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 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
 Don't you know we need you now?
 We can't fight alone against this monster...

Show 26 is up

by Bruce Yurgil

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  In Today's Treehouse...
9-11 panel wants grilled Rice
Bush appoints McCain to panel
Bush AWOL? The record speaks 
How to spot a liar
Lessons learned 
Chimp on Meet the Whore
Powell's cred takes a nosedive
Conason & Lyons columns
Cheney's office the leakers?


Quote of the Day

"I don't understand how John Kerry and John 
  Edwards can criticize No Child Left Behind.
  They voted for it. I don't understand how John 
  Kerry and John Edwards can claim to defend 
  civil liberties and criticize the Patriot Act.
  They voted for it. I don't understand  how John 
  Kerry and John Edwards can criticize the war 
  when they voted to give Bush a blank check." 
      --Wesley Clark,  Attribution

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Volume 1249 -  War for profit

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  Fri-Sat      Feb 6-7, 2004


"Since taking office in 2001, Bush has allowed domestic discretionary outlays to soar
  by an annual average of 8.2 percent. That compared with 2.5 percent a year under Clinton,
  4.0 percent of Bush the Elder, 2.0 percent of Carter, and 6.8 percent under Nixon.
  By any measure, Bush the Younger is the biggest-spending president in memory.
     -- Jeff Jacoby (R-Liar-Whore) right-wing assassin for the Boston Globe   Attribution

 Bush 8 percent spending increase
 Clinton 2 percent spending increase
 Bush 4 percent spending increase
 Carter 2  percent spending increase

 ...yet they get away with calling us "tax and spenders."

 Too bad the Democrats refuse to fight back on that stupid lie.

 9/11 Panel to Interview Condi Rice

  Click  Here

 The commission is still trying to get Bush and Cheney to testify,
 as well as former Clinton and Gore.

 Clinton and Gore have nothing to hide.
 I predict they will testify willingly and under oath.

 Commissioners also want Rice and Cabinet members to testify in a public hearing,
 but they have not yet agreed.

 They will never agree to testimony under oath, because that could mean jail time.
 If somebody slips (like the Chimp) the whole scheme could unravel on TV before our very eyes..

"My feeling is that she should be testifying publicly and under oath," said Mary Fetchet
 a member of the commission's Family Steering Committee. Her son died in the attacks.

"The American public should hear her explain how she's had conflicting statements
 with regard to what she knew and didn't know," Fetchet said.

 It will never happen.
 The Democrats won't insist Bush, Cheney and Rice testify under oath, even tho the GOP
 and the whore Court forced Clinton to testify under oath about Monica so they could trap him.
 The Democrats refuse to fight back, even on life-and-death matters like September 11th.

 How did I get in a party of spineless wimps who insist on losing every time?


"The United States borrows $1.5 billion a day to run the government,
   give millions more to the super-rich, much of it from foreign lenders."
   --the Washington Post Attribution

 Bush appoints McCain to Intel panel 

  Click  Here

 Bush will name John McCain (Republican) to a commission that will investigate
 Iraq intelligence failures, an administration official said Thursday

 Bush will formally create the nine-member panel on Friday with an executive order.
 The bipartisan commission will be directed to deliver its findings next year, which
 means they will come in after the November presidential elections.  The president
 had resisted creating a commission but reversed course as political pressure mounted.

 What a good opportunity for McCain to prove he's with the B.F.E.E. after years of fighting them.

 This is not good enough.

 McCain is a Republican first, and a patriot second.
 He will cover for Bush and Bush will get away with it again.

 Will the Democrats agree to McCain because, "he's in the club?"
 That's what got us Ashcroft the Insane for Attorney General.

 When Clinton appointed someone to look into Waco, he chose Sen John Danforth - a Republican.
 (yet to this day, the Nazi bastards say Clinton burned those kids in Waco)

 Bush has to appoint a Democrat who is respected by Democrats.
 Gee, are there any of those around?

 Bush could pick Breaux or Miller or Conrad or a half-dozen more who would be all too happy
 to cover up his war crimes and whitewash history - maybe blaming Clinton for an added bonus.

 Will the Democrats cave again?

  Click  Here

 Administration officials say that in addition to assessing how well U.S. intelligence did
 in determining the existence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, the commission also
 will look at the bigger picture of fighting terrorism and monitoring U.S. adversaries,
 such as those in Iran and North Korea (news - web sites).

 Well sure, let's give this panel 100 different jobs so we can muddy the waters.
 Let's have them look into global warming and Janet Jackson, too - anything to detract
 from the lies Bush told to get us in an unnecessary war to make his family richer.

 We only have 531 dead - no reason to take this job seriously - you bastards.

HOT! Visit www.deckofbush.com for your deck today!


"Marriage is a sacred institution between a man and a woman," our saintly leader said in a
  statement issued yesterday. "Just ask my brother Neil, or Henry Hyde or Bob Barr, or
  Bob Livingston, Asa Hutchison, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Armey, Dan Burton...."
    --Maru,  Chimp calls gay marriage ruling 'troubling'    Attribution

 Kerry's Record Should Scare Bush
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 If he wins the Democratic nomination, Mr. Kerry will pose certain challenges that aren't so easily solved:
 He's a decorated war veteran, a hunter and a politician who doesn't hesitate to fight back when attacked.
 Those qualities distinguish him from the soft targets that Republicans enjoy hitting most.

 When Mr. Gillespie harks back to 1972 for evidence that Mr. Kerry is "weak" on defense, as he did
 in remarks the other day, he invites questions about what George W. Bush was doing in those days.
 (And what young Mr. Bush was supposed to do but didn't, like showing up for duty in the Air
  National Guard.) As the Bush twins might say, let's not go there.

Spin like an Eqyptian...

 Lessons learned

  I finally got to watch my tape from Wednesday's World Poker Tour.
  It was spectacular poker - the pros never disappoint.

 I wanted to mention the play of Mel Judah, a hairdresser from Australia.
 (Almost everybody has/had a real job, played poker for sport, then changed to full-time.)

 After just 15 minutes of TV time, Mel was down to $33K in chips.  His opponents:
 Chip (great player) had $121K
 Fred had $160K
 Tj Cloutier (legendary) had $394 and
 Paul Phillips, (dot com millionaire) had $838K in chips, almost impossible to overcome.

 Bottom line - Mel Judah, the guy with only $33K ended up winning the whole mother magilla,
 which tells us at least two lessons about how to handle a bad situation in a game or in life:

 1.Don't ever quit, even if the score if 838 to 33.
 2.More important than not quitting, when you're that far back, you have to play bold.

 In football, if you're behind 27-0 in the fourth quarter, do NOT run off-tackle. I know nothing about
 football strategy, but I know a losing play when I see it.  When you're down by 27 in the last quarter,
 you don't need six yards, you need a touchdown right now.  I've seen college and pro football coaches
 call the most idiotic plays when down by 27.  Sure, you might get intercepted, but at least you went for it
 and didn't wus out like a senate Democrat wimpering at the feet of Karl Rove. What's wrong with an NFL
 coach who doesn't understand that he needs four touchdowns, so start with one right now?

 In boxing, if you're behind miserably after 11 rounds, dancing isn't going to help you.  You can only win
 by a knockout, yet time and time again you see the loser dancing.  Sure, in the final seconds he throws
 a flurry of punches, but it does his no good to win the round. You've got to got out there, throw caution
 to the wind and go haymaker crazy. Sure, you'll probably get knocked out, but you'll lose for certain by dancing.

 In poker, when your opponent has 28 times more money than you, you've got to be bold. This was my first time
 watching Mel Judah, but he's already a favorite of mine. He went nuts.  He went all in - again and again - and
 turned that $33K into $66K, then $132K, then in a three-way all in, tripled his chips to almost $400K.
 From there, he had the muscle to play heads up and three all ins later, he had won the million dollar prize.

 So remember the two big lessons:
 1. Never quit
 2. When you're way behind, play bold.

 Bush's Guard service: What the record shows

  Click  Here

 In May 1973, Bush's two superior officers in Houston wrote that they could not perform
 his annual evaluation, because he had "not been observed at this unit" during the preceding
 12 months.   The two officers, one of them a friend of Bush and both now dead, wrote that
 they believed Bush had been fulfilling his commitment at the Alabama unit.

 You watch - with the help of the major media, Bush will skate away from this, too.
 Worst of all, the men and women who are dying in Iraq will forgive him.
 The rich boy who bought his way to safety and then deserted his post during wartime,
 will still have the respect of the troops but nobody can explain why.

 Even the families of the dead will vote for the deserter, and they still hate Clinton even tho
 Clinton never sent a man into battle who didn't come home safely.   I understand partisanship,
 but why do families sacrifice their sons with a smile and then still vote for this giggling little snot?

 Subject: Show 26

 Show 26 was tight, the Dennis Miller beat down must've been easy, he did it to himself.
 When you cross over to the dark side your sense of humor is the first thing to go.

 The music you run is awesome!   I think you have to always open with the fuzzy bass
 big back beat stuff, it's a great theme for your show and it frames your commentary really well.
 I like the stuff in between a lot but you guys should have a trademark sound track to open,
 close and pop in with occasionally. A branding sound.

 And since you angle that okie stuff you might want to bring in some banjo, us northerners would laugh.



"If Bush believes he can hide from questions about his use and misuse of intelligence
  by creating a commission that reports its findings after Nov. 2, he is deluding himself.
  The public and his political opponents already know that the stockpiles of chemical
  and biological weapons said to be in Saddam's possession have not been found."
     --Globe Editorial, "The use of intelligence"   Attribution

 How to spot a liar

  Click  Here

  A great mini-movie from our good friends at takebackthemedia.com

Marty's Entertainment Page


"The main problem before the war was that the senior administration officials have what I call
  faith-based intelligence. They knew what they wanted the intelligence to show...They were really
  blind and deaf to any kind of countervailing information the intelligence community would produce.
  I would assign some blame to the intelligence community and most of the blame to the senior
  administration officials."
    --State Department's top intelligence officer Greg Theilmann,   Attribution

 Powell's credibility takes a worldwide nosedive
  Case against Saddam takes a lot of hits

  Click  Here

 After more than three decades of public service, Powell's U.N. speech now looks less like
 a crowning moment and more like a smudge on his résumé.

"The secretary of State, the individual with probably the most national and international respect in this
 administration, is doing great damage to his reputation and credibility by not admitting that mistakes
 were made," says Joseph Cirincione, an arms control analyst at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

  Click  Here

 Powell said: Iraq was dispersing rockets armed with biological weapons in western Iraq. "Most of the launchers and warheads
 had been hidden in large groves of palm trees and were to be moved every one to four weeks to escape detection."

 Evidence so far: No such rockets were used in the war, and none has been found.

Click for all your Bush-bashing needs

 Bush's empty bucket
    by Gene Lyons    February 4, 2004

  Click  Here

 America's first preemptive war was like a bad drug bust where the cops smash through the wrong door.
"We were almost all wrong, "the hawkish Kay confessed, thereby signaling his unfitness to remain in the Bush administration.

 As a matter of policy, this White House admits no error. Mere reality can be an impediment to greatness.
 Asked if he owed Americans an explanation, the president resorted to fantasy.

"First of all... I was hoping the United Nations would enforce its resolutions... that said to Saddam,
'You must disclose and destroy your weapons programs,' which obviously meant the world felt he had such programs,
"Bush said." He chose defiance. It was his choice to make, and he did not let us in. "

 This is the rough equivalent of Bill Clinton denying he'd ever met Monica Lewinsky


"They have been hidden."
    --Iraqi Foreign Minister and B.F.E.E. hand-puppet  Hoshyar Zebari,
       spewing the odfficial B.F.E.E. line that there are weapons, they just can't find 'em  Attribution

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"Ralph Nader is currently raising money for a possible presidential bid, saying he will
  decide by mid-February whether to run. One thing is clear. It's time for all of us to join
  together and urge Nader not to run for president again this year. The reason is simple:
  we need to defeat Bush in November, and every vote will count."
      --True Majority, "Urge Nader Not To Run",   Attribution


 Subject: BCR Show 26

 Bart,  show #26 was great.
 The Dennis Miller beatdown was excellent.

 You improve with every show.

 Am I the only one who isn't certain Janet is guilty?
 Would she risk her career on something like that?

 Notice she's kicked off the Grammys, but Justin is still welcome.
 Are women happy about that?
 Like with prostitution, the woman gets arrested
 but the man goes home to his wife - no questions asked.

 Does she look angry and defiant?
 I think she looks lost, scared and uncertain.
 Plus, I don't see many people standing up for her.

 She's become the icon of all evil.
 The poster child for what's wrong with America.
 She's Kobe and Scott Peterson combined.

 What Janet Jackson did was so wrong, so evil and so shocking,
 the networks have replayed her terribly offensive video again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 and again and again and again and again and again and again and again

 ...that's how terrible her disgusting titty-peep was for about a split-second.

 But why do others who have committed much worse offenses get a pass?

 When a holier-than-thou Republican sets a new low for all-time vulgarity,
 the nation's morality nannies give her a pass and go after the black girl.

 Dr Laura, straddling a camera lens to gross everyone out.

             This was no "wardrobe accident."
 This is a nasty slut spreading her legs for vulgar's sake.

 But the Republican is always forgiven so the media can
 jump on the minority who, for all we know, did have an accident.



Click to Enter

 Bartolo News from Latin America

  Click  Here

 The following 2 articles are frightening.  As you read them, ask yourself the following question, are the american
 imperial cannons now being pointed at Castro (cuba), Chavez (venezuela) and Morales (bolivia), and the tens of
 millions of people that they represent? Will the warmongering pyromaniacs in the white house set afire their own
 "backyard", to achieve their evil goal of total world domination? Most of our readers already know who fidel castro
 and hugo chavez are. In these 2 articles a new name appears, that of evo morales, who is the leader of the union
 of coca growers in bolivia.  Apparently  his crime is that he opposes american imperialism.

 Using the f-word for Jesus
  Canadians wonder about the Bush Monkey

  Click  Here

 The Canadian side, while aware of the President's penchant for religiosity, had been expecting to talk
 more about softwood lumber than the Ten Commandments. The Canadians didn't expect the morality play.
 Nor did they expect that, almost in the same breath, Mr. Bush would be filling the air with the f-word and
 other saucy expletives of the type that would surely leave the Lord perturbed. Nor did they anticipate a
 pointed attack on French President "Jack Cheerack," as Mr. Bush called him, for his views on the Middle East.

 Mr. Martin was somewhat taken aback by what he heard. After the meeting, he was barely out the door
 before he was asking someone in his entourage what was to be made of all the God stuff. In meetings of
 presidents and prime ministers, religion has rarely been at the forefront. Business is conducted on the basis
 of knowledge and logic. With the Bush White House, the visitors must bear in mind that there is a third force.

 Knowledge and logic?  From the Disaster Monkey?

 If you have something important send it to Sam at sam@bartcop.com

 We have a new address for advertisers - ads@bartcop.com

 Cheney's Staff Focus of Plame leak 

  Click  Here

 Federal law-enforcement officials said that they have developed hard evidence of possible
 criminal misconduct by two employees of Dick Cheney's office related to the unlawful
 exposure of a CIA officer's identity last year. The investigation, which is continuing,
 could lead to indictments, a Justice Department official said.

 According to these sources, John Hannah and Cheney's chief of staff, Lewis "Scooter" Libby,
 were the two Cheney employees. "We believe that Hannah was the major player in this,"
 one federal law-enforcement officer said. Calls to the vice president's office were not
 returned, nor did Hannah and Libby return calls.

 The strategy of the FBI is to make clear to Hannah "that he faces a real possibility of doing jail time"
 as a way to pressure him to name superiors, one federal law-enforcement official said.

 Horse hockey.
 As long as Bush and Cheney control the Supreme Court, they are invulnerable.
 All Dick need to do is make a phone call and the Court will rule in their favor.
 They have absolute power and thus don't have to obey any laws.

 National security compromised?  - no problem.
 Uncontitutional?  We're at war, remember?
 If all else fails, Cheney can say "Patriot Act" and we all go home.

 Reminder: They didn't steal their way into power for no reason.

 Why Settle for Less?
  by Mike Palecek    Feb. 4, 2004

  Click  Here

 Howard Dean is also good and would suffice. I was so focused on Kucinich
 that I didn't pay attention to Dean until I heard him speaking from New Hampshire
 on C-span. I told Ruth that I had never heard such truth come from the mouths of
 Democrats as I was hearing then. "I wish they would have had something here,"
 I said. She rolled her eyes.

 Kucinich is Jesus kicking up dust on the road, walking nine miles to speak to six
 or eight people, eating locusts dipped in vegetarian lasagna along the way. With
 Tom Brokaw saying those eight loaves are not enough to make him a serious
 candidate, while never actually having read the Sermon in California.

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 I sent you $20 via PayPal a few days ago, but I have reluctantly decided that I won't continue with my membership after that runs out.
 I feel that I owe you an explaination for this decision. Here it is...

 You've turned Bartcop.com into a business who's product does not meet the needs of 'The Cause'. Your decision to emphesize
 your 'radio' show at the expense of daily postings is a mistake, in my opinion. Actually, your overall production of 3 shows and
 18 postings since January 1st details that your division of labor is nonproductive for both endeavors. Both are suffering for it.

 Plus, I feel the radio show, while funny and entertaining, does not further 'The Cause'. Why? Because one has to pay for it.
 You're preaching to the choir, as it were. To further 'The Cause' you have to reach the curious, undecided, dissatisfied
 fence-sitters (like I once was) that are not members. Your page does that, but the radio show does not.

 You are rapidly becoming an entertainer of the converted as opposed to a missionary to the heathen (haha)... I wish you well, I really do.
 I know that you're just trying to keep Mrs. Bartcop fed and all and I hope your plan continues to do that. However, I think my money
 would be better spent donating to Buzz Flash, All Hat No Cattle or other sites that do the daily thing...

 Good luck and regards!

 Adam, it's frustrating to read a letter like yours.
 Sure, I wish money grew on trees and I didn't have to worry about putting food on my family.
 If I was rich, I wouldn't need a job and we could daily webcast a 25 meg radio show to dozens of people.

 I'm not trying to be a smart ass, but asking someone, "Why do you need to make a living?"
 just doesn't seem to be a question an adult with a family to support would ask.
 How am I supposed to survive without any income?

 Adam, I have an idea:  Quit your job and produce a free web page and a free radio show.
 You could show me how it's done.   That way, I'd have a model to follow and I could just do what you did.
 Better yet, do it for five years before you accept your very first donation. I would enjoy reading your replies
 to the letters that seem to suggest you're only in it for the money.

 I get a lot of these "Why do you need money?" letters, and it probably would do my blood pressure
 a lot of good to just ignore them, but I know for every letter I read,  there are dozens of people wondering
 the same thing who didn't bother to write.

 If you live in a nice place where rent, food, untilities, insurance etc are all free,
 tell me about it and maybe we can all move there.

 If you have the answer, don't be shy - I'd like to hear it.    bartcop@bartcop.com

 ..and I do appreciate your donation.

 Follow Up


 If you are going to be defensive with EVERY negative criticism, you are going to lose ALL of us.
 I WANT you to succeed. I am willing to stick with you. But stop being defensive. It doesn't help.
 Adam was NOT a ditto head. And neither am I.
 Adam didn't criticize you for making money, it was for NOT DELIVERING.
 You delivered better when Vic the Racist was feeding you.

 Just keep up the good work.
 The positive things about the show are FAR more numerous than the negatives.


 Bob, I guess we read that letter differently.
 What I thought I read was, "Why isn't everything free?"
 If there was a way to make everything free, I wish someone would show me.

 The radio show subscribers sustain the page, too, so I have to make that a priority.
 And as far as back in the Vic the Racist days, we have grown since 2002.

 I'll bet there's a lot better answer than what I gave Adam,
 but that was the best I could do at the time.

Click for details


"I know one female that very much wants to be president, but it's
  a different ticket from me ...and I'm not sure it's gonna happen."
   --Bush the Smarter taking a jab at Hillary when a female student
      asked him about women in government Attribution

 You see, if you don't run the biggest crime organization on the planet,
  you really have no business running for the highest office in the land.
 At the B.F.E.E. compound, women have no opinions of their own.
 They shut the hell up and obey their husbands like Stepford wives.

 Monkey to be pampered by Tim the Whore Sunday

 When you want to be coddled like an Iraqi dictator, go to Russert - if you're GOP.
 We all know Timmy only has one thing on his mind.

 Watch Sunday, and see how Russert won't ever press Bush for an answer.
 Oh, he might ask the tough questions, but if he doesn't demand an answer,
 the toughest questions in the world can just be dismissed with, "Saddam is an evil man."

 Look for Russert to pitch the biggest, softest balls of his entire career.
 How do I know for a fact Russert will coddle the never-elected Chimp?

 Russert's bosses want Bush to give them another $5 billion of our money, that's why.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused 531 to die - and counting.

From:    http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx


"As a Christian, a trained engineer and scientist and
  a professor at Emory University, I am embarrassed."
  --Jimmy Carter, a religious man fighting religious insanity, on Georgia's proposal
     to replace the word "evolution" with "biological changes over time"   Attribution

 How and why Dean had to be crushed
    by David Podvin  as seen on  makethemaccountable.com

  Click  Here

 On December 1, 2003, Howard Dean was ahead by twenty points in the polls when he appeared on Hardball
 with Chris Matthews and said, "We're going to break up the giant media enterprises." This pronouncement went
 far beyond the governor's previous public musings about possibly re-regulating the communications industry, and
 amounted to a declaration of war on the corporations that administer the flow of information in the United States.

 It was an extraordinarily noble and dangerous thing to do: when he advocated a truly free press, Dean was
 provoking the corrupt media conglomerates that control what most Americans see and hear and read,
 and thereby control what most Americans think.

 The media giants quickly responded by crushing his high-flying campaign with the greatest of ease.

Something on your mind?
 Call the
Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to speak your piece.

 Subject: Show 26 feedback

 Just wanted to say that Show 26 represents everything I wanted to get
 when I subscribed, and that if you get all weird by show 50 or so,
 you can look back at Show 26 for a reminder on how to do it right.

 The format is ideal--segment 1 clips from news programs, segment 2
 general news with Tommy Mack, segment 3 red-assing of some whore,
 segment 4 phone calls, humor clips, side stories.


 Steve, thanks.

 Radio Computer Fund Drive

 As we step up the pace of , we have another expense:
 We put $3687 on the credit card for a new Mac for Tommy to edit radio shows,
 (Hey - I finally bought a Mac! :) which gives 30 days grace with no interest.

 $3678 - total cost of new package.
 $1216 - amount raised  - with 20 days to go.

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 If you prefer paper checks in the US mail, please send to
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  Show 26 is up now, and it's good, thanks to Tommy and his new computer.

Subscribe today!

 Subject: Important

 Your great sage was wanting someone to debate.  I am offering myself.
 Apparently your great leader doesnt really wish to debate anyone.

 If he has balls, tell him go give me a hollar.
 John Dawnson.

 John, we can debate, but you'll have to bring the fight to me, since I don't know your positions.
 No sense in getting in a chat room to find out you're pro-choice, pro-Clark, pro-guns etc.

 If you're up for that, how about Monday at 9 PM CST?
 Looking forward to it,

 Subject: feedback

 I loved the Dennis Miller Beatdown.
 I like the format with playing a clip and then you respond to it.
 Just remember, every time someone leaves the (D) for (R) it raises the average IQ of both groups.


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