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Bush Meets Military Families
CBC: Uncensored News
Syphilis up under Bush
The Rush Rehab Journals
VulgarBoy I'm No Hippo
Bush Goes After Teachers
The Iraqi Syndrome
The Uncivil War
American business crumbles


Quote of the Day

"I am only going to make cuts to a certain point. 
  I'm not going to cut dog food for blind people."
  -- Arnold, almost as stupid as Dubya,  Attribution

 Congratulations, Cully-fornia.
 You've bet your future, your children's future 
 and your economic future on the dim Musclehead. 

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Volume 1208 -  USA's Crooked CEO

 Tuesday,  November 25, 2003


"When Ann Coulter expresses regret that Timothy McVeigh didn't blow up The New York Times,
  The Wall Street Journal laughs it off as "tongue-in-cheek agitprop." But when Al Franken writes
  about lies and lying liars in a funny, but carefully researched book, he's degrading the discourse."
   --Paul Krugman,   Attribution

 Under Fire, Bush Meets Military Families
  He was too busy playing golf and fund raising to bother with it

  Click Here

 At an Army base hard hit by Iraq war losses, Bush huddled privately on Monday with
 the families of 26 of the dead and vowed to answer attacks on U.S. troops with more force
 as he defended the invasion and his response to mounting casualties.

"We're sending a clear message: Anyone who seeks to harm our soldiers can know that
  our great soldiers are hunting for them," Bush told Fort Carson troops and families on a
 stop en route to another extended vacation at his Texas "ranch."

 After months of ignoring the families he destroyed with his illegal oil grab, Greedy Bastard
 is finally shamed into meeting with them - strictly for political reasons. George W Bush is
 a one man Wizard of Oz movie - with no heart, no courage and certainly no brain.

 Oh well, time for another extended vacation - watch this drive!

 CBC News: Uncensored Stories of the Iraq War
  To get the truth, look to a country with a Free Press, like Canada or Britain

  Click  Here

 I'm so old,
 I remember when the press was a watchdog instead of a lapdog.


 When you watch Jon Stewart (Comedy Channel 11 PM Mon-Thurs) can you tell who he's "doing"
 when he sticks his chins out, stretching his neck while adjusting his tie and doing an old, Jewish man's voice?

 Is he doing Louie Nye?
 Is he doing Myron Cohen?
 Is he doing some uncle of his that we don't know?

 I tape him every night - next time he does it, I'll try to mark it
 so I can play a clip here and maybe we can figure out who he's doing.

 I think Johnny Carson used to do the same character.

 If you know who Jon's doing let me know  bartcop@bartcop.com

 Syphilis up under Bush, CDC says

  Click  Here

 Between 2001 and 2002, the syphilis rate rose 9.1% from 2.2 cases per 100,000 people to 2.4 cases,
 the CDC said. The rate had dropped every year under Clinton before reversing course under Bush.

 "It's mostly a gay disease so who cares?"

Marty's Entertainment Page
Disinfotainment Today' by Michael Dare
The Wall Street Poet
Tom Ridge on Dave tonight
Best musical in London is 'Jerry Springer - The Opera'
George Clooney's dad, Nick, to run for Congress in Kentucky
Sesame Street in Khmer
Full season for 'Arrested Development'
Total eclipse of the sun in Antarctica
Lisa Ling's replacement
Yancy Butler back to rehab
Wynonna Judd got married, again
Prahlad Jani hasn't eaten (or relieved himself) in 68 years
And, Snowflake, the albino gorilla

 The Rush Limbaugh Rehab Journals
   saw it on Marty's E! Page

  Click  Here

 Day 1:  I am in an intolerable funk.  I write this from the back of the Limo as we careen our way from the airport
 to the detox center where yours truly, El-Rushbo will be spending the next 5 weeks.  My lovely and talented wife
 Marta is at my side (who I call Little Oxy), she ensures yours truly, that the staff at this clinic are lovely and talented
 and will help break this cycle of funkness.  Marta withdrew $9800 yesterday, and we have to make another withdraw
 of $9800.00 today.  I may need some ิ๘‡ิ๘‡ิ๘‡Home Remodelingิ๘‡ิ๘‡ิ๘‡ money after Iิ๘‡ิ๘‡ิ๘‡m finished here, just in case.

 Vulgar Junkie: I'm No Hypocrite 
  Screener lets non-monkey thru, is tied to a tree and whipped

  Click  Here

 The caller "Mike from Miami" had made an innocent comment about a congressional vote
 and then suddenly blurted, "How do you equate hypocrisy and addiction, pillhead?"

"If I were to admit I'm a hypocrite, then I'm going to be disqualified from being able to say
 what I think is right and wrong. I'm not going to let anybody take that away from me.
"Whatever I did I did, but it doesn't change what right and wrong are," he said.

 Pigboy vowed he'll have a lot more to say about the drugs and the money "sooner rather than later.".

 He means, "If they arrest me, I'll have to tell the judge what an out-of-control junkie I am."

From our good friends at Fauxnews.com

 Bush Goes After Teachers
  IRS Audits Nation's Top Teachers' Union

  Click  Here

 The IRS has begun auditing the National Education Association, which has allocated millions of dollars
 to elect pro-education candidates while reporting on tax forms that it does not spend union dues on politics.

 While promising cooperation, the president of the nation's largest teachers' union is also pledging to
 "vigorously defend our constitutional right to speak to our members about the role of politics in public education."

 NEA spokeswoman Kathleen Lyons said Monday the audit began last week. "It will be a complete, thorough audit.
 The IRS has not singled out any particular aspect of our activities."

 But Reg Weaver, the union's president, said the "NEA will not be silenced" by the audit or complaints from a
 conservative foundation that it has wrongly engaged in political activities without disclosing them.

 Union members "have a right to be involved in politics. Our organization will not back down in the face of those
 who want to bully us out of our rights as Americans," Weaver said.

 That bully would be Bush and the cowardly GOP.

 The Iraqi Syndrome

 You older folks might remember, after the Vietnam war, TV and movies were full of stories
 about the "flipped out" Vietnam veterans, always flashing back to the jungles and taking cover
 from imaginary mortar rounds and sniper fire.

 Why was that?
 Probably because a lot of it was true.

 We have 150,000 soldiers that, someday, will come home riddled with survivor's guilt, and with demons and
 nightmares and fears that you and I can't imagine on our very worst days. If half of them come home with some
 degree of post traumatic stress disorder, that's 75,000 semi-stable men and women who drink too much,
 can't sleep, can't stand the wife's "constant nagging," the "screaming kids" and a whole host of magnified sensitivities.

 I imagine for a lot of these men, what they saw was just too horrible to talk about with their families.
 Maybe some of them will try, but how many times can a wife hold her once-normal husband while he
 insists on telling her AGAIN about how he watched his best friend's head explode from an AK-47 bullet.

 For thousands of these men, their family lives are over.  I got in trouble last time for predicting something that I
 hope doesn't happen, but think about how many thousands of these starred men will no longer be able to fit in
 the family they left, and how many of them will end up on the streets, wandering and mumbling to themselves.

 Thanks to the Illegal Fraud's insatiable greed, we're in for decades of that.  All because the deserter/bastard
 wanted to steal Iraq's oil. Bush never knew the horrors of war, neither did Cheney or Rumsfeld or Wolfowitz.


 Powell knew, and he tried to stop this - at first - but his greed got to him and he decided to play
 whitey's game and take the money and pretend Saddam was this "imminent threat" to America's survival.

   ...and look what the greed of those five sons of bitches has cost this once-great country.

 "...I'm getting very, very rich."

 The Uncivil War 
  by Paul Krugman

  Click  Here

 The campaign against "political hate speech" originates with the Republican National Committee. But last week
 the committee unveiled its first ad for the 2004 campaign, and it's as hateful as they come. "Some are now
 attacking the president for attacking the terrorists," it declares.

 Not true.

 Strategic assets in limited supply, like Special Forces soldiers and Predator drone aircraft, were shifted from
 Afghanistan to Iraq, while intelligence resources, including translators, were shifted from the pursuit of Al Qaeda
 to the (Iraq) invasion.  This probably allowed Qaeda members, including Osama bin Laden, to get away, and
 definitely helped the Taliban stage its ominous comeback. And the Iraq war has, by all accounts, done wonders
 for Qaeda recruiting.   Is saying all this attacking the president for attacking the terrorists?

 The countries that have a free press constantly wonder when America will sober up. Talk radio, the networks
 and the American press are behind Bush, no matter how big the screw-ups,  no matter how many die, no matter
 what the cost to America in lives and international prestige, because they want their precious tax cuts and they
 want Michael Powell to give them an absolute monopoly over the PUBLIC airwaves.

 We have two choices:
 We can let them continue to ruin America (and the rest of the world) or we can fight back.
 Trouble is, our side, the Democrats, are afraid to fight. They're scared to death - so what can we do?

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Maybe between us we can make a difference.

Two rich Republicans having to do physical work?
It's as unlikely as President Pinhead working.
It's so unheard of, they had to make a TV show out of it.

In one of our recent radio shows, we played a clip of Paris learning the value of work.
She worked at a McDonald's for a week, and told Oprah that she couldn't believe
how many hours one had to work just to buy a meal. She said, "That means you
have to work several days just to afford to get into (some fancy LA club.)"

Just like the never-elected Fuhrer, these rich kids never worked a day in their miserable lives
and they have no clue at all what the other 99 percent of us have had to overcome just to be here.

FOX should do a show about the idiot Bush boy working the fry stattion at McDonalds.
Could Smirk last a shift without being fired?


"Dick Cheney's annual salary from government = $192,600
  2001 Halliburton payments to Cheney = $205,298
 Value of no bid contracts awarded to Halliburton in Iraq =$948 million."
    --Daily Hamster Numbers  Attribution

 Bush and Cheney didn't steal power to help America's middle class.
 They stole power for that TRILLION dollars Halliburton got and the
 multiple TRILLIONS  missing from Social Security to "fight terrorism".

"We don't care - we love Dubya. Whatever he does is OK with us."


Click to Enter

 Subject: The bullet that killed JFK

 .. The actual bullet.
  Click  Here    Now with working link

 Unless I am mistaken, the official Warren Commission line is that the "magic bullet," the nearly-pristine example
"found" on the stretcher at Parkland, is alleged to be the one which hit both Kennedy and Connally.  Many hoped
 that Governor Connally's widow would allow a post-mortem to be conducted so that bullet fragments remaining in
 the Governor's wrist could be extracted.  Had the fragments added up to more than the tiny amount of  metal missing
 from the "magic bullet,"  the presence of at least a second projectile would be conclusively proved.

 There were some other fragments recovered from the limo which went missing almost immediately.  The "magic bullet"
 is the "evidence" connecting "Oswald"'s Mannlicher-Carcano to the assassination.  The original reports regarding the
 weapon recovered from the "sniper's nest" on the 6th floor of the TSBD described the weapon as an 8mm Mauser rifle,
 but were soon changed to conform to the official line that the weapon was a Mannlicher-Carcano.  "Oswald"'s rifle was
 mail-ordered under an alias, and the palm-print found on it was not initially present; the most plausible scenario is the one
 depicted in Stone's film "JFK," in which the palm print was applied after Oswald's death.

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 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 Last issue it was.. times  432  ....this issue it's  times 433

 Eight more Americans lives snuffed out by the disaster of Bush stealing the White House.
 Soon - we'll be at 500, and then 800 and then 1000.

 Will the Democrats be willing to fight for their country next November?
 Or will they just hand it to Bush on their knees, like they did in 2000 and 2002?

 I lead the world against terrorism.

 Total deaths since President Giggle and Kill said, "Bring 'em On":  227  228

 From:  http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, at least  2401  2442  wounded for Bush's illegal oil grab.
 Many of them are missing arms, legs, eyes and their memories from head wounds.

 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?

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 VCR Alert

 Queer Eye on the Straight Guy shows no sign of slowing down.
 Carson Kressley seems destined to be a star.
 NBC and Bravo tonight.

 Shania is in black leather a la Elvis for tonight's NBC special

 24 seems to be heading in the wrong direction.
 I've always had a love/hate relationship with this show.

 I love the way they taunt the White House with their "phoney Middle East war" stories,
 but each season is a great two hour movie stretched into 24 looooooooooooong hours.
 The only way they can suspend the suspense is if they pretend they're in Panic Room
 and make every possible wrong decision at the worst time that helps the terrorists most.

 In todays USAToday, TV critic Robert Bianco says Jack makes such idiotic decisions
 it tells us where the almost-as-stupid-as-Dubya Kim inherited her lack of brains.

 Dave has Tom Ridge - that should be exciting.

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 Weapons of Mass Hysteria

 Click  Here

 President Bush, as the world and many Americans have long known, is a fraud and a liar. Sadly, that's no big surprise.
 American presidents have a long tradition of mendacity that has ranged from the quirky and trivial to the treasonous.

 Some Presidential lies have been simply personally disgraceful and ridiculous, as was Clinton's;
 others have been of such monstrous gravity that they have shaken the presidency and jeopardized the nation.

 Nixon's lies in the Watergate crime were of that profoundly damaging kind.
 These were the brazen tactics of a power-addled dictator.
 Legally thwarted and exposed, he resigned to avoid certain impeachment.

 The Reagan-Bush Iran/Contra crime was comparable. Reagan stonewalled and let underlings take the fall,
 and a cowardly, corrupt Congress refused to punish a simple-minded, dangerous, and criminal President.

 We Americans are now confronted with the monstrous lies of George W. Bush and we must decide what has to be done about them.
 The Bush presidency has been built on outrageous falsehoods and cynical deceptions in every area of public policy.

 He lied to the nation about his fiscally insane Tax Cuts For Tycoons.
 He lied in affecting support for working people to exploit the working class.
 He lied about supporting our soldiers, crafting an $87 billion boondoggle for his giant corporate backers.

 So many lies... but the lie that was far the most cynical, most despicable, most criminal of all, is the lie
 that caused America to invade, a small, weak, devastated and tyrannized country.

 Under Bush, American business crumbles
  But the American whore media wants you to think it's Clinton's fault

  Boeing fires two top execs
  Runied economy hits all facets of business

  Sprint Cuts 2000 more jobs
  The whole country is getting a pink slip

  Kennyboy, Skilling Blames for Enron Collapse
  Bush lies - said he barely knew his biggest contributor

  Stocks fall two weeks in a row, shocking investors
  Nobody wants to bet on a loser like Bush's America

  Home sales dropping under Bush, peak has passed
  Who can buy a home without a job?

  Holidays could disappoint
  Under Bush, no toys for the kids

  Security Trust Co hits with criminal charges
  A wink from Bush is all the criminals needed

  Delta Airlines struggles to survive
  Bush blames Clinton, 9-11, but Southwest Airlines up

  Oil prices fall, but pump prices up sharply for the holidays
  Who knew people would want to travel now?

  ...and where is America's Chief  Executive?

 On  another extended vacation - of course

       "Do I look like I give a fuck?

 How to prevent Diebold from rigging the 2004 election

  Simple - vote using an absentee ballot.

  If every Democrat in the United States did that, they'd have to hand count 51,000,000 votes.
  There would be a paper trail, and Diebold would be unable to rig the election for the B.F.E.E.

Something on your mind?
 Call the
Then  listen for your voice on...

You have two minutes to speak your piece.

 Warren Spahn 1921-2003
   Tribute - for Pete

  Click  Here

 Warren Spahn won more games than any other left-hander in history, died yeaterday. He was 82.

 He started the 1942 season with the Braves but was sent down by manager Casey Stengel,
 who was angry because he refused to brush back Pee Wee Reese in an exhibition game.
 Stengel called farming Spahn out the worst mistake he ever made.

 In 1943, Spahn went into the Army. He served in Europe, where he was wounded, decorated for bravery
 with a Bronze Star and Purple Heart, and was awarded a battlefield commission. He fought at the Battle
 of the Bulge and in the battle for the bridge at Remagen, Germany, where many men in his company were killed.
 Spahn missed three years during World War II and still won more games than any lefty in baseball.

 "Have a good time today.
   It only gets worse from here."
   -- Molly Ivins

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