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Bush's "euthanasia" project is for all ages.

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  In Today's Treehouse...
Medicare bars + insurance 
OK loses big, plays for title
Bush will beat Bush in '04?
Legacy of a Bloody Month 
CA Disabled Fight Arnold 
BartCop Interview
Can Dean Beat Bush?
Bush = Miserable Failure 
Did Bush go AWOL?


Quote of the Day

"A trip to Iraq is not a substitute for a plan."
   -- Hillary on Face the Whore, 
   sounding like Wesley Clark 

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Volume 1216 - Children screaming

 Weekend   December 6-7, 2003


"He sends our troops to Iraq. He doubles their tour of duty because he underestimates
  the resistance of the Iraqis. And then, at the end of last summer, he says he's going to
  cut combat pay, or dangerous pay, for the veterans. Now, the Congress -- for our people over in Iraq.

 Congress reversed him and added a little money. But imagine the president sending people over,
 doubling their tour of duty and then trying to cut their pay. He goes to a VA hospital and says how
 great the veterans are and they deserve good health care, and then he cuts 164,000 off their VA benefits.

 That is not a president who understands that it's people that defend America, and not the folks in his
 office deciding to go into Iraq.
     --Howard Dean to Chris Wallace (R-Nazi),  Attribution

 Bush Medicare Bars Extra Insurance for Drugs 

  Click  Here

 Medicare beneficiaries will not be allowed to buy insurance to cover their share of
 prescription drug costs under the new Medicare bill to be signed by Bush, the legislation says.

 Millions of Medicare beneficiaries have bought private insurance to fill gaps in Medicare.
 But a little-noticed provision of the legislation prohibits the sale of any Medigap policy that
 would help pay drug costs after Jan. 1, 2006, when the new Medicare drug benefit becomes available.

 If the Democrats hadn't jumped in bed with Bush on this, HE would get all the blame when
 people find out he sold them out to the insurance lobby. Florida has tons of old people,
 so why didn't Graham filibuster this crappy bill that will screw seniors?


"This fence is here for your protection. Do not approach or try to cross, or you will be shot."
    --sign posted in front of the razor-wire fence in Abu Hishma,


 USC No. 1 in polls, third in BCS
  Oklahoma, after Mondale-size whipping, plays for championship

  Click  Here

 Despite getting walloped by Kansas State 35-7 on Saturday night, Oklahoma will
 take its 12-1 record to the Sugar Bowl against LSU, which won the Southeastern
 Conference championship by beating Georgia 34-13.

 When I saw the 35-7 score, it was like they got the scores reversed.
 Everybody knows more about football than I do, but the reason Oklahoma only
 scored 7 points is because once they got behind, they kept attempting passes that
 were 30 and 40 yards down the field, which gave the Wildcats plenty of time to
 either intercept the ball or knock it away or crunch the receiver so hard he'd dropped it.

 Even when they had a full second have to go, they continued to throw these
 get-it-all-back-on-one-play passes and that sealed their fate. You guys who know
 football, why didn't they throw ten yard passes and move down the field and score?

 Ask Bart


 Is it true that God gave his only begotten son so that whosoever should
 believe in him would become a homophobic, Republican Jesus freak?


 DR, ...yes.

 Bush will beat Bush in 2004
   by James Boyne

  Click  Here

 President Bush is not a President. He is just a kid. He is just a transient personality in history,
 passing by, that history will barely mention in a short one hundred years from now.

 He will be remembered as the son of a President, who came to office on the strength of "name recognition".
 He will be remembered as a President who was lead by the nose by special interest groups, lobbyists,
 Cabinet appointees, major corporate interests, and the hidden agenda of corrupt Republican politics.
 He may be remembered as the President that destroyed the Republican Party in the interests of "special interests".
 What emerges in its place, no one knows.

 He will be remembered, if he is remembered at all, for the sheer folly of a foreign policy that alienated the world
 against us. He will be remembered for reading a bedtime story to a class of grammar school students as the worst
 terrorist attack in our history took place. He will be remembered for failing to sense the need to protect our great
 nation and for failing to take the correct retaliatory action to exact reprisal from the true culprits and prevent further
 attacks. And there will be further attacks, which he himself alluded too.

 I think it's impossible to gauge the stupidity of the American voter.
 I think Bush could admit he knew about 9-11 in advance and the networks and the newspapers and
 talk radio would spin it that he did it for us and the people would smile and say, "Thank you, Dubya."

 Hell, if we can't get our elected Democrats to vote against him, who thinks the people will?

Marty's Entertainment Page
Sunday stories include:
Astro's Christmas album selections
Bonus fresh BAGnews
Miss World 2003
Helen Mirren is a dame
Willie Nelson, fundraiser
Snow scuttled Springsteen's Saturday show
'A Christmas Story' & the leg lamp
Bridget Fonda married Danny Elfman
Name that war
A naked cowboy
Penguins and a tiger
And some links

 Legacy of a Bloody November

  Click  Here

 The bloody month of November suggests another possible future for the region. Mounting terrorism
 and insurgency will push the United States and its strongest coalition partners not to withdraw but to
 pursue strategies of national interest more vigorously. These will emphasize larger strike forces with
 greater over-the-horizon firepower that will concentrate on protecting oil facilities and fighting terrorist networks.

  If America still had a free press, this would be "Bush's bloodbath," not "America's war or terrorism,"
 because Saddam wasn't a threat to anybody but his own people. During Clinton's years of peace and
 prosperity, the GOP said thousands of times that our military was stretched too think, that we had no
 business nation-building and that we needed to avoid being the world's policeman, but as soon as Bush
 got a hardon for Iraqi's oil the stated goals of the GOP went to hell and they changed their positions
 100 percent while the Democrats merely went to sleep.

 People need to be reminded that Bush lost the popular vote, even counting the rape of democracy
 that happened in Florida, so where is his mandate to change America into the opposite of what the
 last twice elected president saw for America's future?

 If the Democrats would just fight back with words, we could win in 2004.
 This is Bush's war, this is Bush's Medicare boondoggle, this is Bush's environmental disaster,
 and above all look what the Bush economy has done to three million jobs and the stock market

 I'm not asking the Democrats to risk their lives by charging some machine gun in a jungle.
 I'm asking them to speak up.

 ...but I guess I'm asking too much.

 Related story

 White House Criticizes Kerry's Profanity

  Click Here

 John Kerry used profane language to assess Bush's fuck up in Iraq,
 and Bush's chief of staff said Sunday he was out of line.

 Kerry uttered a profanity in an interview in the latest Rolling Stone
 to express his dismay over Bush's fuck up in Iraq.

 When asked about the success of  Howard Dean, whose anti-war message has
 resounded with supporters, Kerry responded: "When I voted for the war, I voted
 for what I thought was best for the country. Did I expect Howard Dean to go off
 to the left and say, `I'm against everything?' Sure. Did I expect George Bush
 to fuck it up as badly as he did? I don't think anybody did."

 I have more respect for Kerry than I did yesterday.
 Calling a fuck up "a fuck up" is what I want to hear from the Democrats.

 But this is just another phony issue that Bush and his good puppy media are using
 to distract people from the soldiers who are dying every day.

 Let's remember that Bush and Cheney agreed, on an open micropghone, that
 Adam Clymer of the NY Whore Times was "an asshole," and the less-famous
 incident that the whore American press played down to help Bush, the time he
 said, "Fuck Saddam, we're taking him out."

 This wasn't a principled stand for an American president - it was an opportunity for a
 gang of thugs to murder thousands and steal their stuff, which in this case was oil.

 So screw Bush and his phoney outrage over the "F" word.

 To the person with "naesg1" in their e-mail address.

 Thank you for the PayPal donation, but that address cannot receive mail.
 When I sent you instructions to you on how to get in the members section,
 it bounces back to me so there's no way to get you in under that address.

 Funny, PayPal will let you send money with that address,
 but it's not letting me e-mail you.

 Please write with a different address so we can communicate.
 OR, call the Bart Phone (918-493-1500) and leave your number.
 I'll call you.

 Subject: signing people up

 Yo Bart..
 I mentioned this a year ago - a simple request that all your "fans" send your site address
 and recommend it to 10 friends with a request that they send it to 10 of their friends and so on.

 Chain letters work, AMWAY works... why not "Chain-bart" ?

 Matt, that sounds like a good idea, thanks.

 CA Disabled Fight Back Against Governator's Cuts
  ...and blood-soaked 'Maria, First Lady of Darkness'
     by my good friend, Nick Dupree

  Click  Here

 In a classic Reaganesque misdirection, the Governator is having a disabled child light the state xmas tree this year.
 This same child relies on respite care Arnold will try to end in his new budget. Pretty sick...attacking the child
 you've got a photo op with. But disabled people are used to being treated like circus bears by now, right?

 As always with the GOP, those that need the most help are getting hit the hardest.
 Bush and Enron screwed California into bankruptcy, no naturally the disabled will be
 asked to sacrificed the most to get the state back on its feet.
 It's just not right.

 Subject: Some people

 No matter what you do, somebody's going to complain.
 It's exactly what Jesus said about the ex-leper: "There's no pleasing some people."



 A rare BartCop Interview
  Clickin' with libruls, we thank the Invisible Cloud Being for BartCop.com

  Click  Here

 And that¹s part of his appeal: The fact that he¹s not a writer, doesn¹t  know computers too well,
 and has no experience in broadcasting yet has managed to addict thousands of readers on a
 daily basis, some of whom now donate their time and talents to make his radio show a reality
  is a tempting inspiration to frustrated anti-Bushers who feel the game is already over. It helps
 that he¹s damn funny, unpredictable, streetwise, and able to dissect the spin in an almost
 purposefully inelegant way. If you can get past the typos, cheesy web clip-icons and crude design,
 you¹ll find, between contributed political cartoons and links to topical news articles, the sort of
 red-meat commentary of which liberals have been denied lately by the mainstream media.

  Helpful definitions for BartCop newbies

 - B.F.E.E.: The Bush Family Evil Empire.

 - Pink Tutu: Any so-called Democrat afraid to stand up against the B.F.E.E.

 - Tequila Treehouse: Bart's home, studio, place where his wife tolerates him.

 - Chinaco Anejo: Bart's only tequila. If you're a public figure who's taken a stand
 against the B.F.E.E., then you might have had a shot of Chinaco dedicated in your name.
(But if you're a Pink Tutu or a member of the B.F.E.E., you get a shot of Cuervo Gold).

 - The Red-Ass: What a conservative gets if he dares to take on Bart in a chat room.

 - The Invisible Cloud Being: God; motivator for acts of religious insanity.

 - The Vulgar Pigboy: Former name for Rush.

 - The Vulgar Junkie: Updated name for Rush.

 - Ditto Monkey: Addicts of the Vulgar Junkie.

 - Monkey Mail: Hate mail from Ditto Monkeys.

 - The Unelected Pinhead, The Trained Monkey, President Giggle-and-Kill,
 The Illegal Thug, The Bumbling Idiot: You know who.

 Additional reporting by Chaelan MacTavish

 (c) 2003 Fringe Magazine, Santa Fe, NM.
 Reprinted on Bartcop.com with permission.


"For those 'chicken hawks' to accuse others of a lack of patriotism because they are
  asking questions about why it is necessary to put our young men and women at risk
  is for me another hypocrisy. They were elected to be representatives in a democratic
  society, and they are crushing democratic values when someone disagrees with them."
      --Tim Robbins, Attribution

 Why Dean Can't Beat Bush
   by Nicholas D. Kristof

  Click  Here

 America's heartland oozes suspicion of Eastern elitists, and Mr. Dean's cockiness would exacerbate
 that suspicion. Clinton oozed charm and was fluent in Southern ("even a blind hog can find an acorn,"),
 while Dean needs a Berlitz course in self-deprecating folksiness.

 Dean's recent remarks about Southern men and Confederate flags showed both his awareness of this
 problem and his ineptitude in addressing it. He also described the episode as a "huge contretemps,"
 and I doubt that anybody who publicly uses the word "contretemps" can ever be elected president.

 You get the feeling that if Dean and Bush were stuck together in a small Missouri town, Dean would
 lecture farmers about Thomas Paine's writings, while Mr. Bush would have the cafe crowd in stitches
 by doing impersonations of Mr. Dean.

 I'm not saying this guy is right, but you should at least read the column.
 A southern military hero - I think - has a better chance than a man
 who Bush will call "a draft-dodger and a northeastern liberal elitist."

 America can't survive a radical, murdering monkey who never has to face voters again.

Great Christmas Gifts


"President Bush has not only been radical and extreme in terms of Democratic presidents
  but in terms of Republican presidents, including his own father. We have to change direction
  before irreparable harm is done. This administration is in danger of being the first in American
  history to leave our nation worse off than when they found it."
   Hillary,   Attribution


 If you have something important send it to Sam at sam@bartcop.com

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 Ask Bart

 Is there any chance you will be on the liberal talk radio network?

 Tom Wright

 Tom, I need to get a whole lot better.
 Even with 21 shows out, that's still only about 21 hours in front of a microphone.

 The radio is sounding a lot better than the early shows,
 but once I get my brain and my mouth connected, it'll get real good.


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'Miserable failure' links to Bush
  The pinheaded chimp has been 'Google Bombed'


  Click  Here

 Web users entering the words "miserable failure" into the popular search engine are directed
 to the biography of the president on the White House website.  The trick is possible because
 Google searches more than just the contents of web pages - it also counts how often a site is
 linked to, and with what words.   Thus, members of an online community can affect the results
 of Google searches - called "Google bombing" - by linking their sites to a chosen one.

 ha ha - and what a great picture they used

 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
 Don't you know we need you now.
 We can't fight alone against this monster

 I was going to let this go but I got so much mail about it.
 I know Monster was written by Steppenwolf and not John Lennon.

 It seems like we've been screaming "America, where are you now?" for so long
 and most people, busy with their jobs and kids, don't know how much trouble we're in.
 These busy people just might vote for Bush so he can "protect" them.

 The reference to John Lennon was my frustration leaking out.

Click to visit

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 Last issue it was.. times  444  ....this issue it's  times 445

 More Americans lives snuffed out by Gangster's theft of the White House.

 Soon - we'll be at 500, and then 800 and then 1000.

 Will the Democrats be willing to fight for their country next November?
 Or will they just hand it to Bush on their knees, like they did in 2000 and 2002?

  I'm no longer arming al Qaeda.

 Total deaths since President Giggle and Kill said, "Bring 'em On":  239  240

 From:  http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, at least  2496..... 2504  wounded for Bush's illegal oil grab.
 Many of them are missing arms, legs, eyes and their memories from head wounds.
 Oh, and the burn victims will make your heart sink.

 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?

 December sticker placement contest!


 How to win:

 To get your stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to:
 bartcop.com  PO Box 54466  Tulsa, OK 74155
 OR, you could PayPal a small donation and get your stickers within 48 hours.

 The stickers are free, but donations are accepted.
 Get yours, then send in a digital photo of where you put it.
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 Winner gets Joe Conason's book, Al Franken's book or your choice of  a subscription
  to Maxim Magazine   (Maxim has no nudity) or any similarly priced book or magazine.


 Send sticker pics to  bartcop@bartcop.com

                         Dave H  from Florida

 Ever heard of Neil Bush?

  Click  Here

 Ever heard of Neil Bush? No? Well, that's not surprising. Know anything about the 1988
 Silverado Savings and Loan failure in Colorado that cost taxpayers at least $1.3 billion?
 Never heard of it? Maybe you are too young to remember, or as a fan of the Bush family, you would rather forget.

 Neil Bush is the almost invisible younger son of George and Barbara Bush. He's the black sheep of the family,
 the one who missed being indicted for his role in Silverado by the length of his father's presidential coat tails.

 But Neil has once again come to public attention for his role in helping Chinese corporations increase exports
 to the United States, all for an annual fee of $400,000. This at a time when his brother's administration is trying
 to achieve just the opposite.

 Once again, the pink tutu Democrats repeatedly drop the ball.
 During the first five years of Whitewater, why didn't the Democrats constantly remind voters
 that Jim McDougal playing funny money with three hundred times less money than what
 Neil Bush stole from the taxpayers - but they all remained silent and let their president be
 impeached by the vengeful bastards who couldn't beat him at the ballot box.

 Clinton, who was innocent of everything except Monica, was crucified because he was a Democrat,
 and Neil Bush gets a free pass for stealing over a billion because his daddy was a republican.

 Bottom line - they fight and we're afraid to.

 One more thing - remember all the attacks against Roger Clinton for trading on the Clinton name?
 The Bush bastards have been doing that for decades, but when they trade on their name, you can
 bet your ass a whole lot of Americans will die as a result.

"I'm nobody's iddiot."

 From: Larry McBride

 Subject: Your homework

 (Note: Most of what Larry sends here doesn't get printed.)

 Your homework for the weekend.
 Check it out item by item.

 It explains why your ridiculous "Bush was AWOL" claim is just plain stupid.
 All the rest of your accusations of Bush crumble into dust.

 Feel free to check out other "Urban Legends" at www.snopes.com

 Larry, snopes can't (and didn't) say Bush never went AWOL because snopes
 doesn't have the power to go back in time and change the facts.
 Snopes merely pointed out that Bush didn't write that comedy resume.

 Here's what snopes said:
 The George W. Bush "résumé," one of the most forwarded items of 2003, is a mixed bag
 of entries of varying degrees of truthfulness, many of them quite complex and/or subjective in nature.
 We haven't had the time to properly delve into the multiplicity of claims contained in it yet.
 However, because so many of our readers have asked us about this e-mail, we list here a couple of
 links to other sources which attempt to document (or refute) the items listed in the "résumé."

 The first link under "Did Bush really go AWOL" is http://www.straightdope.com/columns/030411.html

 They said:
  In 1972, four years into his six-year guard commitment, he was asked to work for the campaign of Bush family
 friend Winton Blount, who was running for the U.S. Senate in Alabama. In May Bush requested a transfer to an
 Alabama Air National Guard unit with no planes and minimal duties. Bush's immediate superiors approved the
 transfer, but higher-ups said no. The matter was delayed for months. In August Bush missed his annual flight
 physical and was grounded. (Some have speculated that he was worried about failing a drug test--the Pentagon
 had instituted random screening in April.) In September he was ordered to report to a different unit of the Alabama
 guard, the 187th Tactical Reconnaissance Group in Montgomery. Bush says he did so, but his nominal superiors
 say they never saw the guy, there's no documentation he ever showed up, and not one of the six or seven
 hundred soldiers then in the unit has stepped forward to corroborate Bush's story.

 Hey Larry, what's it like to constantly be wrong?

Something on your mind?
 Call the
Then  listen for your voice on...

You have two minutes to speak your piece.

                                       Bob & Howard Dean

 Bob and Jennifer won the November contest.

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 The internet is all we've got. And consider how the bastard will govern when he never has to face the voters again.

 Hold your head up.

 One day, when a Democrat fights back,
 the GOP will find themselves in a fair fight,
 and their lies will become known because we are right.

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