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Volume 1175 - Cold turkey

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 Monday    October 13, 2003


"Our CIA source says the continuing controversy over Plame stems more from Bush's failure to
  clean house at the CIA of Clinton-Gore careerists that still dominate there. But the CIA is not
  the only problem, Clinton-Gore careerists still run State, Defense and most other agencies.
  Why the administration has dragged its feet in cleaning house and appointing their own people,
  as all previous administrations have done, is not clear." email,    from the whores at

 I believe I know a way to get to the bottom of this.
 Since the lady and her company have already been outted, hold public hearings on live TV.
 Put everyone under oath and guarantee prison time for anyone who lies, even a little bit.
 After all, this is life-and-death and national security - not consensual sex between adults.

 They'll be singing like Yoko in no time.

 Source confirms Limbaugh investigation 

  Click  Here

 Law enforcement sources who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed to The AP
 that Limbaugh was being investigated for by the Palm Beach County, Fla., state attorney's office.

 In the past, Limbaugh has decried drug use and abuse on his bluntly conservative show, mocking
 Bill Clinton for not inhaling and often making the case that drug crimes deserve punishment.

"Drug use, some might say, is destroying this country. And we have laws against selling drugs,
 pushing drugs, using drugs, importing drugs. ... And so if people are violating the law by doing drugs,
 they ought to be accused and they ought to be convicted and they ought to be sent up," Limbaugh said
 on his short-lived television show on Oct. 5, 1995.

 The reason the vulgar junkie came clean is right here.

 Just like Clinton and the blue dress, Drugboy didn't come clean until the evidence was published.
 Just like Laura the Unloved and her spread-legged pictures, Rush choose to deny everything until
 the proof was so clear that he had no choice but to confess his illegal drug crimes.

 Ashcroft says he wants the maximum possible sentences for drug abusers in all cases,
 but he's willing to make an exception for people who have an "R" behind their name.


 Suicide Blasts Kill 6 Near Baghdad Hotel 

              Law and order a la Pinhead

  Click  Here

“Suicide attackers struck again Sunday, this time with twin car bombs in the heart of Baghdad that fell short
 of a hotel full of Americans but exploded on a busy commercial street, killing six bystanders and wounding dozens.

 It was the seventh fatal vehicle bombing in Iraq since early August, attacks that have taken more than 140 lives.
 All have targeted institutions perceived as cooperating with the U.S, and none has been reported solved. .

 "One thing's for sure - we belong in Iraq..."

 Army probes soldier suicides

  Click  Here

 Alarmed by the number of suicides among soldiers in Iraq, the Army has asked a team of doctors
 to determine whether the stress of combat and long deployments is contributing to the deaths.

 Duh!  Ya think?

 The Unelected President doesn't care, as long as he gets to steal that oil...

 Army officials caution against drawing general conclusions based on small changes. But they sent a
 mental-health team to Iraq last month to study various issues, including suicides and treatment available
 for soldiers suffering from depression.

 Wouldn't that be every soldier, sailor and marine over there?

 Dispatched by the Army surgeon general's office, the team consists of psychologists, psychiatrists,
 social workers and the manager of the Army's suicide-prevention program. The team has surveyed
 700 soldiers and held discussions in which GIs were encouraged to talk freely.

 Oh sure, and the ones who 'frankly' asked, "What the hell are we doing in this God-forsaken shithole?"
 weren't court-martialed or anything.

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"Bush seems oddly complacent about the fact that one or two of his top people may have intentionally
  exposed an undercover CIA agent, compromising that agent's work, safety and undercover contacts.
  That's an incredibly serious matter, and the continued presence of such a person in the White House
  ought to worry the president immensely. The fact that the exposure was an act of petty, mean-spirited
  political revenge against a political opponent ought to outrage him, particularly given his pledge to
  restore integrity to the White House. But apparently it doesn't."
    --Editorial, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution,   Attribution

 Everyone knows the answer to this:  Rove promised Pinhead he wouldn't do it again,
 and since Clinton's cock was not involved, a crime could not have occured.

 Letter to the President
  saw it on

  Click  Here

 Mr. President, you could use a few more team players on your staff. Right now, you have two wars on your hands;
 the war in Iraq, and the slightly more bloody war between the State Department and the Department of Defense.
 Things have gotten so bad that Colin Powell has even threatened to ‘take hostages' in his battle with Don Rumsfeld.

 Rumsfeld is also involved in a heated brouhaha with Condoleezza Rice over who gets to be in charge of the Iraq
 Stabilization Group. It seems like Rumsfeld, who now is fighting an interdepartmental battle on two fronts, appears
 ready to snap. He recently berated a reporter with, "I said I don't know. Isn't that clear? You don't understand English?"
 The funny thing is that the reporter was German, and he may not actually understand English.

 Subject: How 'bout them Cowboys?

 Sorry man, just had to rub it in a little. ha ha

 Randy (Bartcop fan & Cowboys fan)

 I hate those Cowboys!
 At least Oklahoma beat Texas by 85 points Saturday...

 Subject: Siegfried & Roy

 The German Duo are in love with their cats.  They are members of the family.
 Of course, they're going to rationalize away the bite that Montecore put on Roy.
 They don't want harm to come to their child. And we'll ignore the condemnation
 of their act and their antics that this incident demonstrates.

 I understand, but disagree, with the first part, but what does the underlined sentence mean?
 Whose condemnation are we ignoring?   PETA?  Do we allign ourselves with PETA?
 I think PETA is the epitome of taking a good idea so far that it becomes a bad idea.

 If the tiger just wanted to pull Roy from safety, it wouldn't have sunk its teeth into his neck.

 It's my guess gravity was the problem, not the tiger's teeth.

 Cats like this carry their cubs around in their mouths all the time, they know how to do it without breaking skin.

 Somebody's been listening to Rush.
 A tiger cub isn't 5' 10", doesn't weigh 150 pounds and doesn't have 59 year-old skin.
 You're blaming Montecore for failing to understand that he can't pick up all his "friends" the same way.

 Montecore was pissed, hence the pressure applied to Roy's neck.
 A tiger is still a tiger, no matter how much love and affection is given to it.

 Rush said those same words, in the same order, last week.
 If Montecore was pissed, why is Roy still alive?
 And that's borderline goofy to say, "A tiger is a tiger."
 How did they do between 6,000 and 30,000 safe shows if "a tiger is a tiger?"

 A big cat expert is going to be in a better position to judge the nature of Montecore's action,
 than someone that is emotionally invested in both the cat, and the lifestyle/show that is epitomized by it.
 Just my opinion, but I'd go with the experts over the guy that's in love with the cat.

 Dave the Lawyer

 Much of that is true, but it's my opinion that nobody on the planet has ever handled tigers the way Roy did.
 He not only wrote the book, but so far nobody else has even read the son of a bitch.
 Can you name the second-best tiger handler in the world?

 Haven't you seen those pictures on Larry King where Roy rolls around with these killers
 and puts his face up to them and pretend-kisses them right on the whiskers?
 If any other person on the planet did that, they'd likely only do it once.

 Granted, the "Montecore was helping his friend" story is somewhat suspect, but these guys have
 lived and breathed these tigers for decades, and you'd take the word of "an expert" over theirs?

 We know for a fact that Roy took wild animal handling up about five levels.
 You and I arguing if they're at level four or level five seems kinda pointless.


"As the allegations of intimidation-by-leaking -- "Intimigate" as some call it -- continue to unfold,
  the president's problems are multiplying. First, if press reports are accurate, he has a grave national
  security problem. Someone in the White House has made public the identity of a woman who may have
  been a "nonofficial cover" operative of the CIA, potentially causing multiple sources of intelligence to
  go cold. Second, he has a legal problem, for not only is a leak of this kind a breach of national security,
  it is also a grave criminal offense. Third, he has a political problem, as this story was brought to light by
  a senior administration official who apparently was so offended by efforts to discredit Wilson that he or
  she exposed the White House's connection to the leak to The Post. Finally, given the failure of the White
  House so far to demonstrate any urgency in addressing this growing scandal, he faces a loss of public trust."
    --John Podesta, Clinton's chief of staff    Bush Takes a Leak

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 The Sins of September 11
   by William Rivers Pitt

  Click  Here

 In a nation with thousands of newspapers, thousands of radio stations, and a ceaseless data stream from
 CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS and PBS, some 70% of the population believed as late
 as a month ago that Saddam Hussein was centrally involved in and personally responsible for the 9-11 attacks.
 Beyond that, what most people know about the single most important event in American history does not go
 much beyond "evildoers" who "hate our freedom."

 That is, simply, incredible. It is also not an accident. This ignorance has a great deal to do with the stunning
 mediocrity of the television news media, that empty well where most Americans go to become informed.
 This ignorance also, and far more importantly, has a great deal to do with the Clinton-era actions of a large
 number of conservatives, many of whom are in positions of power today, many of whom are now making
 careers out of September 11.

 The two great myths that have settled across the nation, beyond the Hussein-9/11 connection, are that Clinton
 did not do enough during his tenure to stop the spread of radical terrorist organizations like al Qaeda, and that
 the attacks themselves could not have been anticipated or stopped. Blumenthal's insider perspective on these
 matters bursts the myths entirely, and reveals a level of complicity regarding the attacks within the journalistic
 realm and the conservative political ranks that is infuriating and disturbing.

 Put another way,
 America is full of lying, media whores whose job it is to help Bush get away with it.

 Bush Presses GOP on Iraqi Aid

  Click  Here

"President Bush stared down a House Republican bid to convert some of his proposed Iraqi
 reconstruction aid into loans yesterday, as the House Appropriations Committee easily approved
 an $86.7 billion bill to finance military and rebuilding efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

 My God, if [Bush's] eyes had been lasers, mine would have been burned out,"
 said Rep. Zach Wamp (R-Tenn.), describing his White House meeting to reporters."

 Well of course they want it to be a gift instead of a loan.
 Since the B.F.E.E. is stealing that money, they don't want a loan that needs to be paid back.

Click to see a fun flash movie


"Why wouldn't the Bush people want to find out the truth? What were they afraid of? That the American
  people would learn that they screwed up, that they were asleep at the wheel when it came to terrorist threats,
  that they belligerently ignored the warnings from outgoing Clinton officials about bin Laden simply because
  they hated Clinton? The American people are a forgiving lot. They didn't hold it against FDR when Pearl Harbor
  was bombed. They didn't shun JFK over the Bay of Pigs. They don't care that Clinton had 47 people murdered.
  (ha ha) So why, after this monumental breakdown of national security, does Bush not come clean, or, at the very
  least, stop preventing the truth from coming out? Perhaps it's because George & Co. have a lot more to hide
  beyond why they didn't scramble the fighter jets fast enough on the morning of September 11th. And maybe we,
  the people, are afraid to know the whole truth because it could take us down roads where we don't want to go."
       --Michael Moore, George of Arabia

 Subject: Pigboy in prison

 Dear Bart,

 Do they still have chain gangs in Florida?
 Can you imagine the delicious irony?

 The vulgar pig-boy in prison stripes, ball and chain fettered to his ankle, forced
 (for once in his life) to do an honest day's work - breaking up rocks with a sledge hammer.

 Of course, the scenario wouldn't be complete without a huge prison guard, preferably black, screaming at him,
"Move along faster there boy!  Whassa matter with you boy, can't you hear me, move faster!  Are you DEAF!??"

 Love you Bart,

 CeeCee, sounds like it would make a great movie starring Drew Carey and Michael Clarke Duncan.

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And a bunch of links

 Subject: You Are A Lying Mxxxxxxx


 You proved yourself to be a lying horseshit mxxxxxxx who can't keep from lying and distortions.
 That is called Pathological.

 ha ha
 We call that "comedy" here at The Treehouse

 You made so many changes and corruptions to my letter that it is proof of your insincerity and your corruption.
 All you say is pure bullshit. I save copies of my emails so do point these out to your readers if you dare.
 I doubt you will because you are a wimp-ass chickenshit horses ass.

 ha ha
 This is hilarious!
 I could use a guy like you full-time

 Here are major errors by you.
 In general you can not spell or even correctly repeat coirrect spelling that others have provided you.

1. My name is Blooger, not Booger.

 ha ha
 I was only one letter off - picky, picky.

2. You don't mention your drinking problem that I put in my email. Why not? Are you ashamed? Embarassed?

 ha ha

3. I work in media and do in fact study content of web sites for clients. I have analyzed your last 30 issues
    and found that you are factually wrong 45.7% of the time. That is a terrible record.

 Now who's lying?
 Send me your work, I'll print everyword that doesn't have f*ck or c*nt in it.

4. You have about 10 misspellings in your response. You look like an idiot. It is analyzed, not analized.
 It is factually, not factaully. It is you, not yuo. It is "the fuck," not thefuck. It is interesting, not intersting.
 It is material, not materil. You are an asshole, not an ashole.

 ha ha
 I had a feeling "analized" would get your attention.

5. I said your web site was found by a university and college study to be the most disrespected political
 web site on the internet. Not "respected." You actually thanked me for telling you that you were severely disrespected.

 I corrected your obvious error - and I didn't even bill you for that..

 Now what do you think all those people who looked at your web site thought after you were mentioned
 by Rush Limbaugh on Friday? They think you are a stupid idiot. You are. Your words are repeated below
 so you and your fans can be further humiliated. Print it again with my further comments.

 Your pal.
 Bob Booger

 Boogerboy, it was fun making you look stupid-er.
 And wasn't that nice of Rush to mention
 Maybe he can read  in rehab - or prison - and see the light.

 As always, thanks for making the pie higher.
 Your constant reading and clicking has allowed me to raise ad rates.

  Do you have an online business?

 How are sales - a little slow do to Bush's ongoing recession?
 Have you considered advertising on
 Here's what an advertiser wrote today:

 Just wanted to let you know the Stats up to this point:

 1st day ad ran I had 753 hits.
 My average with zero advertising has been around 40 hits a day.
 As of 10/12/03 I've had 4400 hits!!!

 Best $40 I've ever spent.

$40 gets you two days worth of ads.
 Could your website or business use 4400 hits?

 Tarantino Slays Box Office with 'Kill Bill'

   Click  Here

"Quentin Tarantino's ultra-violent homage to kung-fu movies left its competition for dead,
 opening at No. 1 with weekend ticket sales of about $22.2 million, its distributor said on Sunday.

 The thriller stars Uma Thurman as a vengeful former assassin, who decapitates, scalps and mutilates
 her way through the Japanese underworld.  The budget for both films totaled $55 million.

  Click  Here  for mini-review with spoilers


"How truly funny is drug addiction and who among them has not had their hearts broken by it?

  When it's the vulgar junkie, it's damn funny, and deserving, too.

  How taxing is it to whip up jokes about rehab?

  It's much tougher than retreading lame-ass Monica jokes from way the fuck back in 1998.

  How amusing is it to know that a public figure has begged a servant, a friend, a colleague
  even a stranger for a hit or fix because they fear they would go mad without it.

  Besides the hillbilly heroin dealers, to whom was the Pigboy a servant?

  Are there truly any yucks in knowing that someone had stockpiled thousands of pills just in case
 ....just in case
 ....there isn't a painless instrument around with which to kill themselves if they run out?

  ha ha
  I agree - that's a tragedy.
  If Rush's housekeeper prevented him from killing himself, we should be pissed off at her.
  Isn't it funny how every Clinton-hater assumes the Pigboy is telling the truth about this?
  Laura the Unloved has said 1000 times, "Druggies lie - that's what they do - you can't trust them."

 When the early jokes give way to the righteous rants will they be delivered by those
  who haven't a clue about the terror that is drug addiction?"
   --Luci the Bat

 I know about addictions:  Tobacco,
 nicotine, tar, ammonia, formaldahyde, etc etc etc
 I've talked about addictions till I was blue in the face.

 Luci, have you told Jonah who his real Daddy is?

 Subject: WTF? Rush Question

 Hasn't he been golfing frequently in recent years?
 Even with "severe pain in my lower back and also in my neck now, due to two herniated disks,"?

 And how did those disks get herniated anyhow?  Did he strain himself with an overloaded fork full of food?
 Climbing into his SUV?  Shuffling through his stack of stuff?



 Teresa, it's my guess that two painful herniated disks would prevent the playing of golf.
 Putting might not be that bad, but driving off the tee must be a killer.

 Subject: Gutless, lying Pigboy

 Rush, true to his cowardly and disingenuous nature, stated Friday:

"I need to tell you today that part of what you have heard and read is correct.
 I am addicted to prescription pain medication."

 Notice that he didn't say he is "addicted to drugs" or that he has a "substance abuse problem".
 No, he is addicted to prescription medication.  Which isn't so bad, is it?  It's medicine, after all.
 Medicine is good for you.  Rush has just become addicted to this legal, prescription medicine.

 The only problem with that statement is it's as phony as everything else the guy says.
 Pain killers are not "medication", any more than a quart of tequila is.
 I'm not saying there's anything wrong with them.  But they ain't "medication".
 Penicillin is medication.  Oxy contin is dope.

 Secondly, it's prescription dope for which he didn't have a prescription!
 A truthful statement is "I have become addicted to drugs which I have been obtaining illegally.  Yes, folks, I am a felon."

 Morphine is an opiate, obtainable by prescription.  Have you ever some heroin junkie refer
 to their habit as "being addicted to prescription medication"?

 He followed that statement up by saying he "takes full responsibility for his addiction" and that he
 became addicted after his doctor prescribed the "medication" for him years ago.

 Does leaving out being part of an illegal, black market drug ring sound like taking full responsibility?
 What a turd.
 Ricky Z

 Ricky, by using cloaked language, his crowd will think he's the victim and let him off the hook.
 He tells them what to think - they obey.

 Time running out for Hillary to enter race
  They want Hillary to run sooooooooooooooooooooo much

  Click  Here

 Although Hillary Clinton has regularly and clearly denied an interest in running in the 2004 election,
 rumors continue to circulate (by FOX News, talk radio, the Washington Times, the NY Post)
 that the New York senator will enter the race.

 October sticker placement contest!

 How to win:

 To get your stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to:
 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK 74155
 OR, you could PayPal a small donation and get your stickers within 48 hours.

 The stickers are free, but donations are accepted.

 Get yours, then send in a digital photo of where you put it.
 (Please don't vandalize anything with these stickers)
 Click  Here   for the best October stickers

 Subject: Very Impressive

 Very Impressive schtick.  Very bright people.
 But what blares through all of it is just so much hate.
 Hate never was and never will be the platform of success.

 It’s really sort of pathetic.

 Brad W

 Dude, maybe we could meet in the live chat room
 and you could straighten me out?

 I'll bet you'd do a great job.
 Lemme know,

 Non-dueling Quotes

"Character is always important but Bill Clinton
  lowered the bar so low it's not as important as it was."
    --  Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va

"Outrage was killed in 1998," agreed Bill Bennett (R-Scumbag) calling Arnold "less-than-perfect."

 Wait, let me get this straight:
 It's OK for Arnold to admit being a serial sexual predator
 since Clinton had a semi-affair and didn't confess quick enough?

 Subject: Rush


 I think something needs to be made straight.
 Some conservatives at a restaurant were seated behind me talking about the drug addiction.
 They were saying Rush Limbaugh did not tell listeners about his addiction because it was a
 personal matter and he especially did not want to disappoint them.  They talked about his
 kindness and thoughtfulness for his fans.  They said he could retire now, but felt he was on
 a mission to save his country.  Bart, isn't that what you are trying to do?

 What I'd like to do is full-time comedy - I got drafted into fighting this war because
 the yellow-ball Democrats don't have the courage to say the things that need to be said.

 Don't you want to save the country from conservatism and help it get a European form of socialism that will work?

 ha ha
 Is that supposed to be a trap?
 I don't do traps, remember?
 The GOP-controlled House and Senate have socialized medical insurance.
 It's only "socialism" when we, their employers, want some?

 A socialism that would give people free healthcare and a fair shake in the marketplace?
 Equal pay and redistribution of rich people's wealth to the not so lucky?

 Tom Wright

 We have an unelected, reverse Robin Hood stealing from the poor and middle class to reward the super-rich.
 Why would you, (assuming you're not super-rich) want to help Bush with that not-noble goal?
 Don't you have the brains to vote your pocketbook?
 Why do you want to co-sign a loan to give Bill Gates more money?
 Have you lost your mind?

 Subject: You lie Bartcop

 Señor Bartcop:

 Why you lie about the Rush Limbaugh?
 He no call football player McNabb a bad name.
 You say he racist, I say he not racist.
 Since I come to this country I be big football fan.
 This McNabb not so good.  Rush right.
 The sports announcers say he better than he really is.
 It not true.

 Why do you write like Werner Oland doing Charlie Chan?

 I read your stuff all the time and I think you a racist.  You use "nigger" many time.
 You what we call the bigot, too.  You call Rush Limbaugh "Pigboy" and other bad names many times.
 You swear at all Republicans and sometimes at the Democrats.  You not nice person.
 You racist and bigot.  I think you call me a "Spik" some time.

 ha ha
 This is so stupid, it's starting to get funny.

 You think of bad name for Mexicans.  It no fair even if many illegal Mexicans vote in elections.
 Democrats made law that if you ask foreigner if he citizen then YOU go to jail.
 So all Mexicans and Hispanics sign up to vote all elections.
 I be citizen, but I know many who not citizen who vote.

 You be ignorant ditto-monkey.

 You are bad person and evil man.

 You finally got one right.

 Manny Cervantes
 Los Angeles-California (I from Ciudad Juarez)

 In Rush we Trust

  Click  Here

"In a shocking announcement, Rush Limbaugh admitted that he is addicted to government issue pills that
 cause him to be an arrogant, racist, truth-distorting, lying, hate-spewing shill for the state. He then checked
  himself into a rehab center to be de-programmed. Thousands of his loyal sheep bahhhhed, crushed their
  beer cans over their heads, cursed the wretched liberal media, cited a vast left-wing conspiracy, rubbed
  their Ann Coulter posters and turned over to the Fox Network for validation of their moral superiority.

 President Bush praised Mr. Limbaugh for avoiding the military and leading the propaganda machine.
"You know we live in a great country. A very forgiving country. A country that loves to see ignorant,
 arrogant, talentless, overrated, scrupleless, silver-spooned white men succeed. Look at me and my buddies!
 Anybody can succeed. Anybody can become president or CEO or mouth of the airwaves! It’s the
 greatest country in the world. We love you, Rush!'’

 Temperature's rising,
 Fever is high,
 Can't see no future,
 Can't see no sky.

 My feet are so heavy,
 So is my head,
 I wish I was a baby,
 I wish I was dead.

 Cold turkey has got me on the run.

 My body is aching,
 Goose-pimple bone,
 Can't see no body,
 Leave me alone.

 My eyes are wide open,
 Can't get to sleep,
 One thing I'm sure of,
 I'm in at the deep freeze.

 Cold turkey has got me on the run.
 Cold turkey has got me on the run.

 Thirty-six hours,
 Rolling in pain,
 Praying to someone,
 Free me again.

 Oh I'll be a good boy,
 Please make me well,
 I promise you anything,
 Get me out of this hell.

 Cold turkey has got me on the run.
 Oh-, oh-, oh--, oh...

La Cucaracha by Lalo Alcaraz

 An Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh
  saw it on

  Click  Here

 You're dealing with a monster much more insidious than even Hillary Clinton.
 I understand that this is your third attempt to get clean. That's not unusual. The addiction landscape
 is teeming with retreads. It's just another piece of evidence that tells you how formidable the road is.
 But you already know that. The fact that a legend of conservative power such as yourself is alleged
 to have illegally purchased thousands of addictive painkillers tells us how incomprehensible the enemy.

 Makes the mainstream liberal media seem like your Weekly Reader.

 Subject: Your tiger story

 Bart, you wrote:

> Jesus Christ, lady, I didn't think anybody was that stupid.
> Even Bush would know not to pet a man-eating tiger."

 Unfortunately, Bart, this is not unusual. Where  I grew up the bears used to feed at the dump.
 People would throw cans, rocks and whatever they could to get the bear's attention. My uncle was
 a cop there and said he had to stop this kind of nonsense all the time. He said once he saw a four-year-old
 encouraged to walk up to the bear and offer the bear some flowers. The bear ignored her.

 So the child's mother walked up to the bear and said, "How DARE you ignore my daughter?"
 Then the mother slapped the bear. Luckily, the bear was having a good day. He shook his head and sauntered away.

 People don't understand. An Adirondack black bear, for instance, can run 30-40 miles an hour and doesn't
 go around some of the smaller trees: he goes through them.
 DAMN, people can be stupid.


 Ken, so you're saying Bush IS that stupid - I might have to agree.
 We went to Yellowstone in 92 or 93, and a park ranger told us some guy put his toddler on the back of
 a giant bison to take a picture . (In Yellowstone, the tutonka are the size of a Toyota Landcruiser)

 Nothing happened to the baby, but it makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Baseball, pro and college football, and Eldrick Woods!
...and more

Click to Enter

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was  times 326,  ....this issue it's  times 326
                                                                                                         They got zero of our boys since last issue.

 Soon, we'll be at 400.
 How long before we hit 600?
 How long before we hit 1000?

 Total deaths since President Frog-blaster said, "Bring 'em On":  121  121


 Plus, 1,781 wounded - many of them missing arms, legs and eyes.
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?

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 Babbling on hillbilly heroin about Hillary
   by Jimmy Breslin, who is at least half sane

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"Until I found out Limbaugh was an addict on Hillbilly Heroin, which means you can call him a junkie,
 I couldn't understand how he could keep repeating the same lies day after day. Suddenly, we find that it wasn't
 Rush the right-wing radical talking. This was just a junkie's babble you're hearing. And in ceaseless, banal language.

 How could it be a surprise to find something the matter with Limbaugh? All these talk radio guys, or other phoney
 moralists, usually come up lousy. You can't be as mean and willing to lie and not be lousy. This fellow Bill Bennett
 wrote books about virtues. Sin not. Remain with the family and pray. He goes sneaking off and blew millions in
 Vegas and Atlantic City and stayed in suites the hotels gave him. Did he stay there alone?

 Lying, for hour after hour, leaves you feeling nothing. For days, Rush Limbaugh said he could prove that Hillary and
 a Clinton assistant, Vince Foster, were huddled in a safe love house until Foster either killed himself or Hillary took
 Foster for a ride in the park. When he was caught, Limbaugh just shrugged. Probably, he didn't know what he was
 saying, anyway. Babbling on Hillbilly Heroin about Hillary.

 Telling this to Americans listeners. His people are hopelessly, embarrassingly dumb.
 Or - sudden revelation! - they're all out there whacked out on Hillbilly Heroin just like Rush.
 Only they can understand his babble."

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