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 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
 Don't you know we need you now?
 We can't fight alone against this monster


"I'm not hiding WMDs in my mouth - I promise.

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  In Today's Treehouse...
Bush: Trial, then death
Saddam: I had no WMD
This is America?
Breaux (R) is a quitter
Capture justifies nothing
Martin Sheen on Diebold
When hatred is justified
Monkey mail
Monkey mail w/extra cheese


Quote of the Day

''The United Kingdom is against the death 
  penalty. So we would have no part of a 
  tribunal or a process that had the death 
  penalty as one of its penalties.'' 
   --Britain's senior envoy to Iraq Jeremy Greenstock,

 Funny that they had no problem backing Bush
 when he decided to invade and destroy a country
 that hadn't attacked Britain or America.

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Volume 1222 - Bears overboard

 On the road,  December 16-17, 2003


"They thought that we would rue it.
  They doubted we'd do it. But now
  they must admit it, that succeed we did."
    --Peggy Noonan, sounding more like The Chimp every day    Attribution

 Bush: Saddam deserves public trial, execution
  Kill-happy bastard never saw a problem that death couldn't fix

  Click  Here

"I think he ought to receive the ultimate penalty ... for what he has done to his people," the Pinhead said.
"I mean, he is a torturer, a murderer, they had rape rooms. This is a disgusting tyrant who deserves justice,
 the ultimate justice. But that will be decided not by me but by the citizens of Iraq in one form or another."

 The Chimp has no concept of what words mean.
 Why bother with a trial if Bush wants him dead?

 What if he's found "not guilty" by the Iraqi court?.
 Bush is going to have him killed either way, so why bother with a show trial?

 What will Muslims think when murdering Bush delivers the verdict before the trial?


"I think they came into office looking for the opportunity, not quite sure how to get it.
  And 9-11, presto: perfect opportunity...I think they made the decision to go after Saddam,
  and worked very hard to find the evidence to justify it. But they failed. That evidence was not there.
  It is not there. It was a wrong war. It was an unnecessary war. And it is a $150 billion mess today."
   --Wesley Clark, to Chris the Screamer   Attribution

 Subject: You're very disgraceful person

 To: Joe@msnbc.com
 CC: bartcop@bartcop.com

  Click  Here

 As far as the ratings, a WNBA game draws more viewers than "Hardball" and your ratings have been in the basement since your
 show first aired.  Jerry Nachmen and the powers that be at MSNBC haven't cancelled either show.  Plus, during the height of the
 Gary Condit scandal a young female staffer was found dead in your congressional office with head wounds, yet the story didn't
 make a peep in the national media after the fact.  The medical exaimer hadn't declare how or why she died and the same M.E.
 has a record of making false reports - so where is the liberal bias, Joe?

 Subject: the "Bush Boom"

  Click  Here

 Saddam Denies Having WMD

  Click  Here

 Saddam has denied to his interrogators that his regime had WMDs and ties to al-Qaida.

 He has greeted his initial interrogation with a mix of sarcasm and defiance, the officials said,
 discussing the questioning only on the condition of anonymity. Some of his responses are
 regarded as an attempt to rationalize and justify his actions, the officials said.

 Saddam has complied with simple commands to stand up and sit down, but officials said
 he has not provided much useful information on the guerrilla war or other matters.

 Saddam's denials match those of his regime before the most recent war. U.S. officials
 say the denials are expected, particularly in the early stages of an interrogation, before
 his interrogators establish a rapport with him.

 When did they change "cattle prods" to "rapport?"
 Saddam is in the hands of a monster that he can't even begin to fathom.

 All the allegations we've heard about Saddam, I've never heard that he killed just for sport.
 Saddam, meet America's monster - a madman worse than Uday - he giggles when he kills.

Chickenhawk of the Day

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Marty's Entertainment Page

  America under Bush - While one policeman forcibly subdues a demonstrator,
  another takes aim during the FTAA protests in Miami on Nov. 20.

 This is America?

  Click  Here

 In Miami, police unleashed unprecedented fury on demonstrators -- most of them
 seniors and union members. Is this how Bush's war on terror will be fought at home?

 Subject: News "oversight" confirmation

 I writing in reponse to the "Media Cover-Up?" "story" found on your site 12/15/03.....

 I too lived in Saudi Arabia (during 1998) and noticed that there was a LOT of news that was never
 reported in the United States, but was reported everywhere else, (i.e...before the Cole incident, there
 was a dramatic "rescue" of some tourists in Yemen..a few whities were killed (I know that's not too
 politically correct..but....That's how I felt as an American in Riyadh..an outsider...as a woman and an infidel.)
....and this in 1998...Scary when you wake up one day and realise that just about every thing you've been
 taught about your country is a lie.....


 Subject: Hey, I'm a Weather Dude and It's Not a Matter of Trust!

 Hey, Bart, please don't knock us weather dudes.
 We try but meteorology is still an inexact science and so much mathematics
 (all the way up to Bifurcations of Differential Equations) goes into it.

 Additionally, do you remember in "Jurassic Park" how Jeff Goldblum explained the Chaos Theory?
 That is actually true!

 There are small, undetectable, synoptic-scale meteorological phenomana that can change the weather in big ways!
 So, we try.  But winter storms are the most difficult types of storms to predict!

 However, thanks to the new phased-array radar being installed next year, it will now give people
 advance warning of a tornado 20 minutes or more in advance. (Previous warning time was about 12 minutes.)

 So, please don't knock us!
 We do try!

 You're right, I should direct my anger at the station for lying about accuracy.  In Tulsa, we get
"pin-point, street level, five-day super-accurate forecast" promised, but like you said,
 predicting the weather is pretty much a crap shoot so I with they'd just admit that.

 I think the Weather Dudes should have to use 60 seconds of each day's weather report
 to tell us how "super-accurate" the forecast was that they delivered the day before.

 Carry on, Weather Dude.

Yes, that's really him.

 Vulgar Pigboy

  drug addict

  drug addiction

  vulgar pigboy

  big fat idiot



 Capture still does not justify Iraq war

  Click  Here

"I hope they hang him," a Philadelphia woman told TV interviewers, "after all he's done to us."
 Saddam Hussein is, indeed, a vile monster who tyrannized and terrorized Iraq for many years.
 But Saddam has done nothing to us.

 Hoodwinking the American public into believing Saddam posed a threat to the United States was deliberate
 - and apparently successful. But Saddam has done nothing to us. A majority of Americans seem to believe
 he had something to do with 9/11 (maybe they confuse him with Osama bin Laden), but there is little evidence
 that he ever had much substantive connection with al-Qaeda. No Iraqis were involved in the 9/11 atrocities
 - or, for that matter, any attacks on Americans before we invaded their country. So, yes, let's be glad Saddam
 will be brought to justice, but because he's a tyrant, not because he ever did anything directly to us."

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"The choice in this campaign has now become clear.
  Howard Dean and now Al Gore say they want to take our country back.
  I want to take America forward."
  --Joe Lieberman, proving again what a lousy choice he was for Gore in 2000   Attribution

   by Ricky Z

  Click  Here

 The bad depressing news coming out of Iraq for the last nine months hasn't been daily reports of
 Saddam eluding capture, you freaking dumb-ass Republican brick heads.  The bad news has been
 the daily killing of American soldiers, foreign contractors, and Iraqi government officials.  The bad
 news is the reconstruction is going horribly, and the country looks to be on the brink of chaos.

 The Threat From Computerized Voting Machines
    by Martin Sheen   more president than Bush

  Click  Here

 The California Secretary of State has ordered that these new computerized voting machines print out
 a paper copy of your vote for your approval before the vote is registered. These printouts would then
 be saved in case the machines malfunction or there is any question as to whether or not they have been
 tampered with. Without them we would just have to trust the companies that make the machines
 --companies like Diebold whose CEO, Walden W. O'Dell, recently wrote in a fundraising letter for
 the Republicans, "I am committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the President next year."

 Without a paper trail, there is no way to reliably validate an election or conduct a reliable recount.
 It's that simple.

 If you buy a Slurpee at 7-11, they offer you a receipt that confirms and registers your purchase.
 Isn't our right to vote worth at least as much as a Slurpee?

 Subject: Milosevich vs. Saddam

 Don't you think that would make a great comparison?

 The crimes of Milosevich vs. the Crimes of Saddam,
 and then how much cost in lives and money each was to capture?


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"Who out there really believes that some French company would be awarded a contract at the expense of,
  say, Halliburton? Halliburton is charging American occupation authorities $2.64 a gallon - and that may be
  a low estimate - to bring in gasoline from Kuwait. Any company that can get away with a feat like that in
  the oil-rich Middle East doesn't need to worry about foreign competition for taxpayers' dollars."
    --SunSpot.net Opinion, Attribution

 Breaux says he's a quitter, won't run again

 Click  Here

 U.S. Sen. John Breaux of Louisiana (D-Bush's Monica)  says he won't run for a fourth term,
 dampening prospects for fellow Democrats to win control of the Senate next year.

 The exact opposite is true.

 Breaux has been Bush's cabana boy since before Bush stole the White House.
 This is a loss for Bush, not the Democrats.
 We need another Demo senator voting with Bush like Rodney King needed more shots to the head.

 In a statement, the Never-Elected Fraud praised Breaux for putting "party politics aside" to help in
 getting his 2001 tax cut passed over objections from many Democrats.

 Damn, that hurt!!
 That last sentence by Bush knocked me out of my chair.

 Because Bush told the truth.
 I'm thinking it's the first time ever.

 John Breaux told the Democrats to "F off," so he could suckle Dubya's sweet nipples of cold cash.
 John Breaux has been spooning Dubya the entire time he's been on the national stage.

 Tom Daschle praised Breaux as a good friend whose strength was a willingness
 to reach across the aisle on key issues.

 Oh Koresh, I can hardly stand the irony.
 If John Breaux or Tom Daschle ever says anything complimentary about bartcop.com
 I would feel duty-bound to end my life to give other Nazi-fighting websites more respect.
 Please, John and Tom, please never let bartcop.com hit your radar.

 (Does a shot of Canadian whiskey)

 Goodbye, Senator Cabanaboy.
 Maybe we'll be lucky enough to get a Democrat to replace you.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was 453  ....this issue it's  times 456

  From:  http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, at least  2516..... 2595  wounded for Bush's illegal oil grab.

From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html

 George W. Bush and the Anti-Publican Party: When hatred is justified
   saw it on    evilGOPbastards.com

  Click  Here

 The GOP knows that popular programs such as Social Security and Medicare can never be abolished politically.  They also know
 that these programs can only be funded through progressive taxation on the rich. Therefore, the only way to kill these programs and
 the resultant tax liabilities on the wealthy is to deliberately bankrupt and cripple the American government through a policy of tax reduction.
 To this end they have been remarkably successful just three years into the administration of George W. Bush.

 In good Straussian fashion, George W. Bush and the Republican Party utilized a conscious strategy of lying to an all-too-easily
 deceived peasantry -- offering refunds of "your money" to the voters, when what they were really planning were gigantic tax cuts
 for the plutocrats and cuts in crucial government services vital to the peons.

 Presidential poll - final results

 34% Dean
 28% Clark
 21% Kucinich
   8% Sharpton
   0% Gephardt
   4% Braun
   1% Edwards
   0% Lieberman
   2% Kerry
   1% Oil Chimp

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saw it on chickenhawkcards.com

 CNN was quite the Bush soldier Monday
 They're afraid FOX will call them "liberal" if they don't worship Stupid

 I don't remember the exact words, but reporting from Baghdad, they said something like,
"The city's population erupted when they saw Saddam's captured ass on Iraqi TV.
  They spilled into the street and shot guns in a city-wide celebration," then they cut to
 about a dozen people in the street and did close ups of them to confirm that all Baghdaddians
 were united in their joy that they no longer have water or power.

 They did the same thing when the boys pulled Saddam's statue down. With maybe 1,000 people
 in the town square, they had to zoom in to avoid showing the massive wide open and empty spaces.

 Doing anything and everything to legitimize the Illegal Fraud and his criminal gangsters,
 the networks want America's downward spiral to continue for some damn reason.

 They're so afraid of Bush and Karl Rove, the American whore press won't even ask him
 how many times he's been arrested and convicted of a crime.

 White House Admits Pre-9/11 Warnings; Bush Still Denies It

  Click  Here

 The problem for the president and the administration is that the White House has previously admitted
 that the president had personally received such specific warnings. As ABC News reported in May of 2002,
"White House officials acknowledge that U.S. intelligence officials informed President Bush weeks before the
 September 11th attacks that Osama bin Laden's terrorist network might try to hijack American planes."

 As Condoleezza Rice said at a hastily called press conference to spin these revelations, the President
 specifically received an "analytic report" on August 6th, 2001 at his Crawford mansion that "talked about
 Osama bin Laden's methods of operation" and "mentioned hijacking." According to Reuters, that report
 was congruent with "intelligence since 1998 that said followers of bin Laden were planning to strike
 U.S. targets, hijack U.S. planes."

 Yet the timid democrats refuse to hold Bush accountable.
 Congress impeached Clinton for sex, but they give Bush a total pass for what was at least deadly stupidity
 and possibly advanced knowledge of an attack that would make him America's king.

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 Call the
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You have two minutes to speak your piece.

 Subject: Listening to the radio show now...

 Bart & Associates,

 I'm listening to the radio show now (just got the CDs in the mail.)


 This is NOT what I imagined your voice would be like.  I like that you're a fellow
 Southerner (Born and raised in Houston, here.)  I guess I thought you'd be about
 my age (30.)  Probably all of your readers imagine you are the same age as them.

 Having said that, your word is powerful.  Funny, very funny and intelligent.
 But hearing your voice - man, this radio thing is going to work.  I can feel it.
 You're going to the top.

 At first I thought you were a crank.  Six months later I was totally addicted because it was
 so damn funny.  Now your website has a lot of weight when compared with the other news
 websites I frequent.  I value your opinion because I've been reading you for about two years.

 Now, having heard you speak the thoughts I've been reading at bartcop.com?

 You speak the truth, Bart.  DO NOT FORGET THAT!

 I'm now converted to caring about my country.  It's not because of you,
 but it's nice to hear a voice of sanity in a sea of misinformation.
 I'll do my best to support you and spread your commentary to others.


 Dom, had I know you would say such nice things, I would've sent the CDs for free :)

 With our Holiday Special, you can subscribe for $10 and bring along a friend for only $5.
 You only pay about 25 cents a day, which won't even buy a paper of Bush lies these days.


 Added Bonus:
 Subscribe for a year by mail ($100 - PO Box 54466  Tulsa, OK 74155) or send a one-time PayPal for that amount,
 and get a phone call from Bart.  (BFD)   Remember: The B.F.E.E. owns the networks, the newspapers and talk radio.
 The internet is all we've got. And consider how the bastard will govern when he never has to face the voters again.


  From: Brandt B

  Subject: Saddam


 You know damn well that if Clinton had bagged Hussein, you liberals would be
 prancing around and talking about how great a military (loathing) leader Clinton is.

 Why do you think Saddam needed "bagging?"

 Because he gassed the Kurds when hje was Bush's the smarter's partner in crime?
 That was pure horseshit - Bush the lesser just wanted to steal some oil and make money.
 Bin Laden and Saddam have made Bush and Halliburton hundreds of millions of dollars.

 So get off your self righteous high horse and give credit where it is due.

 Credit for what?
 Getting 455 brave soldiers killed for no damn reason?
 Yeah, I 'credit' Bush for that because he was responsible.

 The  never-elected deserter  should resign in disgrace for lying us into this fake war.

 Where is Bart?

  Click  Here

 Subject: Just a Note


 So glad I don't get cable plus anymore.
 How can you put up with the hysteria?
 I suppose it's your job, but I pity you.

 Dude, no need to pity me.
 I have a good time every day, except when I stub my toe.

 Guess what...the stock market went down today.

 Well, I hate to say "I told you so," but when the FOX whores said the
 stock market would go up 1,000 points after we caught Saddam,
 I was itching for a piece of that bet, but they were just lying again.

 There's not one conservative on the internet who will agree to gamble with me.
 (Proceeds to go to whichever charity we agree on that posts contributions.)
 It's so easy to set the terms, and the conservative always has the option to take my bet or refuse it.
 But by refusing the bet, that means they agree with me.

 Like this stock market deal - I would've given two-to-one odds that FOX was lying about the 1,000 points.
 They'd have the option of taking that bet or agreeing with me that FOX is crazy.
 The same applies to my bet that Ahnold will be Biography's story whore of 2003.

 But they refuse to put their money where they claim their mouth is, so I'd win every time.

 ha ha

 ...ain't nothin' to it, when you're on the side of truth.

  Hi, I'm a monkey named Bill Tomkins

 Subject: Osama bin BartCop

  Click  Here

  ha ha

 This was the most fun I've had in a long time.

 Hold your head up.

 One day, when a Democrat fights back,
 if we can ever get the GOP into a fair fight,
 we will kick their lying asses back to Houston.

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