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  In Today's Treehouse...
Kerry: Iraq a Great Failure
40 Killed in Fallujah Mosque 
Kerry on the Iraq Deadline
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
What is the exit strategy?
Nader: Impeach the Monkey 
Al Qaeda threatens Thailand
Do the bad guys control Iraq?
Lyons & Conason columns


Quote of the Day

"Once you take your hand off the Bible, 
  you're Commander-in-Chief. You don't get 
  a time-out. You don't get a couple of quarters 
  off to figure out what your game plan is."  
    --Bob Kerrey, earning my respect  Attribution

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Volume 1290 -  Swatting Flies

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  Thursday   April 8, 2004


"How many more American lives have to be lost before the leaders of the Democratic Party
  are willing to acknowledge that this war and this occupation are a disaster? The Administration
  took us to war on claims that have been proven to be lies and exaggerations, but the ever-mounting
  losses of life and the prospect of ever-escalating violence are deadly real and can no longer be ignored."
     -- Dennis Kucinich in Portland Monday    Attribution

 I hope Dennis isn't calling for an immediate withdrawal, because I couldn't support that.
 What we need is for 80-90 percent of the occupying force to be UN or NATO troops
 so the world can see this is no longer Bush's personal sacking of Iraq.

 Kerry: Iraq a Great Failure of Judgment
  Pound him, John - Use that BIG hammer

  Click  Here

 John Kerry on Wednesday called the situation in Iraq "one of the greatest failures
 of diplomacy and failures of judgment that I have seen in all the time that I've been in
 public life.  Where are the people with the flowers, throwing them in the streets,
 welcoming the American liberators the way Dick Cheney said they would be?
 Since I fought in Vietnam, I have not seen an arrogance in our foreign policy like this."

 CNN had a scary graphic up at 6 PM Wednesday, saying there was firce fighting in the
 cities of Nasiriya, Najaf, Ramadi, Fallujah, Baghdad, and Amarah. Anderson Cooper
 said our boys were outnumbered in KUT and had to withdraw, and our boys in Karbala
 called for reinforcements because they were overwhelmed there.

 Fierce fighting in seven cities at once?
 That's never happened before in my lifetime, and I'm really old.

 Why didn't Bush send enough troops to Iraq to do the damn job?
 The Pentagon wanted more troops, but Rummy ignored the expert's advice.
 Could Bush possibly be a worse Commander in Chief?

 40 Reported Killed in Fallujah Mosque

  Click Here

 A U.S. helicopter hit a mosque with three missiles in Fallujah on Wednesday,
 killing about 40 people, witnesses said.

 I'm not sure blowing up a mosque is such a good idea.
 Religion can be a great unifier when people are under siege.

 Kerry Questions Bush on Iraq Deadline 

    "I am a screw-up monkey."

  Click  Here

 John Kerry suggested that Bush may have set the June 30 deadline for turning over
 control of Iraq to interim government for political reasons.

"I think they wanted to get the troops out and get the transfer out of the way as fast as
 possible without regard to the stability of Iraq. The test ought to be the stability of Iraq,
 not an arbitrary date. ... It should not be related to the election."

 Gee John, you're certainly going out on a limb suggesting Bush's timing might possibly be political.

 What is the exit strategy?
    by George Herbert Herbert Bush

  Click  Here

 The CIA only can estimate based on given information what the nature of a threat might be.
 In the past, the CIA repeatedly underestimated serious threats.

 So for George W. Bush to ignore CIA warnings about Iraq and do nothing would have,
 to paraphrase the words his father made famous, "not been prudent."

 The irony in all of this is that when father and son talked about a second Gulf War, the father
 was against it. Family members told us they recall him asking: "What is the exit strategy?"

Get your "He ran like a BUNNY!" bunny.


"The coalition forces are only a fraction of the figure needed if one wants to turn
  the situation there around.  Saddam had an army of 400,000, plus his personal militia
  and a vast intelligence service just to keep the lid on this country. With current troop
  levels it will be impossible to provide the security required, and the violence will only
  serve to inspire the global jihad movement."
     --M.J. Gohel, Asia Pacific Foundation in London,   Attribution

  How comforting to know that WWIII was started because the BFEE wanted to steal that oil on the cheap.

 Subject: Air America stream

 The New York WLIB stream  is all Air America - 24/7, and their stream is not too bad on cable modem.
 Yesterday I caught the full 4 hours of Randi Rhodes - she rocked my socks off!!!... absolutely SHREDDED
 the repugs who called in.. that lady is amazing - knows her facts, and isn't afraid to walk all over the dittos
 when they start babbling. I am in lust! had to go pound on my drumset while I was listening to burn off the
 energy she was putting on the airwaves!


 ...which makes me wonder who decided to cut her hours on XM Radio.
 Has anybody heard of Ed Schultz?  I assume he's local somewhere, but Randi Rhodes
 says she got higher numbers than the vulgar Pigboy, so why limit your top earner?



"At his ranch, Bush held a 20-minute telephone conference call
  to discuss the fast-breaking events in Iraq with Rumsfeld, Rice and others.
    -- Alissa J. Rubin,    Attribution

 More confort, knowing the 41 dead soldiers didn't interrupt another monthlong Bush vacation.

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 D-r-i-v-e  b-y  N-e-w-s

 U.S. Military Helicopter Crashes in Iraq
 Bad news after bad news. All we need now is Walter Cronkite.

  Click  Here

 Convicted Sept. 11 Suspect Leaves German Prison
  Judges said their suspicion that he helped with 9-11 had lessened.

  Click  Here

 One Killed As Mississippi Amtrak Derails
  Amtrak's City of New Orleans jumped its tracks killing one, injuring 60.

  Click  Here

 Voters in California Reject Wal-Mart
  The BFEE of retail is told no by the little people

  Click  Here

 White House Asks Court to Void POW Award 
  Screw the POWs, the super-rich need another tax cut

  Click  Here


He's such a clumsy liar - plus he can't think.

 Subject: Air America radio

 Air America fixed their 'net stream over the weekend...
 No burps or interruptions at all!

 Randi Rhodes Rocks Big!!!

 Michael S

 Mike, that's good news, thanks.
 Now if they would offer a Windows Media Player version...

(c) 2004, salamander.eps

 Nader Calls for Bush to Be Impeached

  Click  Here

 Ralph Nader called Tuesday for Bush to be impeached for "deceiving the
 American people night after night after night" about U.S. involvement in Iraq.

"When you plunge our country into war on a platform of fabrications and deceptions,
 and you bring back thousands of American soldiers who are sick, injured or dead,
 Mr. Bush's behavior qualifies for the high crimes and misdemeanor impeachment clause
 of the Constitution," he said to about 200 students in Chicago.

 Nader proves something I've been saying for years - that all the Democrats have to do
 is stand up and say something critical about Bush and instantly it will become tomorrow's
 headline - but they're just too scared to speak and I wish I knew why.


Marty's Entertainment Page


 "Surely I am not the only one who hears echoes of Vietnam in this development. Surely, the administration
  recognizes that increasing the U.S. troop presence in Iraq will only suck us deeper, deeper into the maelstrom,
  into the quicksand of violence that has become the hallmark of that unfortunate, miserable country."
    --Sen. Robert Byrd.  Attribution

 To unemployment : A part-time solution
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 What's happening, Sung wrote, is that long-term unemployed workers are accepting part-time work.
 Hence, the statistics also showed a decline in the average work week and no increase in overtime.
 Granted, working beats not working every time. But part-time employment nearly always translates
 to lousy pay, no security and no benefits such as health insurance.  So it would be wiser to postpone
 the celebration until it becomes clearer exactly what's going on.

Click to order/get more info

 Are we getting accurate numbers from Bush's Pentagon?

  Click  Here  to read this story in German from Yahoo.

  Click  Here  to read the Alta Vista's language translator, version:

 Days after beginning of the excesses by force in Iraq the situation was again intensified two.
 A speaker of the Shiite leader Moktada Sadr threatened, if Sadr is arrested, "rivers from blood"
 would flow. Tony Blair and Paul Bremer announced to want to proceed with all hardness against
 Sadr and its trailers. With the fights between the coalition troops and Iraqis within 48 hours nearly
 130 humans were killed.

 I can't tell if they mean 130 American soldiers or Iraqis died, but can we trust the Bush numbers?

 Great TV

 With all due respect to my good friends Martin Sheen and Bradley Whitford on The West Wing,
 The Shield is now the second best show on TV after The Sopranos, ...West Wing being a classy third.
 I'd give Number Four to CSI, and I give Number Five to Las Vegas ...just for for having Vanessa Marcil!
 But the integrity and credibility pendulum has swung BIG-time to The Shield, the second best show on TV.

 That show, where the police captain was forced at gun point to oral service a gang member,
 was handled with more class than I ever expected from some here-for-profit American TV network.

 Not only that, the other storyline was about very elderly women being raped, and they were Hallmark about it!
 It was an hour of extreme perversion that was delivered in an Emmy-like manner.
 If you listen very hard, you'll hear my standing ovation at BartCop Manor.

 Michael Chiklis won the Best Actor Emmy a year ago, and this episode could win "Best Drama"
 if it wasn't up against the last Sopranos episode when you-know-who attempted you-know-what
 with you-know who, then forced some massive drama on a country road with you-know-who...

 Damn, ...I'm so impressed by this unexpected show of class.

 They say Sean Ryan is the man - no argument from me.
 I'd like to buy him shot of Chinaco and/or publish his Bart-Ryan e-mail interview.
 Anybody have a connection to TV's second greatest show?

 Who knew, ...that TV in 2004 could be this good?

 Subscribe today!

 Al Qaeda threatens Thailand for helping Bush

  Click  Here

 Thailand's embassy in Sweden has received a letter threatening the Southeast Asian
 country with attacks like those on Spain in retaliation for sending troops to Iraq.

 In Bangkok, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra told reporters Thai troops were
 only in Iraq for humanitarian reasons.

"I can assure you that nothing will happen. Muslims know that Thais go there
 to help them, not to kill them," he said.

 If only Bush had gone after Al Qaeda instead of Saddam, we might not be in this mess.
 Bush gave Al Qaeda two full years to recruit new killers and build up strength while he
 was busy plotting to steal Iraq's oil - and the price the world will bear may be enormous.

 Subject: Congratulations

 Great to see your new pro-pot link .
 That poor little plant has been crapped on by the government longer than we have been alive .
 Billions spent, lives ruined, all over a poor little plant .

 I know - isn't that insane?

 In California alone, a simple tax on it's purchase would float our economy nicely,
 but does the talking head in Sacramento give a shit ?

 It's all about pleasing the Invisible Cloud Being.
 He hates the plants he gave us, so He sends punishment for anyone who falls for His trap.
 God plays Three Card Monte and if you fall for it, you burn in Hell for eternity.
 It's like the BFEE, but slightly cheaper.

 I have been a fan of yours for awhile now,  and a fan of pot since 67 ( big year for such pursuits ).
 I thought Johnson and Nixon were bad people, ...man, ...the unelected shrub makes them into saints.
 Good to hear people like you, that can stand up and say, "this DOES look and smell like sh*t?"

 I just turned 50, got divorced, sold my home of 15 years and am currently living in a travel trailer.
 Heck of a new year, but I figured I have been to the very bottom and have no where left but up.

 Dude, we've all been there.
 Hang on, things will get better after I wrest control of the scared rabbits at the DNC.
 I know it sounds bad when I say that, but with, my fighting spirit and IQ of 64,
 I could lead the Democrats to victory in 2008 - if they're willing to give a flyin' damn.
 Clinton 44 could reverse the Dubya Error and bring America back to greatness.

 Back to my point , I intend to subcribe as soon as my personal disasters come to a halt.
 Mrs Bartcop deserves the best, and I understand your sense of urgency.
 Here's to You, keep up the good work. It's time to prune the bushes .

 your brother in spirit
 Henry (w3ski)

 Henry, I consider that one of the best e-mails ever.
 That calls for a free subscription.
 Details in the e-mail.

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 I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank President Bush for his many accomplishments over the past 3 1/2 years.
 Thank you for the tax cuts and the checks you sent to all Americans.

 Thank you for leading us out of recession and into a robust economy.
 Thank you for keeping us safe in our homeland.

 Thank you for your vigilance against terrorism.
 Thank you for freeing the people of Iraq.

 Thank you for the improvements to Medicare and especially the new prescription drug benefits.
 Thank you for freeing the people of Afghanistan.

 Thank you for bringing home ownership in America to record levels.
 Thank you for your support in the fight against AIDS.
 Your commitment to send $5 billion to Africa for this fight is unprecedented.

 Hold on, ...
 I thought this was a spoof, but when he said "Thanks for Africa," I remembered that
 Bush promised them like $18 billion dollars, and grabbed all the press attention for a Republican
 being so nice to the "queer darkies," but later he said "Just kidding about that money" and his
 whore press covered it up like they cover every f-ing thing.

 Thank you for the No Child Left Behind act, which will improve our children's education.
 Thank you, most of all, for your strong but compassionate leadership.
 You are a true inspiration to all Americans. Keep up the good work.


 My letter, published the same date in rebuttal to an uber-idiot

 Re: "Support war" (Letters, March 30).

 The letter writer wrote: "I do . . . support your right to your opinion, as no one's rights should be violated.
 If you're so anti-American, though, I also invite you to exercise another right, that is your right to leave and live elsewhere."

 Here is a classic example of someone talking out of both sides of his mouth. The writer of that letter claims
 to support the right to express opposing opinions, but, in the same breath, he labels everyone who disagrees
 with him "anti-American" and suggests they leave this country.

 Opposing President Bush's war does not, I repeat, does not make one "anti-American."
 I would like to know who put that letter writer in charge of deciding who belongs here and who doesn't.

 Terry MC
 Gloucester City

 Good stuff, Dude.
 Tell Shirley to call me.

 Subject: Condi racism

 BC, you wrote:

> "I find it troubling that people want to defend the Condi monster.
>  If people "know" I'm not racist, why do people take the time to defend her?
>  Why don't we let the illegal, cold-blooded, murdering sons of bitches defend themselves?"

 I can't believe I'm reading this on your page. My first thought was that you'd been hacked by
 some clown trying to make you look like a racist, because, bro, you're much smarter than this.
 You've got to know that this is as bad as showing her with a bone in her nose, but you slide right
 past that with this "let them defend themselves" nonsense. Look, you can tear her apart about the
 crap she's pulled in this administration and I'll be right there with you, but photoshopping her in a
 way that someone in the KKK would just doesn't fly and your explanation makes no sense at all.
 You're deeply in the wrong here Bart, I can't imagine you'd be so carefree about it if Rush had
 the same photo up on his site.

 Jim K.

 Subject: Condi pictures

 Like some others who have tried to explain this to you, I believe that some of the depictions on
 Bartcop in the past few days of Condi Rice - who certainly deserves harsh criticism - are highly
 offensive.  I'm a Bartcop fan, but I am very disappointed that, rather than taking the time to consider
 that those of us who have expressed concern may actually have a point, you simply dismiss those
 concerns with admonitions to "get over it."
 You probably don't realize it, but this is the attitude that makes many African-Americans stay away
 from the Republican Party.  It is very frustrating to be told that our concerns or sensibilities are not
 well-founded or that we just don't get it, an all-to-common reaction in these cases - it is even more
 frustrating to get that reaction from folks on "our side," who really should be a little more sensitive.
 Please try to understand the context within which this arises.  African Americans have been the subject
 of racially insensitive depictions for centuries.  It may not seem offensive to you, but these kinds of
 portrayals are highly offensive to many of us because we are much closer to the situation.  Regardless
 how much I despise Condi Rice, it is painful to see a black woman portrayed in some of the ways that
 you have done in the past few days. Pointing out that something is racially insensitive is not a defense
 or endorsement of the person being targeted.


 I can't make fun of Condi because she's black.
 I can't make fun of the Jews and Palestinians.
 I can't make fun of the Catholics or a dozen other groups.
 Could somebody please send me a list of groups I'm allowed to poke fun at?

 I don't see anything wrong with making fun of Condi so I must be a racist.
 Oh, and I hate women, too, ...and puppies and tequila and the American flag.


Click to Enter

 Bush's Attack Dog Needs a New Leash
    by Smoking Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 In an ugly personal assault that must have thrilled the Fox News audience, Mr. Frist called Mr. Clarke's
 critical new book, Against All Enemies, "an appalling act of profiteering." He mocked Mr. Clarke's
"theatrical apology" before the 9/11 commission for failing to prevent the Sept. 11 attacks. He distorted
 some of Mr. Clarke's remarks and ignored the rest. He predictably echoed the White House sniping at
 Mr. Clarke's credibility, and then he went still further.

 The Senator strongly suggested that Mr. Clarke had committed perjury during his sharply critical testimony
 about anti-terror policy (or the lack thereof) in the Bush White House. "Mr. Clarke has told two entirely
 different stories under oath," he charged.

 That was a cowardly statement for which, as we now know, Mr. Frist can provide no factual justification.
 It was cowardly because the Senator's accusation was plain, and he even seemed to threaten an inquest that
 might lead to criminal charges - while adding an "if" to cover himself. It was cowardly, too, because Mr. Frist's
 utterances on the floor are privileged against the slander lawsuit that he might otherwise be forced to defend.

 Subject: The Shield episode


 Just a little comment, hopefully thought-provoking one...when i read your bit about The Shield
 and the incident being a man's worst nightmare, I couldn't help but reflect on our previous differences
 over how the kobe case should be handled.

 I guess you're trying to draw a parallel between the two?
 I think "forced sex" is the only thing the two have in common.
 Maybe she went to Kobe's room to have sex, maybe not.
 But the cop was always 100 percent against any kind of man-man sex.

 There are also reports (I wasn't there) that she snuck into Kobe's room via a back door
 so her friends and co-workers wouldn't see what she was doing. If true, that stealth
 behavior indicates she and Kobe were working as a team to prevent others from knowing.

 If you were the male victim and your real name, address, prior sexual history were put on parade
 nationwide, and your attacker made out in the press to be the victim, how much worse could it possibly get?

 The question, as asked, is tough to answer.
 Yes, I admit that would be really, really bad, but in your example, if the cop snuck into a hotel room
 to secretly be with the two gangsters, and things got out of control, that would be a bad situation.
 But being ambushed and then forced to do something you'd never do with anyone under any circumstances
 is quite a bit different than the Kobe question.

 In the cop scenario, there's no way he would have consented under any circumstances, but a girl who sneaks
 into a celebrity's room could have some hanky-panky on her mind - not that she deserves to be raped.

 I know you're not in favor of rape. But I think we probably differ on how potential rape victims should be treated.
 I noticed, btw, that they let Kobe interrogate her behind closed doors lately. That's gotta really suck (no pun intended)
 if you're a rape victim. Kinda like being raped all over again.

 With love - Sam

 I believe you mean Kobe's lawyer questioned her, right?
 And if the judge allows it, wouldn't private testimony be better than open court?

 Just my opinion, but what would be worse than the woman's present situation would be to live in a country
 where a woman can make a serious accusation without the defendant getting a chance to confront her in court.
 That would be making the statement that a woman cannot tell a lie - and that's not true.

 Too bad more debates can't be held at this level of calm.

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 Subject: Why I subscribed to Bartcop.com

 I didn't subscribe because I agreed with your opinions on mass culture,
 I think west wing is a waste of time and "garbage" is pretty bland.

 I didn't subscibe because I agreed with everything you have ever said.
 Frankly, I think that you are a little off on the whole Israel/Arab thing and there
 are a few other examples (such as the "glass them all" issue).

 I didn't subscribe because I expected you to parrot every feeling or believe
 I ever had (after all, I could be wrong).

 I subscribed because you, a guy with a 64 IQ (or whatever) who was real and not a part
 of the so-called "liberal elite", but a real American in Oklahomie could see the truth.

 And that gave me faith! Keep wielding the hammer, my brother. Keep the passion.

 Thats all I will say at this time.
 John C.C., Ph.D.

 Bad guys control parts of 3 (OR 6?) Iraq cities

  Click  Here

 Militiamen loyal to an anti-U.S. Shiite cleric controlled large swaths of three Iraqi cities Thursday
 after clashes with coalition forces, while U.S. Marines fought insurgents for the second day around
 a mosque in the Sunni Muslim stronghold of Fallujah. The black-garbed gunmen of radical cleric
 Muqtada al-Sadr's al-Mahdi Army militia virtually controlled the Shiite southern city of Kut and
 were in partial control of Najaf.

 Fighting this week has left 35 Americans and at least 459 Iraqis dead. This includes more than 280
 Iraqis killed since the Marines' siege against insurgents in Fallujah, west of Baghdad, began early
 Monday said Taher Al-Issawi, the director of the city's hospital.

 At a time when U.S. forces had planned to try to hand more security duties over to Iraqi security forces,
 the intensified violence on two fronts - one Sunni, one Shiite - has forced the U.S. military to consider
 sending more troops to Iraq and to postpone the removal of forces due to rotate out..

 If  the American military can't control these cities, how can we turn control over to the locals?

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and cost   636 641  soldiers their lives - and counting.

It was 600 on April 1, a week later it's 641?


 Who really runs the White House
  Bush unable to testify without someone there to help him

  Click  Here

 A top Republican strategist dubbed the legal document striking the unusual deal "the Wizard of Oz letter"
 because it strips away the myth that Bush is in charge. Until now, it's been all speculation about Cheney's influence.
 With the revelation of the tandem testimony, nobody with a straight face can deny Cheney is a co-president or worse,
 the puppeteer who pulls Bush's strings.

 ...the arrangement confirms Bush's inability to articulate anything without a script--or a tutor by his side. There's a reason
 lawyers don't take testimony in groups. The whole idea is to get individual recollections and then compare stories to
 uncover contradictions.  Try thinking about it this way: can anyone imagine Bush's father in a similar situation bringing
 his vice president? (For those who need a refresher course, the elder Bush was a rocket scientist compared to his son,
 and the vice president was Dan Quayle.).

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to spit your bit.

 8 Koreans, 3 Japanese Kidnapped in Iraq 
  With Bush, the good news just keeps getting better

  Click  Here

 Eight South Koreans and three Japanese were kidnapped by insurgents in Iraq,
 and captors armed with automatic rifles and swords threatened Thursday to burn
 the Japanese alive if Tokyo did not withdraw from the U.S.-led coalition.

"Three of your sons have fallen into our hands," the Al-Jazeera announcer read.
"We offer you two choices: either pull out your forces, or we will burn them alive.
 We give you three days starting the day this tape is broadcast."

 The full video shows the Japanese crouched on the floor of a concrete walled room
 with an iron door. Four masked men dressed in black stand behind them holding
 automatic weapons and RPG launchers.

 The gunmen make the Japanese lay one-by-one on the floor, and point swords and knives
 at their chests and throats. The woman's lips can be seen moving as if speaking.

Garry Trudeau offers $10K to anyone
who saw Bush show up in the ANG

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