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  In Today's Treehouse...
17 Die in Helicopter Crash
9-11 Victims Criticize Deal
Brits Furious at Bush Visit 
Murder on their Minds
More Jessica Lynch
Bush Gets Second Hex
This is not a scandal
Wesley Clark has a Plan
Rumsfeld Retreats


Quote of the Day

"I can understand people not liking war, 
  if that's what they are there to protest.
  I fully understand not everybody is going
  to agree with the decisions I've made."
  -- Moron, talking about the certain-to-happen
  massive protests in britain next week. Attribution

 President Zero, let me explain it to you:
 You've convinced yourself that "not everybody" 
 agreed with your ongoing murder spree. 
 The truth is, nobody except Tony the Poodle
 agreed with you ...and only after being bribed. 

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Volume 1202 -  Been To Canaan 

 Monday,  November 17, 2003


"Today was Veteran's Day, a day to honor those brave Americans who have fought to defend
  our country - or in our president's case, a day to freak them out. Bush commemorated
  Veteran's Day by attending a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, then signing the
  National Cemetery Expansion Act, which basically establishes new burial grounds for veterans.
  So happy Veteran's Day - we wanted to give you health insurance but ..."
     --Jon Stewart

 17 Soldiers Die in Helicopter Crash 

  Click Here

 Two Black Hawks crashed Saturday night in Mosul, killing at least 17 coalition American soldiers
 and injuring at least nine, the military said. Witnesses said the two aircraft collided in mid-air.

 "Bring 'em on!  War is just what I need.
   I'm a big hero and the American media loves me!"

 9-11 Victims' Relatives Criticize Deal

  Click  Here

 Relatives of people who perished in the Sept. 11 attacks say a federal commission accepted
 too many conditions in striking a deal with the White House over access to secret intelligence documents.

 The Family Steering Committee, a group of victims' relatives who are monitoring the work of the
 independent (Oh, please!) commission, criticized the agreement announced late Wednesday.
 Under the deal, only some of the 10 commissioners will be allowed to examine classified
 intelligence documents, and their notes will be subject to White House review.

"We really want to know the details here," said Lorie Van Auken of New Jersey, whose husband
 was killed at the WTC. "I don't understand what's so secret about that. I mean, this is not a game."

 The 10-member commission has equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats.

 Max Cleland and four other Democrats are on that commission.
 They should resign and call a press conference and say publicly what we've known for months - that this
 is a political handjob that Lee Hamilton and other protectors of the guilty are pulling on the families of the dead.

 Why are Cleland and the others accepting this charade?
 Why the hell don't they make some noise?

 If Bush is innocent, why can everyone see every damn file they have?
 If Bush didn't know about 9-11 in advance, what harm could come by being open and honest?

 "Mr. Rove will decide what the families need to know."

 Subject: Teddy Kennedy

 Dear Greg Whitman,

 I am a reader of Bartcop and one of his friends forwarded me an email of yours criticizing Rush for
 talking about the word "niggardly" which is not in anyway connected to black people or African-Americans.

 Two days ago Ted Kennedy called California Supreme Court Justice Brown a "Neanderthal."
 She is a black woman under criticism by Democrat Senators for being a conservative nominee to the Washington Circuit Court.

 I would like to know if you think Teddy Kennedy is a racist?

 Tom Wright

 Of course, "niggardly" is a perfectly acceptable word,
 but so is "dog," as in "Chelsea is the White House dog."

 Rush uses "niggardly" with a little quirk in his voice as a wink to let his listeners know
 that's he'd really enjoy using the word "nigger," but those awful PC police won't allow it
 and we'd all be better off without having to appease the darkies by calling a spade a spade.
 He is a vulgar pig, which is how he got his name.

 Ted Kennedy is not a racist.
 Neanderthal describes a backwards way of thinking - not a race.

 Poll: Brits Furious at Bush Visit Cost

  Click  Here

 Almost half of Britons believe George Bush is threatening world peace rather than helping bring it about.
 And as the US President prepares for his trip to Britain next week, many insist they don't want him here.

 Three out of four feel Mr Bush's war on terror is making the planet less safe as renegade groups hit back in retaliation.
 A Mirror/GMTV poll also found 75 per cent of people were furious at the £4million cost of security for his state visit
 - far more than has been spent on policing previous trips.

 And Blair's "special relationship" with Bush doesn't come out of the ICM survey too well either.
 Only 27 per cent of those quizzed yesterday believe the partnership is good for Britain while 38 per cent say the opposite.

 Massive demonstrations are planned for Mr Bush's visit and US officials had wanted to cordon off large parts of London
 amid fears of terrorist attacks. But 64 per cent say it is wrong for protesters to be kept away from Busht and voicing their
 disapproval of the Iraq war.

 "Those people have no right...
   I'm not going to allow any....
   I've ordered the Secret Service to...


 They have Murder on their minds

  Click  Here

 WASHINGTON-January 6, 2004. A paramilitary organization calling itself the Christian Liberation Front
 changed the balance of power in Washington by a pair of brutal attacks this afternoon. A force estimated at
 about 200 CLF commandos stormed the Supreme Court building, killing 35 people, including five Supreme
 Court Justices. At the same time, a contingent of 1,000 CLF paramilitaries attacked the Hart Senate Office
 Building, where a Senate Democratic Caucus meeting was being held. Approximately 50 people were killed
 in the attack. Once the commandos had seized the building, they systematically killed Democratic senators
 from states with Republican governors. Here is a list of the 21 senators killed.

 Daniel Akaka  Byron Dorgan  Mary Landrieu  John Breaux  Bob Graham  Blanche Lincoln
 Hillary Clinton  Ernest Hollings  Barbara Mikulski  Kent Conrad  Daniel Inouyye
 David Pryor  Tom Daschle  Tim Johnson  Harry Reid Mark Dayton  Ted Kennedy
 Paul Sarbanes  Chris Dodd  John Kerry  Chuch Schumer

 This guy says he doesn't advocate murdering Democrats, so why did he bring it up?

 You can tell he's not too bright, because he wants to kill Breaux, but why?
 Breaux always votes with the Unelected Fraud - no need to shoot him.


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Medicinal leeches
And a bunch of links

 There's a new game in town.
 It's called, "Bart believes every lie the B.F.E.E. tells him."
 It's not all that much fun to play, nonetheless it's become very popular.

 Subject: Jessica and the Iraqi doctors

 I ask you, if she was taken to the hospital a few hundred yards from the attack within the hour, you mean to tell me
 some Iraqi raped her out there amid the wreckage while she was lying there with blood all over and broken bones
 like a limp rag doll, then buttoned her back up and zipped up her pants all tidy?

 No, I don't mean to tell you that.
 First, there's very little I''d put past ANY soldier who has been at war too long.
 Our troops were in Iraq just a few months when OUR guys were charged with sexually abusing
 some male Iraqi POWs, so let's stop saying rape never happens in war, OK?
 Besides, as I've said a hundred times, I wasn't there so I don't know anything for sure,
 but all accounts say Jessica showed up at the hospital without her vest and uniform.
 They were brought in by people in the neighborhood afterwards, according to ABC News.

 And if this alleged rape is evidenced by the medical reports, do you mean to tell me that they "rescued" her medical records
 when they "rescued" her, and that the medical reports contradicted what the doctor said who saved her life?

 Monday's online Time Magazine said:

"The exam in Landstuhl," Dr. Greg Argyros, her primary doctor during her 100 days at Walter Reed,
  told TIME, "indicated that the injuries were consistent with possible anal sexual assault."

 If you want to claim Dr. Argyros is a B.F.E.E. tool, I'll listen to that claim.
 But there are times when we're going to have to trust what we hear.
 Unless you or I have a agent in Baghdad, we're going to have to trust somebody.

 He's the same guy who would've written the damn medical records!
 Doesn't bartcop recognize total bullshit when he sees it?

 No, I've never had any experience at recognizing bullshit.
 I'm a naive, Okie rube who believes every lie that the B.F.E.E. shoots at me.
 BTW, you haven't cited a source for your certainty that Lynch's doctors are lying.

 This story is a travesty, the very epitome of the war propaganda they've been dishing out so blatantly and which he
 castigates them for so regularly. Notice that when asked about it by Sawyer in the interview, Jessie never confirmed
 the rape story but gave some weasly remark.

 Breaking your femur, plus other bones, can put a person into shock.
 That doesn't make her a weasel.

 And doesn't anybody remember when her family was interviewed after the event and said that she didn't have memory loss?

 Apparently she has a remarkable memory, except for the 1-3 hours between the wreck and the hospital.

 At that time, if you remember, the Pentagon was saying she had amnesia and couldn't remember a thing about her captivity.
 Now it's down to 3 hours (which is totally believable, she was almost dead). So during those three hours those evil evil Iraqis
 must have raped her (and sodomized, don't forget sodomized! Gotta make them as bad as we can, those nasty Iraqis),
 though of course there's no remotely believable way of providing any evidence for that.

 Well, except from the statements from her primary doctor at Walter Reed.
 Like I've said, he may be lying, but he also may not be lying.

 Time to wake up and smell the coffee, bartcop.
 Jessica was used and abused, all right, but not by the Iraqis.


 So, you're giving me the Nancy Grace guarantee that nobody laid a finger on her?
 It's amazing that you can do that - after reading the same things I read about her.
 It boggles the mind to hear you suggest that soldiers at war would NOT commit rape.
 History disagrees with you.

Of course the President has a brain...


"The first 17 years of my life, my family lived in 22 different places.
  Some of our "homes" were cars.  I know what it's like to be poor.
    --Dennis Kucinich, who was not born on third base like the Unelected Bastard

 Bush's 'spirit' cursed with black magic, tossed into river
  Pinhead has more than one Hex to worry about...

 "I can't take no more."

  Click  Here

 The spirit of George W Bush has been trapped in a clay pot and tossed into a river in northern
 Thailand after being cursed by hundreds of farmers protesting US agriculture policy.

 A photograph of the US leader was sealed inside a pot amid black magic mantra chants, then tossed
 into the Ping River on Friday by demonstrators after they rallied at the US consulate in Chiang Mai.

 A respected elder performed the voodoo rites, inscribing ancient Khmer scripts on the pot,
 aimed at trapping the spirit of the never-elected American dictator.

 This is not a scandal
   by my good friend Chris Floyd

  Click  Here

 Not content with capture and torture, the organs have been given presidential authority to carry out raids
 and kill "suspected terrorists" (including Americans) on their own volition -- without charges, oversight or
 evidence -- anywhere in the world, including on American soil. What's more, through a series of executive
 orders, Bush has asserted the right to designate anyone he pleases "an enemy combatant" and have them
 "rendered" into indefinite detention or simply killed at his order -- again, without charges,  evidence, oversight
 or appeal. The life of every American citizen -- every person on Earth -- is now at the mercy of his arbitrary whim.

 The stories appear -- then they disappear. There is no reaction. No outcry in Congress or the courts -- the supposed
 guardians of the people's rights -- beyond a few wan calls for more formality in the concentration camp processing
 or judicial "warrants" for torture. And among the great mass of "the people" itself, there is -- nothing. Silence. Inattention.
 Indifference. Acquiescence. State terrorism -- lawless seizure, filthy torture, official murder -- is simply accepted, a part
 of "normal life," as in Nazi Germany or Stalin's empire, where "decent people" with "nothing to hide" approved and
 applauded the work of the "organs" in "defending national security."

 This is the scandal, this is the nation's festering shame. This acquiescence to state terror will breed -- and attract --
 a thousand evils for every one it supposedly prevents.

 Why bother with a Constitution when we have John Ashcroft and Karl Rove to protect us?

 Subject: Rush quote from back in the day

 You've probably seen this recently, but I just have to send you
 a Rush quote from your second issue in 1996:

 Rush says we don't need a flag-burning amendment.
 He said "What's next, making it illegal to criticize the President?"


 Rush always claimed to knows the future.
 Looks like he was right this time..


 Joeve's Radio Show

 Clark's Plan to Capture bin Laden
  Does Wesley Clark read  bartcop.com?

  Click  Here

 Wesley Clark said he would ask Saudi Arabia to deploy commandos alongside U.S. troops
 as part of a three-point plan to capture Osama bin Laden and other al-Qaida leaders.

 Clark said although the Bush administration was right to target al-Qaida after 9-11, it gave up too quickly.

"It's high time we got serious in finishing what we started," he said at Dartmouth College.
"If I were president of the United States right now, I wouldn't be proposing it, I'd be doing it."

 Clark said he would start by pressuring Saudi Arabia to contribute to a joint U.S.-Saudi
 commando force to scour the Afghan-Pakistani border where bin Laden is thought to be hiding."

 That last sentence was in the last or second last radio show.
 Why the hell are we dying in Iraq for oil?

 If our boys are going to make sacrifices, it should be attacking bin Laden on the Afghani-Pakistan border,
 not securing the oil fields for a snot-nosed, rich punk who never worked a single day in his whole life.

 Toddler brought back from the dead
  39 minutes after they called it

  Click  Here

"Am I seeing things? Does she look like she's breathing?" Detective Kendrick asked his partner.

 Less than an hour earlier, Kendrick had broken the news to the girl's mother that she had been
 pronounced dead by doctors. He stood by as the mother said goodbye to her daughter.

 Then, 39 minutes after she had been pronounced dead - her chest appeared to spasm.
 The detectives thought it was releasing gas but the spasms continued and became longer.

"It looks like she's breathing," Kendrick told his partner. "Go and get somebody."

 Rebert returned with a nurse, who put a stethoscope to the girl's chest. Doctors raced in.
 Machines were turned back on. Mackayala had a pulse. The cops shook their heads in disbelief.
 Kendrick had the job of telling Mackayala's mother that her daughter was alive.


  Radio show by TheDailyBrew.com


"I see Dean people."
   --Sign seen at the Iowa J-J dinner Saturday night

  Saw it myself, don't need no attribution

 Demo Theme Songs

 Tom Harkin might not be the Democrat with whom I identify the most,
 but he's got the best musical intoduction in today's political arena.
 It's one of the best songs ever written, but does it have a message?

 When Harkin was introduced in Iowa Saturday night, we heard Zeppelin's Kashmir.
 The second time they introduced him, they played the Puffy/Page Kashmir

 Hillary had U2's It's a Beautiful Day, Kucinich had Lennon's Power to the People,
 or it could've been Revolution - I think I heard both.   CM Braun used Hillary's
 "Stronger Steel" song from 2000. (By the way, who does that song?)

 When Ann Coulter gets introduced, they play, I'm just a girl who can't say no.

 Hillary mentioned the wounded soldiers at Walter Reed who've lost their memory due to head wounds.
 I hadn't thought of that.

 Swear to Koresh - I could be a speech writer for any of these guys.
 I couldn't write the speech, but I could damn sure punch one up.
 There are so many times when a Democrat gets a double or a triple.
 A change of words here and there could make those extra base hits home runs.

 If any of you Demo candidates read this - I hereby volunteer time I don't have, but I'll find that time.
 Send me a speech your candidate is going to give and let me punch it up.
 If you don't like my punches, then the worst that happens is a junior staffer wasted three minutes.

 But what if I can contribute a phrase that catches fire?
 Like everything in life, elections are just like a game of poker.
 Ante up three minutes of your time and send me a speech.

 I'll stay in the background - I can't hurt your campaign if you see my stuff and reject it.
 When you're a gambler, you take every can't-lose bet that comes along.

 Subject: Tom Crews

 Come on Bart,
 I'm shocked that you don't think Tom Crews is that good an actor.  I mean, C'mon!
 Let me refresh your memory, as to great quotes from some of his more legendary roles:

"Show me the money" -Jerry Maguire
"I'm an excellent driver, gotta go to K-Mart, 2-3--04"  -Rain Man
"You can't handle the truth!" -Few Good Men

 Oh! wait...those were quotes from people that acted opposite him in those movies.  Hmmm...

 Well, what about the:  "I feel the need -- the need for speed!!"  scene from Top Gun...
 Isn't that worth a grain of Oscar salt?  I know that my teenage sister liked that movie a lot.
 So if anything, I know that this new Samurai flick should bring him the golden trophy.
 You know why?
 Because we now know that all those Civil War doods had their teeth capped before going into battle
 (and they were shorter than their ex-wives, not that there's anything wrong w/ that).

 John W. in H-Town

 John, remember when Cruise said he did all his own stunts for Mission Impossible?


 Trust me, if that's Tom Cruise he's only one foot off the ground.

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 Rumsfeld retreats, disclaims earlier rhetoric 
  Denies he ever made several pre-war statements

  Click  Here

"Do you expect the invasion, if it comes, to be welcomed by the majority of the civilian population of Iraq?"
 Jim Lehrer asked the defense secretary on PBS' "The News Hour."

"There is no question but that they would be welcomed," Rumsfeld replied, referring to American forces.
"Go back to Afghanistan, the people were in the streets playing music, cheering, flying kites, and doing
 all the things that the Taliban and the al-Qaeda would not let them do."

 That was then - this is now.

"Before the war in Iraq, you stated the case very eloquently and you said . . . they would welcome us with open arms,"
 Sinclair Broadcasting anchor Morris Jones said to Rumsfeld as the prelude to a question.

 The defense chief quickly cut him off. "Never said that," he said. "Never did. You may remember it well, but you're
 thinking of somebody else. You can't find, anywhere, me saying anything like either of those two things you just said I said."

 E.F.F. takes Diebold to Court
 Court Hearing on Their Threats Against Critics

  Click  Here

 Diebold has threatened a dozen or more ISPs who host websites that publish or link to
 an email archive that includes emails from Diebold staff confirming flaws in Diebold
 voting machines and difficulties certifying the systems for actual elections.

 The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the Center for Internet and Society Cyberlaw Clinic
 at Stanford Law School are providing legal representation to the ISP OPG and two Swarthmore students,
 Nelson Pavlosky and Luke Smith, in this important case to prevent abusive copyright claims from silencing
 public debate about voting, the very foundation of our democratic process.

"We are pleased that the court has recognized the urgency of our case against Diebold with an expedited schedule,"
 said EFF Staff Attorney Wendy Seltzer. "Diebold must not be permitted to use unfounded copyright claims to
 stifle public debate over the accuracy of electronic voting machines."


 "I don't look like George Bush.
   I don't think like George Bush.
   I don't act like George Bush."
     -- Carolyn Mosley Braun, at the Iowa Caucus, saying things I liked hearing

 Subject: abortion...really?

 What is it better than?

 Carson the Republican

 We lose 40,000 people a year in car wrecks.
 If we mandated "Bicycles Only," those lives would be saved, right?
 But we don't do that because we want our mobile freedom more than we want those 40,000 lives..
 We could save thousands more lives if we did away with guns, alcohol and electricity,
 but we choose to have those dangerous things because we enjoy them, more than saving lives.

 Would could save thousands of fetal lives if we outlawed abortion, but having Tom Delay,
 George Bush and Jim Inhofe determine a woman's reproductive choices is too high a price to pay.

 You Republicans always claim you want less government, yet you want the federal government to
 get between a woman and her doctor to dictate orders on what's best for her?
 What a sham.
 Your party wants a MORE powerful federal government.
 They hide behind that "less government" lie to fool the people who aren't paying attention.

 Consider yourself straightened out.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 Last issue it was times  397  ....this issue it's  times 421

 Oh Christ - we lost 24 since the last issue.

 That makes me sick to my stomach.
 Soon - we'll be at 500, and then 800 and then 1000.

 When we we stop this madness?

         Please vote for me.    I'm a military jenius.

 Total deaths since President Giggle and Kill said, "Bring 'em On":  194  216

 From:  http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, at least  2298  2336  wounded for Bush's oil grab.
 Many of them are missing arms, legs and eyes and their memories.

 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?

 November sticker placement contest!


 How to win:

 To get your stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to:
 bartcop.com  PO Box 54466  Tulsa, OK 74155
 OR, you could PayPal a small donation and get your stickers within 48 hours.

 The stickers are free, but donations are accepted.
 Get yours, then send in a digital photo of where you put it.
 Click  Here   for the best November stickers

 Winner gets Joe Conason's book, Al Franken's book or your choice of  a subscription
  to Maxim Magazine   (Maxim has no nudity) or any similarly priced book or magazine.


 Have you seen the Paris Hilton sex video?
 It's all over the Internet.

 Send pics to  bartcop@bartcop.com

 Also, if you sent a sticker pic that I didn't print, please re-send.


"Before we begin, a little warning for any Americans who may be going to England:
  If you're a guy and you're going to Buckingham Palace and Prince Charles asks
  if you'd like to hold his scepter, it's a trick, OK? Don't be fooled.

 Actually, Prince Charles is fighting back. He is now disputing these rumors that he's gay.
 In fact, today in London he released a video of himself nailing Paris Hilton."
    --Lazy Jay Leno



 If you have something important send it to Sam at sam@bartcop.com

 Can't get in the members section?  Sam can help.

  Roy Horn Continues to Improve

  Click Here

 Six weeks after being mauled, Roy Horn has seen "significant" improvement, his manager said Friday.
 Bernie Yuman, who manages Siegfried & Roy, told Larry King that Horn is "getting better every day."

 "Yep, dat's what he said."

 Bernie creeped me out Friday night.
 He answered Larry's questions like a really bad lawyer.
 From the transcript:

 KING: Does he have an ability to eat on his own?

 YUMAN: Roy's doing very well, Larry, and he's continuing to progress every single day.

 KING: The tabloid that said he was paralyzed and in a coma and on a ventilator -- was that wrong?

 YUMAN: Respectfully, I'm not going to dignify any rumors. I'm here tonight to (say) we're really optimistic about where Roy is.

 What happened to answering the question?
 Roy's either eating on his own or he's being fed with a tube.
 He's either paralyzed and in a coma and on a ventilator or he's not, and if this
 is a privacy issue, why is Bernie going on national TV talking about Roy's health?

 I ended up more worried about Roy than when the interview started.

Something on your mind?
 Call the
Then  listen for your voice on...

You have two minutes to speak your piece.

 Joe Conason's Journal
 The CIA's latest assessment of Iraq is
 not quite the happy news Bush likes to hear.

  Click  Here

 Yes, they told him so -- but he probably didn't hear. The original Philadelphia Inquirer story
 on the CIA's pessimistic new Iraq assessment is worth reading -- not only for details that
 stories on the CIA report in other media have omitted, but also for reporter Jonathan Landay's
 assessment of his sources' motives.

 More on Scott Peterson's rights

  Click  Here

 Have a good time today.

 Sometimes the peach truck has a flat and you get a second chance.
 Don't waste a day - not even one.
 And whatever you do, never give up because we're going to win!

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