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 Show 18 isn't a "normal" show.
It's a 32-minute beatdown of Bill O'Reilly.
Who knows - maybe he'll sue me - ha ha
Also, language alert - O'Reilly pisses me off.

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  In Today's Treehouse...
Al Qaeda threatens NY, DC, LA
Knocking the South
Bush Gives Tripp $600K
Iraq Reels under Bush Command
E.F.F. Goes After Diebold
Where the Wounded Go
Lyons and Conason
Dave has a Baby Boy
CBS Caves like a Senate Democrat


Quote of the Day

"I never had any idea the new president (sick)
  would take such good care of me." 
   --Bill Clinton, on Bush's tax cuts for the super-rich 

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Volume 1194 - Paint All Night

 Wednesday,  November 5, 2003


"General Boykin has confused the heck out of the White House on all this talk about the Almighty,
  when he talks about the Almighty, the president thinks he's talking about Cheney, Cheney thinks he's
  talking about Halliburton, and John Ashcroft thinks they're talking about him. So they don't know where to go."
       --John Kerry, Attribution

 Al Qaeda threatens NY, DC and LA 

  Click  Here Now with working link (scroll down for story)

 A new message posted Monday by the Jeddah-based al-Qaeda-linked Al-Islah (Reform) society
 called on Muslims to flee New York, Washington and Los Angeles in advance of major attacks.

 The message accuses the United States of predetermining its end (doom) by its policies.
 "The Jews rule the Pentagon by remote control and (are the cause) of Muslims being killed
  in every corner of the world. The United States should therefore expect more blows."

 The message is signed on behalf of the al Bayan (The Threat) movement by
 "your warrior brother, Abul Hassan al Khadrami".

 Our Muslim expert identifies the name of the signatory as belonging to a Yemeni from Hadhrameuth,
 the Bin Ladens' place of origin where Osama enjoys substantial tribal support.

 Iraq reels under increasingly daring attacks

  Click  Here

 US-led troops and civilians seen as cooperating with them are facing increasingly daring attacks,
 notably against the very seat of the occupation forces in Baghdad, targeted in a strike that wounded three.

 On Tuesday night, assailants fired either rockets or mortars that landed close to coalition headquarters.
 The attacks underscored the mounting boldness of anti-US forces, which have launched an increasingly
 well-coordinated campaign of violence against the occupation troops, Iraqi police and civilians.

 "Bring 'em on!   We're not scared!
  We ain't leaving, and my family's making billions!"


"A federal judge ruled that Tommy Chong's prison sentence for conspiracy to sell bongs would
  likely stand and refused to release him from jail pending an appeal. Prosecutors said Chong grew
  wealthy by glamorizing drug use and trivializing law enforcement in his films, and gosh, that's just
  plain wrong.  Meanwhile...The Claremont Institute is proud to give Rush Limbaugh its Statesmanship
  Award the annual Churchill Dinner in Los Angeles on Friday, November 21. Limbaugh will be the
  keynote speaker; fellow radio commentator Hugh Hewitt will serve as master of ceremonies."
     --Maru,  Attribution

 Subject: Why do you knock the South

 Why knock the South? Think we can't defend ourselves?
 Bart wrote; "He's got to reach out to the toothless idiots  in the South if he's going to beat the never-elected moron. "

 Is Bill Clinton one of these 'toothless idiots'? Is Al Gore?  Is Wes Clark? Jimmy Carter? Or do you type before you think?

 As for Tim H's;

 "My family didn't almost get hurt driving through the south, burning cities and using
 Southern Belles as prostitutes to let those bastards serve as Attorney General."

 Is your Mother one of those Southern Belles?  I can understand not wanting Northern women who are pale and have pasty
 skin from being indoors half the year. For your edification, Tim, de facto, 'Jim Crow' laws were nationwide at one time,
 so whose family is the fuckin' hypocrites?  It is comments like yours, Tim, that make Southern Democrats vote in people
 like Jesse 'n Strom.  And it can get Bush re-elected.  Whoever wins the South, wins the election.

 'Course, Bart, you must be a repuglican(no typo)and wouldn't vote for "toothless idiots in the South" .
 Your words, Barty bart.  Whose side are you on?  Bush buy you too?

 And forget about explaining that it was in context with defending Dean.  That would be horseshit. Ya' wrote
 "Dean is a liberal from the Northeast, where the smart people live. "  Did you forget about the Southern Rhode Scholars;
 (former and last elected) President Bill Clinton and Democratic Presidential Contender Wes Clark?

 Or are you stuck so far up that Yankee Dean's ass all you see is macaroni?
 Chris Roth in NC

 Chris, I speak bad things about the South because I live there.
 I assume your neighbors are like mine - ignorant rubes who hate blacks and gays.
 These are the people who vote for Dubya - you don't see that much in NY, CA, Chicago, San Fran, Boston, etc.

 You can be as angry as you want, but people in Vermont don't drive around in old pickups with shotguns in the
 back window and Dixie flags streaming from the AM antennas that enables them to hear their hero, Rush the vulgar pigboy.

 Haven't you ever seen the red and blue maps that show who voted for Gore and Dubya?
 I submit the states Pinhead carried need education.
 You want to argue with that?

Marty's Entertainment Page
Bill Clinton in Oslo
The Wall Street Poet
Fresh BAGnews
Harry Joseph Letterman
'Skin' & 'Boomtown' cancelled
(Damn, Skin was a good show)
CBS folded, Raygun mini to Showtime
Stephen King has finished the 'Dark Tower' series
Regina Carter & Paganini's violin
Al Sharpton to host SNL
Clear Channel's earnings tripled in the 3rd quarter
A randy ram
And therapeutic leeches

 Bush Gives Linda Tripp $600K

  Click  Here

 Afraid of the puiblic relations fiasco for hiring her, Team Bush instead decided
 to give their good friend $600K so she wouldn't have to work for the next few years.

 This crazy cow ran screaming into the national spotlight trying to take down a president
 and now the federtal government is giving her money because her privacy was invaded?

 Linda Tripp committed the most horrendous invasion of privacy in the last few decades
 and now the B.F.E.E. is signing off on a $600K payoff for her?

 ISP Rejects Diebold Copyright Claims Against News Website
  EFF Defends Right to Publish Links to Electronic Voting Memos

  Click  Here

 Defending the right to link to controversial information about flaws in electronic voting systems, EFF announced
 it will defend an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a news website publisher against claims of indirect copyright
 infringement from the electronic voting machines' manufacturer.

 On October 10, 2003, electronic voting company Diebold, Inc., sent a cease-and-desist letter to the nonprofit
 Online Policy Group (OPG) ISP demanding that OPG remove a page of links published on an Independent
 Media Center (IndyMedia) website located on a computer server hosted by OPG.

 Diebold sent out dozens of similar notices to ISPs hosting IndyMedia and other websites linking to or publishing
 copies of Diebold internal memos. OPG is the only ISP so far to resist the takedown demand from Diebold.

"What topic could be more important to our democracy than discussions about the mechanics and legitimacy of
 electronic voting systems now being introduced nationwide?" said EFF Staff Attorney Wendy Seltzer.
"EFF won't stand by as corporations like Diebold chill important online debate by churning out legal notices
 to ISPs that usually just take down legitimate content rather than face the legal risk."

 Where The Wounded Go

  Click  Here

 The attack on the helicopter may have been the biggest single caseload from one incident
 that this hospital has had to cope with, but it wouldn't have come as a shock. They're used to
 big numbers here. Since the combat in Iraq began, including combat casualties, serious non-combat
 injuries and disease, this hospital has had to treat more than 7,700 U.S. personnel.


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 Subject: Chomsky

 Hey Bart,

 I'm reading one of his books and in it he says, "Propaganda is to democracy what violence is to totalitarianism.
 The techniques have been honed to a high art, far beyond anything Orwell dreamt of." He wrote that twenty years ago.

 All I thought of was this bogus war Bush has dragged the country into by using his lame excuses like toppling Saddam
 was part of the war on terror. Americans need to wake up and pay attention to what their government is doing,
 because the reckless actions of this president around the world are inconsistent with an open democracy.
 Who are the real patriots?

 Tout Sheet for 2004 Democratic Race
     by pony playing Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 George W. Bush can certainly be beaten. A recent ABCNEWS/Washington Post poll shows him leading a generic Democrat
 just 48-47, within the margin of error. Only 47 percent approve of his handling of Iraq; 51 percent disapprove. Even larger majorities
 disapprove of Bush's record on the Federal budget, taxes, health care, Social Security, etc. Most Democrats would see his election
 (I almost wrote "re-election") as a national catastrophe. A Marist poll shows 44 percent of registered voters definitely planning to
 vote against Bush; only 38 percent definitely supporting  him.


"I think we need to talk to white Southern workers about how they vote, because when white people
  and black people and brown people vote together in this country, that's the only time that we make
  social progress, and they need to come back to the Democratic Party. "
    --Howard Dean, Attribution

 Dave, Girlfriend Have Baby Boy

  Click  Here

 Letterman's girlfriend, Regina Lasko, delivered a baby boy late Monday night. He weighed in
 at 9 pounds, 11 inches and is 21 inches long, Letterman announced on his show Tuesday night.

"I could never imagine ever being a part of something that turned out this beautiful,"
 Letterman said on his show last night.

 Letterman, 56, said the baby - his first child - is named after his father,
 Harry Joseph Letterman, who died at 57.

 CBS Caves like a Senate Democrat
  Talk radio has Reagan film moved to Showtime next year

  Click  Here

 Anybody who wants to see the television miniseries "The Reagans" will now have to pay for it.
 After taking "The Reagans" off its schedule in the face of political pressure, CBS says it will
 ship the film over to Showtime with about one-fifth of CBS' audience.

"If the decision not to air `The Reagans' was made in response to political pressure, it will have
 a chilling effect on future creative efforts in this genre," said Herb Sargent, president of the
 Writers Guild of America, East. "Even under the threat of advertiser boycott, networks must
 not allow special interest groups to dictate programming."

 They're so afraid the kids might learn what a slimeball Reagan was.

 Cowardly CBS unfair to viewers, not 'Reagans'
   Robert Bianco in USA Today

   Click  Here

 Under pressure from conservative groups, CBS has exiled its highest-profile sweeps project,
 The Reagans, to Showtime. In essence, CBS is admitting that it is incapable of handling any
 subject more controversial than a Hallmark card bromide. For a network that just threw itself
 a three-hour 75th birthday party, that's a shameful way to start the next 75 years.

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"I didn't support the war in Iraq so that America could control Iraq.
  I supported it to get rid of Saddam and to let the Iraqis control Iraq."
   --Joe Lieberman, explaining why he votes with Bush Attribution

  Joe, that red stuff on your hands is the blood of an American soldier.

 Philadelphia to B.F.E.E.: Take a Hike!
   by Ann in Philly

  Click  Here

 Long story short: Street - 58%; Katz - 42%. Even in sections where Katz had done extremely well in 1999
 (read: white areas), he suffered a significant erosion of support. The Street victory appears to have cut across racial,
 economic, and social differences. Late in the campaign, polls started showing a strong shift to Street. In my not-so-humble
 opinion, even people who were not crazy about Street were outraged by what, according to several polls, they saw as a
 blatant attempt on the part of the Bush administration to rig the outcome. Perhaps a sign I saw carried by a young white guy
 on the corner of my block yesterday said it best: "Don't let Bush hijack our election."

 In fact, dare I say that this may represent some kind of turning point for this country?
 If Philadelphia could send Bush/Rove packing, maybe others will begin to realize that we can stand up to these guys,
 and beat them. The Big Dog came here last Friday to lend his support to Street. He noted that the Bush administration
 had done us a favor by starting the FBI probe.  It  "lit a fire" under us, he said. And how!

 Subject: Taking it to the terrorists?

 I read this Rummy quote from Meet the Press and well, speachless was the reaction....
 how can we be taking the battle to the terrorists when they are shooting us out of the sky on our landing pads?

 Last time I checked, circa 1964-66, taking the battle to the enemy meant ---you went to them, caught them
 and had your way with them, NOT they shoot you out on the sky on your own turf....
 I guess the rules and definations have changed....

 Did any one read the AP piece on how we are treating our prisoners?
 I guess being staked out in the sun with your hands tied is more fun with done by a liberator than a dictator...
 My , my, how far we've come....and we're just beginning to win their hearts and minds.


 Referring to the dead and injured, he told NBC's "Meet the Press" that
"what they're doing is important. What they are doing is taking the battle to the terrorists."


"We won't run," President Bush said, cavalierly dismissing the lives of the young soldiers mired in his folly.
  This amounts to using our young men and women as bait and assumes there are a finite number of
  fanatics who can be dispensed with once and for all.
    --Robert Scheer,  How Many Body Bags? Attribution

 The problem is we did run - we ran into a burning skyscraper called Iraq
 because the Illegal Pinhead said we couldn't wait one more day because if we did,
 we might see mushroom clouds around America, the lying bastard.

 Now we know he was just lying to steal Iraq's oil, but we can't get out.

 Subject: really

 Your articles look intriguing, but $10 a month??
 That's almost what I pay for The Economist, conservative, I know, but a great source of news.
 And you want almost the same amount??  Wow.

 Oh, well.


 Clair, I'm an evil man trying to put food on my family.
 BTW, the articles are free - you read them without paying, remember?
 The subscribers get BartCop Radio and sometimes more.

 Bush "Neo-Cons" Oversold Intel to Justify War

  Click  Here

 Facing increased pressure from ongoing and escalating violence in Iraq, Bush held a press conference
 to calm critics, saying, "We took action based upon good, solid intelligence." But the President's assertion
 has been challenged by both the House and Senate intelligence communities and interviews with intelligence
 officers, one of whom said, "There seemed to be an unseemly eagerness to believe any information which
 would portray the Iraqi threat as being extremely grave and imminent."


"On May 1, the president stood on the deck of the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln - strategically postured beneath
  a banner that declared "Mission Accomplished" - and pronounced the end of major combat operations in Iraq.
  Since that day, however, more American military personnel have been killed in Iraq than were killed during the
  major combat phase of the war. According to the Defense Department, 376 American troops have been killed
  to date in Iraq, and nearly two-thirds of those deaths - 238 - have occurred since May 1. When Bush uttered
  the unwise challenge, "Bring 'em on" on July 2, the enemy did indeed "bring them on", and with a vengeance!
  Since the president made that comment, more than 165 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq.
  And as the death toll mounts, it has become clear that the enemy intends to keep on 'bringing 'em on.'"
     --Sen. Robert C. Byrd,  A High Price For A Hollow Victory   Attribution

 America's Deadliest Killer

  Click  Here

 When it's over Wednesday, Gary Leon Ridgway will have more murders on his record than any other
 serial killer in the nation's history. And a mystery that confounded detectives for two decades will come to a close.

 That idiot Bush has killed upwards of 15,000.
 He killed hundreds in Texas before he "graduated" to using the US military.
 The son of a bitch (literally) loves to kill living things - he always has, and worse,
 he giggles and smirks when doing the killing - he's such a sick bastard.

 Pinhead slide in polls continues

  Click  Here

 According to yesterday's Marist poll,
 Pinhead's "reelect" number is down to 38, and "not re-elect" up to 44.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 Last issue it was times 377  ....this issue it's  times 378
                                                                                                          The sons of bitches got  one  kill since last issue.
    Please vote to stay the course next November.

 Very goddamn soon, we'll be at 400.

 How long before we hit 600?

  ...and then 1000?

 Total deaths since President Smirky McWarhardon said, "Bring 'em On":  172  173

 From:  http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, at least  2149     2176  wounded for Bush's oil hardon.
 Many of them are missing arms, legs and eyes.

 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?

 VCR Alert

 The usual Wednesday night suspects - West Wing, Law & Order, Karen Sisco,
 plus Shania on some Country Music Awards show and tonight's World Poker Tour
 is from Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut, the probable home of our Spring Pokerfest.

 Tenacious D Going on Hunger Strike

  Click  Here

 In a satirical move to promote the DVD "The Complete Masterworks," Jack Black and Kyle Gass
 said they will climb into a seven-foot by three-foot by seven-foot glass box 50 yards above Times Square
 at the intersection of 45th Street and Broadway, where they will remain for the length of the strike

 Black said the strike would end early one three conditions: if "The Complete Masterworks" goes platinum,
 if "hunger is solved" or if there is peace in Middle East.

 The duo made the announcement dressed in silver and white superhero costumes, with the letter "D"
 covering their chests, white gloves on their hands and white capes tied around their necks. In addition to
 water and one red cell phone, Black quipped that they would bring one guitar into the glass box with them.
 "If we need extra nourishment, we will live off each others' rock."

 Is bartcop.com  any good?
 Some reviews by friends and foes

 * (Out of five)  Fiercely Obnoxious, Venomous, Anti-American Fun!, 2/17/03
 Reviewer: Jeffry McGee
 If you like betraying your country by tearing down its institutions, sucking its social services dry,
 and protesting the hard-working U.S. military, then this is the place for you! Plenty of like-minded,
 socialistic, Anti-Bush liberals occupy this corner of the web. Watch out for cobwebs, and do not stray
 from message. Brown shirts welcome!

 ha ha

 ***** (Out of five) I never miss a day, 6/25/03
 Reviewer: Sarah
 Excellent site, excellent links (I also never miss a day of Bartcop Entertainment, especially Tuesdays
 with DisInfotainment Today), and a place where there are no-holds barred. Bartcop calls 'em as he sees 'em
 and 90% of the time, I agree with him. Too bad there aren't more like him (calling all the Pink Tutus!!).
 Keep up the good work, BC!!

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