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Volume 1176 - Mr. Hydrocodone

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 Tuesday    October 14, 2003


"The problem with painkillers is they also work on existential pain,
  the kind that originates in the mind —such as might be experienced by a
  right-wing radio host who doesn’t have Bill Clinton to torture anymore.
    --  Jerry Adler in Newsweek  Attribution

 ha ha

 The vulgar junkie went into Clinton withdrawal.

 Wesley Clark's fledgling campaign hits its stride 

  Click  Here

 Wesley Clark used to run wars. Now, with the same persistence that propelled him to the rank
 of four-star general and supreme commander of NATO, he is prospecting for support, one vote
 at a time, in the nooks and crannies of early presidential primary states.

 There's no denying the appeal of Clark's star-spangled résumé. After just one month as a politician,
 the investment banker and CNN commentator from Little Rock has emerged as a strong competitor.
 Not only has he jumped ahead of his rivals in some polls and raised an impressive amount of money,
 he is also proving a capable campaigner. But Clark's campaign, unlike those of his well-established
 rivals, is still very much a start-up.


 1/4 of U.S. Troops Lack Body Armor 

  Click  Here

“Nearly one-quarter of the 130,000 U.S. troops in Iraq still have not been issued
 a new type of ceramic body armor strong enough to stop bullets fired from assault rifles.
 Delays in funding, production and shipping mean it will be December before all troops
 in Iraq will have the vests, which were introduced four years ago, military officials say.

 Just like his Daddy in Somalia, he sent troops into harm's way without enough armor.

"There was no time to wait, we had to invade right away!"

 Five Questions for Rush to Face

  Click  Here

 How did he get the drugs?

 In his flurry of revelations on the radio Friday, Rush was notably vague on this point.

"Part of what you have heard and read in the past week is correct," he said, then added:
"The stories you've read - the stories you've heard - contain inaccuracies and distortions,
 and I'm going to clear those up when I am finally free to speak about them."

 He did not address the allegations, laid out in numerous media reports, that he had bought
 thousands and thousands of illegal pills through his maid. That allegation is now being
 investigated by authorities in Palm Beach County, Fla., leaving Rush exposed to serious
 penalties, including the possibility of long prison time.

 Will his own experience soften his staunch support of harsh drug laws?


"They claimed that we were smart enough to build WMDs capable of threatening the world,
  but now they treat us like Red Indians on a reservation at the end of the 19th century.''
     --An Iraqi businessman,    Attribution

 French sleaze inquiry targets Halliburton subsidiary

  Click  Here

 The public prosecutor's office in Paris said yesterday it was opening a formal judicial inquiry
 into alleged corruption by a French engineering firm and Dick Cheney's Halliburton.

 The financial crimes squad in Paris believes a French oil and gas engineering firm, Technip, and
 particularly the Halliburton subsidiary KBR were jointly involved during the 1990s in the payment
 of up to $200m of under-the-counter "commissions" in relation to a huge gas contract in Nigeria.

"Get out!  Under the table money is illegal?"

 Subject: Rush's lying

 We can now add two more lies to the mountain Rush produces.

 He said he was addicted to prescription pain pills.  But he doesn't have a prescription.
 This lie is obvious on the face of it and is why the police are investigating him now.

 A second lie is that it is pain medication.  You don't use thousands of Oxycontin pills for "pain medication."
 You use that number for euphoria - Rush was just getting high.  If he needed those numbers, he could not
 play golf as he does all the time.  Hell, you couldn't even walk.

 I fail to see why we should not apply the Rush Rule of Proof in this case.  The RRoP is simply that if anyone
 accuses someone they don't like of anything then they have to be guilty.  Rush used this rule against Clinton,
 Gore and McCain and to a lesser extent Buchanan.  Under the Goose/Gander rule we can apply the RRoP to Rush.
 Therefore, he is an illegal drug addicted Hillbilly Heroin user.
 The difference between Rush and those he accuses is that Rush is <i>really</i> guilty of what he is accused of.

 The Rush apologists are all calling for compassion now.  Screw that.  Rush never gave any compassion to those he
 disagrees with.  And any liberal that is calling for compassion now is a weak kneed Uncle Tom that causes us to lose elections.
 I say to them, "Grow a backbone you jellyfish!"  If you don't help remove the problem then you are the problem.


 Subject: dangerous animals


 This thing about people trying to touch tigers and bears and setting their kids on top of wild buffalo is what one of
 my favorite writers, Peter Hathaway Capstick, calls the Disneyfication of America. Mr. Capstick is not unbiased,
 and his creds in the world of conservationists are probably suspect, but he was a safari guide and wildlife office in
 Africa for 30 or so years and had a pretty thorough knowledge of the many ways people fail to appreciate the
 dangers of wild animals. He blamed much of it on Disney and the wildlife programs and movies like Born Free.
 Though today, you could also assign some of the blame to the proliferation of warm-fuzzy or romanticized animal
 documentaries and the tendency among some people to say that humans aren't the natural prey of carnivores.
 We don't like to see ourselves as meat, but anything  that will eat a monkey will eat a human, too.

 If that Tiger wanted to kill Roy, Roy would be dead. But on the other hand, sometimes a tiger will simply grab someone
 and carry him off, to kill and eat at its leisure, especially if there are a lot of people around screaming and yelling and
 trying to stop the tiger. Trying to second guess a tiger's motivations when it grabs someone by the throat is an exercise
 in futility. I don't think the tiger should be killed, but I also wouldn't wait until he bites someone else to decide if he is
 dangerous. If the tiger were a pit bull, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

 If it is true about the woman with the big hair, then I'd say that Roy recognized what was about to happen.
 That "fascination" was more than likely the beginning of a stalk, and the tiger was probably about to jump on that woman.
 If you get between a tiger and it's prey, you are probably going to get bitten. If anything, Roy probably saved both the
 woman and the tiger. He should get a medal. Not many people would do what he did, knowing what he knew.

 Jeff Crook


"September the 11, 2001, moved our country to grief -- and moved our country to action.
  We made a pledge that day, and we have kept it:
     -- President Dumbass, in N.H., 10/09/03,   Attribution

 Wait, you captured bin Laden, al Qaeda and Saddam?
  I wonder why FOX News and the vulgar junkie haven't mentioned that?

   "bin Laden's not important.
     He's just one man.
     He doesn't concern me!"

     Your ad could go here

Dozens will see it.

 Kentucky Catholics Settle 27 Sex-abuse Cases

  Click  Here

 The Roman Catholic Diocese of Covington has agreed to pay nearly $5.2 million to 27 people
 who said priests sexually abused them in their youth. The men and women had accused at least
 six priests of abuse in the 1960s and 1970s at parishes in Lexington and northern Kentucky.

 This will continue until the parishoners demand the priests go zero tolerance on child rape.
 So far, the priests are fighting zero tolerance tooth and crucifix.

 To rebuild Iraq: What about organized GOP crimes?
   by Bruce Ticker - saw it on

  Click  Here

 To the tune of $290 million, "More than 165 firehouses were destroyed by the war and by looting,
 and there are no radios or firefighter gear."

 Talking about firehouses, New York City - site of the 9-11 attacks - is closing down firehouses to save money.

 While homeless folks have slept on the lawn across from the White House, El Presidente wants to spend
 $100 million on 3,528 new houses in seven areas of Iraq.

 He hopes to give local governments $90 million to "help 266 cities build public information centers to disseminate
 information about municipal services." Is the next step to create municipal services? Philadelphia could use $90 million.

 Border enforcement in Iraq would cost $150 million at a time when border patrols at the Candadian and Mexican
 borders are stretched thin. As post office hours in Maine towns and Philadelphia's Suburban Station (near my office)
 are being reduced, Iraq would receive $9 million to upgrade its postal system.

 Man charged with teaching dog Hitler salute
  So incredibly stupid, it has to come from

   Click  Here

 A German man is to appear in court charged with teaching his dog to give the Hitler salute.
 The black sheepdog, Adolf, has been taught to lift his right front paw up straight in the salute on command.

 Cops were called - when they arrived, he allegedly showed them the trick he had taught his dog,
 gave the salute along with Adolf, and shouted: "Sieg Heil."

 Question about Al Sharpton

  Is Rev Al guilty of "Tawana Brawley" for certain?

  Could he be guilty of believing a girl who ultimately was found to be lying?

 Payback, thy name is politics
   by a whore named Gloria Borger

  Click  Here

 Hillary argued against the appointment of an independent counsel in the Whitewater case.
 It would "set a terrible precedent," she writes in Living History. She loses the fight--and goes on
 to say that the decision to request an independent counsel was a bad idea that "sapped the
 administration's energy . . . unfairly invaded the lives of innocent people, and diverted America's
 attention from the challenges we faced at home and abroad."

 But that was then. Today, Clinton is blessed by new revelations about the usefulness of special counsels.
 The controversy over the leaking of the name of a CIA agent has "reached a level where there needs to be
 a thorough, nonpartisan, professional investigation," she says. "The best way to assure the general public,
 as well as interested parties, that this is going to be conducted in a totally aboveboard way with no conflict
 of interest entering into it is to appoint a special counsel."

 O, Irony!

 That's not irony, that's a paid-for whore making shit up.
 In 1998, the GOP was desperate to impeach Clinton - but they couldn't find evidence of any crimes.
 In 2003, Bush himself says there's a traitor in the White House, but he's in no hurry to find him.

 What a stupid and clumsy attack that was.
 Is Hillary doing such a perfect job that that is your best shot at attacking her?

 I've got some news for you, Sunshine!
 Betraying America and getting a blow job aren't equal "crimes."
 There was never a reason to launch an investigation inside Clinton's zipper,
 and there's every reason to find out who the loose-lipped traitor is.

 Clinton's lies hurt Hillary and Chelsea - emotionally.
 Bush's lies have sucked the lives and futures out of 332 brave men and women.

 It ain't the same.

Marty's Entertainment Page
Disinfotainment Today' by Michael Dare
Harvey Pekar's newspaper column
Jack Black wants to play Ozzy
Dan Aykroyd & video on demand
Apple's iTunes for Windows
It's 'Time Warner' again - no AOL
And a show winning cat

  Up in Heaven, Alexander the Great, Frederick the Great and Napoleon are looking down on events in Iraq.

 Alexander says, "Wow, if I had just one of Bush's armored divisions, I would definitely have conquered India."

 Frederick the Great states, "Surely if I only had a few squadrons of Bush's air force I would have won the
 Seven Years War decisively in a matter of weeks."

 There is a long pause as three continue to watch events.  Then Napoleon speaks,
"And if I only had that Fox News, no one would have ever known that I lost the Russia campaign."

 Saw it on

  Do you have an online business?

 How are sales - a little slow do to Bush's ongoing recession?
 Have you considered advertising on
 Here's what an advertiser wrote today:

 Just wanted to let you know the Stats up to this point:

 1st day ad ran I had 753 hits.
 My average with zero advertising has been around 40 hits a day.
 As of 10/12/03 I've had 4400 hits!!!

 Best $40 I've ever spent.

$40 gets you two days worth of ads.
 Could your website or business use 4400 hits?

 Bryant's Defense Tactics Are Criticized 

   Click  Here

"We were disgusted that the defense team referred to the victim by name -- that's a violation of a
 court order -- and then proceeded to smear her in a public forum," said Cynthia Stone, of the
 Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault. "Trying to shift the blame is a standard tactic for
 rape defendants, but this was a new low in attacking the victim."

 In the public hearing Thursday, Mackey repeatedly mentioned the name of the 19-year-old
 woman who has charged Bryant with a violent rape -- despite an order barring the use of the name.
 And Mackey suggested, without offering evidence, that the woman had been promiscuous with other men.
 The Colorado Rape Shield law prohibits mention of an alleged victim's sexual history except in rare circumstances."

 I have a question:
 Why is the physical condition of the accuser considered evidence,
 but it's illegal to try to determine her physical condition before she met Kobe?

 If she had rough sex with three men in 48 hours, and the state is using her
 phyical condition as evidence, why is it illegal for Kobe's team to defend him?

 I very much agree that saying her name six times (according to Nancy Grace) is wrong but it's also stupid
 and self-defeating. As the Kobe-is-guilty crowd point out, this woman's name and face and address are all
 over the internet, so what did Mackey have to gain by angering the judge?


"If California's middle classes have any cause to feel raped and pillaged in recent years, clearly the culprits
  are Arnold's eminence grise, Pete Wilson, who deregulated the utilities to begin with, and the Bushite power
  cartels like Enron which looted California's consumers during the phony energy crisis of 2000-01. And it is the
  Bush administration that has told bankrupt state and municipal governments everywhere to "drop dead" while it
  shovels billions into the black hole it has created in Iraq. Fiscal crisis should be an issue owned by the Democrats."
     --Mike Davis,  who clearly reads     The Day of the Locust

  Enron and the B.F.E.E. stole more from Cali-fornia than the current decifit.
  They had a net plus, a surplus if you don't count Bush's energy rape.
  Why didn't Davis mentiuon that every time he opened his mouth?
  Was he looking to retire, and maybe get in a chorus line of pink tutus?

   "We don't want to win - and we love Dubya the war hero."

 Everybody needs to pay attention.

Baseball playoffs

 As of Monday night, the Sox are 2-2 and the Cubbies are 3-2.
 There's a chance it'll be the Red Sox vs the Cubs in the World Series.

 This is scary damn stuff.
 This is like Britney winning the Grammy.
 Or  winning "most intelligent website."

 You non-baseball fans might need help putting this is perspective.
 But just in case, ... your great-grandfather was too young to remember the last Cubs Series.

 This is like some goddamn non-Sol comet.
 It only swings around every 178 years - the Red Sox vs the Cubs in the World Series.

 If you have a diety, pray to it.
 I want to see this comet streak across the sky.

 Seriously, I grew up Catholic and baseball.
 This weird convergence could mean something.

 Subject: Jonah Goldberg

 Bart, you wrote:

> Luci, have you told Jonah who his real Daddy is?

 Oh, that is truly cold.
 I have to say that if I hadn't had the unfortunate pleasure of knowing Jonah in college,
 AND if he wasn't such a little pinhead weasel today, that I would be extremely offended
 by you pulling Lucianne's children into the spotlight and  commenting on them.

 But because I knew him AND he's in the public domain already, it's fucking hilarious!!!!

 Keep at it!!
 Greg B

 Greg, I wanted to make it colder but I was in a hurry.

 If Clinton were an addict, how Rush might spin it

  Click  Here

"Bill Clinton has admitted an addiction to prescription drugs.

"It's interesting to see the way the liberal media are playing this. I'm looking at a copy of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch,
 the Saturday, October 11th, edition - the day after the big announcement. Well, the story is on Page 2, and right next
 to his photograph, in large boldface print, is the following quote: 'I take full responsibility for this problem.'

"That's interesting, folks, because if you look at his actual statement - not what the liberal media say he said, but
 what he really said - you get a different take on it. First, he says he's got back problems. So he's blaming it on that.
 Then he says he had surgery, but the surgery wasn't successful. So he's blaming it on the doctors. Then he says the
 pain medication was addictive. So he's blaming it on the pharmaceutical companies.

 Folks, he blames it on everybody but himself! But as long as he puts in that obligatory line about taking responsibility,
 that's what the liberal media are going to grab: Clinton takes full responsibility!"

 I wonder if the vulgar junkie is in one of those bootcamp deals, where they start the healing by "breaking him,'
 calling him a "worthless maggot" and breaking down his extreme arrogance and over-inflated self-importance.
 Maybe a bootleg video will show up on eBay.

 I watched some former junkie on CNN Monday - he said kicking Mr. Hydrocone is damn hard.
 He said he just kept throwing up, from the very bottom of his stomach - again and again.
 He said it went on and on for weeks and he was sure he was very near death.

 Lick some heels, Rush.

 Rummy surprised by resistance in Iraq

  Click  Here

"Rumsfeld said he was surprised by the effectiveness of Saddam loyalists to sustain the Iraq conflict
 long after the end of major combat operations. He called the continuing fighting serious but described it as low intensity....
"I suppose on reflection the thing that probably surprised me the most is the ability of the so-called Fedayeen Saddam
 to terrorise and frighten the Iraqi people and cause them to not come over to the other side," Rumsfeld said.

 I can barely spell "Pentagon," but I'll bet one of the first rules of war is "Don't underestimate the enemy,"
 especially when you're invading his home country and bombing his home town and his wife and kids.

 October sticker placement contest!

 How to win:

 To get your stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to:
 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK 74155
 OR, you could PayPal a small donation and get your stickers within 48 hours.

 The stickers are free, but donations are accepted.

 Get yours, then send in a digital photo of where you put it.
 (Please don't vandalize anything with these stickers)
 Click  Here   for the best October stickers

 Subject: Picky, picky


 I wonder if I was the only one who got your pun when Booger didn't like his name,
 and you replied, "Picky, picky." It's this sort of humor (well, plus the Shirley and Burke pics...and the news)
 that keeps me coming back to your site.


Web design and HTML authoring,
Web site maintenance, Internet Consulting

 Back home, some don't support the vulgar junkie

  Click  Here

 Willis Segraves, who used to cut hair while Rush shined shoes, said he favors Democrats,
 "and I think Rush wouldn't care for Jesus if Jesus was a Democrat, so we don't agree on a lot."

"But he should kick this habit and get his life together, and I hope he does," Segraves said.

 Subject: Pigboy & prison


 Love your site. I feel the need to respond to your call to put the Pigboy in prison, though.

 Think about where the investigation is happening: Florida
 Who is governor of Florida? Dubya's brother.
 Who is Dubya's cheerleader? Pigboy!

 Do you think Pigboy will really get what he deserves?
 No, he'll never be formally charged and go free to spout his version of hate and venom to his legions of dittoheads.

 Just felt the need to point that out. Keep up the great work

 Michael Huff

 Desperate Drug Rush

  Click  Here

"A desperate, drug-addicted Limbaugh begged his dealer to score him a final, explosive dope cocktail
 just two weeks before he attempted to detox last year, a new report says.  The call was one of dozens
 he made to his housekeeper, Wilma Cline, 42, who doubled as his supplier.

"Just two weeks [to detox] . . . I kind of want to go out with a bang, if you get my drift," Limbaugh wrote
 in an e-mail to Cline.  In another he wrote: "An additional 100 or 200 would do."

 Cline also said he was so desperate to get his hands on painkillers that he pressured one man into
 handing over pills prescribed for his wife after she'd had a miscarriage.
 Cline said he had also scored pills from a stenographer with a broken leg.

"He was shameless. If he knew anyone who was suffering pain, he would try to persuade them to share their pills."

 I get up around seven
 Get outta bed around nine
 And I don't worry about nothin' no
 Cause worryin's a waste of my...time

 The show usually starts around noon
 As I go live I'm snorting a line
 Get on the mic slurring my words
 Popping a pill and feelin' fine

 I've been dancin' with
 Mr. Hydrocodone
 He's been knockin'
 He won't leave me alone

 I used ta do a little
 but a little wouldn't do
 So the little got more and more
 I just keep tryin'
 ta get a little better
 a little better than before
 I used ta do a little
 but a little wouldn't do
 So the little got more and more
 I just keep tryin'
 ta get a little better
 a little better than before

 I've been dancin' with
 Mr. Hydrocodone
 He's been knockin'
 He won't leave me alone

 Now I get up around whenever
 I used ta get up on time
 But that old man Hydro
 is a real mother-effer
 Hope to kick it on down the line

 Get well soon, Pigboy!

 Subject: War and suicide


 War is a devastating nightmare for both the people whose country it's waged in
 and the military who are sent there to fight.  My brother Bill told me that more men
 committed suicide during and after Nam than died in actual combat there.

 I assume that doesn't apply to those who kept the Texas sky safe from the Vietcong.

 True Confessions
 Limbaugh built an army of admirers with his hard-right rants.
 But off-air, he was a lonely man who may have broken the law to feed his addiction.

  Click  Here

 But Limbaugh’s story owes more to the “Wizard of Oz” than “The Scarlet Letter.”
 The man behind the curtain is not the God of Family Values but a childless, twice-divorced,
 thrice-married schlub whose idea of a good time is to lie on his couch and watch football endlessly.
 When Rush Limbaugh declared to his radio audience that he was “your epitome of morality of virtue,
 a man you could totally trust with your wife, your daughter, and even your son in a Motel 6 overnight,”
 he was acting.

 He regards himself as an entertainer who is very pleased that people pay attention to his political views,”
 says Whore Street Journal editorial writer John Fund.

"I beat women - got any?"

 John, I believe we've caught you in another lie.
 Rush considers himself the most important man in America.
 Rush considers himself a prophet bringing messages from God.

 ...or are you saying he's just taking God's name in vain to make more millions?

 Subject: Tiger talk


 Dave the Lawyer wrote:

"Cats like this carry their cubs around in their mouths all the time,
 they know how to do it without breaking skin. "

 Sure they do, but cats have a big patch of extra, flexible skin on the backs of their necks
 that make this possible. (I've seen people pick cats up this way, as well.)

 Obviously, Roy did not have this skin, but there's no way his kitty knew this.
 I agree that the tiger may have been trying to help him...


 John, I'm surprised it isn't obvious to more people.
 For example, everyone has held a hamburger patty in their hands, right?
 Now imagine a hamburger patty that weighs 150 pounds.
 If you tried to lift it, it would just break apart in your hands.

 Another example:
 You can drop an ant ten feet onto concrete and it'll just walk away.
 But if you drop an elephant two inches onto concrete and he'll have four broken legs.

 Montecore set to rejoin other cats today

  Click  Here

 A veterinarian has thoroughly examined the tiger, and found no problems, said a Mirage spokesman.
 The now infamous tiger will rejoin its relatives today at the Secret Garden. The tiger had been in isolation at the garden.

"Montecore is acting normal," Feldman said, stressing that the tiger, in keeping with Horn's wishes, will not be harmed
 or put to death. "He's been under observation since this happened. I can imagine no reason whatsoever that anything
 will happen to him other than the fact that he'll be protected and kept at home at the Secret Garden."

"He's making the turn as we speak from survival to recovery," said Dave Kirvin, a spokesman for Siegfried & Roy.
 Thousands of people worldwide continue to reach out to Horn to wish him well, though he may never perform again.

 Siegfried said Roy's bond with his animals is so powerful that the 63 tigers and lions under Horn's command consider
 him to be one of them. If the tiger wanted to kill Horn, Fischbacher said, the illusionist would be dead.
 Some noted tiger experts, however, say the tiger did try to maul its trainer.

 "Noted tiger experts?"
 Who would they be?

 Can anybody name a "noted" tiger expert?
 The last guy I saw handling tigers before Roy had a chair and a whip in his hands.

Baseball, pro and college football, and Eldrick Woods!
...and more

Click to Enter

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was  times 329,  ....this issue it's  times 332
                                                                                                         They got three of our boys since last issue.

 Soon, we'll be at 400.
 How long before we hit 600?
 How long before we hit 1000?

 Total deaths since President Giggles said, "Bring 'em On":  124  127


 Plus, 1781  1815  wounded - WOW! 34 more wounded since the weekend,
 and many of them are missing arms, legs and eyes.

 How much more are we willing to tolerate?

Something on your mind?
 Call the

You have two minutes to speak your peace.

 Subject: Laura the Unloved...

 I was reading the story on Rush Limbaugh (10/13), and saw a reference to pics of "Laura the Unloved,"
 "spread-legged" and so forth. I wasn't quite sure where to go with that, visualization-wise, or just in terms
 of disseminating information. Can you steer me to the referenced images?


 Ralph, I sure can.
 Be forewarned, these are tacky (and true) pictures of a dirty-legged whore.
 There's one picture that I had to censor because it's just sooooooooooooo incredibly vulgar.

 When this crazy bitch found out she could make big bucks by screaming obscenities at people who
 did such awful things as go to a strip club, she pretended to turn all holier-than-thou, but her lying ass
 continues to spew the hatred to this very day.

 In the back pages, you can find the full story.  I even have audio clips oif this slut saying,
"I have no memory of being in those positions," which is another lie by this dirty-legged whore.
 If she doesn't remember posing with her knees three feet apart - what does she remember?

 When these pictures hit the web in October 1998 (when she got caught) this lying tramp
 at first denied the pictures were of her, which was another lie. Then she claimed she owned
 the pictures, which makes you wonder why laura the Slut would own such horrifically graphic
 vagina pictures of some other woman, then she finally settled on this whopper:

"I took those pictures when I was 29, and you don't really know yourself until you're thirty."
 This crazy bitch can't tell the truth - she's one, big continuing lie.

 Keep in mind, these are not "titty" pictures - these are lying-slut hypocrite pictures.

  Click  Here

 Laura, if you don't want people reminded of what a dirty-legged slut you are
 feel free to sue me.

 So if you have something important, something, that can't wait, send it to Sam at
 She has my phone numbers and can reach me right away.

 Can't get in the members section?

 Click  Here  to reach Sam at her new address.

 Have a good time today - that's just a suggestion...

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