  ...I said what?
Oh, from Monica's mudder?  I mean fodder, ovviousleee"

Pigboy's on drugs, just like Governor Blow Monkey!

Uh-Oh, still listening to Herr Puerca, he just fell asleep!
Somebody shake the Pigboy, there's still 45 minutes to go!

ha ha



Now he's ragging on the Republicans!
He says they want big government to solve allllll their problems.

"We can't ask big gubment to solve aborshen!
  We can't ask big gubment to clean up Horrywood!
  We can't ask..."   then the caller interrupted and cut him off.

The way he's chastising the hippocrits, you'd think he was reading RL-LNW back issues!

So, when Pigboy gets drunk - he tells the truth?

Hey, look at the clock!
Rush's show lasted 3.5 hours today!

Now, we're in the last ten minutes.
Pigboy is denying his speech is slurred, even though he says he getting
"scores of people suggesting he get to a doctor immediately."

Hey, Pigboy, it gets worse than that!!

BartCop is taping you, you lying buck futter!!

ha ha

I'm giggling like it's my first beer watching the reels go 'round and 'round
on my tape machine while Rush denies he's slurring his words.

Pigboy is so busted!

ha ha

Rush just said, "My slurred speech is miffical!" (mythical)
and he's "getting sick and tired of all the calls."

Rush, this time I think you're right.
There's nothing wrong with your speech.
Those pills aren't affecting you at all.

I have a suggestion:  Go home and take about a dozen more pills
then wash them down with a quart of gin and take a long nap.

Take a really long damn nap,  you Nazi pig.


 Check out my big screw-up, telling Rush to take a dozen more pills. 
 I had no way of knowing he was eating a hundred per day! 
 I busted that bastard four years ago. 
 Sidebar: I thought "We'll Always Have Waco" was one of the better titles for an issue :)
 Thanks to Kelly the Pillar for digging that up. 

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