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Show 32 is up and it really rocks!   Here - have a taste   All praise to Tommy Mack.

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  In Today's Treehouse...
Bush too stupid to understand
Bush's Terror Hysteria
Kerry: US needs Truthful Leader
A Fallible Strategy 
Van Halen to Tour
Microsoft Fined $613M 
U.S. Stocks Continue Plunge
Pope: Sundays not for Sports
Exxon's Valdez Fines Unpaid 


Quote of the Day

"U.S. soldiers went to their deaths in Iraq 
  thinking that they were avenging 9/11 
  when Iraq had nothing do with it."  
 --Richard Clarke, "Clarke out of the loop, but why?"


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Volume 1281 - Squirming like worms

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  Thurs-Friday      March 25-26, 2004


"According to Cheney, Clarke wasn't in the loop and wanted a more prominent position.
  Clarke probably was out of the loop. He wasn't part of the political team. He was just
  the guy who knew about counter-terrorism. That's all."
     --Susan Estrich,   Attribution

 Question:  Is Susan Estrich (She put Dukakis in that damn tank) still one of us?
 I see her on FOX News a lot, and she seems to "play ball" with them a little too much.
 The only was you can get on FOX News a lot is if you're willing to trash the Democrats.
 I've seen her do it and I don't like it.

 If you're going to criticize the Dems for lack of sac - that's OK.
 But Estrich agress with the FOX Nazi's when they trash the Democrats.

 Also, Vic the Racist loooooves Estrich - that should tell you something.

 Ex-Adviser: Bush too stupid to understand national defense 
  Richard Clarke validates everything ever written on  bartcop.com

  Click  Here

 The Bush White House scaled back the struggle against al-Qaida after taking office in 2001
 and spurned suggestions that it retaliate for the USS Cole because "it happened on Clinton's watch,"
 a former top terrorism adviser testified Wednesday.

 The Clinton administration had "no higher priority" than combatting terrorists while Bush made it
 "an important issue but not an urgent issue" prior to 9-11, said Clarke, who advised both presidents.

 Clarke's turn in the witness chair transformed a painstaking, bipartisan probe of 9-11 into a nationally
 televised beatdown of the never-elected Monkey on the terror issue at the core of his re-election campaign.

 It was truly stunning.
 This Clarke guy can answer questions like Bill Clinton, Hillary or Wesley Clark.
 One dude asked Clarke to clear up a question about armed Predators vs unarmed Predators,
 and why Clinton used just the unarmed Predators - but Bush got to use the armed Predators.
 and it reminded me of when Pete Dominici tried to smart off to Harold Ickes.

 By the time Clarke was done, he asked, "Does that answer your question?" and the GOP dude was
 so shaken he said, "It sure does... and I'm damn sorry I asked the question in the first place."

 Swear to Koresh, Clarke really was that good.
 Do you watch Alias on ABC on Sunday nights?
 Clarke comes off like Sydney's dad.

 What ever the opposite of a clueless Monkey is, that's what Clarke seemed to be yesterday for hours.
 Team Bush keeps painting Clarke ais "a little bit nutty and a littler bit slutty," but so far, it's not sticking.

 He's so sharp, you might even put him in charge of America's defense against terrorism, which is the job
 he held under our last legally-elected president, but then Bush came along and said, "Clarkie boy, your job's
 not very important," and demoted his ass - and then came 9-11.

 Wednesday, Jon Stewart was aghast - he said,
"If you know someone who might've TIVO'd that - get a copy,"
 and yes, I got the whole thing preserved on VHS.

 The best parts are in Show 32.



"Bush never fails to remind the rest of the world that 3,000 innocent Americans were killed on 9/11.
  Yet America refuses to count civilian casualties in Iraq. Bush still rails about a Saddam Hussein who
 "tortured children in front of their parents." Yet America stiffed thousands of Iraqis who watched family
  members burn and bleed to death because of our invasion. Bush says that unlike the terrorists,
"We believe in the values that uphold the dignity of life." Yet the value America places on American
  victims of foreign terrorism is 4,580 times more than the average compensation for Iraqi victims of
  premeditated American violence. That gap and the ease with which Bush made redneck jokes with
  his soldiers is a stunning clue why he found it so easy to invade Iraq."
   --Derrick Z. Jackson,     Attribution

 Bush's Terror Hysteria 
   as seen on  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 Commemorating the first anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, George W. Bush gave the
 American people a glimpse of his vision of the future: a grim world where a near endless
 war is waged against forces of evil by forces loyal to Bush who represents what is good.

 So to Bush, the "war on terror" is a fight to the finish. Eliminate everyone who would or
 might engage in terrorism before they destroy civilization and impose slavery on the rest of us.
 To Bush's supporters, this black-and-white analysis represents "moral clarity." To others
 around the world, it is taking on the look of madness.

(c) 2004, salamander.eps


"This war of yours costs billions. Are we not worth more than a few thousand?"
     --Abbas Ahmed, who received $6,000 after losing nine members of his family,    Attribution


 Kerry: We need a Truthful Leader

  Click  Here

 John Kerry said the country deserves leadership that "tells the truth"
 as he took over the mantle of the Democratic Party at a unity dinner
 Thursday with Clinton, Carter and most of his former foes.

 Earlier in the day, Kerry was endorsed by his harshest primary rival, Howard Dean.
 He said Kerry's decorated service in Vietnam made him the better man to lead the country's military.

 Clinton, whose performance somewhat upstaged Kerry's speech, lauded Kerry for fighting in the war.

"In the Vietnam era, which marked us all, most young men, including the president,
  the vice president and me, most of us could have gone to Vietnam and didn't go," Clinton said.

"And John Kerry said, `Send me.' "

 I think Clinton showed a lot of class.

 Subject: I need some help

 Dear Bartcop-

 Love the site!  Just a quick question:  I have a buddy who's wondering about Bush's "tax cuts."
 Do you have any good links I can send him outlining how "trickledown" doesn't work?
 Also, do you know of any links that show charts showing employment, deficit, etc.
 spanning from bush sr. to clinton to bush jr.?

 Ben B

 Ben, you came to the right place.

 Would you like to own the domain name    www.gwbushit.com ?


It's available on eBay,
half the proceeds donated to  bartcop.com


"When the Americans first came, Mohammad and my other children
  watched them with joy in their eyes. Now we hate them."
    -- An Iraqi mother whose 12 year-old boy was shot by US soldiers   Attribution

 A fallible strategy
  by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Paltrow reports that Bush has twice told a clumsy joke about the 9/11 attacks to audiences of supporters. "I was sitting outside
 the classroom, waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower - the TV was obviously on," he said in December 2002.
 "And I used to fly myself, and I said, 'Well, there's one terrible pilot. '"

 Never happened. The first collision was, of course, not televised live. Amateur video surfaced many hours after the fact.

 Important? No, except as it indicates a curious propensity of Bush's to fabricate his personal role in events. A bit odder was
 the White House insistence that he'd left a Florida classroom within seconds of the second tower's being struck. In fact,
 he stayed seven long minutes reading a storybook to schoolchildren before being hustled off to Air Force One.

 By themselves, these discrepancies mean little, but they do add up. And why, given the CIA's warnings of impending al-Qa'ida
 airline hijackings in August 2001, as reported by Paltrow, were there no fighter jets armed and alerted to protect New York or,
 incredibly, Washington on that terrible day? Questions like these torture victims' families angered by Bush's seeming determination
 to stonewall his own 9/11 Commission.

Marty's Entertainment Page

 U.S. Stocks Continue Plunge

  Click  Here

 Technology shares were hardest hit as all the major indexes notched new lows for 2004.

 A selloff late in the session pushed stocks down after a day of seesaw trading as news reports
 quoted witnesses as saying Israeli naval gunboats opened fire off Gaza City's shore.

 In the past few session, stocks have been hit by worries that global violence may spread again
 to U.S. soil, helping to push major indexes to their lowest levels since December.

 Investors still have security fears in the forefront of their minds after the Madrid bombings,
 said Peter Dunay, chief markets strategist at brokerage Wall Street Access.

 "So when you get headlines that sort of reinforce that, it will make those that are saying,
 'Should I be in the market?' start leaning toward 'Probably not,'" he said.

 Reminder: The BFEE can't make any money in peacetime
  Right now, they need the spotlight off Iraq, so let's start a multi-headed Jihad in other places.

 The price of oil is going up, up, up
 ...and thanks to Bush, the stock market is providing "buying opportunities."

 Subject: Bad president

 Bart and Sam,

 This is my first time e-mailing you, so I hope you receive my verbal contribution.  I really enjoy your website.
 Thank you for your tireless efforts in showing the world the wretched Bush administration.

 In particular, I wanted to comment on the picture of Bush rubbing the head of HUD Secretary Jackson.


 Just a bit of levity by poking fun of Jackson's bald head?
 Making fun of his height?
 Maybe, but it looks very strange and somewhat condescending don't you think?

 Perhaps Bush was just saying "good boy" to Jackson, an African-American.
 Seems like the kind of thing they'd do in Texas.
 My god, Bush is an insensitive, heartless prick.


 EB, it's worse than you think.

 I'm going to be honest, here, and sometime people get very upset when I speak the truth.
 In the South, at least in Arkansas, there's a saying - "You rub a nigger's head for good luck."

 I can only see two options here:

Bush is the biggest moron of all time and his staff won't tell him this is a horrible racial slur,


Bush is sending a Rush-like signal to his supporters at the KKK and Aryan Nation
     that as long as he's in charge, the "darkies" are going to know their place.

 I'm more inclined to go with Option One, but why doesn't Condi tell him?
 If Bush put his hands on Condi, would she suggest he remove them?
 Or are we still in Strom's 1922, where your owner can treat you like property?


"If George Bush thinks his deceptive rationale for going to war is a laughing matter, then he's even
  more out of touch than we thought. Unfortunately for the president, this is not a joke. 585 American
  soldiers have been killed in Iraq in the last year, 3,354 have been wounded and there's no end in sight.
  George Bush sold us on going to war with Iraq based on the threat of weapons of mass destruction.
  But we still haven't found them, and now he thinks that's funny?"
       --John Kerry,    Attribution

 EU Hits Microsoft With Record $613M Fine
  Why do they have to cheat?  Why can't they compete fairly?

  Click  Here

 The European Union declared Microsoft guilty of abusing its "near monopoly" with Windows
 to foil competitors in other markets and hit them with a record $613 million fine Wednesday.

 The EU's antitrust authority said that "because the illegal behavior is still ongoing," it was also
 demanding changes in the way Microsoft operates in Europe, with the aim of improving competition globally.

 Seems like the BFEE, Wal-Mart, the vulgar Pigboy and Microsoft - they all work the same way.
 Have have all the power and wealth in the world - but they have to have more.

 Cheney and Bush were going to die super-rich no matter what they spent or how long they lived,
 ...but it was worth stealing an election to empty the Teasury to get more money and more power?

 What's the point?

 Remember the story of Manuel in Ecuador?
 Manuel owned a nice shrimp boat (we'll say) that made him $3000 per day.
 In Ecuador, $3000 goes a long, long way, so Manuel only had to work one day a month.
 He spent the rest of his time with his wife and kids, whom he loved very much.

 A Republican on vacation in Ecuador urged Manuel to work harder, and Manuel asked why.
"If you worked every day, soon you'd have enough money to have a fleet of boats, and a few
  years after that, you could retire and spend more time with your wife and kids," he said.

 Manuel replied, "But I'm doing that now ...and you said I should stop doing that."

 I understand hard work and reaching for your goals, yadda, yadda.
 But once you have your $300 million in the bank, what drives a Republican to get up early
 the next morning and figure out the best way to slit the financial throats of his competitors?

 Have you ever noticed...

 Half the time the talk radio nazis say, "Clinton had a chance to catch bin Laden,
 but he chose to play by some silly rules of evidence instead of killing this suspect."

 But then five minutes later, when you remind them that Bush can't catch bin Laden, they reply,
"He's just one man, killing bin Laden isn't going to solve this problem."

 I noticed...

 Subject: Things you haven't gotten to yet


 I'm sending you a link to my blog today because I have three things I haven't seen you cover:

 1)  DeLay may have to step down because of fundraising violations.

 2)  Bush has stopped kicking gays out of the military because no one is signing up:
      Don't ask, don't tell discharges are down 40% in 2002 and another 19 % in 2003.

 3)  Bremer appointed a communist to sit on the Iraqi governing council. Doesn't that make Bush
      the first American President to install a communist leader in a country under our defacto control?

 Tim H

 Tim, I believe 2 and 3, but Delay is too powerful, too big a friend to Smirk and the Supremes.
 They'll bend/break/rewrite the law retroactively before they lose that prick

 Subscribe today!


"These are mean and nasty people, when it comes down to it."
        --Richard Clarke on "Nightline"  Attribution

 Pope Says Sundays for God, Not Sports

  Click  Here

"When Sunday loses its fundamental meaning and becomes subordinate to a
  secular concept of 'weekend' dominated by such things as entertainment and sport,
  people stay locked within a horizon so narrow that they can no longer see the heavens,"
  the pontiff said in a speech to Australian bishops.

 Uh, ...excuse me, ...Your Pontiff, but most people have to work 5 or 6 days a week.
 They don't put the NFL on Wednesdays at noon because America is busy working on Wednesdays.

 Do you think proclamations like this is why the Catholic Church is in severe trouble?
 Well, ...that and the fact that your priests refuse to promise to stop raping little boys.

 An excerpt from Show 32, featuring Tommy Mack

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 Subject: Your IQ of 64?  It could be 65

 Maybe you DO  have ESP.  Today I heard a Colin Powell response re: Richard Clarke
 where he say's that Bush didn't any longer want to only "swat at flys" in regard to Bin Laden.
 Then, I backtracked to yesterday's Bart edition and saw the fly swatter cartoon.

 Also heard the NPR "In God we Trust" report.  Gotta give (Newdow) credit arguing his own case.
 I went to the same school you did (not literally) and luckily it was not as wretched as yours.
 They simply looked down on us.  Unless you were a big shot's kid.  Belittled, I'd say.

 Best always,

 BCR Breakthru

 We took a big step.
 We took a big, big step tonight.
 We took a big, big step tonight in BartCop Radio  ...probably.

 Here's what up.

 I can read your minds - I know you think Ol' Bart just got soft on the hueueueuge income
 generated by the dozens of subscribers of BCR and now only publishes at leisure - but that's not it.

 The biggest problem with production (especially with radio) is that there's just too much to produce.
 If the sun is down, I have 2-3 VCRs recording. When I hear something funny, I hit the "Index" feature for
 later retrieval.  Trouble is, "later" and "retrieval" sometimes get foggy, so I invented a system - and I tried it
 tonight for the first time and I think it works.

 I have a dozen blank tapes next to me next to the two serialized VCRs.
 When someone says something funny, I pop that tape out and start a stack o' tapes with raw material.
 At the end of the night, I back those tapes up two minutes each, and record ALL OF THEM on the
 computer as a single wav file maked "fix for tomoro," ...and tonight's virgin run brought excellent results.
 I got some Lewis Black, some Al Franken on Jon, and the beginnings of the Colin Quinn Beatdown.

 Trust me - Colin Quinn has it coming to him and I'm someone of whom he wants no part.

 Sometimes, when I dismember some ignorant linkhead, I feel all guilty and stuff,
 but when I dismember Colin Quinn - it won't be one of those times.

 Remember - there's a rule:
 The stronger you feel about a subject or topic, the better armed you have to be.

 Quinn says the "anti-Patriot Act crowd" endangers America, and besides the beatdown he's got coming,
 Colin better hope he doesn't find himself on a three-hour flight next to me when I have my voice recorder.

 ...back to the subject,

 This low-tech breakthru should expotentially magnify our output.
 (Learned that fancy word watching old Star Trek.)

 What did Frank say?
"Necessity is the Mother of Invention."

 This had to happen so it did.
 I'm a man in a position to cut corners.
 I'm a man in a position to take risks.
 I'm a man in a position to make "later," "sooner."

 I said in Show 32 that by Show 50, we'd rock.

 ...we can't wait.

(That's my Michael Corleone impression.)

 I'd watch.


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 Exxon's Valdez Fines Remain Unpaid
  Fifteen years later, they're still stalling

  Click  Here

 But 15 years later, the company responsible for the spill is thriving.
 Exxon made more money than any company on Earth last year: $21 billion.

"Exxon's the biggest oil company in the world, it's the most profitable company in the world,"
 says investment analyst Doug Cogan. "They're extremely good at what they do, which is finding oil and gas."

                 Thank you, Exxon-Mobile

           Rush is right - Earth cleans itself

 These bastards make more profit than Wal-Mart, and they won't pay their penalties?
 Remind me again why Martha Stewart is going jail while these guys just get richer?

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 Subject: radio feedback


 My husband and I had a four-hour drive  the other day and brought your CD's along to keep us company.
 In the past we've brought along Jack Benny and Lenny Bruce on these trips and now, bartcop.

 I've been a bartcop member since early 2003, but this was the first we've listened to your show -- mea culpa.
 Well, we just had the best time. We have always enjoyed your Web site, but the radio show is so much better!

 The potential for the show is tremendous; however, your voice and vision are what they are and that is what
 makes the show so much fun.

 As far as your making money -- sheesh just do want on your show and get an agent for speaking engagements.
 That should bring in some $$$ for Mrs. bartcop.

 Thanks for [offering the CDs for sale].

 Bush pokes fun at missing WMDs
 "Trifecta Boy" is back with more bad-taste humor

  Click  Here

 There was Bush looking under furniture in a fruitless, frustrating search.
"Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere," he said.

ha ha
That's funny as hell, Mr President.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused 586 589  Americans their lives - and counting.

That's funny as hell, Mr President


 Van Halen Primed to Tour

  Click Here

 Would you pay to see a hard rock band fronted by Ronald McDonald?
 Can you believe the band Van Halen is 27 years old?

 I'm so old, I remember the first time I heard their "You really got me," I thought it was
 a live Kinks track, and I thought,  "Ray Davies has gotten a whole lot better at guitar."

 Maybe I'm the only one, but as bad as he is off-stage and in interviews,
 I always thought David Lee Roth was a better front man for VH than Sammy Hagar.

 Agree?      Disagree?


 This is not a reason to hate me or stop reading the page.
 If you disagree, act like a man and say so, but don't have a cow because I have an opinion, OK?

 Subject: Why I subscribed to BartCop Radio

 You know, I remember exactly why I joined, Bart. I found your site on the 'mosthated.com' site
 and checked you out. At that time I was brimming over with hate. I felt so helpless and ANGRY.

 Your site lets me deal with that anger with the most potent tool we have as a [*perceived*] minority:  Humor.

 Evil has -NO POWER- when it is laughed at.
 Al Franken and Tom Tomorrow prove that with valor. And there is nothing that gives me more pleasure than
 taking away the power of mean, evil people by laughing at their pathetic attempts at being the next ceasar of the world.

 And WHY on earth did I give an internet site money??????
 First time, because you were listening to crap I couldn't bear-like Pigboy and Ann ********-er and telling me what
 they are spewing. Those slime get me ill. I would gladly pay someone else to listen to that filth. I still feel a little guilty....

 Second time??? Well, that's easy-you finally bought a Mac and won't be having all those Microsoft glitches that
 conveniently keep you from being able to diss the microsoft puppetboy-Bush. I was proud of you, man.

 Thanks for diving into the filth everyday, Bart. You expose so much and you are a place where one can go in a ****** up
 world and just be with one's own. Because we are all in this together. See, it's good that we're all so spread out in different states.
 Otherwise they would've invented a reason to bomb us, see? But now we're getting back the way they fear the most:
 legally-with a democratic vote that we'll shove right up their *** . Ha-Ha.

 Love ya, man-and the cat and the missus too

"This Ass-monkey is just another
  one-term loser just like his Daddy."

 Clarke Grabs Center Stage at 9/11 Hearing

  Click  Here

 For a dozen years, he worked quietly in the shadows of the White House. But Richard Clarke stole the spotlight
 at an extraordinary series of hearings into 9-11, claiming Bush hadn't done enough to protect the country from terrorists.

 A counterterrorism adviser to the past three presidents, Clarke accused Bush scaling back the campaign against
 bin Laden before the attacks and undermining the fight against terrorism by invading Iraq  Many of those attending
 were relatives of Sept. 11 victims. Clarke began his testimony by apologizing to them.

"Your government failed you, those entrusted with protecting you failed you and I failed you. We tried hard,
  but that doesn't matter because we failed," he said. "And for that failure, I would ask - once all the facts
  are out - for your understanding and for your forgiveness."

 Did you know...

 While Richard Clarke was giving his extremely damning report about the truth of 9-11 under oath,
 FOX News (R-Spawn of Satan) cut away from this live testimony to undercut Clarke's credibility
 by playing some spin Clarke gave reporters last August, I believe.

 I was in the car so I'm not sure exactly what Clarke was saying at the time, but when Clarke answered
 that August-spin charge, his answer was so damn good the 9-11 families stood and cheered out loud.

 FOX News, taking you  away  from the direct, under-oath testimony by the eye witness to spin the
 facts in such a way to make Bush appear more favorable.  So much for "We report - you decide."

 Poker Talk

 My dawgs called back.
 They want me back to give them another lesson in Texas Hold'em.

 Bart has showtunes from Oklahoma going off in his head:
"When the wind comes screaming down the plains..."

 BTW, Wednesday's World Poker Tour from Paris...?
 I don't mean to bash the French, ...but they can't play Texas Hold 'em.

 They knew the rules, but they didn't fully understand how to play.
 They even dealt the cards in a French way (not good in Texas Hold 'em)

 They also don't understand that "the flop" means you flop the three cards over
 and then spread them out.  No, they dealt the flop 1, ...2, ...3 - that's no good.
 Not only that, but they play with square chips - that's not how you play poker.

 Most importantly, they seem to not understand the nuances of No Limit Hold 'em betting.
 They bet like there was a limit, so there were fewer pre-Fourth Street showdowns.

 I wonder how much a cheapo ticket to paris would cost?

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to spit your bit.


"War is the single most serious event that a president or government can carry its people into.
  This cheapens the sacrifice that American soldiers and their families are dealing with every single day."
     --Iraqi war veteran, Brad Owens, "Bush jokes about WMDs"   Attribution

 Tyco Corruption Case Veers Toward Mistrial

  Click  Here

 The corruption case against two former Tyco crooks hurtled toward a mistrial on Friday,
 as the splintered jury told the judge it did not believe it could keep deliberating in good faith.
 Judge Michael Obus, responding to the latest note delivered by the jury, said he was not
 optimistic that the trial would go past Friday and said the situation among jurors had clearly worsened.

"This is not a hung jury note...it's something worse," Obus said. "Something else is going on here."

 CNN reports the jury room has turned "poisonous."
 It's going to look really bad for Bush's justice department if they nail Martha Stewart
 and let these TYCO crooks - who stole hundreds of millions - go free.

Garry Trudeau offers $10K to anyone
who saw Bush show up in the ANG

Click for reward details


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