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  In Today's Treehouse...
Reap the Windfalls in Iraq
Chinook Down Kills 15 More
The White House Haunted?
Halliburton Profits Way Up
Musings From the Heartland
Isaac Peterson in Africa
Clear Channel Killers
Double Monkey Mail
Top Israeli Officer Speaks


Quote of the Day

"Saddam's been removed from power.  It's just 
  a matter of time before he is brought to justice 
  as well as other remnants of the regime."  
 --White House liar Scott McClellan,   Attribution

   I thought it was a matter of lives...

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Volume 1192 - Sub-defective

 Weekend,  November 1-2, 2003


"We no longer live in a free country according to definition of Dubya:
  On October 3 this year, he said,
 'See, free nations are peaceful nations.
  Free nations don't attack each other.
  Free nations don't develop "weapons of mass destruction.' "
   -- Alex Mnats

 Reap the Windfalls of Post-war Reconstruction
  How the B.F.E.E. is making billions of Bush's bloody, unnecesaary war

  Click  Here

 The Center's investigation found that 14 of the contractors were awarded U.S. government work in both
 Iraq and Afghanistan. Combined, those companies gave nearly $23 million in political contributions since 1990,
 and 13 employ former government officials or have close ties to various agencies and departments.

 You funnel a million or two into the GOP coffers, then Bush creates a fake was that makes you billions.
 That's money well spent.
 And all it cost was 15,000 Iraqi lives, 360 American lives - and some arms, some legs and some eyes.

 Watch how the B.F.E.E. works:

 Because of inconsistent and scarce information, the total value of contracts awarded for reconstruction work in Iraq
 and Afghanistan may be greater than what is publicly known. The Center found that there was no uniformity across the
 government in how contract values were reported. For example, the amount listed for an individual contract either represented
 only what had been paid to date on a multiyear contract, or a minimum and maximum dollar range of the contract, or, in some
 instances, a single figure, without any specification as to whether it represented a first payment, a first-year total, or a
 multiyear total. In some instances, the Center could determine nothing about what a particular contract cost or entailed because
 neither the company nor the government agency responsible for it would divulge that information.

 Could their thievery be any more obvious or clear?
 They're tossing around billions and nobody knows what for or how much or to who.
 The B.F.E.E. is stealing BIG chunks of what's left of Clinton's Social Security lockbox,

 ...and the Democrats just whistle and walk away.

 Chopper Shot Down in Iraq, Killing 15 GIs

  Click  Here

 Insurgents shot down a U.S. Chinook helicopter in central Iraq on Sunday as it carried troops headed for
 R&R, killing 15 soldiers and wounding 21 in the deadliest single strike against American troops since the start of war.

 The attack by a shoulder-fired missile was a significant new blow in an Iraq insurgency that escalated in recent days
  - a "tough week," in the words of the U.S. occupation chief.

 Other U.S. soldiers were reported killed Sunday in ground attacks here and elsewhere in central Iraq. The only
 day that saw more U.S. casualties came March 23, during the first week of the invasion that ousted Saddam

 You know that boxing analogy I always use, that when you're losing, you have to throw caution and defense
 to the wind and go for the knockout to have a fighting chance? We don't even have that option in Iraq.

 Losing the election should be the least of punishments this greedy oil thief should have to endure.

 "Bring 'em on!   We're not scared!
  We ain't leaving, either!"



"Congratulations! Through your inaction and inattention to detail, your paper has paved a glorious
  path not taken since the 1930's. Who would have thought we in America would be able to turn back
  the clock and be able to see how Germans felt on the eve of invading their neighbors under the
  pretense of liberation and self-defense.

  Don't gloat too much though, you have to share the champagne with other media
  outlets throughout the US.    The paperhanger would have been proud of you."
   --  E.D.  in an unpublished letter to the editors of The New York Times and Washington Post
      several days before we invaded Iraq.

 Is the White House Haunted?
 (Besides the Illegal Monkey...)

  Click  Here

 The White House at night is a dark and spooky place, haunted, according to legend,
 by ghosts of dead presidents and a former British soldier.  The White House has long
 had a reputation for being haunted -- most famously by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln.

 Lincoln's wife, Mary, reportedly heard the ghost of Andrew Jackson "swearing up a storm,"
 Walters said.  Walters said several staff members have had eerie experiences and he described
 one he shared with three police officers.

"I was standing at the state floor of the White House. ... The police officers and I felt a cool rush
 of air pass between us and then two doors that stand open closed by themselves. I have never seen
 these doors move before without somebody specifically closing them by hand. It was quite remarkable."


Marty's Entertainment Page
'Simpsons' season debut with 'The Treehouse of Horror XIV
More Bill Clinton at Yale
Ronald Wilson Reagan = 666?
Late Halloween masks of Bill Gates, Kenny-boy Lay & J.R.R. Tolkien (among others)
Phil Spector's bail extended - again
'Simpsons' apologize to Faux news
Fidel Castro eyes Ahnold
Sinead O'Connor's last album
The World Beard & Moustache Championships
Bush - Rice '04
A vampire killing kit
Wax lips & other nostalgic candy
And a bunch of links


 Are you sure Molly Ivins doesn't know what a BartCop is?


   ha ha

  Molly can't see that sticker - I'm pretty sure my "secret" is safe.

 Musings From the Heartland
    by  Richard L. Fricker

  Click  Here

  Bush, et al, have attempted to blame, Osama, Saddam, foreign fighters, Islam and evil
  in general for all their troubles.   As long as that wrought of Barbara and G. H. W. Bush
 continues the exploitation of human beings for profit the Iraqi people will continue to resist.
 Human beings will continue to die until the madness is stopped, either by the military saying
 no more, or the voters saying enough.

 Last week Medecins Sans Frontieres - Doctors Without Borders, said it was pulling its
 international staff out.  These people are tough and have seen combat, taken hits---unlike
 President Water Down My Leg and the political First Concubine Condi Rice.

 The United Nations, Red Cross and others have bid adieu. These groups deal with the
 Iraqi people, they don't point guns in their faces, defile their homes and women, put bags
 over the heads of the captured in front of their children.

 Message from Isaac Peterson

  Click  Here

 Isaac has been selected to receive an invitation to go to South Africa with a journalism group.
 The catch is - he can't afford this opportunity - and it costs $5000.

 As you know, we do not do fundraising for anybody but  bartcop.com
 but he's looking for a person or group or organization that might sponsor him.
 Read for details.
 His address is listed if you know someone who could help.


Mick Rasley (D-Silversmith) is the man


 Clear Channel incites violence against bikers

  Click  Here

 Bicyclists are demanding that the nation's largest radio group be punished because DJs
 at three Clear Station stations made on-air comments they say encouraged drivers to
 throw bottles at bike riders or hit them with open car doors.

 They say the morning show hosts at Clear Channel Communications (R-Nazi Thugs) stations
 in Cleveland, Houston and Raleigh, N.C., also suggested motorists blast horns at cyclists,
 and speed past them and slam on their brakes in front of them.

 That's attempted murder, you sons of bitches!

 The company won't release transcripts or tapes of the broadcasts, but the three stations
 apologized on the air and Clear Channel donated $10,000 and air time to promote bicycle safety.

"We deeply regret that comments made by on-air personalities were misinterpreted. Clear Channel
 does not condone violence in any form and we are committed to working with the cycling community
 to improve cycling safety," chief executive John Hogan lied in a statement.

 These sons of bitches are guilty.
 How do three employees in three cities say the same thin withour coordination from the home office?
 Cleveland can't hear Raleigh or Cleveland, so how do these Nazi thugs explain their hatred?

 Clear Channel, which said it was coincidental that similar comments came from three of their stations,
 said it told the stations to refer questions to corporate headquarters. It wouldn't say if the DJs were disciplined.

 Disciplined, my ass.
 I'll bet the Nazi thugs gave them a promotion.
 Remember, Clear Channel's hardon for war was almost as big as the Unelected Pinhead's.
 They banned the Dixie Chicks for daring to disagree with the Never-elected violence lover.
 Violence-loving Nazis tend to flock together, and Clear Channel and Bush are almost married.

 Lois Cowan filed a complaint with the FCC asking it to fine the company or take away their licenses.
"They shouldn't be advocating things that kill people," Cowan said.

 But Lisa, they're big contributors to the B.F.E.E. - they don't have to obey the law.
 Funny, if Howard Stern is spanking some lesbians, the FCC comes down on him hard.
 But when the Clear Channel bastards say, "Kill a biker today," they get a free pass because
 Michael Powell's Daddy gives Bush a measure of insurance against being called a scumbag racist.

 Trust me, these pigs will keep stealing and raping until sombody tells them to stop.
 It won't be the press (on the payroll) or a Democrat, (too scared) so we have to do it ourselves.

 lisacdollinger@clearchannel.com is Clear Channel's Senior Vice President, Corporate Communication

 Let her know you're disgusted with their Nazi attitudes, their pro-war rallies, their censorship of anyone
 who didn't want to see Baghdad murdered and their ultra-violent tips on how to kill innocent bikers.


Click to Enter


  Click  Here

  November 1, 1943

 Soviet forces capture Chaplinka, sealing off the Crimean peninsula from land communications, trapping the German 17th Army.
 The German's only line of communications is across the Black Sea to Rumania. Red Navy forces land on the Kerch peninsula.

 The US 3rd Marine Division lands 14,000 troops at Cape Torokina, opening direct operations against Bougainville.
 The landings are supported by 4 cruisers and 8 destroyers from TF 39 and air support comes from the carriers Saratoga
 and Princeton (TF 38) The landings are resisted fiercely and the marines are subjected  to heavy aerial attacks.

 FDR, faced with 530,000 striking miners,  orders the Solid Fuels Administration to take over the operations of coal mines.


"Well they're wrong. I was there, they weren't. When they argue with me, all I have to say is,
 'Were you in that car?' The answer has to be no because there wasn't anybody else.
 All I'm saying is there were three shots and I know what happened with each shot."
    -- Nellie Connally, who was in the car in Dallas with her husband and the Kennedy's  Attribution

 But on November 20, 2003, ABC is going to call her a liar.
 You see, ABC has computers, so the witness must be lying.

 The Economy is Roaring Back 

  Click  Here

 For the first time in three years there is actually some positive news about the economy.
 Its been so long I'm not sure the right wing business news community quite knows how
 to deal with good news that they don't have to make up or lie about.

 While in reality we are no where near 'back' .. it is a sliver of hope, and a very fine
 sliver at that. Sorry, but I don't invest, buy a house, or make a living off slivers of hope.

 Eyes Wide Shut
  by Herr Dragoness Doud - This time she hates Bush.

  Click  Here

 Crawford George has morphed into Baghdad Bob.
 The war began with Bush illogic: false intelligence (from Niger to nuclear) used to bolster a false casus belli
 (imminent threat to our security) based on a quartet of false premises (that we could easily finish off Saddam
 and the Baathists, scare the terrorists and democratize Iraq without leeching our economy).

 Now Bush illogic continues: The more Americans, Iraqis and aid workers who get killed and wounded,
 the more it is a sign of American progress. The more dangerous Iraq is, the safer the world is. The more
 troops we seem to need in Iraq, the less we need to send more troops.

 The harder it is to find Saddam, Osama and W.M.D., the less they mattered anyhow. The more coordinated,
 intense and sophisticated the attacks on our soldiers grow, the more "desperate" the enemy is.


"Kitty Kelley's account of Reagan's late-night rape is essentially accurate, although he never forced
  his way into her apartment. "I opened the door. Then it was the battle of the couch. I was fighting him.
  I didn't want him to make love to me. He's a very big man, and he just had his way.
  Date rape? No, God, no, that's Kelley's phrase. I didn't have a chance to have a date with him."
  Walters says she bears Reagan no ill will, and has even voted for him:
 "I don't think he meant to harm me."
   -- Selene Walters, the lady who was raped by Saint Ronnie, then voted for him
       It's another reason the GOP doesn't want Reagan's story told by anybody but a worshipper.

 Halliburton Announces Record Profits
  Is the lack of oversight responsible for this outrage?

  Click  Here

 Wednesday, Halliburton announced the KBR unit's profits rose four-fold and sales leapt 80 percent
 in the 3rd quarter6, and Thursday, a new study questioned the connection between campaign contributions
 to Bush and reconstruction contracts for Iraq and Afghanistan awarded to companies including Halliburton.

 October sticker placement contest!


 How to win:

 To get your stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to:
 bartcop.com  PO Box 54466  Tulsa, OK 74155
 OR, you could PayPal a small donation and get your stickers within 48 hours.

 The stickers are free, but donations are accepted.
 Get yours, then send in a digital photo of where you put it.
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 Winner gets Joe Conason's book, Al Franken's book or the 2004 Playmate Calendar on DVD.

 Send Bart a sticker pic
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 send to  bartcop@bartcop.com


"After the breakup of his marriage to Jane Wyman and before he met Nancy, Reagan had an affair
  with starlet Jacqueline Park,  later the mistress of Warner Bros. studio boss Jack Warner. Park told
  Kelley that when the two began dating, Reagan "couldn't perform sexually. I think he was still suffering
  withdrawal pains from Wyman." Throughout their liaison, Park said, "He never took me out in public,
  never gave me a present and never ever paid for a cab for me." According to Park, she became pregnant;
  Reagan denied that the child was his and ended the affair.
   -- Kitty Kelly, in Nancy Reagan: The Unauthorized Biography

 Reagan was as cheap with women as he was with AIDS funding.
 He never spent a dime on the actress he knocked up, and ne never even dated
 the woman he date raped - never even bought her dinner, the cheap bastard.
 It's another reason the GOP doesn't want Reagan's story told by anybody but a worshipper.

 Football Roundup

 Virginia Tech blew the national championship race wide open Saturday night
 with the biggest victory in its history, 31-7 over formerly No. 2-ranked Miami.

 OK State coach Les Miles said the Sooners were the nation's best team, "...so we are told.''
 Oklahoma made him suck that, 52-9 on Saturday.

 Matt Leach kicked a field goal with 33 seconds to give the Gators a 16-13 win over Georgia.
 Texas beat Nebraska - too bad both teams couldn't lose :)
 Michigan beat Michigan State, Florida State beat the Catholics,
 Ohio State escaped Joe Paterno, Florida beat #4 Georgia,
 #3 USC (Now #2) beat Washington State, but that wasn't the big news...
 Arkansas 71, Kentucky 63, in Seven Overtimes

 The game was the longest in NCAA history, matching the seven overtimes in Arkansas' 58-56
 victory at Mississippi in 2001. The game lasted four minutes shy of five hours.

 If the Dallas Cowboys lose Sunday, it'll be a good sports weekend.

  Click  Here

 ...and see what sort of drivel you've been posting lately.
 As always, typical, liberal excreta - not worth wasting more than a minute or two on.

 Another lie.
 You live and breathe  bartcop.com
 You can't live without it.
 You're as hooked on  bartcop.com  as the vulgar Rush junkie is on his precious heroin - ha ha

 Subject: defeating the Bush filters

 Websense was the reason why I couldn't read Bartcop at work.
 It was filtered out on the grounds that it was an  "Alternative Journal--Online equivalents
 to supermarket tabloids and other fringe publications." I have since found one of your mirror sites,
 but I filed a grievance with Websense anyway, ...and it worked!

 Victory is yours! You have been removed from the Websense filter!


 Obit: New Orleans Times Picayune

 Gertrude M. Jones
 Word has been received that Gertrude M. Jones, 81, passed away on August 25, 2003,
 under the loving care of the nursing aides of Heritage Manor of Mandeville, Louisiana.
 She was a native of Lebanon, KY. She was a retired VP of Georgia Insurance Company,
 Her husband, Warren K. Jones predeceased her. Funeral services were held in Louisville, KY.
 Memorial gifts may be made to any organization that seeks the removal of President George Bush from office.

 Published in The Times-Picayune on 10/2/2003

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 I am not looking forward to this...

 Last issue it was times 358  ....this issue it's  times 376
                                                                                                          The sons of bitches got  eighteen  kills since last issue.
    I want that oil - no matter how many lives it costs!

 Soon, we'll be at 400.

 How long before we hit 600?

  ...and then 1000?

 Total deaths since President Giggles said, "Bring 'em On":  154  172

 From:  http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, at least  2076     2110  wounded for Bush's oil hardon.

 Many of them are missing arms, legs and eyes.
 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html

 How much more are we willing to tolerate?

 Top Israeli Officer Says Tactics Are Backfiring
  Time to Kill the Messenger for reporting the news

  Click  Here

 Israel's senior military commander says Israel's military tactics were too repressive and
 were fomenting explosive levels of "hatred and terrorism" that might become impossible to control.

 In remarks that suggest a dramatic split with the approach of the current government,
 Lt. Gen. Moshe Yaalon, chief of staff of the Israeli armed forces, said that crackdowns,
 curfews and roadblocks in the West Bank and Gaza Strip were crippling the lives of innocent
 Palestinians and that the military's tactics were now threatening Israel's own interests.

 "Ariel Sharon is a very peaceful guy, like a dove, almost..."


 VCR Alert

 They say Arrested Development is the best show of the last two seasons.
 I've never heard praise like that, and it comes from all over.
 It's on FOX tonight - I 'll tape it.

 Plus on Alias, Sydney gets a new, white wig.
 Wow, she looks good every time she gets new hair.

 And CBS is having their 75th Anniversary.

 Is bartcop.com  any good?
 Some reviews by friends and foes

 ** (Out of five)  Well, he's effective, 10/12/03
 Reviewer: Patrick

 Although I disagree with most everything posted there. BC and I have had several go-arounds,
 and it's hard to get a word in edgewise because it's not a blog, it's a pulpit. For the most part,
 it's preaching to the choir since most readers and contributors are hard-left. I have all but ceased
 stopping there, except in the case of a significant news event so I can see what the far left is thinking.
 It's the equivalent of a mirror image of Sean Hannity, except Sean can't swear a blue streak at his
 participants. I can't stand Sean either...

 ***** (Out of five)  Republicans fear Bartcop, 5/3/03
 Reviewer: KemoSabe
 No compromises from Bart. He exposes Republican lies, hypocrisy, and general idiocy on a daily basis.
 Republican schmucks try their stupid smear tactics against him, only to get the Bartcop redass treatment.
 Bart is a true patriot, unlike the monkeys that equate patriotism to blind obedience to the chimp-in-chief
 who is hell-bent on destroying what made the country the greatest in the world.
 Go Bartcop! Rub their noses in their stupidity! Expose their corruption! Hit them again with the big hammer!

 "What's a bartcop?"


 If you have something important send it to Sam at sam@bartcop.com

 Can't get in the members section?  Sam can help.

 Subject: The complete Simpsons' version of the Fox News rolling news ticker

 RIGHT WING OF CHICKEN [cuts off here]

 Source: http://reason.com/mt/mt-comments.cgi?entry_id=3249

 Fair and balanced, of course.



 From:  Michael Dozier with an address of  uga.edu

 Subject: Get it over with

 Dear sir,

 You should get it over with and change the name of your website
 from Bartcop to "All White Christian American Males Should Die".


 But Mike, that would be inaccurate and we strive for accuracy here at  bartcop.com
 I don't even want today's GOP Nazis to die, I just want them to knock it the fuck off
 so we can get back our Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the right to vote.

 Have a good time today.  Take your kids out to dinner, but some toys for the wife.

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