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BFEE Releases Useless Papers
Military Dead Hidden
Court Sees it Bart's Way
Iraq War Dilemma Trails W
Dean's Southern Strategy
The Wounded Never Die
New Book on Lynch Rescue
God Damn the Pusher Man
The Truth about Reagan


Quote of the Day

"In a long, hard war, we're going to have tragic days,
  as this is. But they're necessary. They're part of a
  war that's difficult and complicated." 
   -- Rummy, lying on "This Whore" Sunday  Attribution

 Such a clumsy lie...
 You were forced to admit Saddam had nothing to do
 with 9-11, so why are our men and women dying in Iraq?

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Volume 1193 - Transfer Tubes

 Mon-Tues,  November 3-4, 2003


"You are going to be helping to rebuild a nation. I can't think of anything more honorable than that.
  We won the war, and we're going to win the peace, regardless of anything you may see in the news media."
    --an American colonel who is still alive  Attribution

 Bush Agrees to Furnish Iraq Intelligence 

  Click  Here

 The White House reversed itself and promised the Senate Intelligence Committee
 access to all materials requested for its inquiry into prewar intelligence on Iraq.

 The CIA and the State Department already turned over large quantities of documents
 ahead of the committee's deadline last Friday and more material is coming.  White House
 acquiescence, on behalf of the National Security Council, came to committee staff members
 late Friday along with notification from the Pentagon that it also would cooperate.

 With these guys, you have to smell a rat.
 Between now and the time these documents were requested - what changed?
 What did those months of stalling enable them to hide or destroy?

 Trust me, the B.F.E.E. doesn't "acquiesce" to a goddamn thing.
 They steamroll whatever's in their way because they know the Democrats won't fight back.

 What we have here is a classic case of "smart"  vs. "nice."
 Smart almost always wins a fight with nice.

 Hi, Bart,
 This is beyond irony. Read it and weep.

 It's from the Toronto Star - Canadians still have a free press.
 Ann from Philly

 Pentagon keeps dead out of sight
  Bush team doesn't want people to see human cost of war
  Even body bags are now sanitized as `transfer tubes'

  Click  Here

 Charles H. Buehring came home last week.

 He arrived at the air force base in Dover, Del., in the middle of the night, in an aluminum shipping case draped in an American flag.
 But America never saw Lt. Col. Buehring's arrival.  Americans have never seen any of the other 359 bodies returning from Iraq.
 Nor do they see the wounded cramming the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington or soldiers who say they are
 being treated inhumanely awaiting medical treatment at Fort Stewart, Ga.

 In order to continue to sell an increasingly unpopular Iraqi invasion to the American people, Bush sweeps the messy parts of war
  - the grieving families, the flag-draped coffins, the soldiers who have lost limbs - into a far corner of the nation's attic.

 You can call it news control or information control or flat-out propaganda," says Christopher Simpson of Washington's American University.
"Whatever you call it, this is the most extensive effort at spinning a war that the department of defence has ever undertaken in this country."

 Simpson notes that photos of the dead returning to American soil have historically been part of the ceremony, part of the picture of
 conflict and part of the public closure for families - until now.

"This White House is the greatest user of propaganda in American history and if they had a shred of honesty, they would admit it.
 But they can't."

 "Bring 'em on!   We're not scared!
  We ain't leaving, and my family's making billions!"


"More and more people want us to go home. Believe me, we want to go home."
   --Pfc. Rachel Bosveld, 19, in a letter to her family shortly before she died in Iraq   Attribution

 Subject: Clear Channel and the cyclists

 Thanks for bringing that to your readers' attention. It's dangerous enough trying to be a cyclist in the United States
 without having numbskull Morning Zoo DJs openly encouraging assault on us. I know too many instances where
 sheer idiocy has killed cyclists. We don't need people going out of their way to hurt us, too.


Marty's Entertainment Page
'Baron Dave Romm reviews 'Lying Liars' by Al Franken
Fresh BAGnews
'Bernie Mac' sitting out November sweeps
'Coupling' was cancelled
(bartcop.com is funnier than Coupling was)
Sting on rebuilding Iraq and Rod Stewart
P-Ditty finished the NY Marathon
Madonna on celebrity marriages
The World Beard & Moustache Championships
British 'reality' tv show had a tranny surprise
ha ha
Vodou in Haiti
And a bunch of links

  My Mom and Me

  Click  Here

 There came a point, just before Christmas when the pain was too much to bear.
 She asked me if cannabis would help her. In my experience, I said, "Yes, definitely."

 Many people do serious things for the wrong reason, this was not the case. We smoked... she got some much needed sleep
 and I cleaned the kitchen and prepared dinner. No crimes committed here. I was grateful she got some rest. When she awoke,
 a most awesome thing happened. SHE WAS HUNGRY !   I thanked God and Lord Jesus and cried. I made her some food,
 she ate it and smiled. She said, "Kathy, I had no idea. I wish I knew sooner how this helps."
 I told her,  "You know now, so whenever you need it mom, just tell me."

 One time I recall vividly, We had just smoked before I prepared dinner so she could rest before she ate. She had just received
 this beautiful music box that had one of her favorite classical music pieces, and she was playing it while she was resting, waiting
 for dinner. Her eyes were closed, her fists were under her back, (part of her spine had been fused.) and her legs were rocking
 side to side. Her look was peaceful. Her husband came into the kitchen to discuss her comfort. We must have been a bit too loud
 because all of a sudden her forehead got all crinkly and she said in a whisper...   "SSShhhhhh.... I'm skating!"

 We were disturbing her visualization of that peaceful place where cannabis helped her go.

 Whore Court agress with Bart on Commandments Monument
  It's about time these on-the-take weasels got one right

  Click  Here

 The court quietly rejected appeals from suspended Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who had stupidly
 argued that his self-aggrandizing monument properly acknowledges "God as the source of the community
 morality so essential to a self-governing society."

 Moore was suspended as chief justice for defying a federal court order to remove the monument.
 He goes on trial November 12 to face judicial ethics charges for his refusal to comply with the order.

 The court's action is not a ruling on the Ten Commandments question, it merely reflects the high court's
 unwillingness to hear the appeal. Too bad these appointed-for-life cowards don't have the courage to
 decide difficult issues. Instead, they choose to bury their heads in the sand and duck the question.

 Iraq War Dilemmas Trail Bush
  Saw it on  Smirkingchimp.com

  Click  Here

 After yet another day of death in Iraq, this one the worst since U.S. troops entered that country, Bush finds
 himself impaled even more firmly on the horns of a brutal dilemma in which strategic imperatives clash with political realities.

 With U.S. forces facing a widening insurgency by shadowy forces armed with a deadly and seemingly vast arsenal,
 the administration is facing growing pressure to find more troops for Iraq.

"We cannot solve this problem alone," said Dick Gephardt, Bush's friend. Gephardt urged Bush to sit down with
 foreign leaders, "treat them with respect and ... get the help that we should get from our friends."

 Gen. Wesley Clark, was even more critical. "We were misled into this conflict without a real strategy for success."

 Clark should hire me to punch up his speeches.
 I couldn't write them, but I could add a zinger here and there that would get press attention.


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 Subject: Clear Channel

 There is something odd about the GOP's inability to understand free speech.

 Advocating the murder of bikers seems to be a common way to drum up controversey at Clear Channel.
 In 1998, Ed Tyll was basically run out of his daytime FM slot for saying on the air (during bike week) that
 he was going to start running motorcycles off the road when their bikes are too loud.

 By the way, this is the same Ed Tyll who was suspended by WGST Atlanta in 1987 for spending about an hour
 on the air comparing Congressman John Lewis to Buckwheat.  Then he complains that his "free speech" was violated.

 We will have to say it again.
 "Free Speech" means that you are allowed to voice your stupid opinions without going to jail.
 When you get fired for it, that is not a "free speech" issue, that is a "responsibility for your own actions" issue.


 Dave Hardison


  Click  Here


"The record speaks for itself. It's a flawed strategy: an unnecessary war that took us into Iraq and an
  economic policy that's been ideologically driven rather than pragmatically developed. And neither has
  benefited the American people or ordinary working Americans. Beyond that there's an even more important
  issue: whether you believe there should be open and transparent decision-making. It's a danger for democracy
  when you hold a meeting with energy chiefs in the vice president's office and you won't release who came."
     --Wesley Clark, on why Dubya should be replaced Attribution

 Subject: Is Dean crazy?

 What the fuck is with Dean?  He wants to be the president of knuckle-dragging,
 mouth breathers with Confederate Flags on their pickup trucks?
 Fuck that--that's who I want my country back FROM!

 My family didn't almost get hurt driving through the south, burning cities and using
 Southern Belles as prostitutes to let those bastards serve as Attorney General.
 Tim H

 Howard Dean's Comment Sparks Iowa Dust-Up

  Click  Here

 A comment by Howard Dean about Confederate flags and pickup trucks has embroiled
 the leading Democrats in Iowa's presidential caucuses in a name-calling donnybrook.

"I still want to be the candidate for guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks," he said.
"We can't beat George Bush unless we appeal to a broad cross-section of Democrats."

 I think the second sentence explains the first one.
 Remember, Mondale and Dukakis were anti-gun, but in 1992, we saw pictures of Clinton hunting.
 Dean is a liberal from the Northeast, where the smart people live. He's got to reach out to the toothless idiots
 in the South if he's going to beat the never-elected moron. He's also got to counter those, "I'm from the liberal
 wing of the Democratic party," statements to get those uneducated, backwards southerners to vote for him.

 Just one man's opinion...

 The wounded who never die 

  Click  Here

 Common sense tells us we're being lied to again.

 If you follow the news even loosely, you know that American soldiers and Marines are killed and wounded
 on a daily basis in Iraq. Just offhand, the number of wounded appears to be three times the number killed.
 So, roughly -- very roughly -- one can estimate about 1,000 troops wounded in Iraq. It could be twice that, or more.
 I think it's a lot more.

 It seems to me the question is - How many names do we want on the Iraqi Wall?
 They say if we pull out, America will lose prestige.
 Do we have any now?

 I say the greedy Bush bastards will lose prestige when we pull out.
 No Democratic president would ever attack a nation for no goddamn reason.

When you're young and in love,
there's only one thing on your mind...

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 PR Specialist Promotes New Book on Lynch "Rescue"
  This is the guy who debunked Bush's 1991 "Kuwait incubator" handjob

  Click  Here

 His book "Because Each Life Is Precious: Why an Iraqi Man Came to Risk Everything for Pvt. Jessica Lynch"
 is being promoted by his Livingston Group colleague Lauri Fitz-Pegado. She is infamous for her work at Hill & Knowlton PR
 in 1990 coaching the Kuwaiti girl called "Nayirah" in her shocking but phony testimony on Congressional hill that she'd seen
 Iraqi soldiers murdering Kuwaiti babies. That stunt helped propel the U.S. to war against Iraq in 1991. Fitz-Pegado's client was
 the ruling family of Kuwait and the baby-killing claims were later shown to be false. The new book is well timed since it will
 precede by a few weeks Jessica Lynch's own book, half-a-million copies of which will hit bookstores on Veterans Day, November 11th."

  John Stauber, co-founder of PR Watch and co-author of the book, Weapons of Mass Deception: The Uses of Propaganda
 in Bush's War on Iraq. which takes a look at how the Bush administration's highly successful public relations campaign sold
 the Iraqi war to the American public.

                         Click to order

 Looks like my good friend Tom Tomorrow did the art

 Some people are pre-wired to hate Jessica Lynch, but she hasn't told any lies that we know of.
 She's become a symbol of the Bush lies in Iraq, but it sppears she'd rather claim, "I don't remember,"
 than play ball with the Usurper's evil takeover plans. I say she's a hero who served her country.

 Old Business:

 Remember Bob Livingston?

 He now runs The Livingston Group, the crooked and fraudulent promotors of this fake book.

 Honorable Robert L. Livingston  (Founding Partner)

 Honorable?  Bob Livingston?
 The last time we saw Livingston, he was confessing to being a scumbag.  Not only did he have to confess
 being a scumbag, Larry Flynt was going to out him with taped audio of Livingston taking instructions on how
 to properly lick the boots of his armed-with-a-whip dominatrix while she stood over him barking orders.
 Hey, it's OK with me if he wants to be whipped while he licks it, but he shouldn't be involved in busting
 the best president we ever had over getting a little no-whips tongue from an intern.

 If he gets honorable, what do the honorable people get?

 The founder of The Livingston Group, former Congressman Robert L. "Bob" Livingston, provides overall
 direction and personal leadership for the operations of the firm. From 1995 to 1999, Bob Livingston chaired
 the House Appropriations Committee on which he served for 18 years. After a successful legal career in the
 public and private sectors, Mr. Livingston was elected in 1977 as the first Republican to represent Louisiana's
 First Congressional District in 102 years. He was re-elected to the U.S. House of Representatives for eleven
 successive terms.  Mr. Livingston was elected by his peers to serve as Speaker-designate for the 106th
 Congress, but chose to retire from the House in 1999.

 He did not.
 That's a damn lie right there.
 His wife negotiated his surrender like Larry Flynt was skipper of The USS Missouri.
 Flynt was going to play the audio, but Mrs Livingston convinced Flynt that her perverted, vindictive husband would
 kill himself if Flynt played those tapes for the public, so Flynt showed some heart and agreed to not release the tapes
 if Livingston stepped down as the second consecutive (think Newt) GOP scumbag Speaker of the House

 Respected by Republican and Democratic Members alike,

 Another lie from the simpering dominated wimp.

  Click  Here


"I can tell you that President Clinton was on top of every issue. He was the smartest guy in the room.
  He asked the most penetrating questions, he didn't forget his brief. He could pose the issues in a way
  that demanded honest and constructive answers. I've talked to people on the inside who have told me,
  no, President Bush is decisive. But the things I see lead me to have concerns."
    --Wesley Clark, comparing the best president with the unelected Pinhead   Attribution

 God Damn the Pusher Man
  I think somebody's been reading  bartcop.com

  Click  Here

 Yes, I admit it: I laughed my ass off when Rush Limbaugh finally came out of the pill-popper closet--with a little nudge
 from his housekeeper and the National Enquirer. And why not? One thing that amuses me no end is seeing a blowhard
 caught in his own hypocrisy, only to flame out spectacularly. Didn't the Pigman say to Wilma Cline that she should
 score him an extra big load of OxyContin that last time in the Denny's parking lot, so he could "go out with a bang,
 if you know what I mean"? Seriously, this is funny stuff.

 If Rush Limbaugh had had spinal surgery, wouldn't we all have heard about it?
 What a trooper, having such a major operation and not telling a soul about it.

 What a load of horseapples.

 October sticker placement contest!


 How to win:

 To get your stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to:
 bartcop.com  PO Box 54466  Tulsa, OK 74155
 OR, you could PayPal a small donation and get your stickers within 48 hours.

 The stickers are free, but donations are accepted.
 Get yours, then send in a digital photo of where you put it.
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 Winner gets Joe Conason's book, Al Franken's book or the 2004 Playmate Calendar on DVD.

 Send Bart a sticker pic
 and I'll come by around 8.

 send to  bartcop@bartcop.com


"My philosophy is the United States should cooperate with others whenever we can and act alone
  only if we have to. In the current government, the conservatives, at least, believe that we should
  act alone whenever we can and cooperate when we have to."
     --Bill Clinton, knocking 'em dead    Attribution

 Subject: bartcop clueless on religion

 Dear Mr. Bart:

    In future rants against religion, please be careful to specify that your ire is reserved for fundamentalism.
 Liberal religion is your ally, and would appreciate a little courtesy.

   In my Unitarian Universalist congregation atheists and agnostics outnumber deists and theists. Christians
 and Pagans here covenant peacefully together with Buddhists and Muslims. Mike Morran's sermon yesterday
 called me to wake up and smell the outrage. He jested that liberal religion does not inspire anger that rises to
 the level of terrorism, domestic or foreign, but the choir director's choice of the opening hymn was a subtle
 contradiction of his point.

   The hymn was written by Theodore Parker, unindicted co-conspirator in  the John Brown raid against the
 Harper's Ferry Federal Armory. Reverend Parker failed to be convicted of treason and hung because he
 was treating  TB in Italy, where he died in 1863. We should speak out and work for peace and justice now
 because America's failure in dealing with Iraqis and other enemies of the Bush Family Evil Empire may otherwise
 someday be as obvious as her pre-Civil War failure in dealing with African-Americans, and then we liberal
 religious would once again find ourselves leading suicide charges into the mouths of much bigger guns.

   Ted Parker wrote:
 Be ours a religion, which like sunshine goes everywhere,
 It's temple, all space,
 It's shrine, the good heart,
 It's creed, all truth,
 It's ritual, works of love,
 It's profession of faith, divine living.

 Randy Chase

 Randy, I'm not trying to be a smart-ass (for once) but I don't understand a word you've written.
 Yes, fundamentalism is religion squared, but I still can't find a use for religion.
 You can do nice things for people without sacrificing your logic and common sense.

 I'm certainly clueless to the Unitarian Universalist congregation, and why would they have
 atheists, agnostics, deists, theists, Christians, Pagans, Buddhists and Muslims in the same congregation?
 That sounds more like America's melting pot than a church.

 Scary Movie 3

 In a weak moment, we decided to see "Scary Movie 3" this weekend.
 It wasn't terrible, it wasn't awful, it wasn't extra-gross, but I'm so old, fart jokes,
 and vomit jokes and crotch-kicking over and over just don't make me laugh.

 It wasn't much of a movie movie, it was more like a bunch of SNL sketches thrown together.
 The two funniest parts in the whole movie are (A) Pamela Anderson saying, "Not that movie,"
 and oddly enough - I think the movie uses a different take than the TV commercials.
 The TV ads have Pamela with better timing. The movie cut wasn't as good, and
 (B) the Charlie Sheen bit about Michael Jackson being in his house and we'd already
 seen both those clips a few dozen times on TV ads so the repeats weren't funny.

 Darrell Hammond has a 60-second role as a Catholic priest who shows up to babysit a young boy.
 He's carrying a bottle of wine and two tall candles that he lights to create a romantic mood.

 I think there was one time when Mrs Bart began to chuckle, but she stopped herself.
 I didn't laugh out-loud the entire movie, and it was billed as a comedy.

 If you're one of the only people in America who hasn't seen it yet, I recommend you down a pint of
 cheap vodka and smoke some really good pot just before you walk in - to have a chance at laughing.
 (Marijuana not legal in all localities, check your local laws)

 This not very funny movie has made $78M in twelve days.

 GOP Chairman Blasts Miniseries on Reagans
  The truth about Reagan is bad, the Reagan myth is what's important

  Click  Here

 The chairman of the GOP has told CBS' president that historians should review the miniseries
 "The Reagans" for historical accuracy, or the network should run a disclaimer that the program is fiction.

 Oh, Jesus - can you believe that crap?  If the GOP wants a rosie movie where Reagan is protrayed as a
 decent man with half a brain, let them produce their own fiction. They did it with that phoney 9-11 movie that
 showed Bush as brave and decisive, when we all saw with our own two eyes that Bush was a scared bunny,
 flying from state to state in a wild panic while Cheney and Condi were trying to calm him down enough to produce
 a TAPED address to the nation. We couldn't get a live  message because Bush kept wetting his pants in total fear,
 so they were reduced to producing a tape like bin Laden in a cave in Afghanistan.

 What a disgrace!
 The illegal Commander in Thief of the world's only superpower running like a frightened cockroach.

"The Reagans," a two-part miniseries about former President Reagan and his wife, Nancy, airs Nov. 16 and 18.
 It is being condemned in advance by the former president's friends and supporters as unfair and inaccurate.

"We live in a culture today of reality TV," GOP chairman Ed Gillespie said in a conference call Friday.
"Lines between fact and fiction get blurred. I am concerned that its portrayal of Reagan is not historically accurate."

 How absurd, but CBS will probably bend over for the GOP, their partners in crime.
 We know Reagan was guilty of many serious crimes and how do we know?
 President Pinhead has buried his presidential papers to hide the truth.
 We can't handle the truth about Reagan, so we're going with the Reagan myth.

 We keep naming schools and airports after that shallow-thinking racist,
 but that's not even the worst of Reagan - Bush is busy burying the facts.
 If they want Reagan to be remembered, tell Bush to let us have the truth.

 ...but they can't, because it'll prove Reagan was a multiple felons with a string
 of worldwide crimes and fixed elections - that's why they have to bury his records.

 Gillespie said he hasn't seen the full miniseries but is uneasy because of news reports
 and brief clips that have been made public.

 Bullshit!   Talk radio has been hammering this non-story to death.
 Nobody has seen the film, but they're upset anyway - on general principles.
 Reagan was such a small, guilty man, of course they panic at the thought that his story is being told.

 He said he resents particularly how the miniseries depicts the Reagans' attitude on AIDS
 and how it depicts former first lady Nancy Reagan.

 Some of us are old enough to remember Von Reagan's two faces and his harpy shrew of a wife.
 Reagan's attitude towards gays was, "Fuck 'em, they're faggots."  I was there.  I  f-ing remember.
 Like Bush, Reagan had no time or money for "faggots," so he refused to fund research into AIDS.
 And unqualified Nancy was running the White House long before President Hillary ever did.

 Remember Reyjavik, Iceland?
 Nancy wouldn't let Ronnie sign a goddamn nuclear missle treaty with Russia because "the stars weren't lined up."
 Swear to Koresh, you older folks know that's true. Nancy's astrologer said Wednesday (or whatever) was the
 wrong day to sign the treaty because Jupiter's moon wasn't rising - something like that.   I'm all for somebody
 being interested in astrology, but not when that belief postpones the signing of an important treaty with life-or-death
 consequences for the entire planet. That's way too close to religious insanity for me.

 Reagan's presidency was a lot like Bush's - giant steps backward into the darkness.
 Let CBS show their film and let talk radio whine about it until the mountains fall into the sea.

 I wonder if they'll show how Nancy met Ronnie?
 Jack Warner sent Nancy to Ronnie for a calming-down blow job to get Reagan back in line.

 I wonder if they'll mention that Nancy was pregnant when she got married?
 That's right - Ronnie knocked her up, and you just didn't do that in the fifties.
 Only sluts and Warner Brothers studio whores got pregnant when they were single in the fifties.

 I also wonder if they'll mention that starlet that Reagan raped?
 It's another reason the GOP doesn't want Reagan's story told by anybody but a ditto-monkey.

 Hey, BC,

 Things are going well for me, but not for the one in eight Americans who are living below the poverty line and often going hungry --


 Warren Buffett is now putting his money into foreign currencies for the first time in his career, because of the treasonous Bush trade deficit.


 And don't get me started on our lunatic denial of global warming.

 What is wrong with people?  Why won't they see problems that are staring them in the face?
 What will it take to wake people from their dream world and get them started on saving their real world?


 Brad, I wish I had the answers.
 It seems America doesn't mind being jobless and quagmired in some fake war and the loss of the Constitution.
 As long as the President isn't getting a little tongue from some intern, the sheep are happy.

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 So - we have the two cats - they just turned eleven.
 Kidless, they've been a big part of our lives that long.

 There's Goldie, the female who acts just like her daddy -  wild, aggresive,
 bellicose, suspicious, ready-to-launch, don't take shit off nobody.

 Then there's Bart - who takes after Mrs. Bart - sweet, considerate,
 understanding, willing to negotiate, tolerant, enjoys the company of mice.

 Sunday night, we're watching Sydney in her blonde-on-black roots wig looking mighty fine,
 when Mrs. Bart commented on our two velociraptors, who were both staring at a piece of wall-meets-floor.

 We each thought it was pretty cute, until I saw or heard something that didn't sound or look right.
 I vaulted over the couch (I'm 50) and I saw Goldie standing there with a small rat in her mouth.
 The rat wasn't a baby rat, it was more of a teen-sized rat.  It reminded me of George Stephanopolous.

 It was such a Montecore moment, because Goldie knew she was doing something unusual.
 She let me catch her, (funny - that cat-human telepathy) and then she dropped her rat.
 When she dropped it, it was plenty hurt and disabled, and I thought of Roy Horn.
 She could've easily carried the rat unharmed to wherever its final destination would be
 but she put some crush in her carry because that's what cats do, I suppose.

 I scooped up the rat and disposed of it, so now we have to determine how it got in.
 They were both staring at the AC vent, but those slots are only 1/4 inch apart.
 The little rat's skull had to be 3/4 inch minimum, so maybe it was a magic rat.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 I am not looking forward to this...

 Last issue it was times 376  ....this issue it's  times 377
                                                                                                          The sons of bitches got  one  kill since last issue.
    Please vote to stay the course next November.

 Very goddamn soon, we'll be at 400.

 How long before we hit 600?

  ...and then 1000?

 Total deaths since President Smirky McWarhardon said, "Bring 'em On":  171  172

 From:  http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, at least  2110     2149  wounded for Bush's oil hardon.
 Many of them are missing arms, legs and eyes.

 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?

 VCR Alert

 Skin - what a show!
 And Las Vegas, which is on at the same time as Skin, of course.
 Dave has Ashley Judd, Leno (R-Lazy) has more friends of the Pinhead.

 Is bartcop.com  any good?
 Some reviews by friends and foes

 * (Out of five) poor inteface, no thoughts, 2/17/03
 Reviewer: John McClane  (Isn't he the guy from Die Hard?)
 The site is poor (that part is very true) and hard to navigate.
 ha ha
 You have to know how to scroll.
 Most of the posts are pure left wing drivel with no thought whatsoever.

 ***** (Out of five) Bartcop uses the "Big Hammer", 6/25/03
 Reviewer: Mark H
 Easily the most addictive website around, Bart is a one-man dittohead-spanking machine.
 Opinionated, logical, usually sober and always funny, he amazingly pumps out a packed issue
 nearly every day. Top notch site for true Americans with intelligence and a sense of humor.

 "What's a bartcop?"


 If you have something important send it to Sam at sam@bartcop.com

 Can't get in the members section?  Sam can help.

 Subject: Mortal error


 The book I wrote you about on the Kennedy assassination is "Mortal Error" by Bonar Menninger.
 His ballistics work gives him a lot of credibility.

 Also here is a question you might ask for input on.  How do we verify the casualty statistics put out by the government?
 My boy is serving in the Army & is home on 2 weeks leave.  It is his opinion from the experience that he has over there
 that we are not being given accurate numbers.  In particular he says he loaded 3 wounded into an evac helicopter & only
 one of the three was alive but he knows those two deaths were not reported.


 Mark, assume you're being lied to...

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