Wednesday October 15, 2003

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Volume 1177 - The whole world has the blues


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  In today's Treehouse...
Court to Decide if Pledge Is Legal
Diplomatic Convoy Bombed in Gaza
Crazy screwup in Kobe case 
Columns by Conason and Lyons 
Rep Tom Davis (R-Va) a sex scumbag? 
Heidi's and Halle get sexy on TV
The NRA has a blacklist
Giant bombshell in Kobe case
Dying for oil and greed


Quote of the Day

"America should be governed by people who 
  have a clue.  I hope Arnold doesn't win." 
  -Dixie Chick Emily Robison, who didn't get her wish

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"More and more, Cheney displays all the signs of a guy trying to spin his way out of a tight spot. 
  The best defense is a good offense, yanno? Between his secret energy policy meetings, the no-bid 
  contracts to Halliburton which has lined his pockets and the pockets of cronies, the false rationales 
  for the Iraqi war and the high crime and treasonous act of destroying an intelligence network.
  Someone - perhaps Cheney himself - committed actual treason." 
      --Cowboy Kahlil,   Cheney covering up acts of treason?

 High Court to Decide if Pledge Is Legal

  Click  Here

 The Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to decide whether it's unconstitutional for children 
 in public schools to pledge their allegiance to "one nation under God." 

 The Pledge of Allegiance case pushes the court into an emotional argument over religion, patriotism 
 and schools. Activists on both sides of the church-state divide immediately predicted one of the most
 significant, and wrenching, rulings in the court's modern history.

 Oh please, this is so easy.
 If "under God" belongs in the Pledge of Allegiance, it then also belongs in cookbooks, legal documents,
 news stories, Nazi hate radio, movies, country music, on tequila bottles, stop signs and everywhere else.

 The fact is, "under God" isn't necessary for the pledge - it's not needed - it doesn't belong there.
 You might as well ask people to pledge their allegiance to mustard over ketchup on hot dogs.
 Why not ask them to pledge to FOX News while they're at it?

 Such extreme stupidity, and all for a non-existent invisible cloud being.

  Two bombshells in Kobe case
   According to CNN, 1:20 EST...

  1. Judge rules some accuser sexual history can be brought into the hearing.

  2. BIG Bombshell - when the accuser went to the hospital, her panties had 
      semen and pubic hairs that did not belong to her or Kobe.

 They got this from a police detective.
 That's not good when a state employee torpedoes the state's case.

 Kobe may be guilty as hell, but non-Kobe pubic hairs and semen being found inside her panties
 the day after the "rape" certainly sounds like reasonable doubt to me.
 It certainly seems like the cops are extra-eager to "get" Kobe.

 Hell, this judge could rule there's not enough evidence to go to trial.

 Diplomatic Convoy Bombed in Gaza; Three Americans Killed 

  Click  Here

"A remote-controlled bomb exploded under a U.S. diplomatic convoy Wednesday, ripping apart 
 an armored van and killing three Americans in an unprecedented attack on an official U.S. target. 
 The bombing, which also wounded an American, will likely intensify U.S. pressure on the Palestinian 
 Authority to take action against militant groups. The U.S. Embassy advised U.S. citizens to leave 
 the Gaza Strip after the attack. There was no claim of responsibility. But if Palestinian militants 
 were to blame, it could signal a dramatic change in strategy

 We have to remember Bart's Law #2.
 Since Bush's "mistakes" in the Middle East are making the B.F.E.E. incredibly rich,
 we have to assume those "mistakes" will be repeated - again and again.
 It's a great way to make hundreds of millions of dollars - if you don't count the bodies.

 Subject: Rush the liar

 Hey Bart,

 I agree with Lee. Rush should get no pity or compassion from liberals. 
 He NEVER cut anyone any slack; he needs to get pummeled every time he opens his duplicitous, 
 hypocritical mouth. He made millions by selling his "snake oil" to ditto sheep; nothing but a modern day 
 charlatan peddling his uncaring, radical, right wing, racist venom.

 But I guess we know what he was really talking about when he said, "With half my brain tied behind my back." 
 He was on drugs!

 Keep on hammerin'

Thanks to Rock City Films

 Crazy screwup in Kobe case 

   Click  Here

 Tuesday, prosecutors said they had received medical records mistakenly released by a hospital 
 where the alleged victim was examined after the encounter, and passed those records on to 
 Bryant's lawyers as part of the normal exchange of evidence. 

 Prosecutors had subpoenaed the examination records from Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs. 
 They received those records and records from an earlier visit by the woman, prosecution spokeswoman 
 Krista Flannigan said. 

 She declined to comment on the date or the nature of the earlier visit. 
 "They were records they should not have given us," Flannigan said.

 Is this where the defense got their "three men in 49 hours" foundation?
 This circus has the potential to turn in to Rodney King, OJ and  impeachment all-in-one.

 Rush's Drug Use No Joking Matter 
   by Smoking Joe Conason 

   Click  Here

 Legal experts in Florida agree that Mr. Limbaugh's high-priced Miami attorney, Roy Black has little reason 
 to worry that his celebrity client will do time.

 So whatever punishment Mr. Limbaugh must endure will be handed down in the court of public opinion. 
 He enjoys the support of millions of character witnesses, including prominent fellow hypocrites such as his 
 close friends William Bennett and Newt Gingrich. But they would all be hard-pressed to describe the mighty
 radio mouth as someone who has earned great sympathy. This is, after all, a man who earned millions by 
 lampooning the plight of AIDS victims, spreading rumors that implicated Hillary Clinton in murder and Bill 
 Clinton in cocaine abuse, and mocking the physical appearance of their young child. His brilliant career 
 was founded on daily "entertainment" of this quality.

 Mr. Limbaugh specialized in legitimizing the denigration of the least fortunate. "The poor in this country are
 the biggest piglets at the mother pig and her nipples," he complained. "And I'm sick and tired of playing the 
 one phony game I've had to play, and that is this so-called compassion for the poor. I don't have compassion 
 for the poor." Not even a hungry child or an unemployed father or an ill elderly woman was deemed by the 
 great conservative guru to be deserving of his sympathy.

 Nine Candidates in Search of an Audience 
    by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

  More seriously, what Bill Clinton and anybody else who qualifies as a Democratic senior statesman needs 
 to do is persuade the following four candidates to drop the ego trip for the sake of the party: Dennis Kucinich, 
 Carol Mosely-Braun, Al Sharpton and John Edwards. Doing so publicly might become necessary. None has 
 any chance whatsoever to become the nominee. Their participation only distracts attention from the candidates 
 who do, and contributes to the air of solemn fakery that made last week's CNN extravaganza both tedious
 and faintly embarrassing. They should endorse somebody soon and go away.

 Gene is right, as always, and he said it before I had a chance to.
 When Graham dropped out, he should've thrown his support to somebody.
 By failing to endorse someone, Graham made it look like none of the nine were worth it.
 I'd like to add Lieberman to Gene's list of four, too.

 As always, the Democrats don't want to win, and it makes me sick.
 They're trying to hand another four years to the biggest idiot in the history of politics.

 Subject: Gloria Borger 

 Dear U.S. News,

 The only problem with Gloria Borger's rather facile analysis of Democratic "hypocrisy" 
 regarding the  independent prosecutor is:

 Bill Clinton APPOINTED the independent prosecutor.

 He appointed Fiske, a Republican, who, after a thorough investigation, was ready to clear
 Clinton of any wrongdoing in Whitewater, when REPUBLICANS replaced him with Starr--not only
 a Republican, but a rabidly partisan member of the Federalist society.

 Gee, no wonder the Clintons complained about perversion of the process.

 Or did Gloria miss all that? 

 Democrats didn't complain about the independent prosecutor;  they complained about the abuse of it.

 REPUBLICANS insisted it was necessary (one of the most insistent was, of course, John Ashcroft) 
 for even the appearance of executive impropriety.  Now they INSIST it's not needed.

 Oh, irony!

 Gloria is either a poor historian or an out and out liar. 

 Ricky Z 

 Subject: Rough sex with three men

 Hey guys,
 I didn't blog this, but I do have an answer to your question. You asked:

 If she had rough sex with three men in 48 hours, and the state is using her 
 phyical condition as evidence, why is it illegal for Kobe's team to defend him? 

 The point is that there is NO EVIDENCE she had rough sex with 3 men in 48 hours. 
 You just can't ask ANY question in a court of law, you have to have a good faith basis 
 for the question, and there is nothing in evidence that would give Mackey a good faith 
 basis to ask about rough sex with 3 guys in two days.


 Keith, either the woman suffered mistreatment or she didn't.
 My point is, if she has an injury, why is it illegal to determine when she suffered it?

 If you're giving a Nancy Grace guarantee that Kobe's lawyers have nothing, that's one thing.
 But if she claims injuries, why doesn't Kobe have a right to ask, when it occured?"


"It's a lot better than you probably think. Just ask people who have been there. 
  They're stunned when they come back -- when they go to Iraq and the stories they tell 
  are much different from the perceptions that you're being told life is like." 
    --Dubya, telling the stressed-out troops to "knock it off."  Attribution

 "It's not as bad as those Vietnamese jungles - they were hell!"

 Subject: Lying scumbag GOP hypocrite?

 Hi, Bartcop!

 Just a quick note to let you know that I love your website!  You make my day with the cartoons, comments 
 and, especially the "Monkey Mail" (what morons!).  However, there's something that I should bring to your 
 attention with regard to the quote made by Tom Davis that was posted on Monday:

> "Character is always important but Bill Clinton 
>  lowered the bar so low it's not as important as it was." 
>    --  Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va

 This will probably not come as any surprise to you, but Tom Davis is about as big a hypocrite as one can 
 possibly be.  You see, he's having an affair as well.  I'm originally from his district in Fairfax County, Virginia 
 (currently living outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, but moving back to Virginia in two months).  Everyone in 
 the Democratic Party of Virginia, as well as the Fairfax County Democratic Committee (and, no doubt, the 
 RNC and Virginia GOP) knows it; it's an open secret.  The woman he's having an affair with is running for 
 the Virginia Senate. Her name is Jeannemarie Devolites.

 Tom's thrown a boatload of money into her campaigns.  That's the only way Jeannemarie could win, because 
 she's dumber than owl shit.  (Her nickname in the Virginia Democratic Party is "I.S." - "Ignorant Slut"). 
 He's also quite candidly stated to at least two Fairfax County Democrats that he specifically created a new 
 district for Jeannemarie as a "gift" to her.  Jeannemarie's husband left her about three years ago when he 
 found out that all the gossip about her and Tom was true (supposedly he caught them together).  Tom's wife, 
 Margaret, an OB-GYN in Fairfax, Virginia, separated from him last year.  (The rumor mill in Virginia politics 
 is that Jeannemarie  was also caught doing the wild thing in a maintenance closet with another Delegate. 
 The janitor caught 'em, LOL.).

 I - and many other people - are waiting for the Washington Post to catch on to this, but it'll probably never happen. 
 Looks as if they're covering Tom's ass on this and that Jeannemarie will win the Virginia Senate seat. 
 (Believe it or not, this skeezer also wants to become Lieutenant Governor - with Tom's help, of course.) 

 Of course, if word of this ever got out, they'd both scream with that superficial, phony righteous indignation
 that Republicans have mastered to an art form.  (One of Jeannemarie's daughters was convicted of armed
 robbery about two years ago.  Love those Republican "family values", LOL!

 Just thought you'd like to know . . .

 Dana W

 Dana, I had not heard those rumors, but it sounds like typical GOP antics. 
 Newt was banging his secretary while orchestrating Clinton's impeachment and the whole town
 knew about it, but they protected him because they wanted Clinton to get all the headlines.

 Washington is famous for covering up crimes and illicit affairs for Republicans,
 but they love manufacturing "scandals" for anyone with a "D" behind their name.


"I want to tell people about how bad the attacks on US and coalition forces have gotten in the last month. 
  In the last two weeks I was there we were attacked at least 20 times a day if you count all the shots we 
  heard from random sniper or opportunity attacks. We were losing at least five men a day to injuries and
  there was at least one of our unit killed every twenty four hours." 
    -- a  20-year military veteran who just got back from Iraq   Attribution

Marty's Entertainment Page
Honors for Karl Malden & Barbra Streisand
The Jimi Hendrix action figure
(Don't laugh, Jimi was a paratrooper in Vietnam)
Ozzy Osbourne scraps tour
Clint Eastwood wishes Ahnold good luck
'Rocky Horror Picture Show' finally premieres in Singapore
Jose Feliciano, the national anthem & 35 years
(I believe his NA was the first "disrespectful' version)
'No Doubt' in November
Newspaper editors voice support for LA Times series
And the prime time top 20

 Tech headaches 

 I know this sounds impossible, but as of yesterday, EVERY picture that I grab
 off the web or from my mailbox is now coming in as a BMP. 

 I don't need to know why this impossibility is screwing with me,
 but I really need it to stop because I'm too busy to convert 20 pictures a day.

 Any ideas or suggestions?
 Why does this crap keep happening to me?


 Subject: Question 

 I noticed sometimes you cut up political cartoons for your site, even when they may be
 funnier if you left them at their full size. Is this because you are trying to save space? 
 Or is it a legal issue? 


 Mostly it's just an editor doing his job.
 Sometimes, especially on a Sunday, a toonist will have a great and funny four-panel toon,
 but his contract calls for eight panels, so they do four panels of, "Hi, how are you?"

 The best jokes are the short ones.
 Words are obstacles to be hurdled.

 If you're Doonesbury, Boondocks or Get Your War On, dialog is your currency.
 But a great toonist lets the image talk, instead.

 Check out the great Bruce Yurgil.
 He's often a man of no words.

 Heidi's accident on Leno

  Last night Leno had on supermodel Heidi Klum, wearing an $11 million dollar bra-and-panty. 
  It what seem to be a non-planned incident, Jay goaded German-born Heidi into yodeling.

 While grabbing a great-looking pair of lung's worth of air, she popped the snap on her bra.
  It was so funny - her eyes got as big as the dollar pancakes at Waffle House.

 Leno and Martin Short pulled up the back of her blouse "to assist."
 That's what I call good TV.

 Halle Berry was on Dave Monday night

 She told Dave that she was hosting SNL this Saturday, and that Britney Spears was also a guest.
 Quick-thinking Dave said, "You know what that means..."

 Halle replied, "I know I'm going to have to kiss her..." (wild applause from the audience...)
 Dave said she was being a good sport about it, and Halle replied, "It should be nice..." 

 Wow - that was better than Leno working on Heidi's bra.


"Everyone laughed when the Boy Emperor trotted out the Trifecta line at dinner parties. Al Gore 
  would have been executed if he'd said it. The Gropenator didn't refute all those tales of sexual 
  assault and simply said, 'Sorry for feeling you up!' and can't remember if he admired Hitler or not, 
  but he was elected governor of California. If Gray Davis had that record and admired Hitler's abilities? 
  Lynching in Sacramento would have been guaranteed.
      --Airbeagle  Attribution

 From: Ptolemy

 Subject: Payback, thy name is polemics 

 Bart, you wrote:

>  "the GOP was desperate to impeach Clinton - but they couldn't find evidence of any crimes."

 BartCop, you are probably the lamest of the Clinton sycophants. Let me straighten you out:

 ha ha
 I like to be straightened out.

 First of all, nobody was looking to "impeach Clinton" - that's another BartCop lie. 

 So Bob Barr looking into impeachment proceedures before Monica
 was just a case of him knowing the future?  Are you Catholic?

 Clinton ASKED to be impeached when he sat before a grand jury, under oath, 
 and lied his ass off. And then tried to conspire with his cronies to cover-up the trail of malfeasance. 

 1. This was after impeachment got rolling - know your history, boy. 
 2. Clinton was acquitted of that charge - know your history, boy.
 3. Clinton's "lies" didn't get 320 brave men killed, but by your definition,
     Bush asked to be impeached when he lied about Iraq's WMDs, right?
     Good thing for Bush that the Dems are too spineless to fight fire with fire.
 4. He may have "mislead" the cock-hunters, but legally, it wasn't perjury.

 Secondly, BartCop, you dumbass, an accusation is not a conviction 

 ha ha
 You're the first monkey I've met who knows that distinction - give that monkey a banana!

 Thanks, Bart!

 ...and especially an accusation based on zero facts, like this "leaking" incident. 
 No leak has even been established outside that of Plame's husband himself 

 If you want to call Bob Novak an untrustworthy liar, I won't try to stop you, but you'd have to explain
 how Novak knew Plame was CIA if nobody leaked it to him. Does he see into the future like Bob Barr?

 ...and Bush has not said there is a traitor in the white house. 
 More of your hysterical and hyperbolic ranting. 

 Son, you don't know the facts.
 You haven't seen Bush say, "I want to find the leaker, too"?
 Perhaps you should get your "news" from more sources than just FOX.

 And lastly, Hilliary is doing a rotten job, just ask any New Yorker outside the city, 
 and this is merely the latest of her idiotic attempts at governance. 

 Sure, you're free to make gratuitous assertions, no matter how false or stupid they are.
 Too bad she kicked that Lazio boy's ass. right?  No men would dare to run against Hillary,
 so your team sent in a boy named Ricky to get mangled and stepped on by Hillary.


 Who's "making shit up" ? You, Barty, is whom.      ha ha
 Case closed on Mr. BartCop's argument. Next case please! 

 Son, you're painfully unaware of the facts.
 Please get help before you write again.

 Tell you what, send me your street address and I'll send you 50 cents so you can buy a newspaper.


"This new map has saddled Texas taxpayers with a costly and unnecessary bill -- between $10 million 
  and $20 million for a political welfare check for the GOP, all because DeLay can't figure out how to 
  convince voters to elect Republicans in Republican-leaning districts. Republicans couldn't find enough 
  money for children's health care or new schoolbooks, but they found millions for DeLay's new map. 
      --State Rep. Jim Dunham,   Tom DeLay's ugly baby

 "I'm nuts about ugly babies."

  October sticker placement contest!

 How to win:

 To get your stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to:
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 OR, you could PayPal a small donation and get your stickers within 48 hours.

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 Get yours, then send in a digital photo of where you put it.
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  Joe Conason's Journal 
  Who was behind the effort to get soldiers to sign form letters from Iraq?

  Click  Here

  Excerpt:  Grassroots or GOP?
 Since Gannett News Service reporter Ledyard King exposed those identical spammed letters "sent" by soldiers 
 in Iraq to their hometown newspapers over the weekend, the silly scam has exploded into the big media. 

 The five-paragraph letter, which appeared in at least 11 papers, told of the 503rd Airborne Infantry Regiment's 
 efforts to bring police, fire, water and sewer services to the northern city of Kirkuk. 

 Nobody knows yet who was behind the effort to get soldiers to sign the form letter and have it published -- but 
 according to Gannett, at least one soldier who supposedly signed the letter denies having done so. 

 Dear Friend,

 We need your help now.

 The NRA publishes a list of people, companies, and causes it believes are "anti-gun." A "blacklist".

 We think this list should be seen by more Americans than just NRA supporters, so we made a website to 
 showcase it. As you will see, the list is as all-American as motherhood and apple pie. Every conceivable group 
 in America is on it, from the NAACP to the AMA to the American Jewish Congress to Oprah Winfrey to 
 Bruce Springsteen to the St. Louis Cardinals. (That's right, the Cardinals. Go figure.)

 So click here http://www.nrablacklist.com to see the NRA's list. 
 Then add your name to a blacklist that really is an "honor roll." 

 The NRA can be defeated with your help. The time is now, so please join us.

 Please forward http://www.nrablacklist.com to your friends and ask them to join the blacklist too!

 Sarah Brady

 Subject: Bart, you know squat about tigers 

 Try watching a little Discovery Channel. Tigers and other big cats don't kill large prey by tearing out their throats... 
 they kill by squeezing their windpipes until the prey suffocates.

 I don't care if Montecore was living a cosy menage a troi with Siegfried and Roy for 10 years... 
 He's still a tiger... still has tiger instincts... has an IQ considerably lower than yours... and is ultimately unpredictable. 

 Why are you so hot to protect the "special" relationship of Siegfried and  Roy to their tigers? 
 If they were honest about it, they would simply say working with tigers is a calculated risk and they'd beaten 
 the odds for 15,000 plus performances. But that doesn't mean Montecore is a bad pussy, and nobody is
 trying to say that. Sheesh, find a new topic!

 Yer faithful reader

 John, I believe your position is inconsistent.
 You say the tigers stuck to their training for 15,000 shows,
 then you say a tiger is "ultimately unpredictable."

 You seem to be saying I should listen to your opinion of tigers and ignore that of Siegfried.
 It's my opinion they know more about tigers than you, and they know more about Montecore,
 but I respect your opinion and I appreciate you sharing it with us.

 Subject:  Praise mail

 Hey Bartcop,

 Been reading your site for a while now, and I have to say congrats.  It's really nice to see 
 a liberal who's not afraid to tell the truth and speak his mind.

 I'm just a High School kid growing up in Massachussets of all places, and the place is full of 
 ineffectual, lazy, rich democrat types who think we should act all civilized and not use dirty 
 tactics (read: Do Nothing), so it's really refreshing to see someone who isn't a wussy, 
 ultra-moderate punching bag with a forum.

 It's really fucking amazing how jaded you get when you're politicized at a young age in the age of Bush. 
 I've become a crotchety old man at age 15.  My parents grew up in the 60s, and are always talking about 
 keeping your head up and shit, but if they can steal an election once, what's to stop them from doing it again, 
 especially in their current position of power, and with the constant post-9/11 propaganda machine working 
 in their favor?  I mean, you can get a nationally syndicated radio or television show and go on and call 
 Chelsea Clinton the white house dog, or say we should "keep the wetbacks out of the country", but you 
 get pulled for being anti-war, or making a factual claim about Bush being an AWOL  S.O.B.

 What really pisses me off is how the far right try to position themselves as "friends" of all the people they 
 screw regularly.  They pay a lot of lip service to supporting the Police, Firemen, Military, etc., while 
 simultantiously cutting their funding and sending troops to die in a fake, unnessecary war. 

 One more thing.  I'm a fan of Garbage and all, but seriously, where do you get ALL those pictures of 
 Shirley Manson?  I'm not trying to criticize, I just didn't know she even HAD so many photos taken of her.

 Sorry for the disjointed nature of this letter.  I've been meaning to write for a long time, so my ideas just 
 sorta kept piling up.  Keep the Hammer swinging, or whatever the saying is (I'm a newbie).  And enjoy 
 savoring Rush's troubles.  I know I will.


 Bring us home now; we're dying for oil and corporate greed

   Click  Here

 CFTM-- "How are you today? Resting I hope?"

 USA-- "Can't sleep for shit and I have horrible nightmares when I do sleep. I might be lucky to catch an hour 
 at a time before the nightmares wake me up. 

 CFTM-- "Did you see a lot of your buddies get killed? How did it affect you?"

 USA-- "How the hell do you think it affected me? I saw over 30 of the men I had to keep safe die, and over 
 100 get wounded and not come back. I still don't know if some of the wounded men made it or not. I was 
 never told before I came back home."

 CFTM-- "So it really was awful and as bad as some returning troops have claimed?"

 USA-- "It was like a long trip to hell that you knew you might return from. Of course it is as bad as the soldiers 
 say it is. Hell it's even worse if the truth has to come out. It's a constant fucking nightmare trying to figure out 
 where the guerillas are going to hit, how to keep the civilians calm, and also getting enough water and food to eat. 
 We had to go to some Iraqi people and trade socks and underwear for some food and water."

 Who is the extremely-biased "reporter" that CNN has covering the Kobe Bryant hearing?

 Good Lord, she makes Nancy Grace seem like a Kobe defense lawyer.
 She called Pamela Mackey "a terrorist" for using the accuser's name, and she just said "Kobe is presumed guilty!"
 She said there's no way Kobe and the alleged victim are on the same moral plane, because Kobe was guilty!

 ...and I thought Kobe couldn't get a fair trial in all-white Eagle County!

 Jesus, I expect nothing but whores when I turn on CNN or FOX News, but they apparently have decided
 to do away with any pretense of fairness and just please the crowd with this, "We all know he did it," talk.

 Her name is Wendy, I think, and she's laying the groundwork for the accuser to sue Kobe's lawyers
 for the actions they take defending their client. Christ, woman, put your Kobe-hatred in neutral for a moment.

 I gotta tell you, I'm really old, and I follow the media more than most, and I've never seen anything like this.
 CNN knows more people will watch a Kobe lynching than some bullshit "fair trial," so they're giving the 
 viewers not the facts, but what they perceive as the spin the majority of viewers would like to see.

 Watching the media spin itself farther away from the truth and the facts every day,
 Will they continue to try to out-whore each other, getting worse by the hour?
 What will be the status of the media in five years? In ten years?

 That's nothing new, but shouldn't we let the hearing finish (screw the trial) before we lynch Kobe? 

Click to Enter

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was  times 332  ....this issue it's  times 332
                                                                                                         They got zero of our boys since last issue.

 Soon, we'll be at 400.
 How long before we hit 600?
 How long before we hit 1000?

 Total deaths since President Giggles said, "Bring 'em On":  127  127

 From:  http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, 1815  1831  wounded -   WOW! 16 more wounded?
 and many of them are missing arms, legs and eyes.

 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?

Something on your mind?
 Call the

You have two minutes to speak your piece.

 Bush to meet his boy, Arnold

  Click  Here

 Bush departed for California on Wednesday to meet with Gov.-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

 Bush will be there for a two-day stopover en route toAsia and Australia. 
 While in California, he'll give two speeches on the economy and attend a pair of re-election fund-raisers. 

 The White House is hoping the action star's victory last week bodes well for Bush's campaign in 2004. 
 The meeting takes place on Thursday.

 I hope Arnold has plenty of Chap Stick.

 So if you have something important, something, that can't wait, send it to Sam at  sam@bartcop.com
 She has my phone numbers and can reach me right away.

 Can't get in the members section?

 Click  Here  to reach Sam at her new address.

 Have a good time today - that's not just a suggestion, it's damn good advice... 

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