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World: Dismal View of Bush
Tank Attack Kills 2 more GIs
Courtney wacky as Pigboy
Beating the Solar Blast
9-11 Workers Still Ailing
Barry Crimmins
Bush Medicare Fraud
Molly Ivins a Bush Hater?
Red Lobster and Peaches


Quote of the Day

"Experts in public opinion said it would be
  difficult for Bush to convince Americans 
  that the violence in Iraq was a by-product 
  of success."  --Dana Milbank    Attribution

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Volume 1189 - Solar Blast

 Wednesday  October 29, 2003


"The ambassador and the general were briefing me on the - the vast majority of Iraqis want to
   live in a peaceful, free world. And we will find these people and we will bring them to justice."
     -- much too stupid to be Pretzeldent    Attribution

 Latin America The World Has Dismal View of Bush 

  Click  Here

 Latin Americans have a dismal opinion of Bush after he ignored world opinion to wage war in Iraq,
 and against a backdrop of mistrust over U.S. aims in pushing for regional free trade, a poll shows.

 In Brazil, Latin America's largest country, 98 percent gave the U.S. leader a negative mark.

 In Mexico, just 5 percent gave Bush positive grades.

 "I think there are questions as to whether the United States is a good trade partner or not, but I think
 there's also a broader context," said John Zogby (R-ForSale), president of pollsters Zogby International.

"This is part of the fallout over the war in Iraq. Not only are we not a good trade partner but we are also
 a country that's willing to go it alone on a major venture and not try to win trust with our traditional allies."

 Who do other countries hate us so much?
 Because they have a FREE PRESS and they've been told the truth about the Illegal Oil Hardon.


"You can see why they wanted Henry Kissinger ..."
    --Josh Marshall, on Thomas Kean's threat to subpoena the White House
    for 9/11 documents it's apparently refusing the turn over, Talking Points Memo,

 Subject: the truth, or, as the GOP likes to call it, the "negatives"

  Click  Here

 What I wouldn't give to turn on the nightly news and see a clip of Bush saying how
 the press only focuses on the negatives and not the positives, such as schools and
 hospitals being opened, and electricity being  turned on.

 And then to have Tom Brokaw or Dan Rather or whoever say, flatly and truthfully,
"Unfortunately, opening schools and hospitals and turning on the electricity were never
 cited as justifications for going to war in Iraq. Nuclear weapons were.  Those, of course,
 have not been found."

 I swear to Christ, twenty years from now I'll still be hearing some dipshit talk about
 how we went to Iraq and opened up the schools.

 Ricky Z

 Ricky, today I heard Dipshit Hannity blame California's fires on Bill Clinton.
 Twenty years from now, Clinton will be the cause of those problems, too.

 California's hell - from space

 Attack on U.S. Tank Kills 2 GIs in Iraq

  Click  Here

 Two American soldiers were killed when their Abrams battle tank was damaged by resistance fighters,
  as the number of U.S. soldiers killed in combat since major fighting ended topped the wartime total.

 The latest deaths bring to 115 the number of American soldiers killed in combat in Iraq since Swaggerboy
 declared an end to major fighting May 1. Defense Department figures - updated on its Web site Tuesday
  - show 114 U.S. soldiers died in the active combat phase, which began March 20.

 "Bring 'em on!!
  We're not scared!
  We're staying!"


"When I started criticizing Bush he was at 90%.  Now he's at 49%."
  -Paul Begala, responding to Republican claims that exposing Bush's incompetence
   and defective character undermines Democrats,     as seen on  mediawhoresonline

 Courtney wacky on the junk - just like Rush

  Click  Here

 Los Angeles prosecutors today charged Courtney Love with illegally possessing Hydrocodone and Oxycodone.
 A two-count felony complaint, a copy of which you'll find below, was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court (the drug
 charges stem from Love's apparent October 2 overdose at her Beverly Hills home). It is unclear if officers found the
 painkillers in the 39-year-old singer's home or actually on Love, who surrendered to cops this morning and was later
 released on $20,000 bail. Love is already facing a misdemeanor count of being under the influence of "opiates and cocaine,"
 a charge stemming from an incident that occurred hours before her OD. She was arrested after police were summoned
 to an L.A. home where Love had allegedly broken several windows. (2 pages)

 So, the rocker gets arrested and the Republican gets a free pass?
 Why isn't the vulgar junkie charged with possessing Hydrocodone and Oxycodone?
 The fact that he's addicted to those drugs means his body possesses massive quantities of both.

 Where is the justice?



 I called my good friend Larry-by-the-Sea, (D-PokerKing) who lives southern California.

 He wasn't in - he's on vacation.
 I knew that - but who can keep up?
 I asked the receptionist if they had any close calls. She said no, but the air was hard to breathe
 and the stench of burning everything was all over everywhere all of the time.

 Man, that's f-ed up.
 It wouldn't have happened if Bill had been honest about Monica from the start..
 Just ask any talk radio show host or some squeeling piglet on FOX News.

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Al Franken on Conan tonight
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The Andy & Opie statue
David Lynch in Poland
Rockettes impersonating dominos
The Schindler Plaque
The first official cancellation of the new tv season
Nelly, Michelle Branch & the Aladdin hotel-casino
Courtney Love & pigboy have the same weaknesses
Rod Stewart opines
100 years of Ziegfeld girls
Abducted lawn gnomes
And, Rod Roddy


"The book of the month club chose "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them" to be the
  pick of the month, their main pick and they did it without reading it. And, it wasn't done yet.
  And I told Gore, they picked it without having read it, and he said, 'Well that's a good sign,
  because that's your target audience: people who haven't read it'."
       --Al Franken, retelling a quote from Al Gore  Attribution

 Subject: Peak Oil

 I think what "Mark Berns" means by 'peak oil' is this:

 There is a finite amount of oil in the world.
 Much, if not all, the easy oil to get has been gotten.
 As more oil is taken, oil becomes more scarce, and the cost of finding new oil increases.
 Thus, the cost of oil increases

 Guy F

 When we run out of oil, the world will be forced to use other, cheaper, cleaner energy.
 If the winner of the 2000 election had been allowed to take office, we'd be headed there now.
 But BIG oil spent hundreds of millions to force the Unelected Clown into office, and he make sure
 America stays addicted to dirty, blood-spilling oil to pad their coffers to make the rich richer.

 "Some people are greedy..."

 Subject:Liberal Media

 I've been waiting and waiting to listen and view to Al Gore's commentary.
 I heard a short sentence on TV that said in effect, Gore would be TV. as talk show host.
 Where are they, i.e., Donahue, Gore, Huffington, Ivins, MMoore..?

 None are heard. (Donahue was great, but alas, too liberal for the media advertisers?)
 Result propaganda from the right-wing, it works, money, government marriage to military,
 99% of "communication" are mirroring the Fascists in WW11.  . Still waiting for a liberal voice....

 Recently changed my voting registration from Independent to Democrat. Can't stomach what
 has happened in this country in the last few years. I'm 75 years old. Obviously, would like to see
 and hear at least ONE (Donahue was dropped) liberal voice before I leave the world to an apparent
 bunch of sheep, who, like the German people supported Adolf.

 Oh well...I do have Social Security so far.
 Doris D

 Doris, my voice is small and weak, but I'd like you to hear it.
 I'm giving you a free subscription to 
 Sometimes I use bad language, but usually I'm speaking about Rush or that whistle-ass Bush when I do :)
 I hope you enjoy what you hear - we have 16 shows posted, with another one due right away.

 Up to 15,000 people killed in Bush's fake war

  Click  Here

"As many as 15,000 Iraqis were killed in the first days of America's invasion and occupation of Iraq,
 Up to 4,300 of the dead were civilian noncombatants.  The report, by Project on Defence Alternatives,
 offers the most comprehensive account so far of how many Iraqis died...

 Many of the recent wars have been fought with the notion of a new type of warfare that produce very low
 civilian casualties. What we see here is that in fact we don't have that magic bullet," he said.

'In this war in particular we see that improved capabilities in precision attacks have been used to pursue
 more ambitious objectives rather than achieve lower numbers of civilian dead.'"

 "They was just ragheads and sand niggers - who cares?
   Fuck 'em - we took 'em out!"

 Subject: California fires

 hey bart...

 the fires are above, beside, and below us where i am in southern california,
 but smoke and ash fall here.  left my home office window open slightly sunday night
 ...the desk and computer were coated with ash the next morning.

 eyes sting, throat sore, breathing is nasty.  i'm getting concerned CA may be victim
 of terrorist (BFEE?) subversion ... starting to feel pretty yucky and wondering what
 dreadful contaminants reside in this ash. i've read formaldehyde might be one substance?

 any readers have info on this?


 I'm fighting to get this issue up before the solar blast hits at noon Eastern today.

 Most 9-11 Workers Still Ailing 

  Click  Here

 Most ground zero workers still suffer from health problems two years after Sept. 11
 and many do not have health insurance or job security, doctors told a congressional panel Tuesday.

 Several of the workers testified at a Manhattan hospital before the committee, saying they had trouble
 breathing, suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and no longer had the strength to do their old jobs.

 "I can't tell you how hard it is living like this," said David Rapp, a construction worker who spent five
 months at the World Trade Center site and now always carries an oxygen tank and uses three inhalers.
 "The fear of  not being able to take my next breath is unbearable."

 It all goes back to Bush, but the media and the GOP are still blaming Clinton for this.
 Bush threatened the Taliban and put bin Laden in a "All in" position.  Bush allowed this to happen after
 another month-long vacation, then he lied and had the EPA announce that the air was perfectly fine to breathe.
 When Hillary and Schumer called Bush on his lies that keep on killing like a murderous Energizer Bunny,
 the GOP and Bush's good puppy press said it was "another example of Hillary's hatred."

 Bart , you wrote in the Oct. 28th issue

>"War department" sounded too much like Klingons drunk on Pon Far.

 Pon Far is not a beverage imbibed by anyone, much less Klingons, but is the sexual awakenings that
 every Vulcan male goes through every seven years, sometimes with dire results.  I know this is a minor
 point that only a dedicated 'trekie' or trivia nut like myself would notice.  Keep up the good work!


 Dude, believe it or not, I knew that.
 Lots of people wrote, too :)

 Subject:  Musings about George

 Love your site.

 I have been wondering for a while:

 Does george go down to Andrews AFB to meet the incoming C-17 every night?
 The hospital flight from Ramstein with the critically wounded bound for Walter Reed?
 The ones missing arms and legs?

 It seems the body armor protects the torso, but not the arms, legs, hands, feet.
 Does george go down to Dover AFB to meet the hearse flight?
 The one bringing back the boys in body bags bound for home?

 Ken & Becky

 I know Bush has been to Walter Reed Hospital at least once,
 but you won't see him at any funerals of the brave soldiers he got killed.
 He's too busy emptying the Treasury and playing Game Boy.

 Barry Crimmins

  Click  Here

 Don't you find the White House's new "I can't believe we have to revisit these issues about the war
 simply because we have been caught lying at every turn" campaign a bit difficult to swallow?

 This war is about as defensible as Bush's FDA's challenge of Illinois' plan to supply seniors with
 cheaper prescription drugs from Canada.

 The FDA implied that Canadian drugs might not be as safe as US prescriptions of the exact same products.
 Isn't this how the protection racket works? The thug shows up and says. "I would hate if something happened
 because of your unwise decision not to carry my product at my price."

 Where's free trade when we need it?


Click to Enter


"The assertion by the President that daily attacks on US troops and innocent Iraqi civilians is 'progress' is ridiculous
  and just as false and misleading as his prewar statements about the threat posed to the United States by Iraq.

"Mr. President, 353 dead American troops is not progress. Thousands of American soldiers injured is not progress.
  And, the daily attacks on U.S. troops and innocent Iraqi civilians is not progress.

"Today, at his press conference, the President had a chance to clarify his earlier remarks. Instead of taking
  advantage of the opportunity, the President did nothing more than continue his Administration's spin."
   -- Dennis Kucinich,    Attribution

 Subject: As heard on C-SPAN

  Click  Here

 -Ike (R-Opportunist) promised to lower that rate, but reneged after defeating Stevenson.
 -Not until LBJ was that rate lowered (ultimately to 70%)
 -Reagan lowered it to 50%, in his last year to 38%
 -Clinton's rate was 39.6%


"There is no way this administration can walk away from its responsibility for 9-11. You can't blame
  something like this on lower level intelligence officers, however badly they communicated memos
  with each other. ... The buck rests with the commander in chief, right on George W. Bush's desk.
 Strong rhetoric in the aftermath (of 9/11) is no substitute for wise leadership."
    --Wesley Clark, giving us a preview of his debate with the Pinhead Murderer?  Attribution

 Bush's Medicare Plan Seeks to Move Seniors into Private Plans, 
 He's taking care of BIG Drugs, and to hell with the people who need the medicine

  Click  Here

 Bush has consistently expressed support for Medicare, saying, "Medicare is the binding commitment of a caring society."
 But the President's own administrator of the program called it "an unbelievable disaster," and told Congress earlier this year
 that his Medicare plan would, in fact, move up to 50% of seniors into private plans.

 Bush's plan requires the purchase of prescription drugs through private insurers. A new study shows that drug prices
 could be negotiated at 40% savings below retail if Medicare were able to offer a prescription drug benefit directly.

 Subject: Correction to your site

 At this link, http://www.bartcop.com/convictions.htm  you list convictions of Raegan and Bush I people,
 but lists that no one was convicted in connection with the Whitewater investigation.

 In reality, there was 12 convictions related to Whitewater and there are still three outstanding convictions.
 It is fine to show the bad things about the President you don't like and just forget to mention the things
 about the one you do like, but to say there was no convictions in relation to Whitewater is just plain wrong.

 By the way, also during the Clinton administration, there was six convictions on another independent counsil
 dealing with Agriculture Secretary Mike Espey.

 So much for the thoery that all the "bad guys" worked for Raegan or Bush.

 I really suggest you check this site out.  It lists the convictions of all administration people since
 the Independent Counsil was created in 1978, whether Democrat or Republican.


 Bo, there is a difference between what I published and what you read.
 You said I published: "That no one was convicted in connection with the Whitewater investigation."

 That's not what was said:
 Here is what was said:

 Clinton administration officials indicted and/or convicted in connection with Whitewater:

 Starr convicted some Arkansans of various non-Clinton crimes.
 Whitewater came up empty for Ken Starr.

 Clinton administration officials indicted and/or convicted in connection with Travel Office allegations:

 The Tracel Office "scandal" came up empty for Starr.

 Clinton administration officials indicted and/or convicted in connection with alleged abuse of FBI files:

 Starr had to admit that was just an accident.

 Clinton administration officials indicted and/of convicted in connection with Lewinsky matter:

 Sorry, Kennyboy struck out there, too.

 Wiuth Reagan and Bush, it was different.
 Bush had to pardon Reagan's cabinet to keep their global B.F.E.E. crimes from being discovered.

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 Subject: Justified Wars

 T.A. Spina (Oct. 22 letter, "Democrats' wars") goes through the list of Democrats
 who have started wars, taking umbrage with the term "Republican warmongers."

 Getting involved in wars meant to stop madmen (World War II) and genocide (Kosovo)
 cannot be compared to starting a war for oil, sending young kids off to die while you
 sit back home playing golf, and telling terrorists to "bring it on."

 Republicans are, indeed, warmongers.
 They love war, just so long as they're not the ones doing the fighting.

 Donna Di,
 published in the Philadelphia Enquirer

 Subject: Eat a Peach?

 Bartcop, you wrote:

> Have a good time today.  Peach trucks are lurking everywhere.

 What's the reference to peach trucks? Is that from the legend about the Eat a Peach album
 and Duane Allman's motorcycle wreck?  The story that Duane hit a peach truck and the album title
 alludes to that isn't true, but those who have heard the account will understand what you mean.
 It's still a good cautionary statement. Those who haven't or don't know about the band,
 Duane and the album, and therefore wouldn't get it, might wanna cruise over to snopes.

 Here's the link:    http://www.snopes.com/music/hidden/eatpeach.asp

 Well, I think I've just proven that I have waaaaaaay too much free time. :)
 Take it easy,
 Shar in Athens, GA

 Shar, I admit I fell for the story.
 I'm so old, I remember hearing it waaay back in 1974, in a mushroom frenzy.

  bartcop.com  regrets the error.


"...we see a clear pattern of activity that establishes an intent or scheme to defraud the citizens of
  the United States, circumvention of our federal election laws; laundering of campaign and labor funds;
 violation of tax laws;... bribery; obstruction of justice in failing to respond to lawful congressional
 subpoenas and withholding evidence; and tampering with evidence. This is but a partial list....

"...Whereas, considerable evidence has been developed from a broad array of credible sources that...
 the President has engaged in a systematic effort to obstruct, undermine and compromise the
 legitimate and proper functions and processes of the Executive Branch:..."
    -- Bob Barr, calling for impeachment - saw it on Buzzflash  Attribution

 Call me a Bush Hater
  by Molly Ivins

  Click  Here

"One thing I acknowledge about the right is that they're much better haters than liberals are. Your basic
 liberal--milk of human kindness flowing through every vein, and heart bleeding over everyone from the
 milk-shy Hottentot to the glandular obese--is pretty much a strikeout on the hatred front. Maybe further
 out on the left you can hit some good righteous anger, but liberals, and I am one, are generally real wusses.
 Guys like Rush Limbaugh figured that out a long time ago--attack a liberal and the first thing he says is,
 "You may have a point there.'"

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was times 356  ....this issue it's  times 358
                                                                                                          They got  two  kills since last issue.
    I want that oil - no matter how many lives it costs!

 Soon, we'll be at 400.

 How long before we hit 600?

  ...and then 1000?

 Total deaths since President Giggles said, "Bring 'em On":  151  153

 From:  http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, at least  2014     2076 is that a misprint?                 Sixty-two soldiers wounded since last update?
 We've broken 2,000 wounded for Bush's oil hardon, and we're wll on our way to 2500.

 Many of them are missing arms, legs and eyes.
 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html

 How much more are we willing to tolerate?

 VCR Alert

  West Wing, Karen Sisco, Law & Order, World Poker Tour in San Francisco,


 Subject: FW: Red Lobster Case ID:155990

 Bart (and Sam, et. al.),

 I got this response from Red Lobster when I ripped them on their customer comment form.
 Can anyone confirm that it's true they no longer sponsor the Pigboy?
 If so, we should remove their company from the blacklist.


 Dear Mr. Trowbridge,
 Thank you for contacting Red Lobster.  Comments from our guests are taken
 very seriously, and your feedback will be used to help us improve.

 Please be advised Red Lobster no longer advertises on any Rush Limbaugh program.
 We try to make sure that our commercials are not aired during any programs that might be offensive.
 I will let our Advertising Department know about your comments.

 We certainly value your patronage, and look forward to serving you in the future.

 Guest Relations Representative

That is how a customer service rep is supposed to act.
     That condescending snot at Avacor could learn how to do his job from Ami, here.
It's just a wild guess, but I think Ami is asking what the meaning of the word, "is," is.
     I've heard plenty of RL commercials on Rush's hate show, but maybe *at the current time*
     they have no promotions running with the vulgar junkie.
     Next time they run a "Shrimp Special," I'll be listening for them.
Obviously they knew he was a devisive, right-wing Nazi when they originally signed up,
     so her "We don't advertise on offensive shows" bullshit is pure horseshit.
Thanks for your note

 Subject: Mirror sites

 Well, Bart- they've finally done it.
 Went to check on your website the other day, and found that it is now blocked by my company,
 under the category of "alternative journal" (I guess that's better than being labeled porn).

 ha ha

 Anyway, wanted to see if you could give me the list of mirror sites for  bartcop.com

 Derrick in KC

 Derrick, those bastards... here's that list.




 hosted by  http://sakowski.org/

 If you lose it, it's at http://www.bartcop.com/mirrors.htm

 Also, Marty has them listed in her E! pages
 http://suprmchaos.com/bcEnt-Links.index.html  & scroll down.


 If you have something important send it to Sam at sam@bartcop.com

 Can't get in the members section?  Sam can help.

 Have a good time today.  Take your wife out to dinner, but some toys for the kids.


"Everything that has happened in the past six months shows the Americans cannot protect themselves.
  The only thing that might make it better for them is if they captured Saddam."
     -- Abu Zahra, Iraqi businessman   Attribution

 "Kill that man... What?
   He's already dead?  Good job..."

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 Call the
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 Joe Conason's Journal
 Bush's latest lie, blaming the USS Lincoln crew for that embarrassing "Mission Accomplished"
 banner that was stage-managed by his aides, isn't surprising. The entitled always blame the enlisted.

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