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Quote of the Day

"It was a rigged vote. Give this bill a fair vote 
  in the House and I'll drop my filibuster." 
  --Ted Kennedy comparing the House vote 
     on the Medicare bill to Florida 2000  Attribution

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Volume 1206 -  War Profiteers

 Weekend,  November 22, 2003


"More than three dozen of President Bush's major fundraisers are affiliated with companies that
  stand to benefit from the passage of two central pieces of the administration's legislative agenda:
  the energy and Medicare bills. The energy bill provides billions of dollars in benefits to companies
  run by at least 22 executives and their spouses who have qualified as either "Pioneers" or "Rangers"
  as well as to the clients of at least 15 lobbyists and their spouses who have achieved similar status
  as fundraisers. At least 24 Rangers and Pioneers could benefit from the Medicare bill as executives
  of companies or lobbyists working for them, including eight who have clients affected by both bills."
     --Thomas B. Edsall, Attribution

 Three More U.S. Troops Killed Sunday Morning 

  Click Here

 Gunmen killed two American soldiers driving through Mosul Sunday, and then a crowd swarmed
 the scene, looting the soldiers' vehicle and pummeling their bodies, witnesses said.
 Another soldier was killed in a roadside bombing north of Baghdad.

 When this happened under Clinton, to 18 troops Bush sent after losding the election, they held him
 personally responsible because he resisted the Vietnam war decades earlier.

 Now that Bush the wartime deserter has gotten 432 soldiers killed, talk radio and the major media
 give him a complete pass. No movies will be made, ni investigations, no inquiries - nothing.
 As with every mistake the Bush idiot has made, it's covered up, explained away and forgotten.

 "Bring 'em on!  We're not afraid!
   I'm fearless!  Nobody can stop me!"

 Bush donors would benefit from Medicare, energy bills

  Click  Here

 With the size of donations limited as a result of the campaign finance law enacted last year, fundraisers who
 can collect $100,000 or more in contributions of $2,000 or less have become key players this election cycle.
 The law barred the political parties from collecting large -- sometimes reaching $5 million to $10 million --
"soft money" contributions from businesses, unions, trade associations and wealthy individuals.
 This has put a premium on those can solicit dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of smaller contributions
 from employees, clients and associates.

 "The rich get richer - it's the American way!"


"Still, congressional Democrats quake and quiver. They fear the power of Republican
  campaign commercials, just as they feared the power of the president last year. Then,
  he forced them to vote on war in Iraq. They knew war was unsupported by allies, or evidence
  of immediate threat. They knew it was unconnected to the 9/11 attack.  Still they went along.
  This Medicare drug benefit is no triumph. It is wholesale treachery. It deserves to be defeated
  by those with the courage to stand, for once, with the people who put them in office."
     --Marie Cocco, Attribution

 Gee, it's almost like Marie Cocco has been reading  bartcop.com

 The best compilation of Bush-Iraq lies ever


  I don't care if you're on a 1200 baud modem - you MUST check this out.
  This is the smoking gun of how Bush lied and got hundreds of soldiers killed for no goddamn reason.
  His own words, assembled and strung together like a rosary of murderous lies.

 "Do NOT click on that URL because it proves I'm a liar!"

Marty's Entertainment Page
Bill Clinton at the Taj Mahal
The Hewson's
Henry Fonda honored in Omaha
Biped robots
Tupac's mom
1932 Pulitzer won't be revoked
The Niepce symposium
Wild kangaroos in France
And a bunch of links

 Barry Crimmins

  Click  Here

  Why is it that more compromised W becomes, the less capable he becomes of compromise?

  Last winter, when millions of Americans said they'd support our troops,
  they weren't expecting they'd have to do it six people at a time.

"Operation Iron Hammer" is the name the US military has given its new crackdown on Iraqi insurgents.
 Excuse me, but aren't hammers supposed to be made of steel?

 Then again, if you can build a rationale for war from fluff and create a quagmire from desert,
 why not make a hammer from iron?

 Epitaph for an Era
   by Molly Ivins

  Click  Here

"I suggest the epitaph for this entire era should be, "The fish rots from the head down."
 The latest round of corporate scandals -- Hollinger, the growing mutual fund mess and
 the foreign exchange dealers who ripped off their own companies -- provide an elegant
 summary of the pattern."

From our good friends at Fauxnews.com


"America still misses our 35th president. John F. Kennedy has been gone nearly as long as he lived,
  yet the memory of him still brings pride to our nation and a feeling of loss that defies the passing of years.
  We remember a man who welcomed great responsibilities and had a gift for awakening the idealism and
  sense of duty in others. We remember a leader who called our nation to high purpose, and saw America
  through grave dangers with calm, discernment and personal courage."
   --Dubya, (R-Murderer) whose family has done business with Hitler, bin Laden, Saddam, Noriega,
      Islamic Jihad, Hezzbollah, Ghadafi and anyone else if they could make a fast buck. Attribution



"As the sun begins to shine on this leviathan, I hope that Americans will understand that this energy bill
  will do little to resolve our energy problems, and if it passes, it could very well turn out to be a Pandora's Box.
  This legislation comes to us at the end of a session, and the Republican majority is attempting to serve up this
  elaborate and expensive dessert.  But these are just empty calories -- a delicious photo opportunity for the
  President, rich filling for industry lobbyists, but in the end, only empty calories and heartburn for the American
  taxpayers.  Sadly, when all is said and done, the American people will continue to stand in the bread line,
  hungry for a comprehensive, national energy strategy."
     --Robert Byrd,  Attribution

 Of course, most democrats see no need to stop this latest rape of the Treasury by Bush.



"We had hoped the Republicans would want to win this vote fair and square. They didnิ๘‡ิ๘‡ิ๘‡t.
  We won it fair and square, so they stole it by hook or crook. The whole time that Members
  were on the floor, there were overtures to Members of Congress saying, 'What do you want?
  What do you need?' They spent billions of dollars of the taxpayersิ๘‡ิ๘‡ิ๘‡ money to win this vote on
  the floor. If there was ever an argument to be made for why Republicans are not fit to be in the
  majority in this House and why they must be defeated at the polls next year, one need only look
  at their conduct on the floor of this House tonight. It brought dishonor to this institution.
    -- Nancy Pelosi, wishing her party stood behind her to stop Bush  Attribution

 Subject: Things to do in Vegas

 Going to see Blue Man Group and Cirque to Soleil.
 Any sights I shouldn't miss?


 Dave, if you were there for a month, you couldn't see it all.
 If you're single, the Hard Rock has a nice cocaine/hooker/tequila package.

 Click  Here


Click to Enter



 Do we know that JFK was killed with Oswald's rifle?
 Did they use the "pristine" bullet to prove the ballistics?

 Surely, the bullet that caused the most damage to JFK was unusable,
 so which bullet was used to prove it was Oswald's gun?

 If you know, please send me an e-mail



 I used clumsy wording when I said we were "building a studio" in LA for Tommy Mack.
 Fact is, he's in the music business, and has a lot of the equipment necessary to make fine recordings.
 He needed some software and some hardware, but it's nowhere near the expense we had building
 a studio from scratch in Mrs. Bart's dining room.

 Since he has (or will soon have) equipment at his home, we won't have to wait days for
 his work studio to be vacant to finish an episode of BartCop Radio.

 bartcop.com  regrets the error

 Subject: Rupert on Survivor

 Tell Mrs. Bart that there is more Rupert on the way...he is currently in Panama
 taping All-Star Survivor that will premiere after the Super Bowl.


 Dave, that's good to know.
 I'll save that for next time she throws a lamp at me :)

 BTW, maybe if we plan ahead, we could find the right person to track the All Star Survivor.

 Wait - stop groaning and listen to my pitch:

 Sure, it's fake TV, but there really is a dynamic to getting along with others, building alliances,
 deciding which leader to follow, risking an injury to get real food after weeks of eating nothing
 but bad-tasting fish and the same, plain old rice meal after meal, and that's only if you're lucky...
 Besides that, you have island politics, which most of us would find interesting.
 In each series they eventually merge teams, so your former enemy is now your ally.

 Also, the show is put together well.  They may tweak it on the fly, but it's hard for a survivor to be
 good at everything.  The strong guy might not have a good memory. Or the guy who's good with puzzles
 has just a little endurance.  Sometimes surviving hinges on remembering how many kids the other guy has.
 Determination and heart can sometimes beat brains and strength. That's why Rupert was so good.

 He was the strongest, he was the best food gatherer, which really counts if you have no food.
 He also had the guts and determination and more than a little brains. They had to lose him,
 because he was a genuine threat to the others who wanted to win.

 As with every situation, there's also a lot of poker.  One team might bluff an injury to get a favorable team match-up.
 Lying is crucial in Survivor.  That nutty Boy Scout Lady says she can't lie, which may or may not be true.

 When they were all starving, Rupert gave up a giant gourmet breakfast to a "friend," who later engineered
 his being thrown out of the game. They don't call this Survivor for nothing.

 Lastly, and we Democrats would have more experience than the GOPpers, but you have to cover your ass.
 The name of the game is "Screw your buddy."  Yeah, knowing who is might stab you in the back means a lot
 in most games, including this one. "Cover your butt and screw your buddy," just think of Sam Nunn.

 So if somebody wants to write a weekly column about the dynamics, we will print it.
 More than just a "Who's likely to fall next?" I think a sociological context would be cool.

 Who are the leaders?
 Who are the followers?
 Who's sucking up to who?
 Who are the bluffers?
 Who really holds the best hand?
 Who is making the best moves?

 If you're interested, send an e-mail to sam@bartcop.com
 She'll pick the best qualified person, I'm sure.

 And for you cow-havers, we'll do this with a link so this fluff won't burn your eyes.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 Last issue it was.. times  424  ....this issue it's  times 432

 Eight more Americans lives snuffed out by the disaster of Bush stealing the White House.
 Soon - we'll be at 500, and then 800 and then 1000.

 Will the Democrats be willing to fight for their country next November?
 Or will they just hand it to Bush on their knees, like they did in 2000 and 2002?

 I lead the world against terrorism.

 Total deaths since President Giggle and Kill said, "Bring 'em On":  219  227

 From:  http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, at least  2387  2391  wounded for Bush's illegal oil grab.
 Many of them are missing arms, legs, eyes and their memories from head wounds.

 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?

 Do you have an online business?

 I suggest you sign up with PayPal.
 Most online sales provide very little income, but referral fees keep on giving.

 Click  Here  to do that, and enroll in their referral program.

 If you don't have a business, if you sign up and mention bartcop@bartcop.com
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 Like most all websites, we operate on a shoestring.
 If not for the pittance we make from advertising....

 November sticker placement contest!


 How to win:

 To get your stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to:
 bartcop.com  PO Box 54466  Tulsa, OK 74155
 OR, you could PayPal a small donation and get your stickers within 48 hours.

 The stickers are free, but donations are accepted.
 Get yours, then send in a digital photo of where you put it.
 Click  Here   for the best November stickers

 Winner gets Joe Conason's book, Al Franken's book or your choice of  a subscription
  to Maxim Magazine   (Maxim has no nudity) or any similarly priced book or magazine.


 Send sticker pics to  bartcop@bartcop.com

 E-mail I received

 The Scandalous Paris HiIton Sิ๘‡ิ๘‡x Tape has just been released!
 This is the tape the HiIton FamIy does not want you to see.

 Come see it before anybody else!!
 Share it with your buddies...they will love you for it...

 These bottom feeders...
 The free video is all over the internet.
 It's hard to hit "return" without getting the URL of this video.

 These scumbags just need your credit card number, and they'll tell you (maybe) how to find
 the free Paris Hilton tape is that Dave and Jay talk about every night in their monologs,
 while illegally charging your credit card $3,000 for a copy of what every other online man on
 the planet has seen for free.

 And if you don't like paying $3,000 to these bottom-feeders, just hire a team if private eyes to track
 them down in whatever country they claim they're in, then stand before a judge in whatever on-the-take
 country that gave them safe haven while explaining that all you wanted was this three minute, Peeping Tom
 invasive look at some naive and trusting 19 year-old hottie being outwitted by her scumbag boyfriend.

 Like Napster technology - this tape is out - it's everywhere.
 All the courts in the world can't turn back time.

 Like with many things, keep your credit card in your pants.

 Medical Update

 My 50th birthday, some of you were there...

 After the big Pokerfest and the Tequilafest that followed at the Hard Rock,
 (and seven hours of drinking tequila) we went back to the hotel and watched some TV.

 I was fine when I went to bed, and I remembered waking up in the middle of the night
 because when you see those lights in Vegas, you just have to walk to the window and look.
 Sunday morning, I woke up with torn cartilage in my knee.

 Welcome to getting old older, Bart.

 It really pissed me off, because I didn't even have the fun of getting drunk and falling down.
 I knew exactly what it was because I had to have my knee "scoped" before, in the late eighties.
 But I was taking Vioxx for the arm pain, and that must've helped lessen the pain in my knee.

 I kept telling myself it was just a sprain, but after 60 days, I knew I couldn't hide it any more.
 I went to see Dr. Shariff, my almost-speaks-fluent-English doctor from Kausempane, Saudi Arabia.
 I didn't want to start with the big stuff, so I asked about the Vioxx he prescribed for my arm.

 Good news - He said I could take that Vioxx forever and not turn into Rush Limbaugh.
 You see, a man in my line of work can't afford to someday turn into Rush Limbaugh.

 So I got my courage up and told him I was pretty sure I'd torn some cartilage in my left knee.
 He said it might not be as bad as I thought, but a quick examination would tell us for certain.
 He said, "Take off your pants, lie down on the table on your back and stick your legs in the air."
 I looked around the room for a copy of his diploma, to reassure myself that he was a medical doctor.

 Having been thru the broken femur thing, this is always a scary time for me. So Shariff grabs my knee
 with one hand and my ankle with the other and starts twisting my leg this way and that way, up and down,
 to the left, to the right, and then I remembered that I passed out from the pain last time I saw this crazy bastard
 - which didn't help my mood.

 He asked if my knee was "catching" and if it had failed to support me since the big Pokerfest.  I said "No."
 Good news
 He said it was probably a "minor tear" and that I could probably suffer thru it until it heals and avoid the surgery.

 Woo Hoo!

I tried to kiss him, but he pulled away.
 This was really, really, really, really, really, really, really good news.
 Surgery is like a courtroom - what's supposed to happen usually does, but not always.

 So, with one $25 co-pay, I learned I didn't need surgery and my arm pain was, for now, manageable.

 Woo Hoo!

 That was more fun than a night at the Pink Taco.

 On the way home from the doctor's office, I was thinking how lucky I was when I had a "fender bender."
 I wasn't hurt, but the driver's door wouldn't open, so I had to crawl over the console to get out.
 I figured God would take that opportunity to tear the rest of my cartilage to send me a sign,
 but He must've had other people who needed torturing more than me that day - and I got out OK.
 I feel like a pink-tutu worrying about surgery when my friend just told adenocarcinoma to fuck off.

 Thousands Recall JFK's Death in Dallas

  Click  Here

 Thousands of mourners, conspiracy theorists and the just plain curious gathered Saturday along
 the downtown street where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated 40 years earlier, with
 many of them recalling where they had been at the very moment they heard the news.

 Museum visitor Carol Grey, 57, of Hanover, Mass., said she was in her high school "Problems
 of Democracy" class when she heard the news.

"You didn't leave your house for days," she said. "Similar to 9-11. The shock that someone could do something like that."

  Jean Healey, of Braintree, Mass., came to the museum with her son and granddaughter. Now semiretired,
 Healey was a young mother of four in 1963, and remembered on Saturday how Kennedy inspired hope and optimism.

 "There was such hope in the hearts and minds of everyone. The exuberance, the enthusiasm, the wit,
 the intelligence, and the bright hope of a new generation just permeated all of us," she said.
 "He was a hopeful sign of a different turn in our society." .

 ...and we have no idea who had him killed, but it's safe to say he was killed by men who
 wanted the nation to go in a different direction than Kennedy would have taken it.

 I think it's also safe to say MLK and RFK were killed by those same people.

 Scaring Up Votes
  the Dragon Lady flips her long tongue

  Click  Here

"First came the pre-emptive military policy. Now comes the pre-emptive campaign strategy.
 Before the president even knows his opponent, his first political ad is blanketing Iowa today.
"It would take one vial, one canister, one crate slipped into this country to bring a day of horror
 like none we have ever known," Mr. Bush says, in a State of the Union clip.
Well, that's a comforting message from our commander in chief. "

  Click  Here  to listen to Wesley Clark explain the truth. (Just 45 seconds)

 He told Dave Thursday night that we would have bin Laden by now if he, Clark, had been President.

 He says Bush pulled a "world class bait and switch," adding that  "no retailer in America
 has ever done a better job" of offering the people one thing and selling them another.

 Damn, that's the kind of talk this country needs to hear to get back to democracy.


 If you have something important send it to Sam at sam@bartcop.com

 Can't get in the members section?  Sam can help.

 Some whining from Bart

  Click  Here

 This whole bartcop "operation" is waaaay out of control.

 Military Drowns out Protests

  Click  Here

"At least 1,200 protesters gathered Saturday outside the main gate of Fort Benning, the start of
 the 14th annual protest against a military school they blame for Latin American human rights abuses.

 Officials for the School of Americas Watch, which has conducted the protest at Fort Benning since
 the early 1990s, decried a new tactic by the military - patriotic music blaring from the fort's gates.

"It's drowning out our rally," said Matthew Smucker, SOA Watch spokesman. "It's interesting that
 they (military officials) are interested in dialogue and are glad we have a right to free speech but
 here they are drowning us out."   Fort spokesman Rich McDowell confirmed the music as "something new."

"We figure if they can play their music, we can play ours," he said."

 Funny, I thought the military was here to protect the American way of life,
 but that apparently doesn't include free speech.

 How to prevent Diebold from rigging the 2004 election

  Simple - vote using an absentee ballot.

  If every Democrat in the United States did that, they'd have to hand count 51,000,000 votes.
  There would be a paper trail, and Diebold would be unable to rig the election for the B.F.E.E.

Something on your mind?
 Call the
Then  listen for your voice on...

You have two minutes to speak your piece.

 Joe Conason's Journal
 The AARP is backing the "prescription drug benefit" bill
 when it should be backing its members.

  Click  Here

 Voters wondering whether to support the Medicare "prescription drug benefit" and confused
 over its support from the American Association of Retired Persons should consult this analysis
 by Consumers Union. The venerable consumer organization has "reluctantly" concluded that
 the Republican bill now before Congress "not only falls embarrassingly short of giving seniors
 a real drug benefit, it likely will threaten Medicare's viability."

 Subject: bowled over

 I cant think of what is more impressive--asking people to beleive your smart enough to build a tree house.

 sour grapes regarding almost everything.
 expecting people who are too dumb to vote to write in absentee ballots, or maybe...drum roll plkease
 ...thinking people will send in ten per month because they read that someone else ios that foolish.

 You got one right.
 I have been woefully inadequate at convincing people to subscribe.
 If I ever get one percent of readers to subscribe, I'll fall to my knees and thank the Lord.

 You and your monkey cousin didnt think of the tree house concept, right?
 You could cost Dean the election if more people read your nonsense.

 Backflips after snorting hydrocodone?
 Your words indicate to me that you may be on something potent.
 Is your brain hot?
 Oh, I almost forgot--get bent!

 Carson the Republican

 Carson, are Mom & Dad out of town again?
 Did you find the keys to the liquor cabinet?

 Dude, seriously - all the people I've met online all these years,
 YOU might be the guy who could make a lot of money by being my "Alan Colmes."

 I differ from FOX in that you're not the worst opponent I could find,
 you're the ONLY opponent who takes the boot and comes back for more.

 That shows me you have spunk.
 I like spunk!
 Don't be a stranger, Dude.

 "Have a good time today.
   It only gets worse from here."
   -- Molly Ivins, in some magazine I read in the doctor's office.

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 If you spend $250,000 - they'll send bartcop.com $10,000.

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